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How to Create a Marauder Hinekora Shaman in POE 3.22? - A Ruthless Starter Build

Recently, I have made guides for Path of Exile 3.22’s Ruthless mode. And here, I want to teach you how to create a different version of the Hinekora Righteous Fire build.

When I was mapping on my Hinakora Righteous Fire building, I came to realize that I had invested so much POE Currency into making Righteous Firework that it was unnecessary.

The build felt like it was an actual caster build and that Righteous Fire was just a meme that I’d added on top of it. So, instead, I designed and created this Hinakora Shaman.

How to Create a Marauder Hinekora Shaman in POE 3.22? - A Ruthless Starter Build

Hinekora Shaman

This build is so solid that you can even play it as either cold or lightning. I wanted to push it as far as I could, so I experimented by leveling it up using Wintertide Brand. And even then, the leveling experience was a breeze.

However, due to the resistance ignoring power of the Ramako Ascendancy in the end, it’s far better to keep the build this fire, so that’s what I’m showing you today.

It will work if you want to do something else. But your ability to progress deep in maps will be limited unless you can find relevant support gems that will penetrate for whatever your Elemental Damage type is.

You also can play the build with just Fireball and Flame Wall. But you’ll likely find that your AOE clear speed will be lacking. I would recommend using your first Uncarved Gemstone to pick up either Firestorm, Incinerate, or Flame Blast as a complement to both Fireball and Flame Wall to make your AOE clear speed as fast as possible.

How to Acquire Skill Gems?

If you want to create a Hinekora Shaman, your first task is to make a farm Witch and take her as far as finishing the ‘Breaking Some Eggs’ quest in the mud flats.

This will give you Fireball, Flame Wall, and your choice of either Raise Zombie or Freezing Pulse is temporary filler spells. You also get the extra POE flasks I see a lot of players forgetting.

Please remember that you can sell three small life flasks for one medium life flask and start using it as soon as level 3.

Once you’ve transferred everything to your stash, go ahead and create your Hinekora Shaman Marauder.


You may remember that there was some real nasty pathing that you had to do in order to get your Marauder enough intelligence to use his skill gems.

While it is still slightly beneficial to transfer a Lapis Amulet, in this build, it’s unnecessary. You’ll eventually need to find about 40 intelligence from your gear, but that’s not until the endgame.

And if you want, you can instead spend three passive points to, take the notable skills: Deep Wisdom and Deep Thoughts. This will help your Mana, but it will more importantly solve your intelligence problem entirely for just the cost of three additional passive points and that can all be done after you complete the campaign.

In this build, your intelligence problem completely goes away.

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Passive Tree

Leveling with the Hinekora Shaman, you take a different approach to solving the intelligence problem as you level.

Early on, you’re simply gonna head straight to Templar college and then keep going to which grad school. With this method, you’ll have far more than enough intelligence to use and level up your skills.

The only annoyance is that you can’t equip Flame Wall until about level 10. That’s it.

This build is a full league starter build that works great as your first character if you want to try out Ruthless mode in POE 3.22.

Eventually, around level 60 or so, you will need to fix your early pathing. When you first level up and you path up to the Templar area, you’re going to use the path on the left. But in the final build, you want to be using the path on the right instead.

POE 3.22 Passive Tree

All this means is that starting around level 55 or so, you’ll want to double up your pathing on the left, connecting the Devotion cluster to the Barbarism cluster.

Once you are connected on both the left and the right, you’re going to use the passive refund points earned through the campaign to refund the leveling pathing that you used and then you’re done with your pathing.


For your ascendancies, you’re going to be using Hinekora, Tesalio, and Ramaco.

I tried taking Hinekora first and while it did help, I ran into resistance problems in Acts 6 and 7. I would recommend taking to Tesalio first, then Hinekora with your second ascendancy and then Ramaco before you hit the endgame.

If and when you can finish the Eternal Labyrinth, you would take Valako, Storm’s Embrace.

Endgame Progression

As you progress into the endgame on your Hinekora Shaman, you have three choices.

Choice number 1 is to use this cluster jewel socket that would be best, but of course requires that you have a cluster jewel.

POE 3.22 Endgame Progression

Choice number 2 would be to focus on your offense, developing upward into the Templar area so that you can take Holy Fire and Purity of Flesh.

And choice number 3 instead is to focus on your defense and your life where instead of developing up you’re going to develop downward into the Marauder area so that you can take Bloodless and Soul of Steel.


If you wish to unleash the power of Hinekora, you can play this Hinekora Shaman and become the erupting volcano. You will engulf rayclast in flames and purify everything in the names of your ancestors. And when you hit the endgame, you won’t just work on the atlas, you’ll burn through it.

Dark and Darker Ghost King’s Abilities & Attacks Explained - How To Survive During The Boss Fight?

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at the mechanics behind the Ghost King boss fight and what you need to do to survive them.

This main game boss has the most health of the current three, can deal heavy True Magic Damage, and has an instant kill mechanic. So, it’s recommended that on your first fight, you bring along a team healing class, such as a Cleric or Bard.

Dark and Darker Ghost King's Abilities & Attacks Explained - How to Survive during the Boss Fight?


Let’s jump right into the boss’s abilities.

The Ghost King has a total of 5 damaging moves and a stacking debuff called the Curse of Chilling, which you’ll need to pay attention to throughout the fight.

1. Orb Attack

The first ability we will look at is the Orb Attack, which may be used at any time.

During this fight, the Ghost King will wind up shortly, then send out a fan of five orbs in the direction of the targeted player. Each of these orbs will deal 30 True Magic Damage and apply one stack of Chilling. This attack may be dodged by circling closely around the Ghost King or even ducked under.

If you’re at longer range, you can stand in between the projectiles or try to time your jump to jump over them since they’re affected by gravity and will arc downwards.

The orbs will also be blocked by the environment features. So, with correct positioning, you may hide behind the entrance walls. If a player does happen to get hit by the Orb Attack, the Ghost King will heal for 30 health and spawn a fight-long curse pool at the player’s location.

Standing in this pool will quickly give you stacks of chilling, so try your best to avoid entering them.

2. Teleport Attack

The second ability we will look at is the Teleport Attack.

The Ghost King will teleport to a player and spawn a curse pool at the arriving location. If you’re standing at the arrival location, you’ll take 20 True Magic Damage, be knocked back, and gain one Curse of Chilling stack.

Again, these curse pools will last the entire fight. Do your best to group them and keep the arena open.

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3. Earthquake Slam (Slam)

The next ability is the Earthquake (Slam).

The Ghost King will teleport back to the center of the map and rise to the ceiling. After a brief moment, the Ghost King will then slam into the ground and spawn three skull bats. Any players that fail to jump when the Ghost King slams will be killed.

To properly dodge the Earthquake, pay attention to the slight hop that the Ghost King performs while in the air and jump immediately after that. Do not attempt to anticipate the jump. Just react as you’ll not need to worry about any other fight mechanics during this move.

4. Ghost King’s Scream

Next, we have the Ghost King’s Scream.

This is where the Curse of chilling stacks come into play. The Ghost King will pause all moves, hunch over, and let out an arena wide screen. That will deal 10 True Magic Damage. Each Curse of Chilling stack that you have will multiply this value.

So, you’ll need to pay close attention to your status effect icon bar throughout the fight.

The duration of the Curse of Chilling is only 8 seconds long. So, if you’re picking up stacks, just stow your weapons away and keep dodging around until the debuffs expire.

As a general rule, avoid going past four stacks and you’ll be fine. If you’re above 10 stacks, be prepared to leave the arena or ask for help from your Cleric as a Curse of Chilling may be cleansed.

The Ghost King’s Scream ability will be activated at every 20% hp loss from the boss or immediately after a player is killed. So, back-to-back screams may occur.

5. Eating (Feast)

The final ability is Ghost King's Eating or Feast move.

Here, the Ghost King will gain a temporary shield and pursue a player. If they catch their target or any player that walks in front of them, they'll inflict a route and deal 10 True Magic Damage per second. This move in particular would not apply any Curse of Chilling stacks, but still should be avoided as this move alone may be lethal.

If you do have a Cleric on your team, they may cleanse you out of this ability.

Here is a small tip: weapon on hit slows will still apply to the Ghost King during this move. You can use Dark and Darker Gold to buy a good weapon to help you deal damage. So, you can help out your teammate by attacking the boss while they're getting chased.

Dark and Darker Ghost King


In summary, we have the Orb Attack that applies the Curse of Chilling and spawns a curse pool on hit.

We have the Teleport Attack, which knocks back applies Curse of Chilling and also spawns a curse pool at the location.

We have the Earthquake (Slam), which has a 60 second cooldown and must be jumped to survive on this one. Just remember to look out for the in-air hop.

We have the Ghost King's Scream, which deals in arena wide 10 True Magic Damage and is increased by each Curse of Chilling stack. This particular move is triggered at every 20% hp lost or one of our players killed.

And finally, we have the Eating or Feast ability in which the Ghost King will chase a player and deal a damaging route if they are caught.

Just a final reminder: this route as well as any number of Curse of Chilling stacks may be cleansed.

On high roller mode, all abilities will deal an initial 50% damage. Now, you know all the Ghost King's moves and abilities.

