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Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

A highly dependable sports simulation game makes a strong comeback with promising new features. MLB The Show continues its impressive storytelling elements from last year, now delving into the immersive world of the Negro Leagues, offering players an educational journey through a significant chapter in baseball history.

Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

When Will MLB The Show 24 Be Released?

Let’s start with the obvious: MLB The Show 24 is set to release globally on March 19th.

Fans of baseball and console gaming can celebrate as San Diego Studios’ newest baseball simulation will be accessible on previous and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, MLB The Show 24 will also be playable on the Nintendo Switch, offering options for both home and on-the-go gaming.

Unfortunately, if you’re a PC user, you’re currently out of luck as there’s no announcement regarding a Windows version at this time.

All Editions Of MLB The Show 24

This year, fans have the option to pre-order 3 special editions of MLB The Show, in addition to the standard version of the game.

The first tier available is the MVP Edition, which offers various bonus items such as a Legend Diamond Choice Pack, 10 The Show Packs, 10,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs and more.

Moving up, there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes all the content from the MVP Edition along with additional extras.

At the highest tier is the Negro Leagues Edition, serving as this year’s collector’s pack. It encompasses everything from the lower two tiers and adds exclusive items like a limited edition physical Steelbook and New Era cap.

However, it’s worth noting an unusual aspect: the PS5 version of the Collector’s Edition doesn’t come with a physical disc despite including the Steelbook. To obtain a disc with the Negro Leagues Edition, one must order an Xbox Series X/S version.

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Early Access

An important detail to highlight for those eager to gain Early Access to this year’s release is that it necessitates pre-ordering one of the three special editions.

Simply pre-ordering the standard game won’t grant you early access, which is scheduled to commence on March 15th, 2024, this year. Pre-orders are currently open, so act promptly if you’re keen on diving into this year’s edition ahead of the crowd.

Who Is The Cover Athlete For MLB The Show 24?

One of the most eagerly awaited elements of any sports simulation game release is the selection of the cover star by the developer.

This year, the honor goes to none other than Toronto Blue Jays’ player Vladimir Guerrero Jr., son of a Hall of Famer. Guerrero Jr. serves as the Blue Jays’ designated hitter and is a rising star in the baseball world. Notably, he was the youngest ever MVP voted onto the AL All-Star roster in 2021.

MLB The Show 24 Cover Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Negro Leagues

Appearing for the first time last year, MLB The Show 24 will continue its partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum with the return of players from the Negro Leagues.

In this year’s edition, players will encounter 10 Negro League Legends, each with their own unique storyline to explore. This game mode offers players the opportunity to step into the shoes of significant Baseball Legends and relive the memorable moments of some of the most crucial games in their careers.

What Features MLB The Show 24?

Diamond Dynasty, allowing players to construct fantasy teams featuring baseball Legends, past and present stars, makes a comeback in 24.

The career mode, Road to the Show, where players advance from minor league to MLB, along with tournaments, will naturally be part of the package.

Additionally, Storyline Mode and Franchise Mode complete the lineup of anticipated features making a return in this year’s edition.

MLB The Show 24 Road to the Show

Franchise Mode

Securing victory in the World Series stands as the paramount objective for every baseball team, and in MLB The Show 24, players will once more have the opportunity to guide their preferred franchise to triumph.

By providing coaching, nurturing the team, and assuming the role of franchise manager, players will once again wield authority over both the on-field and off-field operations of their chosen team, aiming to elevate them to the summit of the rankings.

Storyline Mode

In MLB The Show’s Storyline Mode, players are afforded the opportunity to delve into, relive, and honor the heritage of baseball icons.

In this installment, the spotlight falls on the esteemed New York Yankees legend and cover star of MLB The Show 23, Derek Jeter. Serving as an exceptional highlight, this year’s storyline presents players with the chance to recreate Jeter’s most pivotal and memorable moments through an immersive career retrospective.

Unveiling New Legends In The Negro League Narratives

In addition to Derek Jeter’s distinctive storyline, MLB The Show 24 will introduce a multitude of new legends within the Negro League narratives.

Included among them are luminaries such as Buck Leonard, Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson—often referred to as “the Black Babe Ruth”—and Toni Stone, who notably became the first woman to play professional baseball at the highest level.

MLB The Show 24 Toni Stone

As we approach the release date of MLB The Show 24, it’s anticipated that more legends will be unveiled. The four legends mentioned will be accessible upon launch, with a total of 10 legends expected to be available.

Fresh And Reintroduced Stadiums

Derek Jeter’s playable storyline kicks off with his debut at Seattle’s Kingdom, meticulously reconstructed by San Diego Studio to feature in this year’s edition after a hiatus of a few years.

It’s anticipated that at least one additional new stadium will be introduced, though more may also be in the works. Among these anticipated additions is Greenlee Field in Pittsburgh, serving as the backdrop for one of the storylines spotlighting the Pittsburgh Crawfords.

Revamped Menu System

Frequently disregarded in video games, well-designed in-game menus offer players a smooth and effortless experience. MLB The Show 24’s revamped menu system appears to achieve just that.

It’s more than just adding a touch of color to enhance the atmosphere of storylines. It’s also sleek, contemporary, and easier to navigate.

There Is No Tech Test In MLB The Show 24

Unlike its predecessors, MLB The Show 22 and 23, this year’s edition will not provide players with access to a tech test prior to the game’s release.

Typically functioning as an open beta, allowing players to sample the upcoming iteration and its gameplay adjustments, the absence of a tech test this year may suggest that there’s minimal differentiation in gameplay between last year’s version and this one.

We’ll have to wait until the release of MLB The Show 24 to ascertain this. However, the lack of a tech test could also indicate confidence in the gameplay, with San Diego Studio deeming it unnecessary.

The compressed schedule from announcement to release date may have also played a role in this decision.

Crossplay And Cross-Progression Features

Crossplay returns for MLB The Show this year, offering gamers the opportunity to play with their friends on different platforms.

Additionally, cross-progression will be available, allowing players to start the game on one platform and continue their progress on another. It’s important to mention, however, that year-to-year saves won’t be supported once again.

Stadium Creator Returns In MLB The Show 24 (Limited To Current-Gen Consoles)

Indeed, the beloved Stadium Creator feature makes its comeback in this year’s iteration of MLB The Show, but it’s exclusive to current-generation consoles.

MLB The Show 24 Stadium Creator

Feature Premieres

Each week leading up to the release of MLB The Show 24, San Diego Studio will release an informative video, serving to showcase new features and unveil fresh content.

As of now, several feature premieres have already occurred, with four more slated. However, San Diego Studio hasn’t divulged much about the content of each presentation. Mark your calendars for the developer tournament on March 13th and the final feature premiere on March 14th.

Strategies For Maximizing Earnings In Whitestrake's Mayhem For ESO PvE Players

Whitestrake's Mayhem stands out as one of ESO's biannual PvP-focused in-game events, occurring across all three of the game's PvP zones: Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, and Imperial City.

While this event generates significant excitement among PvP enthusiasts, the same level of enthusiasm may not always be shared by PvE mains. In this guide, we'll provide several tips and tricks from a PvEer's viewpoint on how to thrive and optimize your experience during the event.

Strategies For Maximizing Earnings In Whitestrake's Mayhem For ESO PvE Players


For some players, Battlegrounds may offer a less stressful PvP experience compared to other options, as event tickets and loot can be obtained simply by participating, without the need to excel in PvP skills.

Event tickets are earned through Battlegrounds by completing daily quests. If PvP is not your preferred activity and you receive the "To the Victor" daily quest, you can abandon it and acquire another. "To the Victor" necessitates winning three Battleground matches, which can pose a challenge for those less skilled in PvP.

The other 2 quests are relatively easier.

  1. The "Test of Mettle" quest requires earning 1,000 medal points in Battleground matches. Achieving medals, even for less proficient players, isn't overly difficult, as long as the objective is pursued diligently.
  2. The simplest quest, "Let the Games Begin" only mandates participation in five Battleground matches, regardless of victory or defeat. Simply showing up suffices to complete this task.

Elder Scrolls Online Battlegrounds


As someone who is new to PvP, I find Cyrodiil to be my preferred PvP setting. I'm not fond of the intense close-quarters combat that PvP often entails.

During the event, my strategy is to accumulate a substantial amount of Alliance Points (AP) by repairing walls and doors. Repair kits are available for purchase with AP or ESO Gold from the Siege Merchants at main bases, keep outposts, or owned resources.

Frequently, I move from one keep to another, repairing neglected walls and doors following intense battles. This activity doesn't require direct PvP engagement but can still yield significant AP gains, albeit without earning event tickets.

For those aiming to obtain event tickets by completing daily quests without diving into intense PvP encounters, there are alternative methods. One approach is to defend keeps from a safe distance, utilizing siege weapons to attack incoming enemies. This tactic allows for passive AP accumulation for defending the keep. Additionally, killing enemies with siege weapons progresses bounty missions, which entail killing specific enemy players.

Joining a group can greatly aid in completing these quests, particularly for players like myself who may not excel in direct combat. In group engagements, contributing to combat in any capacity earns credit for player kills, even if not delivering the final blow. Larger groups can expedite the completion of kill quests.

For those comfortable operating in large groups closer to the front lines, tasks such as capturing resources, keeps, and scrolls become more manageable. Utilizing the group finder or joining open groups in zone chat can facilitate these objectives, although they may still pose challenges even within a group setting.

Scouting missions offer a viable option for those seeking to avoid direct confrontation. These quests involve scouting specific keeps or resources, reporting on their defenses, and then returning to base to complete the task and earn tickets.

