Why You Don’t Get Sent To Azkaban In Hogwarts Legacy?

Why don’t you get sent to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy for using the Unforgivable Curses? That’s the whole point of them calling them unforgivable. You go straight to Azkaban one-stop trip. Also, why can’t you go to Azkaban at all unless you’re playing as a Hufflepuff?

It seems strange the developers would make these kinds of decisions, seeing as though they go so against the in-universe lore. We saw that all throughout the Harry Potter series, anytime, an unforgivable curse is used. It’s a direct trip to Azkaban, so why isn’t that the case in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban

There is only one mission in the game which allows you to go to Azkaban and to go there you need to be playing as a Hufflepuff, which is a kind of funny seeing as though Hufflepuff are the least violent and most pushover house. It’s almost like a reward for playing as a Hufflepuff. It’s like you get the trip to Azkaban and no one else does.

But even when you get to go to Azkaban, there’s not really that much to do. You get to walk around a little to see some creepy people and some cells experience, such as a Patronus Spell, which you don’t even get to cast since casting a Patronus Spell is another thing you can’t do in Hogwarts Legacy.

As said by Professor Moody at the time in the Goblet of Fire, those three curses: Avada Kedavra, Imperio and Crucio are known as the unforgivable curses. Using any of them on a fellow human being is enough to earn a life sentence in Azkaban. These three dark arts curses were classified as unforgivable in the year 1717.

Hogwarts Legacy Patronus Spell

Now, Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 1890s, meaning that by this point these curses are classified as unforgivable when you have already been using them and learning them or even you were supposed to be sent straight to Azkaban over in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can even use these spells in front of your professors, in front of your teachers, in front of your fellow peers, and there will be no consequence. Nothing will happen. You’ll cast a spell and everyone goes about their merry day.

Honestly, I don’t think this is an enormous problem from a gameplay perspective. But when it comes to an in-universe lore perspective, it completely screws everything up. The fact is that there is no consequence at all. You can basically learn the dark arts in Hogwarts Legacy at little to no cost. This completely goes against the lore of the dark arts and the entire purpose of Azkaban.

Now, I’m surprised that using these spells in the game has no consequence at all. There could be some GTA style wanted level where the Dementors potentially come after you. The more curses you use, they join the fight and you have to use a Patronus to fan them off.

I feel like the developers of Hogwarts Legacy are leaving this open to future DLC ideas. They’ve clearly built Azkaban as part of the story. It exists in some form in the game. You can go there even though it’s kind of brief and you don’t get to see much of the prison. But I feel like they’re leaving this open as an option for future DLC to go there as other houses to experience the prison first hand and to not have to replay the game as a Hufflepuff.

I think it’s likely that down the track they could also introduce the Patronus Spell just as the Quidditch field is still in the game. Even though there’s no Quidditch, that could be out of down the track as well. The same goes to the Great Lake, a giant open area in the game where there’s not really that much to do apart from flyover and swim. It’s possible in future they’re going to add DLC, which allows you to dive down and explore, potentially using Gilly Weed to breathe. Then, there’s also the chance.

Hogwarts Legacy Dementors

The developers just ran out of time and resources. That’s why you can’t cast a Patronus. That’s why you can’t actually fight Dementors. That’s why there’s no Quidditch. That’s why there’s no explosion of the Great Lake. Because the game is already too big and there’s already way too much to do as fun as it is using the unforgivable curses. I know for some players this is immersion breaking. Being able to use these on other characters right in front of your professors just seems dumb.

Even if Hogwarts Legacy gets DLC, there’s likely never going to be any consequence for using these spells as that would change the way the game is built. But that said, I think we could make our way to Azkaban at some point, just like we’ll hopefully. Also, we could play Quidditch at some point.

Atomic Heart: A Complete Guide On Combat Skills - Abilities, Weapons And Upgrades You Need

I’ve experimented with all the weapons and abilities throughout my Atomic Heart play through and there are some that I found to be much more useful than others. The correct answer is bucket. Just use the bucket. But just in case that doesn’t work, I’m going to break down all the active abilities you can use. Instead, I’m also going to give you some of my personal picks for the best upgrades to slap onto yourself and give a few combat tips along the way.

Ability: Polymeric Jet

What is slightly more deadly than vanilla soft serve? It’s the Polymeric Jet. This will spew out its fluffy globules wherever you aim it at and those can adopt any properties of elemental effects.

You can use other abilities or elemental cartridges. You can slap onto your weapons to ignite these spots with either electricity, fire, or ice. Enemy attacks can also influence the effect that these take on. Usually, that’s purely by accident, though Polymeric Jet is a favorite of mine since there are so many other gameplay mechanics that synergize with it.

Atomic Heart Polymeric Jet

You can use it to create tactically placed barriers that daisy chain the effect along the path or spray it all over the place. Hoping someone just wanders into your death trap. There’s no enemy around for this place, so use your imagination.

In the upgrade tree, there are a few things I highly recommend you focus on, which will improve the potency of the Polymeric Jet. Mixture Efficacy will make those elemental effects applied just overall more effective. Environmental Resistance will increase the time that will stay active and Neuro-polymer Air Defense will make it. So, you can instantly take down those annoying flying bots that are kind of all over the place.

I almost always had Polymeric Jet equipped during my play through and it’s one of the more fun ones to just mess around with and not practical ways. The Polymeric Jet combined with elemental effects is one of the best abilities, since it handles crowd control defense and offense.

Ability: Mass Telekinesis

The next ability is Mass Telekinesis, which lets you dangle your victims up in the air. While holding this effect, you can still be one-handedly firing your guns since, thankfully, your right hand is a beefcake.

Atomic Heart Mass Telekinesis

You can also unlock the ability to slam airborne enemies back down into the ground by hitting the telekinesis input again after you see your hand do this. If you don’t wait for that, you’ll just let the enemies nicely fall back to the ground and they definitely don’t deserve that upgrade for Mass Telekinesis.

I suggest grabbing Forced Fall Acceleration, and that’s the ground slam. Move Amplified Modulator will increase the Telekinesis’s area of effect and increased power, which will let you levitate even the larger chunky enemies.

