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How To Gear Efficiently In Endgame Of Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn?

As the Season 4 of Diablo 4 has recently launched, after reaching Level 100, conquering the Pit, and vanquishing all the bosses, I felt compelled to create an extensive endgame guide of gearing. This guide has got you covered with all the essential information and strategies to elevate your gameplay to the next level. Let's get started!

Get Max Level gear

The first step is getting full 925 gear. Your first goal of endgame should be to get a full set of 925, that's max level gear in every single slot. Because the highest level 925 gear is always slightly better than anything below it.

How To Gear Efficiently In Endgame Of Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn?

So here's a couple of good ways to try and farm out a full set of 925 gear:

Nightmare Dungeons

First, the Nightmare Dungeons. The higher level of mobs, the higher level of the gear that drops. So once you can start fighting around Level 95 mobs, you will almost guarantee they'll be dropping 925 gear. Try to push into higher and higher Nightmare Dungeons.

Even if you are not Level 100, Tier 41 Nightmare Dungeons will have monsters at Level 95. So that's a good place to try and get into and farm, even if you can't beat the boss at the end. Just try and craft a Nightmare Sigil for a Level 41 dungeon, get in, and just farm some Elites, and they'll start dropping 95 gear.

Helltides Events

The next way is the Helltides. You can get a ton of gear from Helltides, as you probably already know. But you can also push the level of the mobs in the Helltides higher with the new Diablo 4 Item - Profane Mindcage, same as with Nightmare Dungeons.

So, that's a good way to boost the level of the mobs but also boost the level of the drops, meaning you'll get much more 925 drops. And these Profane Mindcages come from the Iron Wolves questline. They drop in the Helltides, so there's some good ways to get the gear early as well.

World Boss

As for the World Boss, which is also a good way to get some 925 gear. Then once you hit Level 100, everything drops 95 gear. So just keep farming and try to get the Greater Affix rolls, use your Murmuring Obols at the Purveyors of Curiosity, try to get some even better gear, but the base 925 gear with good stats will take you a very long way.


Once you've got 925 gear, the next significant leap in power comes from tempering your gear. Tempering is a new system introduced in Season 4, allowing you to add new affixes of your choice to your gear as you progress. Little scrolls will drop as you play, and clicking on them will grant you new tempering recipes. Head to the Blacksmith, click on the Tempering icon, and begin tempering your gear.

The beauty of Ancestral World Tier 4 gear is that you can apply 2 tempers to each item, making tempering a substantial boost to your build. You have the flexibility to enhance various aspects, such as DoT, vulnerability and even increase the levels of your abilities for more skill points. This translates to significant power-ups for your character.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Tempering

However, there's a risk involved as tempering can fail, and each item can only be tempered a certain number of times. Therefore, it's advisable to start tempering your items early, familiarize yourself with the system, and gradually make them more potent. It's relatively inexpensive and doesn't require many materials, so tempering everything is recommended. If you happen to replace an item, you can always re-temper it.

Once you've tempered your entire gear set, you'll notice a considerable boost in damage and effectiveness, aiding you in endeavors like tackling Nightmare Dungeons, mastering the Pit, and further exploring the game's challenges.


Once you have 925 tempered gear, it's time to look at Masterworking. To unlock Masterworking, you have to be at least Level 46 in Nightmare Dungeons. Level 46 Nightmare Dungeons feature monsters of Level 100.

If you don't have a Nightmare Sigil that high, you can visit the Occultist and craft one in the 40 to 50 range. Once you've completed a Level 46 Nightmare Dungeon, you will unlock the Masterworking system at the Blacksmith, as well as the Pit. This is a new repeatable dungeon-type content introduced in Season 4.

The reason you need the Pit is that this is where the materials for Masterworking come from. So, as soon as you've done that, head into the Pit. If you can beat a Level 46 Nightmare Dungeon, you can probably complete the first level of the Pit very easily.

Every time you complete 1 level of the Pit, you can try a few levels higher. Beat the timer within a good range, and you can progress from Level 1 to Level 3 and beyond. The way Masterworking works is that every time you Masterwork a piece of gear, every affix on that piece of gear grows by 5%. It does this 3 times, and then on the fourth upgrade, it will upgrade one affix by 25%.

Your endgame progression will be tied around progressing through the Pit. Once you have a full set of gear that you're happy with, you'd go into the Pit to Level 30. While you're doing this, you should also still be going into Nightmare Dungeons because that is how you upgrade your glyphs.

It's kind of a whole system where you jump between going to the Pit, Masterworking your gear, going to a Nightmare dungeon, and getting your glyphs leveled up. It's a big gameplay loop you'll be doing for a long time.

Diablo 4 Season 4 added lots of new endgame content and ways to progress. So this gearing guide should help learn all the different ways to progress your gear and the best ways to do it. I will be really happy if you find this useful.

These All 9 Glintstone Crowns That Sorcerer Builds Can’t Miss In Elden Ring! - Locations & Tips

As a unique item in Elden Ring, Glintstone Crown not only has a unique appearance, but also has coveted stat bonuses. Especially for Sorcerer Build, this must be a legendary item that cannot be missed. It can provide certain statistics in exchange for loss of statistics elsewhere.