Alternatively, PvE-focused quests, such as town dailies or delve clearing, provide opportunities for ticket acquisition. However, these locations are often frequented by griefers, necessitating caution.

One advantage of Cyrodiil is the absence of penalties for dying, allowing players to enter with the intent of perishing without consequence. Additionally, completing Cyrodiil daily quests can yield Arena Gladiator's Proofs, which are obtained from Gladiator's Rucksacks received by completing conquest dailies. To maximize proof acquisition, it's advisable to open these coffers once per day, even if turning in multiple quests.

Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodiil

Imperial City

Imperial City stands out as the most challenging PvP zone, particularly for those less proficient in PvP scenarios.

For those prioritizing other activities over Imperial City PvP, I recommend completing quests beforehand to streamline your experience. Imperial City tends to be quieter during off-peak hours, providing a conducive environment for quest completion.

Prior to exiting the Sewer safe zone, ensure you deposit your Tel Var Stones in the bank to safeguard them. Tel Var is the sole in-game currency susceptible to loss upon death, with half being forfeited. Utilize the bank to mitigate this risk.

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While carrying Tel Var in your inventory offers potential for increased earnings, it also entails greater risk. If you're prone to frequent deaths, it's advisable to deposit your Tel Var to minimize losses.

In PvP, there's strength in numbers, especially for less skilled players. Don't hesitate to join or follow larger groups, as this can enhance your survival chances and earnings.

Returning to your faction's base in Imperial City entails traversing the Sewers. If you require swift transportation, queue for any Cyrodiil campaign via the Alliance War menu to be ported to your faction's main base. You can then re-queue for Imperial City to resume your activities.

When navigating the Sewers, be mindful of the closest entrances to your faction's home base to expedite your journey. However, exercise caution as these areas are often targeted by griefers.

For those pursuing event achievements and encountering patrolling horrors, precise locations are as follows:

  • Arboretum - Lady Malygda and Ysenda Resplendent
  • Arena District - Glorgoloch the Destroyer and King Kurog
  • Elven Gardens District - The Screeching Matron and Zoal the Ever-Wakeful
  • Memorial District - Nunatak and Valgus
  • Nobles District - Amoncrul and Baron Thirst
  • Temple District - Immolator Charr and Mazaluhad

Lastly, for optimal rewards, open Siege of Cyrodiil merits coffers once daily, even if completing multiple quests. These strategies apply not only to Imperial City but also to other PvP zones, offering a comprehensive approach to PvP gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City

For those seeking lucrative opportunities during this event, here are some top-selling items worth considering:

Runeboxes contain costumes and pets, fetching high prices a few months after the event when the market stabilizes. These Runeboxes are available in both Cyrodiil and Imperial City.

Hakeijo runes, found in Imperial City, offer a profitable venture. However, it's advisable to wait a couple of months until the market becomes less saturated with PvP goods. Hakeijo runes are in demand for their association with Tri-Stat enchantments crucial for endgame content, making them valuable commodities.

Powerful Assault gear, particularly the Powerful Assault Ice Staff, is indispensable for PvE tanks. Obtaining these items involves gambling with Powerful Assault Runeboxes sold by merchants in Imperial City. As the contents are randomized and not curated, securing an Ice Staff can yield substantial profits.

Deadly Strike weapons present another lucrative opportunity. These weapons are available in Bruma, Cyrodiil, though ownership of the town by your faction is necessary to access the merchants. Acquiring Deadly Strike weapons, especially daggers, can lead to quick earnings. If switching characters, ensure your Alliance Points are deposited in the bank to facilitate purchases on the appropriate faction.

These strategies aim to optimize earnings during Whitestrake's Mayhem for PvE enthusiasts.

GTA Online's Next-Gen Makeover: What One Can Expect?

GTA Online's Next-Gen

Rockstar Games product: Grand Theft Auto 5, despite being a product that made its debut more than a decade ago, has been successful in amassing a huge player base that is spread worldwide. To elaborate, credit for the reason behind this huge success mostly goes to its online iteration: Grand Theft Auto Online. Not to mention, not only has this Grand Theft Auto 5 iteration received a constant flow of updates along with new content, it has more recently given birth to highly popular roleplay servers, making GTA Online one of the most frequently streamed games on Twitch.

The Grand Theft Auto Community Is Finding It Hard To Hold Its Horses!

Moving ahead, very recently it was announced that GTA 5 would be made available for modern-era consoles. And Grand Theft Auto Online being not an exception will also be made available at home consoles, including the Grand Theft Auto iteration getting its very own version for Sony PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, while a lot of detailed information is not available in public domain in this regard regarding what the new changes the Grand Theft Auto community will get to see, still the latter are unable to hold their horses regarding what the new mode will be like in real life, while getting the best out of new era gaming hardware.

GTA Online's Next-Gen Enhancements: What You Need to Know?

1. Grand Theft Auto Online's Next-Generation Graphics

One of the most awaited improvements for GTA Online is a boost both in its visual and technical performance. As the duo: Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S are capable of a 4K resolution, along with a nearly 120 frames per second performance. That is why there are good chances that Grand Theft Auto Online’s visuals will be getting an upgrade and will for sure in the process get closer to the standard that are set by GTA 5’s single player iteration.

Additionally, all this may become the possible reason behind several player characters and vehicles in GTA Online getting a visual boost, as and when the game moves to the new gen gaming hardware, accompanied by more thorough features, along with a better accuracy all across the board. Not to mention, this may more likely lead to the Grand Theft Auto online getting more fine technical improvements. For instance, an increase in the population of NPCs across the arena and enhanced draw distance.

Adding to that, these new-gen consoles will also lead to a decrease in the loading times of GTA Online, all thanks to its better hardware performance. On the other hand, while some in the Grand Theft Auto community may not appreciate this fact in the proper manner, it would for sure become a reason behind players saving a lot of time, and there are good chances that this could even become a reason behind the GTA Online world becoming larger and more smooth.

2. Next-Gen Updates for Grand Theft Auto Online

In the recent past, there was an announcement that both MS-Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 servers for GTA Online will be shut down. While on one hand this news brought unhappiness for some in the Grand Theft Auto community who are still using these consoles, in its entirety this is good for the game. With the very reason being that driving away from the old generation console will enable GTA online’s future updates to be both complex and big in size, in comparison to the past updates.

As a result, all the updates will not have to worry about being optimised for older consoles, and will likely benefit from that opportunity to the greatest extent possible. This could suggest the mode receiving updates with extensive new regions for players to socialise and dig into, similar to Cayo Perico, or even updates that present more complex features like the eagerly-awaited stock exchange or elaborate enterprises to operate.

Furthermore, migrating to the new era console will empower GTA Online to introduce both more detail and depth to Los Santos itself. Not to mention, GTA Online’s future could include upgrading the parts of Los Santos either by completing the in-game construction that is there since launch or adding interiors to the structures that players till date were not able to get inside into. Additionally, this new console migration will also allow GTA Online to add crossplay, in the process allowing players to interconnect, irrespective of the platform that they are using to play GTA Online, adding value to the game in process, which off-course will be highly appreciated by the Grand Theft Auto community.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, despite making its debut more than a decade back, the Grand Theft Auto 5 fanbase is ever expanding and Grand Theft Auto online deserves the credit for that. Furthermore, the latest news that Grand Theft Auto online will be available on modern consoles has left the Grand Theft Auto community patientless. Last but not least, some of the new gen enhancements that you must know about.

7 Players With 5-Star Skill Moves You Can Use In FC 24 Career Mode Even On A Low Budget!

We are evaluating players with 5-star skill moves suitable for those operating on a limited budget in FC 24 Career Mode.

Players eligible for the list are those under the age of 30, and they need to be valued at 20 million or less. Additionally, they must have the potential to develop to a minimum overall of 80.

We have tested all the players and rated them on a scale of 1 to 10 in the following categories: speed, dribbling, shooting, passing, physical, and value.

In the physical category, we looked at all the physical skills of the players other than speed, considering strength, agility, and balance.

For value, we considered what a player costs in relation to how they perform in-game compared to the other players on the list.

7 Players With 5-Star Skill Moves You Can Use In FC 24 Career Mode Even On A Low Budget!

7. Mike Trésor

That being said, number 7 on the list is Mike Trésor.

The 24-year-old Belgian, currently on loan at Burnley, is valued at 20 million in FC 24, making him the most expensive player on our list. However, he combines this with the highest initial overall of 78 and a potential overall of 82.

Let's start with Mike Tresor's strengths. His acceleration is good. He can quickly move away from a standing start with the ball, causing opponents to be late and outplayed. He is also very agile, which allows him to easily cut and outplay players. Moreover, his strengths lie particularly in passing. He has good vision and possesses an effective cross on to the areas where Mike Trésor scores less well.

His sprint speed is not great. After initially getting away from a defender, he is easily caught up over longer distances. This makes him not very suitable for counterattacking play. Additionally, his finishing is not great, so he's not likely to score many goals.

Mike Trésor is a player who can be very useful when you play a lot in your opponent's half because he is strong in tight spaces. He's also handy if you have a striker who can score from across.

Unfortunately, he comes with a hefty price tag that is disproportionate to what he brings on the field, especially compared to other players on this list.

FC 24 Mike Trésor

6. Talles Magno

Moving on to number 6, the MLS, where our number six on the list plays at New York City FC, Talles Magno.

