FIFA 23: 3 Core Tips On 1V1 Defending

If you’re having huge problems while defending the attackers in one versus one situation, then this is the exact guide you need to read to improve yourself. We are going to give you the core elements of one versus one defending to let you become a brick wall in the back.

Why 1v1 Defending Is Important?

Your defensive problem might already start a step earlier with understanding when you have to take charge and go for a manual one versus one defense against the Attacker

In my experience, there are a lot of players who hold themselves back defensively and try to cover the back area or they just try to let the AI (AI Defending) defend the Attacker. Both of these are going to give the opposition tons of space and they might do whatever they want without getting blocked.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example1

Here as I receive the ball with my Attacker, my opponents, which is away from the player, who actually needs to defend him and he lets the AI do his work. However, with the skill move, I beat the Defender in square nice goal, which could be prevented by a manual one versus one defending

So, that means you have to take control, be confident, confront the opponent by yourself and try to block as many opportunities as possible. Of course, if you put the outstanding players, which you get by using FUT 23 Coins into the game, you will win the game more easily.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example2

In a counter-attack situation, I know that I need to take responsibility as danger grows. I get close to Dribbler and also cover the passing lane at the same time. And once the other thread is over, I make my final move towards them in a one versus one and safely get the ball back.

We can safely say taking responsibility, observing what the opponent does, and taking action accordingly brings you to success in your defense. 

2. Positioning Defenders

Positioning your Defender is the most important thing in a one versus one situation. However, it is not easy since you have to watch out for different aspects.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example3

Attackers will have different opportunities. They can dribble the ball, pass it to another teammate or even shoot it if they find the chance. Analyzing the occasion and seeing the next potential steps will decide your optimal positioning.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example4

As a player myself, I tend to position my Defender directly in front of the opponent in a one versus one situation. You can always imagine a line between the Attacker and the Keeper and position yourself directly on it. I’ve seen that this method helped my students in my coachings a lot, so it might be also useful for you.

Instead of getting directly atom, I keep a safe distance between his Attacker and myself as long as he has the full control of the ball. This distance allows me to control all of his potential moves. 

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example5

If the Attacker tries to shoot, you are already between him and the goal, so you block it. If he tries to go left or right, the distance you gave him will allow you to do the same moment so that you can mirror his movements. 

There is one specific mechanic that will help you with the mirroring, which is to get the jockeying. Holding onto the L2 & LT button will let you go into a jockey, which is a magnificent defensive stance that allows you to keep your defensive positioning. Especially in tight 1 versus 1 situations, joking will help you avoid getting beaten by Attackers.

You can also use the jockey with the sprinting mechanic to go for a fast jokey if you see that the opponent is pacing up to things. Let’s see an example.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example6

As the opponent approaches our box patiently, he looks for an opening, but we need to make sure that we use the imaginary line between the ball and the keeper and remain on it. 

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example7

Pressing the L2 and jockeying allows us to do little moves towards the sides, which don’t break our defensive positioning, and we remain in front of the opponent all the time, blocking every single opportunity.

Right after he decides to go in one of the directions and pushes the ball away, we chase him down confidently and get the ball away from him. 

After getting into the perfect position, it is time for you to decide when to execute a defensive mode to retrieve the ball.

3. When To Execute Defensive Moves?

In a one versus one, you will eventually have the opportunity to go for a defensive move. But if you do it too early or too late, you can give your opponent an unnecessary opening and concede to an easy goal. That is why waiting for the perfect moment is important.

But when it’s actually okay to execute the defensive moves, the answer is simple. The Attacker is most vulnerable right after he pushes the ball away from his feet. So, between two consecutive wall contacts, there is a brief moment that he’s not in full control of the ball and you need to catch this moment. Let me show you what I mean by this.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example8

Here, as I received the ball with my Striker inside the box, the Defender positions himself in a suitable spot between me and the Keeper. However, he remains impatient with his tackling. He doesn’t pay attention to my ball contact and in the end, he goes for it in the wrong way, loses his defensive shape and concedes an easy goal.

FIFA 23 1v1 defending example9

In another scenario, I quickly take a look at the ball contacts of the opponent just because I see that he sprints and pushes the ball away. I know that this will delay his second contact on the ball, so I decide to select my Defender go on a one versus one challenge with him and retrieve the ball dominantly.

So, that means keeping your good positioning and patiently waiting for the Attacker’s vulnerable moment are the core elements of a one versus one defending position. 

My Analysis Of The Current Situation With Official Hardcore Servers For WotLK Classic

In this article, I want to talk about the current state of Official Hardcore Servers in WoW Classic. Before I get started, I must stress that I am personally very supportive of Blizzard developing them.

Besides, I will also explain to you why this is not a priority for Blizzard, nor will it ever probably be a priority, and there is a slight chance we never get Official Hardcore Servers, no matter how much we really want them to happen, and that will be explained in this article. 

What Classic Hardcore Is?

Before we start though, I just want to do a quick recap on what Classic Hardcore is, as there is a chance someone has no idea what the term “hardcore” even refers to

Basically, Classic Hardcore is a No-Death leveling challenge in Classic WoW that is taking part mostly in the Classic Era Servers, with thousands of active players every single day. The goal of the challenge is to make it to level 60 without dying, and if you die and want to keep playing in the challenge, you have to start over from level 1 again. By the way, if you want to solve this problem, maybe you can use WOTLK Classic Gold to equip yourself.

When we talk about Official Hardcore Servers, this refers to Blizzard embracing the Classic Hardcore Gameplay & Community and supporting the movement by adding official Hardcore-type of servers, where if you die you can’t resurrect or you have to delete your character, basically permanent one-life servers. 

WotLK Classic Classic Hardcore

Pros Of Having Official Hardcore Servers

So, now that we are all caught up to speed, let me highlight some of the positive aspects of having Official Hardcore Servers. Before I introduce, some people might consider me being negative or just overall pessimistic, but it’s really me looking at the idea of Classic Hardcore Servers with an objective point of view and realizing that Blizzard is a business after all. 

Here are positive aspects of having Official Hardcore Servers:


There’s an obvious demand for them. I did some player scans recently, showing exactly how many people were online at the same time on the Classic Era Hardcore Server for Europe, and there’s literally between 2 and 3 thousand people playing at the same time on a regular Monday evening. 


Having Official Blizzard-Supported Hardcore Servers would make it way more appealing to everyone. First, you would have way fewer grievers, like playing on the current Classic Era Servers, there’ are a lot of grievers, because they can level to level 60 and just grieve anyone else playing Hardcore, without playing Hardcore themselves. 

If we’re on an official hardcore server, grieving will be a lot more risky and a lot more difficult, because first of all the grievers have to level themselves up in a hardcore environment, and then if they decide to grief, they actually have more risk involved because they are playing hardcore themselves. 

WotLK Classic Classic Era

Less grieving equals to more fun gameplay and more appealing to quite literally everyone. Right now, playing on Classic Era, you have to deal with some people playing Hardcore, and some people not playing Hardcore, and it’s actually quite messy. 

For example, if you as a non-hardcore player want to do a somewhat difficult quest or kill a named mob, and you try to group up with a hardcore player do the same thing, that hardcore player is literally not allowed to group up with you, which might cause you to get annoyed at the hardcore player because you’re killing the same mobs and could have helped each other, and if you don’t know he’s doing the hardcore challenge, he looks like a complete jackass, so it’s quite messy.

