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How To Use This Ash of War To Defeat Godfrey For Level 1 Elden Ring Beginners?

When you first enter the wonderful world of Elden Ring, you should realize that fighting various bosses is inevitable. With a huge world view and an open game mechanism, we can freely build characters and skills, which may lead to different performances of the same class in battle. When you are still a novice, you need to start your battle journey step by step to farm loot, such as runes, weapons and more.

In Elden Ring, the type of boss and the difficulty are actually not directly related. However, if we are lucky enough to kill a powerful boss, the rewards we can get are still very rich. But stop fantasizing, combat is not a 100% success rate thing. For example, if you need to face the most hard boss, Malenia, can you say that you can definitely defeat it? I estimate that no one can answer this question with great confidence. However, we can still defeat other seemingly powerful bosses, such as Godfrey, with some neat tricks.

Elden Ring Godfrey

This is The First Elden Lord in Elden Ring. Recently, a player posted a video on r/Eldenring of himself easily beating The First Elden Lord with “This Ash of War”. Here I will introduce to you what This Ash of War is. You can use this special item to replace your own equipped weapon skills and affinities, so the build you can create has more expansion options and is more suitable for everyone’s fighting style. If you learn how to use This Ash of War correctly, even defeating Malenia easily should no longer be difficult.

When this Elden Ring player fights Godfrey, it’s clear we can see the fight unfold in two phases. Initially, the player fought Godfrey using the Dismounter and the Ash of War called Lightning Slash, successfully dodging every attack and striking him hard at every turn. And when Godfrey is in the latter phase Hoarah Loux, you have to be careful at this point, because his attack can change drastically, and many people suffer here. Of course, although Godfrey at this stage looks particularly powerful in attack, his defense against lightning is not very strong, so we can use the Lightning Slash a perfect Ash of War, to kill him in one fell swoop. The trick to this whole fight is being able to spot Godfrey’s weak spots and understand how he moves.

Going back to the original topic, after more than a year of development in Elden Ring, players have gradually become more advanced in the development and exploration of in-game builds. If you encounter other more tough bosses in the future journey, you also need to focus on some smarter and less laborious methods, so as not to waste your precious resources and energy.

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FIFA 23: 3 Core Tips On 1V1 Defending

If you’re having huge problems while defending the attackers in one versus one situation, then this is the exact guide you need to read to improve yourself. We are going to give you the core elements of one versus one defending to let you become a brick wall in the back.

Why 1v1 Defending Is Important?

Your defensive problem might already start a step earlier with understanding when you have to take charge and go for a manual one versus one defense against the Attacker

In my experience, there are a lot of players who hold themselves back defensively and try to cover the back area or they just try to let the AI (AI Defending) defend the Attacker. Both of these are going to give the opposition tons of space and they might do whatever they want without getting blocked.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example1

Here as I receive the ball with my Attacker, my opponents, which is away from the player, who actually needs to defend him and he lets the AI do his work. However, with the skill move, I beat the Defender in square nice goal, which could be prevented by a manual one versus one defending

So, that means you have to take control, be confident, confront the opponent by yourself and try to block as many opportunities as possible. Of course, if you put the outstanding players, which you get by using FUT 23 Coins into the game, you will win the game more easily.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example2

In a counter-attack situation, I know that I need to take responsibility as danger grows. I get close to Dribbler and also cover the passing lane at the same time. And once the other thread is over, I make my final move towards them in a one versus one and safely get the ball back.

We can safely say taking responsibility, observing what the opponent does, and taking action accordingly brings you to success in your defense. 

2. Positioning Defenders

Positioning your Defender is the most important thing in a one versus one situation. However, it is not easy since you have to watch out for different aspects.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example3

Attackers will have different opportunities. They can dribble the ball, pass it to another teammate or even shoot it if they find the chance. Analyzing the occasion and seeing the next potential steps will decide your optimal positioning.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example4

As a player myself, I tend to position my Defender directly in front of the opponent in a one versus one situation. You can always imagine a line between the Attacker and the Keeper and position yourself directly on it. I’ve seen that this method helped my students in my coachings a lot, so it might be also useful for you.

Instead of getting directly atom, I keep a safe distance between his Attacker and myself as long as he has the full control of the ball. This distance allows me to control all of his potential moves. 

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example5

If the Attacker tries to shoot, you are already between him and the goal, so you block it. If he tries to go left or right, the distance you gave him will allow you to do the same moment so that you can mirror his movements. 

There is one specific mechanic that will help you with the mirroring, which is to get the jockeying. Holding onto the L2 & LT button will let you go into a jockey, which is a magnificent defensive stance that allows you to keep your defensive positioning. Especially in tight 1 versus 1 situations, joking will help you avoid getting beaten by Attackers.

You can also use the jockey with the sprinting mechanic to go for a fast jokey if you see that the opponent is pacing up to things. Let’s see an example.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example6

As the opponent approaches our box patiently, he looks for an opening, but we need to make sure that we use the imaginary line between the ball and the keeper and remain on it. 

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example7

Pressing the L2 and jockeying allows us to do little moves towards the sides, which don’t break our defensive positioning, and we remain in front of the opponent all the time, blocking every single opportunity.

Right after he decides to go in one of the directions and pushes the ball away, we chase him down confidently and get the ball away from him. 

After getting into the perfect position, it is time for you to decide when to execute a defensive mode to retrieve the ball.

3. When To Execute Defensive Moves?

In a one versus one, you will eventually have the opportunity to go for a defensive move. But if you do it too early or too late, you can give your opponent an unnecessary opening and concede to an easy goal. That is why waiting for the perfect moment is important.

But when it’s actually okay to execute the defensive moves, the answer is simple. The Attacker is most vulnerable right after he pushes the ball away from his feet. So, between two consecutive wall contacts, there is a brief moment that he’s not in full control of the ball and you need to catch this moment. Let me show you what I mean by this.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example8

Here, as I received the ball with my Striker inside the box, the Defender positions himself in a suitable spot between me and the Keeper. However, he remains impatient with his tackling. He doesn’t pay attention to my ball contact and in the end, he goes for it in the wrong way, loses his defensive shape and concedes an easy goal.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example9

In another scenario, I quickly take a look at the ball contacts of the opponent just because I see that he sprints and pushes the ball away. I know that this will delay his second contact on the ball, so I decide to select my Defender go on a one versus one challenge with him and retrieve the ball dominantly.