The 21-year-old Brazilian can play both as a striker and on the wing and starts with an overall of 73. Just like Mike Trésor, he has a potential overall of 82. In FC 24, his value is estimated at 7 million, making him the first bargain on the list.

The strong points of Magno, of course, with 5-star skill moves, he's adept with the ball at his feet. As he has all the skill moves, you can get past any defender. The better you are with skill moves, the better you will be with Magno. He also has a 4-star weak foot, meaning he's quite capable with both feet.

Then the weaker points of Magno, if you're not as good with skill moves like us, then Magno lacks the agility and speed to effectively outplay his defenders. He is also not very fast, which means he can be easily overtaken by above-average fast opponents. It should be noted, though, that he will still develop significantly towards his end overall, which could lessen these issues.

Magno is a very interesting player when you're adept with skill moves and can maximize the 5-star skill moves. Valued at 7 million, he can be a bargain for any club that doesn't have tens of millions to spend.

FC 24 Talles Magno

5. Osama Sahraoui

Number 5 on our list, we go to the Dutch Eredivisie, where Osama Sahraoui plays for SC Heerenveen.

The 22-year-old Norwegian has an initial overall of 73 and a potential overall of 83. His value is also estimated at 7 million, and based on how Sahraoui plays, this makes him an absolute bargain.

Sahraoui has the following strong points. He is absolutely at his best in tight spaces and with the ball at his feet. He's super agile and stands firmly in his shoes, enabling him to cut behind opponents and easily turn away from them. He's quick in the first few meters, which means that after outplaying them, he quickly leaves them far behind. After getting past his man, Sahraoui can set up a teammate for a goal with a pass. He has good stamina, enabling him to still make a difference in the final minutes of the match. Sahraoui also has a 5-star weak foot, which is a big plus.

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Sahraoui has the following weaker points. His main weakness is scoring goals. He has the ability to create a shooting opportunity time and again thanks to his earlier mentioned strong points. However, he lacks the power for a really good shot, and often they fly meters wide. As with these weaker points, Sahraoui will still develop enormously, and therefore these points could later in career mode potentially become his strengths.

As long as you don't expect him to score more than 10 goals in a season, Sahraoui is a great purchase for any club that doesn't have a lot to spend. As he will still develop significantly, he can grow into a pillar in your team, or you could sell him for a lot of FC 24 Coins. We can't recommend him enough for anyone looking for a budget skiller.

FC 24 Osama Sahraoui

4. Rayan Cherki

Our number 4 on the list is found in France at Olympique Lyonnais, Rayan Cherki.

Cherki can play on the wings but is best suited as a number 10. Cherki is the biggest talent on our list with the highest potential overall of 84. His initial overall is 74, and he's valued at 9 million.

A major reason why he excels as a number 10 is his ability to deliver a great pass. He can execute any pass you desire, and this is even more impressive considering he's still going to develop significantly. He also combines this with a 5-star weak foot. He can do this with both feet, which is a huge plus. Additionally, Cherki is an excellent dribbler. He's quite agile and has good balance, making it easy for him to turn away from his opponent. He also has the ability to score, perhaps not a lot, but around 5 to 10 goals per season should be feasible.

Cherki also has weaker points. He is slow, making him less suitable for the wings and better suited for the number 10 position. Because he isn't fast, he doesn't easily carry the ball forward, and it's better to use him for passing rather than long dribbles. Additionally, his stamina isn't very strong, so after 60 to 70 minutes, he tends to lose effectiveness.

Rayan Cherki potentially is a superb player who can be of great value. He comes into his own when you play in your opponent's half, allowing him to use the tight spaces to set up his teammates.

FC 24 Rayan Cherki

3. Jeffinho

For number 3, we stay at Olympique Lyonnais, where the 23-year-old Brazilian Jeffinho plays.

Somewhat overshadowed by Cherki, Jeffinho has an overall of 72 and the lowest potential on our list with 79. However, Jeffinho plays much better on the field than his overall would suggest. Based purely on his statistics, you might not initially choose him, but it's only when you use him that you discover his capabilities. In FC 24, he is estimated at 4.7 million, making him the cheapest player on the list and also the biggest bargain.

What surprised us most about Jeffinho is how he consistently finds himself in a scoring position. Additionally, he is super quick in the first few meters, creating space between him and his opponent. The big surprise with Jeffinho was his strength. Several times, he easily pushed players off the ball and entered into strong duels.

Jeffinho also has some weaker points. His main areas for development are in finishing and passing. His dribbling and physical qualities are very good, but everything involving passing and shooting is still problematic. Passes often go to the opponent, and shots frequently miss the goal.

All in all, Jeffinho is the best bang for your buck player on the list. With his super low value, he can be acquired for a small amount, and on the field, he delivers much more than you would initially expect.

FC 24 Jeffinho

2. Jesper Karlsson

Moving on to our number 2 on the list, number 2 playing at Bologna in Italy, Jesper Karlsson.

The 24-year-old Swede, Karlsson's initial overall is 77, and this can rise to about 80 when you develop him. His value is estimated at 14.5 million, making him one of the more expensive players on our list.

He is a very good all-round player who also possesses 5-star skill moves. His agility and balance are among the best on this list. You can easily slalom him around multiple opponents. Then he is also capable of delivering the decisive pass to a teammate. He shoots well from distance and often finds himself in a good position to score. Additionally, he maintains this performance throughout the match with his good stamina.

Here are some weak points of Karlsson. His only real weak point is his speed. He lacks both good acceleration and a high sprint speed, which perhaps makes him well-suited to be converted into a midfielder. Also, his finishing can sometimes be a bit off. He won't develop much further, so don't expect any huge improvements.

Karlsson is overall the best player on this list and worth his 14.5 million. He can play both on the flank and be converted into a midfielder. The only reason he's not number 1 on our list is because of the gameplay enjoyment we had with the actual number 1 of our list, Jota.

FC 24 Jesper Karlsson

1. Jota

The 24-year-old number 1 Portuguese is currently active in Saudi Arabia at Al-Ittihad.

His initial overall is 77, and he can grow to an overall of 82. His value is estimated at 16 million. With this, he is the second most expensive player on the list, but we believe he is absolutely worth it.

When you play with Jota, you know you're going to have fun. Whether you're good with skill moves or not, you're going to beat many opponents and leave them in the dust. If you are good with skill moves, this will happen even more. He is extremely agile and hard to bring down. He has good acceleration and a high sprint speed. This he combines with a strong shot from distance and a lot of composure.

The weak points of Jota are the following. When you get him into the opponent's penalty area, he misses many chances, as he only has 70 finishing. Additionally, he's not a great passer, but that's not what you bring him in for.

Jota is on the higher end for budget players, but for under 20 million, we still find him an absolute bargain that you can't go wrong with if your club has the money. He brings a lot of fun and creates unexpected situations.

FC 24 Jota

4 Crucial Tips You Need To Take Advantage Of In WoW Season Of Discovery

Greeting gamers, here are 4 advanced tips you need to be taking advantage of in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

4 Crucial Tips You Need To Take Advantage Of In WoW Season Of Discovery

Tip 1: Battleground (BG) Teleports

With players frequently having to travel between cities and continents, it can cause a bit of a headache with how to min-max your travel time and where to put your Heartstone.

Thankfully, there's an easy trick you can take advantage of to quickly teleport across zones by simply asking a guildy or friend to cue you into a Battleground.

Whenever you're queued into a BG, if you leave the Battleground, you will appear wherever the person that quequed for you was standing.

This means, for example, if you're in Stormwind and want to go to Darnassus, you can have someone queue you up at the Darnassus Battleground Master. Join the BG. Type '/AFK' to quickly leave, and the game will place you in Darnassus where your friend was standing, saving you a ton of travel time.

There are also Battlemasters in Ashenvale for both Horde and Alliance if you want a quick teleport to the battle for Ashenvale event, saving you some travel time.

WoW SoD Battleground (BG) Teleports

Tip 2: Hearthstone Batching

In a similar vein to the last tip, since travel is a big pain in WoW Season of Discovery, here's another easy way to maximize your travel efficiency.

If you have to hearth and know that you need to be back where you are in an hour or later, you can perform a Hearthstone batch. This is done by using your Hearthstone and then asking to set your hearth to an inn but not clicking the confirmation window until the moment before your Hearthstone is about to finish casting.

If performed correctly, you will hearth to where your Hearthstone's currently set and then set your Hearthstone to the new location at the same time, allowing you to hearth back 1 hour later. The timing for this technique will vary depending on your ping.

However, I found pressing the confirmation window within 2 seconds of the cast finishing works best for me. My ping's around 80. When in doubt, it's always better to be too late than too early because if you're too early, you will set your Hearthstone to your current location and end up hearthing in place, wasting your Hearthstone, whereas if you're too late, you would simply run back like normal, anyway.

Tip 3: Mistletoe And Snowballs

This is a time-sensitive tip during the Winter's Veil events, but it is an important one.

Players will not have access to these items again for an entire year, which is basically the entire lifespan of Classic WoW Season of Discovery. So, it's valuable to stock up now while you can. The event ends on January 2nd, 2024.

Mistletoes are an item you can get from using '/kiss' on the Winter Revelers in any inn. The item, when used on other players, grants them plus 20 spirit. That is a lot of spirit regardless of your level and is greatly appreciated by your healers and casters.

WoW SoD Mistletoe

Each time you kiss a Reveler, you get 5 mistletoes and receive a debuff preventing you from getting further mistletoes for 1 hour. This can be ever so slightly circumvented by making a '/kiss' macro and kissing both of the Revelers in the inn at the same time, giving you 10 mistletoes.

