Uncovering The Mysteries Of Last Epoch Update 1.0 - Overview, Features & Updates

Exciting news! Last Epoch has reached its 1.0 version, officially launched on February 21, 2024. This milestone signifies the commencement of our adventure together in the realm of Eterra.

Last Epoch Overview

For newcomers to Last Epoch, this game offers a captivating loot-based top-down action RPG experience, where you embark on a journey through time to rescue the fading world of Eterra.

During your adventure, you'll have the opportunity to select from 15 distinct Mastery classes, each featuring its own set of unique skills, passives, and gameplay styles. As you confront divine gods, immortal empires, and the relentless void, your chosen path will shape your destiny.

In Last Epoch, you'll encounter over 125 class skills, each complemented by a customizable and transformative skill tree. With a rich loot system boasting over 300 unique items, each possessing its own defining power, you'll uncover countless opportunities to tailor your character's build.

The inclusion of powerful idols that strategically integrate into your inventory, alongside the renowned legendary system, ensures that even the most modest Last Epoch Items can evolve into formidable assets. This depth of customization is essential as you delve into the expansive endgame, featuring ancient dungeons , an endlessly challenging ranked Arena of Champions, and fractured timelines within the Monolith of Fate.

If you're new to Last Epoch, now is the perfect moment to immerse yourself in its world. It's a game that welcomes players without the need for prior knowledge, inviting you to discover its intricacies and mysteries at your own pace.

Uncovering The Mysteries Of Last Epoch Update 1.0 - Overview, Features & Updates

What Are The Latest Additions & Updates In Last Epoch?

Now, let's delve into the latest features introduced in Last Epoch.

The full release of Last Epoch unveils the last two remaining masteries: the Falconer and the Warlock.

The Falconer emerges as the third mastery option for the Rogue, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in tactical trap-setting and deadly falconry. With her loyal Aven companion by her side, she maneuvers swiftly across the battlefield, employing cunning tactics and strategic strikes. Through falconry skills such as dive bomb and aerial assault, the Falconer introduces a new level of tactical chaos, leaving adversaries uncertain whether to fear the talons or the blade.

Accompanying the new class are exciting unique items that offer fresh playstyles for those fortunate enough to acquire them. For instance, the Falcon Fists empower falcon attacks while transforming melee strikes into explosive falcon punches. However, if you want to get these tempting items, it is very necessary to prepare enough Last Epoch Gold!

Emerging from the shadows is the highly anticipated Warlock, a new class mastery for the Acolyte devoted to unraveling the essence of their foes and corrupting their spirits. Armed with a range of curses designed to cloud the mind, weaken the body, and inflict agony, the Warlock rains chaos bolts, devours souls, and unleashes necrotic energy to spawn relentless undead minions.

Of course, no Warlock is complete without a selection of unique items to afflict and corrupt their adversaries. Among these treasures is an item that literally utilizes the spines of enemies, transforming Cthonic Fissure into a flurry of fiery lashes.

Both the Warlock and Falconer are not the only travelers to wield new abilities in Eterra. The Primalist gains two potent skills: Gathering Storm, which summons lightning bolts upon surrounding enemies, and a revamped Tempest Strike, channeling the power of wind, frost, and thunder into devastating weapon strikes.

Meanwhile, the Paladin receives a robust new skill tree to enhance his divine arsenal. In addition to delivering righteous judgment and bolstering allies with auras and sigils, the Paladin harnesses Healing Hands, a skill capable of preserving allies and purging evil from Eterra's enemies, particularly the undead and void entities.

Last Epoch Falconer Warlock

More Features

Here's a summary of what the Game Director from Last Epoch, Judd Cobler, had to say:

EHG continues to dedicate efforts to improve, update, and fortify every mastery within Eterra. For version 1.0, they've undertaken a complete overhaul and modernization of character rigs and animations, ensuring more dynamic movement, impactful attack sequences, and the expression of individual character traits. Interface improvements are also prominent, enhancing both visuals and information presentation throughout the game.

Significant updates to lighting and shadows, employing new technology, promise a noticeable enhancement in visual fidelity for returning players. The addition of scene variants introduces dynamic weather, seasonal changes, and diverse vegetation across the Echoes of the Monolith.

Players will encounter a plethora of new and updated enemies throughout Eterra, including revamped creatures such as wolves, bears, and sabertooths, with special attention given to the companions of Primalist players.

Combat has received numerous enhancements, including improved damage indicators, enhanced hit sounds, reintroduction of screen shake settings, and amplification of hit effects, resulting in a more satisfying experience.

Last Epoch features

The addition of new 2D and 3D visuals for character gear and items, alongside updated item tooltips, showcases the wealth of loot available in Eterra.

EHG introduced the much-anticipated item factions system earlier in the year, offering players the choice to align with either the Merchant Guild or the Circle of Fortune, each providing unique benefits and gameplay experiences. To ensure players don't miss out on valuable loot drops, a new resonance system allows them to share items directly with friends they've fought alongside. Resonances, being potent resources, necessitate careful selection.

Lastly, the full release promises a plethora of balance updates, new unique items, item bases, and more. Let us explore Eterra's riches upon its release!

Approach IGGM: Exploring The Leading Game Trading Platform

With the ongoing expansion and evolution of the game trading market, players now have an increased array of options when selecting trustworthy platforms for trading in-game items and currencies. Through investigation, we found that G2G, PlayerAuctions, MMOGA, IGGM and other platforms are favored by many players. Each platform has its own unique products and services to meet the diverse needs of gamers.

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing the webmaster of IGGM, a renowned professional store known for its wide array of game products and services, establishing itself as an industry leader. Recognizing the significance of this opportunity to gain insights into IGGM, I've curated a set of key questions addressing the concerns users commonly have.

Approach IGGM: Exploring The Leading Game Trading Platform

Q: Can you elaborate on the game products and services provided by IGGM?

A: IGGM has been diversifying its offerings since its establishment in 2008, extending across various game products and services for multi-platforms or servers. This includes game coins, accounts, equipment, props, training, CDKeys and more.

Additionally, for popular games, we offer Boosting & Powerleveling services, ensuring a comprehensive range to cater to diverse gaming needs.

Q: Can you highlight the unique features and advantages of IGGM compared to similar platforms?

A: Certainly! IGGM prioritizes the concerns of players, and our distinct features set us apart. Firstly, we guarantee the lowest market prices for game products. Regular market price assessments and adjustments ensure our prices remain the most competitive. Additionally, our membership mechanism enables players to enjoy even more economical prices with increased purchases.

To enhance the gaming experience further, IGGM runs promotions during major holidays, allowing players to access their desired game products at more affordable prices, adding joy to their celebrations. Moreover, for players interested in earning while gaming, IGGM's Affiliate Program offers an opportunity to both make and save money.