How To Become The Ultimate Goalscoring Striker In FIFA 23? - 5 Expert Tips

Are you ready to unleash the fun in FIFA 23’s Player Career Mode? You’re in the right place. Because today, we’re going to show you how to become the ultimate Goalscoring Striker.

We’re talking about netting, those beautiful goals that make the crowd go wild. Whether you’re a seasoned FIFA player or just starting out, we’ve got some expert tips that will help you improve your game and have more fun while doing it. So, grab your controller and let’s dive right in.

How to Become the Ultimate Goalscoring Striker in FIFA 23? - 5 Expert Tips

Tip 1: The Art Of Finishing

Our first tip is all about mastering the Art of Finishing.

This is the key to scoring in any situation. It’s not just about getting the ball on target, but knowing how to outsmart the Goalkeeper and put the ball in the back of the net.

FIFA 23 The Art of Finishing

Driven Shots

One of the most effective ways to finish is with a Driven Shot.

This is a low hard shot aimed at the corners of the goal. It’s particularly effective when you’re one on one with the Goalkeeper.

To execute a Driven Shot instead of filling up the power bar, you just give the button to shoot a little tap. This will keep the ball low and increase the chances of it finding the back of the net.

Finesse Shots

Next, let’s talk about Finesse Shots. These are perfect for when you’re in front of goal and need to curl the ball around the Goalkeeper.

To execute a Finesse Shot, you’ll want to hold down the Finesse Shot button while powering up your shot. The key here is to aim for the far post, curling the ball around the keeper.

Power Shots

Finally, if you find yourself with some space in the Box, don’t be afraid to unleash a Power Shot. This is a high risk high reward strategy. But when executed correctly, it can result in some spectacular goals.

To execute a Power Shot, you’ll want to power up your shot. And then, when your player is about to hit the ball, press the button again.

Remember, timing and accuracy are crucial here. Manual aiming also comes into the equation here. So, aim carefully.

Remember, practice makes perfect spend some time in the Practice Arena, working on these shots from different angles and situations. Before you know it, you’ll be scoring goals like a pro.

Tip 2: Positioning

Our second tip is all about Positioning.

Being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference when it comes to scoring goals. It’s not just about being near the goal, but understanding the flow of the game and anticipating where the ball is going to be.

FIFA 23 Positioning

Know When To Stay Away

Sometimes, the best thing you can do as a Striker is to stay away from the ball. This might sound counter-intuitive, but by doing so, you can create space for yourself and your teammates.

This is especially effective when your team is in possession and building an attack. By staying away from the ball, you can draw Defenders away creating gaps for your teammates to exploit.

Know When To Go And Get The Ball

On the other hand, there are times when you need to go and get the ball

This is especially true when your team is on the counterattack or when you see an opportunity to exploit a gap in the defense. In these situations, making a well-timed run to get the ball can put you in a prime position to score.

Well Timed Runs

The key to good positioning is anticipation and awareness.

Keep an eye on the ball, but also pay attention to the movement of your teammates and the Defenders. Look for gaps in the defense and make your move at the right time.

And remember, practice makes perfect. Spend some time in the Practice Arena, working on your positioning and making runs from different angles and situations.

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Tip 3: Long Shots

Our third tip is all about Long Shots. These are the goals that really get the crowd on their feet.

But scoring from outside the Box requires a good understanding of when to go for power and when to go for finesse.

FIFA 23 Long Shots

Go For Power When In Space

When you have a clear sight of goal and some space, going for power can be a great option.

To execute a powerful Long Shot, you’ll want to power up your shot to three quarters of the power bar and aim for the top corners of the goal.

Remember, timing and accuracy are crucial here.

Go For Finesse From Angles

On the other hand, when you’re at an angle or the Goalkeeper is off his line, a Finesse Shot can be the better option.

To execute a Finesse Long Shot, you’ll want to hold down the Finesse Shot button while powering up your shot.

The key here is to aim for the far post, curling the ball around the keeper.

Power Of The Outside Of The Foot Shots

And let’s not forget about using the outside of the foot. This is a very useful technique in FIFA 23, especially when you’re at an angle to the goal.

To execute an outside of the foot shot, you’ll want to aim your shot at the far post.

Using the outside of the foot will give the shot an incredible curve and dip. This will catch goalkeepers off guard and result in some spectacular goals.

Tip 4: Understanding The Goalkeeper

Our fourth tip is all about understanding the Goalkeeper knowing how they react and position themselves can give you the upper hand when it comes to scoring goals.

FIFA 23 Understanding The Goalkeeper

Near Or Far Post

One of the most important things to pay attention to is the positioning of the Goalkeeper.

Are they standing near the near post or the far post? Are they off their line or hugging the goal line?

On Goal Line Or In Front Of Goal Line

Recognizing these situations can help you decide what type of shot to use.

For example, if the Goalkeeper is standing near the near post, a Finesse shot to the far post can be a great option. On the other hand, if the Goalkeeper is off their line, a Chip Shot can catch them off guard. And, if the Goalkeeper is hugging the goal line, a powerful shot to the top corner can be hard to stop.

Tip 5: Scoring On The Counter

Finally, we're going to talk about scoring on the counter.

Fast break goals can be a game changer, but they require quick thinking and understanding the qualities and skills of the player you control.

FIFA 23 Scoring On The Counter

Know Your Qualities

If you're controlling a fast player, your best bet is to go deep and ask for the ball. If you don't have this kind of player yet, you can use FUT 23 Coins to purchase one.

Use your speed to get behind the defense and create a one-on-one situation with the Goalkeeper. To ask for the ball, you'll want to press the appropriate button on your controller.

If you're a good passer, you should focus on setting up the counter. Look for your teammates making runs and try to play them in with a well-timed pass.

Remember, a good counterattack is all about speed and precision. And if you're a little slower but a great finisher, you should stay away at the setup of the counter and just make sure you are there to finish it off. Position yourself in the Box and get ready to receive the ball.

When the ball comes your way, use your finishing skills to put it in the back of the net.

How Did Echo Win the WoW Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Global Finals? - World Record +31 Freehold

The TGP Dragonflight Season 2 has concluded and Echo won the Global Finals with a phenomenal performance. Here, I will be going over the Highlights of their World Record 31 Freehold run.

You can learn some tactics through my commentary, so that you can deal with some bosses in WoW Dragonflight more easily and farm more WoW Dragonflight Gold or loot.

How Did Echo Win the WoW Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Global Finals?- World Record +31 Freehold

Dungeon Start

Right before the key starts, the players without stealth or invisibility use an Invisibility Potion to skip past the first few trash packs, so they can commit bloodlust and all CDs for the double Irontide Enforcer pull.

This pull is very dangerous on a high fortified key because of the Enforcers Shattering Bellow cast, one shotting players from 100% to 0 if they don’t use strong defensive CDs.

After they’re done with this pull, they backtrack and pick up another few trash packs to recover their offensive and defensive CDs for the boss. They focus down the Crackshot, because it’s a hunter-type mob that is very hard to move.

Once it’s dead and their CDs are back up, they drag the rest of the trash with them and engage the boss.

Skycap'n Kragg

Skycap’n Kragg is the most volatile boss in this dungeon for this keylevel.

The main problem is phase 1, which lasts until they pushed the boss to 75% hp.

In this phase, the boss is mounted on his parrot Sharkbait and casts Pistol Shot on random players in the group. This ability does around 720000 fire damage on this key level. It is not telegraphed and it can hit the same player multiple times in a row.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Skycap'n Kragg

Without multiple defensives, the players get one shot from 100 to 0. Additionally, players have to be healed back up to 100% hp immediately after a shot, otherwise they will die to a follow up shot.

Phase 2 is a lot easier for them, but they still have to make sure to not have multiple players get hit by Azerite Powder Shot. And Zaelia is baiting Sharkbaits Vile Bombardment away from the group, while also avoiding the initial damage from the ability with Blessing of Freedom and movement speed abilities.

After the boss is dead, they skip the Irontide Enforcer at the start of the bridge with a pretty cool trick. Gingi mounts up on a 3 seater mount, both Meeres and Zaelia jump on the mount and Clickz is rescuing them onto the bridge, past the Enforcer, while Naowh is using wild charge and stealth to skip the mob.

Next, they gather up a lot of neutral mobs and the trash packs in the next boss area. They focus down the Bilge Rat Brinescale because it’s a caster and they don’t want to deal with it during the boss fight.

Council o' Captains

Once it’s dead, they drag the rest of the trash on top of Eudora and Raoul.

The start of this fight is pretty difficult for them because they still have trash mobs up, one of them being a Trapper. So, they have to deal with rat traps being thrown onto them periodically, while also worrying about Eudoras Powder Shot and Grapeshot.

The rat traps can be cleared by Naowh, because bear form makes him immune to the root, but Naowh has to prioritize the bosses and trashes positioning, because he wants to move them into Caustic Freehold Brew, which is the “green swirly” applying a heavy dot to all enemies or players standing within it.

Eudoras Powder Shot does physical damage and can be pretty dangerous for the cloth wearers in their comp, so they have to space out their defensive cds really well or utilize the pillars in the room to line of sight the ability. Zaelia is using his Blessing of Freedom to remove the Blackout barrel from whomever it lands on.