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It makes it a lot more convenient & easy to try out. Right now, in order to play Hardcore, you first need to find out which serves the hardcore community is playing on, then you need to download a Hardcore addon. But if we had official hardcore servers, you eliminate having to find out which server to play because they’re already public, and we wouldn’t need the hardcore addon. 

And by the way, the Hardcore Addon has over 200,000 installs, so once again there’s obviously a demand for this.

Why Blizzard Haven’t Implemented Official Hardcore Servers?

Now, let’s think about the idea of Official Hardcore Servers from an objective point of view, and think about why Blizzard hasn’t implemented them yet, if there is such an obvious demand? Actually, it’s all about money. 

Blizzard is a company, they like making money. When they came out with Classic WoW, they tried to keep it as similar to Vanilla WoW as possible, which they said was a “love letter to their community”. 

But I will bet you right now: They always had the intention of coming out with the level 58 boost and the TBC Deluxe Editions for TBC Classic. Classic WoW was just them earning your trust, for then to profit from that trust later on, they 100% thought that through before even beginning to work on Classic WoW. 

My Opinion

So, let’s continue to Hardcore Servers. Here’s how I see it: 

Everyone that is currently playing Classic Hardcore, is playing on Classic Era. 99% of people that know what Classic Hardcore is, are currently playing on Classic Era. In essence, what this means is that 99% of people that would play on Official Hardcore Servers are already playing the game and are already giving Blizzard their monthly subscription revenue. 

Blizzard needs a financial incentive to make Official Hardcore Servers, and to be honest, I simply don’t think it is quite there yet. For the people that know about Classic Hardcore, it’s a fantastic idea, but then again, most of us are already paying & playing on Classic Era, why would Blizzard spend their time & resources on implementing new types of servers for us, when it’s obvious that we are still playing and having fun on the Classic Era Servers? 

In the long run, sure, it could bring more people back to Classic WoW by offering something new & fresh, and it has been successful for some other games in the past, but is the financial incentive really there right now? 

I really do think, and I’m not motivating anyone to do this, but I think in order to get Official Hardcore Servers anytime soon, we would quite literally have to organize a gamer strike or an era boycott to actually give Blizzard a financial incentive for these Hardcore Servers, because that way we are sending the message: “If you want our money, give us what we want”, while right now, we are giving them the money either way and begging them to pet us on the head and say “good boy”. 

Diving even deeper into the financial incentive hole, I can’t help but think: What would Official Hardcore Servers actually look like: Judging by how Classic WoW went, it started off great, really authentic & vanilla-like, at least in most ways, and then when the expansion came out, they capitalized by introducing boosts & deluxe editions. What if a potential Official Hardcore Server follows the same trend? 

WotLK Classic Chronoboon Displacer

They give us exactly what to ask for, in the beginning, but then they start adding random things to milk us for every penny we have, first we would get cosmetics which people would be somewhat okay with, then we would get mounts which again people would be somewhat okay with, but then imagine if they went the extra mile and offered Paid Resurrections

For Official Hardcore Servers, I want to say “Death = Delete”. But if you pay $50, you can resurrect your character and keep playing! Or maybe they would make like a Chronoboon Displacer item that costs $50 and allows you to travel 1 minute back in time. So if your character is ever about to die, you can use that item. Or, maybe they would introduce a Light of Elune type of item into the cash-shop, allowing anyone to bubble-hearth, essentially. 

This is just me speculating on how many ways Blizzard could potentially screw up these servers, but I really wanted to highlight the financial incentive aspect of this conversation, as it’s something that isn’t being talked about enough. As players, we care about having fun while playing the game. As a company, Blizzard cares about making money. When you want something to happen, you have to consider both these things.

Top 6 New RPGs You Can Expect In March 2023

As we get a little further into 2023, the more busy we’re going to be with RPGs. Last month had us flying upon hippogriff and broomstick in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, taking our top spot in February. This month, however, we are more into action titles with challenging souls like combat as well as turn-based gems to take on. This month we’re in for a hellishly good time. So, let’s get into the top RPGs of March 2023.

1. Honorable Mention: Diablo 4 (Open Beta)

It’s time to unleash hell. Diablo 4 won’t be releasing until June, but you can get a sneak peek of what live has in store for you this month. An early open beta will be held from March 17th until March 19th for those who have pre-purchased the game.

Then there’s an open beta for everyone else from March 24th until the 26th. The open beta contains the prologue and the whole of act one. This means players can explore the first area of Fractured Peaks. there will be some limitations though, so your character progress will only be able to go to level 25.

Diablo 4 (Open Beta)

Once you cap, you can still go ahead and hunt down demons to your heart’s content, but you won’t be able to level more than this. The beta will include dungeons quests and, of course, plenty of loot.

In case you missed it, Diablo 4 is the next upcoming action JRPG in the series taking place many years after the events of Diablo 3. Sanctuary is slowly rebuilding, but all threats loom in the land itself.

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Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, is closing her grip on the inhabitants, leaving them in despair. Taking out the mantle of one of the five classes, players will hack and slash their way through dungeons, demons and more. Explore the world of Sanctuary upon horseback and even eventually take part in PVP.

While Lilith readies her army for June, you can join the beta this march on PC, Xbox series, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. If you are worrying about Diablo 4 Gold, or you want read more guides about this game, then take a look at

2. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure is the first official in the English version to be released on modern platforms. This JRPG entry is set just a few months after the events of the Trails from Zero, concerning the political complications of the Samurai content.

While Crossbell as well as the Special Support Section seem to be at peace now, it’s only a temporary situation. Tensions are rising between the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard.

Lloyd, the main character of the story and his group of rag-tag allies must prepare themselves for the trouble ahead by gearing up. This is the finale to the Crossbell arc within the Trail Universe.

The Legend Of Heroes Trails To Azure

In Trails of Physio, players will be introduced to new combat features, such as burst, back, attack and the use of a customizable car. There’ll be the return of a few familiar faces from the Trails of Cold Steel series. The Special Support Section will have new members and new duties to master in turn-based battles.

Players can also import their saved data from the previous title Trails from Zero to have an enhanced experience with further event scenes and new scenes to enjoy. Saving data from Trails of Azure will give bonuses for the upcoming game.

Trails into Reverie, which releases later this year. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure heads to PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch on March 14th for North America and March 17th like EU.

3. Mato Anomalies

Mata Anomalies is an anime inspired RPG set in a bygone city and a more neo-futuristic parallel world. Investigating anomalies is your call to the city as you follow dual protagonist Doe and Gram. Grouping up with some unlikely companions in order to unnerve the mysteries in the city of Mato as detective Doe and by traveling through roofs as Exorcist Gram.

The game lets players explore dual worlds with Rifts that provide portals beyond space and time, but jumping between these worlds won’t be easy as there are plenty of enemies to fight.

Players can take up different weapons, skills and use the dual-talent system to enhance their characters. The health system is also shared across or teammates, suppliers will need to keep an eye on bouncing risk and reward in turn-based combat.

Mato Anomalies

Another interesting feature is the use of mind hacking, which uses cards instead of weapons. You strategize the best way to use action points and cards per turn, with both offensive and defensive cards to use.