Our efficient and professional team is another key advantage. In response to new game releases, we promptly update our game products and services, offering a broader selection. The cooperation of our customer service and delivery teams ensures a smooth and hassle-free order fulfillment process. Utilizing advanced technology, we prioritize the security of customer information and property.

No matter the issue, customers can reach out to us through Live Chat, Email, or Social Media. We are committed to actively resolving all inquiries and continuously improving our services.

Q: How does IGGM address potential risks and controversies associated with its services?

A: Addressing safety concerns is a top priority for IGGM.

To guarantee secure delivery, we utilize cutting-edge encryption technology to protect all customer data, ensuring the confidentiality of their personal information.

Moreover, we offer universally recognized and secure payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Cards, and various local payment options. Customers are free to select the method that best suits their preferences and circumstances.

In instances where orders face delays or encounter special circumstances preventing processing, we offer a refund option. While such situations are infrequent, they may occur during peak order periods. This also reflects that IGGM is very popular, doesn’t it?

Q: What feedback mechanisms and channels does IGGM utilize to enhance its services and ensure customer satisfaction?

A: Our 24-hour online customer service is a source of pride for IGGM. Whether you're a new or returning customer, once you place an order, our customer service team diligently assists you throughout the process. They ensure the accuracy of provided information, offer reminders about relevant precautions, and expedite the delivery process promptly. Whether you have questions or need updates on your order, our customer service is readily available. Upon order completion, you receive email notifications, showcasing IGGM's commitment to excellent pre-sales and after-sales support.

With the support of our customer service team, the shipping department expedites order processing. Confirming the accuracy of crucial information, they swiftly deliver the game products you require. In case of delays due to slow network speeds or unforeseen circumstances, the shipping department collaborates with customer service to promptly notify you of any issues and provide optimal solutions.

IGGM maintains open and transparent ratings on Trustpilot, accompanied by customer reviews. Prospective buyers can refer to these reviews for insights before making a purchase. Any dissatisfaction is promptly addressed by contacting us, and we actively seek corrections and improvements based on feedback. We embrace criticism and continuously strive to enhance our services.

Q: How does IGGM actively engage with the gaming community?

A: When popular games release updates, we swiftly collect relevant information and summarize it. This ensures players can grasp the content of the update in a timely and intuitive manner. Our official website's "New" section reflects this commitment, featuring actively updated guides and articles. This keeps players informed about the latest game updates and highlights key aspects.

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As we concluded our conversation with IGGM, it was clear that IGGM puts in a lot of effort to provide the best possible service to its customers. This is undoubtedly a key factor in IGGM's success in the competitive game trading market. A big thank you to the webmasters of IGGM for sharing so much with us. Much appreciated! Moving forward, I hope to see IGGM continue to grow and flourish, becoming a prominent leader in the industry and earning recognition from an even broader user base.

The following is some relevant information about IGGM:

  • Offical Website: https://www.iggm.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iggmcom
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/iggmcom
    IGGM Homepage

How Can You Make A Budget Flicker Strike Assassin Build In POE 3.23?

This is a comprehensive guide to the budget edition of the Flicker Strike Assassin designed specifically for Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League.


The damage output is sufficient for nearly all non-Uber content, and this build seldom faces defeat while remaining relatively affordable in the later stages of the league. Realistically, you can assemble a character for approximately 10 to 15 Divine Orbs, and that character will possess ample strength to tackle all non-Uber Pinnacles.

The primary objective with this build was to be an effective Shaper Guardian speed farmer, and it excels in that aspect. While it may not be the fastest build in terms of speed, the equilibrium between speed and damage makes it an excellent choice considering its cost-effectiveness.

How Can You Make A Budget Flicker Strike Assassin Build In POE 3.23?

How Does This Build Work In POE 3.23?

Now let's talk about how this build works. There are a few interesting interactions in this build. 

The first of which comes from the new sword introduced last league, Rikiata's Dance. The sword gives you inversion, which makes it so elemental resistances are inverted when you attack an enemy. 

For example, when hitting Phoenix, they have a base resistance of 50% cold resistance. When using Rikiata's Dance, the inversion causes the resistance to be flipped to 50 resistance. This is why we don't try to reduce the amount of resistance a mob has. If we were using something like Frostbite, it would only lower all our damage.

Rikiata's Dance is used in conjunction with Eye of Malice, the helmet we're using, causing the enemy's cold resistance to be increased by 50%. If we use the Phoenix example from before, this increases their cold resistance to 75% or negative 75% with inversion. Eye of Malice also gives us a ton of energy shield, so we can easily run a Divine Blessing setup with a 50% aura.

Path of Exile Rikiata's Dance

About The Gear

For the chest piece, we're using Utula's Hunger, which makes you get a ton of flat life as long as you don't have any life rolls on other pieces of gear.

Make sure that you're checking the rares that you buy or craft them for this build. You want zero life rolls, including things like regeneration or leech.

In the amulet slot, we're using Badge of the Brotherhood. This makes it so we have our frenzy charges equal to our power charges.

Regarding the anoint, it's crucial to choose Tribal Fury. The effectiveness of this build is notably diminished without the Tribal Fury anointment, making it a necessary inclusion for optimal performance.

Path of Exile Ralakesh's Impatience

In the boot slot, we opt for Ralakesh's Impatience. This choice has undergone changes in the current Affliction League. It ensures a constant presence of maximum frenzy power, and endurance charges. These charges don't manifest as buffs on your character, but you experience their effects without the need for a source to gain endurance or frenzy charges.

For the belt, we select Auxium. This particular belt is seldom utilized in the builds I've come across. Auxium allows you to accumulate a substantial amount of elemental damage with attacks for each power charge you possess. Given the scarcity of power charge stacking elemental attack builds, this belt isn't commonly employed. However, for our specific build, Auxium provides a noteworthy 210% increase in elemental damage with attacks. Additionally, it offers a substantial amount of energy shield, facilitating the smooth running of our 50% Divine Blessing aura.

The rest of the gear consists of rares, and since they don't have life on them, it shouldn't be too hard to obtain or craft. Just make sure to get the Rage on Hit implicit roll that allows you to use Berserk. While this doesn't provide a ton of extra rage, you still get a decent amount during the end of the fight. Since we aim to keep this build budget-friendly, that's perfectly fine for the damage.

There are different ways you could potentially get more rage that using that which was taken or some form of War Cry scaling. However, realistically, it's not something that you need, especially if you don't want to spend a ton of POE Currency on this build. If you were super rich, you could also consider getting +1 power charge rings, but honestly, it's never going to be worth the investment given how expensive they are.

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How Does This Build Sustain Flicker Strike?

Let's talk about how this build sustains Flicker Strike aside from the inversion mechanic mentioned earlier. This build relies on the generation of power charges to ignore the cooldown of Flicker Strike. 