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Once Eudora is dead, they are chaining more mobs into Raoul, because the boss isn’t as dangerous anymore and they want to utilize the Brews to finish off more enemy forces.

Clickz is using rescue to jump up the hill and pull a trash pack, while Gingi is moving to the back and adding another 2 trash packs.

The boss dies after 5 mins and 22 seconds. They dealt with 27% enemy forces and the boss within that time.

Now Gingi is moving towards the Ring of Booty to talk to the NPC to activate the RP. While Gingi is on his mission, Naowh is preparing for one of the biggest trash pulls of their run. Naowh is gathering 29 total mobs for this pull, the rest of the team jumps up on a building to avoid getting hit by Duelist charges and Oarsman Sea Spouts.

This strategy was first used by NA’s Last Hope, the 2nd place team, and then adopted by the other TGP teams. They commit their 2nd Bloodlust of the dungeon for this pull. It’s very difficult for Naowh to survive the insane amount of damage all of these mobs do to him and the rest of the team has to worry about the Plague Step from the Bilge Rat Padfoots. They do heavy initial dmg and leave a disease on the players, doing nature damage and reducing healing taken by 25%.

Even though they have both Zaelia on the paladin and Meeres on the Priest that can dispel disease on a short cd, they also have to worry about dispelling the afflicted affix. This is why they are committing Dwarf Racials and heavy defensive cds for this pull.

Ring of Booty

Once they're done, they move to the Ring of Booty.

They catch the pig and gather up 3 Crushers while waiting for Ludwig to spawn.They pull another trash pack into the boss but still focus Ludwig to make sure Trothak spawns faster.

There is a lot to dodge for the players, as they have to avoid getting hit by the Shells from Ludwig, the Crushers Ground Shatter and Boulder Throw while later also kiting the Sharks on Trothak.

They then finish off Trothak and are ready to move to the final boss area. Meeres uses Mind Soothe on a couple of packs so they can walk up the bridge, while Naowh stealths ahead to get into position to pull a trash pack onthe boss.

They then use the 3 seater mount and rescue-tech again to skip the last trash packs. While Naowh is pulling the last enemy forces they need, Gingi pulls the pack that is linked to the boss. Then, Naowh engages the boss and Gingi uses Invisibility to reset the trash they don’t Harlan Sweete want to fight.

Harlan Sweete

Phase 1 of isn’t as difficult as the later phases, so they can finish off the trash without having to worry too much.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Harlan Sweete

Once the boss enters phase 2 at 60%, they have finished off all the mobs except the Oarsman that dies shortly after. Now they have to space out their defensive CDs properly to survive the Whirling Daggers and the Cannon Barrage being applied to the whole group.

They also saved their Bloodlust for their last set of 2-minute CDs to finish off the boss and time the 31 Freehold as the only team to do so in the Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Finals!

Of course, these strategies are incredibly risky and really well executed, so huge shout out to Echo for pulling off the victory this weekend, amazing job!

How To Use The New Specialist Class In Lost Ark? - Aeromancer Guide

The Aeromancer is a DPS sub-class of the Specialist. Depending on your Class Engraving, she can be a melee-type or caster-type damage dealer.


The Aeromancer only has two types of skills. For melee combat, she uses Umbrella Skills. For casting and meter generation, she uses Weather Skills.

Typically, Umbrella Skills have all the utility: Stagger, Weak Point or Party Synergy. Although Weather Skills have utility options, they’re less preferred compared to Umbrella Skills, so Weather Skills are mainly used for damage.


As for her identity, Sun Shower, you can activate it once you fill up the Raindrop meter. Sun Shower does AOE damage to nearby enemies until the gauge runs out.

While inside Sun Shower, all enemies, including raid bosses, receive an attack damage reduction, which can help mitigate some damage every time it’s up.

How To Use The New Specialist Class In Lost Ark? - Aeromancer Guide

Two Class Engravings - Wind Fury & Drizzle

Aeromancer has two Class Engravings. The first one is called Wind Fury, which primarily uses Umbrella Skills. The Wind Fury Aeromancer is very flexible in terms of raid mechanics, such as Stagger Check or Weak Point Check.

The other one is called Drizzle. Drizzle increases your Sun Shower duration by 100% and also increases your Weather Skills damage up to 30% when Sun Shower is active.

So, Drizzle is recommended if you would like to play the Range Caster style of Aeromancer or use Weather Skills as your main damaging abilities.

Let’s start with Wind Fury.

Instead of attack damage reduction to enemies, your Sun Shower will give bonus attack speed and movement speed to your party members inside the AOE circle. On top of the identity changes, you gain bonus Crit chance based on your movement speed and Crit damage based on attack speed.

If you choose this Class Engraving, you would want to have at least a little of Swiftness in general. On the other hand, you don’t want to go Mass Increase, because it would reduce the Crit damage provided by your Class Engraving.

The Wind Fury Aeromancer uses Swiftness and Crit as their main combat stats with a lot of play style variations. This Class Engraving mainly uses Umbrella Skills. They can also use a few Weather Skills as DPS or to generate identity gauge.

However, Umbrella Skills are your primary abilities. The core gameplay pattern of the Wind Fury Aeromancer is to use your preparation skills with the Current Occurrence tripod, then use spender skills with the Reversal tripod. Her preparation skills with the Current Occurrence tripod will give you a very special shield called Current Shield when you successfully land a hit with them.

The majority of the Wind Fury Aeromancer’s damage comes from the Reversal tripod. You need to make sure you always have a Current Shield from the Current Occurrence tripod before you use your spender skills.

Only if you have the shield from the Current Occurrence tripod, do you have a chance to trigger Reversal tripods? This shield is classified separately from any other shields, so you can’t trigger the Reversal tripod with a Protection Rune or shield effects from your support.

Looking a little deeper, you can’t use the Barricade Engraving, because the Reversal tripod consumes the Current Shield before it does damage. But Barricade needs you to be shielded for it to apply.

As for the Engravings, she typically uses Wind Fury, Grudge, Raid Captain, Adrenaline and Hit Master. None of her primary damage skills are positional, so it’s ideal to use Hit Master.

Lost Ark Aeromancer

Relic Set

When it comes to the Relic set, the Wind Fury Aeromancer has multiple options depending on your playstyle. Of course, you need to prepare a lot of Lost Ark Gold, so that you can choose the Relic set you want.

Usually, Hallucination with high Swiftness is recommended, since it’s very agile and performs well in almost every situation.

Option two is the Dominion Set. You can go six Dominions or mix with two Nightmares for less mana consumption. The Dominion Set technically does more damage than the Hallucination Set. But it’s not always preferred since it’s a hassle to maintain the set buff.

The final option is the Nightmare Set. Crit will become your primary stat to cover the lack of Crit chance. This option is going to make you slower than the other two options. However, it does the most damage in a shorter damage window.


As for gems, all you need is to make sure you have Attack and Cooldown gems on your Reversal spender skills.

Then, it varies based on whether you use three spenders or four spenders, one Weather or two Weather Skills.

There are only minor differences among the variations, so the best way to figure out what to use is for you to try it yourself.

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Wind Fury Aeromancer

The Wind Fury Aeromancer doesn't rely on many Runes unless you're looking to run a Dominion Set, which will require you to proc Conviction and Judgment before you cast your Awakening.

Since the Aeromancer is a very mana-hungry class, Conviction, Judgment and a few Focus Runes are great for her regardless of the Relic set.

Drizzle Aeromancer

Moving on to Drizzle, if you're looking for a more skill-shot-based and less spammy class so you can focus on your positioning and decision making, then Drizzle is the path you'll want to follow.

Unlike Wind Fury, Drizzle relies on Weather Skills to do damage, while Umbrella Skills take care of utility, like Party Synergy or Counter.

As an Engraving, Drizzle increases your Weather Skills up to 30% while your identity, Sun Shower, is active.

So, your goal as a Drizzle Aeromancer is simple. All you need to do is build the Raindrop meter as fast as you can without using your primary Weather Skills, which are Wiping Wind and Scorching Sun.

When Sun Shower is active, you want to use everything on cooldown.

Lost Ark Drizzle Aeromancer

Standard Stat Distribution

As for the Drizzle Aeromancer's combat stats distribution, she uses Specialization as her primary stat, because her weather skills scale with Specialization and it helps with Raindrop meter gain.

She doesn't have any sort of Crit modifier outside of her Awakening and Party Synergy, so Crit is recommended for her secondary combat stats.

Most of her damage comes from two skills, Wiping Wind and Scorching Sun, during the Sun Shower state. You can squeeze them in two times each in a single Sun Shower once you achieve a certain amount of cooldown reduction.

Gem Setup

As for the gem setup, the Drizzle Aeromancer needs damage and cooldown gems on both Wiping Wind and Scorching Sun. Unless you can cast these two skills twice in one Sun Shower, otherwise you should give priority to the Cooldown gems of these two skills.

Then, all you need to do is place a damage and cooldown gem again for Whirlpool and Rainstorm.

Similar to the Wind Fury Aeromancer, Drizzle also uses Conviction, Judgment and Focus Runes. It's easy to proc Conviction and Judgment with Weather Skills for extra cooldown reduction and mana regen.