Weapon: Zvezdochka

Now, let me shift for a moment and talk about a weapon combo real quick.

After you get the blueprint to craft the Zvezdochka, I recommend seeking the reverse shot attachment, which can be grabbed out of a gold chest in the Polygon 1 area. This will make the alternate attack for this weapon arrange swirly blade thing. But if you also grab yourself the Lower Blade attachment, this adds what you might just assume is visually another blade to the weapon.

Atomic Heart Zvezdochka

However, that synergizes with the reverse shot attachment to launch two blades out at a time. You can find that extra blade attachment in a bronze chest in the Polygon 8 area. Also, adding an elemental cartridge slot is worth putting on this, as well.

Now, back to the Mass Telekinesis ability combined with this strong weapon build and you can pop even the larger tanky enemies into the air.

Juggle them with those blades electrified ones in this case and take them down without expending a single bullet. Normally, these guys will drain your resources because they can take quite a beating. If you’re playing on the highest difficulty, you’re going to want to be saving ammo wherever you can.

Ability: Polymeric Shield

Next is the Polymeric Shield, which turns you into a safe little Bubble Boy. When this is active, it will block some incoming attacks and after a few upgrades can even reverse incoming damage back onto the attacker. This is pretty useful for mitigating damage while running and gunning. But if you’re adopting more of a melee play style, this ability is nearly required. It’s one of the more basic abilities. But being able to attack and be redirecting incoming damage at the same time can make things drastically easier.

Atomic Heart Polymeric Shield

If you go this route, I recommend you also get the Kinetic Reflector that doubles the melee damage that’s reflected back. Neuro-polymer Reflector will also reflect back ranged attacks and Med Unit Feedback will regenerate your health when the shield absorbs damage. They are pretty useful.

Ability: Cryo Jet

With all that, you can turtle a ton of damage and greatly increase your overall survivability. Next is the Cryo Jet, which is primarily a crowd control ability that can popsicle enemies.

Mostly, this is more of a combat deterrent rather than offensive ability. If you’re going with the Cryo Jet, I suggest grabbing Intensive Spraying, which will freeze enemies faster. Absolute Zero will deal with some damage over time while they’re frozen and Careful Disassembly will increase the materials you gain from killing frozen enemies.

Atomic Heart Overall, the Cryo Jet is another pretty straightforward ability. But if the Polymeric Jet from before isn’t enough crowd control for you, this one can more immediately limit the amount of things that actively trying to rip your face off.

And for the last main active ability, it’s actually one that you don’t have to equip at all since you’ll have it at all times. Shock will send out a short-range electrical arc, which can stun and continually damage most of the robotic enemies. This has a pretty quick recharge and is a lot more useful with a few key upgrades. I recommend you get Chain Lightning, which bounces that Shock to another nearby target Extended Topology.

Now, you’re Palpatine and Resistor Malfunction, which increases the damage enemies take while they’re electrified. Since you’re always going to have Shock on you at all times, you might as well focus a few upgrade points into it as soon as you can.

Role Upgrade

Now, before I close this out, here are a few upgrades I recommend from those other two skill trees under Character and Energy Management.

The skill Born Marksman is a must-have since it flat out reduces the spread while firing from the hit. The one on the left is without that perk and on the right is with it active. It’s a pretty big difference in that pattern. So, you should definitely get this one.

There’s a lot of scooting around on foot in this game and with no traditional sprint, you’re going to need the movement boost from Morning Exercise, which might not seem like much. But it adds up in the long run.

In Energy Management, I suggest getting both Energy Densities, which give you an extra energy bar each and Thrift, which reduces the energy drain from certain weapons.

Weapon: Dominator

The Dominator gun, for example, can become much more useful with a higher energy capacity. Its alternate fire combos really nicely with the Telekinesis ability since it can arc some extra damage to nearby enemies before it collides with something.

Atomic Heart Dominator

I love the energy weapons because they don’t cost any ammo to fire, so always feel like royalty-free murder. They’re all just a bunch of feral Amazon Alexa, though. So, it’s all good.

Those were just a few of the combat tips I had for you today, just in case the bucket didn’t do the job already.

New World: Huge New Event Coming! - Legacy Of Crassus

Today I want to bring you a piece of good news. Recently, New World has finally ushered in a brand new event. The event is called Legacy of Crassus, and it runs from February 21st to March 7th.

From the news officially released by New World, what we can know is that in this brand new event, we need to defeat the level 66 vicious brutes that can be seen everywhere in Aeternum to get specific items, such as Lucanus weapons and Decimus armor, standard weapons, armor, and consumables. Now, there’s no exact information on the overall stats and attributes of these weapons, yet. But again, I’m guessing they’re pretty decent if it’s event specific.

Here you should pay attention to one thing: if you want to get these rewards easily, then you have to cause at least 1000 damage to these brutes. I don’t think that’s going to be a vast deal for most people.

New World Legacy Of Crassus

And every day you’ll be able to get different rewards after defeating the world bosses. If you can defeat all the world bosses eight times, you’ll get all the rewards below:

  • Wrath of Decimus (Great Axe)
  • Hoplites Great Blade (Great Sword)
  • Cuirass of Decimus (Heavy Chest Armor)
  • Fists of Decimus (Heavy Gauntlets)
  • Sagittar of Lucanus (Bow)
  • Vesuvius (Fire Staff)
  • Galea of Lucanus (Medium Helm)
  • Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus (Medium Boots)

You will also get:

  • 1 - 3 Obsidian Gypsum
  • 500 Umbral Shards
  • A special Craft Mod that can help you add powerful effects to crafted items. (with 25% chance)

I can’t wait to get these items in my pocket. Maybe they’ve got some shirking fortification and resilient. What I believe is probably the most important add-on to the overall rewards loot rewards pool for this new event is that they called out a special craft mod that can add portable powerful effects to crafted items.

So, essentially, this sounds like this is going to become the new BIS, which means people need to craft with this item in order to get some sort of special new effect again. I am not sure what it is, but it sounds like based on this impact, it will have an overall impact on what is best in the slot.