I have gone as far as to make alts that are logged off in inns, and I log in occasionally to soak up Mistletoes. People will thank you for stocking up once they are no longer available.

On the other hand, snowballs are an Alliance-centric tip during this event. Paladins gain access to a spell called Judgment of Wisdom around level 40, which allows any attack on the judged target to have a chance to restore Mana.

For some reason, throwing a snowball counts as an attack on that target and is off the GCD (Global Cooldown), which means you can macro snowballs with your spells to double up on Mana Regeneration chances.

This trick is often used by speedrunning guilds or players that love parsing and will pay a premium for Snowballs during the summer season when they're unavailable. Stock up now to use yourself or sell them later for a profit. You may earn a large amount of WoW SoD Gold for this. So act quickly!

Tip 4: The Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) Logout Skip

Getting into BFD is annoying, especially on a PvP server where you're likely to encounter an array group of the opposite faction.

So, from the BFD entrance, you can swim over to the left side of the cavern entrance and hug the wall.

WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) Logout Skip

Make sure you're at the very top of the water level and log out. When you log back in, you'll be at the dungeon entrance. This is a logout skip.

That’s all for this guide, I hope it helps!

The Forthcoming Phases Of WoW Season Of Discovery Are Remarkable!

Season of Discovery ends phase 4 with Karazhan Crypt. But what about what comes before that? And then there is the fun question of what comes after.

The Forthcoming Phases Of WoW Season Of Discovery Are Remarkable!


We all know that Season of Discovery has 4 phases. Phase 1 is Blackfathom Deeps at level 25, as well as the Ashenvale PVP zone for its PVP event.

It’s our introduction to level up raids and new PVP event zones, letting Blizzard test the waters, dipping their toes into seeing just what the classic player base enjoys and what it hates. And I think they’ve hit the nail on the head on how to properly release content and make changes to the Season of Discovery, because of the phase system.

4 to 12 weeks between each phase is a sweet spot for letting people enjoy content without getting bored. This system lets everyone share how they feel about a new experience because every person you ask will have a widely different answer to what is Classic Plus. So, this is far more useful to Blizzard than a thousand voices yelling different things.

So, Blackfathom Deeps and the Ashenvale PVP event zone are testing ground to player reactions. When you keep that information in mind, it makes the remaining phases and schedule make a lot more sense.

Phase 2 - Gnomeregan

Phase 2 is Gnomeregan at level 40, and it’s a dungeon that’s massive, full of flavor, and still abandoned in retail, leaving the Gnomes as homeless refugees for almost 2 decades.

Just like Blackfathom Deeps, it’s a large dungeon that can essentially be broken into different wings and be filled with bosses, events, and quests that just feel natural.

And just how Phase 1 had a massive PVP event zone, Phase 2 will have 1 as well. It should, so long as the player base doesn’t lose their collective minds and tear Ashenvale down so hard that Blizzard cancels their plans.

And while BFD is in the veil, so is Warsong Gulch. So, you’d think that Phase 2’s PVP zone event should be in the Arathi Highlands to tie it into Arathi Basin. But you’d be wrong because Phase 2’s PVP event zone is the Stranglethorn Vale.

Honestly, it would be funny if they kept PVP zone events in the zone of the dungeon. But how could they turn an Alliance leveling zone into a PVP event zone? Are all Dwarves and Gnomes just being exiled to Elwynn Forest? No, that won’t happen, but Stranglethorn Vale itself makes perfect sense—a highly contested PVP zone and one that should have had a battleground from the get-go.

We can likely expect a new reputation, a new Quartermaster for some PVP loot down there, but we’ll find out more in the coming weeks.

WoW SOD Gnomeregan

Phase 3 - Scarlet Monastery

Now, Phase 3 is where it gets spicy but also still makes perfect sense since we have Scarlet Monastery, which comes with the level cap of 50. But it’s also just north of a very conflicted and iconic battleground, Alterac Valley in Alterac Mountains.

With Scarlet Monastery being one of the most iconic dungeons because of Sally Whitemane, and Alterac Valley being one of the most recognizable Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, it’s a perfect combination to throw out for Phase 3.

Regardless between the level cap of 50 and Scarlet Monastery being turned into a massive level-up raid with new bosses, remastered bosses, new events, quests, and perhaps even a brand new reputation, Phase 3 is looking to be incredibly exciting.

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Phase 4 - Karazhan Crypts

The PVP is just icing on that beautiful, delicious cake. And then that brings us to Phase 4 and the first new dungeon in Classic: Karazhan Crypts, a dungeon that was designed back in 2002 or 2003 and then abandoned because they ran out of time before becoming the raid known as Karazhan in The Burning Crusade.

We know nothing about Karazhan Crypts, and people will be making pure conjecture until it comes out. But I expect us to perhaps see original questlines and ideas make it back into the game. It could be the start of an alternate timeline with ideas from Vanilla making a frontline return. We will probably get a new reputation to grind, new quests, new items, and perhaps even instead of being a 10-man level-up raid, we’re looking at the first new 20-man or 40-man raid in Classic.

But PvE without PvP just isn’t World of Warcraft, and thus the new PVP zone event for Phase 4 is also likely to be new content. Since Karazhan Crypts, an abandoned and forgotten concept and idea, is being brought back to life, so will, in my opinion, Azshara Crater, a complete new battleground, dreamed back to life for Classic as well as turning Azshara into a massive level 60 zone-wide PVP event zone.

New reputations, questlines, and much more are going to be given to us. And our dream is the limit or, in this case, the amount of risk Blizzard is willing to take.

And thus, I conclude with what I call the Season of Discovery introduction phases, which are amazing and incredible. While we don’t know exactly what we’ll be getting, it’s only the beginning of Season of Discovery because Blizzard has already said we’re getting more content at level 60.

WoW SOD Karazhan Crypts

Phase 5 - Molten Core & Onyxia

And thus, let me introduce you all to the Season of Discovery endgame phases, which is Phase 5 to 8.

You might think that 8 phases is a lot, but Classic, when it came out in 2019, had 6 phases, and that was just re-releasing the original 6 raids.

Now, this is what we call the educated guessing phase, where we have ideas and we know what they’re going to do nominally. But despite knowing we’re getting content, new and old changes, and more, we don’t know what that is. So, this is more of a wishlist for content.

So, Phase 5 is, of course, none other than Molten Core, and the top 5 most iconic raids in World of Warcraft, after Black Temple, Ulduar, ICC and Siege of Orgrimmar. Don’t crucify me for that top 5 in the comments.

While Molten Core might not be the most iconic raid, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, is the single most iconic in-game weapon from World of Warcraft. If you don’t count Frostmourne or the Warglaives, we’re looking at a remastered Molten Core, new bosses, mobs, quests, items, and perhaps even legendaries and reputations.

A legendary that’s already in the game but only 1 singular person got is the necklace (Talisman of Binding Shard) back from Vanilla, which got removed because it wasn’t meant to be in the game. Now that necklace might not come back, but they already have a legendary they designed back then, which they could reincorporate into Season of Discovery.

I’m not sure exactly how much they’ll change Molten Core and, with it, Onyxia. But there will be changes. As for PVP, Black Rock Mountain is the single most dangerous PVP zone in the game. If you played on a PVP server, then you’ll be having Vietnam flashbacks.

So, we know that Molten Core and Onyxia are coming, but what about new content? Allow me to introduce the new and improved Dire Maul or Blackrock Depths.

These two dungeons are massive, so massive in fact that in Cataclysm, they got cut down and reshaped into multiple separate wings. And in BRD’s case, they just scrapped well over half of it.

Either of these 2 dungeons makes the most sense as being a new 20-man-raid or 10-man raid. Logically, it makes sense because Blizzard stated that they wanted new players to be able to catch up easily from phase to phase.

Introducing more level 60 level-up raids, making gearing a lot easier and allowing a transition into raids more easily, albeit I’m not sure if they’ll focus all the effort into making the already existing raids better and more fun to interact with.

Keeping the phases between 4 and 12 weeks long, so we get a lot of hyper-focused content and then new phases before we get bored. Or maybe Phases 5 to 8 will be 6 months long, each with a storm of content to keep us all content.

Phase 6 - Blackwing Lair & Zul’Gurub

Nonetheless, Phase 6 is Blackwing Lair and Zul’Gurub, two fun and interesting raids which will definitely get more quests, reputations, mechanics changes, and loot.

The dungeons most likely to get changed with this phase are the Temple of Atal’Hakkar for ZG and Blackrock Spire for Blackwing Lair, correlating nicely with each other.

Also, Blackrock Mountain being a horrible war zone probably continues into Phase 6, maybe Stranglethorn Vale as well at this point.

But then again, perhaps this is an overload of content and I’m overestimating Blizzard’s zeal, desire, and SOD Gold when it comes to Classic Season of Discovery. There is a lot that they could do here, so much in fact that this could easily be a six-month content stretch between the 10-mans, 20-mans, and 40-mans.

WoW SOD Blackwing Lair

Phase 7 - Ahn’Qiraj 40 & Ahn’Qiraj 20

Let’s move on to Phase 7, which is where I think we’re going to see the most new content in the game.

Scarab Lord is a very coveted title and the Black Qiraji Battle Tank is one of the rarest mounts in the entire game. The opening of Ahn’Qiraj and the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline is a long, awesome, and genuinely a wild experience.

So, imagine the things they could do here, the things they could add. Imagine a massive zone-wide PVP event in Silithus where the Horde and Alliance battle it out for new PVP reputations and items.