However, they're not necessary and the heavy mana consumption can be covered with multiple Focus Runes instead. It's best to have at least two Wealth Runes for optimal gameplay since Drizzle relies on filling the identity meter.


Drizzle Aeromancers typically use Grudge, Keen Blunt Weapon, Drizzle, Adrenaline and Hit Master.

Same as Wind Fury, none of her primary damage skills are positional, so it's ideal to use Hit Master.

Relic Set Options

The Drizzle Aeromancer uses Hallucination for her Relic set. She doesn't use Salvation since the bonus attack speed from Salvation isn't that beneficial for Drizzle.

You don't use Nightmare since the damage from her Sun Shower is a good chunk of your overall damage, but it isn't affected by the Nightmare Set, because the identity doesn't consume mana.

Hallucination is the best option here as she has a fairly low Crit rate.

A Rule To Follow As A Drizzle Aeromancer

There's a simple rule you need to follow as a Drizzle Aeromancer: hold.

You need to hold damage skills when you don't have Sun Shower active and you need to hold the meter generator when Sun Shower is about to run out. So, you can fill up the meter as soon as possible.

Usually, you should be able to fill up the whole meter with these two skills, but if anything, you can always use Whirlpool, which is another great meter generator that also does really high damage.

So, this is your emergency button if you have just a little more meter to fill up. Otherwise, you want to squeeze this skill in your Sun Shower rotation for extra damage from the Drizzle Engraving.

Drizzle's damage is heavily back-loaded. Wiping Wind and Whirlpool do more damage on their later ticks and Scorching Sun takes more than two seconds to land all the hits. So, you need to be patient and look carefully for a damage window. In other words, the better you know the fight, the more rewarding Drizzle is.


In closing, both Aeromancer Class Engravings can be as fun as you make it. Whether it is an unstoppable blade to slice and dice your enemy with Wind Fury or calling upon nature's power to strike your enemy with Drizzle, the Aeromancer has a little something for everyone.

How To Get The Most Of Your Play Time In The Elder Scrolls Online? - Daily Routine Guide

This guide will show you eight tasks in The Elder Scrolls Online that you can complete every day. This is what your daily routine in ESO should look like.

How To Get The Most Of Your Play Time In The Elder Scrolls Online? - Daily Routine Guide

1. Collect Your Daily Rewards

Every day that you log into The Elder Scrolls Online, you get a free reward. This can be anything from collectibles, potions and poisons, XP Scrolls, ESO Gold, and other forms of currency.

Claiming your login reward should be your very first action every day.

2. Upgrade Your Mount

You should upgrade your mount skills as early and as often as possible.

There is a stable master in every major town marked with the horse head icon. Talk to them to upgrade your mount’s Speed, Stamina, and Carry Capacity. You can only apply one point every day at the cost of 250 gold.

Note: Mount upgrades are not shared between your characters. So, if you have multiple, make sure to buy an upgrade daily on each of them.

3. Complete Daily Crafting Writs

Crafting Writs are special daily quests for the seven crafting disciplines that offer extra XP and gold for fairly low effort.

Any character at or above level 6 can do the Writs as long as they are certified for the specific crafting profession.

Talk to Millenith or Danel Telleno to complete the certification process. They can be found in all major cities. You can complete your Writs from the local writ board every day.

If you’re on PC, you can use add-ons to speed up the process. But for those on consoles, the best way to improve time spent is by setting your tables to the quest only option.

Your maxed out professions with full skill points allotted to the top passive in the tree have a chance to earn a Master Writ in addition to gold, XP, crafting materials, and Survey Reports that you can use for even more crafting materials.

This will take a few minutes. But the selling prices for materials and Master Writs are a great way to make gold fast.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Writs

4. Researching Crafting Traits

While you are completing your Writs, start researching traits. This is especially important for using Transmutation to change your Traits on your gear later or if you are just interested in crafting.

You should always have research active, at least with your dedicated crafter character.

Research takes real time to complete. The more Traits on an item that you have completed, the longer it takes to complete the next one.

Research can take only a few hours or up to a whole month, depending on how many you have left. So, the sooner you start, the better.

There are also skills in the crafting tree to improve research time and the number of items that you can research at one time. This will speed up the process of researching all Traits, considerably.

5. Complete Daily Endeavors

You can find available Endeavor quests in the Activity Finder under the Endeavors tab.

Endeavors include both weekly and daily quests, with a limit of three dailies per day and one weekly per week.

Endeavors reward with gold and the Seals of Endeavor currency, with which you can purchase Crown Crate items that are available with the active crates.

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6. Random Daily Dungeon

Completing the daily random dungeon for the first time per day will give you a huge chunk of XP, 10 Transmutes, and other items.

It is best to do this once per day every day to get the most out of the rewards. You can do this on Normal or Veteran to get the same rewards and can complete it every day on each character that you have if you are needing the Transmutes.

7. Random Daily Battleground

Just like the dungeon daily, completing the random Battleground daily will give you a huge chunk of XP, gold, more transmutes, and other items.

This is a PVP game mode. But you get the rewards whether you win or lose.

8. Daily Pledges

When you reach level 45, you can start accepting Pledges by reading the Undaunted Enclave Invitation that you receive in your level up rewards.

Pledges our special daily dungeon quests that ask you to complete specific dungeons. You can pick up the Pledges from the NPCs found in the Undaunted Enclave. The Undaunted Enclave is located in the capital city of every Alliance, way rested in Stormhaven, Mournhold, Deshaan and Elden Root in Grahtwood.

By completing Pledges, you’ll receive keys to open monster shoulder chests in addition to some Transmutes, gold, and XP. Make sure to save any Undaunted Keys until you hit the gear cap of a 160 CP.

Pledges can also help you to level the Undaunted Skill Line in which are some very useful passive skill that can be unlocked.

Elder Scrolls Online Daily Pledges

Benefits Of Doing These Tasks & Additional Dailies

These tasks can help you to level up faster, make gold faster, and increase your overall in-game efficiency.

Most of them will only take a few minutes, but will help you to progress and build your character.

These are just some of the dailies available. There are tons of other daily quests gathered throughout Tamriel, including the Mages Guild daily, the Fighters Guild daily, Zone dailies, Tales of Tribute dailies, Arena dailies, and Trial dailies that you can include in your daily routine. So, get out there and explore!

How To Max Your Damage In Honkai Star Rail? - ATK vs CRIT vs DMG vs SPD

Today, we will be looking at how damage works in Honkai Star Rail.

So first, an in-depth guide on the damage formula, and then we will go through all the ways we can boost this damage, as well as how effective these boosts are.

For example, we will see how strong DMG% is versus ATK%, including any additional DMG% if you already have a ton. We will also look at how efficient crit ratios are, and how speed substats fare versus crit substats, as well as how well defence shred and resistance shred boost our damage, and much more.

How To Max Your Damage In Honkai Star Rail? - ATK vs CRIT vs DMG vs SPD

The Damage Formula

First, let’s look at the good old classic damage formula.

Honkai Star Rail The Damage Formula

It is composed of 7 different elements, but some formulas also show 8. We have 3 elements that we can affect by boosting our characters, and 4 elements that depend on the enemies and how we affect them.

So, for character dependent elements, we have our Base Damage, the Crit Multiplier, and the Damage Boost Multiplier.

Base Damage Explanation

First, we have our Base Damage, which is the skill multiplier multiplied by the scaling stat, plus any additional damage.

Seele’s ultimate at level 10, for example, does 425% of her attack, meaning her ultimate’s base damage will be 4.25 times her total attack, which at 3k attack would be 12750 damage.

If it scales off HP or Defense, or anything else, you use those values instead, multiplied by their respective skill multiplier.

How Do CRITs Work?

We then have the Crit Multiplier.

If you crit, your base damage will be multiplied by the crit multiplier, which is equal to 1 + your crit damage percentage. So, if you have 100% crit damage, your crit multiplier is 2, and your base damage will be doubled upon critting.

To find your average damage, you multiply your base damage by your crit rate and your crit multiplier, and add it to your base damage multiplied by 1 minus your crit rate.

You’re adding the damage of a crit with the damage of a non crit, respectively multiplied by their chances to happen.

At a crit ratio of 80 to 160 with our same ultimate damage from before, we do the following calculation, giving us an average damage of 29070.

How Does DMG% Boost DPS?

We then have the Damage Boost Multiplier.

Any damage% bonuses are totaled up and added to the base multiplier of 1, which will then multiply your damage again.

You have general DMG% bonuses that work on all attacks, like Bronya’s DMG% boost on her skill, then you have specific DMG% bonuses, like Subscribe for More, which are only taken into account on Basic Attacks or Skills. Or, another example is Elemental DMG% bonuses, which only work when said attack is of the corresponding element.

If, for example, we have a Quantum DMG% orb on our Seele, and our talent at level 10, we have a DMG% boost of 118.9%, and we thus multiply our previous damage by 2.189, giving us 63634.23 damage.

Next, we are onto the enemy multipliers: the DEF Multiplier, the RES Multiplier, the Vulnerability Multiplier, and finally the Broken Multiplier (this is part of a Universal DMG Reduction Multiplier that enemies have).