Erudition Gesture can also help you access certain locations to find special treasures when using Glintstone Crown. Here we will provide the exact location of each Glintstone Crown and how to find them. This will give you a head start on Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which will be released on June 21, 2024!

These All 9 Glintstone Crowns That Sorcerer Builds Can’t Miss In Elden Ring! - Locations & Tips

Before you start exploring, I need to remind you that the locations of these Glintstone Crowns are scattered, so spending Elden Ring Runes to buy mounts can greatly improve your efficiency! Without further ado, come in with us!

9. Olivinus Glintstone Crown

When we enter Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace from Raya Lucaria Academy, on our left-hand side you will find yourself in a room with a spell Scroll and a crafting Cookbook. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a false wall behind the scroll, and do not stay here for too long.

Behind us is a small balcony. Jump over it, remember to jump to the left and onto a ledge, follow this direction until you see a rock exposed, use your best strength to climb it and you will You can jump to another ledge. From here you can overlook the entire area, and here you can see Sorcerer Thops’ final resting place. On the other corpse, you can pick up Olivinus Glintstone Crown.

8. Karolos Glintstone Crown

Obtaining Karolos Glintstone Crown is a piece of cake compared to other Glintstone Crowns. In this mission, you need to start at Debate Parlor Site of Grace in Academy of Raya Lucaria and head to the courtyard.

However, this area is not a peaceful place. Soon, you will encounter an Abductor Virgin, which is ferocious and aggressive and needs to be dealt with care. You can try to defeat it using weapons or skills, or look for opportunities to dodge its attacks and buy time to pass through its territory.

Once you successfully pass this challenge, follow the path and you’ll soon see a Crystalized Crab hiding in the bushes. The shell of this creature shimmered with crystal clear light and seemed to contain powerful power. Be sure to deal with it carefully and try to use your weapons and skills to defeat it and get Karolos Glintstone Crown.

7. Lazuli Glintstone Crown

In Elden Ring, getting Lazuli Glintstone Crown is a very challenging task that requires you to jump over the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy. If you have never explored Raya Lucaria Academy, then you need to follow my steps below.

First, you need to enter the courtyard from Debate Parlor Site of Grace and brave Sorcerers on the left. These powerful mages possess powerful magical attacks and need to be dealt with care.

After successfully defeating Sorcerers, you’ll need to jump over the railing and walk the long way to the tower in the distance. The tower is littered with broken wooden platforms, and you’ll need to walk carefully to avoid falling to the dangerous ground below.

In the middle of the tower you’ll encounter a Crystalized Crab. The shell of this creature shimmered with crystal clear light and seemed to contain powerful power. Be sure to deal with it carefully and try to use your weapons and skills to defeat it and get Lazuli Glintstone Crown.

6. Twinsage Glintstone Crown

Different from the method of obtaining Lazuli Glintstone Crown, the method of obtaining Twinsage Glintstone Crown is more interesting.

First, you need to go to Church of the Cuckoo located outside Raya Lucaria Academy and find Crystalized Crab located between the balcony railings and scaffolding poles.

If you have unlocked the ladder as a shortcut, you can use it to go from Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace to the second floor. If not, you can reach this location by walking across Raya Lucaria rooftop and jumping from above onto the scaffolding poles.

Once you find Crystalized Crab, attack it with the tools and weapons you have until it drops Twinsage Glintstone Crown.

5. Haima Glintstone Crown

The way to obtain Haima Glintstone Crown is also quite interesting. It is found on Battlemage enemies found everywhere in Lands Between. Please note that not all Battlemage enemies drop Haima Glintstone Crown. You need to find a specific Battlemage, who will drop the entire Battlemage set, including Haima Glintstone Crown, when defeated.

This Battlemage enemy is located on a rock just north of the collapsed bridge, near where Goldmask is. You can find him on Altus Plateau. There’s more than one way to get there, but the easiest route is probably to start from Windmill Village Site of Grace and follow the road northwest. Many other interesting ways are waiting for your wonderful exploration!

4. Hierodas Glintstone Crown

Hierodas Glintstone Crown is worn by Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm, and you can invade Leyndell with Bernhal, whom you talked to previously. I think he will be very willing to help you as a recusant now.

But to get the real Hierodas Glintstone Crown, you need to start at Seethwater River Site of Grace in Altus Plateau and follow the river to Fort Laidd. From here, continue around Mt. Gelmir. You will eventually find Hermit Village.

Hierodas Glintstone Crown you want is located on a corpse behind one house. This part may require some patience on your part. During your search, you can also pick up remaining pieces of Errant Sorcerer’s Set elsewhere in Hermit Village, which can be of great use in subsequent missions.

3. Witch’s Glintstone Crown

Witch’s Glintstone Crown is one of the first Glintstone Crowns most players encounter, and it is worn by Sorceress Sellen. Completing Salem’s quest is worth it, not only because you earn Witch’s Glintstone Crown, but also because you’ll get to see places that would otherwise be undiscovered.

You can get it in two ways, and when you reach Rennala’s boss room, it’s time to make your choice. Both sides will drop unique items, and who you choose depends on which gear you want.