So, that means keeping your good positioning and patiently waiting for the Attacker’s vulnerable moment are the core elements of a one versus one defending position. 

FIFA 23: Why Ignoring META Will Help You Win?

The Meta, a term that has shaped the FIFA community and often divided it throughout the past few years. Using and abusing the game's most broken formations, mechanics, skill moves and finishes to play as good and efficiently as possible and to win.

What if I told you there was another way to be a good player and another way that's going to allow you to win most of your matches comfortably and climb all the way up into the elite division by playing simple and beautiful football? Today we say goodbye to the meta and we go back to the fundamentals of FIFA.

Today, I'm here to teach you old school FIFA, one fundamental skill for defending, build up and attacking each. Let's start off with defending.

Defending - Defend Multiple Options

When it comes to defending, one of the most important things is to be ready for anything the opponent is throwing you away. That's why a fundamental defensive skill lies in positioning yourself in a way that allows you to defend multiple options at once.

When you get better at anticipating, it can happen quickly that you fully commit towards one side because you think the opponent is going there. And if you're right, that's great because you're most likely going to win the ball. However, if you're wrong then you got a problem.

FIFA 23 example 1

So, what you need to do is quickly analyze the different options your opponent has and take a position from which you can impact each single one. We are in a little bit of a tricky spot here as the opponent is able to play forward with tempo.

FIFA 23 example 3

FIFA 23 example 4

If we pause the scene here, there are two major options for the opponent. He can either pass the ball onto his other Striker, who's in a promising position or he can try and go into a dribbling himself to push inside the Box.

FIFA 23 example 2

Our job is to position in a way that allows us to cover the passing option, but at the same time also keeps us in reach to a potential dribbling move. That's what the opponent decides for in the end as he pushes forward with a heel to heal. That's no problem though because we are ready for this option and so by cutting him off we are able to win the ball back. You just never want to leave one door wide open for the opponent and invite him to walk through.

Instead, keep both doors half open and close them right. When the opponent tries to walk through. It can be situations as simple as this one. The opponent has a passing option on the wing and we control our Center Back and instead of committing to covering the through ball or covering the short pass we just position in the middle of the two and this way temp the opponent.

He tries to go for the through ball and we intercept it easily. You're going to be surprised how often opponents play into your cards If you defend like this.

To make the most out of your positioning, it's also important to watch the opponent's ball contacts and to defend proactively. These are two more fundamental defending skills.

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Buildup - Watch Opponents Defender

Now build up is pretty much the other side of the metal compared to defending. When you defend, you try to figure out what the opponent is up to in his attack. When you're the one attacking, then you need to figure out what the defending opponent thinks you're up to.

How do you do that by watching his selected Defender? This is the fundamental skill for build up and many players have not mastered it yet. You can't be fully occupied by looking at your player when dribbling or looking at your teammates to scout good passing options. Of course, if you use FUT 23 Coins to get some good players, along with some strategy, you'll have a much easier time winning games.

The most promising passing opportunity does not mean anything if the opponent is selecting a close by Defender and covering it. So, make a habit of always having vision on that little white triangle above the defender's head, which player does the opponent have selected and how is he moving, what is he trying to defend... This will make it much easier to counter him.

FIFA 23 example 5

In this clip, we win the ball in our own half and play our first pass forward right away. We can see that the selected Defender is aggressively pushing towards us and we're about to get pinched by just letting the ball bounce back first touch. We can get away from that pressure easily.

FIFA 23 example 6

Now, the defender close to us gets selected and so we take the ball away with a ball roll upwards and then pass to our full back. We would like to continue the play forward but the opponent selects his Winger and covers that pass because we see that early. It's no big deal. We just turn around and pass back to our Center Midfielder.

FIFA 23 example 7

Now, we are getting aggressed on once again and so we turn away in time and play back on the wing. And the opponent this time switches early and heavily commits to covering the next natural pass for us, which is towards our Striker. You can see though how a little bit later it comes back to the player because we don't fall for a strap as we are watching what he's doing with his selected Defender.

FIFA 23 example 8

Our Striker now makes a run into the open space behind the fullback and that's the pass we play. You can see how easy it really is to counter your opponent by simply knowing what he's up to, so make sure to enter internalize this concept and you're going to lose the ball much less in build up.

Attacking - Increase The Speed Of Your Attack

I will say one thing right away for attacking. It is definitely the most meta dependent aspect of FIFA. Because without the strongest skill moves mechanics and finishes, you're going to have a harder time. It's as simple as that.

However, there is an important fundamental skill that has nothing to do with those. Increasing the speed of your attack when you're trying to create a chance, this has to do with passing, simple passing. And what you need to understand is that the more time you're giving the opponent to react to your latest action, the easier it's going to be for him to get into a good defensive position and correct mistakes.

So, when you do see an attacker being free in a good position and a passing combination opening up then play one touch football. Two touch is as slow as you can get. But one touch is still much better.

FIFA 23 example 9

Here, we have a typical spot in which we're able to play from outside towards inside. As soon as I see my Winger coming back and then my two Strikers in the center being somewhat open, as well. I know right away that that is going to be our passing combination.

FIFA 23 example 10

Now, it's time to execute quickly to make the opponent fumble his player switching and positioning, so we play two one touch passes and as you can see the opponent is still trying to defend against our first Striker while we are already one step ahead and have enough space to finish the chance with CR7.

How To Build An Unrivaled Spear In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

In this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide, we'll be covering the unparalleled spear build, which is a tank build. This is a very forgiving build, making it perfect for newcomers that want to go through history without having to worry too much about getting killed in a single strike.

For this build, we'll be focusing on the Wood Virtue, which significantly increases our health in combination with heavy armor to greatly reduce the physical damage we take. In addition, we'll be adding some healing spells and a Divine Beast that heals us to make us even tankier.

The negative aspect of this build is its lack of mobility and rather low damage. We'll mitigate that though by equipping the unparalleled spear, which has a unique Martial Art called Whistling Vortex. When you use this martial art, it helps you spin forward and automatically track enemies you mark.

We'll also be using the Inner Breath spell to increase the accumulation of Divine Beast gauge and Absorb Vitality to heal while we attack.

Attributes / Virtues

When it comes to the stats for this build, this build focuses on the Wood Virtue as I mentioned earlier but it's also necessary to assign some points into Earth and Fire Virtues.

