Last Epoch Convergence Patch 0.9 Overview

A week ago, the game director of Last Epoch, whose name is Judd Cobler, brought us the highlights of our long-awaited multiplayer update patch 0.9 - Convergence. Next, let’s take a closer look at what he said.

Convergence drops on March 9th. For the first time in Last Epoch you’ll be able to adventure through time with up to four players in your party. Adding friends and grouping up is easy, and you can start playing together right from the start of the campaign.

Developers have upgraded all in-game content, including the Arena, Dungeons and the Monolith of Fate to ensure that group play feels great. *For example, in the Monolith, they’ve introduced a new Echo completion system that ensures fair rewards for the full party.

Last Epoch Monolith of Fate

*And in the arena, they’ve introduced a group ready check to allow parties to strategically proceed to the next Arena wave set when the entire party is ready.

*In multiplayer, the loot you find drops per player. So, you’re not having to compete for the same items (which you can get by using Last Epoch Gold) on the ground.

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*Additionally, if you find an item that would help your allies, you’ll be able to gift items to your party members, who are fighting alongside you.

“With multiplayer dropping on March 9th, we are looking forward to seeing what powerful team compositions you put together with your party. We hope you enjoy slaying the enemies of a Eterra with your allies,” Cobler said.

While you’re crushing enemies alongside other Travelers, you will notice a whole host of upgrades developers have made to increase the impact and polish the feel of combat in Last Epoch. They’ve added a new win hid visuals to enemies.

Visual impacts now have directionality carrying the weight through from your swing or spell cast. Death effects have been updated to correspond with the elements that are used on the killing blow. Elements applied to enemies displayed nicer on enemy models and many enemies have had death and stun animations significantly improved. All of these updates combined make slaying enemies in a Eterra feel much more satisfying.

“If you are returning to a terror from our last update, prepare to see the world come to life like never before. Our team has been hard at work and there is an overwhelming amount of new visual upgrades coming to Convergence.”, the director said.

Last Epoch Convergence

For example, the dialog system has been updated across the game to include better ux and beautiful new NPC portraits, allowing you to get to know the iconic cast of characters a little better. Many environments across satara have received new tech that makes their visuals come to life and this new tech will continue to be extrapolated in future patches.

In addition to the many new environments and visual updates, they’re introducing 15 updated or newly added enemies, tons of skill VFX improvements and 14 entire new gear set visuals across all classes.

There are also new player summon models and animations in addition to completely updated animation kits for both the prime list and acolyte.

“All of this together results in the Last Epoch gameplay feel that you’ve never seen before and one that we’re all very excited for our players to experience,” he said.

Convergence will also be bringing a number of new powerful build shaping uniques for you to hunt down, including the Harbinger of Stars. This new unique belt enables any class to have the chance to cast Meteor when landing a Critical Strike. We’ve already seen some very interesting builds created with this belt in early testing, like Meteor.

The new Hand of Judgment gloves can bring holy Justice into the palm of your hand, giving your unarmed Paladin Divine strength, allowing you to slam your fist into the ground to cast Judgment, which will scale area and damage by stacking Attunement.

Finally, Jelkhor’s Blast Knife captures the power of the Rogue’s Detonating Arrow ability and infuses it into a melee strike, transforming your Marksman into a bomb slinging assassin.

Last Epoch Jelkhor's Blast Knife

Ailments have undergone significant changes that will make them more easily understood and bring their effectiveness against bosses and packs of low-held enemies more in line. Namely, by reducing the duration that the full effect would take place over and will now display the full amount of stacks applied to enemies.

The balance of all elements has been updated in a number of ways. “Since our last release Depths of Eterra, we’ve put a significant amount of work into improving performance across the game,” he said.

Baseline frame rates in zones and performance when using abilities have been greatly improved, especially among stabilities that were noted as poor performing in earlier patches. While this update does bring significant improvements to performance will continue to make improvements to performance in future patches, as well.

They’ll also be shipping an early version of the MTX system with this update. While you won’t be able to purchase anything new or access the shop just yet, you’ll finally be able to equip cosmetics that you own through previous supporter pack purchases.

“I’ll also take this opportunity to reinforce our commitment that Last Epoch will never sell items that grant player power. We’ve taken a hard stance against this and will continue to champion that stance into the future with that said if you have fun ideas for how certain skills pets or armor could be re-skinned we’d love to hear them”, he emphasized.

What Hidden Secrets You Can Discover From Elden Ring's DLC Teaser?

On February 28, we finally have news about Elden Ring DLC, a full expansion titled “Shadow of the Erdtree

All we have right now is this one image, but they didn’t go with 1080p, 1440p or even a 4K resolution. And they made this teaser at 7500p. To put that into perspective, you’d need 336 SpongeBob-themed 13-inch televisions to display every pixel here. With all that space to work with, FromSoftware had plenty of room to hide some nice details in here, a lot of which can help us guess what this expansion will be about.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree

Shadow Of The Erdtree

First, let’s not discuss the details that can be seen at a glance for a moment. The Erdtree is not looking too hot. I mean, you’d expect that given the title, but there’s a bit more going on here. It’s visibly mangled, blackened, and dripping what looks like some kind of sap, but it also looks like there might be two trees here. One of which is very straight and lines up pretty much exactly with the Erdtree seen in-game, while the other is twisting around it, almost like a hand choking out its life.

But, the thing that caught everyone’s attention is this character riding what looks to be Torrent down here, since their hairstyle matches the one seen on Miquella in Elden Ring’s intro sequence. To keep things relatively simple, let’s just assume this is actually Miquella.

Beyond that, we also see a bunch of spectral graves and monuments, which all hold secrets of their own, but let’s back up and see what this could be setting up. The title “Shadow of the Erdtree” makes it pretty clear that whatever is going on back here will be central to the plot. The “O” in the word “shadow” looks like two branches wrapping through each other, and there’s probably a bit of Berserk World Tree inspiration in there, so I think this is a separate tree.

Perhaps it’s another version of the Haligtree, since the in-game Haligtree was planted and watered by Miquella himself, but there’s also a case for it being related to the Helphen lampwood, since that’s associated with the spirit world and there are a lot of weird spirit-y graves in this image. But, I don’t think the branches look enough like how they do on the Haligtree, and we really have little to go off of for the Helphen, so I think the strongest case is that it’s made of deathroot.

While not technically a separate tree, it’s important to note that deathroot is made of the Erdtree’s own roots, and the branches are similar enough to what we can see in deeproot below the royal capital. And this might be a bit of a stretch, but it almost looks like the second tree has the same texture and eye-like growths as what we see in deeproot. So, that’s my guess for the premise, but where is this all taking place?

Elden Ring Tweet

Miquella/Trina’s Dream

The location in the image can’t be found anywhere in-game, but judging by the Erdtree’s angle it seems like this shot was taken in the far south.

The problem with that is the landscape looks nothing like what you’d expect it to from that location. Therefore, I think Miquella being in this shot is so important. So I’m sure you’ve heard this before… I’ve said it, other people have said it, everyone’s saying it, but there’s a lot of stuff about Miquella’s world of dreams that was either left open to interpretation or removed during development.

I don’t know if they’ve been planning to make this DLC since the start, but focusing on this dream world could fill in a lot of the gaps of what we don’t know. And, not only would this explain the bizarre landscape, it would also shed some light on pretty much everything else shown in this picture. I’m not a botanist or anything, but I think this is meant to be a vast field of domesticated wheat, which isn’t really something that happens in nature.

But, an unused twinblade claims that Miquella possesses the “rune of abundance,” and what better way to reflect that concept than his dream world being just endless grain? These taller monuments also look like the ones from Dark Souls 3’s Crucifixion Woods, and while crucifixion is an important concept in Elden Ring, their designs are just different enough that I don’t think they’re related.

You could also say these monuments resemble the Cleanrot Knights’ Halo Scythes or Torrent’s Whistle, but my current guess is that they’re modeled after Miquella’s great rune, since we don’t know what that looks like yet and you could easily make that shape out of the Elden Ring.

