There Are A Lot Of Surprising Zones In FFXIV Dawntrail To Feast Your Eyes On!

FFXIV is a very popular game in MMO series, and its expansion Dawntrail also brings a lot of different content to players, including the highly praised MSQ. In addition to Tural, players will experience a different exotic atmosphere, and the controversial inheritance ceremony is at its center.

Throughout the journey of Dawntrail MSQ, you will travel through most of Tural and experience a very fragmented visual experience from jungle to cyberpunk city. Each zone has its own unique attributes and is memorable to players.

There Are A Lot Of Surprising Zones In FFXIV Dawntrail To Feast Your Eyes On!


The quietest place in Yok Tural is Yok Tural, which is also the home of Pelupelu and Yok Huy. Urqopacha is composed of Tural’s highest peak, Worqor Zormor, and the surrounding highs and lows, where you, as a Warrior of Light, will fight the legendary beast Valigarmanda with Wuk Lamat.

Additionally, the land around Urqopacha is mostly stone and barren, which is why alpacas are the main wildlife here. The many ancient buildings and ruins of Yok Huy and Tural form many of the landmarks of this place, and also make this land enduring.


Kozama’uka is the first thing you see when you enter FFXIV Dawntrail. This land is full of tropical forests and rivers, and there are some small settlements around it, living by the water. Kozama’uka is also the home of Hanu, and the waterfalls and forests here make you feel you are in Amazon rainforest.

Kozama’uka is full of palm trees, rivers and all kinds of exotic wildlife. It is an ideal starting zone, especially in South American culture of Dawntrail.

Yak T’el

Yak T’el can be said to be the most diverse zone in Dawntrail. It is roughly divided into two parts - the home of Xbr’aal living in the highlands and the home of Mamool Ja living deep in the jungle.

FFXIV Yak T’el

In comparison, the lowlands where Mamool Ja lives are the highlight of this zone. In the lowlands, there are bright and beautiful blue, glowing wildlife, trees, etc., which make it highly similar to the picture in Avatar.

In the highlands, Xbr’aal is bathed in the sun in the woodland, forming a strong contrast with the beautiful scenery of the lowlands.

Heritage Found

When you enter Shaaloani on Dawntrail, you will see Heritage Found, and the reflection of Tural and Alexandria is reflected in this place. This means that Heritage Found is a vacant land, without any scenery or life, and most of it was destroyed in the war in Alexandria.

But fortunately, the farms in this place use advanced technology from Alexandria, which also makes many things grown in a bright and colorful color presented to the player. The wasteland of Heritage Found and these bright colors are mixed together, forming a strong contrast with other zones in FFXIV.


After you and Koana are crowned as Dawnservants in Lamat, you will continue to Shaaloani with Erenville. In this wasteland of survival in the desert, Shaaloani is full of life, with many settlements and towns, the most charming of which is a western-style town called Hhusatahwi.

FFXIV Shaaloani

Hhusatahwi is full of taverns and jails run by the local town sheriff, allowing players to immerse themselves in Western style. In addition, Shaaloani’s OST is also the most unforgettable OST in the entire Dawntrail, especially its night theme, which is full of melancholy and shrouds the entire Shaaloani desert.


In each expansion of FFXIV, a central city is needed, where players can use multiple functions and talk to multiple NPCs and complete tasks to obtain FFXIV Gil, and Dawntrail is no exception.

Tuliyollal, as the central city of Dawntrail, is the home of Dawnservant Gulool Ja Ja and his son Zoraal Ja, as well as Koana and the protagonist Lamat in the expansion. Of course, most of MSQ in Dawntrail is located here.

In this exotic city, most of Tuliyollal’s urban design is also deeply influenced by South American culture. For example, most of the scenery is designed as a coastal town or resort. Tuliyollal is full of tropical houses, various institutions, and noisy but not chaotic markets. You can definitely feel the vibrant atmosphere of this zone when you explore it.

Solution Nine

Hidden in Everkeep is Solution Nine, a city with a very Cyberpunk feel, where many survivors of Alexandria live. Solution Nine is governed by King Zoraal Ja and Queen Sphene. It is also a very futuristic city with very bright lights everywhere. Scions and Lamat who explore with you are very surprised by its size.

Solution Nine is also divided into multiple zones, such as the residential zone, the government buildings of Resolution, True Vue, and Nexus Arcade. Each part has its own unique design and function, which can gradually turn the city into a utopia for survivors. Even the residents here wear futuristic clothing.

Living Memory

Living Memory is also the most amazing zone, mainly because there are all kinds of entertainment and wonders in this city. Especially its Venice version, where quaint houses surround canals and riverboats, allowing players to relax here.

In addition, Living Memory also provides players with an amusement park full of scenery such as carousels and Ferris wheels, allowing players to return to their childhood in a second and create their own utopia.

There is also a volcano in this zone, which preserves most of Milalla’s history. You can feel the thickness of the city through these histories and sigh at the current vitality. Although Sphene will lose to Warrior of Light, leaving most of the beautiful scenery of Living Memory in ruins, this empty city is still worth exploring.

After understanding these zones in Dawntrail, do you want to open the game and feast your eyes? Then I wish you a happy exploration in Dawntrail!

Where Do You Get Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe In Elden Ring? - Locations & How To Get?

Some catacombs in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree are tricky to find, and each has its own gimmick, and some are purposely hidden, making them easy to miss if you don’t know where to look.

One of these is the Scorpion River Catacombs, an optional dungeon you can find after clearing Castle Ensis and entering Scadu Atlas Region. As you explore this dungeon, you’ll be constantly affected by Death Blight, which can hinder your exploration.

However, there’s a lot of loot in Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon, including the very important Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe and many Elden Ring Runes, especially if you’re using Faith build.

This guide will show you how to find Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon and how to explore it very easily, eventually obtaining the Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe.

Where Do You Get Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe In Elden Ring? - Locations & How to Get?

How To Find Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon?

Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon is located at the end of a river in Scadu Atlas Region. If you haven’t unlocked Rauh Ruins base area yet, you need to go to Moorth Ruins Site of Grace in Scadu Atlas to complete the quest to unlock that area.

In the north of Scadu Atlas Region, there is a glowing area where you will find a lake with fireflies. Next to the lake, you will find a cave with a statue of Marika in front of the entrance. Then you need to go inside and you will find two perfumers surrounding a golden tree.