When you choose to side with Jerren, Witch’s Glintstone Crown will drop after Sellen’s death. Otherwise, if you choose to side with Sellen, you will get Witch’s Glintstone Crown in Jerren’s ultimate form.

2. Azur’s Glintstone Crown

Azur’s Glintstone Crown, as the name suggests, is the gem carried by Primeval Sorcerer Azur. You first find Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Sellen’s questline. It is located at the end of the path that circles Mt. Gelmir, passing Fort Laiedd and Hermit Village.

If you’ve already explored the area, just head northeast of Grays Craftsman Cottage ruins. When you first meet him, talk to him and, after a brief silence, he will give you Comet Azur.

In fact, Azur’s Glintstone Crown and Witch’s Glintstone Crown are related. When facing the choice between Sellen and Jerren, if you choose to help Sellen, defeat Jerren and return to the place where you talked with Azur. You can then find Azur’s Glintstone Crown and the rest of his armor to replace his body. Keep in mind that those who choose to help Jerren will not have this option after the questline ends.

1. Lusat’s Glintstone Crown

Finding Lusat’s Glintstone Crown requires a series of Kafkaesque steps. At some point during the previously mentioned Sorceress Sellen questline, she will give you a key to Lusat. Lusat can be found deep in Sellia Hideaway, which is a hard place to find. It is located behind an illusory wall northeast of Church of the Plague and is guarded by a lone Battlemage.

Lusat will give you Stars of Ruin Sorcery when you first find him. Then, help Sellen kill Jerren and complete Sellen’s mission, then go all the way back through Hideaway to where Lusat’s body is. Finally, you’ll get Lusat’s Glintstone Crown and the rest of his set.

After introducing so much about Glintstone Crown, are you already eager to get into the game to find out? Some players may find certain ways of exploring Glintstone Crown too difficult. Don’t worry, you can buy Glintstone Crown directly in the mall, which will help you complete tasks and challenges in the game more easily. I wish you a happy game!

Have You Ever Found These Secrets In Elden Ring?

There are a lot of secrets in Elden Ring. With a lot of secret areas and other things. Let’s look at five new secrets that have been found.

As you explore the secrets of Elden Ring, don't forget to invest in Elden Ring Runes, which will help you reach your goals faster.

Have You Ever Found These Secrets In Elden Ring?

1. Illusory Wall

You can find an Illusory Wall in Raya Lucaria. It opened to a mysterious tomb with a rare item in it. What untold treasure and lore will it reveal? It’s a Rune Arc. This one is right at the entrance of the actual main academy building on the right-hand side.

If you don’t know where it is from, looking at it from the roof. It is the Church of Cuckoo, bottom floor, the room with Mage and if you want something to think about. There’s an insane amount of secrets, including trick jumps, here. The bookshelf room all the secrets in Legacy Dungeons, curious if anyone’s tried to toss a fire at any walls.

If anyone remembers in Dark Souls Ⅱ where you have to get that guy to toss a firebomb at you, standing next to the wall to unlock the shortcut. I wonder if some of these walls people are hitting 50 times, and just need to attack with something different.

2. Hidden Dungeon

This is a secret place you get after using Secret Medallion at Grand Lift of Rold. There’s a boss in the hidden Dungeon. And it’s a Stray Mimic Tear. There’s an invisible path here that leads to Silver Scarab Talisman. An item which increases the chances that enemies drop something.

It's so helpful when you try to farm some rare weapon or armor. You can throw a rainbow Stone to see it, you craft them with ruined fragments. They can light invisible paths like this if they land on them. And if you throw it off a ledge and hear it shatter, you know that the fall will definitely kill you. You can use ground effects like Hoarfrost Stomp to help show the way.

However, these invisible paths are all straight. So they’re not really needed, just line up with the door you’re walking towards and you’ll be fine. The game actually gives players a hint that there are secret areas in this particular Dungeon.

Because your Beast eye gets the quivering notification while you enter it. If you leave Dungeon without getting a death route, you’ll know there was a secret place you missed. You’ll probably miss it entirely if you aren’t checking every inch of the place for where the undead boss was.

3. Aloric Woman

Ranni’s quest and find Malenia. Only players who constantly revisit places and look for NPC changes in the map are likely to complete it. Belly snap thing is really hard to guess. Why would you revisit that shopkeeper in the first church?

His role ends after Belly snap. He had a huge quest which was cut. You can totally miss the dialogue choice there the first time. Nothing tells you to talk to her, also the dialogue doesn’t even have the icon that Malenia does.

As well, you are so used to Graces that you don’t read the menu. This can be hard without looking it up. There’s a Medallion you get the second half to later in the game. The one that requires you to beat Niall.

Then you should have two options at Grand Lift of Rold that can take you to a secret place. Find the Aloric Woman. She hides in a cave to the west of Laskyar Ruins which is from mist-shrouded lake of Liurnia.

Together with her Great Wolf, she knows the location of Medallions counterpart. You’ll get an item that opens the area without exploring wildly far off the main quest line and a couple NPCs mention it enough for you to look for it.

4. Tree Guardians

Lot of people don’t know Tree Guardians can transform. Their Spear also becomes a big Club. This transformed mode also gives them a grab attack where they hit and then throws you away. It’s probably the attack with the least sightings among the player base, because it requires you to not have enough damage to kill an enemy with very low Health. That gets staggered every hit.