A lot of this might also be inspired by Greek mythology… “ZEUS!!!”… Especially Miquella’s connection with the gods of sleep, trade, and harvest is closely related to the underworld, so I think there could be a sort of Hades or afterlife theme to all of this. As for these coffins, archways, and ruins, I’ve got nothing.

Elden Ring Miquella

Interlude From Future-V

While editing this, I noticed that the arches have that Caduceus spiral that FromSoftware loves so much, and the coffins remind me of the ones used to travel through the underground, which, kind of reminds me of the ferryman of the greek underworld, who is already associated with deathroot with stuff like the tibia mariners. Just a few more points for the greek symbolism thing.

Conclusions & Predictions

So, with all of that in mind, here are my predictions: This expansion will be about a world where deathroot has grown out of control and is strangling the Erdtree. This doesn’t happen before or after the game, but instead takes place in Miquella’s dream, and either Miquella himself or his alternate persona known as St.Trina will be a major character. We actually see a glimpse of the dream world in the main game, being at the end of Fia’s questline in deeproot, and the deathblight curse seems even more pronounced than usual here.

If these are the same world, maybe the true source of deathblight is currently inside the world of dreams, which you might already know is actually Godwyn, the half-dead demigod. His physical corpse is still in deeproot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could be found in the dream world as well. Miquella, being the half brother of Godwyn, likely wants him to die a true death both for his sake and for the well-being of this world of dreams.

After you defeat whatever is spreading this infection, which I imagine could include a fight with Godwyn himself, you’ll receive some kind of Elden Ring Runes and make your way back to the real world. Of course, this is all wild speculation.

Diablo IV: Which Beta Class You Can Play?

In this article, we're going to be discussing which class is right for you in the upcoming open beta this March. If you're excited to get your hands on Diablo 4 and you want to know somethings about each class some things maybe you don't know then watch on to find out.

Diablo IV's beta will feature all five classes namely the Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Druid and Necromancer. Each of them focuses on distinct damage type, specific playstyle stats and attributes as well as unique class mechanics, all of which we'll discuss in this guide.

Barbarian Class

The Barbarian class issuitable for players, who wish to deal massive destruction melee range while being able to seamlessly switch from one weapon type to the next. They're much more physical damage oriented than any other class in Diablo 4 and are pretty straightforward when it comes to dishing out offensive and defensive moves.

Due to their unique class mechanic, which is known as the arsenal system, Barbarians can equip and swap about four weapons at a time, allowing for better customization. These include the main hand, off hand, bludgeoning and slashing weapons. Doing so allows you to freely assign specific equipment to certain skills based on your needs.

Dialo 4 Barbarian

For instance, bash, which lets you stun and heavily damage targets is well suited using a bludgeoning weapon. But if you wish to raise this ability's stun duration even more then you should opt to switch to a two-handed bludgeoning weapon instead. It's also worth noting that upon the skills activation, you'll instantly equip the best weapon in your loadout. By the way, if you don't have enough Diablo 4 Gold to equip yourself , you can click this link to have a look.

Furthermore, every weapon the Barbarian uses has a corresponding expertise stat thereby leveling up their ranks accordingly. For example, if you wish to boost your Critical Strike chance, then wielding a one-handed ax will come in handy. Because of this, it's highly recommended to collect and prepare a wide variety of melee weapons in order to take advantage of this class's build diversity and itemization progression.

In terms of stats, you'll mainly want to invest in Strength, Amplify Damage, Willpower for improved Fury generation and Dexterity to increase the chances of Landing Critical Hits.

Sorceress Class

The Sorceress is your typical high-risk high reward type of class because although they are very fragile, they deal excellent Elemental Damage by casting fire, cold and lightning spells.

Fire spell synergize well with the burning status effect when click damage overtime, but beyond this, they aren't able to control the battlefield as effectively in the early game.

The same couldn't be said for cold spells where crowd control abilities shine the most. What you have here is a variety of skills that will either chill or completely freeze your enemies making it exceptionally potent against bosses. Not only will you slow them down but you can potentially freeze them in place when enough Stacks are accumulated.

Diablo 4 Sorceress

Finally, you have lightning spells that are well balanced in terms of dealing a decent amount of damage and controlling encounters to your advantage. Some abilities that are attacked as crackling energy leave behind a ball of energy that either inflicts damage against enemies or replenishes your own Mana.

When it comes to stats, you'll want to allocate points into intelligence to boost the damage of your spells dexterity to raise mana recovery and lastly willpower to improve your critical chance.

The Sorceress's unique class mechanic called the enchantment system changes how a skill works. In total, there are several active abilities slotted together with dedicated enchantment slots. Should you decide to place a skill in an enchantment slot? It can no longer be activated and will instead transform into a secondary passive bonus. For instance, you're able to trigger meteor to blast multiple targets with heavyfire damage while momentarily setting the ground on fire.

Rogue Class

The Rogue is a stealthy assassin, who's adept at moving swiftly, so they can choose to reposition themselves to gain the upper hand in combat or retreat when things get too precarious.

Unlike Barbarians, they can quickly switch between melee and ranged weapons, such as dagger's swords and foes making them extremely versatile. Although at the start bows don't deal as much damage, they will allow you to stay at a safer distance with respect to your foes thereby lowering the chances off requently getting hit. You can think of Diablo 4's Rogue as a combination of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3's Amazon and Demon Hunter respectively.

Your primary stats for this class include dexterity to amplify skill damage and improve dodge ability, strength to enhance your energy regeneration rate and intelligence to improve your critical chance and overall assistance.

The Rogue's unique mechanic is known as talent specializations, which are divided into combo points intersight and preparation, each with its own questline.

Diablo 4 Rogue

Remember though that there is no confirmation yet, if you can activate all three specializations simultaneously or if they can only be used one at a time. Additionally, preparation hasn't been tested since it becomes available upon reaching level 30 and the max level for the beta is level 25.

Combo points are accumulated by activating basic Rogue skills. You'll then be able to consume these points with core skills to trigger additional effects. Meanwhile, intersight allows you to fill up a gauge by attacking marked enemies. Doing so will allow you to make use of unlimited energy for a brief period of time and has proven to be effective against bosses.

The Rogue's versatility doesn't end here however since they can also imbue other attacks with specific effects, such as Poison, Shadow and Coal. These are usually applied to core skills and abilities that deal damage against multiple enemies, such as Rapid Fire.

Druid Class

The next class we're going to take a look at is the Druid, who has the Uncanny ability to change their physical form from a human to that of a werebear or wearable.

Compared to Druids and Diablo 2 Druids can now instantly transform when using their beast themed skills prior to executing the corresponding actions.

Do note that your new form will only last for a short duration until you execute another move. Moreover, this class is also an adept wielder of magic except that they specialize in casting Earth and Storm Spells to disable enemies while slaying the forces of evil. For instance, you're able to execute crushing below to damage a target by a certain percentage of their total light.

Unlike Diablo 2, Druids have companions that do not need to be summoned but are automatically called out to attack on their behalf. However, they do have respective attack companion skills to deal damage on certain targets.

Diablo 4 Druid

In terms of stats, not much is currently known for this class as well as the Necromancer. Initial information suggests that the Druid's unique class mechanic is tied to requiring special loot, which should be offered to spirit animals.

Doing so will grant different passive bonuses based on the spirit's type. It hasn't been revealed how many types are available, but each of them will grant up to six offensive and defensive passive effects.

Necromancer Class

Final class in Diablo 4 is the Necromancer, who is a renowned Summoner often resurrecting corpses to fight with him in battle.

Like Barbarians and Rogues, a wide variety of weapons are available to them, such as swords, daggers, wands and more importantly sides, which only they can wield.

Diablo 4's Necromancer will remind veterans of the Necromancer in Diablo 3 because of the essence resource to activate potent skills.

Another useful resource is corpses, which are created from the remains of Fallen enemies or other spell effects. In fact you can even make use of the fan favorite corpse explosion.

Necromancers have four distinct played styles, namely Bone, Darkness, Blood and the Army. Bone skills primarily focus on dealing physical damage while consuming the Essence resource. One of the most notable spells is Bone Prison, which ensnares multiple enemies that can be used in conjunction with offensive based skills.

