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Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

There are many factors that influence the game's success, and this is also true in FC 24. Player evolution is one of the most important factors. EA Sports FC 24 has released a group of evolved players with new and improved statistics in the game in Team Of The Season Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, which are free.

EA FC 24's evolution system is a groundbreaking addition. EA FC 24 Evolution feature allows players to enhance their favorite cards with major upgrades. It allows users to continuously improve their favorite players, which can keep old Ultimate Team cards competitive in the ever-changing game environment. It is very important to hone these Upgrade Series Evolution cards in Ultimate Team, which can help enhance the player attributes and Playstyles that are crucial in Ultimate Team.

In order to be able to upgrade these player cards, they must pass the requirements (goals and SBCs) to be eligible for card evolution. In addition to new promotions, the developers also regularly add new evolutions, including evolutions in the ongoing Team Of The Season promotion.

On that note, here are the players we recommend for you to evolve in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, work on getting these free evolution cards to have the best players in your squad.

Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

7. Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa

FC 24 Ollie Watkins

Oliver George Arthur Watkins is the seventh player in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, and his overall rating has increased from 83 to 94. Oliver’s upgraded Playstyles includes Power Shot, Trivela, Relentless, Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Rapid, First Touch, Acrobatic, and Quick Step.

The Englishman is an excellent Dribbler with a keen eye for goal, and with his ability, he can play as a Striker or Left Winger. He has played 37 games this season and scored 19 goals, helping Aston Villa to fourth place in Premier League.

6. Ben White, Arsenal

Ben White has performed well as a Right Back in Arsenal’s title-winning campaign this season, and he has started 107 games with a tackle success rate of 54%. And with his upgraded attributes, he will become one of the best Right Back in the game.

He doesn’t have the top-tier pace or attacking ability required of a Full Back, but has both defensive and attacking attributes, which makes him a good option to consider as a Right Back or Center Back with a Premier League background.

Ben’s upgrades for the Right Back position include Slide Tackle, Long Throw, Bruiser, and Jockey. If you’re not ready to work on his Upgrade Series card, FC 24 Players can help you.

5. Katie McCabe, Arsenal

A female player from Arsenal, Katie can play as a Left Back, Left Midfielder, or Left Winger, and can be said to be a well-rounded player on the pitch. Her evolution card improves her overall rating to 92.

Influenced by her Playstyles, she plays any position including Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Relentless, Whipped Pass, Jockey, Block, Intercept, Slide Tackle, Bruiser, and Long Throw.

4. Jarrod Bowen, West Ham

Jarrod Bowen has an excellent Upgrade Series 1 Evolution card with good shooting, Pace, passing, and dribbling. Another upgrade on his card is his Playstyles, which includes Technical, Whipped Pass, Trivela, Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Pinged Pass, First Touch, Trickster, Quick Step, and Relentless.

Despite being 27 years old, Jarrod Bowen is fast, agile, good on the ball, and has an excellent finishing ability. He has been a goal machine for the club, scoring 43 goals in 159 games.

3. Douglas Luiz, Aston Villa

EA Sports FC 24 Douglas Luiz

Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo has a well-rounded card that can be used as a Center or Defensive Midfielder. His Upgrade Series card increases his rating from 82 to 92, and his attributes are also improved. Playstyles in this card include Pinged Pass, Long Shot, Finesse Shot, and Bruiser.

Douglas plays for Aston Villa in 2023-2024 Premier League, scoring 9 goals in 35 games.

2. Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool

Liverpool player Alexis Mac Allister's card stats include four-star skill move, four-star weak foot, and Playstyles such as Power Shot, Pinged Pass, Tiki Taka, and Incisive Pass.

The Argentine-born player left Brighton and Hove Albion to join Liverpool in 2023. Since Allister joined, he has scored 5 goals and 5 assists in 33 games.

1. Julián Álvarez, Manchester City

EA Sports FC 24 Julián Álvarez

Julián Álvarez's Upgrade Series Evolution card improves his attributes, raising his overall rating from 83 to 93. His Playstyles shown on the card are Chop Shot, Power Shot, First Touch, Finesse Shot, Incisive pass, Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Flair, and Press Proven.

24-year-old Manchester City player Julián Álvarez is fast, has great vision, is a great teammate, has a great passing ability, and has a keen eye for goal. These are all reasons why it is worth choosing his Upgrade Series Evolution card.

These are the players recommended for evolution in this guide. These Upgrade Series 1 Evolution choices offer a range of options to enhance your Ultimate Team. Whether you are looking for offensive strength, defensive stability, or midfield creativity, these players can significantly affect your gameplay and lead your team to victory in ​​EA Sports FC 24.

So, with this player information and the new changes that the Upgrade Series Evolution card brings to the players, I believe you have been able to select the best players to form an excellent team and win the game.

These Legendary Effects On Power Armor In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

Hello, fellow gamers! This time, I am going to reveal some of the most powerful legendary effects for power armor in Fallout 76. You can choose the one that suits you best based on which power armor you are using now. Let's get started.

These Legendary Effects On Power Armor In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

Furious Legendary Effect

When the initial damage fails to knock the target down, the only option is to deal with more damage. And what's better than causing more damage? Increasing your damage as you deal damage, pounding your enemy again and again and again until it stops moving!

It deals more damage with each consecutive hit to the same target, +5 damage per stack, up to 9 stacks, for a total of +45% damage. Stacks reset to 0 after 10 seconds of not hitting the target, stacks are not lost on missed attacks, and stacks are reset on target swaps. Shotguns and other multi-projectile weapons test each individual projectile.

Suppressor Legendary Effect

I guess you might initially think that Suppressor means suppressing noise, but that's not the case. Suppressor is about applying pressure to an enemy so that they can't fire. In this case, since most enemies won't actually use cover to suppress, they'll do significantly less damage for a few seconds. Using this effect reduces the target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds.

Vampires Legendary Effect

This may be a matter of personal preference, but I like the idea of ​​getting as much out of a fight as you put in. The Vampire-class weapon effect grants a short life regeneration of 2 health points approximately every 2 'ticks', which stacks every time you land a hit on an enemy, so its effect depends on how fast and how often you hit. With this, you gain a short life regeneration when you hit an enemy.

Unyielding Legendary Effect

Many players in Fallout 76 enjoy playing it safe, especially when it comes to using effects that require specific requirements to activate. For example, getting incredible stat boosts when health is critically low, permanently capping their health with radiation damage to ensure they are always in top form.

Fallout 76 Unyielding Legendary Effect

Getting an extra +3 to all stats is nice, and experienced players generally have nothing to worry about when it comes to health. Those who go the glass cannon route know their limits, and how to push past them.

Two Shot Legendary Effect

This effect gets an extra shot in a burst, a combination of a two-shot explosion. Although the developers nerfed it to make it less powerful than before, especially in PvP situations. But there are still a lot of players who are very interested in it now.

With each bullet fired, your weapon will fire twice the normal number of projectiles. But the base damage of the projectiles from the two-shot weapon is 62.5% of the base damage of the normal weapon projectiles. The previous meta was that this effect was paired with the explosion in 3-star Legendaries.

Quad Legendary Effect

The next one is Quad, which increases the number of shots you can shoot before reloading, which is really nice for some weapons that have a very low ammo capacity. You can use this legendary effect on BoS Recon Rifle. Then you get 4 times the ammo capacity, just by putting it in the magazine and then make the most use of it.

Bloodied Legendary Effect

Bloodied builds are the current mainstream among the Fallout 76 playerbase, and are another case of risk vs. reward like Unyielding. Weapon attacks do more damage when you have lower health. Combine Bloodied weapons with armor with the Unyielding quality to cap health below 20%, and you have a very effective Glass Cannon Build.

Fallout 76 Bloodied Legendary Effect

The lower your health, the more damage it does. If you're below 80% health you can get +25% damage. If you're below 80% health you can get +50% damage. If you're below 40% health you can get +75% damage, and if you're below 20% health you can get 100% damage.

Anti-Armor Legendary Effect

Enemy damage resistances can really become a hindrance in the late game. I've mentioned elsewhere that at higher levels some enemies seem to shrug off damage from regular off-the-shelf weapons. Anti-Armor helps break through their defenses, allowing damage to go directly where it's needed, directly to their health instead of being absorbed by their resistances.

Ignores 50% of the target's armor. It only changes physical and energy damage resistances, not radiation or poison resistances. The armor reduction bonus is halved if Stabilized or Tank Killer perk is equipped.

Medics Legendary Effect

There are few ways for players to fill the role of healer on a team. Most will set themselves up to stab downed players with irritants or specialize in skills that turn flamethrowers into healing beams. For others, there are medical supplies. Critical hits heal based on critical damage dealt, which makes the shotgun effect with the version you want. With this, VATS Critical hits will heal you and your team.

Chameleon Legendary Effect

Owning an armor with the Chameleon effect is like having an endless amount of stealth capabilities, allowing you to ambush, sneak attack, and more. As long as a smart player has the right power armor, battles can be over quickly. When sneaking, remember to blend in with the environment and don't move around randomly.

Have you ever try any of the legendary effects on your power armor? Hopefully you can find the information you need in this guide.

These All 9 Glintstone Crowns That Sorcerer Builds Can’t Miss In Elden Ring! - Locations & Tips

As a unique item in Elden Ring, Glintstone Crown not only has a unique appearance, but also has coveted stat bonuses. Especially for Sorcerer Build, this must be a legendary item that cannot be missed. It can provide certain statistics in exchange for loss of statistics elsewhere.