You should first focus on Wood and then assign enough points into Earth to adjust your weight proportion. At level 72, your stats should look something like this:

  • 50 Wood Virtue. This is our main stat, which gives a huge health boost and increases our weapon damage and lightning damage.
  • 8 Fire Virtue. This is required to unlock the amplify damage spell.
  • 14 Earth Virtue. We need just enough to maintain our weight proportion just below 100 percent.

This will depend on the armor you're currently wearing, so you may need to move a point or two in either direction.

Unrivaled Spear Spells

Next, we'll take a look at what spells we use for this build.

First is lightning weapon. For a certain period of time, enchant your melee weapon with lightning. By the way, you can use Wo Long Fallen Dynasty GQ to help you. This scales with the Wood Virtue greatly increasing our damage output and helps us deal Elemental Damage that goes through enemy guard.

The accumulation of Divine Beast gauge has increased by Inner Breath increases during a certain period of time. This spell greatly increases the amount of Beast gauge you gain when dealing damage to enemies or when getting hit. Make sure to keep it active at all times.

Absorb Vitality. You and nearby allies gain HP when you damage enemies. This spell allows us to be more aggressive since we'll be healing back a portion of the damage that we deal.

Finally, Amplify Damage for a certain period of time increase both the damage you deal to enemies and receive from them. This is specifically useful before Fatal Strikes. Here's a small window before the enemy recovers you can use that time to cast the spell and then perform the Fatal strike for better results.

Unrivaled Spear Divine Beast

Next, we'll take a look at the Divine Beasts we use for this build and we use Qinglong as our Divine Beast, which you can obtain fairly early on in the game.

Qinglong's favor increases your HP by plus 18 and provides plus 2.4 HP restoration, which works perfectly in combination with her Absorb Vitality spell. You also get reduced spirit consumption to cast Inner Breath spells.

The Divine Beast summon creates a pool on the ground that will heal you while you stand over it. The pool lasts a very long time and will keep you at full health even if you're getting hit. It is helpful when you want to reduce the amount of dragon pot uses and is very useful when you are in boss fights.

If you want to play more offensive, you can use the Divine Beast restoration instead of summons, which provides lightning damage and damage reduction, allowing you to go all in without hesitation.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Unrivaled Spear Equipment

Moving on to the equipment section.

First, we'll take a look at our main weapon, which is the Unparalleled Spear. As previously mentioned, the Whistling Vortex Martial Art found on it will be our main way of attacking enemies and it compensates for a lack of mobility.

You can acquire the sphere by increasing your relationship with Zhao Yun to sworn brother. If you don't have the spear yet, you can also use any other spear that has the Monkey's Wisdom martial art, which acts similarly to Whistling Vortex.

For special effects on your weapon, you'll want to slot lightning attack power to further increase Elemental Damage and Divine Beast gauge gain to further increase how quickly we can cast Qinglong and damage dealt your backup melee weapon will be the curve-headed glaze.

We're only really interested in wheeling this weapon to gain all the set bonuses together with the complete Dauntless Tiger Servant Set. But other than that, it's not even important to use this weapon in combat. When it comes to ranged weapons, you can basically use any ranged weapon you want to use. But you can still get good use out of ranged weapon special effects. Equip your ranged weapon with the following special effects.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 2

Enemy Detection. It is very useful to see enemies on the minimap and track them flag detection great for finding flags and increasing your fortitude, lightning attack power and damage dealt. All these will benefit your character, so try and put these on your ranged weapon if possible.

When it comes to armor, you can equip any type of heavy armor you want. Just make sure you keep your weight proportion below 100, so you're still mobile enough to be efficient in combat.

I personally recommend the Dauntless Tiger Servant Set as it provides very high physical resistance and great set bonuses. You can acquire this set by increasing your relationship with Han Dang to sworn brother while using its corresponding pieces. You'll get the Unflinching Bravery Set Bonus providing the following benefits, minus damage received, guard spirit consumption, power gain upon martial arts and damage dealt in perfect condition.

When it comes to the special effects, you want to add to your armor. You'll want to include martial arts damage to increase the damage of Whistling Vortex. You'll want lightning attack power in order to increase your damage with lightning and Divine Beast gauge gain in order to be able to use your Divine Beast more frequently.

As it is the build is fairly complete, so you can use any accessory you want from main and secondary. Just consider trying to gain any benefit for the build, such as spirit gauge, gain martial arts, damage, etc.

Atomic Heart: A Complete Guide On Combat Skills - Abilities, Weapons And Upgrades You Need

I’ve experimented with all the weapons and abilities throughout my Atomic Heart play through and there are some that I found to be much more useful than others. The correct answer is bucket. Just use the bucket. But just in case that doesn’t work, I’m going to break down all the active abilities you can use. Instead, I’m also going to give you some of my personal picks for the best upgrades to slap onto yourself and give a few combat tips along the way.

Ability: Polymeric Jet

What is slightly more deadly than vanilla soft serve? It’s the Polymeric Jet. This will spew out its fluffy globules wherever you aim it at and those can adopt any properties of elemental effects.

You can use other abilities or elemental cartridges. You can slap onto your weapons to ignite these spots with either electricity, fire, or ice. Enemy attacks can also influence the effect that these take on. Usually, that’s purely by accident, though Polymeric Jet is a favorite of mine since there are so many other gameplay mechanics that synergize with it.

Atomic Heart Polymeric Jet

You can use it to create tactically placed barriers that daisy chain the effect along the path or spray it all over the place. Hoping someone just wanders into your death trap. There’s no enemy around for this place, so use your imagination.

In the upgrade tree, there are a few things I highly recommend you focus on, which will improve the potency of the Polymeric Jet. Mixture Efficacy will make those elemental effects applied just overall more effective. Environmental Resistance will increase the time that will stay active and Neuro-polymer Air Defense will make it. So, you can instantly take down those annoying flying bots that are kind of all over the place.

I almost always had Polymeric Jet equipped during my play through and it’s one of the more fun ones to just mess around with and not practical ways. The Polymeric Jet combined with elemental effects is one of the best abilities, since it handles crowd control defense and offense.

Ability: Mass Telekinesis

The next ability is Mass Telekinesis, which lets you dangle your victims up in the air. While holding this effect, you can still be one-handedly firing your guns since, thankfully, your right hand is a beefcake.