Approach them and you will get the Heal From Afar Incantation, and they will point you to the cave exit leading to the poisonous swamp. After you break out of the poisonous swamp, you will reach Ancient Ruin Base Site of Grace. You need to go southwest and you will encounter two giants that you do not need to defeat until you reach Temple Town Ruins in the river.

Now you need to continue moving along the river bank, but be careful of Pests and other potent enemies. After crossing the river, you will see the entrance to Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon.

Scorpion River Catacombs’ First Layer

When you enter Site of Grace to rest, you will see a small room directly in front of you. This will be the first enemy you encounter, the bigmouth imp, so you need to equip yourself first. It will fall from the wall as you enter the room. After you kill it, continue to the left.

After going downstairs, you will see a large room with a bridge leading forward. There will be an imp using a great sword at one end of the bridge. You can kill it, but remember not to walk onto the bridge. You need to go into the room on the left, but be careful of another imp in the room. After killing it, you can find Rejuvenating Boluses on its corpse.

Rejuvenating Boluses is very important for exploring the Scorpion River Catacombs, so make sure to craft and equip enough Rejuvenating Boluses in your quick item slot.

When you start walking on the bridge, you will see a Basilisk statue just above the entrance to the room in front of you. As you get closer to him, two black eyes will appear on the statue, slowly applying Deathblight to anything in sight.

Therefore, you should try to walk in its blind spot, or you can use Mimic’s Veil item to turn yourself into a random item. But be careful not to get too close to him, otherwise the trap will lose its effect.

When you rush under the bridge and go downstairs, you will find that there will be many imps waiting for you. They will be distributed in different rooms, especially the room you need to enter. Eventually, you will find Grave Glovewort 3 on the body of an imp as your reward.

Continue walking deeper into the dungeon. You will encounter a larger room, and there will be a Bigmouth imp waiting to shoot explosives at you on the opening on the left side of the room. After killing it, you will see a Redflesh Mushroom on a body in the room.

Elden Ring Redflesh Mushroom

Continue walking down, and you will see two paths, one leading to a narrow path in front of you, and the other leading to your right. Here we choose the first path, which will take you to the room where you can get Ghost Glovewort 5. Then remember to go downstairs.

Be careful of the spike trap in the room downstairs. You can also get Head (Lion) equipment and Knight’s Lightning Spear Incantation by jumping over the spike trap directly. However, if you want to pass this dungeon, you need to take the elevator to the second layer.

Scorpion River Catacombs’ Second Layer

When you take the elevator up here, you’ll see a Death blighting eye walking around the hallway. If you stand directly in front of the eye, it will cause a Death blight buildup. The best way to avoid it is to follow it when it moves to the side.

Also, there is a blind spot in the hallway that can be used to avoid the eye. Downstairs you’ll see an imp, kill it as usual, then jump over the rubble. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find a path leading to the left.

Following this path, you’ll enter a large hallway with three imps waiting for your challenge. After you successfully defeat them, you’ll find Grave Glovewort 4 behind them.

From there, look to the right and you’ll find a ladder leading down. Go down and you’ll find a large Ghost Acacia. Turn around and you’ll see three Basilisks. You can choose to kill them, or go back up the ladder and continue into the dungeon.

After that, look to the right and you’ll find a staircase leading back into the hallway. This corridor is the same as the previous one, with a Death blighting eye that moves back and forth. The technique for getting through this corridor is exactly the same as the previous one.

The only difference is that you no longer have a staircase to walk down safely, so you can only jump off the bridge. After landing, you need to kill the imp guarding the ladder. After climbing the ladder, you will reach a room with a treasure chest. If nothing goes wrong, you will need to fight the bigmouth imp here to take the treasure chest.

In the treasure chest will be Ancient Dragon Knight’s Cookbook 2. At this time, follow the path and you will encounter a Deathblight sorcerer and an imp who gave you a lot of trouble before. After defeating these two, remember to return to the main corridor with the Deathblight eyes.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Knight’s Cookbook 2

This time, don’t jump off the bridge, but walk directly behind the eyes and go to the end of the corridor. You will see an elevator that can take you to the boss’ arena.

How To Defeat Death Knight Boss?

Compared to other bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, Death Knight is relatively simple. Just be careful with your self-healing grab attack, which will only attack you once in the entire battle.

After you successfully defeat Death Knight, you can obtain Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe. This is a Greataxe weapon that can be adjusted in real time according to your Dexterity, Strength, and Faith, which can cause physical and lightning damage to enemies. In addition, you will also receive a Cerulean Amber Medallion +3 Talisman to increase your FP.

After understanding the entire exploration process of Scorpion River Catacombs Dungeon, are you more confident to take your own Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe? I wish you a happy exploration in the game!

Who Is Your Best Mark 2 Copa America 2024 Player In EA Sports FC 24?

It is worth mentioning that Make Your Mark Team 2 has updated Rodrygo, Jonathan David, and Yunus Musah.

Julio Cascante and Gabriel Suazo are the defensive and full-back candidates. Johan Vasquez and Deiver Machado have strong defensive capabilities and strong physical fitness. Yunus Musah and Jonathan David are excellent in attack.

EA has proclaimed the improvement direction of Team 2 of Make Your Mark, and many excellent players may be significantly improved. Their improvement may be in goals, assists, zero seals, etc. Paying attention to their changes can better save your FC 24 Coins.

Who Is Your Best Mark 2 Copa America 2024 Player In EA Sports FC 24?

1. Julio Cascante

An image Of Julio Cascante in EA Sport FC 24

Julio Cascante is from Costa Rica and is mainly a CB on the team. The overall score is 93.

It is normal that Julio Cascante has made it to Costa Rica’s national team because of his defensive ability. If he can join your team, he will improve your defensive ability in EA FC 24.

His card in Make Your Mark 2 has a defensive attribute of 93 and a physical attribute of 95. It is worth mentioning that his short and long pass ratings are both 99, so he can help distribute the ball forward. If you have Julio Cascante and an excellent left-footed centre back, the surprise they bring is huge.

2. Gabriel Suazo

FC 24 Gabriel Suazo

Gabriel Suazo is from Chile. He is an LB in the team and has an overall rating of 93.