Erudition Gesture can also help you access certain locations to find special treasures when using Glintstone Crown. Here we will provide the exact location of each Glintstone Crown and how to find them. This will give you a head start on Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which will be released on June 21, 2024!

These All 9 Glintstone Crowns That Sorcerer Builds Can’t Miss In Elden Ring! - Locations & Tips

Before you start exploring, I need to remind you that the locations of these Glintstone Crowns are scattered, so spending Elden Ring Runes to buy mounts can greatly improve your efficiency! Without further ado, come in with us!

9. Olivinus Glintstone Crown

When we enter Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace from Raya Lucaria Academy, on our left-hand side you will find yourself in a room with a spell Scroll and a crafting Cookbook. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a false wall behind the scroll, and do not stay here for too long.

Behind us is a small balcony. Jump over it, remember to jump to the left and onto a ledge, follow this direction until you see a rock exposed, use your best strength to climb it and you will You can jump to another ledge. From here you can overlook the entire area, and here you can see Sorcerer Thops’ final resting place. On the other corpse, you can pick up Olivinus Glintstone Crown.

8. Karolos Glintstone Crown

Obtaining Karolos Glintstone Crown is a piece of cake compared to other Glintstone Crowns. In this mission, you need to start at Debate Parlor Site of Grace in Academy of Raya Lucaria and head to the courtyard.

However, this area is not a peaceful place. Soon, you will encounter an Abductor Virgin, which is ferocious and aggressive and needs to be dealt with care. You can try to defeat it using weapons or skills, or look for opportunities to dodge its attacks and buy time to pass through its territory.

Once you successfully pass this challenge, follow the path and you’ll soon see a Crystalized Crab hiding in the bushes. The shell of this creature shimmered with crystal clear light and seemed to contain powerful power. Be sure to deal with it carefully and try to use your weapons and skills to defeat it and get Karolos Glintstone Crown.

7. Lazuli Glintstone Crown

In Elden Ring, getting Lazuli Glintstone Crown is a very challenging task that requires you to jump over the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy. If you have never explored Raya Lucaria Academy, then you need to follow my steps below.

First, you need to enter the courtyard from Debate Parlor Site of Grace and brave Sorcerers on the left. These powerful mages possess powerful magical attacks and need to be dealt with care.

After successfully defeating Sorcerers, you’ll need to jump over the railing and walk the long way to the tower in the distance. The tower is littered with broken wooden platforms, and you’ll need to walk carefully to avoid falling to the dangerous ground below.

In the middle of the tower you’ll encounter a Crystalized Crab. The shell of this creature shimmered with crystal clear light and seemed to contain powerful power. Be sure to deal with it carefully and try to use your weapons and skills to defeat it and get Lazuli Glintstone Crown.

6. Twinsage Glintstone Crown

Different from the method of obtaining Lazuli Glintstone Crown, the method of obtaining Twinsage Glintstone Crown is more interesting.

First, you need to go to Church of the Cuckoo located outside Raya Lucaria Academy and find Crystalized Crab located between the balcony railings and scaffolding poles.

If you have unlocked the ladder as a shortcut, you can use it to go from Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace to the second floor. If not, you can reach this location by walking across Raya Lucaria rooftop and jumping from above onto the scaffolding poles.

Once you find Crystalized Crab, attack it with the tools and weapons you have until it drops Twinsage Glintstone Crown.

5. Haima Glintstone Crown

The way to obtain Haima Glintstone Crown is also quite interesting. It is found on Battlemage enemies found everywhere in Lands Between. Please note that not all Battlemage enemies drop Haima Glintstone Crown. You need to find a specific Battlemage, who will drop the entire Battlemage set, including Haima Glintstone Crown, when defeated.

This Battlemage enemy is located on a rock just north of the collapsed bridge, near where Goldmask is. You can find him on Altus Plateau. There’s more than one way to get there, but the easiest route is probably to start from Windmill Village Site of Grace and follow the road northwest. Many other interesting ways are waiting for your wonderful exploration!

4. Hierodas Glintstone Crown

Hierodas Glintstone Crown is worn by Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm, and you can invade Leyndell with Bernhal, whom you talked to previously. I think he will be very willing to help you as a recusant now.

But to get the real Hierodas Glintstone Crown, you need to start at Seethwater River Site of Grace in Altus Plateau and follow the river to Fort Laidd. From here, continue around Mt. Gelmir. You will eventually find Hermit Village.

Hierodas Glintstone Crown you want is located on a corpse behind one house. This part may require some patience on your part. During your search, you can also pick up remaining pieces of Errant Sorcerer’s Set elsewhere in Hermit Village, which can be of great use in subsequent missions.

3. Witch’s Glintstone Crown

Witch’s Glintstone Crown is one of the first Glintstone Crowns most players encounter, and it is worn by Sorceress Sellen. Completing Salem’s quest is worth it, not only because you earn Witch’s Glintstone Crown, but also because you’ll get to see places that would otherwise be undiscovered.

You can get it in two ways, and when you reach Rennala’s boss room, it’s time to make your choice. Both sides will drop unique items, and who you choose depends on which gear you want.

When you choose to side with Jerren, Witch’s Glintstone Crown will drop after Sellen’s death. Otherwise, if you choose to side with Sellen, you will get Witch’s Glintstone Crown in Jerren’s ultimate form.

2. Azur’s Glintstone Crown

Azur’s Glintstone Crown, as the name suggests, is the gem carried by Primeval Sorcerer Azur. You first find Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Sellen’s questline. It is located at the end of the path that circles Mt. Gelmir, passing Fort Laiedd and Hermit Village.

If you’ve already explored the area, just head northeast of Grays Craftsman Cottage ruins. When you first meet him, talk to him and, after a brief silence, he will give you Comet Azur.

In fact, Azur’s Glintstone Crown and Witch’s Glintstone Crown are related. When facing the choice between Sellen and Jerren, if you choose to help Sellen, defeat Jerren and return to the place where you talked with Azur. You can then find Azur’s Glintstone Crown and the rest of his armor to replace his body. Keep in mind that those who choose to help Jerren will not have this option after the questline ends.

1. Lusat’s Glintstone Crown

Finding Lusat’s Glintstone Crown requires a series of Kafkaesque steps. At some point during the previously mentioned Sorceress Sellen questline, she will give you a key to Lusat. Lusat can be found deep in Sellia Hideaway, which is a hard place to find. It is located behind an illusory wall northeast of Church of the Plague and is guarded by a lone Battlemage.

Lusat will give you Stars of Ruin Sorcery when you first find him. Then, help Sellen kill Jerren and complete Sellen’s mission, then go all the way back through Hideaway to where Lusat’s body is. Finally, you’ll get Lusat’s Glintstone Crown and the rest of his set.

After introducing so much about Glintstone Crown, are you already eager to get into the game to find out? Some players may find certain ways of exploring Glintstone Crown too difficult. Don’t worry, you can buy Glintstone Crown directly in the mall, which will help you complete tasks and challenges in the game more easily. I wish you a happy game!

Have You Ever Found These Secrets In Elden Ring?

There are a lot of secrets in Elden Ring. With a lot of secret areas and other things. Let’s look at five new secrets that have been found.

As you explore the secrets of Elden Ring, don't forget to invest in Elden Ring Runes, which will help you reach your goals faster.

Have You Ever Found These Secrets In Elden Ring?

1. Illusory Wall

You can find an Illusory Wall in Raya Lucaria. It opened to a mysterious tomb with a rare item in it. What untold treasure and lore will it reveal? It’s a Rune Arc. This one is right at the entrance of the actual main academy building on the right-hand side.

If you don’t know where it is from, looking at it from the roof. It is the Church of Cuckoo, bottom floor, the room with Mage and if you want something to think about. There’s an insane amount of secrets, including trick jumps, here. The bookshelf room all the secrets in Legacy Dungeons, curious if anyone’s tried to toss a fire at any walls.

If anyone remembers in Dark Souls Ⅱ where you have to get that guy to toss a firebomb at you, standing next to the wall to unlock the shortcut. I wonder if some of these walls people are hitting 50 times, and just need to attack with something different.

2. Hidden Dungeon

This is a secret place you get after using Secret Medallion at Grand Lift of Rold. There’s a boss in the hidden Dungeon. And it’s a Stray Mimic Tear. There’s an invisible path here that leads to Silver Scarab Talisman. An item which increases the chances that enemies drop something.

It's so helpful when you try to farm some rare weapon or armor. You can throw a rainbow Stone to see it, you craft them with ruined fragments. They can light invisible paths like this if they land on them. And if you throw it off a ledge and hear it shatter, you know that the fall will definitely kill you. You can use ground effects like Hoarfrost Stomp to help show the way.

However, these invisible paths are all straight. So they’re not really needed, just line up with the door you’re walking towards and you’ll be fine. The game actually gives players a hint that there are secret areas in this particular Dungeon.

Because your Beast eye gets the quivering notification while you enter it. If you leave Dungeon without getting a death route, you’ll know there was a secret place you missed. You’ll probably miss it entirely if you aren’t checking every inch of the place for where the undead boss was.