Flicker Strike of Power gives us a baseline of 50% chance to gain a power charge on crit. When used with Power Charge on Critical Support, you get an extra 54% chance to get a power charge on crit. This essentially makes it so, as long as you are critting, you can indefinitely sustain Flicker Strike.

In certain instances, you might face unfortunate circumstances with critical hits after a boss is no longer at full health, leading to the cooldown triggering. This concern primarily arises with pinnacle bosses and occurs infrequently. If desired, you have the option to use a Diamond Flask for those particular bosses, although it's not a major issue and serves as a minor inconvenience. Hence, I made the decision to forego the use of the Diamond Flask.


This outlines the mechanics of the build. Once you've arranged all the items, simply hold down the left or right mouse button and let the gameplay unfold. 

The initial aim was to develop an affordable Flicker Strike, and that's precisely what this build is. You experience the thrill of playing Flicker Strike with slightly less damage but at one-tenth of the cost. Despite the reduced damage, it remains proficient in handling all non-Uber content with ease.

How To Level Up Fast In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best Strategies & Suggestions

In our guide to leveling up quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3, we will explore the optimal approach with insights from our gaming expert, Ruse Cruize.

Rather than providing specific guides for each class, we'll focus on a more universal leveling guide that can be utilized by every class in Diablo 4 Season 3.

The recommendations presented here will offer a blend of optimal strategies and casual suggestions to provide a well-rounded experience.

How To Level Up Fast In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best Strategies & Suggestions

Do The Seneschal Quest

The paramount task at the beginning is to embark on and finish the Seasonal Questline, the Seneschal Quest.

This is crucial because the Seneschal serves as a companion and will play a significant role throughout this season, making it absolutely worthwhile to pursue at the earliest opportunity.

Whether your intention is to swiftly reach level 100 or progress at a more leisurely pace, acquiring the Seneschal is a top priority. It stands as one of the most substantial power boosts available, making it a component not to be overlooked.

Tree Of Whispers & Overworld

The Overworld/Tree Of Whispers may not be the most efficient method for leveling, but it stands out as the best approach for accumulating currency and Diablo 4 Items. This strategy ensures a consistent supply of gear, experience, and wealth, making the process both effective and enjoyable.

The key is to focus on locating clusters of Grim Favour quests, completing them, and then claiming the rewards from The Tree of Whispers.

Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers

This approach is complemented by alternating with Legion Events, which provide substantial XP. World bosses are a close second in terms of XP, and they now offer significantly improved rewards due to recent buffs.

The latest addition to Diablo 4 Season 3, Vaults, introduces an element of uncertainty. While their XP potential remains unclear, it is likely that they won't match the efficiency of the previously mentioned methods.

  1. By completing Whispers, you can get Grim Favors.
  2. By doing Legion Events, you can get the highest XP.
  3. World Bosses
  4. Vaults (Potential unknown)

It is essential to note that at level 15, you should prioritize your Class Quest before continuing with Overworld activities.

Upgrading Your Gear

As you advance, it's crucial to consistently upgrade your gear.

The optimal time to initiate upgrades is typically around level 30, but maintaining a continuous focus on upgrading your weapon is highly recommended.

This is particularly true for your Sacred and Ancestral Weapons, as they contribute significantly to boosting your damage output.

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Domhainne Tunnels - The Fastest Leveling

While this method may not yield the most significant rewards in terms of gear and Diablo 4 Gold, it stands out as unparalleled in terms of XP gain.

Before delving into this approach, it's advisable to complete the Seneschal questline, as the pet obtained will be immensely beneficial.

Located in Scosglen, the Domhainne Tunnels are the focal point of this strategy, and you'll want to repeat them consistently. Although it may become a bit monotonous, this repetitive process is the fastest way to level up.

Continue this until reaching level 45 to 50, at which point you should proceed directly to the Capstone Dungeon.

Upon reaching World Tier 3, return to Domhainne Tunnels for continued leveling. If World Tier 3 proves challenging, consider reverting to World Tier 2 for a more manageable experience.

Target levels 50 to 60 before transitioning to Nightmare Dungeons. This phase provides good XP and prepares you for the World Tier 3 Capstone, facilitating a smooth transition into World Tier 4.

Diablo 4 Domhainne Tunnels

Capstone Dungeon

Irrespective of the method you choose, it is vital that once you reach the 45 to 50 level range, you undertake the Capstone Dungeon to advance to World Tier 3. Progressing to World Tier enhances both XP gain and item ranges, making it crucial not to postpone this advancement.

This step is equally critical for World Tier 4. Ideally, achieving this transition should occur around level 60 to 65 or when you feel sufficiently prepared.

Nightmare Dungeons In World Tier 4

Upon reaching World Tier 4, typically between levels 60 to 65, the recommended course of action is to engage in Nightmare Dungeons.

A convenient starting point in World Tier 4 is to embark on a Tree of Whisper. This will provide gear and a Nightmare Sigil.

If you perceive that your strength is insufficient, returning to Domhainne Tunnels is an option. However, the preferred approach is to focus on upgrading your gear and consistently participate in Nightmare Dungeons until reaching level 100.

More Tips

With a robust groundwork in place, you should be on your way to reaching level 100. To enhance your journey, it's essential to remain mindful of a few key aspects while playing:

  1. Engage in Helltides regularly: Helltides serve as an excellent source of Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses, crucial for upgrading gear.
  2. Consistently upgrade your Sacred & Ancestral gear, focusing particularly on the weapon when possible.
  3. Keep track of World Bosses for valuable loot and Shattering Prisms.

Hope you will put it into practice immediately after reading this guide. Try to be the first player to reach max level!

How To Prepare For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 And Level Up More Quickly? - A Preparation Guide

I’ll discuss the various preparations I’ve made to help you be ready for the upcoming WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2.

How To Prepare For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 And Level Up More Quickly? - A Preparation Guide

Flight Points

Currently, there are numerous tasks at our disposal. For instance, consider acquiring all the Flight Points, not only those essential up to level 40, but every single one.

Because when we get to the max level, you could also go to higher-level zones to get new profession materials, and here there could be way less competition. So, having all the different Flight Points could definitely be a benefit.

Weapon Skills & Training

Make sure to also learn all the different weapon skills

And talking about weapon skills, then you also got to make sure that you actually level up these. 

The rationale behind this is that when advancing your character in Phase 2, you may come across new weapons. If these happen to be upgrades, you’d want to equip them promptly. Insufficient weapon skill could lead to spending around 30 minutes to an hour reaching a decent level, ensuring you don’t miss your attacks.

So, make sure to fix this now instead of when you have to level, as it’s going to reduce your leveling speed by a high amount.

Get These Consumables

Another thing you can also do when you grab the different Flight Points is to look out for particular vendors where you can purchase potions. 

These will be in high demand and also increase your leveling speed, as you won’t die as often. Or, you can use them in PvP situations or if you’re about to die. 