If you like the idea of a persona-esque title with a more detective edge, then this could very well be likely up your alley. Mato Anomalies will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on March 10th.

4. Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key is the concluding part of a trilogy of games from the Japanese developer Gust.

The RPG follows Alchemist rise actually unlocks powerful keys that grant her advanced alchemical abilities. In the third and final installment, players will follow her adventure as she discovers the secret hideout, interacts with secret fairies and obtains ancient keys that influence her potent Alchemy.

Happy Island has been suddenly abruptly interrupted for Ryza and her friends on the kirkmen island. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new group of islands spring forth from the ocean. Instead of having extensive areas connected by pathways and loading screens found in previous titles, this one has an open world we explore. This will allow seamless exploration that will include no loading screens whatsoever.

Atelier Ryza 3 Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key

Ryza can now run or ride through various areas without interruption. Freedom is the name of the game here and there will be tons to see. There are a total of four major regions in Atelier Ryza 3 and each will have its own distinct look and feel. Meet a total of 10 companions. You can choose from bringing the playable character, account up to 11, including Ryza herself.

This number in itself is a high point for the series as no other game has had a roster this large before. Combat involves real-time tactical battles with up to five members in the party. Using keys will help boost a character for a limited time, reducing waiting time and letting you use skills and other attacks one after the other.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key will rise on March 24th to PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

5. Bleak Faith: Forsaken

This one has been a while in the making. Finally getting its launch this month is a crowdfunded indie title, Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

It’s a mix of sci-fi with Dark Fantasy is an intriguing one for souls fans.

In Bleak Faith: Forsaken, players must tread through a relentless world referred to as the Omnistructure. This harsh Omniverse is filled with treacherous terrain and menacing monsters to prepare for an adventure full of intense combat and soaring boss battles.

Bleak Faith Forsaken

Leap, run and climb through the apocalyptic ruins of what was once a plentiful land. Taking on the role of the last of humanity’s protectors, the Forsaken. Fighting to preserve the ancient remnants from their extinction.

But just how much of humanity is left to save? As you would expect from a soulslike. The combat will be challenging inspired by brutal combat systems. Its class and perk systems draw inspiration from the likes of the Dragon Age series. It blinks Bleak Faith: Forsaken. You aren’t alone in the Wasteland as creatures and adversaries or wait around every corner.

The enemies are what you’d expect from the game with a bleak in the title with a bloodborne-esque horror of kind of feel will with a Sci-Fi edge. Bleak Faith: Forsaken will be making its debut on PC on March 10thn. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are planned, but will come at a later date. This is a highly anticipated RPG not just for this month of March, but also for 2023.

6. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty centers around the Three Kingdoms period of the later Han Dynasty. This period is fraught with power struggles and conflict, providing a fitting foundation for an intense combat game.

During inspiration not only from history but also fantasy, players will be battling against hordes of supernatural monsters that are plaguing the dynasty. Take on the role of a malicious soldier committed to fight the Yellow Turban Rebellion. The game, just like the developers’ previous franchise, Neo sets to have plenty of mythical and fantasy elements to it with some brutal sword slashing to get you excited.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Instead of a traditional character leveling system, the morale system will determine the character’s success in combat. Defeating more enemies will raise your ranks. Enemies with higher role rank will mean faster progression, making facing off against or challenging enemies much more rewarding.

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But you don’t have to go to loan as NPC characters will be recruitable and you can also play alongside friends and Co-op. Combat is set to be fast-paced using both Wizardry Spells and Martial Arts to engage in fights against enemies. The use of the spirit gauge determines when you can block or dodge, but spamming attacks will empty that gauge meaning keeping an eye on your moves in order to empower your Martial Arts.

There is a range of fantasy elements and action gameplay, which will be loved by both Neo and Ninja Gaiden fans. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox series X and S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox game pass and PC on March 3rd. If you're looking for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty GQ, check out

FIFA 23: Why Ignoring META Will Help You Win?

The Meta, a term that has shaped the FIFA community and often divided it throughout the past few years. Using and abusing the game's most broken formations, mechanics, skill moves and finishes to play as good and efficiently as possible and to win.

What if I told you there was another way to be a good player and another way that's going to allow you to win most of your matches comfortably and climb all the way up into the elite division by playing simple and beautiful football? Today we say goodbye to the meta and we go back to the fundamentals of FIFA.

Today, I'm here to teach you old school FIFA, one fundamental skill for defending, build up and attacking each. Let's start off with defending.

Defending - Defend Multiple Options

When it comes to defending, one of the most important things is to be ready for anything the opponent is throwing you away. That's why a fundamental defensive skill lies in positioning yourself in a way that allows you to defend multiple options at once.

When you get better at anticipating, it can happen quickly that you fully commit towards one side because you think the opponent is going there. And if you're right, that's great because you're most likely going to win the ball. However, if you're wrong then you got a problem.

FIFA 23 example 1

So, what you need to do is quickly analyze the different options your opponent has and take a position from which you can impact each single one. We are in a little bit of a tricky spot here as the opponent is able to play forward with tempo.

FIFA 23 example 3

FIFA 23 example 4

If we pause the scene here, there are two major options for the opponent. He can either pass the ball onto his other Striker, who's in a promising position or he can try and go into a dribbling himself to push inside the Box.

FIFA 23 example 2

Our job is to position in a way that allows us to cover the passing option, but at the same time also keeps us in reach to a potential dribbling move. That's what the opponent decides for in the end as he pushes forward with a heel to heal. That's no problem though because we are ready for this option and so by cutting him off we are able to win the ball back. You just never want to leave one door wide open for the opponent and invite him to walk through.

Instead, keep both doors half open and close them right. When the opponent tries to walk through. It can be situations as simple as this one. The opponent has a passing option on the wing and we control our Center Back and instead of committing to covering the through ball or covering the short pass we just position in the middle of the two and this way temp the opponent.

He tries to go for the through ball and we intercept it easily. You're going to be surprised how often opponents play into your cards If you defend like this.

To make the most out of your positioning, it's also important to watch the opponent's ball contacts and to defend proactively. These are two more fundamental defending skills.

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Buildup - Watch Opponents Defender

Now build up is pretty much the other side of the metal compared to defending. When you defend, you try to figure out what the opponent is up to in his attack. When you're the one attacking, then you need to figure out what the defending opponent thinks you're up to.

How do you do that by watching his selected Defender? This is the fundamental skill for build up and many players have not mastered it yet. You can't be fully occupied by looking at your player when dribbling or looking at your teammates to scout good passing options. Of course, if you use FUT 23 Coins to get some good players, along with some strategy, you'll have a much easier time winning games.

The most promising passing opportunity does not mean anything if the opponent is selecting a close by Defender and covering it. So, make a habit of always having vision on that little white triangle above the defender's head, which player does the opponent have selected and how is he moving, what is he trying to defend... This will make it much easier to counter him.

FIFA 23 example 5

In this clip, we win the ball in our own half and play our first pass forward right away. We can see that the selected Defender is aggressively pushing towards us and we're about to get pinched by just letting the ball bounce back first touch. We can get away from that pressure easily.