3. Aloric Woman

Ranni’s quest and find Malenia. Only players who constantly revisit places and look for NPC changes in the map are likely to complete it. Belly snap thing is really hard to guess. Why would you revisit that shopkeeper in the first church?

His role ends after Belly snap. He had a huge quest which was cut. You can totally miss the dialogue choice there the first time. Nothing tells you to talk to her, also the dialogue doesn’t even have the icon that Malenia does.

As well, you are so used to Graces that you don’t read the menu. This can be hard without looking it up. There’s a Medallion you get the second half to later in the game. The one that requires you to beat Niall.

Then you should have two options at Grand Lift of Rold that can take you to a secret place. Find the Aloric Woman. She hides in a cave to the west of Laskyar Ruins which is from mist-shrouded lake of Liurnia.

Together with her Great Wolf, she knows the location of Medallions counterpart. You’ll get an item that opens the area without exploring wildly far off the main quest line and a couple NPCs mention it enough for you to look for it.

4. Tree Guardians

Lot of people don’t know Tree Guardians can transform. Their Spear also becomes a big Club. This transformed mode also gives them a grab attack where they hit and then throws you away. It’s probably the attack with the least sightings among the player base, because it requires you to not have enough damage to kill an enemy with very low Health. That gets staggered every hit.

For that enemy to go through that transformation, and then randomly hit you with it. Even though they have seven or eight moves, and it only happens with these specific Guardians that disappear after you burn Erdtree.

Erdtree Guardians should have had more health, but there would need to be less of them. They have a better move set than some mini bosses. These Erdtree Guardians are also the only ones who drop that Full Bloom Guardian armor. Very easy to miss.

5. Tree Spirit

There’s a secret area below Stormveil Castle with Tree Spirit. You may play through the game and miss this. There are also multiple paths to the Tree Spirit. Quickest is by dropping off a platform near Liftside Chamber Grace.

There is also a Knight tucked away in Stormveil that only the most intrepid will find. The night is where the birds are. So right before Godrick, there’s that big room that has Jars in it. If you walk along the cracked side of the room, there’s a ledge you can jump on and you can jump to these doors. And follow the path from there and you’ll reach it. You can find a flower or three. When you climb the ladder, you unlocked with the rusty key, turn right instead of left and jump onto a platform on the right to get out of the castle. Follow the line and you’ll see it.

Have you discovered these secrets in the game?

Pre-Farm Justice Points Will Be Your Wisest Choice To Prepare For WOW Cataclysm Classic!

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to earn Justice Points in WOW Cataclysm Classic. Once the expansion is released, they will be the key to unlocking Pre-BiS gear. In this guide, we’ll cover why you need these Justice Points and how to farm them. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Justice Points Explained

Now let’s talk about Justice Points, the ultimate key to being prepared in Cataclysm Classic. Justice Points are a new currency currently available and will be available when Cataclysm launches on May 20th.

For Alliance players, they are mainly used to purchase Item Level 346 rare gear, which can be purchased from Faldren Tillsdale in Old Town. For Horde players, you can use it at Jamus’Vaz, located in Grommash Hold.

Pre-Farm Justice Points Will Be Your Wisest Choice To Prepare For WOW Cataclysm Classic!

Note that in Cataclysm Classic, all gear you can buy with Justice Points requires you to be at least level 85 before you can equip it, meaning you won’t be able to obtain them until the expansion is fully launched.

Because when Cataclysm transitions from pre-patch phase to full-blown expansion, the level cap in Classic WoW will increase from level 80 to level 85.

In fact, you can bank up up to 4,000 Justice Points, which is enough to purchase between one and three pieces of rare gear, depending on what you selected in the pre-patch.

You can generate Justice Points by queuing for Heroic RDF, and each boss you kill in these Heroic will also generate corresponding points. And most importantly, you can also receive daily quests from NPC, Archmage Lan’dalock, which include Daily Heroic and Gamma quests, and you can complete both quests at the same time.

As for raids, you’ll get a ton of Justice Points from Weekly Raid Quests, and you’ll also get points from every boss kill, meaning ICC will most likely be back on the menu. Additionally, Random Dungeon Finder will also grant additional Justice Points as we actually begin our adventure in Cataclysm Classic.

All Justice Points vendors in WoW Cataclysm Classic

3 Reasons To Pre Farm Justice Points

So, you may ask why pre-farm Justice Points are so important. Now there are really three main reasons.

Buy Rare Items In Advance

The first reason is that if you look at your Cataclysm Pre-BiS list, you will see that it will contain various Reputation and Profession items. Obtaining these Reputation items in the first week will be very difficult for most players, as you will spend a lot of time following the storyline and leveling up.

So if you’re planning on clearing a raid like Blackwing Descent in week one, Justice Points are truly your best friend. If you pre-farm Justice Points, you will be able to use them to instantly purchase 1 to 3 rare items available at level 85.

In the meantime, many items on your Pre-BiS list may require WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold, while Justice Points are completely free at launch. Therefore, you can definitely pre-farm points and wait a week or two for the price to drop.

Get Into Heroic Dungeons Faster

The second reason Justice Points are so important is that you simply need to reach an average Item Level of 333 to queue up for Heroic Dungeons using RDF. I mean, you could go in with four people with low item levels and crappy gear, but that would probably be a wasted effort.

And buying and equipping Item Level 346 gear will really help a lot to enter the dungeon rather than wipe in it.

More Time To Get Pre-BiS Gear

Now the third reason pre-farming Justice Points are so important is that you may not necessarily get as many during launch week. If you level up through the initial mission, you will not receive any Justice Points. But these missions make a lot of sense, especially since you want to start working towards gaining reputation with the faction and owning your Pre-BiS gear.

So if you pre-farm them, by the time you hit level 85, at least compared to players who are still sniping for a few Justice Points, you’ll be in better gear. So that’s why it makes the most sense to get as many points as possible on all alts.

Best Farming Tips

Next, let’s talk about the best strategies for farming Justice Points.

The best farming strategy right now is to utilize both daily and weekly tasks and all alts in pre-patch. You can generate 23 Justice Points by queuing Heroic RDF each day. These can be combined with daily quests at Archmage Lan’dalock.

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Justice Points Farming Tips

We previously talked about him offering Daily Heroic quests that generate 23 Justice Points and Gamma quests that generate 34 points. This means that in about 20 minutes, you can earn 80 Justice Points, which is well over and above the 16 points you get per boss kill. After that you can spam as much as you like.

Well, besides Daily Heroic, you should definitely prioritize the weekly raid missions, which provide us with 138 Justice Points and only take about 20 minutes. Unless you have some kind of nightmare group, usually people prefer to do these events in 10-man groups.

Another key way to earn Justice Points is to do raids like Cata Icecrown Citadel, where you gain 288 points from each run. Considering that a run might only take about 2 to 3 hours, this is definitely a very efficient way to farm in the early stages.

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Reforging Gear Is Very Critical

We’ve already discussed why you should get Cataclysm Justice Points gear, but we should also discuss how Reforging can play a key role in making that gear even better.

One reason we prioritized Item Level 346 gear is that you can reforge it instantly. Reforging means taking the stats of your gear and then replacing it with 40% of the stats of your choice. For example, you could replace 40% of Expertise with Crits. This is because Crits are more valuable to Warriors.

And what’s really cool about Justice Points gear is that when you go to reforge it, it’s at such a high item level that it gives you more stats than 320 item level gear.


All in all, farming Justice Points is definitely the best thing you can do right now, so that you can start your Cataclysm Classic journey smoothly at level 85.

And while everyone else is giving in to Cataclysm Greens, you’ll have a bunch of Item Level 346 rare gear that will easily get you into raids like Blackwing Descent or Heroic RDF.

I'm curious what you guys are doing. Focus on farming Justice Points or Archeology or something else entirely? Feel free to share how you prepared to start your Cataclysm. See you next time!

These Consumables For Alchemy You Can't Miss During WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Today, I'll cover how to obtain Alchemy consumables, whether it's from slaying mobs or purchasing from vendors. Accessing certain vendors can be difficult, and the recipe options may be limited. However, as for the world drops, we can get a lot of elixirs and potions. So, without wasting any more time, let's get started.

These Consumables For Alchemy You Can't Miss During WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Consumables In Vendors

I'll start the list off by discussing all the vendor consumables for the Alchemy profession. First up, let's talk about the Elixir of Shadow Power. This essential Shadow Power consumable is a must-have for all Warlock and Shadow Priests. You can find it in the Undercity at the Alchemy corridor in the Apothecarium. Alternatively, it's also available at the Alchemy trainer in Stormwind.

Next on our list is the Elixir of Superior Defense, a handy potion that provides excellent defense. You can purchase it from the Alchemy trainer in Orgrimmar, and it's also stocked by the Alchemy trader in Ironforge.

Moving on, we have Frost Oil, a versatile item that can prove quite useful. You'll find it being sold in the Alterac Mountains on the Ramparts. It gained popularity back in phase one because of its availability alongside herbs.

Next, let's discuss the Greater Nature Protection Potion. While it's said to be sold by the Innkeeper in Southshore, none of the vendors seem to offer it. This might pose a challenge for those seeking this potion.

Then, we come to the Mageblood Potion and Major Troll's Blood Potion. These potions are tied to the reputation of the Zandalar Trolls on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale. However, access to them is restricted until Zul'Gurub opens. Mageblood Potion requires the Revered reputation with the Zandalari, while Major Troll's Blood is available at the Honored reputation.