Atomic Heart Mass Telekinesis

You can also unlock the ability to slam airborne enemies back down into the ground by hitting the telekinesis input again after you see your hand do this. If you don’t wait for that, you’ll just let the enemies nicely fall back to the ground and they definitely don’t deserve that upgrade for Mass Telekinesis.

I suggest grabbing Forced Fall Acceleration, and that’s the ground slam. Move Amplified Modulator will increase the Telekinesis’s area of effect and increased power, which will let you levitate even the larger chunky enemies.

Weapon: Zvezdochka

Now, let me shift for a moment and talk about a weapon combo real quick.

After you get the blueprint to craft the Zvezdochka, I recommend seeking the reverse shot attachment, which can be grabbed out of a gold chest in the Polygon 1 area. This will make the alternate attack for this weapon arrange swirly blade thing. But if you also grab yourself the Lower Blade attachment, this adds what you might just assume is visually another blade to the weapon.

Atomic Heart Zvezdochka

However, that synergizes with the reverse shot attachment to launch two blades out at a time. You can find that extra blade attachment in a bronze chest in the Polygon 8 area. Also, adding an elemental cartridge slot is worth putting on this, as well.

Now, back to the Mass Telekinesis ability combined with this strong weapon build and you can pop even the larger tanky enemies into the air.

Juggle them with those blades electrified ones in this case and take them down without expending a single bullet. Normally, these guys will drain your resources because they can take quite a beating. If you’re playing on the highest difficulty, you’re going to want to be saving ammo wherever you can.

Ability: Polymeric Shield

Next is the Polymeric Shield, which turns you into a safe little Bubble Boy. When this is active, it will block some incoming attacks and after a few upgrades can even reverse incoming damage back onto the attacker. This is pretty useful for mitigating damage while running and gunning. But if you’re adopting more of a melee play style, this ability is nearly required. It’s one of the more basic abilities. But being able to attack and be redirecting incoming damage at the same time can make things drastically easier.

Atomic Heart Polymeric Shield

If you go this route, I recommend you also get the Kinetic Reflector that doubles the melee damage that’s reflected back. Neuro-polymer Reflector will also reflect back ranged attacks and Med Unit Feedback will regenerate your health when the shield absorbs damage. They are pretty useful.

Ability: Cryo Jet

With all that, you can turtle a ton of damage and greatly increase your overall survivability. Next is the Cryo Jet, which is primarily a crowd control ability that can popsicle enemies.

Mostly, this is more of a combat deterrent rather than offensive ability. If you’re going with the Cryo Jet, I suggest grabbing Intensive Spraying, which will freeze enemies faster. Absolute Zero will deal with some damage over time while they’re frozen and Careful Disassembly will increase the materials you gain from killing frozen enemies.

Atomic Heart Overall, the Cryo Jet is another pretty straightforward ability. But if the Polymeric Jet from before isn’t enough crowd control for you, this one can more immediately limit the amount of things that actively trying to rip your face off.

And for the last main active ability, it’s actually one that you don’t have to equip at all since you’ll have it at all times. Shock will send out a short-range electrical arc, which can stun and continually damage most of the robotic enemies. This has a pretty quick recharge and is a lot more useful with a few key upgrades. I recommend you get Chain Lightning, which bounces that Shock to another nearby target Extended Topology.

Now, you’re Palpatine and Resistor Malfunction, which increases the damage enemies take while they’re electrified. Since you’re always going to have Shock on you at all times, you might as well focus a few upgrade points into it as soon as you can.

Role Upgrade

Now, before I close this out, here are a few upgrades I recommend from those other two skill trees under Character and Energy Management.

The skill Born Marksman is a must-have since it flat out reduces the spread while firing from the hit. The one on the left is without that perk and on the right is with it active. It’s a pretty big difference in that pattern. So, you should definitely get this one.

There’s a lot of scooting around on foot in this game and with no traditional sprint, you’re going to need the movement boost from Morning Exercise, which might not seem like much. But it adds up in the long run.

In Energy Management, I suggest getting both Energy Densities, which give you an extra energy bar each and Thrift, which reduces the energy drain from certain weapons.

Weapon: Dominator

The Dominator gun, for example, can become much more useful with a higher energy capacity. Its alternate fire combos really nicely with the Telekinesis ability since it can arc some extra damage to nearby enemies before it collides with something.

Atomic Heart Dominator

I love the energy weapons because they don’t cost any ammo to fire, so always feel like royalty-free murder. They’re all just a bunch of feral Amazon Alexa, though. So, it’s all good.

Those were just a few of the combat tips I had for you today, just in case the bucket didn’t do the job already.

5 Things You Should Prioritize Every Day In Elder Scrolls Online

I'm sure you're well aware,there are a ton of things to do in ESO, from solo questing, to dungeons and trials, to PVP, to whatever this is, the vastness of the game can be overwhelming at times. So, today I'm going to try to provide some direction by going over five things that you should prioritize every day when you log in. For new and experienced players alike, but especially when you're first starting out, these everyday actions are great ways to gain experience, earn ESO Gold, and improve your overall ESO experience.

Now, this first item is pretty obvious, so I'm not going to count it as one of the five, but I'd feel remiss if I didn't at least mention grabbing your daily reward as often as possible. You can sometimes get some pretty great swag just for logging in on a daily basis. For example, the January's day 21 reward is 100k ESO Gold, which is a nice chunk of change for most players. Life happens, so don't beat yourself up if you don't get the bonus every day.

1. Crafting Writs

Okay, now let's move on to the real meat and potatoes of this list. Number one, and for many reasons, probably the most important thing you can start doing right away as a new player is crafting writs.

Daily writs are a great way to earn ESO Gold, improve your crafting skill lines, and gain valuable improvement materials, all of which will play a role in just about any goal you have in the game. Additionally, once you get to the maximum tier of crafting writs – that is, when you unlock the max level of each crafting skill and apply the requisite skill points – you'll sometimes receive master writs as rewards for completing those max tier normal writ quests. Master writs can be completed in exchange for writ vouchers, which can then be used to purchase some pretty awesome items.

To get started with crafting writs, you'll need to become certified in each of the crafting skill lines. Certification sounds a little daunting, but it's actually pretty simple. You'll just need to go to either Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard and find the certification quest givers. You'll find Millenith in the fighters guild for blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking, and Danel Telleno in the mages guild for alchemy, enchanting, and provisioning.