So if some of these potions are still cheap on the Auction House, then I would definitely grab these before they become more expensive. Or, you could fish in higher-level zones, but there’s also a high chance that you can get these.

Having a higher amount of health is also going to be important. Therefore, I’ve also purchased some Rumsey Rum Black Labels. These will increase my stamina by 15 for 15 minutes. 

WoW SOD Rumsey Rum Black Label

World Buff

Another thing you should also do is to go to either Thunder Bluff as a Horde player or the Darnassus as an Alliance player. 

Here you should get the world buff. And once you have got this, it’s also going to be important to purchase an item that allows you to store the buff. The name of this item is Chronoboon Displacers, and this allows you to keep your world buff stored in an item. 

And then, you can press on the item the moment you would also like to reactivate your world buff.

Profession Leveling

Make sure to also max out your First Aid so you have the best possible bandages for when you have to level. You could even prepare silk cloth as well so you can continue to level this profession right away. 

Talking about professions, then you should also max out your main professions, whether it’s gathering professions or crafting professions

The primary motivation for prioritizing this is primarily due to the uncertainty of the introduction of new Epic items in Phase 2, similar to what occurred in Phase 1. If such implementations are made, it’s advisable not to commence leveling your profession from the beginning.

Also, remember many of the things you can craft will be useful as you’re leveling, especially the Epic items at level 25. Those will easily last all the way up to level 40 or could even be useful at level 40. 

Profession Preparation

I’ve also prepared profession materials so I can speed level my leatherworking, for example, Medium Leather, Heavy Leather, and even Thick Leather. 

Collect All 12 Runes

Another important thing to do is to collect all 12 runes

You have the flexibility to switch between these as you progress, whether you find yourself leveling or, for instance, participating in a dungeon where you may need to take on the roles of tanking, healing, or possibly DPS.

Besides this, then the runes also allow you to have up to 3 additional spells or abilities, and these will definitely increase your leveling speed. 

In order to collect each individual rune, I use an addon called RestedXP that will tell me where and also how to collect them. And in Phase 2, this addon will then be updated with all the new runes so you know where to collect these as you're leveling up.

20 Completed Quests

Another thing I've also done to level up quickly is to stack up on 20 completed quests

Instead of handing them in right now to get SOD Gold, then I will wait until I also get experience. That way, I'll get to level 26 in a matter of seconds. 

To prepare as much experience as possible, then make sure to also stack up elite quests and dungeon quests as these reward a lot more experience compared to a normal quest.

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Rank Up Now

Also, focus on getting to rank 3. Not because of the rewards you can currently purchase, but mainly because you will be able to purchase new rewards in Phase 2. 

The higher rank you can get now, the easier it will also be to get to an even higher rank in the next phase.

Cheaper Mount

There's also another big benefit of getting to rank 3. 

Essentially, your mount will be more affordable. I am aware that the mount price has been lowered in the Season of Discovery, but having a greater discount is advantageous. This saved gold can be utilized for other purposes.

To reduce your price even further, then you should also focus on your faction-specific reputation. So, make sure to get this to at least Honored. If you can get it to Revered, it's going to be an even bigger discount. 

Quick Ranking

The quickest way to get to rank 3 is just to do Warsong Gulch

This battleground rewards a lot of honor and also reputation that you will need. Make sure to get a pre-made group so you also increase your win rate.

WoW SOD Warsong Gulch

Quick Reputation

Also, make sure to do the Ashenvale World PvP event

Receiving reputation with the same faction as Warsong Gulch is significant. The reason for its importance lies in the ability to acquire items that aid in a swift leveling process, including those you can instantly utilize upon reaching, for instance, level 38.

Phase 2 Item Preparation

Achieving Revered with this faction allows you to acquire level 25 weapons. There's a possibility that in the future, there might even be a level 40 version. In the original classic, there was indeed a level 38 version.

It’s going to be easy to get this faction to Friendly. And I would highly recommend you to do this as you will be able to purchase a mount you can only use in Ashenvale. So if you plan to quest in Ashenvale in Phase 2, then this mount will also help you level up even quicker. 

However, you should make sure you get this faction to at least Honored.

Phase 2 Green Items

Another thing I’ve done in order to prepare higher level green items for Phase 2 is to make sure I fish in higher-level zones. 

All of these green items I’ve collected from my Rogue, and most of them I will either use when I’m leveling up or when I get to max level. 

And when you’re fishing, you have a chance to get Mithril Bound Trunks and Iron Bound Trunks. And in these, you can then get these green items. Sometimes they will either be above or below level 40, or you could even be lucky enough for them to also be exactly level 40.

WoW SOD Mithril Bound Trunks

Supply Officers

You should also focus on the new faction where you hand in Supply Crates and get reputation with this new faction. 

Getting to Revered allows you to purchase a 10-bag, and getting it to Honored allows you to get a 12-bag. It’s quite useful when you’re leveling up so you have more backspace.

You can also unlock a new room for your class. So if you’re planning to get all the runes before Season of Discovery Phase 2, then make sure to focus on the faction. And who knows, maybe in the future, it will even be mandatory to focus on the faction.

The easiest and quickest way to get reputation is simply to find chests in the open world. Here, there’s a high chance that you will also get the Supply Crates.

Focus On BIS gear

To level up even quicker between level 25 to 40, you also got to make sure that your character has amazing gear. 

So, do the Blackfathom Deeps raid every single reset. And of course, also work on your professions so you can craft the Epic item.

7 Players With 5-Star Skill Moves You Can Use In FC 24 Career Mode Even On A Low Budget!

We are evaluating players with 5-star skill moves suitable for those operating on a limited budget in FC 24 Career Mode.

Players eligible for the list are those under the age of 30, and they need to be valued at 20 million or less. Additionally, they must have the potential to develop to a minimum overall of 80.

We have tested all the players and rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 in the following categories: speed, dribbling, shooting, passing, physical, and value

In the physical category, we looked at all the physical skills of the players other than speed, considering strength, agility, and balance. 

For value, we considered what a player costs in relation to how they perform in-game compared to the other players on the list.

7 Players With 5-Star Skill Moves You Can Use In FC 24 Career Mode Even On A Low Budget!

7. Mike Trésor

That being said, number 7 on the list is Mike Trésor

The 24-year-old Belgian, currently on loan at Burnley, is valued at 20 million in FC 24, making him the most expensive player on our list. However, he combines this with the highest initial overall of 78 and a potential overall of 82.

Let's start with Mike Tresor's strengths. His acceleration is good. He can quickly move away from a standing start with the ball, causing opponents to be late and outplayed. He is also very agile, which allows him to easily cut and outplay players. Moreover, his strengths lie particularly in passing. He has good vision and possesses an effective cross on to the areas where Mike Trésor scores less well.