For that enemy to go through that transformation, and then randomly hit you with it. Even though they have seven or eight moves, and it only happens with these specific Guardians that disappear after you burn Erdtree.

Erdtree Guardians should have had more health, but there would need to be less of them. They have a better move set than some mini bosses. These Erdtree Guardians are also the only ones who drop that Full Bloom Guardian armor. Very easy to miss.

5. Tree Spirit

There’s a secret area below Stormveil Castle with Tree Spirit. You may play through the game and miss this. There are also multiple paths to the Tree Spirit. Quickest is by dropping off a platform near Liftside Chamber Grace.

There is also a Knight tucked away in Stormveil that only the most intrepid will find. The night is where the birds are. So right before Godrick, there’s that big room that has Jars in it. If you walk along the cracked side of the room, there’s a ledge you can jump on and you can jump to these doors. And follow the path from there and you’ll reach it. You can find a flower or three. When you climb the ladder, you unlocked with the rusty key, turn right instead of left and jump onto a platform on the right to get out of the castle. Follow the line and you’ll see it.

Have you discovered these secrets in the game?

Elden Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree With New Level Mechanics And Content May Be Released As The Final Story

In fact, in the past two years, there have been constant rumors that there will be new DLC. But it's all uncertain. As a result, news like this constantly piques players' interest and then disappoints them. I believe many players have quit Elden Ring because of this, but this time it is really coming. I believe there will be players who will return to Elden Ring after seeing the release date of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.Elden Ring’s new expansion Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be ushered in on June 21st. Currently, Miyazaki claims that this is the only DLC for Elden Ring. So the story of Elden Ring is coming to an end after Shadow of the Erdtree. Shadow of the Erdtree will be the last journey for players in Elden Ring. There will be many changes in Shadow of the Erdtree, a lot of new content will be added, and the difficulty will increase.

Elen Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree With New Level Mechanics And Content May Be Released As The Final Story

1. New Leveling Mechanic

Miyazaki mentioned a separate leveling mechanic in the interview. Since two years have passed since the release of Elden Ring, most players have fully leveled characters. FromSoft is also aware of this problem, so in order to ensure the future game experience, a separate leveling mechanic was proposed. It is outside of “the Lands Between” and players will have their own “level element”. This is more like a balancing mechanism that exists to maintain a fair environment. If such adjustments are not made when Shadow of the Erdtree is about to launch, the subsequent game experience will become confusing. Therefore, Miyazaki emphasized that if you do not put a protective lock on the game balance, it is better to start from scratch. This is also unfair to veteran players, so in order to ensure the interests of most players, a separate leveling mechanic was born.

2. New Game Content

Shadow of the Erdtree has a huge amount of content, including eight new weapon types, as well as many brand new casts, such as the legendary St. Trina. This will be a highlight and very much anticipated. She echoes past video content and is associated with some Legendary, Materials, Special Weapons and recipes. This also means that the entire Elden Ring will form a closed loop, and many things have been reasonably explained.

The protagonist of Shadow of the Erdtree is Miquella, who has an unusual relationship with Trina. I believe everyone knows the similarities between Miquella’s Lily and Trina’s Lily. I was so impressed that he took off his hat to show respect when Miyazaki said this.

Elden Ring St. Trina

And a new boss is coming soon: Messmer the Impaler. From the official PV, we can see that he has iconic red hair and his skills are very cool. Messmer the Impaler inserts a spear into the ground, and the lava boils, and then many spikes suddenly appear around it. If you fail to get out of the range in time, you may be knocked away by it or even get hung up on it.

Elden Ring Messmer the Impaler

This is exactly the same as the historical Dracula who liked to hang people on thorns. He’s almost a demigod. His life experience is also worthy of everyone’s exploration and guessing. This Boss is very difficult and requires top operation. I think this boss is so handsome. Whether it’s the appearance design, skill special effects, or his connection with the story itself, it’s worthy of careful exploration by us players.

Elden Ring Dracula like Impalement

In addition, taking into account the situation in the world of Elden Ring, many well-known NPCs will not appear in Shadow of the Erdtree. In this way, everyone can understand that this is not an eternal world, and the life and death of NPCs are irreversible. Everything lost will only become regrets and remain in memory. Creating a utopia is not Miyazaki’s goal.

Some people may be reluctant to ask if this is the end? Is the ending of Shadow of the Erdtree the ending of Elden Ring?

I think you are thinking too simply. Shadow of the Erdtree will have different options and endings, which players need to explore by themselves. As for which one is the standard ending, Miyazaki didn’t say much. The reason for having multiple possibilities is also to make it easier for players to replay the game. It feels as if Miyazaki left the ending blank and left it to the players to fill it in. Some people speculate that although he has emphasized that it will be the last DLC of Elden Ring. They do not rule out the form in which FromSoft will publish the sequel to Elden Ring again, including books, comics, videos, etc.

After all, this is a DLC released two years after Elden Ring was released in 2022. Veteran players have been idle in the original world for a long time. Seeing that the challenge is coming, it is time for us to move our bodies and welcome Shadow of the Erdtree. Nothing is easy in Elden Ring. Let’s take up arms and prepare for new battle.