ESO Millenith

These two quest givers can also be found in the capital cities of zones added by each Chapter. For jewelry crafting certification, you'll need to find Falarian in Alinor near the crafting area. Note that you must be level 6 before Falarian will appear, but you can talk to Millenith and Danel at any level in the base game zones. Once you're certified, you can find the crafting writ boards in any major city to start the daily quests.

In my opinion, the two best cities for crafting writs are Alinor and Rimmen, as all of the crafting stations are clustered close together. You'll usually find me doing my writs in Rimmen though, as the city's stablemaster is conveniently located between the crafting area and the writ delivery area.

2. Mount Training

That leads me into number two on the list: mount training. Is your mount's top speed slower than your jogging speed? Do you want to be able to sprint around like this? Well, once every 20 hours, you can pay a stablemaster to train your mount in either riding speed, carrying capacity, or stamina.

I highly recommend training all the way up to 60 in the following order: first riding speed, then carrying capacity, and finally stamina. It can be a long grind, but your quality of life will improve dramatically when you can just zip around while searching for skyshards, farming materials, or doing whatever else you're working on.

If you want to get that mount speed up right away, you have a couple of options, but there's only one thing that you can do to quickly improve your speed without spending a dime. The method is related to number 5 in this list, so stick around to find out what it is!

A couple of things to note are that riding speed training applies no matter which mount you're using on that character, and you don't have to be on your mount for the increased carrying capacity to kick in. Also keep in mind that mount training is character-specific, so always remember to get your training done early and often when you make new characters!

3. Trait Research

For our third spot, you always want to make sure you have as many crafting trait research timers going as possible. There are several reasons to research traits, so I'll just give you my top three.

First, as you learn more and more traits, you can help guildies by making gear for them. Or, if you're looking to make some ESO Gold, you can also sell your services as a crafter to other players.

Second, as you progress toward the endgame of ESO, you'll want the gear you use to have the proper trait. That gear won't usually drop in the trait you need, so you'll have to change the trait at a transmute station, and to do so, you'll need to have that trait researched for the respective item type.

And third, if you're interested in achievements and hope to one day obtain the Grand Master Crafter title, you'll need to have every trait researched on every item.

ESO Grand Master Crafter

The research grind is one of the longest in the game, but you can reduce the time it will take by investing a few skill points.

Each of the four gear-related crafting skill lines contains a passive, which reduces research times, and the blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking passives also allow you to research up to three items at once. Taking these passives early on will help reduce your research grind immensely, so be sure to complete those crafting writs so you can level your crafting skills and unlock them as soon as possible.

4. Mages / Fighters Guild Dailies

Number four on the list is a topic that I don't see brought up enough: daily mages guild and fighters guild quests. The grinds to max out these skill lines are some of the most tedious in the game (especially that pesky mages guild). These daily quests can help break up the monotony by giving you something different to do other than searching for lore books or murdering hundreds of zombies to death.

If you haven't yet joined these guilds, you can do so at the mages and fighters guilds in Stone Falls, Glenumbra, or Auridon. After joining the associated guild, you can pick up these quests in the respective guild halls of any of the alliance capitals (that is, Mournhold, Wayrest, or Elden Root).

For the mages guild daily, you'll be tasked with recovering an artifact of Sheogorath from a random base zone public dungeon. After recovering the artifact, just turn it in to the quest giver and you'll be rewarded with ten experience points for your mages guild skill line.

ESO Elden Root

The fighters guild daily will require you to destroy three dark anchors in a random base game zone. You can just hit the same dolmen three times if you're not interested in exploring the zone, but I find it to be a little faster to go to three individual dolmens if you have wayshrines near them.

After destroying the requisite number of dark anchors, travel back to the quest giver to receive ten fighters guild experience points. You'll also gain additional experience points for each dolmen you destroy during the quest. While neither of these methods is the most efficient way to level the associated skill line, they do provide additional benefits on top of the variety and the experience gained. Completing each quest earns you a coffer containing random loot, and these containers also have a chance to drop a Draugr motif page.

5. Daily Dungeon & Battlegrounds

Our final spot on the list, and probably the most fun of out of the five, is completing your daily random dungeon and/or battlegrounds match.

There are a ton of great reasons why you should do your daily dungeon or battlegrounds, not the least of which is the hude experience gains you get from doing so. Additionally, you get several other rewards from these activities such as ESO Gold and/or alliance points, gear, and those all-too-valuable transmute crystals. You can even sometimes obtain achievements, mementos, and emotes just through random dungeons and battlegrounds!

As I mentioned before, you can improve your mount speed through this fifth daily exercise as well. After reaching rank 3 in the Assault skill line, which is improved by participating in PVP activities like battlegrounds, you can invest a skill point in the Continuous Attack passive, thereby increasing your mount speed by 30% at all times!

Another reason for completing daily dungeons and battlegrounds, although it might not apply to everyone, is that through doing so, you'll be teaching yourself the game's core mechanics, as well as the activity-specific mechanics of the particular dungeon or battleground you're in.

Gradually, as you gain more and more reps, you'll become better and better at the game as a whole! That experience you build over time will help you enjoy ESO more than any of the other items on this list.

Path Of Exile: The Clearance Tutorial Of The Maven's Questline

The criterion that will determine if you are a hardcore Path of Exile player is if you can complete The Maven's Questline. Throughout the questline, you'll fight several high-level bosses. After defeating those enemies, you can collect a lot of loot, such as Divine Orbs, weapons, armor, etc., and then reach Maven. However, for POE beginners, completing The Maven's Questline is not a simple task. The following is the most convenient detailed tutorial for players to pass the level:

POE The Maven

1. Before you play The Maven's Questline, you need to find an NPC named The Envoy on Yellow Maps (T6+). When you find it, according to The Envoy's request, kill the current map bosses that are easy to beat for solo classes, and The Maven's Beacon will drop. In Permanent Leagues, The Envoy will give you The Maven's Beacon only if you don't kill the boss.

Only after using The Maven's Beacon can you upgrade your Map Device that can be got after completing The Chamber of Sins in Act 7. You will find a button on your map device that can summon Maven to appear, and then let her see you defeat the three bosses of different levels.