Next is Darkness that makes use of dealing damage over time making it the ideal choice for those, who intend to torture foes who dare to fight them.

Diablo 4 Necromancer

Next is Blood, which allows the Necromancer to become a bloodthirsty vampire to restore their own life. One notable spell is Blood Surge, which not only absorbs the HP of enemies but also gains their strength an explosion will soon follow to deal additional damage.

And last but not least is the Army, which lets you bring skeletons back to life as well as constructed Golems. The necromancer's unique class mechanic is the Book of the Dead. This lets them further customize their Undead armies, such as Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages and Golems.

For instance, Skeleton Warriors can become Skirmishers, who deal greater damage, but at the expense of maintaining a lower health pool or Defenders, who inflict lesser damage but are expert tanks.

What's more is that you can choose to sacrifice a specific minion to gain a permanent buff to further improve your build.

17 Animal Crossing Furniture Series That Never Made It To New Horizons

Today, we’re looking at 17 Furniture Series in the Animal Crossing franchise that were simply deemed not worthy of a place in New Horizons.

1. Astro Series

First up, we have the Astro Series, which is a futuristic space-themed series. This furniture set defaults in Orange and White but can be customised in Blue and Black, and Black and Red.

If Nintendo ever released DLC Furniture Packs, like the Sims, this would be perfect for a Space Pack.

Anyway, villagers including Mira, Chadder and Cheri all own several items from this series. It’s pretty cool.

2. Balloon Series

Second, we have probably the ugliest Furniture Series known to Animal Crossing, and that’s the Balloon Series.

As you can see, it’s made up entirely of Balloons. It’s pretty difficult to look at. These are typically got from Balloon Presents, which is probably why they never returned, given we now get Recipes from Balloons…

Despite that, the option to use them would have been cool. You have probably guessed by now, but Pietro owns several of these items in New Leaf.

Animal Crossing Balloon Presents

3. Blue Series

The third Furniture Series missing from New Horizons is, of course, the Blue Series. This interior Furniture Series is perfect for those who like to decorate a simple-looking house with all the necessary furniture pieces.

It comprises mostly Blue-coloured wooden items, and I’m pretty sure is a fan favourite. Plus, it can be customised into a variety of blue-shades.

I can only assume this never returned because the Simple Series, that’s actually the Minimalist Series in previous games, can be customised into a Blue-theme, kind of making the Blue Series redundant.

Anyway, several Animals across the series own items from the Blue Furniture Series, including Bluebear, Jeremiah and Sydney, amongst others.

4. Card Series

Next up, we have the Card Series, that you’ll either consider genius, or as ugly as the Balloon Series.

Anyway, this series is of course furniture made up of playing cards, and exclusive to GracieGrace. Which means every piece is expensive to purchase with limited availability.

Furthermore, because it takes so long to upgrade Nooks in New Leaf, and in turn unlock Gracie, this set isn’t available for months when first playing… making it even more exclusive.

So much so, no villagers use these items in their homes. We can only assume it never returned, because Gracie didn’t either.

5. Gorgeous Series

Speaking of GracieGrace exclusives, we have the Gorgeous Series. Probably one of the most gorgeous Furniture Series in the Animal Crossing Franchise.

This is again exclusive to GracieGrace, so takes months to unlock, and is exclusive to winter. It’s also one of the most expensive Series in the game, costing 2.1 million Bells to purchase 1 of every item in the Series.

The Gorgeous Series can’t be customised, although it doesn’t really need it. Being such an expensive Series, villagers only ever own 1 or 2 of these items, including Claudia, Elvis and Nan, amongst many others.

ACNH Gorgeous Series

6. Gracie Series

Moving on, but keeping with the Gracie-theme for now, we have the wonderful Gracie Series.

This Furniture Series is, of course, inspired by Gracie’s fashion, featuring their trademark pattern of Green and Orange circles on Blue backgrounds.

The Gracie Series is the Summer exclusive items that, of course, take months of playtime to unlock. Furthermore, the Gracie Series is the most expensive Furniture Series in the entire game, costing a whopping 2.6 million Bells to purchase…

Despite the cost of items, Moose and Robin each own 2 pieces from the Gracie Series.

7. Green Series

Here, we have the Green Series. This Furniture Series is incredibly similar to the Blue Series, because it contains simple and minimal interior Furniture items.

However, they are, of course Green, instead of Blue. Much like the Blue Series, we can only assume this never returned because the Simple Series exists in New Horizons, and can be customised to closely resemble the Green Series.

Never the less, it’s a very common Series in previous games, with several Animals owning Green items, including Chuck, Drift and Goose, amongst others.

Plus, it’s great for Feng Shui, and can even be customised into other shades of green.

8. Modern Series

Possibly my favourite Series of all time, is the Modern Series. It features a Black and White Checkered-board design, making it look minimal but modern. At least in the older games.

This series is always popular, because like all other Furniture Series, excluding the likes of the Gracie items, the Modern Series can be customised into an array of styles and themes, including other colours, as well as Ore-variations, giving them a crystal finish.

This Furniture Series has featured in every Animal Crossing game, so it’s a shame it never returned to New Horizons. Given its popularity, a bunch of Villagers used these items in their homes, including Ed, Roscoe and Savannah. I‘’m still holding on hope that one day Nintendo will release DLC furniture packs, and bring this series back!

9. Modern Wood Series

Next, we have the Modern Wood Series. This Series features outstanding wooden Furniture Items, made up of various types of wood. It’s fairly abstract and modern and, of course, has several customisation finishes, including Simple and Diamond styles.

Similar to the Blue and Green Series, we can only assume this beautiful Furniture Series was cut from New Horizons, because the Wooden-Block Series exists, and has a Mixed-Wood customisation option, that sort of resembles these items.

Cally, Bonbon and Deirdre own the most items from this Furniture Series.

10. Polka-Dot Series

Another Furniture Series, that is almost certainly an gained taste, is the Polka-Dot Series. As you can see, its primary design is of course Red and White Polka-Dot, surrounded by Yellow Backgrounds.

ACNH Polka-Dot Series

Like many other Series, it features all the typical interior items a player needs to fully furniture a home. Similar to the Modern Series, it has an insane amount of Customisation options, both with Colour and Ore-variations.

Fortunately, Frobert, Rosie and Apple enjoy this Series and own the most Polka-Dot items in the game.

11. Princess Series

Heading back to GracieGrace furniture, we have the Princess Series. This is another high-end Furniture Series that’s fully decorated with white wood and light-blue fabrics.

Like the other Gracie items, it’s seasonal, being available only during the Spring, takes months to unlock, and is incredibly expensive. Honestly, I do not know why this didn’t return to New Horizons. It would have been perfect.

Anyway, the Princess Series is the third-most expensive Series, after the Gracie and Gorgeous Series, costing 1.9million Bells to purchase.

Again, a handful of villagers own Princess items, such as Chèvre, Chelsea and Étoile, but are limited to only 1 or 2 items, and can’t be customised.

12. Regal Series

Moving on, we have the Regal Series, which has featured in every game, except New Horizons. This furniture series is known as the Royal Series in Japan, made up of creamy white items, with gold finishings.

Like most of the furniture we’ve mentioned, the Regal Series can be customised into several variations, changing the gold-features into many other designs.

It’s owned by several Snooty villagers, including Friga, Olivia and Pecan, which makes sense given the nature of the inspiration behind this series.

13. Robo Series

Now the Robot Series, is at this point an iconic Furniture Series, after being introduced in Wild World and returning to every game since…Well, until New Horizons.

As you can tell, the Robo Series comprises futuristic items, each with a Robot design. Many items have antennas, arms and even Robot eyes. And of course, can be customised into several finishes. It’s pretty cool.

Again, I do not know why this couldn’t have returned to New Horizons. But maybe Nintendo will pack it in a DLC pack one day, with the Astro Series.

Anyway, this Series is often hard to come-by, but is owned by many villagers, including Cube, Del and Chief, to name a few.

14. Rococo Series

Next, we have another wonderfully detailed Furniture Series called the Rococo Series. This Series is inspired by an 18th-Century French style of Architecture, and looks amazing.