For those who need to update their team in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team, if possible, it is a good choice to find a way to get Gabriel Suazo’s card in Copa America Make Your Mark. Gabriel Suazo has always been a regular player in Toulouse as a central left defender. His performance in the club is very eye-catching, so it is natural for him to enter the national team.

Gabriel Suazo’s speed and dribbling are 93 and 92 respectively, which can be very good at attacking on the left side of the court, and he can also play as a left wingback and midfielder. In addition to his excellent offense, Gabriel Suazo’s defense is also worthy of praise.

3. Johan Vasquez

FC 24 player Johan Vásquez

Johan Vasquez is a football player from Mexico. He is also a CB in the team, with a score of 94.

Johan Vasquez made his first appearance in Copa America. Before that, he had been to Genoa in Serie A. He once participated in FIFA World Cup 2022, but unfortunately he did not get a chance to play. Therefore, he hopes to use this opportunity to show himself, and he hopes that he can also enter the national team.

In EA Sports FC 24, Johan Vasquez’s Make Your Mark 2 card has a defense score and physical fitness of 94 and 97 respectively, which helps you fight against attackers. And his reaction speed is very fast, so when the opponent counterattacks you, you can react quickly.

4. Deiver Machado

FC 24 Deiver Machado

Deiver Machado is from Colombia, plays in LWB position, and has a score of 94.

He is a significant player for Ligue 1 club Lens, but he has never been in Colombia’s starting lineup, which is very regrettable. But now he can finally participate in Copa America in 2024.

Some people will use a five-back lineup in EA Sports FC 24, then it has to be said that the left wing back is the most suitable lineup for you. His crossing ability can provide a lot of possibilities for your striker to get the ball. And his defensive data is 88, which means that we can also maintain a stable defense when returning the ball.

5. Yunus Musah

Yunus Musah is an American football player, CM in the team, and has a score of 95.

If you ask who are the best football players in world football at present? Yunus Musah’s name will definitely be mentioned, and he may be the best football player in US national football team. AC Milan will sign him in the Summer 2023 Transfer Window, which is enough to show that his skills are very top-notch.

His performance during World Cup 2022 was very eye-catching. He is currently playing in Copa America tournament and is very likely to get a place in the competition, although this is his first appearance in Copa America tournament. Yunus Musah’s card in Make Your Mark 2 has a very balanced state, with 95 speed, 95 dribbling, 91 defense, 91 physical fitness, etc.

6. Jonathan David

Jonathan David was born in Canada. He is ST in the team and has an overall rating of 96.

Jonathan David can be said to be one of the most popular strikers in the world. Although many teams want to sign him, he spent a long time in Lille in Ligue 1, and I hope he can keep the same form in the next game.

I think he is the most valuable player released by EA in Make Your Mark 2 of EA Sports FC 24, because he has a high speed of 99 and a shooting of 95, which will at least be a big help to score goals in the game. At the same time, a five-star weak foot can help you score goals with both feet.

7. Rodrygo

Rodrygo is from Brazil, plays RW, and has a rating of 96.

Among cards in this game, Rodrygo is the top card. EA provides him with very high values. He not only has the highest level of Skill Moves but also has 99 speed and 97 dribbling ability. These make him one of the most popular players in the game market.

Rodrygo’s passing data is high and stable, which can create a lot of scoring opportunities for your striker. In addition, you can use your excellent strength to help you play wonderful operations.

Mark 2 Copa America 2024 In EA Sports FC 24

The above is our inventory of some outstanding players in Make Your Mark 2 Copa America 2024 today. I wonder if your favorite player has appeared. Everyone has different standards in their hearts, so it depends on your own feelings.

New Incantations To Use In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Protect Yourself Or Deal Damage?

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC begins with you following Miquella to Land of Shadow and figuring out his motives, but it’s also where you start exploring everything. Not only does this new DLC bring new weapons and armor, but there are even more incantations to use in boss encounters.

Because Land of Shadow is so large, it’s home to thousands of ancient creatures and tons of new incantations, some of which are really useful! When you use these incantations, you can choose whether to use them to protect yourself or increase your damage to the enemy. Also, these incantations can help you more easily get the final reward - Elden Ring Runes when you encounter bosses or face some enemies!

This guide will introduce some of the new incantations that are particularly useful, some of which are related to later bosses or areas in the game. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can continue reading below!

New Incantations To Use In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Protect Yourself Or Deal Damage?

Pest-Thread Spears

In the base game, Kindred of Rot has been voted as one of the most annoying enemies by players, but in DLC you can get yourself a Pest-Thread Spears version to fight this enemy.

The specific location of this spell is at the main entrance of Church of Bud, in a room defended by a single enemy.

Pest-Thread Spears allows you to summon two big threaded spears and deal substantial damage to various types of enemies. This is very convenient in combat, especially when you are facing large targets such as bosses.

However, it has certain disadvantages. Because of its relatively long casting time, it cannot be used continuously, but you can use it as a support spell.

Heal From Afar

Throughout DLC, constantly healing yourself and your summons is also highly important, especially when enemies or bosses are ambushing you around unknown corners. This means that this Heal from Afar is very necessary here.

When you use Heal from Afar, you can fire a projectile to heal allies who are far away from you and are in combat. If you need to summon your friends or summons to assist you in combat, Heal from Afar is a must-have.

Early in DLC, you can find it in the north of Moorth Ruins, next to a golden tree in a small cave.

Divine Beast Tornado

Divine Beast Tornado is a unique spell from Shadow of the Erdtree that first appears when you face Divine Beast Dancing Lion. When this enemy gets close to you, it will send a tornado-like wind towards you, and its attacks are also very fierce.

After you defeat Divine Beast Dancing Lion, this spell is yours! When it is used, this spell will also have a similar effect - it will bring you a tornado that will sweep up any enemies.

When you use this spell, you can combine it with other incantations to defeat it.

Minor Erdtree

Minor Erdtree is a healing spell like Heal From Afar. It summons an illusory Erdtree that grows on the ground in front of you, restoring health for you and your allies over 30 seconds.

Minor Erdtree may not be your first choice for a spell to equip, as you need to have 70 Faith, but it is one of the best incantations to use in PVP invasions.

It can be a bit tricky to get, mainly because Shaman Village in Hinterlands is a secret area that requires you to complete certain requirements before you can access it.