AQ40 and AQ20 are incredible raids full of awesome bosses, lore mechanics, and loot, and I can’t wait to see what Blizzard does here.

Now, we aren’t theorycrafting if we don’t think about new content, and with that, allow me to introduce Uldaman, the new 10-man dungeon and another location to gear with level 60 gear, so you can delve into the raids faster.

Phase 8 - Naxxramas

Last but not least, Phase 8 and The Dread Citadel - Naxxramas, the so-called guild killer in vanilla and definitely a guild killer in Classic, as everything devolved into GDKP and triggered hyperinflation.

Naxxramas will probably get more loot, new quests, new bosses, new mechanics, and more. That’s to be expected. But what else will change in Phase 8? Let me introduce you all to the new 20-man or 10-man raid Stratholme, one of the most iconic places in World of Warcraft and the beginning of the fall for our beloved prince Arthas.

Now, this is me wishing, but it could make sense as once Eastern Plaguelands into a massive PVP zone event, which is already supported by the tower situated across the zone. It would make a lot of sense to have more than just Naxxramas for the entirety of Phase 8, and the size of Stratholme already correlates to being a miniature raid, anyway.

Even if they only include a fraction of what I’ve spoken of and even if they go on absolutely a completely different path, the amount of content that Blizzard seems to be planning to add to Classic Plus Season of Discovery is staggering. And whilst all of this might not be in Season of Discovery, it will definitely be in Classic Plus.

So, whether Season of Discovery is Classic Plus or leads into Classic Plus, expect an obscene amount of content just from the endgame phases.

WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Is Awesome! - Overview & Guide

BizzCon launched to exciting fanfare, moderate disappointment, some controversy, but overall satisfaction. And in that controversy, we have Season of Discovery.

Season of Discovery is Blizzard’s take on Classic Plus. It has completely changed how classic will be played, and what at its core is that it is still Classic WoW. The changes are staggering and amazing.

By the way, if you want to be far ahead of other players in WoW Classic SOD, having enough WoW Classic SOD Gold must be the key to your victory!

WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Is Awesome! - Overview & Guide

Quick Summary Of Content

The most exciting change of Season of Discovery is none other than the Rune Engraving system.

It’s a new class augmentation, where by exploring the world, doing quests, killing bosses, or whatnot, you are able to equip spells, abilities, some item effects, some abilities from other classes, some racial abilities, and some enchantment directly onto your armor, and acquire those passives or abilities.

When we start the game, the level cap is only 1 to 25, and we only have access to three armor slots: chest, legs, and hands. Whilst I will dive into runes for all classes later in this guide, some noticeable runes are Crusader Strike for Paladin and Wild Strikes for Druids.

Now, these two abilities are quite incredibly powerful whilst they alone don’t change the game. Considering that you can get three abilities like this at this power, at level 25 is staggering. This doesn’t even account for reaching max level and having the ability to unlock over 10 abilities, depending on if you can equip runes on weapons, shields, and trinkets.

But because discoveries are secret, and no one knows where they are. You’re probably saying it’ll be datamined. There’ll be 50 YouTube videos and 20 icyvein guides before Season of Discovery even launches. And whilst typically you’d be right, in this case, you’re wrong. Because one of the best decisions that Blizzard has ever made is the following chain: there is no public beta, alpha, or anything.

Every single person is going in blind. The only knowledge we have of the game is what they’ve said to us during BlizzCon, and the people that actually got to play the BlizzCon demo for the 10-man raid Blackfathom Deeps.

Another facet to the game is the following. There are now new tanks and healer combinations. The meta has been shifted, and many classes can do things that they couldn’t do before, like Shaman, Warlock, and Rogue tanking. Also, Paladin is fixed and can properly tank now......

Level Banded Content Phases

Now that you know what runes are, and you learn what the level cap at the start of Season of Discovery is, you’re probably asking, what does that mean?

It’s a new system that Blizzard has designed, called Level Banded Content Phases. And what this means is that Phase 1 of Season of Discovery is capped at level 25, and after a period of a few weeks, it will increase to level 40, the cap for Phase 2.

The phases are as follows, based on Blizzard purposefully leaking the next three 10-man raids, which are: Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery, and Karazhan Crypts after Blackfathom Deeps.

WoW Classic SOD Blackfathom Deeps

Now, though, based on the dev interviews, here we have the following phase bands. Phase 1 being Blackfathom Deeps at a level cap of 25. Phase 2 being Gnomeregan at a level cap of 40. Phase 3 being Scarlet Monastery at a level cap of 50. And Phase 4 being Karazhan Crypts at a level cap of 60.

Whilst Blizzard didn’t announce a Phase 5, I wouldn’t be surprised if Phase 5 was 40-man raids being redone. There could be a Phase 5, which starts at level 60 with a completely new 40-man dungeon raid, perhaps Dire Maul. And then Phase 6 is Molten Core remastered and onwards.

So, with those phases explained, why did Blizzard choose Phase 1 being level 25? Blizzard said that the feedback during the classic betas back in 2019 was that people enjoyed it and it was a fun time rediscovering, exploring and doing things at the level 25 cap back then. So, they chose their cap based on that, especially since it allowed them to redo and reuse old content, especially low-level content that people wouldn’t visit again otherwise.

Another major reason is since phases last a few weeks, assume between 4 to 10 weeks per phase, it means you’ll never be too far behind as a new player or someone with IRL responsibilities. You can always jump back, jump back out, play other games, not feel pressured or compelled to grind to max level immediately. You’ll have plenty of time to do that.

And the final reason is that they add exciting, unique and new content with each level banded content phase: new items, new quests, new NPCs and mobs, new discoveries and world quest, new PVP and more. And they can do this over the course of a year or two.

The other main reason is that it allows them to treat each phase as a mini beta within itself, testing what works, is overpowered, is meta, isn’t meta and allowing them to give breathing room to make each consecutive phase better and better.

With level banded content phases covered, let’s talk about the last bonus of the system. That is a new mechanic. There will be a massive XP boost to previous phases, allowing you to catch up faster or level up alt faster with every new phase. I don’t know what this XP boost will be, but I assume it’s 2x experience, maybe even as high as 5x experience. We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

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Endgame Content

Now that we know we’re stock at level 25 for 4 weeks minimum, up to perhaps as long as 12 weeks, what is the endgame for such a low level?

As I said earlier, there are now new 10-man raids, taking all dungeons and remixing them into raid content. And the first of these level-up raids is Blackfathom Deeps. They’ll be taking familiar settings and characters, giving them new mechanics, changing the quest around these dungeons and making it feel like a legitimate raid. Blizzard’s goal here was to make the world feel more alive, tempered and past, allowing us to take an Azeroth for all its glory and prestige.

Since Blackfathom Deeps got a full-on redesign, let’s dive into this exciting and wildly new content. Blackfathom Deeps is an ancient elven ruin with evil stirring within, familiar but mysterious. Most of you probably don’t even remember the bosses there. But even if you do, they are now completely different.

With a 3-day lockout, much like Zul’Gurub, we’re going to have plenty of time to master this level-up raid and figure out everything there is in there and every little secret. And there are plenty of secrets in Blackfathom Deeps, for example, the secret of the Black Feather Artisan, which sounds like an incredible crafting recipe skill set, as well as the mysterious new world buff Boon of Black Fathom.

And now, let’s dive into the bosses. BFD has seven new bosses, all fully reimagined encounters, and all quests and loot for BFD have been completely remastered and remade. You now have level 25 loot being better than perhaps even level 40 classic loot. Don’t quote me on that, as I don’t have a full item list, but what we did see is pretty incredible, since this is essentially level 25 raid loot and not dungeon loot.

But onto our first boss, who is Baron Aquanis, who is no longer a quest NPC and is now the first raid boss. He’s empowered by Fathom Stones, which have to be disabled, as well as jumping puzzles and a very obnoxious knockback. This knockback throws you off the platform, during which you have to jump puzzle your way back up, only for the ability to be off cooldown, so he knocks you down again. Kind of annoying as far as combat mechanics go, but it’s very interesting, nonetheless.

Then, we have Ghamoo-ra, now the second boss of the raid instead of the first of the dungeon. And he’s protected by a magical barrier, which we have to break through to be able to burn down the giant turtle.

The third boss is Lady Sarevess, a Naga Sea Witch with a retinue of Blackfathom Elite, and we have to turn her own spells against her to stop her from overwhelming us with unending adds.

WoW Classic SOD Lady Sarevess

The next four bosses we have almost no information about, but here they are: Gahz’rilla, the Void Murloc, followed by Lorgus Jett, and then Twilight Lord Kelris, before finally we confront Aku’mai, the Voidscale Hydra.

And that summarizes Blackfathom Deeps. I’m beyond excited to dive into this new content and see just how fun and intuitive it really feels.

Rune Breakdown

Next, I would cover runes in more depth.

As I already said, they’re treating each phase almost as if it’s a beta in of itself, which means runes will only get progressively more wild and interesting, seeing how players lean into them and how the class balance turns out.

Since Rune Engravings can be found all over the world, from quests, dungeons, raids, bosses, PvP, and who knows what else, I can’t cover every rune at the moment, just those that we know of.

At level 25, we only have access to chest, legs, and hands. Runes are permanent essentially a new talent system, which can be applied and removed at will, with no limitations or costs. You simply have to be out of combat to apply and unapply runes. The greatest benefit that runes provide to the game, though, is the simple fact that formerly faction-unique bonuses, buffs, and racials are now available for certain classes, removing that faction buffer. They are also making talent respecs cost far less, but they didn’t tell us how much less as of now.