Top 3 Adjustments In Diablo 4 Season 4: Crafting System, Boss And Class

Diablo 4 Season 4, scheduled to be released at 10 am PST on May 14, 2024, has been deeply adjusted based on players’ evaluation of the PTR. Devs had adjusted in several aspects including Affixes, Tempering, Masterworking, The Pit, Helltide, Class Changes, and Boss Ladder. As you can see, these are mainly done from the aspects of crafting system, Boss and class. All that is being prepared to show players shows that Blizzard hopes to use this season to revive Diablo 4, regain those who have left the game, and also seems to have paved the way for future expansions or other endgame content. Without further ado, the main content begins!

Top 3 Adjustments In Diablo 4 Season 4: Crafting System, Boss And Class

Adujustments To Crafting System

The most important thing for a warrior is his weapon. Those of you who are going through all kinds of obstacles must hope that your gears can give full play to its greatest advantages on the battlefield instead of becoming your weakness. The strength of a gear depends largely on its Affixes. I believe everyone knows the Affixes called “Damage on Tuesdays”. Now it’s gone, replaced by some better and more effective Affixes. These are for normal equipment. For Ancentral Legendary and Unique items, Greater Affixes have been added. The item power of these powerful Affixes is 925. This is incomparable to ordinary Affixes. Some gears have some strong Affixes, but they have shortcomings. At this time, you can choose to temper the weapon. You can temper based on the Affixes contained in Tempering Manuals obtained from seasonal events. But the Affixes you get only give you a range. Which one you get is completely random. I really hope you are a lucky person and can get what you want. Because Tempering and Enchanting are different, you cannot reset them. In my opinion, although the devs have limited the range of Affixes that can be added to Tempering Manuals based on PTR feedback, its randomness and inability to reset make it still very difficult for everyone to get the Affixes they want. So, if you want to get good Affixes, you must prepare enough Tempering Manuals and try again and again. However, Tempering Manuals must be obtained from Season 4 related activities.

Adujustments To Crafting System In Diablo 4 Season 4

When you have good Affixes on your gears, you have to realize that your gears are not achieving the best results. Masterworking is the key to improving strength in the new season. Its main function is to increase the value of each Affix on the equipment, which will be greatly improved every 4 levels. And devs virtually eliminate the possibility of failure. I think this makes the Masterworking process simple.

In summary, it can be seen that the devs’ changes to the Crafting system are based on everyone’s feedback, and they actively realize the shortcomings in gear enhancement. They start from Affix and add Affixes to the gears through Tempering and strengthen Affixes through Masterworking. This complete system has been completed. It also simplifies some unnecessary processes.

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Adujustments To Boss

The first is the adjustment of the Shadow Boss in The Pit, and it is also an adjustment to The Pit itself. The drops of materials will be distributed according to the tier breakpoints and the number of participants, which makes The Pit more playable and a guaranteed profitable business.

Adujustments To Boss In Diablo 4 Season 4

I believe that many people have experienced the situation of being hit and killed by Shadow Boss’s residual attack after completing the task. After adjustment, it makes you immune to the residual attackso that it will not happen again. Such a surprise, everyone can safely check their hard-earned rewards.

The return of Helltide also brings some adjustments. We will accumulate Threat Level by killing monsters. After reaching the full level, Hellborne will come. By killing him, we will get one Banefule Hearts. By having three Banefule Hearts, we can activate the Accursed Ritual to summon Blood Maiden. If you are teaming up with your partners, whoever consumes Banefule Heart will get richer rewards for killing Blood Maiden.

Aberrant Cinders’ drop rates have also been increased throughout Helltide. At the same time, there is also a panacea called Profane Mindcage that can improve the level of monsters in Helltide. After the upgrade, monsters will drop richer rewards.

In addition, Andariel joined the Boss Ladder in Season 4. We are still in the same place as the original summons, but using three times the summon resources in exchange for five times the loot rewards. Besides getting Resplendent Spark, Uber Uniques' drop rate is the same as other bosses' loot drop rate.

Adujustments To Class

Some adjustments have been made to Class. The Armor System has ushered in a big change. If your Armor value reaches 9230, you only need to take up to 15% of the opponent's damage, no matter what the total damage is. Supported by the confidence that this positive effect gives you, no matter how powerful the boss combination is waiting for you, there is no need to be afraid. The fact before you is that you must have an armor value of at least 13K before you can defeat the strongest boss, who is not the ordinary monster you encountered in the previous levels.

Adujustments To Class About Diablo 4 Season 4 Armor

In general, Season 4 has greatly improved players’ gears from 3 aspects. The increase in the loot drop rate provides necessary materials for everyone to upgrade their gears. In this way, the strength of all players will be greatly improved during Season 4, and the playing experience will be optimized. Let us look forward to the arrival of the new season together.

4 Campaign Details In Diablo 4 Season 4 About Hellborn, Andariel, Iron Wolves & Blood Maiden

A reborn brings the Burning Hells back to the battlefield. Are you ready for another fierce invasion? Players who have struggled with Season of Blood should still be deeply impressed by this. In those battles, if it weren’t for the persistent teammates around you and the sufficient consumables you carry, you might have fallen long ago. Now, they’re here again! What we can foresee at present is that until the end of Diablo 4 Season 4, you may be affected by Helltide changes every time you enter the game. This is a disaster that no one can avoid.