Animal Crossing Rococo Series

Of course, if you’re not fond of the default design, it can be customised drastically into 1 of 4 other variations, including Gothic Brown, Yellow, Black and White.

This series debuted in New Leaf, and of course never returned. In New Leaf it’s owned by the likes of Muffy, Beardo and Pashmina… And suits their aesthetics perfectly.

15. Snowman Series

The Snowman Series is a classic Furniture Series and again debuted in the original Animal Crossing, and then featured in every game until New Horizons. It’s primarily made up of Snowman features, and mostly, got from members of the Snowfolk family.

It’s a pretty playful and cheeky series, with many cute items, so I can only assume Nintendo decided against bringing this to New Horizons, because it doesn’t look as realistic as other furniture.

Technically, the Snowman Series is a limited-time Furniture Series, so no villagers own any of these items.

16. Stripe Series

Next up, we have a very satisfying Furniture Series, called the Stripe Series. I’m sure you can tell where it got its name from.

This Series is of course made up of Horizontal Blue and White stripes, but as you’d expect can be customised into 6 other colourful variations, making it a great Series to work with.

It debuted in New Leaf, but of course never returned. Villagers including Henry, Hamlet and Moe own most items from this Series.

17. Sweets Series

And finally, we have the Sweets Series, and the final Gracie Grace Furniture series that seemingly never returned to Animal Crossing New Horizons. This Series is the Gracie Furniture available during the Autumn, or Fall, and looks super tasty, the more you look at it.

ACNH Sweets Series

Out of all the Gracie items unlocked months into the New Leaf game, the Sweets Series is the cheapest to purchase, with the entire Series costly around 1.5million Bells.

Being a limited-time Series, it’s not customisable, however, many villagers own 1 or 2 items from this Series, including Chai, Merengue and Apple… Which are of course all food-related Villagers, which is pretty neat.

So, there we have it. 17 complete Furniture Series removed from the Animal Crossing franchise, and have yet to return to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Whether You Should Subscribe To ESO+? - 2023 Beginner Guide

Thinking about subscribing to ESO+, but you're not sure whether it's worth it? Well, you've come to the right place! With the recent ESO+ free trial coming to a close a week ago, I thought it might be helpful to provide a breakdown of all the benefits and drawbacks of the service, as well as some examples of when it might not be needed.

Now, if you're not familiar with ESO+, it's a subscription service offered on top of the basic price of the game. The subscription provides several perks that, if I'm being honest, I don't think I could live without at this point in my ESO career. With that said, I can see how some players wouldn't get enough use out of the features of the service to justify the cost.

ESO Plus 1.webp

Drawbacks Of Subscription

And that leads me into what I want to discuss first—the drawbacks of subscription, of which there is really only one—the cost. ESO+ is going to run you $14.99 per month, or $139.99 if you choose to pay annually. While some might not bat an eye at these prices, I know people who are on a tight budget and would have to cut something else out to afford the service. If you're in that boat, I hope my explanation of the benefits and use cases helps you make an informed decision about whether to pay.

Benefits Of Subscription

Next, I'll go over each of the benefits. There are several features of ESO+, but they come in varying degrees of relevance for the everyday player. The benefit that is probably the most valuable for most players is full access to all DLC packages. This doesn't include the most recent chapter, but all prior chapters and DLCs are included. The current chapter of my screen is High Isle, so that means that everything before High Isle is included with the subscription.

You could essentially buy a copy of the base game and, through ESO+, get access to everything up through Blackwood and its associated DLCs. You even get access to the most recent DLC, Firesong. We're talking about Imperial City, Wrothgar, Vvardenfell, Summerset, Murkmire, Northern and Southern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim, the Reach, Blackwood, the Deadlands, Galen, and everything in between. These storylines equate to hundreds and potentially even thousands of hours of playtime.

Additionally, you get access to all the sets introduced through the previous chapters and DLCs, which is a huge benefit. That means fantastic sets like Pillar of Nirn, Drake's Rush, False God's Devotion, Spell Power Cure, Elemental Catalyst, and the list goes on. While you can absolutely do just about anything in the base game without these sets, the added damage and survivability you'll get from some of these DLC sets can really make things a lot easier when you get to harder content.

ESO Pillar of Nirn Set.webp

Next up on the list of benefits, and one of those perks I couldn't live without in ESO, is the craft bag. The concept of the craft bag is pretty straightforward. It's a separate storage area outside of your regular inventory that holds all of your crafting materials.

Mats go directly into the craft bag when you gather them, and the bag's storage is infinite. The craft bag doesn't just store materials related to the crafting skill lines, it also holds all of your bait, furnishing materials, style materials, and trait items. Materials are accessible any time you need them, and you don't have to withdraw mats from the bag when crafting, as they automatically get used as you make items. You can also easily retrieve materials from the bag if you ever want to donate some mats to a friend or sell them in a trader.

If you like purchasing items from the crown store, you're in luck, as the ESO+ subscription also includes an allotment of crowns. You get 1650 per month if you pay the monthly pricing, or 19,800 per year if you pay annually. You also get periodic deals on various items in the crown store, as well as a free statuette or painting from time to time. If you're keeping score, you can buy 21,000 crowns for about $150.00, so the crown allotment you get with the subscription is worth the annual cost of ESO+ if you would end up buying the crowns, anyway.

One thing to note is that the annual allotment is deposited into your account all at once, so you'll need to have a bit of self-discipline if you want to have a few crowns leftover for anything you might be interested in later in your annual cycle. Next up on the list are the various increased storage perks that come with the subscription. You get double furnishing and collectible space in your player homes, double bank space, and double the currency cap for transmute crystals. I consider inventory management to be the bane of my existence, so these are a few more of the ESO+ benefits I personally cannot live without.

ESO Imperial City.webp

The penultimate perk of ESO+ is increased progression speed. Ten percent boosts to ESO Gold, XP, crafting inspiration, and research timer speeds don't seem like much, but they really make a difference. For example, your last traits on each piece of gear will take three days less to complete with ESO+ active.

And finally, the last benefit on the list, and the least useful from my perspective, is costume dying. I typically choose to dress my characters with styles from various motifs, so I get little use out of this feature myself, but I'm sure other players really love customizing the costumes they collect. It just goes to show that everything is a matter of perspective.

Why You Might Not Need ESO+?

Now that I've gone through all the benefits the subscription has to offer, I'll discuss some reasons you might not need ESO+. Maybe you're a brand new player and you're still trying to learn the ins and outs of ESO. The game can be a little overwhelming when you're just getting started, so you might not need access to all the DLC content while you get acclimated to ESO's core mechanics.

Also, if you've purchased a newer version of ESO, such as the High Isle chapter, for example, you'll get access to all previous chapters and the base game, anyway. That'll give you plenty to do even without DLC access. To this you might say, “but Trav, what if I want to learn to craft? Won't it be impossible without the craft bag?"

And to that, I say absolutely not! It will take a significant amount of additional effort, but you can be a successful crafter without the craft bag. Non-ESO+ crafters will typically max out their bank slots and inventory capacity, at least on their main character, then create several alternate characters on which they'll store all of their excess or less-used crafting materials. I've seen some players create a spreadsheet to keep track of which character has what materials.

ESO Plus 2.webp

Then, when the free trial of ESO+ comes along, which happens about every six months, you can offload all your mats into the craft bag for easy use after your trial is over. You can't put things into the bag after your subscription ends, but you can take items out and/or use the items as you wish. For non-crafting items, you'll definitely need to find ways to add storage to make up for the double bank capacity of ESO+. To achieve this goal, you have several options.

As mentioned earlier, a quick way to increase your storage is to max out your bank slots. You can buy bank upgrades with ESO Gold at any banker. Each upgrade is 10 slots, and the cost goes up every time you purchase. Maximizing your bank slots is quite expensive, with the total cost of all upgrades coming in at a whopping 769,200 ESO Gold. I'd recommend purchasing the slots gradually instead of all at once, as your storage needs will probably increase gradually as well. At the end of your bank upgrading journey, you'll have 240 slots to enable that inevitable hoarding habit that we all experience at some point in ESO.