2. When you kill a certain number of bosses on Tier maps, you can summon Maven through The Maven's Beacon. Then, Maven will send you The Maven's Invitation: The Atlas, and it will teleport you to Maven's Crucible.

Inside Maven's Crucible, if you want to reach the next step of The Maven's questline, you need to kill multiple bosses and you have to repeat these steps continuously to reach Maven that is more difficult each time. For this, we recommend that you use a more powerful build. You can get more powerful gear with POE Currency, or build with Slayer Super Cyclone or Assassin Freezing Pulse.

Note: we can only perform these tasks when The Maven is present. So, make sure you summon Maven first, then defeat any of Map Bosses.

3. Before you fight The Maven, you need to craft The Maven's Writ, which may be dropped from The Crucible Area Level 83, but it has a slight chance of dropping. And The Maven's Writ comprises 10 Crescent Splinters. So, you need to farm this Crucible Area multiple times to collect the Crescent Splinters dropped by The Crucible Area Level 83.

Although The Maven is tough to beat, a good Scion Class can beat her. After you defeat The Maven, the task is almost complete. If you want to fight her one more time, you can challenge her again as long as you have The Maven's Writ.

How To Get And Use Golden Parry Ash Of War In Elden Ring?

Ash Of War is actually a special item in Elden Ring. It can make parrying more cool and deadly and enables you to replace Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment with new ones or even one at all.

Since Ashes of War can be applied to most weapons and shields, you can tailor each type of weapon to your own builds and playstyle. Specifically, with Ashes of War, you can switch out the unique abilities of your weapons and use different abilities. This way the weapons you use can better match and optimize the builds you make. Of course, Ash of War is not a panacea. Some weapons have their own unique skills, which cannot be replaced by any Ash of War.

Elden Ring Ashes of War adds abilities to your weapons, changes their proportions, adds new attacks and more. Used correctly, these are powerful damage modifiers, and can open up any combat options you can apply them to. It's a powerful tool in Elden Ring, allowing you to get the best out of your weapons, and even adapting them to builds they didn't originally fit.

There are even some Ashes of War that can be used to further build a technique or a skill that existed in previous Souls games, like parrying. Actually parrying is done with smaller or medium shields. And this ability can cause massive counterattacks on unsuspecting enemies. If you use the Golden Parry Ash of War, parrying can also become more cool and deadly. So, where exactly can we find Golden Parry Ash of War?

Where Can We Find Golden Parry Ash Of War?

First, you'll have to find a way to get to the capital's outskirts, because later in the game you'll find the Golden Parry Ash Of War. To get there, you'll have to keep going until you find the Outwall Phantom Tree site of grace. From here, you'll need to keep heading north of you. Wait until a giant staircase appears in front of you and keep going up. Next, you are free to choose your way forward. Either fight the enemies you encounter, or ride torrent past the enemies. Whichever you choose, you'll have to find a way to find a little golden tree with a Golden Seed at the bottom.

where to find Golden Parry Ash of War

After you collect the Golden Seed on the small golden tree, please go to your right, and there will be another huge staircase in front of you. Go straight up in the direction of the stairs, and you'll come across a few small groups of puny soldiers. They can be dispatched quickly or ridden with ease. After you've dealt with them, go straight ahead along the left side of the stairs, and you'll find a scarab at the top of the stairs. Keep going up until you are able to jump to the platform area where the scarab is. In this area, you'll also encounter a group of soldiers. But fear not, you can skip fighting them directly by jumping over the railing on the left. All you need to do is walk right up to where the scarab is and try to kill it. That way, you can collect the Golden Parry Ash Of War that drops from it.

How To Use Golden Parry Ash Of War?

It's worth noting that each Ash of War can only be equipped on one weapon at a time. If you want to use the same Ash of War on a different weapon, you can simply unequip the Ash and switch it directly to the next weapon. It's also worth keeping in mind that Ashes of War in Elden Ring are limited to certain weapon and gear types. For example, the Ash of War: Thunderbolt can only be applied to melee weapons, not any other equipment. Similarly, the Ash of War: Parry skill only works on shields and certain small armaments.

how to use Golden Parry Ash of War

Since the arching golden light of Golden Parry Ash of War can expand the range of your parry ability, it is very powerful. Although it also has shortcomings, for example, its range is not moderate, and when the enemy attacks you, it can successfully distance you from the enemy. This parry has the same effect when you stun as well as distances you from the enemy, which is to make it take heavy hits in long-range and close-range connections. If you want to properly use Golden Parry Ash of War, you still need to calculate the parring time as usual. But the added distance in the process also gives you more room for error.

If you want to defeat the scarab and get the Golden Parry Ash of War more easily, it is especially important to use Elden Ring Runes to improve your strength!

How To Marry Your Favorite NPC In Stardew Valley?

As a very good pixel game, Stardew Valley has a lot of new players because of its excellent plot and various ways of playing, and the old players have been unable to let it go. I am a big fan of this game.

If you are new to this game, you must not know that you can marry NPCs in it, right? Today, I will introduce to you in detail how to marry your favorite NPC in Stardew Valley.

how to marry in Stardew Valley

When the favorability between the player and the villagers reaches the level of best friends (10 hearts), they can get married. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, the marriageable object has a "single" status in the social key. To fall in love, the player must purchase a special bouquet from Pierre's General Store, which will only be sold after the player's friendship with any marriageable NPC reaches eight hearts.

After the favorability reaches eight hearts, the player must send a bouquet to unlock the 10-heart limit, so that the favorability can continue to rise. And then you can send gifts normally to increase the favorability. In the old version, multiple bouquets can be sent to the same NPC in one day. And the bouquets are not counted in the number of gifts, and each gift can increase 25 points of favorability (1/10 heart).

After a recent update, the same NPC can only be gifted a bouquet once during a relationship. You can send bouquets to multiple NPCs at one time, and the favorability of each NPC will not be affected unless the player is married. After sending a bouquet to an NPC, an icon of the bouquet will appear next to the avatar of the corresponding NPC in the Favorability List, and indicate "Boyfriend" or "Girlfriend". After sending the NPC bouquet, if you don't send the NPC gift for a period of time, the favorability will drop.

You can buy a Mermaid Pendant from Old Mariner

If you want to get engaged, you must send a Mermaid Pendant. It is a token of love, you can get married immediately after giving it to a specific person. Players can buy the Mermaid Pendant at the Old Mariner on the beach for 5,000 gold.