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Knight’s Lightning Spear

Knight’s Lightning Spear is a very old Dragon cult incantation that, when used, creates a lightning spear and points it at the enemy. In addition, four additional projectiles are thrown from ancient dragon crests to supplement the spear, making it a deadly one.

It’s also a very versatile spell, and it has a short cast time, so it’s a good spell to have equipped. To get Knight’s Lightning Spear, you need to enter the lobby of Scorpion River Catacombs, and you will see some eyes. Behind the eyes is this spell.

Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy

Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy has now been hailed as one of the best new spells by Elden Ring player community. It is a very wild and dangerous spell, not only for the opponent but also for you, the caster.

Flame of Frenzy spell summons a Frenzied Flame, which you’ll see yellow flames ooze out and hit multiple enemies. Unlike other Frenzied fire attacks, Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy will cause Madness effect on both you and the enemy.

You need to have a pretty good amount of faith to use it. You need to defeat Midra and take his memory for Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy, which will then apply Madness effect to everyone (including yourself).

Fire Serpent

Fire Serpent is an offensive spell used by Messmer’s Fire Knights in Elden Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree DLC. You can find it on a corpse in the corner of the balcony in Storehouse Back Section Site of Grace.

If you have already entered DLC, you may have noticed that in the Scadu Altus region, most of the enemies use fire that flashes like snakes in the air to attack. This is Fire Serpent.

Elden Ring Fire Serpent

This spell is very effective, although there may be a brief delay before it reaches the opponent, which also means that you can attack those unsuspecting enemies, but it may not be very useful in PVE mode.

Light Of Miquella

Light Of Miquella is a very powerful Faith spell that you can obtain by killing the last boss of DLC, Promised Consort Radahn. You can then give their memories to Enia in Roundtable Hold, who will give you Light Of Miquella in exchange.

When you use this spell, Light Of Miquella is propelled into the air and a huge beam of light appears, which explodes to destroy your opponent. After the battle is over, several beams of light fall to the ground to indicate the end of the battle.

Light Of Miquella is undoubtedly one of the most versatile incantations in the base game and a must-have when you use faith builds.

After learning about these useful incantations, are you more eager to fight in the DLC? I believe you can use these incantations well in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and I wish you a happy game!

Have You Found New Weapons In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC? - Types & Usage

In this Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, Elden Ring introduces a lot of extra elements to players, including a new map, new bosses, and most importantly, 8 new weapon types, providing players with a variety of ways to participate in the battle.

These new weapons can only be found in Land of Shadow, but players can bring them back to Lands Between to complete the journey. For each weapon type, players have a few options to choose from, but not as many as the base game weapons.

Have You Found New Weapons In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC? - Types & Usage

While niche builds can make almost any weapon powerful, some of the new DLC weapon types in Elden Ring are arguably more powerful than others. Some players firmly believe that the right build can make combat easier, but the new weapons in DLC may subvert your perception.

If you combine these new weapons with the right build, it will greatly increase your efficiency in defeating bosses, and your efficiency in obtaining Elden Ring Runes will also increase accordingly.

Hand-To-Hand Arts


  • Dryleaf Arts
  • Dane’s Footwork

While Hand-To-Hand Arts are not suitable for new players in the base game of Elden Ring, they provide a fun way for experienced players to play. They function similarly to fist weapons, allowing you to launch a series of attacks when you are in close contact with the enemy.

However, there are differences between the two weapons. When the player equips Dryleaf Arts or Dane’s Footwork, you can attack with both hands and feet, while fist weapons can only be used with hands. The similarities are also obvious: both have palm strike functions, and after charging, they can make enemies fall to their deaths.

Throwing Blade


  • Smithscript Dagger

There is currently only one Throwing Blade in Elden Ring - Smithscript Dagger. Although it is not the highest damage, it still does not prevent it from being very interesting. This weapon is perfect for those who like the consumables of Throwing Dagger and want a more durable weapon.

This is mainly because of its nature. When it is thrown, it will automatically return to Tarnished’s hand, and then it can be thrown again, and so on. In addition, it can also allow you to perform normal melee attacks.

So it is a multi-purpose weapon, but you still need to be reminded that its damage is not high, and you need to equip additional weapons to increase the damage you deal.

Perfume Bottles


  • Firespark Perfume Bottle
  • Chilling Perfume Bottle
  • Frenzyflame Perfume Bottle
  • Lightning Perfume Bottle
  • Deadly Poison Perfume Bottle

Perfume has always been an essential Elden Ring Item. You can mix empty Perfume Bottles with other ingredients to create consumable Perfumes that can provide you with various benefits.

However, in Shadow of The Erdtree, it has made a big change - it has become permanent and has five types. You can use one hand to wield it and the other hand to use other weapons.

Elden Ring Perfume Bottles

These Perfume Bottles essentially provide you with a way to deal extra damage in combat, such as Firespark Perfume Bottle will cause Fire damage. Because you may not do everything in front of different bosses, it is very necessary to prepare some Perfume Bottles.

Beast Claws


  • Beast Claw (Weapon)
  • Red Bear’s Claw

If you’re looking for a new way to play while exploring Land of Shadow, then Beast Claws are definitely worth a try. Although they look the same as regular Claws, Beast Claws has a much more animalistic attack than animation.

Both types of Beast Claws are very good and deal a lot of damage, so it’s wise to choose whichever you choose. In addition, you may also like their abilities - Savage Claws and Red Bear Hunt, which both deal unpredictable damage to enemies.

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Thrusting Shields


  • Dueling Shield
  • Carian Thrusting Shield

While the new Thrusting Shields themselves are not that good and may not block much damage, if you want to deal more damage while swinging a shield, they will be your best choice. Because they can be used in one or two hands, and can provide you with both blocking and piercing.

The only downside is that there are only two Thrusting Shields available, and they are located in Shadow Keep, a legacy dungeon in Shadow of The Erdtree.

Backhand Blades


  • Backhand Blade
  • Smithscript Cirque
  • Curseblade’s Cirque

Besides Throwing Blade mentioned above, which is a very interesting weapon in the game, Backhand Blades are also very interesting, especially in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. They’re perfect for players who want to dual-wield and hit enemies multiple times in a row at lightning speed.