How To Max Your Damage In Honkai Star Rail? 2

How OP Is DEF Reduction?

The DEF Multiplier is first.

It is calculated by a division. The numerator is your character’s level plus 20. The denominator is the enemy’s level + 20 multiplied by 1, minus any defence reduction or ignore effects. And this is then added onto your character’s level again plus 20.

What this basically means is your DEF multiplier depends on two things: the level difference between you and the enemy, as well as any defence reductions or ignore effects.

At the same level as your enemy, you are dividing your level by your level times two essentially, so your defence multiplier is 0.5, and your damage is halved.

As the enemy’s level increases, the denominator increases and your multiplier drops. This is why we calculate with a defence multiplier of 0.476, because we are level 80 versus level 90 enemies.

As we include defence reduction, the enemy level is multiplied by a smaller and smaller number, increasing our division’s final multiplier, until we hit 100% defence reduction, where we will now be dividing your level by your level, giving us a defence multiplier of 1. And Defence Reduction doesn’t go further than 100%.

Versus a level 90 enemy with a level 80 Seele, equipped with the 4 piece quantum set, we will ignore 20% of their defence and multiply our damage by this long number, dropping our damage to 33848.

Why To Fight Weak Enemies?

The second multiplier is the Resistance Multiplier.

You have the base resistance multiplier of 1, and then you subtract the subtraction of the enemy resistance with your resistance reduction or penetration. So, if the enemy has 20% resistance, you get a resistance multiplier of 0.8. If they have 40%, 0.6, etc.

If you have resistance reduction, you are removing this resistance, and any further reduction still counts towards your resistance multiplier, now boosting your damage. If you have 20% resistance reduction on an enemy with 20% resistance, they now have 0% resistance, and your multiplier is back at 1. If they have 0% resistance, your multiplier is at 1.2, and so your damage is increased.

This is why we generally bring DPS to an enemy with a weakness corresponding to our DPS’ type, since any enemy that is weak to an element has 0% resistance to that element, and so your base resistance multiplier is 1.

Including Seele’s A4, which gives us 20% RES PEN, versus a Quantum Weak enemy, we now have a resistance multiplier of 1.2 on our damage, increasing our damage to 40617.6.

Vulnerability Modifiers

Next up is a very simple one, the Vulnerability Multiplier, which is indicated by text saying increased damage received or increased damage taken by enemies, like Welt’s A2, or Silver Wolf’s signature Light Cone. By the way, if you haven't pulled Silver Wolf by now or find some of her Light Cones too hard to get, buying a Honkai Star Rail Account would be a good option.

You have a base multiplier of 1, and any vulnerability modifiers will increase it by their respective percentages. Say we have Welt on the team with his 12% vulnerability, we multiply our damage thus far by 1.12, increasing our damage to 45491.7.

Why Breaking Is Important?

Finally, we have the Broken Multiplier, which is part of enemies’ total damage reduction, and is dependent on the toughness bar. The broken multiplier is 0.9 when the enemy has a toughness bar, and 1 when they don’t.

So, you gain a 1.11x damage increase if you hit a broken enemy, meaning if you can save that juicy ultimate for when the enemy is broken, it’ll give a final nice boost.

TLDR On Boosting Damage

Now, onto how we boost our damage.

For an easy summary, we boost our damage by boosting each of these multipliers. So, we increase our trace level or scaling factor for our base damage, then we increase our crit ratio for our crit multiplier, and add DMG% buffs for our damage.

Applying def reduction debuffs or gaining def ignore will boost our def multiplier, the same with resistance reduction for our resistance multiplier. Inflicting vulnerability will boost our damage too. And finally, breaking an enemy’s toughness bar will grant us more damage.

But then come the questions of balancing stats. How much attack% I should have? How much crit should I have? Is DMG% better than ATK%? What if I have 100 DMG% already? And that is what part 2 of this guide will explain.

How To Max Your Damage In Honkai Star Rail? 3


Our first comparison is DMG% versus ATK%. This also works for any other scaling factor, like DMG% vs ATK HP% on Blade. At no buffs DMG% beats ATK%, due to characters and light cones having a base attack, and the gloves relic piece having a flat 352.8 attack.

For example, 10% of damage is worth a lot more than 10% of attack. This only further increases as we add ATK% buffs and main stats to our units. Adding an ATK% main stat skews the difference in favour of damage% even more. If we only add a damage% orb instead, ATK% becomes a bit stronger than damage%.

However, we will naturally be building a lot of attack%, and damage% only comes from the orb, set bonuses, and ally buffs. Attack% can be on the chest, boots, orb, rope, and also comes from a ton of set bonuses and ally buffs.

So, as you can see, two attack main stats make DMG% very favourable even with a DMG% orb. Even with a 66% buff from Bronya’s skill, it still comes out ahead.


DMG% versus CRIT% is similar, except they are both multipliers onto your base damage. CRIT also has the problem of only being valuable if you have enough of it.

For example, from no DMG% or crit buffs or pieces,100% damage is equal to a crit ratio of 55/110 in boosting your damage. Getting a better crit ratio improves the damage boosting capabilities of more crit, but it also doesn’t mean DMG% should be wasted. With a lot of DMG%, crit becomes very valuable, but so does crit with a lot of extra damage%.


Finally, in this three way match up, we have ATK% vs CRIT%, which is compared in increments of 2 substats, so 2 ATK% subs versus 1 crit rate and 1 crit damage sub. This is considering a base crit of 5 to 50.

For example, crit stats without initial crit are useless, and attack% is favoured even after two main stats. Now if we have a favourable crit ratio, any additional crit stats are worth a lot more.

So, don’t go adding some crit to a unit when you won’t hit a high enough ratio for it to be worth it. This also shows that DPS does want crit, as ATK% is pretty saturated, and it’s why we go crit chests on our DPS to avoid any DPS loss.

The Perfect CRIT Ratio

Now, onto Crit Efficiency, this one is a classic from Genshin Impact, and just shows, depending on your crit rate or crit damage, how effective extra crit damage or rate is to the perfect 1 to 2 ratio.

This shows that, for example, 50 crit rate to 100 crit damage is a nice ratio, but having 15 extra crit rate, or 30 extra crit damage, won’t impact your ratio too much, and you shouldn’t get too worked up over the perfect crit ratio.

We can also see this in the average Crit Multiplier, which is how we find our average damage dependent on our crit rate and crit damage. We used this earlier in the Seele calculation to find our average ultimate damage.

At the base 5 to 50 crit ratio characters have, our average damage is not increasing by much at all. But we also see that whilst the perfect ratio will boost our damage by the most amount, not having a 1:2 ratio is still great for damage.

Speed Breakpoints

Now, we are onto speed and their comparisons.

Remember, speed varies a lot, and speed can make tuning buffs better, or worse, and this is just showcasing how effective speed is for DPS turns and damage gain.

We first have the standard speed breakpoints. You have probably already seen this from Grimro. It shows how to get additional actions per cycle in the first 8 cycles.

For example, if we want 10 actions by the 6th cycle, we need 154 speed. This also shows the infamous 134 speed breakpoint. That gives us an additional action every 3 cycles, including the first cycle.

So, we get 2 actions in our first cycle, and then 6 in our 4th, and so on so forth. As for effective damage gain, we compare how many actions we get to the standard 1 action per 1 cycle.

So, getting two actions by the first cycle is a 100% damage gain. But 3 actions by the second cycle is only a 50% damage gain, since you’re already supposed to have 2 actions. This doesn’t mean you should just go for 161 speed breakpoints for damage gain. It just shows the potential.


To further showcase that just going for speed is bad for DPS, we now have two comparisons: speed substats versus attack subs, and speed versus crit. These are my favourite comparisons, since they show the breakpoints really well.

SPD versus ATK shows 1 minimum sub of speed versus 1 minimum sub of attack. Obviously, having more attack will win until you hit a speed breakpoint. And having stats is important too.

Going for just speed for more turns won’t give you much gains, unless you have the stats to do damage. This also shows how important speed boots are for DPS gains. But that too much speed is unneeded as well.

With attack% buffs and a mainstat, getting an additional attack main stat does not prove as significant as speed boots, since we get our damage multiplied by more than 8 cycles, and we are closer to a future breakpoint for even more damage.

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SPD% versus CRIT% is the same concept, but with the added nuance of crit needing a good ratio to be worth in the first place.

If you hit breakpoints, it’s great, but so is the value of the crit for your damage. You will be needing a good crit ratio in the first place, but getting extra crit is very valuable for damage.

How To Max Your Damage In Honkai Star Rail? 4

DEF% Reduction

Now let’s look at the defence shred.

As we saw with the formula earlier, and as we can see in this graph, it’s an exponential DPS increase as you stack more and more defence shred.

Pela’s ultimate will give us a 26.5% damage boost, Silver Wolf’s talent and ult 38.4%, but combined they give us a 95% damage boost.

RES Reduction

Resistance shred gives us a linear boost instead. But we can see the value of the resistance shred for our Resistance Multiplier.

The more resistance the enemy has, the more gain we get from the resistance shred. But since we aren’t bringing our DPS to a fully resistant enemy, this doesn’t mean much to us.

We want to be fighting enemies of our elemental weakness for the most damage.