His sprint speed is not great. After initially getting away from a defender, he is easily caught up over longer distances. This makes him not very suitable for counterattacking play. Additionally, his finishing is not great, so he's not likely to score many goals.

Mike Trésor is a player who can be very useful when you play a lot in your opponent's half because he is strong in tight spaces. He's also handy if you have a striker who can score from across. 

Unfortunately, he comes with a hefty price tag that is disproportionate to what he brings on the field, especially compared to other players on this list.

FC 24 Mike Trésor

6. Talles Magno

Moving on to number 6, the MLS, where our number six on the list plays at New York City FC, Talles Magno.

The 21-year-old Brazilian can play both as a striker and on the wing and starts with an overall of 73. Just like Mike Trésor, he has a potential overall of 82. In FC 24, his value is estimated at 7 million, making him the first bargain on the list.

The strong points of Magno, of course, with 5-star skill moves, he's adept with the ball at his feet. As he has all the skill moves, you can get past any defender. The better you are with skill moves, the better you will be with Magno. He also has a 4-star weak foot, meaning he's quite capable with both feet. 

Then the weaker points of Magno, if you're not as good with skill moves like us, then Magno lacks the agility and speed to effectively outplay his defenders. He is also not very fast, which means he can be easily overtaken by above-average fast opponents. It should be noted, though, that he will still develop significantly towards his end overall, which could lessen these issues.

Magno is a very interesting player when you're adept with skill moves and can maximize the 5-star skill moves. Valued at 7 million, he can be a bargain for any club that doesn't have tens of millions to spend.

FC 24 Talles Magno

5. Osama Sahraoui

Number 5 on our list, we go to the Dutch Eredivisie, where Osama Sahraoui plays for SC Heerenveen. 

The 22-year-old Norwegian has an initial overall of 73 and a potential overall of 83. His value is also estimated at 7 million, and based on how Sahraoui plays, this makes him an absolute bargain.

Sahraoui has the following strong points. He is absolutely at his best in tight spaces and with the ball at his feet. He's super agile and stands firmly in his shoes, enabling him to cut behind opponents and easily turn away from them. He's quick in the first few meters, which means that after outplaying them, he quickly leaves them far behind. After getting past his man, Sahraoui can set up a teammate for a goal with a pass. He has good stamina, enabling him to still make a difference in the final minutes of the match. Sahraoui also has a 5-star weak foot, which is a big plus.

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Sahraoui has the following weaker points. His main weakness is scoring goals. He has the ability to create a shooting opportunity time and again thanks to his earlier mentioned strong points. However, he lacks the power for a really good shot, and often they fly meters wide. As with these weaker points, Sahraoui will still develop enormously, and therefore these points could later in career mode potentially become his strengths. 

As long as you don't expect him to score more than 10 goals in a season, Sahraoui is a great purchase for any club that doesn't have a lot to spend. As he will still develop significantly, he can grow into a pillar in your team, or you could sell him for a lot of FC 24 Coins. We can't recommend him enough for anyone looking for a budget skiller.

FC 24 Osama Sahraoui

4. Rayan Cherki

Our number 4 on the list is found in France at Olympique Lyonnais, Rayan Cherki.

Cherki can play on the wings but is best suited as a number 10. Cherki is the biggest talent on our list with the highest potential overall of 84. His initial overall is 74, and he's valued at 9 million.

A major reason why he excels as a number 10 is his ability to deliver a great pass. He can execute any pass you desire, and this is even more impressive considering he's still going to develop significantly. He also combines this with a 5-star weak foot. He can do this with both feet, which is a huge plus. Additionally, Cherki is an excellent dribbler. He's quite agile and has good balance, making it easy for him to turn away from his opponent. He also has the ability to score, perhaps not a lot, but around 5 to 10 goals per season should be feasible.

Cherki also has weaker points. He is slow, making him less suitable for the wings and better suited for the number 10 position. Because he isn't fast, he doesn't easily carry the ball forward, and it's better to use him for passing rather than long dribbles. Additionally, his stamina isn't very strong, so after 60 to 70 minutes, he tends to lose effectiveness

Rayan Cherki potentially is a superb player who can be of great value. He comes into his own when you play in your opponent's half, allowing him to use the tight spaces to set up his teammates.

FC 24 Rayan Cherki

3. Jeffinho

For number 3, we stay at Olympique Lyonnais, where the 23-year-old Brazilian Jeffinho plays. 

Somewhat overshadowed by Cherki, Jeffinho has an overall of 72 and the lowest potential on our list with 79. However, Jeffinho plays much better on the field than his overall would suggest. Based purely on his statistics, you might not initially choose him, but it's only when you use him that you discover his capabilities. In FC 24, he is estimated at 4.7 million, making him the cheapest player on the list and also the biggest bargain.

What surprised us most about Jeffinho is how he consistently finds himself in a scoring position. Additionally, he is super quick in the first few meters, creating space between him and his opponent. The big surprise with Jeffinho was his strength. Several times, he easily pushed players off the ball and entered into strong duels.

Jeffinho also has some weaker points. His main areas for development are in finishing and passing. His dribbling and physical qualities are very good, but everything involving passing and shooting is still problematic. Passes often go to the opponent, and shots frequently miss the goal. 

All in all, Jeffinho is the best bang for your buck player on the list. With his super low value, he can be acquired for a small amount, and on the field, he delivers much more than you would initially expect.

FC 24 Jeffinho

2. Jesper Karlsson

Moving on to our number 2 on the list, number 2 playing at Bologna in Italy, Jesper Karlsson

The 24-year-old Swede, Karlsson's initial overall is 77, and this can rise to about 80 when you develop him. His value is estimated at 14.5 million, making him one of the more expensive players on our list.

He is a very good all-round player who also possesses 5-star skill moves. His agility and balance are among the best on this list. You can easily slalom him around multiple opponents. Then he is also capable of delivering the decisive pass to a teammate. He shoots well from distance and often finds himself in a good position to score. Additionally, he maintains this performance throughout the match with his good stamina.

Here are some weak points of Karlsson. His only real weak point is his speed. He lacks both good acceleration and a high sprint speed, which perhaps makes him well-suited to be converted into a midfielder. Also, his finishing can sometimes be a bit off. He won't develop much further, so don't expect any huge improvements. 

Karlsson is overall the best player on this list and worth his 14.5 million. He can play both on the flank and be converted into a midfielder. The only reason he's not number 1 on our list is because of the gameplay enjoyment we had with the actual number 1 of our list, Jota.

FC 24 Jesper Karlsson

1. Jota

The 24-year-old number 1 Portuguese is currently active in Saudi Arabia at Al-Ittihad

His initial overall is 77, and he can grow to an overall of 82. His value is estimated at 16 million. With this, he is the second most expensive player on the list, but we believe he is absolutely worth it.