Elden Ring Backhand Blades

Because of its unique grip, they are also quite good at blocking attacks on you. If you want to experience Backhand Blades as soon as possible, you can start in DLC. You can get this weapon by knocking down Curseblade enemy at the top of the archway when you reach the first site of grace.

It should be noted that this weapon is a random drop, so you may need to try to knock down this enemy multiple times.

Great Katanas


  • Great Katana
  • Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana
  • Rakshasa’s Great Katana

Katanas have always been praised by players in Elden Ring. If you want to find a weapon that gives you more damage out of these three types, Great Katana is your best choice.

But be aware that this type of weapon will increase your damage and range, but the attack speed will be reduced, so you will need to increase the attribute points or choose the right build to make up for this shortcoming.

Light Greatswords


  • Milady
  • Leda’s Sword
  • Rellana’s Twinblade

While Light Greatswords may sound unoriginal and even feel the same as Greatswords, it is very important to make up for the lack of attack speed in Greatswords.

Elden Ring Light Greatswords

And the two swords of this weapon - Milady and Rellana’s Twinblade are easily the best weapons in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. Rellana’s Twinblade has one of the best skills in the total game, Moon-and-Fire Stance, which can make the entire area around you set on fire, so you can attack enemies from a safe range.

After reading this, go find these weapons to enhance yourself! I hope you have fun playing Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC and exploring your own path in Land of Shadow.

What Rewards Do You Get On Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard?

Fallout 76 Season 17 has just begun, bringing not only a lot of new gameplay to players but also a whole new set of exciting and generous rewards. With new Skyline Valley update and Season 17 both live, players will level up faster than usual, as there are a lot of fun quests and activities that will give players a lot of XP.

This season gives players an element of choice. Before the season starts, each player will have a scoreboard, and players need to level up in order and get the corresponding rewards. This means that players can be more logical in leveling up, and they won’t be blind.

What Rewards Do You Get On Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard?

This guide will introduce the 10 rewards you will get in Season 17 in order of level, giving you an overview of the entire season rewards.

Lobster Traps

  • Once you reach rank 5, Standard Lobster Trap will be available for 20 Tickets.
  • Blue Lobster Trap will be available for 30 Tickets once you reach rank 26.

Lobster traps in Fallout 76 are not used to catch lobsters, but they are just a kind of headwear. Although this sounds strange, it is very common in Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC. This practice makes some avid fans of the entire Fallout series very fond of it, thinking that it is a tribute to Fallout 4.

Like other wearable clothing accessories in Fallout 76, you can not only wear lobster traps to dress up your character but also show them to others in player CAMPS!

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Ammo Stacks

  • Once you reach rank 13, Stack Of Ammo (Ballistic) will be available for free.
  • Stack Of Ammo (Energy) will be available for free once you reach rank 39.

For the first time in Season 17, players can place ammo stacks in their CAMP, and there are two different types: Ballistic Stacks and Energy Stacks.

Ammo stacks are popular among players who love to build, because it not only creates a sense of in-person but also allows you to build legendary CAMPs to impress other players.

For the past few months, developer Bethesda Game Studios has been lurking in the player community, paying attention to those who want small Fallout 76 Items. It has been tracking the most direct feelings of players and is committed to creating a vibrant base for them.

Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair

  • Once you reach rank 55, you can get Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair for 45 Tickets.

Players have many seats, chairs, and couches to choose from when building their CAMPS. However, Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair is special.

This chair is not only attractive in appearance but also has a comic animation about the player character jumping out of the chair. These two special features make it a popular feature in many CAMPS, and many players are proud to own it at this stage.

This chair is not only good for the above advantages but also can be paired with various Wavy Willard CAMP items.

Pemmican Collector

  • After reaching level 72, you can get Pemmican Collector for 40 Tickets.

In Season 17, there are many CAMP appliances that can automatically produce various food items for players to eat. If your character is a carnivore, Pemmican is a great way to increase your endurance and HP.

While it’s not the best CAMP resource in Fallout 76, it’s sure to be a hit with some players. Plus, it has a wasteland feel that makes you feel instantly like you’re there.

Quiver Backpacks

  • Pipe Quiver Backpack is available for 130 Tickets once you reach rank 100.
  • Leather Quiver Backpack is available for 30 Tickets once you reach rank 13.

There are a lot of decorative backpack skins in Fallout 76, and while they don’t really do anything, players can apply their favorite backpack skins to keep themselves happy while exploring the ruins of post-war Appalachia in Skyline Valley.

As the name suggests, Quiver Backpacks are designed to look like a quiver. Unlike many of the backpack skins mentioned above, Quiver Backpacks have a wasteland look, looking like they were made from materials found while exploring Appalachia.

Antler Flair Display

  • Once you reach rank 72, you can get Antler Flair Display for 30 Tickets.

Flairs have been around in Fallout 76 for a long time, and players can unlock new flairs by completing activities, many limited-time challenges, and through scoreboards. While they have many benefits, players can only carry two on their backpacks.

This season, you can set up your own flair displays, and you can also display them to all players. However, it is not reasonable to leave the Antler Flair Display in a corner to collect dust, and you should place it in a clearly visible area.

Head Hunter Scythe

  • Once you reach rank 32, you can get Head Hunter Scythe for 50 Tickets.

While it is a simple weapon, that will not replace other two-handed weapons, it still does not prevent it from being a fun weapon and can be displayed in player CAMPS. It also has a unique appearance, which looks like a long stick with a knife sticking out of a human skull at the end. It is very exciting, right?

Although it doesn’t have any particularly beneficial effects, only has a minor effect on Assassin’s, Melee Speed ​​and Lightweight, and it is not a re-rollable weapon, it is still an interesting collectible.

Stove Oven

  • Once you reach rank 100, you can get Antler Flair Display for 200 Tickets.

There are a lot of cooking appliances for players to choose from and build in Fallout 76. But these are not like the traditional stone oven, they are a bit like a traditional pizza oven, because it can emit smoke from the chimney!

For players who want to go the nostalgic way and build an old-fashioned CAMP, this will be the perfect CAMP cooking appliance. In addition, players who get Stove Oven will show off this large, hard-to-ignore appliance everywhere to show that they have reached level 100.

Light Blue Vintage Camper

  • Once you reach rank 85, you can get Antler Flair Display for 50 Tickets.