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New World Asmodeum

You know, we’ve got combat chain changes right around the corner, so that’s going to affect a lot of overall best and slot, as well. But regardless, I would not be surprised if you guys all saw Asmodeum prices over the next few weeks, especially with the overall just combat changes. People are going to be wanting to craft a lot more. I know on Orofena currently the Asmodeum prices are rock bottom. Hurry and stock up someduring this time. Purchase as much as you can with New World Coins because their prices are going to bump up a bit.

This event also calls out standard rewards so typically. Each victory rewards the player with either a random weapon or an armor piece at their level and that’s a 90 chance. But then, there’s a 10 chance of getting a specially named item from Brimstone Sands or greater Aeternum.

Undercovering The Truth Of Torchlight Infinite Monetization

Torchlight Infinite is an amazing action RPG heavily inspired by Path of Exile. And one thing I noticed is that many players won’t even try it because they assume that since you can also play it on your phone, it will have an aggressive monetization and be absolutely Pay-to-Win. For that matter, I’m here today to expose the facts about Torchlight Infinite’s monetization and share my opinion.

You can reach your own verdict in Torchlight Infinite. We have two types of premium currency, the Jagged Primocryst and the Primocryst.

Jagged Primocryst

Let’s talk about the Jagged Primocryst since you can receive them for free.

Here’s a list of what you can purchase with Jagged Primocryst. First, we have the Revival Token. You can use it to not lose experience when you die.

Following, we have the Elixir of Oblivion. It works as an Orb Of Regret. You use it to respec your Talent Tree even though you can purchase them here. I don’t recommend using a Jagged Primocryst on this because you drop many of them while playing and you can reset your passive skill tree as much as you want totally for free until Level 80.

Torchlight Infinite Jagged Primocryst

Another thing you can purchase is expansions for your inventory and stash. With Jagged Primocryst, you’ll also be able to summon Pact Spirits. But I’ll talk more about that later.

Every play you get many Jagged Primocryst while playing. You receive them on the Free Season Pass reaching Achievements as a compensation for every maintenance and getting the free package once a day in the shop.

However, you can get some more Jagged Primocryst if you pay for the Premium Season Pass or purchase the ticket to receive 60 Jagged Primocryst a day for 30 days.


Now, moving on to the other Premium Currencies, the Primocryst. This one you can only get by paying real money.

Primocryst can be used to purchase cosmetic items and expansions for your Auction House and early access to new Hero Traits.

Torchlight Infinite Primocryst

Another thing you can purchase with real money is the Premium Season Pass. As any season pass, this one grants many rewards for completing question and earning points. Among those rewards, we have Revival Tokens, Elixir of Oblivion, Jagged Primocryst, cosmetic items and early access to the new character, Erika.

It’s good to remind that every player has access to the Free Season Pass that grants all those rewards mentioned before, except for the cosmetic items in Erika.

My Opinion

In order to express my opinion on the matter, I’m going to use a scale based on my experience with many games. This scale goes from 0 to 10, when 0 is not Pay-to-Win at all and 10 is absolutely Pay-to-Win.

As an example of 0, we have the game Dota 2, where you can put as much money as you want and you won’t have any advantage at all. As an example of 10, we have Diablo Immortal that we all know that is aggressively Pay-to-Win. Using this scale, I would place Path of Exile as 1 because even though money won’t grant you power, any player that wants to take POE seriously must purchase at least a few Stash Tabs. Torchlight Infinite, however, I would place as a 2, because of Pack Spirits.

Now, it’s time to talk about them. Torchlight Infinite has a feature called Pact System. On the Pact Tree, we can find basic nodes. Those are attack defense and magic find nodes. You can use Pact Spirits to change those nodes. This way, you can mold the tree your way. For instance, you can transform your defense nodes into attack nodes using an offensive spirit.

The thing is, you’ll be able to summon many Pact Spirits for free or even purchase more using the Jagged Primocryst you also get for free. However, if you purchase a premium season pass or the ticket that grants the daily Jagged Primocryst or even the limited package that comes with 5 Summons.

You get more spirits, making it easier for them to level up. High level Spirits grant some bonuses to the nodes on your Pack Tree, thus making your character slightly stronger.

With all of that in mind, I wouldn’t characterize Torchlight Infinite as Pay to Win because spending lots of money would make you roughly stronger than other players since the Packed System is only one between many other Trees and ways to scale your damage on your character.

If you decide to spend some money on the game, I recommend you get in the Premium Season Pass. It has a great price for what it’s worth and grants you early access to the new character.

A new league started just a month ago, and it’s an amazing time to join now that you know all about the Torchlight Infinite monetization.

Whether You Should Subscribe To ESO+? - 2023 Beginner Guide

Thinking about subscribing to ESO+, but you're not sure whether it's worth it? Well, you've come to the right place! With the recent ESO+ free trial coming to a close a week ago, I thought it might be helpful to provide a breakdown of all the benefits and drawbacks of the service, as well as some examples of when it might not be needed.

Now, if you're not familiar with ESO+, it's a subscription service offered on top of the basic price of the game. The subscription provides several perks that, if I'm being honest, I don't think I could live without at this point in my ESO career. With that said, I can see how some players wouldn't get enough use out of the features of the service to justify the cost.

ESO Plus 1.webp

Drawbacks Of Subscription

And that leads me into what I want to discuss first—the drawbacks of subscription, of which there is really only one—the cost. ESO+ is going to run you $14.99 per month, or $139.99 if you choose to pay annually. While some might not bat an eye at these prices, I know people who are on a tight budget and would have to cut something else out to afford the service. If you're in that boat, I hope my explanation of the benefits and use cases helps you make an informed decision about whether to pay.

Benefits Of Subscription

Next, I'll go over each of the benefits. There are several features of ESO+, but they come in varying degrees of relevance for the everyday player. The benefit that is probably the most valuable for most players is full access to all DLC packages. This doesn't include the most recent chapter, but all prior chapters and DLCs are included. The current chapter of my screen is High Isle, so that means that everything before High Isle is included with the subscription.