DEF VS RES Reductions

Next, let’s compare defence reduction and resistance reduction in their effect on multiplying our damage.

Versus a weak enemy, defence shred comes out ahead of course, but takes time to ramp up versus resistance shred, which is linear.

Also remember, defence shred can max out, and resistance shred doesn’t. So, having a combination of both will improve our damage a ton.

We can also see, for example, how effective Silver Wolf is in boosting our damage. Versus a non weak enemy, we get a 95.53% damage boost to our damage, which can boost our whole team’s damage.

Combined with Seele’s A4 and the quantum set, our damage goes insane.


Adding Vulnerability is an additional multiplier, and very simple.

Every % of vulnerability multiplies our total damage by an additional %. It is linear and having it on the enemy is great for damage boosting.

Broken Multiplier

We then have the Broken Multiplier and its effects on our DPS. It’s even smaller than vulnerability in its complexity.

You either gain 11% DPS from attacking a broken enemy, or you lose 10% potential DPS by not attacking a broken enemy.

So again, try to hit them when their toughness bar is broken. But it’s okay if you don’t. It’s just an additional boost of DPS.

Break Damage Boosts

So that’s all the damage multipliers for standard damage, and how they fare versus each other. Let’s also quickly look at break damage and how it scales on our level.

So, Break Damage scales exponentially on our level, and is why it was so slept on in the past. It still won’t beat out standard DPS builds unless you break a lot, which is always tricky to calculate, or unless you are a support like Asta that doesn’t traditionally do a ton of damage.

Level is very important for break damage. Going from level 40 to 50 gives us a 113% damage increase on our break damage at level 40, which is compounded onto future levels.

So, even though from level 70 to 80 we get another 41.66% increase, that’s a 41.66% increase on our break damage from level 70, which is a 62% increase over the break damage from level 60, and so on.

With future break effect supports and buffs, the break effect will be very strong.

How To Target Farm Specific Diablo 4 Unique Items And Double Unique Drop Chance?

Today I'm going to give you an updated version on how to target farm specific unique items in Diablo 4, but also double your unique drop chance and sometimes even triple it. So there are four components to this article with the last one speed farming being the most important, ideally you should be doing two of these at the same time.

Diablo 4

Concept Of Monster Families

I'm going to start off with Monster Families. I know a lot of you are already familiar with the concept, but I'll briefly go over it. Different monsters in the game have a higher chance of dropping certain Diablo 4 Items. For example, if you are a Druid and you're trying to find Tempest Roar, you should be targeting Cultists and Cannibals, because they have a higher chance of dropping Helms.

Diablo 4 Monster Families

Let's say you were going to chase Greatstaff of the Crone, well then you would be farming Goatman. Now I know a lot of you in the previous season would rerun the same dungeon, even though it was not a Nightmare Dungeon in Diablo 4. So like Cultist Refuge without opening up a Sigil, you do not want to do that this season.

The reason is that massively increase the chance of a unique item dropping from the rewards at the end of your dungeon, so previously it was one legendary and I think two rare items, now there's a very high chance you can drop two legendaries, but those legendaries can actually convert to unique items as well.

How To Reset Nightmare Dungeons?

This is not only important for Target farming certain uniques in Diablo 4, but you should be doing this anyway just for the experience game, because of how good some dungeons are compared to the others. So to reset the dungeon, obviously open up the dungeon that you want to do first.

Now accept the dungeon like usual when you are in a group, now you want to promote your teammate to party leader, or it might be the other way around, they might promote you. It doesn't matter either way, but you have to exchange party leadership. So in my case, I from loading my friend wolf to party leader. Now he has to decline the party leader invitation or this will not work.

Diablo 4 Party Leader

Once this is done, we're going to teleport to the dungeon you can also do this at the start of the dungeon too by the way. Now in Diablo 4, we're going to finish the dungeon you can get your Cliff Awards everything, leave back into town, now whoever was the party leader has to leave the group. Once they've left that group, whoever was party leader, they have to invite you to a brand new group. So you're jumping into their world now, now the dungeon has been reset, so we're going to teleport to the entrance using the open world map and rinse and repeat.

In Diablo 4, there are two more factors that you need to add into this as well, the chances are between 1 to 100 you are going to find at least one of every single unique in the game for your class. I know that's not the case for everyone, it's RNG, some people cannot get say a Tempest Roar and be level 100 and still trying to find this item. So what you want to do is try and farm dungeons that have a way higher drop chance for items in general, and you can get more Diablo 4 Gold too.

Farming Uldurs Is A Good Choice

A really great example that my clan and I have been using, we've been farming Uldurs, the quantity of items that drop is almost double even triple than some of the other dungeons. In fact it's around about two full inventories of just items that can drop on the ground, there is a chance that each item can roll into a unique. So this is just as effective as Target farming certain dungeons, just the sheer quantity makes up the difference.

Diablo 4 Farming Uldurs

Speed Farming Is The Most Important

The last which is the most important in my opinion, you should be speed farming. You have to fight the temptation to be pushing dungeons way higher than yourself, so you want to make sure that the monster level is the exact same level as your character in Diablo 4. Because you're farming enemies at the same level as you, they're going to be super super easy, so you don't have to worry about things like damage reduction, too heavily investing in defensive stats, you just want to go completely Glass Cannon.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming

One of the stats that I've been playing around with that I think is absolutely fantastic that was not good in the previous season, but is now really important for Speed farming and that is the bonus effects after killing an Elite, so it might be x amount of movement speed for 4 seconds after killing an Elite or x amount of damage after killing an Elite.

They can only roll on three specific item slots. So the amulet can roll movement speed after killing an Elite and damage, now your boots can only roll movement speed after killing an Elite and then your pants can run the extra damage after killing an Elite.

Only those three spots make sure that you keep in mind that the movement speed in the game is capped at 100% I believe. Technically you could get 230% movement speed with all of your gear, it's going to hard cap at 100%, so you want to be kind of keeping that in mind.


This is even more effective now because of the monster density bonus, so just to recap, find a dungeon in Diablo 4 with the specific item type that you're trying to look for, dude dungeon resets with your friend. If you do not have a friend to play with, then go for a higher drop quantity dungeon, which has a higher chance. Because of the sheer number of items and lastly make sure you're speed farming monsters at the same level as you. This is not just for uniques, this is for your experience gain as well.

How To Calculate Damage Increases In Diablo 4? - Damage & Defense Mechanics Explained

Today’s topic will be Diablo 4 mechanics. We will be talking about damage buckets, damage, how to calculate damage increases and defenses.

Additive VS Multi

Starting off, we’re just going to quickly go over additive and multiplicative stats. You’ll see stat lines aspects things in your skill tree and your Paragon Board that either have a ‘+’ or an ‘X’ by them.

‘X’ will be better at 99% of the time. There are some instances where it’s not. But it’s safe to think that stats with an ‘X’ will be better than with a ‘+’.

How To Calculate Damage Increases In Diablo 4? - Damage and Defense Mechanics Explained

Damage Buckets

This is where people seem to get confused, Damage Buckets.

We have four main damage buckets in Diablo 4:

  • Main Stat
  • Crit Damage
  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Additive Damage

Each of these buckets multiplies with each other to get your final damage output. The most confusing bucket is the Additive Damage bucket. If it’s not Crit, Vul, or Main Stat 99 of the time, it goes into this bucket. So, things like core, close, healthy, injured, damage, and so on all go into this bucket.

This is because you have 0% close damage and you get 100% close damage somewhere does not mean you’re now going to double your damage against close targets. It gets put into the added a bucket with the other Additive Stats.

Keep in mind there are hidden stats that go into these buckets that will not show up on your stat screen. For example, Critical Damage against Crowd Control targets gets put into the Critical Damage bucket, but it does not show up as Critical Damage in my character screen.

It’s important that you balance out your damage buckets. If you have 600% Critical Damage but only 200% in your additive bucket, a 25% additive roll would be better than getting a 50% critical damage roll.

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How To Calculate Damage?

How do we calculate our damage increases? I’ll be using my character stats in these examples.

So, we have 285% Critical Damage, 275% Vulnerable Damage, 800% in the Additive Damage, and 900 Dex in this current setup. You can calculate each of these buckets the same. When we’re representing these stats, we start from one for Critical Damage. The 285% would be represented as 3.85 when we’re doing our calculations.

Let’s say we get another 50% Critical Damage somewhere. We would now have the 335% Critical Damage versus the 285% we had before. We then take 4.35 divide that by 3.85. That would give us 1.129. That would mean that we get roughly a 13% damage increase. For our main stat, calculations 100 Main Stat equals 10% damage increase. So, when you’re calculating your Main Stat, make sure to convert it into the damage increase percentage and not the total amount of dexterity, strength, willpower, or whatever stat it may be.

So, say we have a crossbow with Crit Damage, Bone Damage, and Dex. And we’re trying to decide on what roll to get next. We can either go for a 70 all-stat damage roll or a 40% core damage roll. So, our Dex before is 900 and after it’ll be 970. So, we would take the after being a 1.97 and divide it by 1.9 to get a 1.036 or roughly a three and a half percent damage increase. For the additive, we would take the 800% before and the 840% after.