Keep in mind that bank space is account-wide, so all of your characters will share those 240 slots. Increasing your character's inventory or bag space is another great way to add storage, especially if you can do so on several alternate characters. Similarly to bank slots, you can increase your bag space by 10 spaces per upgrade at increasingly expensive rates. The maximum 140 slots you can get to through a pack merchant will run you a total cost of 180,600 ESO Gold, but you can increase your space even further through mount training with the stablemaster.

The additional 60 slots from the stablemaster will only cost 15,000 ESO Gold, but it'll take you at least 50 days to get all the upgrades, even if you train your mount capacity every 20 hours on the dot. You can have up to 8 characters without purchasing additional character slots through the crown store, and up to 18 if you choose to buy those additional slots. Even with just the base 8 characters, once you get to the maximum of 200 carrying capacity on each, you'll have access to 1,600 inventory slots!

If that's still not enough for you, your last option, other than subscribing to ESO+ or buying additional character slots, is getting all the various coffers you can put in your player home. You can gain these coffers through completing master writs or by purchasing them in the crown store. To purchase all available storage coffers and have 330 storage.

WoW: Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event Has Started

If Illidan Stormrage's words were to describe the present, it would be "you're not ready." But, to be fair, there have been plenty of people who have known about heroic dungeons and the bonus event of the iconic expansion's Black Temple raid over the years. Currently, the event has already started, so if you are a WoW player who is playing Dragonflight, then you can participate in the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event.

WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event

Next, I'll tell you about the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event in WoW Dragonflight, including when it starts and ends, how to join the bonus event, quests, rewards and Heroic Dungeons.

When And How To Join The Bonus Event?

The latest WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event has started on Tuesday, 14 February 2023, at 08:00 PST, and its time is US Pacific Standard. For the European event, it it has already started on Wednesday, 15 February 2023.

If you're a WoW player in the US, the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event will end on 21 February at 07:00 in Pacific Standard. If you are a European player, the bonus event will end on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, at 03:00 UTC.

How to join: First, you need to open your Group Finder. Then, select Dungeon Finder. Finally, search for Timewalking to join the bonus event.

Quests And Rewards

In this World of Warcraft bonus event, you can get a quest from Kazra in Valdrakken. However, if you don't like traveling, you can also just explore your Adventure Guide. In order to open it, you need to hold down "Shift+J".

  • Task: You need to complete the Timewalking dungeons, there are 5 in total.

  • Reward: Cache of Vault Treasures, which also has a non-level equipment. Also, the equipment comes from Normal Vault of the Incarnates.

When you activate Burning Crusade Timewalking, you'll be able to earn a 50% bonus from reputations. And these reputations are what you get from creature kills and quests.

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Heroic Dungeons And Related Content

I think you'll be able to sense that what makes Burning Crusade Timewalking in WoW Dragonflight so appealing to you is that it's where you get to experience the iconic Black Temple raid that the Illidan awaits. And the reason why you can't do it through Raid Finder is because the raid setting is Normal.

No problem though, head over to Group Finder for Premade Groups who want to venture into Black Temple just like you. Alternatively, you and your guild members or friends team up with about 10 to 30 players. However, one thing you need to remember is that when you are in the Timewalking event raids, your level and equipment will decrease. So, you can use WoW Gold to get more advanced gear that will improve your strength. In this way, even if your level and equipment drop a little during the Timewalking event raids, it will not have much impact on your fight.

Furthermore, during the WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event, you can indulge in six heroic dungeons inside. Here's a brief introdction of the six heroic dungeons in Burning Crusade Timewalking:

  • Magister's Terrace:

After Kael'thas Sunstrider's defeate in Tempest Keep, he announced that he had allied himself with the ruthless Burning Legion. Kael'thas returned to the Isle of Quel'Danas to summon the demon lord Kil'jaeden. And, he has to make final preparations for the arrival of his master.

  • Mana-Tombs:

In Draenor, the original exiles discovered one thing that the unfortunate and disturbing consequence of life is death. So, in the catacombs of Auchindoun, the draenei buried their dead in this place. And this catacombs, located beneath the forests of Terokkar, is a labyrinthine wonder.

  • The Blood Furnace:

The Hellfire Citadel, is a fort so strong that it is almost indestructible. It is located in the center of Outland's barren Hellfire Peninsula, and was used as Horde's base of operations during the First and Second Wars. And the second wing of Hellfire Citadel is The Blood Furnace.

  • The Botanica:

The mysterious naaru created the mighty Tempest Keep, who had Burning Legion's sworn enemies and beings of pure energy. Not only is this Naaru's base of operations, but the structure allows one to travel from one place to another in an instant, a technology of traveling across dimensions.

  • The Shattered Halls:

The headquarters of Fel Orcs of Outland is Hellfire Citade. As the third wing of Hellfire Citadel, The Shattered Halls are often referred to as "SH." Here, Kargath Bladefist and his Fel Orcs now reside in Hellfire Citade. And, the the last boss is Kargath Bladefist.

  • The Underbog:

One name is Coilfang Reservoir, which is the name of the naga-based compound. And, these compounds lurk in the deepest waters of Zangarmarsh. Pistons and huge open pipes run through Coilfang Reservoir, which is almost as big as it could hold an army. However, the purpose of Coilfang Reservoir is not really a military one.

I think this time you'll have some exciting and enjoyable challenges in the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event. Because this bonus event is very similar to the Black Temple raid, when you are in heroic dungeons, your items and levels will be scaled down.

After reading the above, I believe you already know something about World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event. Hope that can provide some help for you to participate in the bonus event.

One Single Thing You Can Only Get Once In Elden Ring

There's nothing quite like a first playthrough in a game. You enjoy time feels like it doesn't exist and nothing else matters, but the memories we make along the way.

The First Experience

So, why do we want to forget them so badly? It sounds absurd at first. But, wanting to erase memory of a game and replay it as one of the most common wishes you will find on the internet and it makes sense. There are so many different things coming together to make a first playthrough special that you just won't be able to match anywhere else and there are not a lot of games that did it as well as Elden Ring did.

The Community

I'm warning you it's gonna get nostalgic here. Elden Ring has been out for almost 1 year now. Most people have beaten the game at least once and an overwhelming majority of those people would call their first playthrough special.

There are thousands of reasons in these commons as to why this game was so unforgettable yet? All of them boil down to three major reasons. But what even is the point of trying to find out all of this? Well, for one it might help some people relieve that experience. But mainly, I want to figure out why this game left such a lasting impression on me and clearly a lot of other people, as well.

Elden Ring Caelid


Do you remember these things or maybe these chances are that after the first time you've never touched them again but in that first playthrough, they were exciting to find. I bring these up because Elden Ring has a thing for guiding the player. Be it the light from Graces or little details like these and such a vast and empty world. It's a pleasant surprise from time to time to have some form of force, wanting to guide you on your adventure. Similarly, walking into Caelid for the first time is just for a truck-sized dog. To turn you into a treat is a clear sign that you're supposed to go somewhere else.

All of this results in an unexplained yet guided adventure. You see those dogs and you want to get revenge, so it will be on your mind until you get strong enough to return. And this feeling is like you are not knowing what else that area has to offer or when you will be going back.

There leaves a lot of room for imagination. I still vividly remember being memeed on by the chest in Limgrave and ending up in Caelid's Crystal Cave just to see the empty rotten red swamp and these disgusting looking things all over the place. Walking through Caelid, I thought I had stumbled across some sort of alternate version of the lens between similar to the link to the past dark world. It felt mysterious and terrifying, but even without these magical moments of confusion, I would have loved every second of the game, because of how well the game handles quality and quantity.

Secrets and Discoveries

There's always something to do and it is always satisfying because the core gameplay is just so fleshed out by now. Stopping yourself from playing was generally the hardest challenge. All of this created a sort of childlike feeling as a kid. I had no idea about software and hardware limitations. I did not understand that NPCs have pre-written dialogue other worlds of borders. It was such a special thing, but sadly as I grew up that passion for games made me learn so much more about them that feeling mostly faded.