FIFA 23 example 6

Now, the defender close to us gets selected and so we take the ball away with a ball roll upwards and then pass to our full back. We would like to continue the play forward but the opponent selects his Winger and covers that pass because we see that early. It's no big deal. We just turn around and pass back to our Center Midfielder.

FIFA 23 example 7

Now, we are getting aggressed on once again and so we turn away in time and play back on the wing. And the opponent this time switches early and heavily commits to covering the next natural pass for us, which is towards our Striker. You can see though how a little bit later it comes back to the player because we don't fall for a strap as we are watching what he's doing with his selected Defender.

FIFA 23 example 8

Our Striker now makes a run into the open space behind the fullback and that's the pass we play. You can see how easy it really is to counter your opponent by simply knowing what he's up to, so make sure to enter internalize this concept and you're going to lose the ball much less in build up.

Attacking - Increase The Speed Of Your Attack

I will say one thing right away for attacking. It is definitely the most meta dependent aspect of FIFA. Because without the strongest skill moves mechanics and finishes, you're going to have a harder time. It's as simple as that.

However, there is an important fundamental skill that has nothing to do with those. Increasing the speed of your attack when you're trying to create a chance, this has to do with passing, simple passing. And what you need to understand is that the more time you're giving the opponent to react to your latest action, the easier it's going to be for him to get into a good defensive position and correct mistakes.

So, when you do see an attacker being free in a good position and a passing combination opening up then play one touch football. Two touch is as slow as you can get. But one touch is still much better.

FIFA 23 example 9

Here, we have a typical spot in which we're able to play from outside towards inside. As soon as I see my Winger coming back and then my two Strikers in the center being somewhat open, as well. I know right away that that is going to be our passing combination.

FIFA 23 example 10

Now, it's time to execute quickly to make the opponent fumble his player switching and positioning, so we play two one touch passes and as you can see the opponent is still trying to defend against our first Striker while we are already one step ahead and have enough space to finish the chance with CR7.

What Hidden Secrets You Can Discover From Elden Ring's DLC Teaser?

On February 28, we finally have news about Elden Ring DLC, a full expansion titled “Shadow of the Erdtree

All we have right now is this one image, but they didn’t go with 1080p, 1440p or even a 4K resolution. And they made this teaser at 7500p. To put that into perspective, you’d need 336 SpongeBob-themed 13-inch televisions to display every pixel here. With all that space to work with, FromSoftware had plenty of room to hide some nice details in here, a lot of which can help us guess what this expansion will be about.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree

Shadow Of The Erdtree

First, let’s not discuss the details that can be seen at a glance for a moment. The Erdtree is not looking too hot. I mean, you’d expect that given the title, but there’s a bit more going on here. It’s visibly mangled, blackened, and dripping what looks like some kind of sap, but it also looks like there might be two trees here. One of which is very straight and lines up pretty much exactly with the Erdtree seen in-game, while the other is twisting around it, almost like a hand choking out its life.

But, the thing that caught everyone’s attention is this character riding what looks to be Torrent down here, since their hairstyle matches the one seen on Miquella in Elden Ring’s intro sequence. To keep things relatively simple, let’s just assume this is actually Miquella.

Beyond that, we also see a bunch of spectral graves and monuments, which all hold secrets of their own, but let’s back up and see what this could be setting up. The title “Shadow of the Erdtree” makes it pretty clear that whatever is going on back here will be central to the plot. The “O” in the word “shadow” looks like two branches wrapping through each other, and there’s probably a bit of Berserk World Tree inspiration in there, so I think this is a separate tree.

Perhaps it’s another version of the Haligtree, since the in-game Haligtree was planted and watered by Miquella himself, but there’s also a case for it being related to the Helphen lampwood, since that’s associated with the spirit world and there are a lot of weird spirit-y graves in this image. But, I don’t think the branches look enough like how they do on the Haligtree, and we really have little to go off of for the Helphen, so I think the strongest case is that it’s made of deathroot.

While not technically a separate tree, it’s important to note that deathroot is made of the Erdtree’s own roots, and the branches are similar enough to what we can see in deeproot below the royal capital. And this might be a bit of a stretch, but it almost looks like the second tree has the same texture and eye-like growths as what we see in deeproot. So, that’s my guess for the premise, but where is this all taking place?

Elden Ring Tweet

Miquella/Trina’s Dream

The location in the image can’t be found anywhere in-game, but judging by the Erdtree’s angle it seems like this shot was taken in the far south.

The problem with that is the landscape looks nothing like what you’d expect it to from that location. Therefore, I think Miquella being in this shot is so important. So I’m sure you’ve heard this before… I’ve said it, other people have said it, everyone’s saying it, but there’s a lot of stuff about Miquella’s world of dreams that was either left open to interpretation or removed during development.

I don’t know if they’ve been planning to make this DLC since the start, but focusing on this dream world could fill in a lot of the gaps of what we don’t know. And, not only would this explain the bizarre landscape, it would also shed some light on pretty much everything else shown in this picture. I’m not a botanist or anything, but I think this is meant to be a vast field of domesticated wheat, which isn’t really something that happens in nature.

But, an unused twinblade claims that Miquella possesses the “rune of abundance,” and what better way to reflect that concept than his dream world being just endless grain? These taller monuments also look like the ones from Dark Souls 3’s Crucifixion Woods, and while crucifixion is an important concept in Elden Ring, their designs are just different enough that I don’t think they’re related.

You could also say these monuments resemble the Cleanrot Knights’ Halo Scythes or Torrent’s Whistle, but my current guess is that they’re modeled after Miquella’s great rune, since we don’t know what that looks like yet and you could easily make that shape out of the Elden Ring.

A lot of this might also be inspired by Greek mythology… “ZEUS!!!”… Especially Miquella’s connection with the gods of sleep, trade, and harvest is closely related to the underworld, so I think there could be a sort of Hades or afterlife theme to all of this. As for these coffins, archways, and ruins, I’ve got nothing.

Elden Ring Miquella

Interlude From Future-V

While editing this, I noticed that the arches have that Caduceus spiral that FromSoftware loves so much, and the coffins remind me of the ones used to travel through the underground, which, kind of reminds me of the ferryman of the greek underworld, who is already associated with deathroot with stuff like the tibia mariners. Just a few more points for the greek symbolism thing.

Conclusions & Predictions

So, with all of that in mind, here are my predictions: This expansion will be about a world where deathroot has grown out of control and is strangling the Erdtree. This doesn’t happen before or after the game, but instead takes place in Miquella’s dream, and either Miquella himself or his alternate persona known as St.Trina will be a major character. We actually see a glimpse of the dream world in the main game, being at the end of Fia’s questline in deeproot, and the deathblight curse seems even more pronounced than usual here.

If these are the same world, maybe the true source of deathblight is currently inside the world of dreams, which you might already know is actually Godwyn, the half-dead demigod. His physical corpse is still in deeproot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could be found in the dream world as well. Miquella, being the half brother of Godwyn, likely wants him to die a true death both for his sake and for the well-being of this world of dreams.

After you defeat whatever is spreading this infection, which I imagine could include a fight with Godwyn himself, you’ll receive some kind of Elden Ring Runes and make your way back to the real world. Of course, this is all wild speculation.

How To Build An Unrivaled Spear In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

In this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide, we'll be covering the unparalleled spear build, which is a tank build. This is a very forgiving build, making it perfect for newcomers that want to go through history without having to worry too much about getting killed in a single strike.