This tattered-looking camper trailer is a must-have for players who like to dress up their CAMP in an apocalyptic theme. This rusty machine is wonderful, whether it is part of a larger structure or as a standalone item.

Compared to the other available CAMP structures, this little camper has a lot of room for its own goodies. Light Blue Vintage Camper can be used to build your CAMPS, but it can also be used in Vaults and pairs well with the new Summer Camp Shelter.

Vintage CAMP Survival Tent

  • Once you reach rank 95, you can get Antler Flair Display for 80 Tickets.

In Fallout 76, every survival tent comes with a regular stashbox and a workbench. However, Vintage CAMP Survival Tent is the only survival tent that comes with a Punch Card Machine.

It also comes with all the necessary survival tent items, such as a bed, scrap boxes, and a workbench. However, Punch Card Machine makes this survival tent better than most other tents.

Players tend to have multiple equipment in the game, but there is always primary equipment for killing enemies. However, many high-level players will save extra equipment for scrapping and crafting. This new survival tent will make it easier for these high-level players to switch equipment.

After reading this guide, do you have a better understanding of these rewards? I believe you will have more confidence to welcome the new Season 17! I wish you a happy exploration in Appalachia, and see you in the game.

Revealing All Confirmed So Far About Diablo 4 Vessel Of Hatred DLC

Since it was first announced at BlizzCon 2023, we’ve known very little about Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred, but with a recent official announcement, we may be able to uncover the secrets about this upcoming expansion.

To be frank, Vessel of Hatred update will absolutely change the future of Diablo 4. It will give players a brand new location to explore, a never-before-seen class, a more fleshed-out storyline, and some major gameplay changes. If you want to learn everything about this Diablo 4 DLC that has been confirmed so far, don’t miss this guide. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Revealing All Confirmed So Far About Diablo 4 Vessel Of Hatred DLC

Release Date

Previously, we could only speculate on a vague “late 2024 release date” based on the 2023 trailer. But in an interview with Force Gaming in early November 2023, Rod Fergusson said the developer was planning a big reveal “in about six months” in “early summer 2024,” meaning we can expect more information around May or June 2024.

Unexpectedly, this came to fruition at Summer Game Fest. As revealed at Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred DLC will officially release on October 8, 2024.

Pre-Order DLC

Vessel of Hatred DLC will be a paid expansion, but apparently this differs from the regular seasonal updates that were previously announced as part of the base game.

Thankfully, rumors of a $90 base price have proven to be nonsense. We now know what the actual price is, and apparently the developers will add more content than seasonal updates to justify the cost.

Vessel of Hatred is currently available for $89.99, $59.99 and $39.99 for Ultimate, Deluxe and Standard editions respectively.

So you can pre-order any edition of the expansion right now and get a host of Diablo 4 items to use right away, including a range of new Diablo 4 pets that will join you on your adventures.

New Location: Nahantu

Diablo 4 DLC will add a brand new playable region called Nahantu, which is also known as Torajan, Torajan Jungles, or Toraja.

This is a wild jungle in Sanctuary of Diablo lore, located south of Kehjistan zone, so Vessel of Hatred expansion will probably expand the existing Diablo 4 map to the currently inaccessible southwest region.

However, the area previously appeared in Act 3 of Diablo 2, so veteran players may already be familiar with it. But at the time, it was still considered part of Kehjistan, rather than a separate region.

Players may remember visiting locations like City of Kurast, which also served as the hub for Diablo 2 Act 3, and Temple City of Travincal, both of which can be found in Nahantu and will probably make another appearance in Diablo 4’s new expansion.

Diablo 4 DLC New Location - Nahantu

New Class: Spiritborn

In addition, this DLC will also introduce a brand new class that is not only a brand new profession in the current game, but also unprecedented in the entire Diablo series.

Confirming previous datamining, we now know that the new class in a Vessel of Hatred will be Spiritborn, which is closely connected to nature and fits perfectly with the jungle environment in the expansion.

With the addition of the new class, the five existing classes may also change, but it is not yet clear whether this will increase their level caps.

While little information is currently available, Spiritborn class reveal will be released on July 18, when this game-changing class will be introduced in depth. Let’s wait and see.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred DLC unveils Spiritborn as new class

New Storyline

During Diablo 4’s major campaign, Herald of Mephisto appears to players as a Bloodied Wolf several times, guiding them to help defeat his daughter, Lilith.

At the end of the story, he is captured by Neyrelle in a Soulstone. The last time we see him is when he is being transported to a ship by Neyrelle.

Fans of Diablo 2 may already know about Mephisto’s connection to Nahantu region, as Prime Evil plays a major role in Act 3 of the game. Therefore, it makes sense that Vessel of Hatred takes place here.

Because of Prime Evil’s connection to Nahantu, many players suspect that Diablo 4 will eventually take players back to the region to follow up on the plot threads surrounding Mephisto.

In addition, the voice heard in the initial Diablo 4 DLC announcement trailer is that of Mephisto himself. He states that as Lilith progresses further, he becomes more powerful. We all have to participate in what’s happening here, or everyone will be left in the dark.

This suggests that Mephisto will have a greater presence in Vessel of Hatred expansion, and players may even end up fighting Lord of Hatred himself.

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Gameplay Updates

While we don’t have full details yet, we know that Vessel of Hatred will introduce some new gameplay changes. You can recruit Mercenaries to fight alongside you, they have unique abilities to help in battle, and they will become more powerful the longer they spend with you.

What’s more, for the first time in Diablo 4, there will be endgame dungeons, which will include PvE cooperative gameplay, and you will need to team up with other players to complete the level together.

Besides this, other updates will be introduced throughout the game, including new skills for existing classes, additional Paragon Boards, discoverable Legendary Aspects, and new dungeon types of players to challenge.

That’s all we know about Diablo 4 DLC so far. If you want more information, stay tuned. Expect more fun with the new expansion!

Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

There are many factors that influence the game's success, and this is also true in FC 24. Player evolution is one of the most important factors. EA Sports FC 24 has released a group of evolved players with new and improved statistics in the game in Team Of The Season Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, which are free.