You could essentially buy a copy of the base game and, through ESO+, get access to everything up through Blackwood and its associated DLCs. You even get access to the most recent DLC, Firesong. We're talking about Imperial City, Wrothgar, Vvardenfell, Summerset, Murkmire, Northern and Southern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim, the Reach, Blackwood, the Deadlands, Galen, and everything in between. These storylines equate to hundreds and potentially even thousands of hours of playtime.

Additionally, you get access to all the sets introduced through the previous chapters and DLCs, which is a huge benefit. That means fantastic sets like Pillar of Nirn, Drake's Rush, False God's Devotion, Spell Power Cure, Elemental Catalyst, and the list goes on. While you can absolutely do just about anything in the base game without these sets, the added damage and survivability you'll get from some of these DLC sets can really make things a lot easier when you get to harder content.

ESO Pillar of Nirn Set.webp

Next up on the list of benefits, and one of those perks I couldn't live without in ESO, is the craft bag. The concept of the craft bag is pretty straightforward. It's a separate storage area outside of your regular inventory that holds all of your crafting materials.

Mats go directly into the craft bag when you gather them, and the bag's storage is infinite. The craft bag doesn't just store materials related to the crafting skill lines, it also holds all of your bait, furnishing materials, style materials, and trait items. Materials are accessible any time you need them, and you don't have to withdraw mats from the bag when crafting, as they automatically get used as you make items. You can also easily retrieve materials from the bag if you ever want to donate some mats to a friend or sell them in a trader.

If you like purchasing items from the crown store, you're in luck, as the ESO+ subscription also includes an allotment of crowns. You get 1650 per month if you pay the monthly pricing, or 19,800 per year if you pay annually. You also get periodic deals on various items in the crown store, as well as a free statuette or painting from time to time. If you're keeping score, you can buy 21,000 crowns for about $150.00, so the crown allotment you get with the subscription is worth the annual cost of ESO+ if you would end up buying the crowns, anyway.

One thing to note is that the annual allotment is deposited into your account all at once, so you'll need to have a bit of self-discipline if you want to have a few crowns leftover for anything you might be interested in later in your annual cycle. Next up on the list are the various increased storage perks that come with the subscription. You get double furnishing and collectible space in your player homes, double bank space, and double the currency cap for transmute crystals. I consider inventory management to be the bane of my existence, so these are a few more of the ESO+ benefits I personally cannot live without.

ESO Imperial City.webp

The penultimate perk of ESO+ is increased progression speed. Ten percent boosts to ESO Gold, XP, crafting inspiration, and research timer speeds don't seem like much, but they really make a difference. For example, your last traits on each piece of gear will take three days less to complete with ESO+ active.

And finally, the last benefit on the list, and the least useful from my perspective, is costume dying. I typically choose to dress my characters with styles from various motifs, so I get little use out of this feature myself, but I'm sure other players really love customizing the costumes they collect. It just goes to show that everything is a matter of perspective.

Why You Might Not Need ESO+?

Now that I've gone through all the benefits the subscription has to offer, I'll discuss some reasons you might not need ESO+. Maybe you're a brand new player and you're still trying to learn the ins and outs of ESO. The game can be a little overwhelming when you're just getting started, so you might not need access to all the DLC content while you get acclimated to ESO's core mechanics.

Also, if you've purchased a newer version of ESO, such as the High Isle chapter, for example, you'll get access to all previous chapters and the base game, anyway. That'll give you plenty to do even without DLC access. To this you might say, “but Trav, what if I want to learn to craft? Won't it be impossible without the craft bag?"

And to that, I say absolutely not! It will take a significant amount of additional effort, but you can be a successful crafter without the craft bag. Non-ESO+ crafters will typically max out their bank slots and inventory capacity, at least on their main character, then create several alternate characters on which they'll store all of their excess or less-used crafting materials. I've seen some players create a spreadsheet to keep track of which character has what materials.

ESO Plus 2.webp

Then, when the free trial of ESO+ comes along, which happens about every six months, you can offload all your mats into the craft bag for easy use after your trial is over. You can't put things into the bag after your subscription ends, but you can take items out and/or use the items as you wish. For non-crafting items, you'll definitely need to find ways to add storage to make up for the double bank capacity of ESO+. To achieve this goal, you have several options.

As mentioned earlier, a quick way to increase your storage is to max out your bank slots. You can buy bank upgrades with ESO Gold at any banker. Each upgrade is 10 slots, and the cost goes up every time you purchase. Maximizing your bank slots is quite expensive, with the total cost of all upgrades coming in at a whopping 769,200 ESO Gold. I'd recommend purchasing the slots gradually instead of all at once, as your storage needs will probably increase gradually as well. At the end of your bank upgrading journey, you'll have 240 slots to enable that inevitable hoarding habit that we all experience at some point in ESO.

Keep in mind that bank space is account-wide, so all of your characters will share those 240 slots. Increasing your character's inventory or bag space is another great way to add storage, especially if you can do so on several alternate characters. Similarly to bank slots, you can increase your bag space by 10 spaces per upgrade at increasingly expensive rates. The maximum 140 slots you can get to through a pack merchant will run you a total cost of 180,600 ESO Gold, but you can increase your space even further through mount training with the stablemaster.

The additional 60 slots from the stablemaster will only cost 15,000 gold, but it'll take you at least 50 days to get all the upgrades, even if you train your mount capacity every 20 hours on the dot. You can have up to 8 characters without purchasing additional character slots through the crown store, and up to 18 if you choose to buy those additional slots. Even with just the base 8 characters, once you get to the maximum of 200 carrying capacity on each, you'll have access to 1,600 inventory slots!

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If that's still not enough for you, your last option, other than subscribing to ESO+ or buying additional character slots, is getting all the various coffers you can put in your player home. You can gain these coffers through completing master writs or by purchasing them in the crown store. To purchase all available storage coffers and have 330 storage.

WoW: Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event Has Started

If Illidan Stormrage's words were to describe the present, it would be "you're not ready." But, to be fair, there have been plenty of people who have known about heroic dungeons and the bonus event of the iconic expansion's Black Temple raid over the years. Currently, the event has already started, so if you are a WoW player who is playing Dragonflight, then you can participate in the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event.

WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event

Next, I'll tell you about the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event in WoW Dragonflight, including when it starts and ends, how to join the bonus event, quests, rewards and Heroic Dungeons.

When And How To Join The Bonus Event?

The latest WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event has started on Tuesday, 14 February 2023, at 08:00 PST, and its time is US Pacific Standard. For the European event, it it has already started on Wednesday, 15 February 2023.

If you're a WoW player in the US, the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event will end on 21 February at 07:00 in Pacific Standard. If you are a European player, the bonus event will end on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, at 03:00 UTC.

How to join: First, you need to open your Group Finder. Then, select Dungeon Finder. Finally, search for Timewalking to join the bonus event.

Quests And Rewards

In this World of Warcraft bonus event, you can get a quest from Kazra in Valdrakken. However, if you don't like traveling, you can also just explore your Adventure Guide. In order to open it, you need to hold down "Shift+J".

  • Task: You need to complete the Timewalking dungeons, there are 5 in total.

  • Reward: Cache of Vault Treasures, which also has a non-level equipment. Also, the equipment comes from Normal Vault of the Incarnates.

When you activate Burning Crusade Timewalking, you'll be able to earn a 50% bonus from reputations. And these reputations are what you get from creature kills and quests.

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Heroic Dungeons And Related Content

I think you'll be able to sense that what makes Burning Crusade Timewalking in WoW Dragonflight so appealing to you is that it's where you get to experience the iconic Black Temple raid that the Illidan awaits. And the reason why you can't do it through Raid Finder is because the raid setting is Normal.

No problem though, head over to Group Finder for Premade Groups who want to venture into Black Temple just like you. Alternatively, you and your guild members or friends team up with about 10 to 30 players. However, one thing you need to remember is that when you are in the Timewalking event raids, your level and equipment will decrease. So, you can use WoW Gold to get more advanced gear that will improve your strength. In this way, even if your level and equipment drop a little during the Timewalking event raids, it will not have much impact on your fight.

Furthermore, during the WoW Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event, you can indulge in six heroic dungeons inside. Here's a brief introdction of the six heroic dungeons in Burning Crusade Timewalking:

  • Magister's Terrace:

After Kael'thas Sunstrider's defeate in Tempest Keep, he announced that he had allied himself with the ruthless Burning Legion. Kael'thas returned to the Isle of Quel'Danas to summon the demon lord Kil'jaeden. And, he has to make final preparations for the arrival of his master.

  • Mana-Tombs:

In Draenor, the original exiles discovered one thing that the unfortunate and disturbing consequence of life is death. So, in the catacombs of Auchindoun, the draenei buried their dead in this place. And this catacombs, located beneath the forests of Terokkar, is a labyrinthine wonder.

  • The Blood Furnace:

The Hellfire Citadel, is a fort so strong that it is almost indestructible. It is located in the center of Outland's barren Hellfire Peninsula, and was used as Horde's base of operations during the First and Second Wars. And the second wing of Hellfire Citadel is The Blood Furnace.

  • The Botanica:

The mysterious naaru created the mighty Tempest Keep, who had Burning Legion's sworn enemies and beings of pure energy. Not only is this Naaru's base of operations, but the structure allows one to travel from one place to another in an instant, a technology of traveling across dimensions.

  • The Shattered Halls:

The headquarters of Fel Orcs of Outland is Hellfire Citade. As the third wing of Hellfire Citadel, The Shattered Halls are often referred to as "SH." Here, Kargath Bladefist and his Fel Orcs now reside in Hellfire Citade. And, the the last boss is Kargath Bladefist.

  • The Underbog:

One name is Coilfang Reservoir, which is the name of the naga-based compound. And, these compounds lurk in the deepest waters of Zangarmarsh. Pistons and huge open pipes run through Coilfang Reservoir, which is almost as big as it could hold an army. However, the purpose of Coilfang Reservoir is not really a military one.

I think this time you'll have some exciting and enjoyable challenges in the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event. Because this bonus event is very similar to the Black Temple raid, when you are in heroic dungeons, your items and levels will be scaled down.

After reading the above, I believe you already know something about World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event. Hope that can provide some help for you to participate in the bonus event.

5 Things You Should Prioritize Every Day In Elder Scrolls Online

I'm sure you're well aware,there are a ton of things to do in ESO, from solo questing, to dungeons and trials, to PVP, to whatever this is, the vastness of the game can be overwhelming at times. So, today I'm going to try to provide some direction by going over five things that you should prioritize every day when you log in. For new and experienced players alike, but especially when you're first starting out, these everyday actions are great ways to gain experience, earn ESO Gold, and improve your overall ESO experience.

Now, this first item is pretty obvious, so I'm not going to count it as one of the five, but I'd feel remiss if I didn't at least mention grabbing your daily reward as often as possible. You can sometimes get some pretty great swag just for logging in on a daily basis. For example, the January's day 21 reward is 100k ESO Gold, which is a nice chunk of change for most players. Life happens, so don't beat yourself up if you don't get the bonus every day.

1. Crafting Writs

Okay, now let's move on to the real meat and potatoes of this list. Number one, and for many reasons, probably the most important thing you can start doing right away as a new player is crafting writs.

Daily writs are a great way to earn ESO Gold, improve your crafting skill lines, and gain valuable improvement materials, all of which will play a role in just about any goal you have in the game. Additionally, once you get to the maximum tier of crafting writs – that is, when you unlock the max level of each crafting skill and apply the requisite skill points – you'll sometimes receive master writs as rewards for completing those max tier normal writ quests. Master writs can be completed in exchange for writ vouchers, which can then be used to purchase some pretty awesome items.

To get started with crafting writs, you'll need to become certified in each of the crafting skill lines. Certification sounds a little daunting, but it's actually pretty simple. You'll just need to go to either Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard and find the certification quest givers. You'll find Millenith in the fighters guild for blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking, and Danel Telleno in the mages guild for alchemy, enchanting, and provisioning.

ESO Millenith

These two quest givers can also be found in the capital cities of zones added by each Chapter. For jewelry crafting certification, you'll need to find Falarian in Alinor near the crafting area. Note that you must be level 6 before Falarian will appear, but you can talk to Millenith and Danel at any level in the base game zones. Once you're certified, you can find the crafting writ boards in any major city to start the daily quests.