So, 9.4 divided by 9 gives us 1.044 or roughly a 4.4% damage increase. So, we have 3.5% versus 4.4%. If you are needing to get the all-stat roll to hit some Paragon node bonuses, it’s not going to be a huge damage loss.

To sum it up, you take what your stat will be after and divided it by what it was before. So, ‘X’ divided by ‘Y’ equals your damage increase.

Item Power

On to Diablo 4 Item power, how do we calculate our item power damage increases? Suppose you have an 818 sword and an 810 sword. Assuming both stat rolls are the same, you take the average of the damage per hit of both those weapons and divide the larger number by the smaller number, like we did with the damage buckets.

So, our 818 damage range is 989 to 1483. Add those numbers together. Divide them by two to get your average. Do the same with the other weapon. And then, we’ll take the average of both being 1236 for the 818 and 1198 for the 810. Divide 1236 by 1198 to get 1.0317 or roughly at three percent damage increase.


And lastly, are defenses. For our defenses, we have armor and resistances as well as damage reduction rolls.

Starting off with armor, this reduces physical damage taken from monsters on your level. What this means is that as a level gap between you and monsters increases, the amount of damage reduction you get from your armor is reduced.

In this chart, you can see how much armor you need in order to get the maximum damage reduction against X level of mobs.

how much armor you need in order to get the maximum damage reduction against X level of mobs

The maximum damage reduction you can receive from armor is 85%. So, if you are fighting mobs that are level 154, don’t go over 1300 armor as you’ll be overcapping.


Resistances are non-physical resistances damage reduction. So, for every two percent of a resistance stat, you get one percent damage reduction for that element.

If you get hit by a fire attack and you have 20% fire resistance, you have another 10% damage reduction against that attack. This additional 10% is then multiplied with all your other damage reduction rolls that apply to that attack if they were close distant poison, etc.

However, resistances don’t seem to be near is important in Diablo 4 as they are to a game like Path of Exile. I have pretty much completely ignored resistances, and it hasn’t seemed to affect me at all. Maybe down the road with seasons, resistances will become far more important. But for now, don’t stress and worry about how much resistance you have.

Damage Reduction

Finally, we’ll talk about damage reduction.

It’s important to note that damage reduction in Diablo 4 is multiplicative and not additive. So, you can never have a hundred percent damage reduction and be invincible.

If you have two sources of damage reduction, giving 50% damage reduction each your final damage reduction would be 75%. Suppose you get hit by an attack doing a hundred damage you would reduce that 100 to 50 and then you would further reduce the leftover 50 by another 50%, meaning you only take 25 damages. And if you had another 50% damage reduction roll somewhere, it would take the leftover 25 damage and put it to 12.5 and so on.

The Fastest Way To Get Any Legendary Aspect In Diablo 4 - Doing Helltides Properly

Recently, I have often been asked how do I find Shockwave Aspect or Aspect Of the Trampled Earth and so on. And most of the time, it’s kind of just luck. But there actually is a method that is faster than others to find legendary items very fast. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Helltides Overview

The fastest way to get lots of legendaries is by doing Helltides properly and there are a lot of tricks to make the most out of a Helltide.

Now, Helltides last for exactly one hour. And during that time, events are actually going to occur more frequently. They’re going to reset faster. Monsters are going to be dropping Aberrant Cinders, which can be used to open Helltide chests. Besides, the monsters are higher level than you, which means great XP and Diablo 4 Gold gains.

The Fastest Way To Get Any Legendary Aspect In Diablo 4 - Doing Helltides Properly

Not only that, but Helltides are the only place where you can obtain Forgotten Souls, which are a crafting material needed for fifth and final level upgrades for your gear.

Remember that Helltides only occur in World Tier 3 or 4. So, if you aren’t there yet, you’ll need to unlock it first. And it is worth mentioning you lose half your Cinders if you die, so try not to do that.

Now, it will occasionally rain meteors during Helltides and that means there’s a chance to spawn an Elite after the rain is over in close proximity to you. These Elites are pretty tough but are definitely worth fighting for their drops of Cinders and other Diablo 4 Items.

There’s also an Elite monster called Kixxarth, the Helltide assassin, who wanders the Helltide. Slaying him rewards a high amount of Forgotten Souls. So, it’s absolutely worth trying to take him out if you can.

Within a Helltide, there are ore nodes and plants that drop Aberrant Cinders and Forgotten Souls, which are called the Fiend Rose and the Screaming Hell Veins. Both of these are worth harvesting if you see them, especially since Fiend Roses can only be found within Helltides.

Finally, there are mystery chests. This is a special type of Helltide chest called the Tortured Gift of Mysteries, which always contains at least one legendary item, but can drop four or more, depending on your luck. These chests require 175 Aberrant Cinders to be opened and will not show up on the global map, but instead appear on your mini-map when you’re in close proximity. And it is a guarantee that there will be at least one in every zone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Helltides?

The trick to getting the most out of these Helltides is to open up an Interactive Map on your second monitor and hide everything besides mystery chests, shrines, and events.

Diablo 4 Interactive Map

Then, you’re going to want to locate a cluster of shrines and events somewhat near a mystery chest. And your ideal path will lead you to first pick up a shrine and then start an event and then immediately go to another event and so on.

And events are going to be refreshing really fast. I actually found that I did an event, walked away for probably 60 seconds, and then came back and the event was already refreshed with a different event. So, it’s actually really great if you can find a cluster of events to just go back and forth between.

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Tricks For Doing Helltides

The reason events are so important during Helltides is that the density of monster spawns, which means you’re going to be farming more Aberrant Cinders. Also, the Obols you’ll acquire from the events can be used to gamble at the Purveyor of Curiosities for yet another chance at more legendary items and the aspects you’re looking for.

But keep in mind that the mystery chests marked on the Interactive Map are only potential spawn points. And that it’s not guaranteed that there will be a chest there. So, always leave yourself some time before the end of the Helltide to ensure you can use all of your Cinders. Because they will be lost at the end of the Helltide.

Diablo 4 Aberrant Cinders

Now, the mystery chests are the most expensive chests requiring 175 Aberrant Cinders and accordingly offer the most loot. Another trick you can use if you’ve unlocked World Tier 4 is to gather Aberrant Cinders in World Tier 3. Then, once you’ve found a mystery chest, Town Portal and change to World Tier 4. Then, return to the chest using your Town Portal and open the mystery chest for World Tier 4 loot, using World Tier 3 Aberrant Cinders you gathered.

One last thing to keep in mind is that shrines take a lot longer to refresh than events. So, once you pick one up for the first time, I wouldn’t worry about going out of your way to get to that same shrine again. Because it’s probably not refreshed. Just look for another nearby shrine along your path.

Personally, my favorite shrine is Channeling. You get unlimited resources and shortened cooldowns. And for some reason, Conduit doesn’t always feel like it’s helpful. So, if I were you, I’d probably avoid that one. Because you also can’t mount up either and I haven’t found a way to turn off Conduit Shrine.

So, those are my tips for getting the most out of Helltides. And in my opinion, this is the fastest way to get all of your legendary aspects. These mystery chests drop lots of legendary items, which you can then extract or potentially even use. And the high frequency of event refreshes will give you the highest amount of Obols basically in the game that you can find, which you can then go to use at the Purveyor of Curiosities for even more chances at finding that legendary aspect you’re after.

Ultimate Build & Skill Guide For The Arcanist Class In Elder Scrolls Online Necrom

The Elder Scrolls Online just got a dark, tantalizing new expansion called Necrom. If you get the expansion, you can build an Arcanist character right away.

But to help you wield their forbidden knowledge, here’s a full guide to the new Arcanist class.

What Is An Arcanist?

For starters, why don’t we talk a bit about what exactly an Arcanist is when it comes to the law?

This creepy new class draws its power from the Planes of Oblivion, known as Apocrypha. Thanks to the knowledge that they’ve acquired from the ancient tomes that they probably weren’t technically supposed to read. They can now use glyphs and runes to conjure all kinds of dark magic.

With their glowing green symbols and Lovecraftian Powers, there’s a bit of a multiverse of madness vibe to the Arcanists. But they’re not just a fun costume for players to try on. Because this new class actually offers a totally different style of combat from anything else in the game and it is proper fun.

Ultimate Build & Skill Guide For The Arcanist Class In Elder Scrolls Online Necrom

How To Use Crux?

The Arcanist is actually the first new class added to Elder Scrolls Online since 2019 and it is a true game changer thanks to a little system called Crux.

If you’ve already made a character, you’ve probably noticed this already. But some of the abilities that Arcanists use generate this dark energy, which you can see floating around them in the form of these little green triangle runes. You can have up to three of these on the go at any given time and they’ll power up all of your skills while also activating various passive abilities.

And as nice as those boosts are, you can also just spend that Crux to unleash even more powerful attacks very handy. Basically, you’re going to want to chain your moves together in the right way, keeping a healthy supply of Crux on the go to power you up and then cash it in on a devastating attack when the time is right.

What Skills Does An Arcanist Have?

The other thing that makes the Arcanist class stand out is how incredibly flexible it is thanks to its three distinctive skill lines. You can mix and match these freely. But these mix of abilities can actually strengthen the way that you play your character.