Well, now that Helltide has arrived again, running away is not the answer. Only by going deep into it can we find a glimmer of hope. You’ll face a tidal wave of monsters, but you’ll always get Tortured Gifts. You will accumulate Threat in future battles. The more monsters you kill, the more frequently you open Tortured Gifts, which is directly proportional to the Threat you finally gain. After accumulating Threat to level 3, the number of times you are ambushed as Hell-Marked also increases.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Are You Ready For Helltide Reborn(1)

In the end, you need to fight your way out of the siege surrounded by thousands of monsters. But don’t take it lightly now. Because the most powerful warrior in Sanctuary has returned, and after death he is still a king-level existence in hell. Beat him to death and you will get Baneful Hearts, which is used to start Accursed Ritual. After all the hardships, do you think this ritual can be started smoothly? Bro, are you wishful thinking? Think about it. How could there be such a simple good thing in past activities? Well, it’s not that simple either. Anyway, you must have 3 Baneful Hearts to accomplish this. Some players may want to give up when they see this, but think about it. You may have prepared enough consumables, weapons or armor before entering the first round of fighting, but now you have succeeded once. If you get here, if you give up, you will suffer a big loss.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Are You Ready For Helltide Reborn(2)

What you need to know is that opening Accursed Ritual does not mean that you have opened the treasure house, but that you have gained the qualification to challenge Blood Maiden. Three Baneful Hearts bring not only these but also a huge reward after you kill Blood Maiden. This is proof that you have overcome hardships along the way. You deserve it.

After all, Helltide is not comparable to some daily tasks, and its arrival is not something everyone can bear. When monsters come like a tide, some warriors will always die. The success of something depends not only on luck but also on daily practice. Accumulate strength and experience in practice. When it comes, you will be able to take it easy. You can rehearse the arrival of Helltide in World Tier I and II in advance. Due to the limitations of world level, it won’t be difficult and you won’t lose much.

But if you are a person who dares to challenge the difficulty and desires more generous rewards. All of this must not satisfy you. You may be thinking: Is this all? My answer is no, of course not. In the world of Diablo 4, there is something that can increase the monster level by 10 every time you use it, ensuring that Cinder will drop after killing the monster. This good thing is Profane Mindcage, which is a panacea..

Diablo 4 Season 4 Are You Ready For Helltide Reborn(3)

First of all, you must have enough stocks of consumables and powerful equipment to support Helltide after you upgrade the monster level. When the level of the monster continues to approach level cap after using Profane Mindcage, your benefits from it will decrease. If you want to really get a piece of the Helltide pie, hurry up and upgrade your level. Level is your foundation. Without the foundation, there is no building.

Stock up on supplies, level up, and upgrade equipment. Let’s be fully prepared to survive in Helltide and get the ultimate reward.

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The Race Against Time In Dungeons

At the same time that Helltide happened, news seemed to come from the dungeons in the north of Sanctuary, claiming that there are some strange ores there that can upgrade your armor through the exclusive technology of Horadric techniques. I believe that you who are experiencing the torture of Helltide will never let go of this opportunity to upgrade. Of your equipment. But there is never a free lunch. The news that came not only mentioned the strange ore in the northern dungeons but also mentioned that there was some kind of dangerous existence there. If you and your teammates happily head to the northern dungeons after hearing the news, you’re bound to suffer a lot there.

Diablo 4 Season 4 The Race Against Time In Dungeons

The northern dungeons of the Sanctuary are in The Pit of Artificer, which also contains the Obelisk in Cerrigar. It is your gateway into the beckoning depths of The Pit. This obelisk contains mysterious magic that requires a certain number of Runeshards as keys to open. Four people can enter together, but not everyone will consume Runeshards. Only one of you needs to use it. Arrange in advance that whoever uses them will get the Stygian Stones on the next mission, so don’t get into any disputes over this.

Runeshards can be obtained simply through almost all Endgame activities after completing a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon. I don’t need to say more about this.

When you successfully reach the beckoning depths of The Pit, many monsters will appear. Please tighten your nerves, because the next step will be a race against time. You must try to reduce the number of deaths as much as possible. Each time you die, an additional 30 seconds will be subtracted. The total is only ten minutes. Don’t drag your teammates down. Now is not the time to fight alone, we must help each other. Teamwork is very important. After killing a sufficient number of monsters, a portal appears in front of you. You don’t know where you are going and what you will face next, but this is the journey, and the unknown is the meaning of exploration.

When you open your eyes again and you come to the Boss’ territory, the timer on the screen starts counting down. I think you should understand that this will be another fierce battle. If you and your teammates cooperate very well and there are 6 minutes left after killing the boss, then you can challenge a higher difficulty level. But if there are 4-6 minutes left, you can still unlock additional Tiers of the Pit. The Pit has 200 total levels of difficulty.

All in all, this is a race against time.