Every class has its own runes. There is an insane amount of new abilities for player to choose. But it’s going to be a great few weeks as everyone attempts to figure out the new meta, only for the next phase to come out and completely invalidate every single guide that people write. This is good for creativity, exploration and fun. It’s terrible for min-maxes and meta chases, since your meta will never be meta for more than a few weeks or months at best.

Class Design Goals

This all ties neatly into the fact that Blizzard wants to shake up the meta with Season of Discovery, changing the concept of metas and data mining.

Meta in Season of Discovery will never be consistent or stable and thus don’t chase metas. Otherwise, expect to level a new character in every phase and completely learn a new class every phase for the most OP and broken character of that phase. Some of you will do that, that’s for sure, though.

Nonetheless, Blizzard wants to give each class something to brag about. They want to stick with what’s popular in the sense of abilities, item effects and more. Rather than just give random or terrible runes to people, they want to let people let loose and have fun.

Some of the runes will be new and unique spells never seen before. Some will be from future expansions, but they did say that they want to stay true to classic overall and not introduce anything too modern. So don’t expect spells from beyond WOTLK Classic or maybe even Cataclysm. They want to focus on class fantasy and make sure every class feels true to its fantasy.

New PvP Content

Finally, we move on to PvP, the lifeblood of WoW for some people. And what they’ve done cooked up for PvP is phenomenal and amazing.

WoW Classic SOD New PvP Content Ashenvale

Allow me to introduce you to Ashenvale, which lore-wise is a hot spot of war between the Alliance and the Horde since the days of Warcraft 3. And now it truly is a war between the Alliance and the Horde, not just in quest or Warsong Gulch.

Welcome to the Ashenvale PvP Zone, a massive zone-wide PvP event that will completely change how Ashenvale operates and make it a bloodbath.

On the side of the Alliance, we have the Priestess of the Moon, the leader of the Alliance forces in Ashenvale. On the side of the Horde, we have The Farseer, the leader of the Horde forces in Ashenvale. These two bosses are empowered by numerous other clans, which buff each respective leader. And whichever side can figure out a bug and blitz through into the enemy boss and kill them will get the whole experience nerfed.

Jokes aside, like Alterac Valley, you will have to defeat the numerous camp bosses to make the Priestess or the Farseer a weak enough to be defeated.

And as a special unique feature at level 20, you’ll be able to acquire a mount solely for usage in Ashenvale as a PvP unique mount, so it’s not to make the massive Alterac Valley size battlefield and event take 7 hours to complete.

But unlike Alterac Valley, there is no player cap on an open world PvP event, meaning you and your teammates will be able to group together in a massive 5 FPS 400 MS experience, where you don’t know if your side is winning or losing because there are 800 people in Ashenvale pvping at the same time or layering.

How Thrown Utility Damage Works In Dark And Darker?

In this guide, we’re going to be going over thrown utility in Dark and Darker and what exactly can affect their damage since I often find people don’t really loot or use these Dark and Darker Items as often as they should when they give such a massive advantage in fights.

How Thrown Utility Damage Works In Dark And Darker?

Explosive Bottles And Oil Lanterns

Let’s start with the Explosive Bottles and Oil Lanterns, also commonly referenced as Mollies.

Explosive Bottles: Throw an explosive bottle at a target location that will cause a bottle that creates a fiery explosion upon impact, scorching the surrounding area and inflicting area-of-effect (AOE) damage to all within its blast radius. It is lootable. The damage it deals depends on its tier. The higher the tier, the higher the damage it deals.

Oil Lanterns: When in someone’s hand, emits light that illuminates the surrounding area. Additionally, it can be thrown in a similar fashion to an explosive bottle, leaving fire that deals 3 magical damage per second. They can be found in loot chests.

These throwable utility items will deal no impact damage and instead spawn a ground AOE that deals 3 magic damage per second, no matter the Rarity.

Dark and Darker Explosive Bottles

Right now, I’m actually not sure what rarity does for Explosive Bottles. It seems like it only affects the sell price to the vendor. The duration and base damage are the same across the board. Anyway, if you want these bottles, be prepared with plenty of Dark and Darker Gold.

Since Explosive Bottles and Oil Lanterns are magic damage. Their damage will increase with Magic Power Bonus, + Additional Magic Damage and + True Magic Damage, all at 50% scaling.

The burn effect or tick damage can stack up to 3 times and randomly appear in the AOE. This is why Explosive Bottles may sometimes seem ineffective and other times very powerful.

Here’s just five ticks at plus 4 magic damage on my Fighter. Of course, the duration is a bit exaggerated here for demonstrational purposes since usually won’t cook for more than 2 or 3 ticks if you just run through them. Still, it’s a decent amount of damage.

Francisca Axes And Throwing Knives

Now, let us look to the Francisca Axes and Throwing Knives, which do a single instance of on-hit physical damage.

Here is a rule: just follow basic weapon damage for most time. So, + Additional Physicial Damage, + True Physical Damage, and any form of physical power will increase the damage from these two utility items at 100% scaling. This is where perk and spell bonuses make things a little crazy.

As not only do they benefit from weapon perks, like the Barbarian’s Axe Specialization, and Executioner for Francisca Axes, they will also benefit from any kind of Applied Damage Buffs, like the Cleric’s Divine Strike and the Wizard’s Ignite.

At full buff, this can cause some absurdly high damage numbers, even with absolutely no gear. For example, I can hit in the high 60s with the Starter Kit Franciscas Axes, which deals only 18 damage at base.

Note, that’s over three times the base damage.

Dark and Darker Throwing Knives

All we need are our two strength skills, our applicable Barbarian perks, and a base gear Cleric to give us Divine Strike and Bless.

You can even throw Ignite on for more damage as it still applies to utility items even though the VFX doesn’t appear.

Another key feature of thrown physical utility is that it has a fairly strong on hit slow, actually very strong on hit slow, as they currently sit at 25% and 20%. These stats are both higher than the long sword and it sounds kind of crazy.

Now, Ironmace has addressed the effectiveness of these two utility items in the past by adding both damage and velocity falloff, making them slightly less effective at longer ranges.

However, an in-game mechanic that people often don’t know about is that you could hold down or charge up your throw over a couple of seconds to bring it up to maximum speed. And it honestly makes a pretty big difference.

One last note on these two thrown utility items is that it will trigger any on hit skills or perks, like the Barbarian’s Achilles Strike and Reckless Attack, the Fighter’s Victory Strike or the Rogue’s Rupture, Weakpoint and Poison Weapon.

Even though it doesn’t show up on the training dummy and yes, they’re not damaging utility items. But throwing torches and lanterns also can be used to apply Achilles Strike and Rupture.


Now, I know this isn’t exactly game-changing knowledge for those who have been playing Dark and Darker for some time, especially those who’ve been around since the early play test and witness firsthand the Francisca Axe is at their peak power.

But the bottom line here is that these items still scale up to be incredibly strong and they’ll give you huge advantages in PVP. They’re definitely worth looting and buying for cheap price since chances are your class is already optimized to deal with high damage with them.

Best Build To Play In POE 3.22 Krangled Event 2023

Different Path of Exile players may have different preferences. For example, some people like to create unique characters, others are looking for extra challenges, and some just crave the thrill of intense battles. Therefore, GGG will hold three events in November based on the preferences of different players:

  1. Krangled Passives (November 3 - November 10)
  2. Blast From The Past (November 10 - November 17)
  3. Shifting Stones (November 17- November 24)

Today, we’re diving into the intricate world of one of the special events, the Krangled Passives.

Best Build To Play In POE 3.22 Krangled Event 2023

About Krangled Passives Event

Krangled Passives is the first event.

In this event, the passive skill tree and all ascendancy trees are jumbled. Minor passive skills, notable keystones, minor ascendancy skills, and major ascendancy skills have been internally scrambled within those categories. This means that a notable passive skill remains a notable passive skill, but it’s now randomly assigned.

Additionally, all players will be working with identical skill trees, but the Scion character class is not accessible in this event. The GGG team has introduced a range of additional POE Items for players based on their level achievements.

The rewards become increasingly valuable as your character’s level rises. The top three players overall will receive a full microtransaction bundle.

POE 3.22 Krangled Passives Event

Tier S -Totem Build

Totems will be the first build that comes to mind. This is because Totem life bonuses are somewhat dispersed throughout the standard passive tree.

Ancestor Totem attack builds may function effectively with a Krangled skill tree. But I believe that native spell totems, such as Holy Flame Totem and Spell Totem Support builds heavily rely on the Ancestral Bond keystone.

Consequently, these Spell Totem setups may not perform as well in this special event compared to the base game. Nonetheless, we believe that investigating totem builds is a worthwhile endeavor during this event.

Here are some builds you can follow: Shockwave Totem and EA Ballista.

Tier A - DOT Build

In the regular game, damage over time is typically balanced in comparison to instant damage, which is often reliant on Critical Strike.

This balance remains consistent in this special event, although critical strike is hard to get here. So, we’ll need to locate the various damage multiplier nodes spread across the skill tree.

Notably, elemental damage has captured our attention, as it appears to hold the most promise in this event. This is because elemental damage can be amplified by various statistics and it’s already in a favorable position in the base game.

Here are some builds you can follow: Toxic Rain Ballista and Cold DOT.