*If you want to cause pure Anarchist Anarchy, then the Herald of the Tome skill line is the way to go. By peppering your enemies with Runeblades, you’ll be able to chip away their health while generating Crux. Remember, that’s pretty important. You can then use that to convert into a deadly beam with Fatecarver.

If you prefer to get up close and personal, you can use Tome-Bearer’s Inspiration to buff up your weapons or Abyssal Impact to give yourself a nice set of tentacle arms that can be upgraded to generate Crux while they dish out the pain.

*But for all the defensive-minded tanky players, the Soldier of Apocrypha skill line is a really good shot. There’s yet more technically fun to be had with the Gibbering Shield, which forms a Wrigley guard around the player, soaking up damage before dealing it back.

Elder Scrolls Online Necrom What Skills Does An Arcanist Have

If you’re happy to be your team’s pain sponge, then Runic Jolt will draw the enemies to you with a taunt while also maiming them so that your buddies can tame them down and also it gets you even more Crux.

But to keep wrapped up even tighter Runespite Ward and Fatewoven Armor can offer you magic shields and Increase Armor respectively while Runic Defense grants Minor Resolve to your entire group, which is ideal if you’re trying to tough it out through a larger PVE sticky situation.

*Finally, we’ve got something for the healers out there Curative Runeforms, which is definitely the line to invest in if you want to do some strange doctoring of your own. By summoning Runes with Runemend, you can heal your allies while generating Crux. And after that, you can spend it on a Remedy Cascade, which will patch them up even further and also replenish their Stamina and Magicka. That is massive.

Arcanist’s Domain conjures a vortex that grants a whole range of buffs to anyone standing in it. But the real star of the show here is Apocryphal Gate, which allows you to summon a pair of portals that you and your crew can hop between. This is so useful for making quick retreats or even closing the gap on a foe.

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Which Skill Build Should I Use?

Thanks to these three distinct skill lines, the Arcanist class can be turned towards just about any playstyle.

The Herald of the Tome skill line is obviously the way to go for players who like to focus on dealing damage. If you want to dive in with runes scribbled all over your weapons and tentacles flying everywhere, then it pairs quite nicely with a Khajiit or Dark Elf character.

Or, those who want to focus more on the magic based skills might consider a High Elf since they take 5% less damage while channeling, allowing them to conjure all kinds of Cosmic Horrors without suffering too much.

But if you prefer a tankish build, then you’ll be focusing on the Soldier of Apocrypha line. Being an Imperial here really helps because it reduces the cost of your abilities, allowing you to keep those defensive skills and taunts flowing while you draw the enemy to you.

And if you’re a kindly soul who just wants to keep everyone in good health, the Curative Runeforms will be your best friends. Bretons make great healers since their spells cost less. And Argonians are also effective physicians thanks to their healing bonus.

But the beauty of Elder Scrolls Online is that there are just tons of room to mix and match. So, flip open one of those tomes and just see what sort of Arcanist you want to be. No matter which build you prefer, your Arcanist will be even more powerful with the addition of ESO Gold. Because this way you can use more powerful weapons and armor for your Acanist.

WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

Do you have a plan for immediately what to do the minute Phase 3 Call of the Crusade launches? If you want to maximize the first days of the brand new Trial of the Crusader phase, I've got you covered. I'll explain the five things I'm going to do in the patches from cutting up at gyms to run a heroics and maximizing the new Ulduar Skip Runs.

Phase 3 Release Time

But before we talk about the five things, I'm going to talk about the release time. The Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia's Lair Raid are coming out at 6 PM EDT for the global release on June 22nd. However, the rest of the new content from the Isles of Conquest battleground to the new Epic Gems to the Argent tournament dailies will come out on June 20th.

Since the non-raid portions of the patch aren't on a global release, we should be on the lookout for the patch directly after your server's maintenance. On North America maintenance will be from 10 AM to 1 PM EST Meanwhile, on Europe maintenance will be from 3 AM to 11AM CEST. Phase 2 did originally release at 1:35 PM on Tuesday in North America. So, don't be surprised if things take a few extra minutes.

WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

1. Phase 3 Epic Gems

The first thing I'm going to do immediately when the patch answers, I'm going to talk to Timothy Jones and buy the 10 most important gem recipes.

Here is my list of recipes:

  • Rigid King's Amber
  • Purified Dreadstone
  • Brilliant King’s Amber
  • Fractured Cardinal Ruby
  • Quick King's Amber
  • Solid Majestic Zircon
  • Reckless Ametrine
  • Mystic King's Amber
  • Bold Cardinal Ruby
  • Runed Cardinal Ruby

Of course, there are way more relevant recipes you should buy if you have the Jewelcrafting Tokens available. Primarily, I'm going to get one recipe of every gem color to cover all my bases. Also, you shouldn't neglect colors like blue. I mean tanks need stamina gems just as much as casters need spell power gems.

With my recipes in hand, I'll be heading to my factions Emblem of Heroism vendor to stockpile at the gems. I've already converted all my batches to heroism in advance using a macro. But once the patch drops, you can just shift click like any other item.

I plan to primarily buy red gems at first. But since everybody has that idea, you should diversify into other major colors as well. I'll also be heading to the PVP vendor and Orgrimmar to liquidate all my Honor into even more Epic Gems. I've got so many random characters with battleground marks that I converted using a macro. So, I'll be getting at least 100 Epic Gems across all my alts just from past PVP.

Since I do have 450 Jewelcrafting, once I've got all my Epic Gems, I'll be cutting them and selling them on the Auction House. I'm not expecting insane prices since most people will be at work on the patch drafts and the rate doesn't come out until Thursday. Though hopefully at first, they sell for a few hundred WOTLK Classic Gold each.

Also, I plan to wait to gem out my own gear since the prices should drop by raid day. After I clear out my first batch of gems, I'm going to sit down and prospect the 8,000 Titanium Ore I've saved up.

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2. Start Prospecting

I already pre-cleared my inventory as much as possible. So, I'll be able to prospect without taking extra trips. I also pre-saved a Titanium Prospecting macro and I have Speedy AutoLoot turned on to make the process three times faster.

Once I finish prospecting, I'll be cutting the Epic Gems and selling the Titanium Powder on the Auction House. The Titanium Powder should have a very good value since like if they turn into dollar and Jewelcrafting Tokens. You'll also be left with tons of rare and common gems and I think it's worth cutting the rare gems before you put them on the Auction House.

Save Your Kings Amber!

Though there are two gems I’m not going to be cutting, which are the two King’s Amber I’m saving for the next step. The two King’s Amber will be for crafting the Jeeves remote banking robot.

WOTLK Classic Jeeves

I’ve already pre-farmed all the materials for Jeeves:

  • King’s Amber x2
  • Titansteel Bar x8
  • Field Repair Bot 74A x2
  • Field Repair Bot 110G x10
  • Handful of Cobalt Bolts x30
  • Scrapbot Construction Kit x 20

With Jeeves in hand, I’ll be able to do all sorts of wild and crazy exploits, like making my character insanely big during raids. It’s also just way more convenient for during my 8 million gear sets on my Druid.

3. Argent Tournament

The third thing I plan Argent Tournament to do in the patches is to head to the Argent Tournament to pick up my Argent Pony Bridle and my Argent Crusader’s Tabard.

Those will be picked up from Dame Evniki Kapsalis in the western tent. The Pony Bridle makes my Argent Squire into a second remote bank and he doesn’t require any skills like Engineering.

With my new child in tow, I’ll be finishing off the Black Knight’s quest chain for three Champion Seals. At the same time, I’m hopefully going to knock out the brand new Sunreavers and Crusader Dailies. These are even faster and easier dailies than ever before.

Also, if I get the drop of the Kvaldir Attack Plans, I’ll just knock that quest out real quick for a bonus 21 gold.

4. Daily Heroic Quest

The fourth thing I plan to do is to run the daily heroic quest for five Emblems of Triumph. Although I won’t be able to afford any new Triumph gear in time for ToC on Thursday, my alts will be able to afford one Crusader Orb each if they hit the daily until Thursday.

The price of that Crusader Orbs on the first few days should be at least 2,000 gold since there aren’t any raids for generating them yet. I’ll also be running a few world tours on my Paladin and generate some last-minute purple Sidereal Essence.

Sidereal Essence is a currency that drops one at a time from the last boss in each Heroic Plus dungeon. That takes us back to Crusader Orbs again. You can actually buy a Crusader Orb for three Sidereal Essence that makes just running Heroic Plus, an insanely good gold maker for alts.

5. Ulduar Skip Runs

The fifth thing I plan to do in the patches is Ulduar Skip Runs on every character.

WOTLK Classic Algalon the Observer

These runs will be perfect for catching on my alts and for getting those last minute 252 weapons and trinkets. In Phase 3, you can teleport directly past Flame Leviathan and XT-002 to get directly to Algalon the Observer. Not only that, but the one hour timer’s been removed and Algalon now drops a guaranteed two Fragments of Val’anyr.

There’s also another skip directly after Kologarn since the Vezax store will immediately open up. This means you can go from Avalon to Vezax to Yogg and complete the raid in under 20 minutes.

Yogg even gives three fragments guaranteed if you do zero light and two fragments guaranteed if you do one light. That’s such a good deal.