In my opinion, the two best cities for crafting writs are Alinor and Rimmen, as all of the crafting stations are clustered close together. You'll usually find me doing my writs in Rimmen though, as the city's stablemaster is conveniently located between the crafting area and the writ delivery area.

2. Mount Training

That leads me into number two on the list: mount training. Is your mount's top speed slower than your jogging speed? Do you want to be able to sprint around like this? Well, once every 20 hours, you can pay a stablemaster to train your mount in either riding speed, carrying capacity, or stamina.

I highly recommend training all the way up to 60 in the following order: first riding speed, then carrying capacity, and finally stamina. It can be a long grind, but your quality of life will improve dramatically when you can just zip around while searching for skyshards, farming materials, or doing whatever else you're working on.

If you want to get that mount speed up right away, you have a couple of options, but there's only one thing that you can do to quickly improve your speed without spending a dime. The method is related to number 5 in this list, so stick around to find out what it is!

A couple of things to note are that riding speed training applies no matter which mount you're using on that character, and you don't have to be on your mount for the increased carrying capacity to kick in. Also keep in mind that mount training is character-specific, so always remember to get your training done early and often when you make new characters!

3. Trait Research

For our third spot, you always want to make sure you have as many crafting trait research timers going as possible. There are several reasons to research traits, so I'll just give you my top three.

First, as you learn more and more traits, you can help guildies by making gear for them. Or, if you're looking to make some ESO Gold, you can also sell your services as a crafter to other players.

Second, as you progress toward the endgame of ESO, you'll want the gear you use to have the proper trait. That gear won't usually drop in the trait you need, so you'll have to change the trait at a transmute station, and to do so, you'll need to have that trait researched for the respective item type.

And third, if you're interested in achievements and hope to one day obtain the Grand Master Crafter title, you'll need to have every trait researched on every item.

ESO Grand Master Crafter

The research grind is one of the longest in the game, but you can reduce the time it will take by investing a few skill points.

Each of the four gear-related crafting skill lines contains a passive, which reduces research times, and the blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking passives also allow you to research up to three items at once. Taking these passives early on will help reduce your research grind immensely, so be sure to complete those crafting writs so you can level your crafting skills and unlock them as soon as possible.

4. Mages / Fighters Guild Dailies

Number four on the list is a topic that I don't see brought up enough: daily mages guild and fighters guild quests. The grinds to max out these skill lines are some of the most tedious in the game (especially that pesky mages guild). These daily quests can help break up the monotony by giving you something different to do other than searching for lore books or murdering hundreds of zombies to death.

If you haven't yet joined these guilds, you can do so at the mages and fighters guilds in Stone Falls, Glenumbra, or Auridon. After joining the associated guild, you can pick up these quests in the respective guild halls of any of the alliance capitals (that is, Mournhold, Wayrest, or Elden Root).

For the mages guild daily, you'll be tasked with recovering an artifact of Sheogorath from a random base zone public dungeon. After recovering the artifact, just turn it in to the quest giver and you'll be rewarded with ten experience points for your mages guild skill line.

ESO Elden Root

The fighters guild daily will require you to destroy three dark anchors in a random base game zone. You can just hit the same dolmen three times if you're not interested in exploring the zone, but I find it to be a little faster to go to three individual dolmens if you have wayshrines near them.

After destroying the requisite number of dark anchors, travel back to the quest giver to receive ten fighters guild experience points. You'll also gain additional experience points for each dolmen you destroy during the quest. While neither of these methods is the most efficient way to level the associated skill line, they do provide additional benefits on top of the variety and the experience gained. Completing each quest earns you a coffer containing random loot, and these containers also have a chance to drop a Draugr motif page.

5. Daily Dungeon & Battlegrounds

Our final spot on the list, and probably the most fun of out of the five, is completing your daily random dungeon and/or battlegrounds match.

There are a ton of great reasons why you should do your daily dungeon or battlegrounds, not the least of which is the hude experience gains you get from doing so. Additionally, you get several other rewards from these activities such as ESO Gold and/or alliance points, gear, and those all-too-valuable transmute crystals. You can even sometimes obtain achievements, mementos, and emotes just through random dungeons and battlegrounds!

As I mentioned before, you can improve your mount speed through this fifth daily exercise as well. After reaching rank 3 in the Assault skill line, which is improved by participating in PVP activities like battlegrounds, you can invest a skill point in the Continuous Attack passive, thereby increasing your mount speed by 30% at all times!

Another reason for completing daily dungeons and battlegrounds, although it might not apply to everyone, is that through doing so, you'll be teaching yourself the game's core mechanics, as well as the activity-specific mechanics of the particular dungeon or battleground you're in.

Gradually, as you gain more and more reps, you'll become better and better at the game as a whole! That experience you build over time will help you enjoy ESO more than any of the other items on this list.

Free Elden Ring Runes & Items Giveaway

Hello, everyone who loves Elden Ring!

You should be familiar with the MMORPG Elden Ring that has exploded in 2022, and it also has won Game Of The Year at TGA 2022. And many people may have such doubts, after nearly a year of experience,

Is Elden Ring still worth playing in 2023?

For a MMORPG, what can keep players' enthusiasm for the game itself is to continue to push fresh and interesting content and keep up with the times to update the gameplay and so on. And DLC is a good way.

Free Elden Ring Runes GiveAway

It's clear to fans that Miyazaki and his team put as much, if not more, into Elden Ring DLC content as they did the base game, and the series has to deliver some of the best bosses during the add-on. Battles like Knight Gael, Artorias of the Abyss, and the Orphan of Kos have all been added to their respective titles thanks to DLC. This incredible track record should help fans remain patient as they anxiously await new content for the sprawling role-playing game. Depending on the size of the game and how long it's been since launch, it wouldn't be a shock if the game received not one but two DLC updates over the course of a year. However, this is just speculation, as there's no guarantee that even one DLC will come, even if it seems likely.

The internet is full of speculation about Elden Ring DLC. Let's wait and see if there will be a DLC release.