When you play with Jota, you know you're going to have fun. Whether you're good with skill moves or not, you're going to beat many opponents and leave them in the dust. If you are good with skill moves, this will happen even more. He is extremely agile and hard to bring down. He has good acceleration and a high sprint speed. This he combines with a strong shot from distance and a lot of composure.

The weak points of Jota are the following. When you get him into the opponent's penalty area, he misses many chances, as he only has 70 finishing. Additionally, he's not a great passer, but that's not what you bring him in for. 

Jota is on the higher end for budget players, but for under 20 million, we still find him an absolute bargain that you can't go wrong with if your club has the money. He brings a lot of fun and creates unexpected situations.

FC 24 Jota

All The Content Arriving In WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 - Seeds Of Renewal Overview

The Dragonflight story continues in patch 10.2.5, Seeds of Renewal, which goes live on January 16th, and we've got so much to look forward to.

We'll be able to dragonride in all the zones, earn new rewards in the Outland Cup, we'll explore the story of the Dragon Isles after the defeat of Fyrakk, and the Gilneans are finally preparing to retake their lost kingdom.

There are new features, like Follower Dungeons to open up group content to everyone, and the Azerothian Archives brings us new content with an archaeology flare. Then, there are also new customizations to look forward to, more holiday updates, and so much more.

Hurry up and take your WoW Dragonflight Gold to start a new journey in Seeds of Renewal!

All The Content Arriving In WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 - Seeds Of Renewal Overview

Dragonriding Updates

Dragonriding is finally opening up to the rest of the world, so you'll be able to take wing and zoom through any zone where you could previously fly.

In Patch 10.2.5, if a regular flying mount is permitted in a specific area or zone, you will also have the ability to utilize a dragonriding mount in that zone. This means that, from here on out, you will get to choose which flying mode you want to use to get around in all of those old zones.

The Dracthyr Soar capability will undergo adjustments to seamlessly integrate into this expansive dragonriding environment. The cooldown has been reduced to just 10 seconds. You can use all of the same dragonriding abilities and you can use and generate Vigor, so Dracthyr can choose between using a dragonriding mount or just relying on their own wings going forward.

Additional opportunities to acquire Riders of Azeroth Badges will be available during the Outland Cup event. Zoom through Shattrath, soar over the Netherstorm, and see Outland from a new perspective. Each race completed will earn you more Badges that you can trade in for a new color variation of the Drake Rider's transmog set, as well as 2 new tabards.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Dragonriding Updates

New Story Quests

With the Primalist threat quelled for now, and Amirdrassil safely blossoming into Azeroth, the night elves can finally start building a new home for themselves.

When Amirdrassil bloomed at the conclusion of the raid in 10.2, it brought itself and the land about its roots from the Emerald Dream into Azeroth, and beneath the boughs of the new World Tree, the night elf city of Bel'ameth is starting to take shape.

Bel'ameth is connected to other important night elf areas throughout the world, including Darkshore and Feralas. Despite being a night elf city, the Horde is encouraged to explore, and there's a convenient portal from Hyjal for their use.

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But when Amirdrassil took root, heroes of the Horde and Alliance heard a mysterious voice, ancient, beautiful and almost song-like, calling out to them. At the same time, Khadgar has received reports of dark whispers. Something is moving in the shadows. An ancient enemy stirs, incited by some harbinger.

But what are they planning, and where will they strike first? New story quests will unfold in the old world as the Greymane family endeavors to reclaim their lost kingdom, with the Forsaken offering assistance upon the request of Calia Menethil. You can earn yourself a new mount and some cool transmog rewards by helping the Gilneans reclaim their land from the domination of the Scarlet Crusade.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 New Story Quests

Follower Dungeons

A new feature that a lot of folks are already very excited about is Follower Dungeons.

You'll be able to queue for all 8 Dragonflight dungeons on Normal difficulty with between one and 4 players, and the game will fill in your group composition gaps with NPCs.

So, if you don't have a tank in your group, you can still queue up, and you will have an NPC tank to take all of those heavy hits. You can even queue up all by yourself and have a full group of NPCs to explore the dungeon with. You have the option to personally guide the NPCs or designate them to take the lead, particularly if you are uncertain about the direction.

Follower Dungeons are going to be a great way to learn how group content works. Embarking on dungeons for the first time can be daunting, but Follower Dungeons provide an opportunity to ease into this aspect of the game. It allows you to familiarize yourself with mechanics, encounter bosses, navigate dungeon layouts, and obtain valuable dungeon loot.

They're also going to be great for experimenting with new roles, classes or specs. You can explore tanking or venture into healing without the constraints of time or performance expectations. I am definitely going to take advantage of that to try and get back into healing and test out any class changes in the future.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Follower Dungeons

Azerothian Archives

We'll also have new content to explore in the Azerothian Archives.

Engage with distinctive characters, immerse yourself in new narratives, and delve into the iconography of zones and local cultures through archaeology-themed activities.

There are smaller sites that you can work through by yourself, uncovering lost fragments to piece together the past. Then, there are also large sites, which are group activities similar to public events. Work through multi-stage scenarios together to properly excavate the area, fend off enemies, and see what lies beneath the soil.

There are also plenty of rewards to collect, including new mounts, battle pets, and transmog.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Azerothian Archives

New Customizations

Patch 10.2.5 continues the trend of adding in new customization options for a couple of races.

Trolls will get 5 new vibrant hair colors to play around with, and the draenei will have a darker skin option, which fits in with their Man'arian locks from the previous patches.

Warlock demon customization options will also be expanded to include new color variations for your demonic tyrants, as well as new color and model options for your Darkglare summons, so you can pick and choose exactly how you want your floating eyeball to look.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 New Customizations

Holiday Updates

We also have more holiday updates to look forward to in the new patch.

Love is in the Air will have new quests to work through and all-new rewards to collect, so we're going to have even more ways to get into the WoW holiday spirit in 2024.

So there's something for everyone to get excited for in the new patch, and it's going to be an interesting adventure as we start exploring what's next for the World of Warcraft.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5 Love is in the Air

A Detailed F2P Guide For Genshin Impact 4.4 Gaming - Best Weapons, Artifacts & Teams

Here, I’m going to be talking about the complete F2P guide for Gaming and his best teams.

Gaming will launch in Genshin Impact’s upcoming 4.4 version. He is a 4-star Pyro Claymore user from Liyue who has a plunging playstyle. And here, I will focus on his best weapons, artifacts, and teams.

If you want to quickly experience Gaming or obtain his weapons in the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.4, purchasing Genshin Impact Accounts directly will be your best choice!

A Detailed F2P Guide For Genshin Impact 4.4 Gaming - Best Weapons, Artifacts & Teams


Beginning with his best weapons, one of his better weapons is the Favonius Greatsword, which is an energy recharge weapon. It’s great so he can get his burst easily.