Lastly, we have the Superior Mana Potions. These potions are available at the Undercity vendor, the same one that sells the Elixir of Shadow Power. You can also find them at the Darnassus Alchemy vendor located in the Craftsmen's Terrace.

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World Drops

Next, we're going to talk about Alchemy consumables from the world drop. So, this is actually going to cover some of the best raid consumables and basically all the protection potion consumables. The Darkmoon Faire Storage Box has been dropping these world drops and Greater Arcane Elixir.

So if the Darkmoon Faire starts, you can definitely check out and try to get these items from the Darkmoon Faire Storage Box. But you have to get all the materials, or go out and farm to get tickets, and then you can get the box. But if you have enough WoW SOD Gold, you can go this route.

WoW Classic SOD Alchemy Consumables

Raid Consumables

The first one is going to be the Arcane Protection, and this is going to be in Winterspring at the blue dragon cave, specifically the Cobalt Mageweavers. They drop the Greater Arcane Protection Potion recipe, which you will use in Molten Core for one fight. So, it's very important that you have your protection.

Next is going to be the Greater Fire Protection Potion. This is going to be in Blackrock Mountain in Blackrock Spire. The mobs down below that most people try to skip or skip around, those mobs are the ones that drop it.

Then, the Greater Frost Protection Potion, this is going to be back in Winterspring, and it is going to be the frost giants that are in the chasm down. Many people farm them for the Juju that you need when the Naxxramas come along.

The Greater Nature Protection Potion drops in Western Plaguelands inside this cave. There are a bunch of Level 56 and 57 Bog Beasts that you can defeat, and they have a chance to drop it. So, it's a excellent farm for you.

Then, for the Elixir of Mongoose, this drops in Felwood at the Jadefire Run area just north of Jaedenar. The satyrs there have a chance to drop Elixir of Mongoose.

For the Elixir of Greater Firepower, now this one I figured would be in WoW Classic SOD Phase 3 because it's in Searing Gorge, and in the cauldron area, there are just a bunch of Dark Iron Dwarves that you can defeat. Every single one of them has a chance to drop it.

Next, we have the Elixir of the Sages. This one isn't that good because most raids have a Priest with Spirit and a Mage with Intellect. But, because of the new quest chain that they added, Alchemists can get their potion specialization, which requires the Elixir of the Sages.

Last, for the Gift of Arthas, some powerful tanks may use this, and it's dropped from Skeleton Raiders on these farms in the Western Plaguelands.

Potion Recipes

Next, we have the potion from the world drop. So, pretty much anything from Level 50 to 60 has a chance to drop all these. Depending on the type of potion, its bracket may be a little different. Some of them are in the 45 to 50 bracket, others are in the 51 to 60 bracket.

It's going to include the Greater Shadow Protection Potion, Limited Invulnerability Potion, Invisibility Potion, Elixir of Giants, and Greater Arcane Elixir. The most valuable of these is definitely Greater Arcane Elixir. Every caster needs them, and even Hunters might use them too.

A Comprehensive Guide To Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion: League Mechanics & Core Changes

This guide covers everything you need to know to be ready for the league start of Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis. This will go over the league mechanic and the core changes to the game.

A Comprehensive Guide To Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion: League Mechanics & Core Changes

Necropolis League Overview

The league appears relatively straightforward, although it’s essential to note that it cannot be disregarded or skipped.

In each zone, there are special haunted monsters. Undertaker Arimor, the league NPC, provides us with the Lantern of Arimor, which displays an icon at the entrance to new zones. Clicking on this icon reveals the affected monsters along with various modifiers. Hovering over these modifiers provides additional details such as density, pack size, abilities, and damage types. Arrow symbols indicate deviations from the normal pack distribution for quick reference.

Additionally, there are modifiers on the right column that can be adjusted to increase the difficulty of different monsters. These haunted mods have tiers that escalate with the zone level. Clearing these affected monsters in a zone enhances the likelihood of encountering devoted monsters in the next zone.

Path of Exile 3.24 Lantern of Arimor

Devoted Spirits

Instead of making the monsters more difficult, certain modifiers grant various rewards, such as increased XP or the appearance of the Nameless Seer.

It’s crucial to understand that this process is unique to the campaign. In maps, devoted monsters spawn randomly based on pack size, typically around 3 per rare map.

Also, note that entering or resetting a zone via waypoint does not grant access to the lantern. Instead, it randomly selects modifiers for you.

Embers Of The Allflame

At some point, you’ll come across Embers of the Allflame, which can be stored in the designated space when you open the lantern.

These embers alter your monsters by exchanging them with a different mob possessing a specialized loot pool.

However, be mindful that the new mob will have the same pack size as the one it replaces. Since there is a monster level associated with these embers, hoarding them may not be advisable. Summoners also have the option to spectre slain Ember monsters.

Path of Exile 3.24 Embers Of The Allflame

Unresolved Anguish

When certain monsters are defeated, they may exhibit Unresolved Anguish. This triggers an interaction to summon the Undertaker, who will transport the body back to the Necropolis. In group play, the owner of the instance always receives the corpse, while each party member has a 50% chance to also receive it.

The Necropolis serves as the repository for all slain monster corpses, with a maximum capacity of 64. Upon reaching this limit, you must either click the Cremade icon or purchase an Empty Coffin for 1 Chaos Orb. This facilitates itemization and allows you to trade the corpses if crafting is not your preference. Each corpse carries a modifier to assist in targeting item modifications, though some amplify the effects of adjacent corpses.

Adjacent to the morgue are numerous open graves where corpses are interred to initiate the crafting process. You can utilize individual corpses or fill the cemetery, as all adjacent touching corpses are consumed upon activation. This process resembles fossil crafting, with multiple fossils in a large resonator. Before activating these bodies, you’ll be presented with a menu to specify the type of item you wish to craft.

Upon selection, the Undertaker initiates an unescapable dialogue, though it is abbreviated if fewer corpses are utilized. Alternatively, if crafting isn’t your forte, you can trade these corpses. Special named corpses of historical figures, when buried and activated together, yield some of the league’s unique items. Notably, The Perandus Pact Parismatic Jewel is particularly influenced by surrounding corpses.

In the endgame, once the lantern is opened for a map, it becomes untradeable. Additionally, 4 dispersed clusters have been introduced to modify the league mechanic on the Atlas Tree, providing a change of pace.

Changes To Atlas

The crafting aspect appears to be the main focus of complexity, but there are also significant core changes to note.

Path of Exile 3.24 Changes To Atlas

To streamline, here’s what you need to know: Affliction is not part of the core. All uniques, except the removed one, are now core drops. The Atlas has undergone significant changes, including the ability to unlock up to 3 labeled Atlas Trees.

Additionally, Seventh Gate is no longer accessible as map crafts, replaced by options unlocked through Atlas Bonus completion.

Wandering Path, Grand Design, and Growing Hordes have also been removed because nodes on the tree have been adjusted to grant you close to if not 100% chance to get the content you want. Sextant, Compasses and Master Missions have also been removed, the exception being Kirac.

Scarabs & Stacked Deck

Instead, their modifiers have been transferred to Scarabs.

These Scarabs now grant your Master Missions and various content modifiers based on their rarity rather than a tier. Each Scarab is limited, allowing some to affect a map up to 4 times.

Furthermore, strongboxes now feature a mini-map icon and can roll modifiers that grant Scarabs. Your fragment tab has been adjusted to accommodate the 109 Scarabs. When not stored in the fragment tab, they stack up to 20 along with Exalted Orbs, Divine Orbs, Instilling Orbs, Regal Orbs, and Stack Decks.

Regarding Stack Decks, drop rates have been reduced, while higher tier unique drop rates have been increased by up to 2.5 times. This adjustment is a result of Stack Decks and Divination or Strongboxes no longer granting boss drop uniques.

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Uber Changes & T17 Maps

This leads to the topic of Ubers.

They are no longer accessible based on Atlas nodes. Instead, you must collect 5 fragments to access their fight. These fragments are obtained from a new set of 5 Tier 17 maps with more challenging modifiers, some of which are shared among all those maps, excluding the voided content.

It's important to note that not only are the modifiers challenging, but some of the mob types can also be uniques from the campaign, such as Brutus. The Tier 17 maps feature unique Uber fights from bosses encountered in the past, like the Citadel Map containing Uhtred, who can summon other Expedition bosses for assistance.

Uber fragments can drop from any Tier 17 map boss, but certain fragments are more likely to drop from specific map bosses. Additionally, many old uniques have been reworked and added to these drop pools. Upon completing one of these Tier 17 maps, your five-slot map device will unlock.

To obtain these Tier 17 maps, you'll need to grind out Tier 16s, with each socketed Voidstone increasing your chances per Voidstone. It's crucial to note that Tier 17 maps cannot drop Tier 17 maps, and certain maps can only drop specific Tier 17s. While affected by your Atlas Tree, these maps cannot be corrupted as they are unmodifiable.

New Gems

Additionally, they've introduced more transfigured skill gems.

Path of Exile 3.24 Automation

3 new support gems have been included:

  • Automation Support automatically triggers instant skills once they are off cooldown, albeit with an increased or added cooldown in the Mana multiplier.
  • Call the Arm Support automatically activates your Warcry. However, it only supports one Warcry. Consequently, with these 2 automated features, instant skills cannot be bound to the left click anymore.
  • Summon Sacred Wisps introduces a trigger-bot style effect that grants a chance to replicate wand attacks when they are executed, with the likelihood increasing when in proximity to rare and unique enemies.