For this build, we'll be focusing on the Wood Virtue, which significantly increases our health in combination with heavy armor to greatly reduce the physical damage we take. In addition, we'll be adding some healing spells and a Divine Beast that heals us to make us even tankier.

The negative aspect of this build is its lack of mobility and rather low damage. We'll mitigate that though by equipping the unparalleled spear, which has a unique Martial Art called Whistling Vortex. When you use this martial art, it helps you spin forward and automatically track enemies you mark.

We'll also be using the Inner Breath spell to increase the accumulation of Divine Beast gauge and Absorb Vitality to heal while we attack.

Attributes / Virtues

When it comes to the stats for this build, this build focuses on the Wood Virtue as I mentioned earlier but it's also necessary to assign some points into Earth and Fire Virtues.

You should first focus on Wood and then assign enough points into Earth to adjust your weight proportion. At level 72, your stats should look something like this:

  • 50 Wood Virtue. This is our main stat, which gives a huge health boost and increases our weapon damage and lightning damage.
  • 8 Fire Virtue. This is required to unlock the amplify damage spell.
  • 14 Earth Virtue. We need just enough to maintain our weight proportion just below 100 percent.

This will depend on the armor you're currently wearing, so you may need to move a point or two in either direction.

Unrivaled Spear Spells

Next, we'll take a look at what spells we use for this build.

First is lightning weapon. For a certain period of time, enchant your melee weapon with lightning. By the way, you can use Wo Long Fallen Dynasty GQ to help you. This scales with the Wood Virtue greatly increasing our damage output and helps us deal Elemental Damage that goes through enemy guard.

The accumulation of Divine Beast gauge has increased by Inner Breath increases during a certain period of time. This spell greatly increases the amount of Beast gauge you gain when dealing damage to enemies or when getting hit. Make sure to keep it active at all times.

Absorb Vitality. You and nearby allies gain HP when you damage enemies. This spell allows us to be more aggressive since we'll be healing back a portion of the damage that we deal.

Finally, Amplify Damage for a certain period of time increase both the damage you deal to enemies and receive from them. This is specifically useful before Fatal Strikes. Here's a small window before the enemy recovers you can use that time to cast the spell and then perform the Fatal strike for better results.

Unrivaled Spear Divine Beast

Next, we'll take a look at the Divine Beasts we use for this build and we use Qinglong as our Divine Beast, which you can obtain fairly early on in the game.

Qinglong's favor increases your HP by plus 18 and provides plus 2.4 HP restoration, which works perfectly in combination with her Absorb Vitality spell. You also get reduced spirit consumption to cast Inner Breath spells.

The Divine Beast summon creates a pool on the ground that will heal you while you stand over it. The pool lasts a very long time and will keep you at full health even if you're getting hit. It is helpful when you want to reduce the amount of dragon pot uses and is very useful when you are in boss fights.

If you want to play more offensive, you can use the Divine Beast restoration instead of summons, which provides lightning damage and damage reduction, allowing you to go all in without hesitation.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Unrivaled Spear Equipment

Moving on to the equipment section.

First, we'll take a look at our main weapon, which is the Unparalleled Spear. As previously mentioned, the Whistling Vortex Martial Art found on it will be our main way of attacking enemies and it compensates for a lack of mobility.

You can acquire the sphere by increasing your relationship with Zhao Yun to sworn brother. If you don't have the spear yet, you can also use any other spear that has the Monkey's Wisdom martial art, which acts similarly to Whistling Vortex.

For special effects on your weapon, you'll want to slot lightning attack power to further increase Elemental Damage and Divine Beast gauge gain to further increase how quickly we can cast Qinglong and damage dealt your backup melee weapon will be the curve-headed glaze.

We're only really interested in wheeling this weapon to gain all the set bonuses together with the complete Dauntless Tiger Servant Set. But other than that, it's not even important to use this weapon in combat. When it comes to ranged weapons, you can basically use any ranged weapon you want to use. But you can still get good use out of ranged weapon special effects. Equip your ranged weapon with the following special effects.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 2

Enemy Detection. It is very useful to see enemies on the minimap and track them flag detection great for finding flags and increasing your fortitude, lightning attack power and damage dealt. All these will benefit your character, so try and put these on your ranged weapon if possible.

When it comes to armor, you can equip any type of heavy armor you want. Just make sure you keep your weight proportion below 100, so you're still mobile enough to be efficient in combat.

I personally recommend the Dauntless Tiger Servant Set as it provides very high physical resistance and great set bonuses. You can acquire this set by increasing your relationship with Han Dang to sworn brother while using its corresponding pieces. You'll get the Unflinching Bravery Set Bonus providing the following benefits, minus damage received, guard spirit consumption, power gain upon martial arts and damage dealt in perfect condition.

When it comes to the special effects, you want to add to your armor. You'll want to include martial arts damage to increase the damage of Whistling Vortex. You'll want lightning attack power in order to increase your damage with lightning and Divine Beast gauge gain in order to be able to use your Divine Beast more frequently.

As it is the build is fairly complete, so you can use any accessory you want from main and secondary. Just consider trying to gain any benefit for the build, such as spirit gauge, gain martial arts, damage, etc.

What You Need To Know About Lost Ark Rowen

Beginning February 8th, Lost Ark was hosted a named “special event to celebrate the MMO’s one-year anniversary” This update welcomes a new section called Rowen in Lost Ark. You’ll encounter two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane, who compete for the precious crimson jewel of Arkesia, called Sylmael.

Lost Ark Rowen

If you unlock all of Rowen’s quests, then you’re eligible to pick one faction for open-world PvP. However, Amazon Games made a joke saying that “the battle has just begun, and the actual competition will continue to heat in March, when the Tulubik Battlefield will be available.” For those players who want to achieve excellent results and have better experience in the following activities, it is very necessary to reserve sufficient lost ark gold in advance.

Lost Ark event featured many familiar characters from The Witcher, such as Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion and Ciri.

After ICYMI updated Wreck the Halls last December, Amazon and Smilegate released the first part of Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap. According to Amazon Games, the first Specialist Advanced Class, the Artist will be launched in this month. And, Artist Class will come in the next month. This time around, gamers in the west will see more revealingly dressed characters, and there may be surprises.

The Artist will also follow a Powerpass and Progression event similar to the one before. Amazon Games hope it can help new Artist mains to prepare for the coming April quickly.

Most recently, Amazon Games and Smilegate said they were correcting their erroneous bans on the Lost Ark players.Let us look forward to the changes in Lost Ark and the opening of a new chapter besides Rowan.

Diablo IV: Which Beta Class You Can Play?

In this article, we're going to be discussing which class is right for you in the upcoming open beta this March. If you're excited to get your hands on Diablo 4 and you want to know somethings about each class some things maybe you don't know then watch on to find out.

Diablo IV's beta will feature all five classes namely the Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Druid and Necromancer. Each of them focuses on distinct damage type, specific playstyle stats and attributes as well as unique class mechanics, all of which we'll discuss in this guide.

Barbarian Class

The Barbarian class issuitable for players, who wish to deal massive destruction melee range while being able to seamlessly switch from one weapon type to the next. They're much more physical damage oriented than any other class in Diablo 4 and are pretty straightforward when it comes to dishing out offensive and defensive moves.