Another great option is the new event weapon called Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword, with energy recharge and an ATK boost. Since you can R5 (or Refines) this weapon as well, I think this will be one of his best fits, especially to get your burst fast.

Another decent energy recharge weapon for him would be the Sacrificial Greatsword, which basically will give him a chance to use his skill again. But this isn’t completely needed since his cooldown is only 6 seconds and the burst reset CD. I only recommend this weapon if you somehow don’t have any of the other ones listed here.

Moving on to some more specific weapons, if you are running Gaming in Vaporize, Melt, or Reaction teams in general, then Makhaira Aquamarine would be the best fit for him with an Elemental Mastery bonus while also boosting ATK based on Elemental Mastery.

Genshin Impact Makhaira Aquamarine

Lastly, Serpent Spine, while less F2P as it is a Battle Pass weapon, is great for him as he is on field for a long duration, which is perfect for the buffs the weapon gives. So, these are all of his best weapons.


I’ll now move into the artifacts section and what his best fits are.

Crimson Witch Of Flames

The first artifact set that I would recommend for him would have to be the Crimson Witch of Flames set as it is probably his best set.

The two-piece gives him the extra Pyro bonus and the four-piece gives a 15% melt and damage bonus.

Along with that, it will give a Pyro bonus of 50% of the two-piece’s bonus every time you use a skill for up to 3 times. This is perfect for him. Since his skill basically has a very low cooldown during his burst duration, this will maximize his Pyro damage output, which is why this set is probably his best.

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Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

While this is his best overall, another decent artifact set would be Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, but this has a slightly higher skill ceiling in terms of timing.

The two-piece gives an 18% ATK bonus, and the four-piece basically takes away 15 energy when using your Elemental skill to give a 50% plunging bonus.

However, this effect lasts 10 seconds and cannot be overridden. So, if you use his skill normally and then deploy his burst, you might not get the buffs of the artifact for the whole time you plunge.

This set is only recommended if you have a proper rotation that can use this artifact.

Gilded Dreams

Another great alternative for him would have to be Gilded Dreams if you are running him in a reaction team, since the set gives him an 80 Elemental Mastery bonus for two-piece.

Additionally, the four-piece gives him additional damage and ATK bonus, perfect for giving him great damage output as well.

Genshin Impact Gilded Dreams


Lastly, I would recommend Lavawalker for him if he is in a mono-Pyro Team.

The two-piece increases Pyro resonance by 40%, and then damage against Pyro-affected enemies is increased by 35%, being significant if he is in a mono-Pyro Team.

In my opinion, I suggest opting for either the Crimson Witch or Gilded Dreams sets, as they appear to be the most beneficial choices for Gaming.

Main Stats & Substats

Now, I will move into the main stats and substats.

For the main stats, I would recommend that you run an ATK or Elemental Mastery set for the Sands, Pyro Damage Goblet, and then a Crit Rate or Damage Circlet.

As per the substats, I would definitely look for ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage, Elemental Mastery, and Energy Recharge.


With all that out of the way, I’ll move on to his best F2P teams and compositions.

Gaming has 3 main compositions that I can see being used the most for F2P teams. The first one would just be a simple mono-Pyro Team.

In this team, you would definitely need Bennett for the healing and ATK buff, along with basically any Anemo character used to shred with VV (Viridescent Venerer).

The fourth character can be a flex and can really be anyone, such as Thoma or, potentially, even Dehya. However, I would recommend this comp the least since I think his max damage output would come from reaction teams like Vaporize.

With this, you would follow a similar formula with Bennett and an Anemo unit, except this time you would have an off-field Hydro character for additional damage. This could really be anyone from Kokomi, Yelan, Xingqiu, or Furina, if you have her.

Lastly, another very good comp for him would be a Melt comp where you once again follow the Bennett-Anemo pattern and then use someone like Rosaria or Charlotte for cryo application. I do think that Bennett and Anemo would be best paired with Gaming to maximize damage output, so they are useful in basically any team with him.

This is the full guide for Gaming’s best builds and teams as F2P.

4 Crucial Tips You Need To Take Advantage Of In WoW Season Of Discovery

Greeting gamers, here are 4 advanced tips you need to be taking advantage of in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

4 Crucial Tips You Need To Take Advantage Of In WoW Season Of Discovery

Tip 1: Battleground (BG) Teleports

With players frequently having to travel between cities and continents, it can cause a bit of a headache with how to min-max your travel time and where to put your Heartstone.

Thankfully, there's an easy trick you can take advantage of to quickly teleport across zones by simply asking a guildy or friend to cue you into a Battleground.

Whenever you're queued into a BG, if you leave the Battleground, you will appear wherever the person that quequed for you was standing.

This means, for example, if you're in Stormwind and want to go to Darnassus, you can have someone queue you up at the Darnassus Battleground Master. Join the BG. Type '/AFK' to quickly leave, and the game will place you in Darnassus where your friend was standing, saving you a ton of travel time.

There are also Battlemasters in Ashenvale for both Horde and Alliance if you want a quick teleport to the battle for Ashenvale event, saving you some travel time.

WoW SoD Battleground (BG) Teleports

Tip 2: Hearthstone Batching

In a similar vein to the last tip, since travel is a big pain in WoW Season of Discovery, here's another easy way to maximize your travel efficiency.

If you have to hearth and know that you need to be back where you are in an hour or later, you can perform a Hearthstone batch. This is done by using your Hearthstone and then asking to set your hearth to an inn but not clicking the confirmation window until the moment before your Hearthstone is about to finish casting.

If performed correctly, you will hearth to where your Hearthstone's currently set and then set your Hearthstone to the new location at the same time, allowing you to hearth back 1 hour later. The timing for this technique will vary depending on your ping.

However, I found pressing the confirmation window within 2 seconds of the cast finishing works best for me. My ping's around 80. When in doubt, it's always better to be too late than too early because if you're too early, you will set your Hearthstone to your current location and end up hearthing in place, wasting your Hearthstone, whereas if you're too late, you would simply run back like normal, anyway.

Tip 3: Mistletoe And Snowballs

This is a time-sensitive tip during the Winter's Veil events, but it is an important one.

Players will not have access to these items again for an entire year, which is basically the entire lifespan of Classic WoW Season of Discovery. So, it's valuable to stock up now while you can. The event ends on January 2nd, 2024.

Mistletoes are an item you can get from using '/kiss' on the Winter Revelers in any inn. The item, when used on other players, grants them plus 20 spirit. That is a lot of spirit regardless of your level and is greatly appreciated by your healers and casters.

WoW SoD Mistletoe

Each time you kiss a Reveler, you get 5 mistletoes and receive a debuff preventing you from getting further mistletoes for 1 hour. This can be ever so slightly circumvented by making a '/kiss' macro and kissing both of the Revelers in the inn at the same time, giving you 10 mistletoes.