Elden Ring made me feel that way again. I wanted to stay awake all night, start playing as soon as I wake up and skip work for it. I can only imagine how much stronger that feeling would have been. Elden Ring had been my first souls game, so I didn't know what the weapons or items are good and what mechanics to use to make every item pickup special. Therefore, even finding out, for example, jumping can be to dodge attacks was mind-blowing to me.

None of these are really considered meta nowadays but to this day using them will always remind me of my struggles against Maliketh. I saw hundreds of new discoveries and secrets. I had no idea about how can it be so huge and filled with secrets. That's what she said. She said that even after hundreds of hours, I see and learn new things.


And lastly, an immersive and long game like this is a perfect way to escape many people headed rough and Elden Ring was their way of forgetting. And no matter which one of the other points applied nothing is as valuable as something to look forward to. The reason we crave to forget and relive this magical feeling is different for everyone, but I think most of us can agree that we hope the Elden Ring DLC will make us feel that way again.

Diablo 4: How To Improve Own Strength, Compared With Diablo 3 And Path Of Exile

In 2023, Blizzard will release Diablo 4. This hack-and-slash RPG will be a bold entry in Diablo series, transporting you back to its dark fantasy world. In order to push the boundaries of the genre, the game needs to make a series of additions, such as comprehensive progression and open world of the sequel. But these ambitions shouldn't underestimate the dungeon-crawling impact of Diablo's previous years. In fact, Diablo 4 exists, so you definitely want the game to learn from other successful titles of its kind, as well as the history of the series, and keep improving to enhance your gaming experience.

Diablo 4

Diablo 3 is a hit game, and despite its shortcomings, it can serve as a benchmark against which to target a wider range. ARPGs have grown in popularity in recent years, with rivals like Path of Exile praising the best parts of Blizzard's classic games. As one of the most expected games of 2023, you must have high expectations for Diablo 4, and the IP can still fuel your enthusiasm. As long as Blizzard can keep adding to its groundbreaking properties, its relevance will continue. So, the game team had to consider the breadth of experience available across the genre, as well as the ongoing Diablo game.

Diablo 3 Features That Need To Return In Diablo 4

When Diablo 3 was first released in 2012, Blizzard promised you that installments would be available online in the future. For now, Blizzard has confirmed that future installments will be online-only. To keep players engaged with the sequel, the live service should justify its existence by producing a consistent cadence of new events. However, there may only be one last major update for the game, the next season of Diablo 3. Because once Blizzard takes over the game later this year, it's likely that Blizzard's priority will be post-launch support for Diablo 4. In this case, user experience is particularly critical. In order to get the next game off the ground, Blizzard is hoping to fix some of the early issues with the third game, namely server issues.

Another important factor in continuing a franchise is authenticity. In order to make you feel at home, the game needs to integrate a series of traditional elements. If you're a long-time player, in Diablo 4 you'll see the return of several original characters, which means the story should carry over from Diablo 3 and the Reaper of Souls expansion to the follow-up. While the game's lore and atmosphere are valuable for contextualizing the adventure with a uniquely grim tone, at the heart of the entire Diablo series is the gameplay.

For now, Diablo 4 has to focus not only on the core narrative, but also on the various classes and action-based abilities. While the fundamentals of the second and third Diablo games are good, Diablo 4's combat needs to balance well-balanced combos and synchronized controls that favor rewards and allow you to maneuver them flexibly. In ARPGs, your choice is often tied to the process of equipping a character with impactful swings and spells, and these skills often improve over time. In fact, the class-based mechanics of both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile's spiritual successor are deep, though many believe the latter is more involved.

Diablo 4 Should Have The Power To Compete With Path Of Exile

As one of the many games tried before Diablo 4, Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile has been recognized by many players, because the game's ARPG design in the free online world is very good. The game's team took inspiration from Blizzard's game, developed a modern game that is enough to attract many hardcore fans, and now has a powerful community with its excellent game quality. In some ways, Grinding Gear Games' project might be seen as an extension of Diablo's history.

That kind of uncompromising gameplay in Path of Exile makes for a great experience, especially for optimizing passive stats. In addition, in order to achieve a variety of play styles, Blizzard can also design a streamlined character building system similar to Path of Exile's skill tree. Diablo 4 has an example of this customization, Codex of Power. If you want to invest the time to perfect your career, all the possible specializations might be an avenue.

In fact, Diablo 4 needs to cover its bases as an advanced ARPG offering. But there's no question that the sequel could be wide-ranging. For upcoming releases, it could have a longer lifespan if developers add new hooks or endgame content to it. Path of Exile's Ruthless Mode, which debuts in 2022, is a good example of this. In Diablo 4, if Blizzard succeeds in developing its own best version, it will leave a glorious achievement in the history of the game, and it will also leave an excellent memory in your heart.

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Finally, according to reliable sources, Path of Exile 3.21 will be delayed due to the release of Diablo 4 in June. Because by convention, if Path of Exile 3.21 continues to be released in March, then Path of Exile 3.22 will be released around the second week of June, which will conflict with Diablo 4's release time.

Elden Ring Players Will Tell You How The Character Of Breaking Bad Is Born

In Breaking Bad, an Elden Ring player brings three iconic characters to the Lands, with one being designed with precision. While Elden Ring isn't the most competitive in the market, it does a good job of representing the fictional characters in the IP, and its character creation is so good that even a chemistry teacher who handles meth is confronted with Shardbearers. It's a very challenging thing.

Elden Ring Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad aired nearly a decade before Elden Ring, ended its five-season series in 2013, and was well received by many viewers. Despite its earlier airing, Breaking Bad hasn't lost any cultural relevance or popularity because of the pin-off and prequel Better Call Saul that ended last August. With characters such as Kratos and celebrities, including Morgan Freeman, present in the Elden Ring community, Walter White and his acquaintances will eventually travel through the fog.

Through some screenshots posted by Suitable-Ad7551 on Reddit, we can see Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and Hector Salamanca and the specific variables that form their surface characteristics. By sliding the scale, Elden Ring can show the facial features of the characters in great detail, such as Mike, whose rude behavior can be accurately expressed. Inspired by Breaking Bad season four, an Elden Ring player dramatically changes Walter's appearance throughout the show, wrapping a bandage around the main character's nose.

Some think Mike's looks fit him perfectly, others think if he had been "Patches' weird old time travel alter ego, or his dad", they wouldn't just blink twice. Others joked that if the ex-cartel agent had included the Exploding Crystal Tear in Hector's Flask of Wondrous Physick, the build would have been perfect. You can also use Elden Ring Runes to get better gear, so your build can become better. Depending on the context, we'd know that Hector blew himself up to kill Gus Fring, but the Exploding Crystal Tear caused the Tarnished to explode.

FromSoftware isn't actually averse to adding role-playing game's character creators, as evidenced by Elden Ring's Colosseum update. Today, there are not only various contents introduced into the open world but also various new hairstyles that are quite popular among players. Colosseums are very popular in the Elden Ring community, and although the combat inside has become standard Moonveil and Rivers of Blood spam, it's still familiar to PvP veterans.

The New Arcanist Class Is Coming To Elder Scrolls Online In 2023!

I am glad you're here because we just got one of the biggest new chapter reveals ever in the history of ESO. So much to talk about here from the reveal of Hermaeus Mora as the next Daedric Prince to the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha as new playable zones. There is also a powerful new class called the Arcanist, new companions, new systems and much more coming to the Elder Scrolls Online this year. So much for us to break down and discuss. But right now in this article, I want to show you my favorite new feature and that is the new Arcanist.

In his class and everything we know so far, we learned today that the new Arcanist in this class for ESO is going to have some major similarities with other classes in the game as you might expect but also with some new gameplay mechanics thrown in for starters. We know the three class Skill Lines will be similar to other new classes like the Warden and Necromancer, which included dedicated lines for Damage, Tanking, Survival and Healing. We also found out the actual class skill line names or Skill Trees, which are going to be Herald of the Tome, Apocryphal Soldier and Curative Runeforms.