Call Of Tormented Echoes

The Maiden of Anguish, that is, Andariel, has returned home and will join hands with his brother Duriel to face the coming challengers. Tormented Echoes are calling to you. Take the Stygian Stones and other regular summon materials you obtained from the dungeons in the north of Sanctuary to summon all level 200 or above of the Tormented Echo variant and challenge. In return for victory, the items dropped are all level 925, and as compensation for failure, you will receive one Resplendent Spark the first time you are defeated.Just like her brother Duriel will drop Duriel Mats, defeating Andariel will also drop Andariel Materials.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Call f Tormented Echoes

Suspicions Abound, Who Is Behind The Scenes?

The death of Iron Wolves members does not seem to be as simple as it seems on the surface. There seems to be an invisible hand behind this matter that is controlling everything. As the guardians of Sanctuary, Iron Wolves always uphold this supreme honor and belief, and are rare partners. In the new story, you will join forces with the Iron Wolves to find out the initiator behind this whole thing. The meeting with Soudeh in Khejistan seems to be a turning point in this matter. Let’s work together to protect Sanctuary. After completing the task, you will also be able to obtain several Tempering Manuals.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Suspicions Abound, Who Is Behind The ScenesF

Keep A Brave Heart

Since you fought hard in the Helltides, prevented the Hellborn and Blood Maiden from coming, successfully defeated the Tormented Echoes, and successfully defended the Sanctuary with the Iron Wolves, the reward communication certificate will give generous rewards, such as new Legendary Aspects, 3 Scrolls of Amnesia and Awoken Demigod Armor Sets, etc.

During Season 4: Loot Reborn, Tejal’s Shop will update its inventory with the Demon’s Heart Bundle for the barbarian, which consists of the Demonheart Armor Set and 2 Demonheart Weapon Cosmetics.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Keep A Brave Heart(2)

The journey and adventure will not let you down. I hope you will always have a brave heart. The next story will only be more exciting. The road we go will be long. Let’s go together. Come on.

Why These 10 Weapons In Elden Ring Are Not Worth Your Time?

Elden Ring is the best role-playing game ever made and is incredibly replayable. FromSoftware offers a variety of weapons. For players in this game, making it the largest arsenal in Souls genre. 

While there are a lot of magnificent weapons in the game, some aren’t worth grinding. While it’s great to explore the vibrant world of Elden Ring, it can be frustrating to spend a lot of time in a specific location or fighting a boss, only to find that the rewards aren’t particularly useful.

Why These 10 Weapons In Elden Ring Are Not Worth Your Time?

There are many reasons to make the weapons in the list below better, including a lack of high-quality ash, the stats or damage values required to equip them. These weapons can be effective in certain scenarios, but lack reliability and fail to hold players’ attention over the long term. Therefore, using Elden Ring Runes in the game can make players enjoy the game more happily. The following is what I will introduce to you the weapons and equipment in Elden Ring that are not worth your time to unlock.

10. Crystal Sword

  • Weapon Skill: Spinning Slash
  • Stat requirements: Strength 13, Dexterity 10, Intelligence 15
  • Basic scaling: Str (D), Dex (E), Int (D)

Crystal Sword is a Straight Sword based on intelligence. The main things related to Crystal Sword are strength, agility and intelligence. The most frustrating aspect of this weapon is that it doesn’t benefit from magical enhancements or consumables. In addition to the above, any Ashes of War can not contaminate it.

After the balance damage of the latest Straight Sword was weakened, the status of this Straight Sword has once again declined. Surprisingly, there is a better alternative to the nerfed Straight Sword in the game. Players can find this sword outside the well next to Village of Albinaurics and across Wooden Bridge. The sword is attached to the corpse.

9. Eclipse Shotel

  • Weapon Skill: Death Flare
  • Statistical requirements: Str 10, Dex 25, Fai 30
  • Basic scaling: Str (E), Dex (D), Fai (D)

Eclipse Shotel is a Curved Sword and yet another weak weapon in the game that is not worth polishing. This weapon relies on Faith and Dexterity scaling and inflicts death disease on enemies. However, it has the same disadvantage as Crystal Sword in that it cannot be improved through buffs or Ashes of War.

Not only is the basic damage weak, but the requirements for faith and agility are relatively high, and the scaling effect is not very satisfactory. Additionally, its range is not too far, and it also causes death and blight effects. Eclipse Shotel is located at Altar of the church in the southeast of Castle Sol.

8. Varre’s Bouquet

  • Weapon Skill: Blood Tax
  • Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Dexterity 16, Arc 24
  • Basic scaling: Str (E), Dex (D), Arc (C)

Varré’s Bouquet is a Hammer in Elden Ring that is probably one of the weakest weapons in the game due to its weak damage output and lack of effects. It scales primarily by Strength, Arcane, and Dexterity, and the damage it does is not as high, if not a bit low, compared to any other arcane scaling or arcane affinity weapons. It has the only but not non-unique Ashes of War, and Blood Tax, although it increases the damage of the weapon, is nothing great.

Players can find this weapon in White Mask Varré at Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum before Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint site of grace. However, players must also defeat Mask Varré and complete the conversation with him to obtain the weapon.

