What is Eyesongame?

Eyesongame is a news website that specializes in writing MMORPG, MOBA, FPS and other games or cross-industry news related to video games. We are composed of experienced game fans and editors, who are keen to provide gamers with the latest game information and trailers. Being able to answer your doubts in the game will make Eyesongame very fulfilling.

Drawing on the successful experience of the leaders in the news industry, Eyesongame has worked hard to build a good reputation while delivering high-quality content. If you stop and read what we publish, it means our efforts have not been in vain. Eyesongame loves playing games and is very good at writing about games news, if you share that passion with us, we would love to meet that too. At the same time, Eyesongame also hopes that you can actively express your opinions or suggestions on various game news or on the site itself, and we will listen to your ideas carefully and make improvements. It is really our greatest wish to make progress hand in hand with you.