Coming Elden Ring DLC

In addition, for ordinary players like us, if we want to get great enough achievements in Elden Ring, we must have a tough psychological quality, sufficient runes and items(consumables, materials, weapons, shields), and always keep in touch the latest developments, learning and research. After all, Elden Ring is sometimes not so easy. If you are not a firm supporter of hard games, it may be difficult to go on in Elden Ring.

When the time comes to June 2023, I would like to discuss with you how you can farm more Elden Ring runes or items faster and more efficiently. Admittedly, I think that my level of competition in Elden Ring and my understanding of the game itself are not as high as you big guys, so I can't always get myself the resources I need successfully.

Free Elden Ring Runes & Items Giveaway

But it may be luck, because I am usually a person who likes to browse Elden Ring information on social platforms. I met by chance, and I saw an official Twitter account named "IGGM" posting about the tweet of "Free Elden Ring Runes" Coincided with the fact that I was desperate and I was suffering from not having enough runes in Elden Ring for my consumption, so I sent it a private message with the mentality of trying it.

IGGM Twitter Free Elden Ring Runes GiveAway Event

As a result, it really replied to me!!!! Wow, I asked if the event was real and if it was really possible to send me some runes for free. And it turned out, as you guys think, I really got free 50M runes and 5 items. IGGM told me I can choose any 5 items, as long as it is not a set. And, I chose Crystal Spear, Carian Regal Scepter, Alberich's Robe, Alberich's Trousers and Altus Bloom.

WTF! How lucky i am to get so much free for nothing, lol!!!

To be honest, friends, you can try it out. I even asked for IGGM "Is this event valid for a long time? It won't be a limited-time event." Then, IGGM replied to me that "Free Elden Ring Runes Event" is valid for a long time, and I also learned that they will have a corresponding share of free runes and equipment gifts every month. The same giveaway event is also available on IGGM Facebook.

IGGM Facebook Free Elden Ring Runes GiveAway Event

Here's what I gathered when I asked IGGM on Twitter about "Free Elden Ring Runes":

  • Free Elden Ring Products Include: 50M runes + 5 any items(single item only, not a set)

Free Elden Ring Runes Giveaway By IGGM.com

The specific way to get it for free is:

  • Follow IGGM.com Official Twitter/Facebook and private message it

  • Inform IGGM of your email address, game ID, platform (PS/PC/XBOX), the specific names of 5 items you need, and your usual online time(such as 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

  • IGGM will send someone to contact you in the game and deliver your prize to you

Note: No platform limit, no time limit, first come first served, 15 places per week

Here's a note from IGGM.com on the delivery of Elden Ring Runes & Items:

"Please open the Multiplayer and set the password: 166928, come to church of elleh and select Duelist's Furled Finger to draw a summoning mark on the ground. We will summon you soon. Since the max capacity of the inventory is 50M, if your order more than 50M, use up the runes and continue to make new marks. Repeat the steps until you get all the runes. If you have any problems, please contact our Live Chat"

Good brothers, I have listed the social accounts of IGGM for you here, if you are interested in this, you can contact them.

IGGM.com Facebook HomePage

IGGM Twitter HomePage

IGGM.com Affiliate Program

In addition, IGGM also has an Affiliate Program, which may have some friends who know how it works.

IGGM.com Affiliate Operation Steps

  • Submit some information on the "User Profile" page to get a promotion link

IGGM.com Affiliate User Profile

  • After other people click your promotion link and successfully place an order on IGGM.com, IGGM will begin to accumulate your promotion results, and then when the amount reaches a certain amount, you can draw up to 10% commission from it

For most Elden Ring players of ordinary economic level, IGGM.com Affiliate Program may be a shortcut to profit. Because we can use the money we get from this to exchange directly with IGGM for the corresponding amount of Elden Ring Runes or the weapons, armor, consumables, etc. you need.

I don't know if you brothers can understand this principle. Let's make it simpler, that is, we use the money we earn from IGGM to get all the resources we need to play in Elden Ring for free, and IGGM can also provide us with free guides, strategies, etc. . Once the latest developments of Elden Ring are released, we can also see the relevant analysis at IGGM.com.

Oh, by the way, let me tell you last, "Free Elden Ring Runes Giveaway" at IGGM Twitter and Facebook is available every month, until March, April, May and more in 2023, which has always existed in the future. So, if you tried to get 50M runes + 5 any items for free from IGGM and succeeded, don't let it go and share this wonderful benefit with your brothers. We should share good things with everyone who plays Elden Ring.

In the end, I sincerely hope that we all have fun in Elden Ring! Best wishes to you all!

One Single Thing You Can Only Get Once In Elden Ring

There's nothing quite like a first playthrough in a game. You enjoy time feels like it doesn't exist and nothing else matters, but the memories we make along the way.

The First Experience

So, why do we want to forget them so badly? It sounds absurd at first. But, wanting to erase memory of a game and replay it as one of the most common wishes you will find on the internet and it makes sense. There are so many different things coming together to make a first playthrough special that you just won't be able to match anywhere else and there are not a lot of games that did it as well as Elden Ring did.

The Community

I'm warning you it's gonna get nostalgic here. Elden Ring has been out for almost 1 year now. Most people have beaten the game at least once and an overwhelming majority of those people would call their first playthrough special.

There are thousands of reasons in these commons as to why this game was so unforgettable yet? All of them boil down to three major reasons. But what even is the point of trying to find out all of this? Well, for one it might help some people relieve that experience. But mainly, I want to figure out why this game left such a lasting impression on me and clearly a lot of other people, as well.

Elden Ring Caelid


Do you remember these things or maybe these chances are that after the first time you've never touched them again but in that first playthrough, they were exciting to find. I bring these up because Elden Ring has a thing for guiding the player. Be it the light from Graces or little details like these and such a vast and empty world. It's a pleasant surprise from time to time to have some form of force, wanting to guide you on your adventure. Similarly, walking into Caelid for the first time is just for a truck-sized dog. To turn you into a treat is a clear sign that you're supposed to go somewhere else.