Tier B - Trap (Elementalist Build)

In the case of Traps and Mines, it is important to note that the majority of Trap and Mine builds heavily depend on Critical Strikes.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are Trap and Mine builds designed around elemental damage. And we anticipate that the Trap and Mine builds will be one of the most popular and effective choices in this event.

Here are some builds you can follow: Righteous Fire + Fire Trap and Hexblast Mines.

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Tier C - Minion Build

Next up are Minion builds.

The critical components of the passive tree that enhance minion abilities are widely dispersed, which may pose challenges.

However, it is essential to stay vigilant as a particular ascendancy class might offer a concentrated pool of powerful minion related bonuses.

If such an ascendancy exists, there is a chance building around minions still works. But for now, we have to wait and see.

Here are some builds you can follow: Absolution and Poison SRS.

Tier D - Build Around Crit

We think Critical Strikes are going to be the hardest or near impossible to pull off in general.

In the normal game without the Krangled tray modifier, there’s a synergy involving a base tree. Critical clusters grant you both Critical Strike multiplier and Critical Strike chance together in the same cluster.

This is important because you need to have both stats for either of them to become good.

Here are some builds you can follow: Lightning Arrow and Spark.

Last Notice

There is one last to notice: when it comes to builds you want to, have a look and see or any of the base classes are ahead just due to having more options or better patterns. Of course, no matter what your options are, you’ll need to have plenty of POE Currency to craft these builds.

And one of the things you’ll notice if you look into this is that some of the ascendancies have more notables than others. The Witch starting area is stacked with more notables than the rest of the tray is. And that means there’s more chance for those notables to be good now.

This doesn’t guarantee that these ascendancies or that the witch class are going to be better than other options. It just means that they have more chance to be good.

S Tier Chain Lightning Build Can Dominate Diablo 4 Season 2!

I am pretty surprised at how good Chain Lightning is in Diablo 4 Season 2. I take down bosses almost 30 levels higher in only 8s. I soloed all Uber Bosses pretty easily, including Duriel that I slayed it without even knowing its mechanics.

With further optimized gear and fully upgraded Vampiric Powers, I chilly beat nightmare dungeon Tier 100 fast at only level 86 multiple times, with no elixir and sometimes no death.

The build has the damage to nuke everything plus the survivability to facetank everything. Be prepared with plenty of Diablo 4 Gold if you want to make such a powerful build.

S Tier Chain Lightning Build Can Dominate Diablo 4 Season 2!

Key Synergy & Aspects

We use two DPS skills in this build, Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning.

We use Chain Lightning directly on the skill bar to take down both melee and ranged monsters fast for speed farming.

We also use Ball Lightning indirectly for insanely high AOE damage from two sources:

One from the Enchantment Slot where all Critical Hit trigger a static Ball Lightning on the ground at a decent chance, unleashing massive AOE damage. Make sure to get high Crit Chance from gloves and two rings to feel like a Thor.

Another source is from the Ultimate, that every Chain Lightning we cast during the Ultimate will randomly cast Ball Lightnings and melt everything around.

I made the build that it has almost 0 Cooldown Ultimate. We use the Anticipation Vampiric Power to get 20% Ultimate Cooldown Reduction. We use Overflowing Energy that translates Crackling Energy to Cooldown Reduction plus two Crackling Energy generators, one from Destructive Chain Lightning and one from Wizard's Ball Lightning for further Cooldown Reduction.

And I recommend getting one extra Cooldown Reduction Stat on Helmet or Amulet so that it feels like we have 0 Cooldown Ultimate and just use it whenever we want.

But why do we want two indirect sources for Ball Lightning in the build?

This is because Ball Lightning does absolutely insane damage in Season 2. It gets 200% benefit from bonus attack speed and we get tons of bonus attack speed in this build.

We run the Accelerating Aspect on a two-handed weapon for 50% attack speed. The Ultimate adds another 25% attack speed as we have close to 0 Cooldown Ultimate.

Plus, we get another 48% from the Ravenous Vampiric Power. If we have Esu’s Heirloom, we get another 75% movement speed for 3s after using evade. This goes back to another 30% attack speed buff from Ravenous.

And we get another 14% attack speed from gloves. This is already 167% bonus attack speed in total that we more than quadruple the damage of Ball Lightning.

On top of that, we run the Gravitational Aspect to keep the Ball Lightning around us to not waste any Ball Lightning DPS and further improve its damage by another 25% multiplicatively.

As a result, we melt monsters, elites and bosses that are even 70 levels higher than us.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Key Synergy & Aspects

Infinite Mana

We will need infinite mana first to run the build smoothly.

To achieve infinite mana, we will use the Recharging Aspect that we get mana from each Chain Lightning bounce and Invigorating Conduit to recover 12 mana per crackling energy pick up.

Build Tankiness Effectively

Survivability becomes much more important post level 70.

We use Ice Armor in this build to get unlimited barrier for 6s. Plus, the 0 Cooldown Ultimate we basically get infinite barrier because we have the Protection passive that All Cooldown Skill cast grants a Barrier equal to 30% of our Maximum Life. Plus, the random Lightning Spear casted from the Ultimate.

We run the Snowveiled Aspect so that we have both Teleport and Ice Armor as Unstoppable Skill to stay safe if we are getting Crowd Controlled. And we get tons of extra Armor as the Armor bonus is buffed from 10% to 30% in 1.2.0.

In this build, Chain Lightning applies 100% Uptime for Vulnerable to all monsters with the benefit from the legendary node in the Static Surge Board. This is also why we don’t need the passive on Frost Nova.

So, we also take the Ice Armor passive to get further barrier to be really tanky. I can facetank butchers easily with Ice Armor on and even facetank T100 sometimes at only level 86.

We also run the Everliving Aspect for another constant 25% damage reduction as all monsters are Vulnerable. And make sure to get 70% All Resistance in World Tier 4 by combining the Resistance Stats on these 4 positions. We can also tweak the Paragon Board Nodes and use Gems if necessary.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Build Tankiness Effectively

Last, get at least 2% Total Armor Stats on these 4 positions. With the Aspect of Disobedience, we are super tanky and facetank everything. I will fast scan my full gear that passed T100 at level 86. I carefully selected all stats on each piece and I used Maximum Life stats on Rings to improve my survivability to just challenge T100.

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Skill Tree

For the Skill Tree, we use Firebolt in Enchantment for burning synergy.

This is combined with Devouring Blaze for further crit damage. If our base crit chance is below 25%, replace Devouring Blaze with Elemental Dominance and replace Firebolt with Chain Lightning in the Enchantment for better performance.

If we got a Recharging Aspect that is above 2.5, we can remove all points from Invigorating Conduit and put them to Conjuration Mastery + Precision Magic for further damage.

Paragon Board

As mentioned earlier, the most important node in the Paragon Board is the Static Surge legendary node that enables our Chain Lightning to apply Vulnerable states to all monsters plus some mana regeneration. We will unlock it the first thing after we are on the second board.

Vampiric Powers

For Vampiric Powers, I recommend using:

  • Resilience. It is the best Vampiric Power to help us survive in high tiers.
  • Ravenous. It gives us 40-75% extra attack speed for great synergy in the build Anticipation. It helps us get, close to 0 Cooldown Ultimate for much more damage and survivability.
  • Accursed Touch. It does great AOE damage to further speed up farming.
  • Prey on the Weak. It helps us get another 16% multiplicative damage boost as we apply 100% Vulnerable Uptime to all monsters.

Without Gravitational Aspect

Unfortunately, the Gravitational Aspect is only dropped randomly and cannot be target farmed.

If you haven’t got one, I recommend using the Unbroken Tether Aspect for greater Chain Lightning Synergy or the Control Aspect that can be codex imprinted if you don’t have the Unbroken Tether either.

Skill Rotation

There is no specific skill rotation in this build Skill Rotation.

We are pretty flexible to fight enemies both in close range or at a distance. As the Ultimate is free, just cast Ultimate, keep pressing Chain Lightning and witness everything melt in seconds.


I really like this Chain Lightning build because it has extremely high attack speed, insane damage, superb survivability and free to cast Ultimate to greatly boost damage whenever I want.

I am not only having a blast but also having lots of fun running it.

Is Forza Motorsport Worth Your Time And Money?

Forza Motorsport has been around for 18 years and has made some great strides with every release. While some have been better than others, it has remained near the forefront of simulation racing games.

Turn 10 Studios’ latest game in the series claims to be a new era for not only the Forza franchise but racing games in general. In a lot of areas, it backs those claims, but it falls short in a few too many spots that keep it from being an all-time great racing game.

Is Forza Motorsport Worth Your Time And Money?


First, let’s talk about accessibility. Forza Motorsport has some of the deepest accessibility options I’ve seen in a racing game. Whether you are a longtime racer completely new or need help for a variety of reasons, you can tailor the game to what you need. It’s basically Turn 10’s way of ensuring all are welcome to play.

There are over 500 Forza Motorsport Cars to choose from at the game’s launch, which is quite a bit less than the 700 the past games have offered. Still, the offerings are strong, with a mix of modern and classic cars of all different classes.

For the most part, each car feels unique, with some offering tighter turning while others just zip through the course with no remorse. Getting comfortable behind each car you choose is arguably the best gameplay aspect Forza Motorsport has to offer.

All 20 courses in the game at launch are beautifully recreated. Every inch on the track looks spoton to what you would see in real life, if not better. Even the sound design is a second to none experience that helps immerse you into each race.