7. Ivory Sickle

  • Weapon Skill: Quickstep
  • Stat requirements: Strength 8, Dexterity 16, Intelligence 24
  • Basic scaling: Str (6), Dex (11), Int (13)

Ivory Sickle, like Crystal Sword, is an Intelligence-based dagger, but it cannot be imbued or polished and acts as quickly as Ashes of War. The weapon’s base damage is very frustrating, and the scaling is terrible. Although the critical hit rate of the dagger is 100, this does not satisfy the player because there are a large number of other daggers in the game that are more worthy of use. Their critical hit rate and physical damage make unlocking this weapon very difficult. The series of troubles brought about became uninteresting.

Players can find this weapon in Village of Albinaurics.

6. Watchdog’s Greatsword

  • Weapon Skill: Stamp (Upward Cut)
  • Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Dexterity 16, Arc 24
  • Basic scaling: Str (E), Dex (D), Arc (C)

Even though Watchdog’s Greatsword is a very large weapon, there’s really nothing special about it. It is a strength-based weapon that scales and improves with Strength and Dexterity. It has system-configured Ashes of War Stamp. Although Watchdog’s Greatsword can be buffed through Ashes of War, consumables, and magic, its base physical damage is still average for weapons compared to other giant weapons.

Watchdog's Greatsword has a relatively low drop rate, as it requires players to spend a lot of time polishing it so it is challenging for players to obtain this weapon. However, considering its surprising statistics, it’s probably not worth the effort to get it. Watchdog’s Greatsword is obtained by defeating Buried Watchdog in Catacombs of Giant’s Peak.

Elden Ring: These weapons are unnecessary to gain

5. Duelist Great Axe

  • Weapon Skill: Endure
  • Stats Requirements: Str 30, Dex 10
  • Base Scaling: Str (E), Dex (D)

Duelist Great Axe is a tremendous weapon in the game. However, although it is huge, it is a dexterous weapon with high strength requirements and is not suitable for polishing. What makes this axe different from other weapons on this list is that it can be infused with Ashes of War and can also be upgraded and improved using magic and consumables.

After recent adjustments to balance damage, the weapon’s performance dropped even more. Weapon drop rates are also very low. Duelist Great Axe can be obtained as a drop from Duelist enemies near Colosseum in Leyndell near West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

4. Zamor Curved Sword

  • Weapon Skill: Zamor Ice Storm
  • Stat Requirements: Strength 16, Dexterity 16
  • Basic scaling: Str (D), Dex (D)

While Zamor Scimitar is one of the best looking weapons in the game, sadly, its damage doesn’t match its good looks when it comes to dealing damage and scaling. This sword focuses primarily on agility rather than strength. The system setting skill of this weapon is Zamor Ice Storm, which is used to frost the enemy. However, compared with other swords of the same type, its physical damage output and range are far behind.

The weapon also lacks the ability to be polished or enchanted, and players cannot imbue it with Ashes of war. This weapon is dropped by defeating Ancient Hero of Zamor's boss found in Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave dungeon.

3. Troll Knight Sword

  • Weapon Skill: Troll’s Roar
  • Stat requirements: Strength 20, Dexterity 14, Intelligence 18
  • Basic scaling: Str (D), Dex (D), Int (D)

Like Ivory Sickle and Crystal Sword, Troll Knight Sword is another intelligence-based weapon in the game that scales primarily with agility, intelligence, and strength. This weapon’s skill, Troll’s Roar, is also the only weapon skill available, and is considered mid-level in comparison. No Ashes of War player can infuse or polish it into weapons.

The high stat requirements and poor drop rate add to the reasons this weapon isn’t worth your time. Troll Knight Sword can be obtained by defeating Troll Knight in Caria Manor.

2. Vulgar Militia Saw

  • Weapon Skill: Spinning Slash
  • Stat Requirements: Strength 10, Dexterity 10
  • Basic scaling: Str (D), Dex (C)

Vulgar Militia Saw is a Halberd weapon. This weapon is associated with two attributes, Strength and Dexterity. It is an excellent hemostatic and healing weapon. However, other than this skill, Militia Saw has nothing unique about it that any high-quality weapon would not have.

The weapon’s system-set ability “Spinning Slash” is very ineffective compared to other Ashes of War in the game, and the player cannot use any other Ashes of War. Vulgar Militia Saw can be obtained from enemies wielding the weapon near Bestial Sanctum in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow.

1. Clinging Bone

  • Weapon Skill: Lifesteal Fist
  • Stat Requirements: Strength 8, Dexterity 22, Arc 16
  • Basic scaling: Str (E), Dex (C), Arc (D)

Technically speaking, Clinging Bone is the fist used as a weapon in Elden Ring. The weapon updates with power and arcane changes, but it also splits magic damage, which is confusing in itself. Beyond that, the worst thing about this weapon is that it doesn’t come with any unique Ashes of War; instead, the only Ash of War players can get is Lifesteal Fist.

Other ashes cannot be buffed into it, and it cannot be buffed or enchanted. Clinging Bone can only be dropped from Royal Remains NPC Ensha in Roundtable Hold.

Through the above analysis of Elden Ring's weapons, players can reduce unnecessary time spent on weapon selection and training, and at the same time, they can more accurately understand the attributes of each weapon, thereby improving players' efficiency in the level-breaking game.