Due to their unique class mechanic, which is known as the arsenal system, Barbarians can equip and swap about four weapons at a time, allowing for better customization. These include the main hand, off hand, bludgeoning and slashing weapons. Doing so allows you to freely assign specific equipment to certain skills based on your needs.

Dialo 4 Barbarian

For instance, bash, which lets you stun and heavily damage targets is well suited using a bludgeoning weapon. But if you wish to raise this ability's stun duration even more then you should opt to switch to a two-handed bludgeoning weapon instead. It's also worth noting that upon the skills activation, you'll instantly equip the best weapon in your loadout. By the way, if you don't have enough Diablo 4 Gold to equip yourself , you can click this link to have a look.

Furthermore, every weapon the Barbarian uses has a corresponding expertise stat thereby leveling up their ranks accordingly. For example, if you wish to boost your Critical Strike chance, then wielding a one-handed ax will come in handy. Because of this, it's highly recommended to collect and prepare a wide variety of melee weapons in order to take advantage of this class's build diversity and itemization progression.

In terms of stats, you'll mainly want to invest in Strength, Amplify Damage, Willpower for improved Fury generation and Dexterity to increase the chances of Landing Critical Hits.

Sorceress Class

The Sorceress is your typical high-risk high reward type of class because although they are very fragile, they deal excellent Elemental Damage by casting fire, cold and lightning spells.

Fire spell synergize well with the burning status effect when click damage overtime, but beyond this, they aren't able to control the battlefield as effectively in the early game.

The same couldn't be said for cold spells where crowd control abilities shine the most. What you have here is a variety of skills that will either chill or completely freeze your enemies making it exceptionally potent against bosses. Not only will you slow them down but you can potentially freeze them in place when enough Stacks are accumulated.

Diablo 4 Sorceress

Finally, you have lightning spells that are well balanced in terms of dealing a decent amount of damage and controlling encounters to your advantage. Some abilities that are attacked as crackling energy leave behind a ball of energy that either inflicts damage against enemies or replenishes your own Mana.

When it comes to stats, you'll want to allocate points into intelligence to boost the damage of your spells dexterity to raise mana recovery and lastly willpower to improve your critical chance.

The Sorceress's unique class mechanic called the enchantment system changes how a skill works. In total, there are several active abilities slotted together with dedicated enchantment slots. Should you decide to place a skill in an enchantment slot? It can no longer be activated and will instead transform into a secondary passive bonus. For instance, you're able to trigger meteor to blast multiple targets with heavyfire damage while momentarily setting the ground on fire.

Rogue Class

The Rogue is a stealthy assassin, who's adept at moving swiftly, so they can choose to reposition themselves to gain the upper hand in combat or retreat when things get too precarious.

Unlike Barbarians, they can quickly switch between melee and ranged weapons, such as dagger's swords and foes making them extremely versatile. Although at the start bows don't deal as much damage, they will allow you to stay at a safer distance with respect to your foes thereby lowering the chances off requently getting hit. You can think of Diablo 4's Rogue as a combination of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3's Amazon and Demon Hunter respectively.

Your primary stats for this class include dexterity to amplify skill damage and improve dodge ability, strength to enhance your energy regeneration rate and intelligence to improve your critical chance and overall assistance.

The Rogue's unique mechanic is known as talent specializations, which are divided into combo points intersight and preparation, each with its own questline.

Diablo 4 Rogue

Remember though that there is no confirmation yet, if you can activate all three specializations simultaneously or if they can only be used one at a time. Additionally, preparation hasn't been tested since it becomes available upon reaching level 30 and the max level for the beta is level 25.

Combo points are accumulated by activating basic Rogue skills. You'll then be able to consume these points with core skills to trigger additional effects. Meanwhile, intersight allows you to fill up a gauge by attacking marked enemies. Doing so will allow you to make use of unlimited energy for a brief period of time and has proven to be effective against bosses.

The Rogue's versatility doesn't end here however since they can also imbue other attacks with specific effects, such as Poison, Shadow and Coal. These are usually applied to core skills and abilities that deal damage against multiple enemies, such as Rapid Fire.

Druid Class

The next class we're going to take a look at is the Druid, who has the Uncanny ability to change their physical form from a human to that of a werebear or wearable.

Compared to Druids and Diablo 2 Druids can now instantly transform when using their beast themed skills prior to executing the corresponding actions.

Do note that your new form will only last for a short duration until you execute another move. Moreover, this class is also an adept wielder of magic except that they specialize in casting Earth and Storm Spells to disable enemies while slaying the forces of evil. For instance, you're able to execute crushing below to damage a target by a certain percentage of their total light.

Unlike Diablo 2, Druids have companions that do not need to be summoned but are automatically called out to attack on their behalf. However, they do have respective attack companion skills to deal damage on certain targets.

Diablo 4 Druid

In terms of stats, not much is currently known for this class as well as the Necromancer. Initial information suggests that the Druid's unique class mechanic is tied to requiring special loot, which should be offered to spirit animals.

Doing so will grant different passive bonuses based on the spirit's type. It hasn't been revealed how many types are available, but each of them will grant up to six offensive and defensive passive effects.

Necromancer Class

Final class in Diablo 4 is the Necromancer, who is a renowned Summoner often resurrecting corpses to fight with him in battle.

Like Barbarians and Rogues, a wide variety of weapons are available to them, such as swords, daggers, wands and more importantly sides, which only they can wield.

Diablo 4's Necromancer will remind veterans of the Necromancer in Diablo 3 because of the essence resource to activate potent skills.

Another useful resource is corpses, which are created from the remains of Fallen enemies or other spell effects. In fact you can even make use of the fan favorite corpse explosion.

Necromancers have four distinct played styles, namely Bone, Darkness, Blood and the Army. Bone skills primarily focus on dealing physical damage while consuming the Essence resource. One of the most notable spells is Bone Prison, which ensnares multiple enemies that can be used in conjunction with offensive based skills.

Next is Darkness that makes use of dealing damage over time making it the ideal choice for those, who intend to torture foes who dare to fight them.

Diablo 4 Necromancer

Next is Blood, which allows the Necromancer to become a bloodthirsty vampire to restore their own life. One notable spell is Blood Surge, which not only absorbs the HP of enemies but also gains their strength an explosion will soon follow to deal additional damage.

And last but not least is the Army, which lets you bring skeletons back to life as well as constructed Golems. The necromancer's unique class mechanic is the Book of the Dead. This lets them further customize their Undead armies, such as Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages and Golems.

For instance, Skeleton Warriors can become Skirmishers, who deal greater damage, but at the expense of maintaining a lower health pool or Defenders, who inflict lesser damage but are expert tanks.

What's more is that you can choose to sacrifice a specific minion to gain a permanent buff to further improve your build.

ACNH: 8 Updates & Changes You Should Know In March 2023

We have, of course, just entered the brand new month of March, which means we can expect to see a bunch of changes and updates all around the New Horizons Island. Today, we’ll cover everything you can expect to see, from Events to Materials, and even some of the smaller details we like to cover, such as the Bushes and new Weather Phenomena… 

1. Shamrock Day 

Now, given Festivale fell in the Winter, and was celebrated much earlier this year, March is a relatively quiet month on the Event front. However, we will get to celebrate Shamrock Day

Shamrock Day, is essentially a Seasonal Event, however, offers a bit more content than your typical seasonal celebration, and comes in 3 parts. From March 10th through to March 17th, the Shamrock Doorplate, Rug and Soda items can be purchased from the Nook Stop, in honour of the Event. 