I have gone as far as to make alts that are logged off in inns, and I log in occasionally to soak up Mistletoes. People will thank you for stocking up once they are no longer available.

On the other hand, snowballs are an Alliance-centric tip during this event. Paladins gain access to a spell called Judgment of Wisdom around level 40, which allows any attack on the judged target to have a chance to restore Mana.

For some reason, throwing a snowball counts as an attack on that target and is off the GCD (Global Cooldown), which means you can macro snowballs with your spells to double up on Mana Regeneration chances.

This trick is often used by speedrunning guilds or players that love parsing and will pay a premium for Snowballs during the summer season when they're unavailable. Stock up now to use yourself or sell them later for a profit. You may earn a large amount of WoW SoD Gold for this. So act quickly!

Tip 4: The Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) Logout Skip

Getting into BFD is annoying, especially on a PvP server where you're likely to encounter an array group of the opposite faction.

So, from the BFD entrance, you can swim over to the left side of the cavern entrance and hug the wall.

WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) Logout Skip

Make sure you're at the very top of the water level and log out. When you log back in, you'll be at the dungeon entrance. This is a logout skip.

That’s all for this guide, I hope it helps!

A Comprehensive Guide To ESO 2023 New Life Event - Achievements, Quests, Rewards & More

The New Life festival has begun in ESO, bringing with it a 100% XP boost to celebrate the holidays!

The event was originally set to end January 3rd. But ZOS has heard the complaints on the forums and extended the event to January 9th, giving you ample time to catch up with this year’s ticket items.

A Comprehensive Guide To ESO 2023 New Life Event - Achievements, Quests, Rewards & More

Introductory Quest & How To Join The Event?

To join the event, pick up the New Life Festival quest from the Crown Store and use it to locate the New Life Herald Breda, found south of the city of Windhelm in Eastmarch close to the Kynesgrove Wayshrine.

There is also a portal at all impresario tents that will teleport you directly to the New Life festival tent. The intro quest simply tasks you with talking to Breda.

Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug

Once complete, you will unlock the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectible, which used to provide a 100% XP boost, but this has changed!

Elder Scrolls Online Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug

100% XP Boost!

You can enjoy the XP boost automatically every time you sign in throughout the entire event period. And its benefits stack with other XP bonuses!

How To Get Rewards?

There are a total of 10 daily quests. And when you complete 1, you’ll be rewarded with a New Life Festival Box.

Reward Box Contents

Within them, you will have a chance to receive the following goodies.

Elder Scrolls Online Reward Box Contents

You can complete the dailies and collect these boxes on each of your characters.

New Life Daily Quests & Achievements Information

The New Life Festival Quests will send you all over Tamriel.

There’s a quest for each playable race in the game. For example, the Khajiit themed quest will send you to Reapers March.

There are achievements tied to each quest that you pick up from Breda, a few of which are straightforward.

Fish Boon Feast Achievement

In Shadowfen at the fish boon feast, catch 5 of each fish to get Fish Boon Angler.

You can do this over the time of the event or across multiple characters. This one will probably take the longest since RNG plays a part.

You can use any bait as long as you are at a New Life fishing hole, even the junk bait.

Lava Foot Stomp & Castle Charm Challenge Achievements

For the Lava Foot Shuffle and Castle Charm Challenges, it’s as simple as waiting for a second player to come along and performing your actions at the same time.

Snow Bare Plunge Achievement

The Snow Bare Plunge achievement says all you need to know.

Drop down to your knickers and jump in the water. Just one time is needed.

Elder Scrolls Online Snow Bare Plunge Achievement

Stonetooth Bash Achievement

At the Stonetooth Bash, have some of the event recipe Betnikh Twice Spiked Ale ready to drink after you eat your meal.

The recipe comes from the reward crates, but you could ask other players as well.

War Orphan’s Sojourn Achievement

The War Orphans Benefactor achievement requires you to make a ESO Gold donation, and then complete the optional objective to kill the encroaching wildlife also in one trip.

The last couple can be a little more challenging, but you can remedy it by working in a team!

Signal Fire Sprint Achievement

Signal Fire Sprint requires you to light all of the braziers within 35 seconds.

You’ll want to start at the Brazier next to the Skyshard in town, then work your way around to the others.

You can use spells to run faster, like Rapid Maneuvers in the PvP skill line. Or, you can just work with someone else and they can light some of the Braziers.

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The Trial Of The Five-Clawed Guile Achievement

And the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile in Reapers March challenges you with unlocking 3 chests in 35 seconds or fewer.

Again, work with someone else, if they have the ability to force lockpicks even better.

Mud Ball Miscreant Achievement

The final achievement is Mudball Miscreant.

Throwing a Mud Ball is easy. When the quest is active, you simply need to have the leader in-front of you to use a Mud Ball on them. You could also use the collectible Mud Ball Pouch reward from the event drops when the quest isn’t active.

The challenge here can be finding the Alliance leaders. The locations listed here are in order based on quest progress in the base game.

New Life Celebrant Achievement

Completing all of Breda’s quests once will award the New Life Cerulean dye.

Magnanimous Title

And completing all of these quests, plus learning all 9 New Life crafting recipes and the full Skinchanger motif that drop from reward chests, will unlock the Magnanimous title.

Crystalfrost Skin

And finally, there’s one more achievement, Newly Charitable. This achievement rewards the Crystalfrost skin.

Elder Scrolls Online Crystalfrost Skin

To unlock it, complete 12 of the New Life, Deep Winter, or Imperial Charity Writs that drop from reward crates.

Completing one of these holiday writs awards you with a Refugee Gift box. These contain a tradeable page of the Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon style.

Old Life Observance - No Achievement

There are no achievements tied to the Old Life Observance daily.

Simply go to the shrine on the map, write a message and burn it for a reward box.

How Many And How To Get Tickets?

In addition to the event boxes, you get 3 tickets per day of the event for completing 1 of the New Life daily, equaling out to a total of 60 tickets!

Remember that you can only hold 12 at one time.


During New Life, the Impresario offers all fragments of the Passion Dancer Blossom, and all of the fragments for each morph of it released this year.

So, if you’re missing things that you wanted, you can use this event to catch up!

You can also pick up bound style pages for the new Morningstar Frostwear set, or a New Life Festival Brab Bag.

New Life Grab Bag - What’s In The Bag?

The New Life Festival Grab Bag can contain these items if you don’t already have them in your collection.

If you already have everything in the grab bag, you won’t be able to buy one.

Other Ticket Merchant Inventory

And you have some other options for spending your tickets, so use the large amount of them that this event provides wisely!

Snowglobe House Is For Sale!

This event is also the only time to pick up the Snow Globe House.

It is a Crown Store exclusive, but it is a great value. And it will provide you with an instant, free fast-travel to Breda throughout the entire event period.

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