How Did Echo Win the WoW Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Global Finals? - World Record +31 Freehold

The TGP Dragonflight Season 2 has concluded and Echo won the Global Finals with a phenomenal performance. Here, I will be going over the Highlights of their World Record 31 Freehold run.

You can learn some tactics through my commentary, so that you can deal with some bosses in WoW Dragonflight more easily and farm more WoW Dragonflight Gold or loot.

How Did Echo Win the WoW Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Global Finals?- World Record +31 Freehold

Dungeon Start

Right before the key starts, the players without stealth or invisibility use an Invisibility Potion to skip past the first few trash packs, so they can commit bloodlust and all CDs for the double Irontide Enforcer pull.

This pull is very dangerous on a high fortified key because of the Enforcers Shattering Bellow cast, one shotting players from 100% to 0 if they don’t use strong defensive CDs.

After they’re done with this pull, they backtrack and pick up another few trash packs to recover their offensive and defensive CDs for the boss. They focus down the Crackshot, because it’s a hunter-type mob that is very hard to move.

Once it’s dead and their CDs are back up, they drag the rest of the trash with them and engage the boss.

Skycap'n Kragg

Skycap’n Kragg is the most volatile boss in this dungeon for this keylevel.

The main problem is phase 1, which lasts until they pushed the boss to 75% hp.

In this phase, the boss is mounted on his parrot Sharkbait and casts Pistol Shot on random players in the group. This ability does around 720000 fire damage on this key level. It is not telegraphed and it can hit the same player multiple times in a row.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Skycap'n Kragg

Without multiple defensives, the players get one shot from 100 to 0. Additionally, players have to be healed back up to 100% hp immediately after a shot, otherwise they will die to a follow up shot.

Phase 2 is a lot easier for them, but they still have to make sure to not have multiple players get hit by Azerite Powder Shot. And Zaelia is baiting Sharkbaits Vile Bombardment away from the group, while also avoiding the initial damage from the ability with Blessing of Freedom and movement speed abilities.

After the boss is dead, they skip the Irontide Enforcer at the start of the bridge with a pretty cool trick. Gingi mounts up on a 3 seater mount, both Meeres and Zaelia jump on the mount and Clickz is rescuing them onto the bridge, past the Enforcer, while Naowh is using wild charge and stealth to skip the mob.

Next, they gather up a lot of neutral mobs and the trash packs in the next boss area. They focus down the Bilge Rat Brinescale because it’s a caster and they don’t want to deal with it during the boss fight.

Council o' Captains

Once it’s dead, they drag the rest of the trash on top of Eudora and Raoul.

The start of this fight is pretty difficult for them because they still have trash mobs up, one of them being a Trapper. So, they have to deal with rat traps being thrown onto them periodically, while also worrying about Eudoras Powder Shot and Grapeshot.

The rat traps can be cleared by Naowh, because bear form makes him immune to the root, but Naowh has to prioritize the bosses and trashes positioning, because he wants to move them into Caustic Freehold Brew, which is the “green swirly” applying a heavy dot to all enemies or players standing within it.

Eudoras Powder Shot does physical damage and can be pretty dangerous for the cloth wearers in their comp, so they have to space out their defensive cds really well or utilize the pillars in the room to line of sight the ability. Zaelia is using his Blessing of Freedom to remove the Blackout barrel from whomever it lands on.

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Once Eudora is dead, they are chaining more mobs into Raoul, because the boss isn’t as dangerous anymore and they want to utilize the Brews to finish off more enemy forces.

Clickz is using rescue to jump up the hill and pull a trash pack, while Gingi is moving to the back and adding another 2 trash packs.

The boss dies after 5 mins and 22 seconds. They dealt with 27% enemy forces and the boss within that time.

Now Gingi is moving towards the Ring of Booty to talk to the NPC to activate the RP. While Gingi is on his mission, Naowh is preparing for one of the biggest trash pulls of their run. Naowh is gathering 29 total mobs for this pull, the rest of the team jumps up on a building to avoid getting hit by Duelist charges and Oarsman Sea Spouts.

This strategy was first used by NA’s Last Hope, the 2nd place team, and then adopted by the other TGP teams. They commit their 2nd Bloodlust of the dungeon for this pull. It’s very difficult for Naowh to survive the insane amount of damage all of these mobs do to him and the rest of the team has to worry about the Plague Step from the Bilge Rat Padfoots. They do heavy initial dmg and leave a disease on the players, doing nature damage and reducing healing taken by 25%.

Even though they have both Zaelia on the paladin and Meeres on the Priest that can dispel disease on a short cd, they also have to worry about dispelling the afflicted affix. This is why they are committing Dwarf Racials and heavy defensive cds for this pull.

Ring of Booty

Once they're done, they move to the Ring of Booty.

They catch the pig and gather up 3 Crushers while waiting for Ludwig to spawn.They pull another trash pack into the boss but still focus Ludwig to make sure Trothak spawns faster.

There is a lot to dodge for the players, as they have to avoid getting hit by the Shells from Ludwig, the Crushers Ground Shatter and Boulder Throw while later also kiting the Sharks on Trothak.

They then finish off Trothak and are ready to move to the final boss area. Meeres uses Mind Soothe on a couple of packs so they can walk up the bridge, while Naowh stealths ahead to get into position to pull a trash pack onthe boss.

They then use the 3 seater mount and rescue-tech again to skip the last trash packs. While Naowh is pulling the last enemy forces they need, Gingi pulls the pack that is linked to the boss. Then, Naowh engages the boss and Gingi uses Invisibility to reset the trash they don’t Harlan Sweete want to fight.

Harlan Sweete

Phase 1 of isn’t as difficult as the later phases, so they can finish off the trash without having to worry too much.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Harlan Sweete

Once the boss enters phase 2 at 60%, they have finished off all the mobs except the Oarsman that dies shortly after. Now they have to space out their defensive CDs properly to survive the Whirling Daggers and the Cannon Barrage being applied to the whole group.

They also saved their Bloodlust for their last set of 2-minute CDs to finish off the boss and time the 31 Freehold as the only team to do so in the Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Finals!

Of course, these strategies are incredibly risky and really well executed, so huge shout out to Echo for pulling off the victory this weekend, amazing job!

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