Player & Ascendancy

The Soul Eater mechanic has undergone revisions for both players and monsters, now limited to 45 souls, each providing a 5% boost to cast and attack speed. Players lose one soul every half-second if they haven't gained a soul recently, typically occurring every 4 seconds. Additionally, monsters now receive 2% less damage per soul.

Unholy Might has been modified to offer 100% physical damage to chaos conversion and a 25% chance to apply on-hit.

Necromancers utilizing Instant Soft Left Mouse Button will find Bone Barrier granting minions a percentage of increased max life as extra energy shield, along with a portion of their damage leeched to the player's life. Mindless Aggression now provides more max life and increased damage.

Guardians will notice a reduction in the Sentinel's fire damage radius.

For other players, the Call to Arms has been replaced with Warlord's Call, which now grants warcries instead of exerting attacks. Warcries also extend their buffs to nearby allies.

Miners affected by the Left Mouse Button alteration receive compensation with a new Mastery allowing mines to detonate while in motion, although the Mastery providing 5% increased area of effect per mine has been removed.

Old Content Balance

Here are the miscellaneous changes:

Tormented Spirits now possess increased life to challenge Ghostbusters.

Cycling Damage Reduction has been replaced by Adaptive Resistances, causing monsters to develop resistance to their most frequently encountered damage type.

Stygian Spires are now immune to additional projectile modifiers on maps.

Archnemesis rewards no longer include options such as scarab or gem conversion, white sockets, duplicates, player XP boosts, or gem XP boosts.

For Essence harvesters, the highest tier for white maps is now Screaming, while for yellow and red maps, it’s Shrieking. Synthesised Maps are now only obtainable from T14 or higher map bosses, and Cortex maps are exclusively dropped by Synthesised map bosses or Maven’s Invitation: The Forgotten.

Invitations no longer drop after witnessing the corresponding monsters. Kirac offers a dialogue option to craft and open invitations. Betrayal bench crafts for quality exceeding 20% have been removed, and now Flasks can be evolved for a chance to gain plus or minus 10% quality.

Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire Flasks no longer reduce damage taken. Instead, they provide maximum resistance and increased resistance. The Aisling Crafting Bench has been replaced by the Veiled Orb, obtainable only from Catarina, and the Vorici White Socket bench has been removed. Omens are reintroduced in Rituals, potentially replacing blanching. With these changes, Betrayal rewards are revamped to include specific Scarab rewards.

Path of Exile 3.24 Catarina

Following a map no longer causes it to become unidentified. Instead, more implicits can now be rolled.

Quality Of Life Changes

Here are the quality of life changes for Path of Exile 3.24:

  • Identification is now possible for corrupted and mirrored items.
  • Breach Hands automatically open when approached.
  • The visual and auditory cues for Monsters Detonate Dead have been improved for better telegraphing.
  • Uber Elder fragments can now be swapped between Shaper and Elder via Hotcrafting.
  • Pressing the alt key on a map reveals the monster level.
  • Holding control and left mouse button while using crafting currency repeats the effect until reaching maximum or exhausting the POE Currency.
  • Control shift left-click transfers all stackable items from one trade window to another.
  • Portals can now be opened with a keybind if a Portal Scroll is in the inventory.
  • Upgraded Pantheon powers on one character are automatically unlocked for alternate characters in the same league, provided they have defeated the core god.
  • Using a Divine Vessel in the corresponding map disables the Pantheon power for that character.
  • Alternate characters may encounter old mechanics like the Locus of Corruption during the campaign as surprises.

5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Path of Exile 3.24, which introduces the Necropolis League, will include a new set of five Tier 17 maps. These maps are effectively Uber Maps, with a higher level of difficulty than standard endgame maps. They include bespoke mod pools and Uber versions of old bosses, giving players fresh challenges and encounters. However, there are five new (or rather, reworked) unique item awards that may only be obtained against these bosses.

The five new Tier 17 Uber maps are Ziggurat, Sanctuary, Fortress, Abomination, and Citadel. Each has a unique boss encounter and related item drop. Additionally, the Tier 17 maps are the primary source for collecting Uber Fight Keys, which are required to unlock high-level endgame content.

As the main emphasis of the guide centers around unique items, I will provide a concise overview of each of the recently revamped unique items. Following this, I will examine the potential locations and bosses from which they may drop.

5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Wraithlord Bone Circlet

The adjusted Wraithlord unique helmet now features four Abyssal sockets and offers a bonus of "+1 to the maximum number of spectres per socketed Ghastly Eye Jewel".

Additionally, it provides +(1-2) levels to all Minion Skill Gems, encompassing utility skills bearing the minion tag.

This enhancement significantly bolsters Pure Spectre summon builds, particularly during the initial weeks of a new league when acquiring top-tier minion helmets proves challenging.

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Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

Now, let's discuss the revamped Manastorm unique shield. It boasts updated and enhanced stats, along with a broader range of potential attributes, making high-quality rolls significantly more valuable.

The shield now provides (1-100)% increased Mana Recovery from flasks, grants 1 to 100 mana per enemy kill, increases maximum mana by (1-100), and boosts Mana Regeneration rate by (1-100)%.

Additionally, upon casting a spell, it consumes all available mana to gain supplementary maximum lightning damage equal to 50% of the sacrificed mana for a duration of 4 seconds. This bonus damage is applied universally and can even impact secondary damage types, such as Herald of the Thunder and explosion effects from various skills and POE Items.

The design concept behind Manastorm revolves around amassing substantial amounts of mana, which is then expended to obtain a significant damage boost for a brief period of 4 seconds. This shield exhibits exceptional synergy when paired with spell totems, traps, mines, or trigger effects like Cast on Crit, Cast with Damage Taken, or items such as Mjölner and Cospri's Malice, among others.

Notably, these actions do not trigger the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic. Utilizing Manastorm in this manner entails sporadic self-casting of spells, such as curses or debuffs, or perhaps instant spells like Molten Shell, particularly when confronting formidable adversaries or bosses, to activate the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic and thereby gain the associated damage enhancement.

Path of Exile Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

The following item to discuss is the revamped Dark Seer, which has undergone significant improvements.

It now bestows +2 levels to all Spell Skill Gems and introduces a universal 10% chance to Blind Enemies. Additionally, it provides immunity to Blindness for the wielder, while enemies afflicted with Blindness suffer from Malediction. Malediction, a debuff, causes affected enemies to incur 10% increased damage and deal 10% reduced damage.

The final two enhancements scale with character level: granting +(1-2) maximum mana per level and +(1-2) maximum Energy Shield per level. Given the existence of three different versions of the scepter previously, it's reasonable to assume we might encounter three distinct reworked iterations of this item as boss rewards.

One version might include the enhancements mentioned earlier: +(1-2) Mana per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level. Another variant may offer +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level, while a third version could feature +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Mana per level.

Path of Exile The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

The fourth item to undergo rework is the enhanced Yoke of Suffering amulet, which underwent a subtle alteration. However, this alteration proves to be significant.

Now, it features the effect: "Enemies take (5-10)% increased damage for each type of element you have afflicted on them," essentially doubling this modifier, while retaining all other aspects unchanged. The elements encompass Ignite, Chill, Shock, Freeze, Sap, Brittle, Scorch, Bleed, and Poison.

Increased damage taken stands as one of the most potent damage multipliers in the game, directly amplifying any damage inflicted upon the enemy by its corresponding factor. Even if only a few ailments can be applied, there's a notable increase in damage potential with the right configuration.

Path of Exile Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Finally, we introduce the new Malachai's Mark unique gloves.

They now bestow, sequentially, a 10% chance on hit to acquire Endurance, Frenzy, and Power charges, with each sequence lasting for 6 seconds. This alteration holds significant potential for numerous builds seeking to emphasize different charge types. Players aiming to sustain charges should target a duration of at least 20 seconds, considering it takes 18 seconds for a complete cycle through all three sequences.

This enhancement brings to mind the Charge Mastery, offering an option for 100% increased charge duration. Additionally, the ascendancy notable "Unleashed Potential" provides a staggering 400% increased charge duration along with other benefits.

With the upgraded Malachai's Mark, we may witness the emergence of new discharge builds leveraging these gloves to swiftly accumulate charges.

Path of Exile Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Overview Of Drop Locations

Now, let's delve into drop locations and provide an overview of potential boss encounters. While some of the following details remain speculative and unconfirmed, others have been verified.

Citadel Map

The Manastorm unique shield may drop from Uber Uhtred, the ultimate adversary in the recently introduced Tier 17 Uber map, Citadel.

Uhtred, known as the Covetous Traitor, serves as the standard version of this boss encounter in Expedition Logbooks.

Ziggurat Map

The Wraithlord helmet is obtainable from Uber Catarina, the enhanced form of Catarina, Master of the Undead, originating from Betrayal.

It is highly probable that Uber Catarina serves as the final boss in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Ziggurat.

Path of Exile Uber Catarina

Sanctuary Map

The Dark Seer, a distinctive Shadow Scepter, embodies a Beyond-themed item.