To find him, you must meet the following requirements. First, you need to repair the wooden bridge with 300 lumber. The second is that you have to upgrade the farmhouse at least once. Under normal circumstances, the Old Mariner only appears in rainy days (spring, summer and autumn). If you want to get married in winter, you can use the totem to pray for rain and make the Old Mariner appear.

The wedding was held early in the morning three days after the proposal. After the ceremony, the player and spouse will return to the hallway of the farmhouse at 6:00 am. If an event like festival or farm house completion occurs, the wedding will be skipped.

With the continuous update of Stardew Valley, the game has added many new elements in the link of marriage.The developer confirmed that in version 1.1, Shane and Emily will be added to the marriageable objects. In version 1.3, online players can be married, and can buy the formula for wedding rings in the travel cart. And the wedding ceremony can be held in the morning after giving the ring and three days after the engagement.

How To Take Part In Community Feasts In WoW Dragonflight?

In the new expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, we can clearly find that many new world events have been added, including the interesting Iskaara Community Feasts.

This kind of world event is a fun optional goal. However, if you want to boost your Renown in Iskaara Tuskarr, one of the new factions in the Dragon Isles, you can't miss the Iskaara Community Feasts.

Every three hours and 30 minutes, this world event will automatically start. If you don't want to miss this event, you have to keep an eye on your chat box. You will automatically receive a reminder notification in your chat box 15 minutes before the event starts. And your main task in this event is to help Chef Iskaara prepare a sumptuous feast for the Iskaara Tuskarr Tribe.

how to take part in Iskaara Community Feasts

In fact, the Community Feast in Azure Span is very similar to the Grand Hunts event and both are a great way to boost Iskaara Tuskarr Renown and can be done quickly as well. However, although this event is very simple, if you want to use this method to achieve the goal of improving Renown, you must know some relevant details in advance. Next, I break down everything you need to know about Community Feasts, including how to unlock it, how to start and complete it, and all the rewards.

How To Unlock Community Feasts

If you want to unlock Community Feast in Dragonflight, you'll first need to head to Azure Span and complete its main campaign. That way, you can unlock the Iskaara Tuskarr Renown first.

Next, you'll need to complete the remaining main campaign, world, and side quests in Azure Span and figure out how to upgrade your Renown to level three. Here you need to pay attention to one thing. That is once you have a character unlocked Community Feasts, then all your remaining characters automatically unlock Community Feasts.

How To Start Community Feasts

As I mentioned before, Community Feast is a world event. The event starts every three hours and 30 minutes. Whenever this event is about to start, you will automatically receive a notification in the chat box. This notification is to tell you that Community Feast will start in 15 minutes.

If you look closely, you'll notice a trumpet-like icon above Iskaara when Community Feast starts. This icon is actually similar to the icon at the start of the Grand Hunts event.

However, if you want to officially start Community Feast, you need to rush to Azure Span to Iskaara when the system reminds you and have a brief chat with Chef Big Kinook there.

How To Complete Community Feasts

Once you reach Iskaara and talk to Chef Big Kinook, you'll be given various quests from him. The ultimate goal of these tasks is to improve the quality of the soup he cooks.

complete the quests from Chef Big Kinook

Generally speaking, you need to complete as many tasks as possible given to you by Big Kinook within 15 minutes. After you complete the quest, you can drink the soup and get the Spirit of Sharing buff for an hour. These bonuses also grant you Versatility and HP regeneration.

Rewards In All Community Feats

For each quest you complete during your participation in the Community Feast, you will earn 25 reputation with the Iskarra Tuskarr Tribe.

When you complete the weekly Community Feast quest, you'll also gain 500 reputation with the tribe and the Supply-Laden Soup Pot.

In the Supply-Laden Soup Pot, you can also get the following rewards:

  • One to three Dragon Isles Artifacts and Sacred Tuskarr Totems

  • A piece of gear scaling with your item level

  • One to three Primal Chaos

  • One Passin Renascence

  • One cooking reagents

  • Recipe: Gral's Reverence

If you want to upgrade your Renown faster, or want to complete the quests in Community Feats faster, then preparing enough WoW 10.0 Gold in advance is a good choice.

How To Find And Fight With Morgott In Elden Ring?

Morgott, also known as the Omen King, is the Demigod Boss in Elden Ring. The reason I'm specifically mentioning him today is because the Tarnished pilgrims will inevitably have to fight to get into the Mountaintops of the Giants region in the Lands Between.

Specifically, the Omen King is actually the final boss of the Royal Capital of Leyndell. Therefore, if you want to successfully defeat him, you must be at least level 75-80 first. So, where exactly do you have to find it?

how to find and fight with Morgott

First, you head south of the West Capital Rampart and keep going until you reach the giant branch of the Erdtree. Continue along this branch and you will reach the Erdtree Sanctuary. There, you must face the challenge of Godfrey's Golden Shade and defeat it. Once you've successfully defeated it, you'll need to step out of the balcony and go east and then walk up the sloping branch. Follow the path until you reach the Queen's Bedchamber. From there, you need to find the stairwell to the southeast and head to the Elden Throne. This place is exactly where Morgott is.

Preparations For The Fight With Morgott

Before you actually look for Morgott, you'd better figure out how to get Margit's Shackle first. Patches sells this tool at Murkwater Cave. But you need to pay them 5,000 Elden Ring Runes.

Margit's Shackle can make Morgott vulnerable for a short time. You can also use Margit's Shackle before Morgott launches a devastating attack, which will stun Morgott for a short time. If you choose to take on this tricky boss with your summoned allies, then you should definitely summon Melina. She will provide you with additional support.

What You Need To Do During The Fight With Morgotta

Morgott's mechanism is actually similar to Margit's. This boss likes to hit his targets with heavily delayed attacks. Especially in the first stage, basically all of Morgott's attacks will have a delay. This will lead to you not knowing when to avoid damage at all. What's more troublesome is that if you haven't confronted him before, you can't figure out his attack pattern all at once.

If you want to mitigate the damage Morgott does to you, you can equip your primary or side armament with Bloodhound's Step. It's kind of an Ash of War, which gives a generous window of I-frames compared to default roll-dodging.