EA FC 24's evolution system is a groundbreaking addition. EA FC 24 Evolution feature allows players to enhance their favorite cards with major upgrades. It allows users to continuously improve their favorite players, which can keep old Ultimate Team cards competitive in the ever-changing game environment. It is very important to hone these Upgrade Series Evolution cards in Ultimate Team, which can help enhance the player attributes and Playstyles that are crucial in Ultimate Team.

In order to be able to upgrade these player cards, they must pass the requirements (goals and SBCs) to be eligible for card evolution. In addition to new promotions, the developers also regularly add new evolutions, including evolutions in the ongoing Team Of The Season promotion.

On that note, here are the players we recommend for you to evolve in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, work on getting these free evolution cards to have the best players in your squad.

Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

7. Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa

FC 24 Ollie Watkins

Oliver George Arthur Watkins is the seventh player in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, and his overall rating has increased from 83 to 94. Oliver’s upgraded Playstyles includes Power Shot, Trivela, Relentless, Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Rapid, First Touch, Acrobatic, and Quick Step.

The Englishman is an excellent Dribbler with a keen eye for goal, and with his ability, he can play as a Striker or Left Winger. He has played 37 games this season and scored 19 goals, helping Aston Villa to fourth place in Premier League.

6. Ben White, Arsenal

Ben White has performed well as a Right Back in Arsenal’s title-winning campaign this season, and he has started 107 games with a tackle success rate of 54%. And with his upgraded attributes, he will become one of the best Right Back in the game.

He doesn’t have the top-tier pace or attacking ability required of a Full Back, but has both defensive and attacking attributes, which makes him a good option to consider as a Right Back or Center Back with a Premier League background.

Ben’s upgrades for the Right Back position include Slide Tackle, Long Throw, Bruiser, and Jockey. If you’re not ready to work on his Upgrade Series card, FC 24 Players can help you.

5. Katie McCabe, Arsenal

A female player from Arsenal, Katie can play as a Left Back, Left Midfielder, or Left Winger, and can be said to be a well-rounded player on the pitch. Her evolution card improves her overall rating to 92.

Influenced by her Playstyles, she plays any position including Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Relentless, Whipped Pass, Jockey, Block, Intercept, Slide Tackle, Bruiser, and Long Throw.

4. Jarrod Bowen, West Ham

Jarrod Bowen has an excellent Upgrade Series 1 Evolution card with good shooting, Pace, passing, and dribbling. Another upgrade on his card is his Playstyles, which includes Technical, Whipped Pass, Trivela, Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Pinged Pass, First Touch, Trickster, Quick Step, and Relentless.

Despite being 27 years old, Jarrod Bowen is fast, agile, good on the ball, and has an excellent finishing ability. He has been a goal machine for the club, scoring 43 goals in 159 games.

3. Douglas Luiz, Aston Villa

EA Sports FC 24 Douglas Luiz

Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo has a well-rounded card that can be used as a Center or Defensive Midfielder. His Upgrade Series card increases his rating from 82 to 92, and his attributes are also improved. Playstyles in this card include Pinged Pass, Long Shot, Finesse Shot, and Bruiser.

Douglas plays for Aston Villa in 2023-2024 Premier League, scoring 9 goals in 35 games.

2. Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool

Liverpool player Alexis Mac Allister's card stats include four-star skill move, four-star weak foot, and Playstyles such as Power Shot, Pinged Pass, Tiki Taka, and Incisive Pass.

The Argentine-born player left Brighton and Hove Albion to join Liverpool in 2023. Since Allister joined, he has scored 5 goals and 5 assists in 33 games.

1. Julián Álvarez, Manchester City

EA Sports FC 24 Julián Álvarez

Julián Álvarez's Upgrade Series Evolution card improves his attributes, raising his overall rating from 83 to 93. His Playstyles shown on the card are Chop Shot, Power Shot, First Touch, Finesse Shot, Incisive pass, Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Flair, and Press Proven.

24-year-old Manchester City player Julián Álvarez is fast, has great vision, is a great teammate, has a great passing ability, and has a keen eye for goal. These are all reasons why it is worth choosing his Upgrade Series Evolution card.

These are the players recommended for evolution in this guide. These Upgrade Series 1 Evolution choices offer a range of options to enhance your Ultimate Team. Whether you are looking for offensive strength, defensive stability, or midfield creativity, these players can significantly affect your gameplay and lead your team to victory in ​​EA Sports FC 24.

So, with this player information and the new changes that the Upgrade Series Evolution card brings to the players, I believe you have been able to select the best players to form an excellent team and win the game.

Developer Talk: New Events In Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road has officially been released on June 3. This update is a major update for Bethesda MMO, including but not limited to the addition of a new Daedric Prince, new areas to explore, and ways to customize and tweak it to your liking.

In this interview, we spoke with Zone Lead Ed Stark, Scribing Project Lead Kira Schlitt, and Narrative Director for Elder Scrolls Online Bill Slavicsek to discuss the origins of this update and what players can expect from it.

Developer Talk: New Events In Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road

New Daedric Prince: Ithelia

Daedric Princes are essentially gods from Elder Scrolls lore universe, and Gold Road has breathed new life into Daedric Princes: Ithelia. Also known as Forgotten Daedric Prince, he fills a gap in the celestial lineup.

Bill Slavicsek had this to say about this new Daedric Prince, who wanted to use Ithelia's unique personality and responsibilities to fill in some holes that other Daedric Princes had in these areas. Even though he is a forgotten prince, Narrative Director also needs to make a complete backstory and a way for him to interact with other princes.

For now, Ithelia's past and presence in Tamriel remain a mystery, but players only learned that she was betrayed by another Daedric Prince named Mora. However, there is no mention of Ithelia in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is set 800 years after the events of Elder Scrolls Online. Slavicsek quietly told us that this issue will be resolved in Ithelia's story quests, so this matter needs to be explored slowly by players.

Slavicsek also told us that delving into Wood Elves is another important event for the narrative team. They are experiencing the traditions and culture of Wood Elves for the first time since the game area was released, and they are also very happy to bring Wood Elves into the game area.

Old And New West Weald

West Weald is a new area on Gold Road, but it's not the first time it's appeared in a video game. West Weald was previously a small part of Oblivion, and this update gives players the opportunity to explore the history of the area in more depth.

Ed Stark said that it was challenging and exciting for their team to think about how to add some new and special elements to West Weald. In addition, they did a good job of balancing the original material presented in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the story of new Daedric Prince.