In the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis content reveal video, we witness Lycia, Herald of the Scourge, summoning the Beyond Demon Lord, "Beidat, Archangel of Death," to her side. This strongly suggests that this is among the new boss encounters we will confront.

From a lore perspective, Lycia's pact with Beidat for immortality aligns with this encounter.

With the current information, it is reasonable to speculate that this encounter occurs in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Sanctuary.

Fortress Map

Moving on, we encounter the Uber Unbreakable in the recently introduced Fortress map.

This boss represents an enhanced iteration of the highest boss, the Unbreakable. Speculating on the potential boss-exclusive drop, it would seem fitting thematically for this boss to yield the Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet. Considering this engineered construct's origins with the Templar, who possesses an affinity for lightning, this conjecture holds weight.

Additionally, the item's flavor text, "Let the unrepentant be dragged ever downwards by the weight of their sins," resonates strongly with sentiments often associated with the Templar.

Abomination Map

Lastly, we are left with only one unique map and one unique item: the reworked and charge-themed unique gloves, Malachi's Mark.

These gloves are likely to be found in the new Abomination map, aligning well with the theme, particularly in light of the significance of Malachi in Act 4. While hints regarding the Uber boss or bosses for this map are scarce, potential contenders include Malachi himself or one of his disciples.

Another possibility is Piety, as seen in Piety, the Abomination, or even the Abomination monster type commonly encountered in the Belly of the Beast.

Which Build Is A Versatile Choice For All Scenarios In POE 3.23? - Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Here is the Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder build for POE 3.23.

This build presents a departure from the conventional approach of focusing on gem level stacking to maximize the level of Caustic Arrow or Toxic Rain. Instead, it leverages items such as Widowhail and The Adorned to amplify the modifiers present on other POE Items utilized within the build. It boasts a substantial life pool exceeding 7,000, offering the necessary damage output, clearing speed, and resilience required for safe progression up to level 100.

Throughout this guide, I will provide an overview of the endgame configuration as well as present several medium budget and early game setups. Let us commence with the discussion.

Which Build Is A Versatile Choice For All Scenarios In POE 3.23? - Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder

The Mechanics Of The Build

The mechanics of this build revolve around utilizing a Toxic Rain setup. This skill fires projectiles upward, which descend upon enemies, inflicting chaos damage and leaving behind spore pods that persist for a specified duration.

While these spore pods remain on the ground, they continuously deal chaos damage over time to nearby foes, with the potential for this damage effect to accumulate. By saturating the area with spore pods, the build capitalizes on Toxic Rain's stacking damage over time effect, which forms the foundation of its single-target damage output.

To effectively clear expansive areas teeming with monsters, Caustic Arrow comes into play, providing broad coverage across the screen. When linked with Arrow Nova Support, the skill disperses projectiles in all directions, blanketing the entire screen with caustic ground.

A notable aspect of this particular build is its synergy with The Adorned unique Jewel, enabling significant life stacking within the life pool. This substantial life reservoir greatly contributes to a player's longevity and progression potential, facilitating advancement towards level 100.

Different Gem Setups

In the primary skill setup, Toxic Rain should be linked with Efficacy, Empower, Awakened Vicious Projectiles, Awakened Void Manipulation, and Mirage Archer.

A medium-budget alternative to this setup would utilize regular support gems instead of Awakened ones, with Cruelty Support replacing Empower.

On a low-budget 4-link configuration, I recommend linking Toxic Rain to Vicious Projectiles, Efficacy, and Mirage Archer. Prioritizing Mirage Archer increases the total number of pods spawned around enemies, thereby enhancing single-target damage.

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For the Caustic Arrow setup, link Caustic Arrow with Awakened Arrow Nova, Empower, Awakened Void Manipulation, Awakened Vicious Projectiles, and Awakened Swift Affliction.

In a medium-budget version of this setup, substitute regular support gems for the Awakened ones, and also use Cruelty Support instead of Empower.

Note that while Cruelty Support may not be the most effective support, it serves as a convenient placeholder in a red socket before transitioning to Empower.

For a low-budget four-link setup, link Caustic Arrow with Vicious Projectiles, Swift Affliction, and Arrow Nova.

In the aura gem setup, this build reserves Grace and Malevolence on its Mana pool. Grace provides significant evasion, while Malevolence enhances damage by scaling both damage over time multiplier and skill effect duration, prolonging the duration of Toxic Rain pods and Caustic Arrow's caustic ground. Additionally, Haste Aura is linked to Divine Blessing and Inspiration Support. If Mana is insufficient for casting Haste Aura, running a level one Divine Blessing reduces Mana cost, and acquiring Mana efficiency nodes on the passive tree increases available Mana.

For Utility Gems, Toxic Rain of Withering is linked to Mana, Forge Arrows, and Culling Strike to maintain wither stacks on resilient enemies and dispatch bosses with less than 10% health. Despair further reduces the chaos resistance of cursed enemies, while a level 3 Immortal Call linked to Cast When Damage Taken provides an additional layer of defense.

Grab These Masteries

The masteries that this build will want to grab in its endgame setup will include:

  • 20% Increased AoE while wielding a bow
  • Recover 4% life when you use a flask
  • Prevent an additional 3% of suppressed spell damage
  • + 50 to maximum life

For earlier progressions of this build, useful masteries to have early on will include:

  • +12% Mana Reservation Efficiency
  • 8% Increased damage per Aura/Herald affecting you
  • Auras have a 10% increased effect on you
  • +15% spell suppression while your helmet, body armor, gloves, and boots have evasion rating

Ascendancy Passives

The ascendancy passives for this build will be acquired in the following sequence: Nature's Reprisal, Nature's Adrenaline, Master Surgeon, and finally Nature's Boon.

Once the build attains a sufficient level of resilience, there is an option to forego Master Surgeon and reallocate a point to a smaller ascendancy node for increased flask effectiveness.


For the bow, you'll first want a bow to start with a four-link bow with high attack speed and any damage over time modifiers.

Subsequently, aim to acquire a low-cost corrupted six-link bow, preferably with damage over time modifiers.

In the mid-range budget category, consider crafting or procuring a Thicket Bow with a +3 modifier, coupled with attack speed and a damage over time multiplier.

Lastly, as the final upgrade, invest in a well-rolled Widowhail once you have obtained the endgame quiver. The Widowhail offers significant multipliers to the modifiers present on your quiver.

Path of Exile Widowhail


For the quiver, you'll ideally want to start with a broad head quiver for some attack speed and use this item slot to fulfill any stat attribute requirements or elemental resistances early on.

You'll eventually want to upgrade this item to something that has at least 2 damage modifiers on it, such as damage over time multiplier or increased damage with bow skills.

Finally, a hunter influence quiver (Drgon Arrow) with high life, multi-movement speed, and attack speed will serve as the basis for the endgame setup with Widowhail. With a 246 Widowhail, a quiver like this will provide a total of 276 max life, 76% attack speed, 27% movement speed, and 152% damage over time multiplier.

So, there's incredible upside potential for running with a Widowhail setup.


For the helmet, you'll likely start with one that fulfills life stat attributes and elemental resistances.

You want to upgrade this to a helmet with similar stats but on a better item base and with eldritch implicits that provide 6% physical damage shift and 20% reduced mana cost of attacks.

Once you're able to fix your resistances with 100% uptime from flasks, you'll want a helmet with high life, high resistance modifiers, fire spell suppression, more physical damage shift, and +2 to socketed area of effect. This will both increase the overlapping of pods shot by Toxic Rain as well as the gem level of skills like Despair, which will be socketed in the helmet.

Body Armor

For the body armor, early gearing options will include items like a Tabula Rasa, a six-link corrupted body armor, or anything with high life and elemental resistances.

Once resistances are fixed by your flask setup, you'll want to opt for a Lightning Coil, which greatly improves the build's physical max hit. An endgame version will incorporate vaal implicits like +1 to socketed gems.

Path of Exile Tabula Rasa


For the gloves, you want to start with a pair that has high life and elemental resistances.

You'll eventually want to upgrade this to a better item base and also roll eldritch implicits that provide chaos damage over time multiplier and spell suppression.

Once you've capped your spell suppression, you can instead opt for Pierce on the implicits for more clear speed. The endgame version of this will look very similar to the helmet with high life and resistances, high suppression, +2 to area of effect, and increased damage during flask effect.


For the boots, the main modifiers you'll want to prioritize early are movement speed and elemental resistances.

An easy upgrade for this socket will be a pair of boots with high life, high movement speed, high resistances, and Eldritch Implicits that provide action speed and Elemental Ailment Avoidance.

The final version of the boots will have a high chance to avoid shock, high spell suppression, high life, movement speed, and onslaught on kill.


Initially, the belt slot serves to meet stat attribute and elemental resistance needs with a sturdy belt.

Over time, the aim is to transition to a Stygian Vise equipped with life and resistance, allowing for the addition of an Abyss Jewel with life and phasing on kill.

The ultimate belt configuration entails a Hunter influence Stygian Vise boasting high life percentage, increased flask effect, and a 20% reduction in flask charges used. This reduction in flask charges is essential for maintaining 100% flask uptime, a critical aspect of the build’s functionality.

Regarding the rings, they primarily serve to address stat attribute and resistance requirements while other gear pieces are upgraded.

