New Incantations To Use In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Protect Yourself Or Deal Damage?

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC begins with you following Miquella to Land of Shadow and figuring out his motives, but it’s also where you start exploring everything. Not only does this new DLC bring new weapons and armor, but there are even more incantations to use in boss encounters.

Because Land of Shadow is so large, it’s home to thousands of ancient creatures and tons of new incantations, some of which are really useful! When you use these incantations, you can choose whether to use them to protect yourself or increase your damage to the enemy. Also, these incantations can help you more easily get the final reward - Elden Ring Runes when you encounter bosses or face some enemies!

This guide will introduce some of the new incantations that are particularly useful, some of which are related to later bosses or areas in the game. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can continue reading below!

New Incantations To Use In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Protect Yourself Or Deal Damage?

Pest-Thread Spears

In the base game, Kindred of Rot has been voted as one of the most annoying enemies by players, but in DLC you can get yourself a Pest-Thread Spears version to fight this enemy.

The specific location of this spell is at the main entrance of Church of Bud, in a room defended by a single enemy.

Pest-Thread Spears allows you to summon two big threaded spears and deal substantial damage to various types of enemies. This is very convenient in combat, especially when you are facing large targets such as bosses.

However, it has certain disadvantages. Because of its relatively long casting time, it cannot be used continuously, but you can use it as a support spell.

Heal From Afar

Throughout DLC, constantly healing yourself and your summons is also highly important, especially when enemies or bosses are ambushing you around unknown corners. This means that this Heal from Afar is very necessary here.

When you use Heal from Afar, you can fire a projectile to heal allies who are far away from you and are in combat. If you need to summon your friends or summons to assist you in combat, Heal from Afar is a must-have.

Early in DLC, you can find it in the north of Moorth Ruins, next to a golden tree in a small cave.

Divine Beast Tornado

Divine Beast Tornado is a unique spell from Shadow of the Erdtree that first appears when you face Divine Beast Dancing Lion. When this enemy gets close to you, it will send a tornado-like wind towards you, and its attacks are also very fierce.

After you defeat Divine Beast Dancing Lion, this spell is yours! When it is used, this spell will also have a similar effect - it will bring you a tornado that will sweep up any enemies.

When you use this spell, you can combine it with other incantations to defeat it.

Minor Erdtree

Minor Erdtree is a healing spell like Heal From Afar. It summons an illusory Erdtree that grows on the ground in front of you, restoring health for you and your allies over 30 seconds.

Minor Erdtree may not be your first choice for a spell to equip, as you need to have 70 Faith, but it is one of the best incantations to use in PVP invasions.

It can be a bit tricky to get, mainly because Shaman Village in Hinterlands is a secret area that requires you to complete certain requirements before you can access it.

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Knight’s Lightning Spear

Knight’s Lightning Spear is a very old Dragon cult incantation that, when used, creates a lightning spear and points it at the enemy. In addition, four additional projectiles are thrown from ancient dragon crests to supplement the spear, making it a deadly one.

It’s also a very versatile spell, and it has a short cast time, so it’s a good spell to have equipped. To get Knight’s Lightning Spear, you need to enter the lobby of Scorpion River Catacombs, and you will see some eyes. Behind the eyes is this spell.

Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy

Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy has now been hailed as one of the best new spells by Elden Ring player community. It is a very wild and dangerous spell, not only for the opponent but also for you, the caster.

Flame of Frenzy spell summons a Frenzied Flame, which you’ll see yellow flames ooze out and hit multiple enemies. Unlike other Frenzied fire attacks, Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy will cause Madness effect on both you and the enemy.

You need to have a pretty good amount of faith to use it. You need to defeat Midra and take his memory for Midra’s Flame Of Frenzy, which will then apply Madness effect to everyone (including yourself).

Fire Serpent

Fire Serpent is an offensive spell used by Messmer’s Fire Knights in Elden Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree DLC. You can find it on a corpse in the corner of the balcony in Storehouse Back Section Site of Grace.

If you have already entered DLC, you may have noticed that in the Scadu Altus region, most of the enemies use fire that flashes like snakes in the air to attack. This is Fire Serpent.

Elden Ring Fire Serpent

This spell is very effective, although there may be a brief delay before it reaches the opponent, which also means that you can attack those unsuspecting enemies, but it may not be very useful in PVE mode.

Light Of Miquella

Light Of Miquella is a very powerful Faith spell that you can obtain by killing the last boss of DLC, Promised Consort Radahn. You can then give their memories to Enia in Roundtable Hold, who will give you Light Of Miquella in exchange.

When you use this spell, Light Of Miquella is propelled into the air and a huge beam of light appears, which explodes to destroy your opponent. After the battle is over, several beams of light fall to the ground to indicate the end of the battle.

Light Of Miquella is undoubtedly one of the most versatile incantations in the base game and a must-have when you use faith builds.

After learning about these useful incantations, are you more eager to fight in the DLC? I believe you can use these incantations well in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and I wish you a happy game!

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