ACNH Shamrock Day

However, the celebrations can be taken a step further, as the Shamrock Suit, Shoes, Hat and Glasses will able be available throughout that week, from the Able Sisters, which is a nice little expansion to the Seasonal Event. 

And finally, the DIY recipe for the Shamrock Wand is also available inside Balloon Presents for the week leading up to Shamrock Day itself. Collecting all of these makes for a super fun activity, especially for the newer players out there. 

2. Seasonal Events

Now, speaking of limited-time items, March does see some of your typical Seasonal Events too. These include Hinamatsuri that began in February and will end on March 3rd, Pi Day, which begins March 1st, and runs for 2 weeks until March 14th, and finally April Fools Day, which adds items from March 26th through to April 1st, in preparation of the real world celebration. 

We can purchase all the ACNH Items available alongside these Seasonal Events from the Nook Stop. 

3. Seasonal Materials 

Now, as I’m sure you’ve seen already, Spring has begun here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Snow has completely melted. This Seasonal Change means Snowflakes are no-longer available.

However, Young Spring Bamboo is now spawning in their place. Young-Spring Bamboo can be got from Bamboo Trees alongside the normal Bamboo crafting materials. 

Like every other crafting material, Young-Spring Bamboo brings with it a bunch of corresponding DIY Recipes which can of course be obtained primarily from Balloon Presents. Both the Materials and the Recipes will continue to be available until May 31st. 

ACNH Seasonal Materials

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer has now ended, and you can no-longer encounter Summer Shells. However, Autumn has arrived, and brings with it the Acorn & Pine Cone materials and recipes. These will be continue to be available until June 10th.

Don’t forget, if you still need Snowflakes or Summer Shells, or any of their recipes, you’ve now unlocked the corresponding Kapp’n Islands. Now the previous Seasons are over. 

4. Weather Phenomena

Now, as with any new Season, we see a large shift in weather patterns, and Spring is, of course, no different. From the start of Spring, and continuing throughout March, Rain now falls instead of Snowfall, and brings with it the chance of Thunderstorms. 

Thunderstorms are pretty rare, but typically on hours with heavy rain you have a chance of seeing lightning light up the island, as well as experiencing some extremely immersive thunder. 

Anyway, now that Winter is over we can no-longer encounter Auroras or Heavy Fog around the New Horizons Island. However, now that we’re experiencing Rain, it means both Rainbows and Double Rainbows can be encountered instead. 

5. Clouds 

Now the Seasonal Changes around the New Horizons Island affect more than just the Weather Patterns. From March 1st, Billow Clouds can no-longer be encountered, with Thin Clouds taking their place. We can see these special clouds through to May 31st, which weirdly is the same time Young-Spring Bamboo also stops spawning. 

It’s a little different for players in the Southern Hemisphere, as Cumulonimbus Clouds that began spawning in January, in the Summer, will continue through the Autumn, until mid march, at which point, Cirrus and Cirrocumulus Clouds spawn in their place. We can see these from March 16th through to May 31st. 

6. Bushes 

Now something I’ve always liked to highlight the details and timings of the Bushes. Just because it’s a pretty neat feature and helps players who wish to change up their Bushes according to the Season. 

March is pretty simple though, as Pink and Red Camellia Bushes that are already in bloom for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, will continue to flower until the end of March. 

Players in the Southern Hemisphere do get to see a change though as Red and Yellow Hibiscus will stop blooming on March 20, with Orange and Yellow Tea Olives flowering in their place. These will continue to bloom until the end of April. 

7. Post Cards 

Now, something that never really gets highlighted are of course the changes we see month to month at the Post Card stand, inside Dodo Airlines

Just like every new Month or Season, the Post Card stand is updated with new Seasonal and Event Designs. The Seasonal designs include Full-Bloom Card, the Cherry-Blossoms Card and the Dandelion Card. These are available from the beginning of Spring through to May 31st. 

ACNH Post Cards

This month, there is only 1 Event design, which is of course the Bunny Day Card. This will become available from March 15th through to May 10th, in honour of Easter. These Designs can, of course, be used to write letters to your Villagers, if that’s something you like to do. 

But even if not, it’s still worth checking out, just to see the new designs. 

8. Critters

Moving on, I want to give an honourable mention to the Bugs, Fish and Deep-Sea Creatures

Just as you’d expect, a new month and a new Season, introduce the next wave of Critters that can be encountered around the New Horizons Island. 

Players in the Northern Hemisphere can expect to see 20 new Critters, including the Barred Knifejaw, the Orchid Mantis and the Spider Crab, to name a few. 

Similarly, players in the Southern Hemisphere can expect to see 22 new Critters, including the King Salmon, the Bell Cricket and the Sweet Shrimp, amongst others. 

These numbers are significantly higher than usual simply because we’ve gone from one season to the next. So, it’s set to be a pleasant month for hunting critters if you’re still trying to complete your Museum

Anyway, all-in-all March is a fairly quiet month, especially seems Festivale fell in February and won’t be celebrated in March again until 2025.

17 Animal Crossing Furniture Series That Never Made It To New Horizons

Today, we’re looking at 17 Furniture Series in the Animal Crossing franchise that were simply deemed not worthy of a place in New Horizons.

1. Astro Series

First up, we have the Astro Series, which is a futuristic space-themed series. This furniture set defaults in Orange and White but can be customised in Blue and Black, and Black and Red.

If Nintendo ever released DLC Furniture Packs, like the Sims, this would be perfect for a Space Pack.

Anyway, villagers including Mira, Chadder and Cheri all own several items from this series. It’s pretty cool.

2. Balloon Series

Second, we have probably the ugliest Furniture Series known to Animal Crossing, and that’s the Balloon Series.

As you can see, it’s made up entirely of Balloons. It’s pretty difficult to look at. These are typically got from Balloon Presents, which is probably why they never returned, given we now get Recipes from Balloons…

Despite that, the option to use them would have been cool. You have probably guessed by now, but Pietro owns several of these items in New Leaf.

Animal Crossing Balloon Presents

3. Blue Series

The third Furniture Series missing from New Horizons is, of course, the Blue Series. This interior Furniture Series is perfect for those who like to decorate a simple-looking house with all the necessary furniture pieces.

It comprises mostly Blue-coloured wooden items, and I’m pretty sure is a fan favourite. Plus, it can be customised into a variety of blue-shades.

I can only assume this never returned because the Simple Series, that’s actually the Minimalist Series in previous games, can be customised into a Blue-theme, kind of making the Blue Series redundant.

Anyway, several Animals across the series own items from the Blue Furniture Series, including Bluebear, Jeremiah and Sydney, amongst others.

4. Card Series

Next up, we have the Card Series, that you’ll either consider genius, or as ugly as the Balloon Series.

Anyway, this series is of course furniture made up of playing cards, and exclusive to GracieGrace. Which means every piece is expensive to purchase with limited availability.