The game features a day and night cycle that is incredible when running long races. I suffer from an astigmatism, one of the symptoms aside from general blurry vision, causes bright lights to display differently to my eyes in the dark. When racing at night, the lights cause the same vision issues. I would suffer driving at night in real life without my glasses or the wrong pair. Personally, that’s one of the aspects I absolutely love.

Forza Motorsport Accessibility Options


But with everything Forza Motorsport does right, there’s quite a bit it does wrong. Race settings are limited to one of the three rule sets. Rather than be able to do races where you have full damage or rewinds on, you have to choose between one or the other. It’s an unnecessary limitation, especially if I’m playing free play races by myself.

Speaking of damage, that’s one area where the game really disappoints. Even with full damage enabled, you can drive full speed into a wall or a car and your vehicle will only show various scratches on the surface. Sure, there will be damage within your car like your suspensions or whatnot, but that takes away from a bit of the realism Turn 10 was likely aiming for.

Your car looks the same, whether it’s cosmetic or full damage after taking a major hit. For a game with as much attention to detail in areas, like rain, track surface, and dirt, the damage omissions are a real head scratcher .

Then, there are little things that bother me like not being able to cycle through cars when looking to buy them. By that, I mean once you get to the end of the list instead of going back to the beginning, you have to manually go backwards through everything.

Another one is searching for liveries for your car. It often takes a long time for them to load up, which leads me to just backing out and doing something else in the game.

Forza Motorsport Career Mode

Again, these are small things, but it’s enough to annoy me when playing. Career Mode is where you spend most of your time outside of the game’s Multiplayers. And to be completely honest, it’s a big letdown. It follows a basic formula of practice, race, upgrade your cards if you can and repeat. There’s no real feeling of investment in the mode aside from trying to earn Forza Motorsport Credits (in-game currency) to buy or upgrade more cars.

It would be nice if there was more of an atmosphere surrounding the events in your career. Multiplayer allows you to race with friends in private lobbies or online with others around the world. There are featured races to take part in after you complete qualifier races as well as other events like Rivals, which essentially are time trials.


Overall, Forza Motorsport is a fun racing game. Each car feels enjoyable once you learn its nuances and the tracks all look incredible. It’s just a disappointment. It comes with a run-of-the-mill career mode that doesn’t keep you wanting to play for enjoyment, but more a feeling of requirement.

With content updates during its life cycle, Forza Motorsport can become a great game in its own right. For now, however, it remains just a solid game with a little too much empty space off the track.

What Are The Differences Between Official Hardcore Servers & The Hardcore Addon?

With the launch of Official Hardcore Servers on Classic Era, I think it’s time to cover what’s different on these Official Hardcore Servers, compared to the version of Hardcore we have been playing in the past with the addon.

So, here, I will cover the major differences between the addon and the official hardcore servers, as they do not follow the same rules and are actually very different from one another.

What Are The Differences Between Official Hardcore Servers & The Hardcore Addon?


Let’s start with Solo / Duo / Leveling in a Group.

With the Hardcore addon, if you wanted to be in a duo or a trio, you had to be online at the same time, and level together from start to finish. There were several rules in place such as you’re not allowed to be in different zones, basically meaning you had to duo with the same person from level 1 to level 60 and always play together.

On the Official Hardcore Servers, you are free to Solo, Duo, or Trio whenever you want. You can invite whoever you want to your group whenever you want. You could, for example, group up in a 5-man group from level 1-10 and just focus on kill-quests, then split up at level 10 and then solo the rest of the way until level 60. And if you suddenly meet someone you want to duo with for a couple of hours, you can do that as well.

Basically, you are no longer locked into being a Solo, Duo or Trio Character upon starting. Because with the Addon, if you chose to be in a Duo, you were stuck in that Duo. On the upcoming Hardcore Servers, you’re more free to pick and choose throughout your journey.

So basically, Grouping was very restricted before, but now you’re free to group up when you want to.


Now, let’s talk about Dungeons.

With the Hardcore Addon and the Solo Self Found Ruleset, we were only allowed to do one singular run of every dungeon until we hit level 60. This could be very annoying, as a singular mistake, and losing one person could mean you miss out on the entire dungeon. Because if you lose 1 person in, for example, Zul’Farrak or Maraudon, finishing such a high level dungeon with only 4 people can be incredibly difficult and is often a risk not even worth taking on Hardcore.

This could mean you miss out on an entire dungeon because of a mistake someone else makes. And not only that but some dungeon quests were borderline impossible to do with only one run: Like for example the Stormwind Stockades Bandanas Quest, or the Zul’Farrak Mojo Quest, basically quests where you loot mobs for an item with less than 100% drop chance, and even Wailing Caverns with the Deviate Hides, though those could be farmed on the outside.

WoW Classic Hardcore Dungeons

In these cases, players would literally /roll for who got to complete their quests. And if you lost the roll, you would not be able to complete your quest, which feels kinda weird.

On top of that, you also have dungeons, like Uldaman, which heavily encourages you to do multiple runs of the dungeon in order to complete every quest, although it is technically doable in one instance-run if you time it to perfection.

On the Official Hardcore Servers, all of this annoyance is removed, as we can now do several dungeon runs while leveling, although there has been one modification in order for people not to just spam Dungeon Cleaves like they did in 2019 when Classic WoW came out.

Dungeons now have a 24 hour reset timer from level 1 to 59, meaning this timer is lifted once you hit level 60, so you can freely farm dungeons. But this means while leveling, dungeons will have a daily lockout and you can run every dungeon once per day.

One more change they have made to dungeons is that mobs inside dungeons give 50% less experience, but bosses give a lot more experience than usual.

Basically, they have taken 50% of the mob experience throughout the dungeon and put it into bosses, which is done for two main reasons: Mobs inside the dungeons do reset over time, but bosses have a 24 hour reset timer. And it also encourages people to focus on killing bosses and doing the higher dungeon rather than just AoE farming mobs inside dungeons for experience.


Next up then, the use of Mailboxes, Auction House and Trading. I’ve chosen to throw all of this into one place, as it all pretty much boils down to one thing: Trading.

Sending a mail between players is essentially trading something, you’re just doing it via mails. Same thing with the Auction House, so it’s all Trading.

On Classic Era with the Hardcore Addon, Trading was not allowed, even for things, such as Mage Food or Mage Water, or Warlock Healthstones. Basically, no trading whatsoever.

On the Official Hardcore Servers, this rule will be lifted and you are free to Trade, use the Auction House, and use the mailbox. I think this is a good thing, because you have another way to make WoW Classic Hardcore Gold.

But what I will say is, all the rules we had in place with the Hardcore Addon, made it so you were pretty much forced to play in one very specific and restrictive way.

And without being allowed to Group, Trade, send mails or use the Auction House, it is a very “Solo” experience. It is definitely more challenging, but is also a lot less social, and Blizzard have verbally stated they want to focus more on the Social Element than the Challenging Element, which I think is great.

The essence of these servers being Hardcore already is quite challenging in itself, and too challenging for most people, considering if they lose a level 60 character, a lot of people simply won’t bother going again.

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Class Abilities

There are also a couple of small changes, such as Class-Abilities, which were previously prohibited or the use of certain items.

Number one here would be the Paladin Bubble-Hearth, which was technically not allowed with the Hardcore Addon, but there were a couple of work-arounds. But on the Official Hardcore Server, there will simply be a restriction in place to where Paladins physically cannot use their Hearthstone while under the Protection Effect.

However, nothing has been stated about the Light of Elune plus Hearthstone, so there might be a big favor for the Alliance here.

With the Hardcore Addon, we were also not allowed to use the Auto-Unstuck Features in order to Teleport to Major Cities, and this restriction will not be there on Official Hardcore Servers.

For most people, this won’t really matter much. But for example, as a Night Elf, this means you can use the Auto Unstuck Feature to teleport to Ironforge instead of having to walk through Wetlands, or swim to Westfall, so it definitely has some practical uses.

Minor Changes

Now, let’s talk about some minor things that might not directly impact your gameplay, but are pretty huge changes overall.

- With the Hardcore Addon, we had an Appeal System. On the Official Hardcore Server, we will not have an Appeal System. This means if you die because of a disconnect, your run is over. But, Blizzard have done a lot of work in the back-end to atleast make it so you disconnect as little as possible from the game itself. But if you have terrible internet connection, there’s really not a lot Blizzard can do.

A lot of people have speculated that they could have added a disconnect-protection-mechanic where if you disconnect, you get a protective bubble around your character until you come back in. But believe me, that could be abused and would be just as terrible as anything else.

Imagine if we had such a system, I could just install a flip switch for my internet router next to my PC on a foot-pedal and if I’m ever close to die or in an oh-shit situation, I could just hit that switch and disconnect and get a protective bubble around my character.

- There will be a lot less griefing on the Official Hardcore Server than we had on Classic Era with the Addon. With the Addon on Classic Era, we had people stand on flightmasters with PVP enabled players naming themselves after mobs and forcing you to target them. Basically, people just forcing you into PVP combat then griefing you.

On the Official Hardcore Servers, you have to physically opt in to PVP by typing /pvp in order to get PVP flagged, so that the entire category of griefing is now disabled.

We also saw people drag elite mobs such as Teremus all the way to Stormwind and Elwynn Forest, and mobs will now have a kite-leash-cap, meaning if you try to kite a mob more than 500 yards away, it will reset. So, in this example, kiting Teremus out of Blasted Lands would end up resetting Teremus.

On the other hand, there is a new category of griefs, which Blizzard really can’t to anything about, and that is “Social Griefing” by players pretending to be your friend, joining your dungeon group or raid, then wiping the entire group.