It’s advisable to prioritize high stats or resistances in these slots to maintain flexibility elsewhere in the build. Once all other gear pieces are upgraded and finalized, the ideal modifiers for these rings include high life, damage over time multiplier, increased chaos damage, and reduced mana cost for non-channeling skills.

Path of Exile Stygian Vise


The amulet is also another socket that remains fairly flexible in terms of modifiers you can roll.

Useful modifiers early on will include things like life, resistances, stat attributes, and damage over time modifiers.

However, to make this build truly invincible against small attacks, a Defiance of Destiny will eventually be used. This item allows you to regain missing life before every hit is calculated. Starting with a low roll of Defiance of Destiny and gradually upgrading to higher rolls would be my recommended path of progression for this item slot.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels play a crucial role in maximizing the build’s efficiency in clearing speed, damage output, and access to jewel sockets, particularly significant upon obtaining The Adorned jewel.

Incorporating 3 medium cluster jewels called Luminous Shrine, this build highlights Wicked Pall, Touch of Cruelty, and Unspeakable Gifts. Notably, Touch of Cruelty remains unallocated within the build, relying solely on Wicked Pall and Unspeakable Gifts. These notable modifiers greatly enhance the build's chaos damage output and facilitate enemy explosions, causing a quarter of their life to be dealt as chaos damage. It's the explosions triggered by Unspeakable Gifts that drive this build's exceptional clearing speed during mapping endeavors.

As for the medium cluster jewels, there are 3 Dragon Curio featuring Shrieking Bolts and Repeater for heightened projectile damage, alongside one Pandemonium Scar cluster jewel housing Peak Vigour and Spiked Concoction. Peak Vigour enhances maximum life by 8%, while Spiked Concoction provides both attack speed and Alchemist’s Genius upon flask usage. The Alchemist’s Genius buff increases flask charges gained by 20% and flask effect by 10% during its duration, crucial for maintaining maximum flask uptime.


For the jewels, common placeholders for jewel sockets will feature useful modifiers like percent max life or damage over time multiplier.

However, once an Adorned jewel is obtained, you’ll want to roll eight corrupted magic jewels each with 7% increased max life and 8% chaos damage over time multiplier. With a 129% Adorned jewel, this will grant a total of 128% increased max life and 146% chaos multi from the magic jewels alone.

Path of Exile The Adorned

In the final jewel socket near the Herbalism passive, a Lethal Pride will be used to gain some much-needed strength as well as another 10% physical damage from hits taken as fire damage.


For the flasks, it is important to run a Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire flask, which all have long durations that allow the build to sustain them permanently.

By keeping 100% uptime on these flasks, the build is able to take advantage of the resistances granted by the flask and will have an easier time upgrading gear pieces.

An important thing to note is that every magic flask will need the Flagellant’s prefix modifier. This modifier allows the flask to gain 3 charges when hit by enemies, which fills the flask quickly when being hit by multiple mobs.

A reduced Mana cost suffix will also need to be crafted on one of these magic flasks in order to lower Mana cost and allow the build to eventually drop Mana Reservation Efficiency nodes from the passive tree.

To finish things off, a Flagellant’s Quicksilver Flask Of The Cheetah and Progenesis will be the final flask in the build setup. Before upgrading to Progenesis, however, the build could run a bleed immunity life flask while it still has Master Surgeon allocated.

A Comprehensive Guide To ESO 2023 New Life Event - Achievements, Quests, Rewards & More

The New Life festival has begun in ESO, bringing with it a 100% XP boost to celebrate the holidays!

The event was originally set to end January 3rd. But ZOS has heard the complaints on the forums and extended the event to January 9th, giving you ample time to catch up with this year’s ticket items.

A Comprehensive Guide To ESO 2023 New Life Event - Achievements, Quests, Rewards & More

Introductory Quest & How To Join The Event?

To join the event, pick up the New Life Festival quest from the Crown Store and use it to locate the New Life Herald Breda, found south of the city of Windhelm in Eastmarch close to the Kynesgrove Wayshrine.

There is also a portal at all impresario tents that will teleport you directly to the New Life festival tent. The intro quest simply tasks you with talking to Breda.

Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug

Once complete, you will unlock the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectible, which used to provide a 100% XP boost, but this has changed!

Elder Scrolls Online Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug

100% XP Boost!

You can enjoy the XP boost automatically every time you sign in throughout the entire event period. And its benefits stack with other XP bonuses!

How To Get Rewards?

There are a total of 10 daily quests. And when you complete 1, you’ll be rewarded with a New Life Festival Box.

Reward Box Contents

Within them, you will have a chance to receive the following goodies.

Elder Scrolls Online Reward Box Contents

You can complete the dailies and collect these boxes on each of your characters.

New Life Daily Quests & Achievements Information

The New Life Festival Quests will send you all over Tamriel.

There’s a quest for each playable race in the game. For example, the Khajiit themed quest will send you to Reapers March.

There are achievements tied to each quest that you pick up from Breda, a few of which are straightforward.

Fish Boon Feast Achievement

In Shadowfen at the fish boon feast, catch 5 of each fish to get Fish Boon Angler.

You can do this over the time of the event or across multiple characters. This one will probably take the longest since RNG plays a part.

You can use any bait as long as you are at a New Life fishing hole, even the junk bait.

Lava Foot Stomp & Castle Charm Challenge Achievements

For the Lava Foot Shuffle and Castle Charm Challenges, it’s as simple as waiting for a second player to come along and performing your actions at the same time.

Snow Bare Plunge Achievement

The Snow Bare Plunge achievement says all you need to know.

Drop down to your knickers and jump in the water. Just one time is needed.

Elder Scrolls Online Snow Bare Plunge Achievement

Stonetooth Bash Achievement

At the Stonetooth Bash, have some of the event recipe Betnikh Twice Spiked Ale ready to drink after you eat your meal.

The recipe comes from the reward crates, but you could ask other players as well.

War Orphan’s Sojourn Achievement

The War Orphans Benefactor achievement requires you to make a ESO Gold donation, and then complete the optional objective to kill the encroaching wildlife also in one trip.

The last couple can be a little more challenging, but you can remedy it by working in a team!

Signal Fire Sprint Achievement

Signal Fire Sprint requires you to light all of the braziers within 35 seconds.

You’ll want to start at the Brazier next to the Skyshard in town, then work your way around to the others.

You can use spells to run faster, like Rapid Maneuvers in the PvP skill line. Or, you can just work with someone else and they can light some of the Braziers.

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The Trial Of The Five-Clawed Guile Achievement

And the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile in Reapers March challenges you with unlocking 3 chests in 35 seconds or fewer.

Again, work with someone else, if they have the ability to force lockpicks even better.

Mud Ball Miscreant Achievement

The final achievement is Mudball Miscreant.

Throwing a Mud Ball is easy. When the quest is active, you simply need to have the leader in-front of you to use a Mud Ball on them. You could also use the collectible Mud Ball Pouch reward from the event drops when the quest isn’t active.

The challenge here can be finding the Alliance leaders. The locations listed here are in order based on quest progress in the base game.

New Life Celebrant Achievement

Completing all of Breda’s quests once will award the New Life Cerulean dye.

Magnanimous Title

And completing all of these quests, plus learning all 9 New Life crafting recipes and the full Skinchanger motif that drop from reward chests, will unlock the Magnanimous title.

Crystalfrost Skin

And finally, there’s one more achievement, Newly Charitable. This achievement rewards the Crystalfrost skin.

Elder Scrolls Online Crystalfrost Skin

To unlock it, complete 12 of the New Life, Deep Winter, or Imperial Charity Writs that drop from reward crates.

Completing one of these holiday writs awards you with a Refugee Gift box. These contain a tradeable page of the Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon style.

Old Life Observance - No Achievement

There are no achievements tied to the Old Life Observance daily.

Simply go to the shrine on the map, write a message and burn it for a reward box.

How Many And How To Get Tickets?

In addition to the event boxes, you get 3 tickets per day of the event for completing 1 of the New Life daily, equaling out to a total of 60 tickets!

Remember that you can only hold 12 at one time.


During New Life, the Impresario offers all fragments of the Passion Dancer Blossom, and all of the fragments for each morph of it released this year.

So, if you’re missing things that you wanted, you can use this event to catch up!

You can also pick up bound style pages for the new Morningstar Frostwear set, or a New Life Festival Brab Bag.

New Life Grab Bag - What’s In The Bag?

The New Life Festival Grab Bag can contain these items if you don’t already have them in your collection.

If you already have everything in the grab bag, you won’t be able to buy one.

Other Ticket Merchant Inventory

And you have some other options for spending your tickets, so use the large amount of them that this event provides wisely!

Snowglobe House Is For Sale!

This event is also the only time to pick up the Snow Globe House.

It is a Crown Store exclusive, but it is a great value. And it will provide you with an instant, free fast-travel to Breda throughout the entire event period.

5 Top Franchise Mode Teams During Madden NFL 24’s Mid-Season

In 1999, the St. Louis Rams transformed from a 4-12 underdog to Super Bowl champions, a story of unexpected heroes and incredible triumph. Like the Rams, we’re diving into the NFL’s mid-season, where every team has the potential for a legendary turnaround.

If you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you can choose one of the teams and improve the players so you can win more games!