Furthermore, because it takes so long to upgrade Nooks in New Leaf, and in turn unlock Gracie, this set isn’t available for months when first playing… making it even more exclusive.

So much so, no villagers use these items in their homes. We can only assume it never returned, because Gracie didn’t either.

5. Gorgeous Series

Speaking of GracieGrace exclusives, we have the Gorgeous Series. Probably one of the most gorgeous Furniture Series in the Animal Crossing Franchise.

This is again exclusive to GracieGrace, so takes months to unlock, and is exclusive to winter. It’s also one of the most expensive Series in the game, costing 2.1 million Bells to purchase 1 of every item in the Series.

The Gorgeous Series can’t be customised, although it doesn’t really need it. Being such an expensive Series, villagers only ever own 1 or 2 of these items, including Claudia, Elvis and Nan, amongst many others.

ACNH Gorgeous Series

6. Gracie Series

Moving on, but keeping with the Gracie-theme for now, we have the wonderful Gracie Series.

This Furniture Series is, of course, inspired by Gracie’s fashion, featuring their trademark pattern of Green and Orange circles on Blue backgrounds.

The Gracie Series is the Summer exclusive items that, of course, take months of playtime to unlock. Furthermore, the Gracie Series is the most expensive Furniture Series in the entire game, costing a whopping 2.6 million Bells to purchase…

Despite the cost of items, Moose and Robin each own 2 pieces from the Gracie Series.

7. Green Series

Here, we have the Green Series. This Furniture Series is incredibly similar to the Blue Series, because it contains simple and minimal interior Furniture items.

However, they are, of course Green, instead of Blue. Much like the Blue Series, we can only assume this never returned because the Simple Series exists in New Horizons, and can be customised to closely resemble the Green Series.

Never the less, it’s a very common Series in previous games, with several Animals owning Green items, including Chuck, Drift and Goose, amongst others.

Plus, it’s great for Feng Shui, and can even be customised into other shades of green.

8. Modern Series

Possibly my favourite Series of all time, is the Modern Series. It features a Black and White Checkered-board design, making it look minimal but modern. At least in the older games.

This series is always popular, because like all other Furniture Series, excluding the likes of the Gracie items, the Modern Series can be customised into an array of styles and themes, including other colours, as well as Ore-variations, giving them a crystal finish.

This Furniture Series has featured in every Animal Crossing game, so it’s a shame it never returned to New Horizons. Given its popularity, a bunch of Villagers used these items in their homes, including Ed, Roscoe and Savannah. I‘’m still holding on hope that one day Nintendo will release DLC furniture packs, and bring this series back!

9. Modern Wood Series

Next, we have the Modern Wood Series. This Series features outstanding wooden Furniture Items, made up of various types of wood. It’s fairly abstract and modern and, of course, has several customisation finishes, including Simple and Diamond styles.

Similar to the Blue and Green Series, we can only assume this beautiful Furniture Series was cut from New Horizons, because the Wooden-Block Series exists, and has a Mixed-Wood customisation option, that sort of resembles these items.

Cally, Bonbon and Deirdre own the most items from this Furniture Series.

10. Polka-Dot Series

Another Furniture Series, that is almost certainly an gained taste, is the Polka-Dot Series. As you can see, its primary design is of course Red and White Polka-Dot, surrounded by Yellow Backgrounds.

ACNH Polka-Dot Series

Like many other Series, it features all the typical interior items a player needs to fully furniture a home. Similar to the Modern Series, it has an insane amount of Customisation options, both with Colour and Ore-variations.

Fortunately, Frobert, Rosie and Apple enjoy this Series and own the most Polka-Dot items in the game.

11. Princess Series

Heading back to GracieGrace furniture, we have the Princess Series. This is another high-end Furniture Series that’s fully decorated with white wood and light-blue fabrics.

Like the other Gracie items, it’s seasonal, being available only during the Spring, takes months to unlock, and is incredibly expensive. Honestly, I do not know why this didn’t return to New Horizons. It would have been perfect.

Anyway, the Princess Series is the third-most expensive Series, after the Gracie and Gorgeous Series, costing 1.9million Bells to purchase.

Again, a handful of villagers own Princess items, such as Chèvre, Chelsea and Étoile, but are limited to only 1 or 2 items, and can’t be customised.

12. Regal Series

Moving on, we have the Regal Series, which has featured in every game, except New Horizons. This furniture series is known as the Royal Series in Japan, made up of creamy white items, with gold finishings.

Like most of the furniture we’ve mentioned, the Regal Series can be customised into several variations, changing the gold-features into many other designs.

It’s owned by several Snooty villagers, including Friga, Olivia and Pecan, which makes sense given the nature of the inspiration behind this series.

13. Robo Series

Now the Robot Series, is at this point an iconic Furniture Series, after being introduced in Wild World and returning to every game since…Well, until New Horizons.

As you can tell, the Robo Series comprises futuristic items, each with a Robot design. Many items have antennas, arms and even Robot eyes. And of course, can be customised into several finishes. It’s pretty cool.

Again, I do not know why this couldn’t have returned to New Horizons. But maybe Nintendo will pack it in a DLC pack one day, with the Astro Series.

Anyway, this Series is often hard to come-by, but is owned by many villagers, including Cube, Del and Chief, to name a few.

14. Rococo Series

Next, we have another wonderfully detailed Furniture Series called the Rococo Series. This Series is inspired by an 18th-Century French style of Architecture, and looks amazing.

Animal Crossing Rococo Series

Of course, if you’re not fond of the default design, it can be customised drastically into 1 of 4 other variations, including Gothic Brown, Yellow, Black and White.

This series debuted in New Leaf, and of course never returned. In New Leaf it’s owned by the likes of Muffy, Beardo and Pashmina… And suits their aesthetics perfectly.

15. Snowman Series

The Snowman Series is a classic Furniture Series and again debuted in the original Animal Crossing, and then featured in every game until New Horizons. It’s primarily made up of Snowman features, and mostly, got from members of the Snowfolk family.

It’s a pretty playful and cheeky series, with many cute items, so I can only assume Nintendo decided against bringing this to New Horizons, because it doesn’t look as realistic as other furniture.

Technically, the Snowman Series is a limited-time Furniture Series, so no villagers own any of these items.

16. Stripe Series

Next up, we have a very satisfying Furniture Series, called the Stripe Series. I’m sure you can tell where it got its name from.

This Series is of course made up of Horizontal Blue and White stripes, but as you’d expect can be customised into 6 other colourful variations, making it a great Series to work with.

It debuted in New Leaf, but of course never returned. Villagers including Henry, Hamlet and Moe own most items from this Series.

17. Sweets Series

And finally, we have the Sweets Series, and the final Gracie Grace Furniture series that seemingly never returned to Animal Crossing New Horizons. This Series is the Gracie Furniture available during the Autumn, or Fall, and looks super tasty, the more you look at it.

ACNH Sweets Series

Out of all the Gracie items unlocked months into the New Leaf game, the Sweets Series is the cheapest to purchase, with the entire Series costly around 1.5million Bells.

Being a limited-time Series, it’s not customisable, however, many villagers own 1 or 2 items from this Series, including Chai, Merengue and Apple… Which are of course all food-related Villagers, which is pretty neat.

So, there we have it. 17 complete Furniture Series removed from the Animal Crossing franchise, and have yet to return to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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