Ed Stark also said that the established lore of West Weald left a lot of room for their team to play, so they used this to create an alternative history of West Weald. Their most important idea was not to make fans of the original Oblivion feel that it was a remake of the original and would not feel uncomfortable.

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Scribing, Grimoires, And New Ways To Fight

Besides the two new events mentioned above, Gold Road also introduces Scribing. This is a brand new system that allows players to customize their skills - Grimoires. It can be customized in three different ways, allowing players to choose the equipment or mounts they bring into battle based on the ESO Gold they previously owned.

Scribing Lead Kira Schlitt explained that the goal of Scribing is to create a flexible system that allows players to focus on a certain aspect of their build or roleplay, and to swap out skills they don't like for new pairings at any time.

Schlitt added that Scribing is not just a way to make yourself stronger, but will also help players have more diverse roles and builds, and provide some new mechanics for those who don't have equipment.

Schlitt also shared one of her favorite combos: using Repelling Explosion version of Elemental Explosion. This throws a ball of elemental energy, which then explodes in a large area and knocks back all enemies in the area. It also has a persistent Lingering Torment Signature Script, which also increases each weapon's damage and Brutality and Sorcery energy.

Roleplay And Skill Styles Customization

Skill Styles is another new feature that Gold Road has brought to Elder Scrolls Online. Players can customize the appearance of their in-game combat skills, allowing players to fully integrate with their characters.

Schlitt said that he would often visit the community, where players are enthusiastic about character customization and roleplay, and as developers, they regard the phrase “play your way” as the most important priority. So the next goal is apparent, which is to continue to expand more possibilities for players.

The main creative team of Elder Scrolls Online said that they would be very glad with the players' feedback on new events such as Scribing and Skill Styles, and would be happy to share their favorites on social software. We also look forward to every player's new exploration in Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road!

These Legendary Effects On Power Armor In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

Hello, fellow gamers! This time, I am going to reveal some of the most powerful legendary effects for power armor in Fallout 76. You can choose the one that suits you best based on which power armor you are using now. Let's get started.

These Legendary Effects On Power Armor In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

Furious Legendary Effect

When the initial damage fails to knock the target down, the only option is to deal with more damage. And what's better than causing more damage? Increasing your damage as you deal damage, pounding your enemy again and again and again until it stops moving!

It deals more damage with each consecutive hit to the same target, +5 damage per stack, up to 9 stacks, for a total of +45% damage. Stacks reset to 0 after 10 seconds of not hitting the target, stacks are not lost on missed attacks, and stacks are reset on target swaps. Shotguns and other multi-projectile weapons test each individual projectile.

Suppressor Legendary Effect

I guess you might initially think that Suppressor means suppressing noise, but that's not the case. Suppressor is about applying pressure to an enemy so that they can't fire. In this case, since most enemies won't actually use cover to suppress, they'll do significantly less damage for a few seconds. Using this effect reduces the target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds.

Vampires Legendary Effect

This may be a matter of personal preference, but I like the idea of ​​getting as much out of a fight as you put in. The Vampire-class weapon effect grants a short life regeneration of 2 health points approximately every 2 'ticks', which stacks every time you land a hit on an enemy, so its effect depends on how fast and how often you hit. With this, you gain a short life regeneration when you hit an enemy.

Unyielding Legendary Effect

Many players in Fallout 76 enjoy playing it safe, especially when it comes to using effects that require specific requirements to activate. For example, getting incredible stat boosts when health is critically low, permanently capping their health with radiation damage to ensure they are always in top form.

Fallout 76 Unyielding Legendary Effect

Getting an extra +3 to all stats is nice, and experienced players generally have nothing to worry about when it comes to health. Those who go the glass cannon route know their limits, and how to push past them.

Two Shot Legendary Effect

This effect gets an extra shot in a burst, a combination of a two-shot explosion. Although the developers nerfed it to make it less powerful than before, especially in PvP situations. But there are still a lot of players who are very interested in it now.

With each bullet fired, your weapon will fire twice the normal number of projectiles. But the base damage of the projectiles from the two-shot weapon is 62.5% of the base damage of the normal weapon projectiles. The previous meta was that this effect was paired with the explosion in 3-star Legendaries.

Quad Legendary Effect

The next one is Quad, which increases the number of shots you can shoot before reloading, which is really nice for some weapons that have a very low ammo capacity. You can use this legendary effect on BoS Recon Rifle. Then you get 4 times the ammo capacity, just by putting it in the magazine and then make the most use of it.

Bloodied Legendary Effect

Bloodied builds are the current mainstream among the Fallout 76 playerbase, and are another case of risk vs. reward like Unyielding. Weapon attacks do more damage when you have lower health. Combine Bloodied weapons with armor with the Unyielding quality to cap health below 20%, and you have a very effective Glass Cannon Build.

Fallout 76 Bloodied Legendary Effect

The lower your health, the more damage it does. If you're below 80% health you can get +25% damage. If you're below 80% health you can get +50% damage. If you're below 40% health you can get +75% damage, and if you're below 20% health you can get 100% damage.

Anti-Armor Legendary Effect

Enemy damage resistances can really become a hindrance in the late game. I've mentioned elsewhere that at higher levels some enemies seem to shrug off damage from regular off-the-shelf weapons. Anti-Armor helps break through their defenses, allowing damage to go directly where it's needed, directly to their health instead of being absorbed by their resistances.

Ignores 50% of the target's armor. It only changes physical and energy damage resistances, not radiation or poison resistances. The armor reduction bonus is halved if Stabilized or Tank Killer perk is equipped.

Medics Legendary Effect

There are few ways for players to fill the role of healer on a team. Most will set themselves up to stab downed players with irritants or specialize in skills that turn flamethrowers into healing beams. For others, there are medical supplies. Critical hits heal based on critical damage dealt, which makes the shotgun effect with the version you want. With this, VATS Critical hits will heal you and your team.

Chameleon Legendary Effect

Owning an armor with the Chameleon effect is like having an endless amount of stealth capabilities, allowing you to ambush, sneak attack, and more. As long as a smart player has the right power armor, battles can be over quickly. When sneaking, remember to blend in with the environment and don't move around randomly.

Have you ever try any of the legendary effects on your power armor? Hopefully you can find the information you need in this guide.

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