5 Top Franchise Mode Teams During Madden NFL 24's Mid-Season

Team 1: Philadelphia Eagles

After last year’s heartbreak in the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles are on a mission of redemption. With a stellar 8-1 record, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Jaylen Hurts, their charismatic leader and quarterback, is at the forefront of this revenge story, backed by a blend of seasoned veterans and bright stars. This season is shaping up to be the Eagles’ year of glory.

Madden 24 Philadelphia Eagles

Fun Factors

  • Revenge Narrative: Capitalize on their drive to avenge last year’s Super Bowl loss.
  • Jalen Hurts’ Leadership: Harness the skill and leadership of their star quarterback.
  • Starpower Roster: Leverage the experience of veterans and the zeal of rising stars.


  • 2023 season: Stay on top in a highly competitive conference.
  • 2024 season: Address potential retirements and maintain roster strength.
  • 2025 season: Continue evolving the team’s strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

Team 2: Baltimore Ravens

Next up, the Team 2 Baltimore Ravens, with Lamar Jackson’s MVP-caliber performance, are in prime position to dominate their division, especially with key rivals facing setbacks.

Their defense, led by Roquan Smith, is formidable, echoing their championship-winning days. This season presents a golden opportunity for the Ravens to assert their dominance.

Madden 24 Baltimore Ravens

Fun Factors

  • Lamar Jackson’s Magic: Utilize his exceptional abilities to outmaneuver opponents.
  • Dominant Defense: Leverage their robust defense for strategic advantages.
  • Super Bowl Hunger: Channel their intense desire to claim another championship.


  • 2023 season: Aim for a deep playoff run, capitalizing on current strengths.
  • 2024 season: Reach the Super Bowl, building on this season’s momentum.
  • 2025 season: Focus on retaining star players while nurturing young talent, aiming to become Super Bowl favorites once more.

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Team 3: Detroit Lions

Let’s explore Team 3, the Detroit Lions’ surprising rise: The Dawn of a New Era.

Under Dan Campbell, the Detroit Lions have transformed into a formidable force.

Their newfound spirit, with Jared Goff delivering his best football and standout players like Amon-Ra St. Brown, David Montgomery, Jahmyr Gibbs, Sam LaPorta and Aidan Hutchinson, is electrifying.

The team’s stellar offensive line only adds to their strength. This isn’t just a team, it’s a movement, and everyone’s rooting for their success.

Madden 24 Detroit Lions

Fun Factors

  • Dan Campbell’s Leadership: Embrace the team’s newfound confidence and aggressive style.
  • Hunger for Success: Channel their long-standing desire to overcome years of setbacks.
  • Talented Roster: Utilize their exceptional talent on both offense and defense.


  • 2023 season: Achieve the Lions’ first playoff win since 1991.
  • 2024 season: Make a deep playoff run and plan for the future quarterback.
  • 2025 season: Aim for the Super Bowl and start building a lasting dynasty.

Team 4: Cleveland Browns

Now, let’s turn to the Team 4 Cleveland Browns and their quest for glory: Defense Leading the Charge.

The Cleveland Browns stand out this season with the NFL’s best defense, a unit that’s been the backbone of the team.

Despite a mediocre performance from Deshaun Watson, who’s now out for the season, their defense has kept playoff hopes alive.

The Cleveland Browns face a unique challenge: a playoff-caliber roster hampered by a quarterback quandary and limited draft stock due to the Watson trade.

Madden 24 Cleveland Browns

Fun Factors

  • Dominant Defense: Capitalize on their league-leading defensive prowess.
  • Quarterback Challenge: Navigate the season with a rookie quarterback stepping in.
  • Building for Future: Embrace the challenge of strengthening the team without much draft capital.


  • 2023 season: Secure a playoff spot and honor the defense’s stellar performance.
  • 2024 season: Address the quarterback situation by either finding a replacement or enhancing Watson’s play.
  • 2025 season: With the quarterback issue resolved, keep the roster intact for a deep playoff run.

Team 5: Chicago Bears

Next, the Team 5 Chicago Bears' quest to rewrite their story: Unleashing Potential.

The Chicago Bears entered the season with high hopes, especially for quarterback Justin Fields. But things haven’t quite clicked yet. While Fields has shown flashes of brilliance, the team is still searching for the right formula to unlock its full potential. This season is critical in determining the future direction of both Fields and the team.

Madden 24 Chicago Bears

Fun Factors

  • Justin Fields’ Growth: Harness his unique abilities and eagerness to improve.
  • Historical Prestige: Revive the glory of a storied franchise.
  • Draft Capital: Utilize their significant upcoming draft picks for a major team upgrade.


  • 2023 season: Evaluate Fields and the roster to make strategic decisions for the future.
  • 2024 season: Execute a successful overhaul using draft capital, treating it as a foundational year.
  • 2025 season: Aim for a playoff appearance and their first playoff win since 2011.

Which team’s journey captivated you the most?

3 Most Effective Passes In EA FC 24

Here are the top 3 game changer passes in EA FC 24.

3 Most Effective Passes In EA FC 24

1. Nutmeg Flair Pass

Nutmeg Flair Pass is the combination of a new skill move and either short pass or through pass. So, when you perform this pass, you have to press these buttons quickly.

First of all, you have to learn how to perform the Nutmeg Flair skill move where you hold both the L1 and R1 or LB and RB at the same time holding the right analog to the direction you want your player to move to.

This skill move is 4-star rated, so you need four and above star skilled FC 24 Players in your team then the pass. As you press these buttons to perform the skill move, you don’t wait until your player finishes the move, then you pass. Please remember to press the pass button when your player begins the animation of the skill, aiming the left analog towards the player you want to pass the ball to.

According to the way, FC 24 is hard. Some tricks, like Ball Roll Pass, are no longer have that surprise effect. Everyone expects them, so it’s easy to defend against.

And that’s when the Nutmeg Flair Pass comes in. It’s easy to perform it against any opponent. The animation of the trick is a little faster than the Ball Roll Pass.

This is the way I perform this trick. For example, here, I pass the ball to my player inside the box. I see that I have this pass, but I can’t directly turn and pass because I expect my opponent to anticipate that. So, I first take my first touch into the space to bait the opponent that I’m moving forward.

FC 24 Nutmeg Flair Pass Example 1

The opponent was ready to block this pass, but he realized that I’m moving forward instead. So, he changes his plan and tries to follow my player.

FC 24 Nutmeg Flair Pass Example 2

Now everything is moving according to plans. I perform the skill pass to my Striker Rashford, control the ball into the space, and score.

2. Lobbed Pass (Cross)

Another overpowered pass is the Lobbed Pass under the cross-section. Crosses in FC 24 are too overpowered.

The reason is these playstyles, for example, the Whipped Pass playstyle. Let’s talk about two crossing scenarios.

Short Corner Cross

The first one is the corner trick cross. If you haven’t conceded this type of cross goals from the corner, then you’re playing another football game, not FC 24.

To perform this corner trick, you follow just four easy steps:

1. Choose the corner taker. You need a player with Whipped Pass playstyle or even Dead Ball and Long Ball Pass can work.

2. You need 2 players in your setup. And to call another player, you tap on R1, the second player will be available.

3. Create a crossing space. When you pass the ball to this player, you have to control the ball towards the byline to trick the opponent that you’re driving through the byline and so it drives his attention away from this player. Then, it immediately turns and passes to that player.

FC 24 Short Corner Cross

4. The last step is to pull out the cross. You have to control the ball. This is so important. In your game plan tactics, you need to increase your corner bars to three and above. This always sends one player to the far post. So, when pulling out the cross, you aim towards the far post and hold ‘square’ or ‘X’ on your controller, three and a half bars of power. And lastly, it will be upon you to finish this beautiful goal.

The reason why this pass works so effectively is that the opponent’s defenders tend to push towards the ball side when you play the corner shot, leaving a big space for the far post. So, when you cross many times, you will find yourself with a free header or space to score your goal.

Normal Cross

Now, this cross if you see the card Bacha, just wait for the worst to happen.

When you run down the wing, take one second and look at the opposite side of the pitch. When you see your player running towards the goal, hold the ‘square’ or ‘X’ button, load up to four bars of power while aiming towards that player, and the cross will leave you speechless.

To effective and consistently pull out those types of crosses, get yourself players with Whipped Pass playstyle, like the Bacha card has a playstyle +. If you don't have this card, you may consider using your FC 24 Coins to purchase one directly.

But even if you don’t have those players with playstyle, it doesn’t discourage you from pulling out the cross.

But one downside of this is consistency. Players with playstyles are more consistent in that action than players without.

3. Lobbed Through Pass

The number three overpowered pass is the Lobbed Through Pass.

If you want to effectively improve your counterattacking game, then you need to always implement this pass into your attack.

The pass is overpowered, and it's so consistent, meaning there's less room for errors.

To pull out the pass, since it's a through pass, you need a pass receiver running into the space. And if you don't have, you can manually send your player forward by either using the pass and move technique.

Press both the L1 + X or LB + A, your player after passing the ball will run straight forward.

Then, we have the L1 trigger, you in the left analog towards the player you want to send forward, then, you tap on L1 or LB and that player will definitely run straight forward.

Then, to pull out the pass, you need some space in front of the ball holder. Aim the left analog towards the running player, load up some power three to four bars, and the ball will be directly sent towards your player. Use this pass to improve counterattacks and score many goals.

The good thing about FC 24 is that attacking mechanics are many and so overpowered, but still there's some limit in attacking like building up through the middle.