In dealing with Morgott you must be patient. Especially after the boss's combo is done and you find the right time to counter it. I recommend you use Bleeding builds for this battle. Because this way you only need to hit Morgott a few times to cause Blood Loss to him.

use Bloodhounds Step to fight with Morgott

When you fight Morgott for the second turn, you step back to avoid his large AoE explosion. In the process, he'll also apply bleed to his sword and unleash a random attack on you. Either a quick lunge or a regular slash. Since these two forms of attack are predictable in advance, you can pick the right moment to counter them.

If you can't stand the combos Morgott throws at you, you can choose to use Bloodhound's Step Ash of War to distance yourself from it and heal it. If you want to fight side by side with other players, you'd better use long-range attacks or magic attacks, so that you can quickly make reasonable countermeasures according to the combat situation.

Overall, fighting Morgott is well worth it. As long as you can defeat him, you can get 90,000 Elden Ring Runes, Morgott's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Omen King.

How to Become Master of Lucian in League of Legends? Guides You Should Read First

Lucian has always been a popular champion in League of Legends, both in normal as well as in competitive play. His "hit-and-run" kit makes it rewarding to play when well-executed, and his mobility is a unique characteristic that other marksmen do not have.

details you have to know about the gameplay of Lucian after updates

Throughout the years, though, Lucian has lost a lot of value, especially in terms of total damage output, compared to the newly released champions. This brought Riot Games to make a substantial change to his kit in patch when a new portion of his passive called "Vigilance" was added to his kit. Vigilance grants additional bonus damage on Lucian's next two auto attacks when he is buffed or healed by an allied champion. The buff immediately brought Lucian back into the meta, with enchanter supports as his preferred duo partners.

Since then, the gunslinger has been a stable presence across all elos, having particular success at the top of the ladder, with a 51.78 percent win rate in Master and above, according to U.GG.

That being said, mastering Lucian is not an easy feat. He requires great mechanics and a strong understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. If you're looking to play him to climb the solo queue ladder, we have got you covered.


There are two main rune combinations for Lucian, each having their own pros and cons:

First Strike Lucian


First Strike: this keystone rune is easy to proc with Lucian and it's crucial to get ahead in gold of your enemies to be stronger during the mid game. Compared to most other ADCs, Lucian doesn't scale as well in the late stages of the game so First Strike's extra gold makes up for it. If used correctly, you will be having a great economy from the 10-minute mark since you can utilize your burst damage to gain more gold. You might lack some damage in the early game, but it will guarantee better items as the game prolongs.

Magical Footwear: this is the standard rune that most ADCs run. The 300 gold saved can be used to rush the Mythic item sooner and the extra ten movement speed is a valuable stat for a mobile champion like Lucian.

Biscuit Delivery: the gunslinger tends to burn a lot of mana in the early game to make trades and push the wave. The biscuits help him quickly regenerate mana and they can also be used in clutch situations to gain some extra health that might save him from dying.

Cosmic Insight: there aren't other runes that are nearly as effective as Cosmic Insight in this row of the Precision tree. Having the summoner spells' cooldowns lowered is always great for marksmen, especially for Lucian who can also use it offensively to quickly chase down a target.


Presence of Mind: just like for Biscuit Delivery, this rune grants additional mana to Lucian since he doesn't get any from his current build. The mana restored upon takedowns allows him to keep using his abilities and maintain his damage output constant in a skirmish or teamfight.

Legend: Bloodline: Lucian's build doesn't have lifesteal included, so Legend: Bloodline grants him some extra sustain that might become handy in the later stages of the game.

Press the Attack Lucian


Press the Attack: compared to First Strike, Press the Attack gives Lucian more skirmishing potential in the early game. The rune synergizes well with the ADC's passive Lightslinger and it works best in extended trades.

Presence of Mind: see above.

Legend: Bloodline: see above.

Coup de Grace: the extra eight percent damage to targets below 40 percent health is helpful for Lucian to quickly burst down a target. Go for this against rune if there are a lot of squishy targets on the enemy team.


Magical Footwear: see above.

Cosmic Insight: see above.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

The starting items for Lucian are fairly straightforward: Doran's Blade is the most common start and it grants attack damage, health, and a little bit of sustain. In other words, you get everything you would need in one item.

If you're looking to go for an aggressive start, you can also consider buying a Long Sword and Refillable Potion. This is a higher-risk, higher-reward strategy since it allows you to get your first core item earlier, but it gives you less trading ability in the first few minutes of the lane. Losing the extra health and the sustain makes you also more vulnerable so it's crucial to not mess up during the laning phase.

On your first recall, look to get the Noonquiver since it greatly increases your trading ability, as well as the ability to push waves thanks to the item's passive. Try to always recall once you have the gold, otherwise, your recalls will not be as efficient and it might delay your Mythic Item purchase.

There's only one possible Mythic Item for Lucian and that's Galeforce. The item's passive can be used both offensively and defensively, further enhancing Lucian's innate mobility.

The item can also be used in combo with his own dash on his E to quickly reposition twice within a matter of tenths of seconds. After buying Galeforce, close your tier two boots with Berserkers' Greaves, and proceed to rush your second core item, The Collector.

While it's not used a lot by other ADCs, it's the best second item for Lucian as it matches with his own spike in the mid game we mentioned earlier. The lethality allows him to quickly pierce through the squishy targets and the execute passive is just the icing on the cake.

For your fourth and fifth items, you have two possible choices and the order of purchase will depend on the game state. If you're well ahead and are snowballing hard, get the Infinity Edge to maximize your damage output since you will already have the 60 percent critical strike chance. If you're struggling to walk into auto-attack range since enemies can take you down, buy Rapidfire Cannon since it costs 900 gold less and it allows you to poke from a safer position.

To round off the build, there are four possible items that can be bought, two damage-oriented choices and two defensive items. Lord Dominik's Regard and Serylda's Grudge amplify your total damage thanks to the armor penetration that both come with. LDR is better against tanks while Serylda is overall better if you need the passive's slow to kite your opponents.

If you're getting burst down and need some defensive stats, Guardian Angel is the go-to item thanks to its revive passive. Against a lot of magic damage, however, Maw of Malmortius will be more effective.

intorductions on different iteams in the game and why you have to choose them

Last things I have to mention that no matter you want to choose Lucian as top laner or AD carry, the mechanism actually did not change too much through the years. So watch professional players' rank show is also important, here are two different videos I would like to recommend to you, hope you can enjoy them and get better. See you guys next time.