I'm guessing that may be DPS tank and healing in that order. Now, you might already get the sense that this class is heavily based in theme and abilities around Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha with references to tomes and runes and Apocrypha itself. Now, we don't know the full backstory of the Arcanist class quite yet other than the fact that it's closely associated with the Telvani Peninsula region and especially with the Daedric prince as we met mentioned from asamora. It seems like arcanus and ESO are devout seekers of knowledge so much so that they have an intimate connection to the Daedric realm of Apocrypha, which we can see expressed with these references to tomes and runes within the active abilities that we saw in the ESO.

Design team themselves actually confirmed that the Arcanist's entire persona. It's actually based on the Black Books of Hermaeus Mora, which inspired how the Arcanist skills look and feel. And while players will not be wielding the infamous Black Books themselves, Arcanists do have their own unique tomes in which they've scribed their own powerful magic.

Now I think this class looks absolutely amazing in terms of visual. I love the vibrant green particle effects. Here especially and the appearance of runes all over whether it's damaging enemies or buffing yourself or allies. Now we did get a few glimpses of the Arcanist skills in action. For example, here we see the Arcanist is summoning a book in their left hand while throwing two projectiles with their right hand. And here we see what appears to be a defensive Rune Shield.

ESO Arcanist

One confirmed skill is Apocrypha's Gate, which opens a pair of temporary portals between your location and wherever you're aiming that you can jump between for some extra mobility during combat or even for exploration outside of combat. Then we saw Abyssal Impact, which was a melee damage skill that infuses your arm with unstable magic transforming it into a tentacle that thrusts for damaging enemies and likely applying some nasty status effects. Now just scratched the surface.

So far it was also confirmed during the ESO Global reveal that the Arcanist in this class makes use of a unique combo point system, something that differentiates it from every other class in the game. In this system, some abilities build points while other abilities spend points giving the Arcanists some extra bonuses and augments during combat while this does sound complex the team emphasized that the combo point system would be simple enough for all players to easily pick up and take advantage of right away to me. This does sound similar to the way the Necromancer class empowers its abilities if you're familiar with that class.

The Necromancer basically can use corpses or additional effects and to make its skills even stronger. So, it'll be interesting to see how this affects the Arcanist gameplay. If it's similar to the Necromancer and how impactful it really is on the game.

Other than that we did find out that there's two new companions coming in the chapter this year. One is going to be an Argonian Warden and the second is going to be a red guard Arcanist so that new class theme is definitely going strong.

ESO Scribes of the Fate

This year should get a lot more of the Hermaeus Mora lore and storytelling. If you choose to get that companion as well, we also saw a little bit about the quarter one DLC, which is going to be a two dungeon DLC pack as it usually is every year now from some of the gameplay and the art this is called Scribes of the Fate.

By the way, it looks like we may see some of these Arcanist abilities in the actual enemies that we face in these two new dungeons so that should be interesting to see as well. Of course, the new chapter is what we're all focused on and it has been confirmed to drop on June 5th.

Which House Should You Join In Upcoming Hogwarts Legacy?

Once upon a time, there were four people Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin - the founders of Hogwarts. All had different values and so after the school was founded they divided their students into different houses based on their values and the same will happen to you once you start Hogwarts Legacy, which is why today we are going to look at which house you should join in Hogwarts Legacy.

First of all, I want to say it doesn't matter which house you actually choose. The main story of Hogwarts Legacy will not change. So, you will have exactly the same story in Gryffindor as in Hufflepuff or in Ravenclaw. But, which house suits you the best? Therefore, we have to check all the different houses.

Gryffindor is for the brave students of Hogwarts and the line symbol basically represents that braveness. In the Hogwarts symbol, the colors are red and yellow and the common room is in Gryffindor Tower.

Hufflepuff, on the other hand, is for the hard-working and the loyal students. So, Hufflepuffs don't care about hard work. They enjoy doing it. They are loyal to their fellow students. The badger is the mascot of the Hufflepuff house and the colors are yellow and black and the common room is next to the kitchens. And the common room here is designed very very nature, oriented you have plants. You have basically earthy colors, like dark green, a brown, a beige, a yellow, which is just super beautiful. And Hufflepuff is actually my second favorite common room in this game.

Ravenclaw is for the smartest students. The eagle basically represents that a little bit. And the blue colors just complement the Ravenclaws perfectly. The Ravenclaw common room is found in Ravenclaw Tower and is designed completely different to the other common rooms. It's basically designed in its colors, blue light, blue sky. Blue is very beautiful. But, the main difference here is that there are many tables and many desks, where the Ravenclaws study for their next exams or are just educating themselves. Because that's what they are best at and what they are enjoy doing.

Which house should you join in Hogwarts Legacy

The Slytherins are the most different from them. All they are very ambitious and very pride of their lineage. That's what we also see in the books or in the movies where the Slytherins basically pride themselves of their pure blood nature and actually put other students down that are not. In the eyes of the Slytherins are blessed with that pure blood and the serpent basically represents Salazar Slytherin because he was a parse of mouth. He could talk to snakes, which is why the serpent or the snake basically is the mascot of the Slytherins. And the green colors also represent the house and the common room is by the dungeons under the Black Sea. And that might also be very important for the game because maybe we can actually see some creatures like mermaids or the giant squid in the Black Sea from our common room window, which I think would be very very cool. And there are also different companions in each house, which you might find very interesting.

For your decision, it is not known if these are only available for each house or in general I think they are available in general because in the dark arts trailer where we basically play the companion quest of Sebastian Sallow, which is the companion for Slytherin there.

Here, we are a Hufflepuff student. So, I'm under the impression that this means we can actually choose the companion not based on the house, but based on sympathy basically. Gryffindor has not say Onai as a companion, but Hufflepuff has Poppy Sweeting as a companion. And as I said Sebastian Sallow is the companion for Slytherin. Ravenclaw is not known, yet I think on the next showcase, we might see something like that. And it is also very likely that there will be many many more each with their own story. If they're all very detailed like Sebastian Sallow's Quest, then the game is going to be just huge just based on the companion quests.

And also each house has its own ghost that is probably involved in the story a little bit. Because in the state of Play Trailer, we can actually see a little scene where the almost Headless Nick, ghost of Gryffindor floats next to the Gryffindor student and which is basically our character. So, the house ghost is maybe somehow involved in it and the Hufflepuff house ghost is the Fat Friar. And the Ravenclaw goes the Grey Lady and the Slytherin goes to the Bloody Baron. So, based on that, you might have it easier with your decisions - which house you should join in Hogwart's Legacy?

But, if you are still unsure in general, you can also answer a few questions on wizarding and you'll be assigned to a house. So, the decision is basically made for you. If you now connect your Warner Brothers Games account and your platform, for example the PlayStation Network, you will also get some cool rewards like ropes or masks based on your house. And you can also take your house and your wand from the Wizarding World over to Hogwarts Legacy.

Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Playable In July 2023 At Exilecon

When it comes to Path of Exile, some RPG players who love the dark style will be familiar with it. This is the crystallization of the Diablo game inherited by the fanatic Diablo fan "Chris Wilson" after ten years of research. In addition to the various dungeons, weapon matching and other gameplay of traditional Diablo games, the game has also added a huge skill tree system. Adding points in the game can even make the talents and skills of each character point different from other players!

It is worth mentioning that, as a sequel to Path of Exile 1, Path of Exile 2 retains almost all gameplay, and even realizes dual-terminal intercommunication. The characters and items in the first generation will be transferred to the second generation. In terms of plot, Path Of Exile 2 tells the story that happened 20 years after Kitava's death. Naturally, this land is still full of monsters, which require players to explore and decrypt.

Path of Exile 2 is coming in July 2023

Developer Grinding Gear Games has confirmed that the long-awaited Path Of Exile 2 will be fully unveiled in 2023. The debut will be at Exilecon 2023. Until July, the game will also go to Gamescom for European players to enjoy. In fact, Path Of Exile 2 was originally slated for a 2022 release date, but it now looks like the sequel may be released in time for the series' tenth anniversary. As for the public beta time, it is still uncertain. But what is certain is that the exact time for the public beta will be announced when Path Of Exile2 is officially showcased at Exilecon.