All of this results in an unexplained yet guided adventure. You see those dogs and you want to get revenge, so it will be on your mind until you get strong enough to return. And this feeling is like you are not knowing what else that area has to offer or when you will be going back.

There leaves a lot of room for imagination. I still vividly remember being memeed on by the chest in Limgrave and ending up in Caelid's Crystal Cave just to see the empty rotten red swamp and these disgusting looking things all over the place. Walking through Caelid, I thought I had stumbled across some sort of alternate version of the lens between similar to the link to the past dark world. It felt mysterious and terrifying, but even without these magical moments of confusion, I would have loved every second of the game, because of how well the game handles quality and quantity.

Secrets and Discoveries

There's always something to do and it is always satisfying because the core gameplay is just so fleshed out by now. Stopping yourself from playing was generally the hardest challenge. All of this created a sort of childlike feeling as a kid. I had no idea about software and hardware limitations. I did not understand that NPCs have pre-written dialogue other worlds of borders. It was such a special thing, but sadly as I grew up that passion for games made me learn so much more about them that feeling mostly faded.

Elden Ring made me feel that way again. I wanted to stay awake all night, start playing as soon as I wake up and skip work for it. I can only imagine how much stronger that feeling would have been. Elden Ring had been my first souls game, so I didn't know what the weapons or items are good and what mechanics to use to make every item pickup special. Therefore, even finding out, for example, jumping can be to dodge attacks was mind-blowing to me.

None of these are really considered meta nowadays but to this day using them will always remind me of my struggles against Maliketh. I saw hundreds of new discoveries and secrets. I had no idea about how can it be so huge and filled with secrets. That's what she said. She said that even after hundreds of hours, I see and learn new things.


And lastly, an immersive and long game like this is a perfect way to escape many people headed rough and Elden Ring was their way of forgetting. And no matter which one of the other points applied nothing is as valuable as something to look forward to. The reason we crave to forget and relive this magical feeling is different for everyone, but I think most of us can agree that we hope the Elden Ring DLC will make us feel that way again.

Diablo 4: How To Improve Own Strength, Compared With Diablo 3 And Path Of Exile

In 2023, Blizzard will release Diablo 4. This hack-and-slash RPG will be a bold entry in Diablo series, transporting you back to its dark fantasy world. In order to push the boundaries of the genre, the game needs to make a series of additions, such as comprehensive progression and open world of the sequel. But these ambitions shouldn't underestimate the dungeon-crawling impact of Diablo's previous years. In fact, Diablo 4 exists, so you definitely want the game to learn from other successful titles of its kind, as well as the history of the series, and keep improving to enhance your gaming experience.

Diablo 4

Diablo 3 is a hit game, and despite its shortcomings, it can serve as a benchmark against which to target a wider range. ARPGs have grown in popularity in recent years, with rivals like Path of Exile praising the best parts of Blizzard's classic games. As one of the most expected games of 2023, you must have high expectations for Diablo 4, and the IP can still fuel your enthusiasm. As long as Blizzard can keep adding to its groundbreaking properties, its relevance will continue. So, the game team had to consider the breadth of experience available across the genre, as well as the ongoing Diablo game.

Diablo 3 Features That Need To Return In Diablo 4

When Diablo 3 was first released in 2012, Blizzard promised you that installments would be available online in the future. For now, Blizzard has confirmed that future installments will be online-only. To keep players engaged with the sequel, the live service should justify its existence by producing a consistent cadence of new events. However, there may only be one last major update for the game, the next season of Diablo 3. Because once Blizzard takes over the game later this year, it's likely that Blizzard's priority will be post-launch support for Diablo 4. In this case, user experience is particularly critical. In order to get the next game off the ground, Blizzard is hoping to fix some of the early issues with the third game, namely server issues.

Another important factor in continuing a franchise is authenticity. In order to make you feel at home, the game needs to integrate a series of traditional elements. If you're a long-time player, in Diablo 4 you'll see the return of several original characters, which means the story should carry over from Diablo 3 and the Reaper of Souls expansion to the follow-up. While the game's lore and atmosphere are valuable for contextualizing the adventure with a uniquely grim tone, at the heart of the entire Diablo series is the gameplay.

For now, Diablo 4 has to focus not only on the core narrative, but also on the various classes and action-based abilities. While the fundamentals of the second and third Diablo games are good, Diablo 4's combat needs to balance well-balanced combos and synchronized controls that favor rewards and allow you to maneuver them flexibly. In ARPGs, your choice is often tied to the process of equipping a character with impactful swings and spells, and these skills often improve over time. In fact, the class-based mechanics of both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile's spiritual successor are deep, though many believe the latter is more involved.

Diablo 4 Should Have The Power To Compete With Path Of Exile

As one of the many games tried before Diablo 4, Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile has been recognized by many players, because the game's ARPG design in the free online world is very good. The game's team took inspiration from Blizzard's game, developed a modern game that is enough to attract many hardcore fans, and now has a powerful community with its excellent game quality. In some ways, Grinding Gear Games' project might be seen as an extension of Diablo's history.

That kind of uncompromising gameplay in Path of Exile makes for a great experience, especially for optimizing passive stats. In addition, in order to achieve a variety of play styles, Blizzard can also design a streamlined character building system similar to Path of Exile's skill tree. Diablo 4 has an example of this customization, Codex of Power. If you want to invest the time to perfect your career, all the possible specializations might be an avenue.

In fact, Diablo 4 needs to cover its bases as an advanced ARPG offering. But there's no question that the sequel could be wide-ranging. For upcoming releases, it could have a longer lifespan if developers add new hooks or endgame content to it. Path of Exile's Ruthless Mode, which debuts in 2022, is a good example of this. In Diablo 4, if Blizzard succeeds in developing its own best version, it will leave a glorious achievement in the history of the game, and it will also leave an excellent memory in your heart.

Related: POE 3.21 Expansion Release Date Speculation, Content, Changes And More

Finally, according to reliable sources, Path of Exile 3.21 will be delayed due to the release of Diablo 4 in June. Because by convention, if Path of Exile 3.21 continues to be released in March, then Path of Exile 3.22 will be released around the second week of June, which will conflict with Diablo 4's release time.

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