Seeing that Blizzard's Diablo 4 is intensifying, here Grinding Gear Games also released a real machine demonstration of Path Of Exile 2 in April last year. Judging from the video, the game screen is as delicate as Diablo 4. Characters and enemies move in subtly different ways depending on the situation. Battles also leave physical scars on the environment, especially after intense battles, leaving piles of charred bodies and bones.

It is understood that Grinding Gear Games has invested a lot of effort into Path Of Exile 2, and it is expected to provide many new features, including 19 occupations, a new Skill Gems system, updated functions, and new weapons and armor. In addition, the sequel will delete 70% of the existing content. This is undoubtedly good news for new players, because they will no longer be confused by too much content!

Since the equipment no longer needs 6-Link, the first thing to delete is naturally Orb of Fusing. In addition, Portal Scroll, Sextant, Perandus Coin, Orb of Binding, Engineer's Orb, and all quality currencies will be removed. These currencies have always been less useful things when they were added.

Path of Exile 2 will come in July 2023

Most of the existing old season content will also be deleted, such as Manors, decryption, Heist Filters, etc. These contents will become an affix on the map, appear in the form of monster groups, and will also drop season unique items and Orb of Alchemy.

At the same time, the map will also delete the reflection modifiers, and Vaal Orbs will make the map modifiers * 2, up to 16 modifiers. Presumably, it will take a long time to farm a picture in the future, and it will no longer be possible to complete it in a few minutes or even tens of seconds like now. Orb of Alchemy needs to be combined with POE Currency to use it, and an Orb of Alchemy crafting table is added at the same time.

Overall, Path Of Exile 2 is basically a brand new game, and it no longer needs to be dragged down by various season content. The benefits of this are also obvious, at least newcomers don't have to re-study the old seasons one by one. With the injection of fresh blood, Path Of Exile 2 must be able to shine again.

Hades II Is Coming In 2023

Hades is a high-degree-of-freedom action game developed by Supergiant Games. It won the "Best Independent Game" and "Best Action Game" awards at TGA (The Game Awards) 2020.

Hades II is coming in 2023

At this year's TGA 2022 awards ceremony, that is, on December 9th, Supergiant Games officially announced Hades' sequel, Hades II. The studio attached two character designs and released the first trailer. It can be seen from the trailer that this new work is still the RougeLike gameplay familiar to players. Due to the huge success of the previous game, it's hard not to let players look forward to it.

What Is Hades II?

Hades II is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. In the game, you will use dark sorcery in the Underworld of Greek myth against the evil Titan of Time. Hades II is arguably Supergiant Games' first ever sequel. This new work will be developed on the basis of the original Hades, and will bring players a new, action-packed, infinitely replayable experience. However, the story line of the new work is still rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connection with the dawn of witchcraft.

In Hades II, you will explore a larger and deeper mythical world from the perspective of the Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. You too will defeat the power of the Titan of Time with the full support of Olympus behind you. With every setback and achievement you make, you'll be drawn deeper and deeper into an all-encompassing story. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve deeper into the ever-changing Underworld time and time again.

Who Is The Protagonist Of Hades II?

In Hades II, you play as the Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. She's an immortal witch and sorcerer with powerful magical abilities and deadly feats of shadowy weapons, and she has an old score to settle.

Melinoe Is The Protagonist Of Hades II

Like her older brother Zagreus in the first game, Melinoë is not an original Supergiant Games character, but is based on an ancient Underworld deity believed to be related to Hades. As a result, players' perspective on the Underworld expands as they explore her story and connection to her family.

Will Hades II Launch As An Early Access Game Initially?

Yes! Like its predecessor, Hades, Hades II will be in early access mode for a while until its official V1.0 release. Expect more information on Hades II early access sometime in 2023.

Early access means you'll be able to buy and play a beta version of Hades II, with the option to provide feedback and gameplay data. This will be invaluable to Supergiant Games as they work to perfect the game's potential. Feedbacks from the player community are fundamental to the design during development and was critical to the quality of the original game, so Supergiant Games plans to replicate that process in Hades II.

On Which Platforms Will Hades II Launch?

For this issue, Supergiant Games did not make a clear statement, they just expressed the hope that Hades II will eventually be released on PC and console platforms. Therefore, the platform on which Hades II will be released will not be revealed until the game is completed.

According to Supergiant Games' early plans, what we can know is that they will have an early access period for Hades II on PC, and it will be on Steam and the Epic Games Store at the same time.

Recently, Hades also took advantage of the popularity of Hades II to promote it on the Steam platform. Not only is it half price, but it's only $15.73. It can be seen that Hades has currently received a 98% favorable rate. Instead of waiting, you might as well experience Hades first, which may be helpful for you to experience new works later.

How To Get And Use Golden Parry Ash Of War In Elden Ring?

Ash Of War is actually a special item in Elden Ring. It can make parrying more cool and deadly and enables you to replace Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment with new ones or even one at all.

Since Ashes of War can be applied to most weapons and shields, you can tailor each type of weapon to your own builds and playstyle. Specifically, with Ashes of War, you can switch out the unique abilities of your weapons and use different abilities. This way the weapons you use can better match and optimize the builds you make. Of course, Ash of War is not a panacea. Some weapons have their own unique skills, which cannot be replaced by any Ash of War.

Elden Ring Ashes of War adds abilities to your weapons, changes their proportions, adds new attacks and more. Used correctly, these are powerful damage modifiers, and can open up any combat options you can apply them to. It's a powerful tool in Elden Ring, allowing you to get the best out of your weapons, and even adapting them to builds they didn't originally fit.

There are even some Ashes of War that can be used to further build a technique or a skill that existed in previous Souls games, like parrying. Actually parrying is done with smaller or medium shields. And this ability can cause massive counterattacks on unsuspecting enemies. If you use the Golden Parry Ash of War, parrying can also become more cool and deadly. So, where exactly can we find Golden Parry Ash of War?

Where Can We Find Golden Parry Ash Of War?

First, you'll have to find a way to get to the capital's outskirts, because later in the game you'll find the Golden Parry Ash Of War. To get there, you'll have to keep going until you find the Outwall Phantom Tree site of grace. From here, you'll need to keep heading north of you. Wait until a giant staircase appears in front of you and keep going up. Next, you are free to choose your way forward. Either fight the enemies you encounter, or ride torrent past the enemies. Whichever you choose, you'll have to find a way to find a little golden tree with a Golden Seed at the bottom.

where to find Golden Parry Ash of War

After you collect the Golden Seed on the small golden tree, please go to your right, and there will be another huge staircase in front of you. Go straight up in the direction of the stairs, and you'll come across a few small groups of puny soldiers. They can be dispatched quickly or ridden with ease. After you've dealt with them, go straight ahead along the left side of the stairs, and you'll find a scarab at the top of the stairs. Keep going up until you are able to jump to the platform area where the scarab is. In this area, you'll also encounter a group of soldiers. But fear not, you can skip fighting them directly by jumping over the railing on the left. All you need to do is walk right up to where the scarab is and try to kill it. That way, you can collect the Golden Parry Ash Of War that drops from it.

How To Use Golden Parry Ash Of War?

It's worth noting that each Ash of War can only be equipped on one weapon at a time. If you want to use the same Ash of War on a different weapon, you can simply unequip the Ash and switch it directly to the next weapon. It's also worth keeping in mind that Ashes of War in Elden Ring are limited to certain weapon and gear types. For example, the Ash of War: Thunderbolt can only be applied to melee weapons, not any other equipment. Similarly, the Ash of War: Parry skill only works on shields and certain small armaments.

how to use Golden Parry Ash of War

Since the arching golden light of Golden Parry Ash of War can expand the range of your parry ability, it is very powerful. Although it also has shortcomings, for example, its range is not moderate, and when the enemy attacks you, it can successfully distance you from the enemy. This parry has the same effect when you stun as well as distances you from the enemy, which is to make it take heavy hits in long-range and close-range connections. If you want to properly use Golden Parry Ash of War, you still need to calculate the parring time as usual. But the added distance in the process also gives you more room for error.

If you want to defeat the scarab and get the Golden Parry Ash of War more easily, it is especially important to use Elden Ring Runes to improve your strength!