Lost Ark Five Estoque Crew Members: Which One Is Better?

As an upstart in the Western game world in 2022, Lost Ark has made Western players fantastical, and its performance on Steam is even more impressive. Because of the great freedom of construction in the game and the different card sets that allow each player to give full play to their imagination, everyone's performance is also very different.

Lost Ark Estoque Crew Members

As the name suggests, in order to travel smoothly through “Lost Ark World”, each player needs to have the most capable person to pilot the ship. Lost Ark provides us with many crew members to choose from, and their respective specialties are different, and it is impossible to have only one crew member on a ship, such as The Estoque. So when we need to form a sailor team, we need to consider whether the players can have an appropriate chemical reaction. It will save us a lot of unnecessary troubles in the future journey.

1. Cals (Legendary)

Lost Ark Cals (Legendary)

In the minds of most Lost Ark players, Cals (Legendary) is the best Estoque crew. Cals Moronto came from a distinguished background and had reached the pinnacle of power at a young age, so he developed an aggressive attitude. When the stronghold appears, Cals will send supplies to the protagonist, and when we drive to Wavestrand Port, it's time for us to talk to Cals.

The Estoque will be more effective with the help of Cals (Legendary). Cals can increase the speed of 1.75 knots and the durability and flexibility of the ship itself, so the ship will be more guaranteed, and players don't have to worry too much about the ship's accidents due to various bad weather or other risks encountered on the way.


  • 80,000 Pirate Coins in Punika Mercantile Ship

  • 4,008 Arcturus Pieces in Yorn Spearship Hunting Guild Vessel

2. Cals (Epic)

Lost Ark Cals (Epic)

When we use Cals (Epic), the speed of the ship is not as fast as when using Cals (Legendary), but the speed can also increase by 1.3 knots. While significantly increasing a ship's resilience against the Tempest Seas, it also increases its defenses against the Siren Seas and Cold Snap Seas.

At The Trusted Level in Wavestrand Port, you can exchange Cals Rapports for Epic Cals. As far as immunity goes, Cals (Epic) are pretty much invulnerable.

Cals (Epic) Attribute:

  • -7 Defenses in Kelp Beds & -4 Defenses in Sandstorm Seas

  • -4 resistance to Dead Waters

  • +5 resistance to Cold Snap Seas

  • +3 for the Siren Seas

  • +8 for the Tempest Seas

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3. Pupuring (Relic)

Lost Ark Pupuring (Relic)

He's the pistachio character who keeps weary crews and boring long voyages entertaining all the time. Pupuring (Relic) is always happy to share his interesting experiences with people and has a very amazing skill set himself. Pupuring (Relic) can provide a sailing speed of 1.3 knots, and ships with Pupuring (Relic) are almost superior to Siren Seas and Cold Snap Seas defense. It is precisely because the Pupuring (Relic) is the perfect blend of speed and resistance that it can be called one of the greatest Estoque sailors in Lost Ark.

Price: 1 Tear of the Abyss to the Mist Island Merchant

Pupuring (Relic) Attributes:

  • -14 penalty to the Kelp Beds

  • +10 bonus to the Cold Snap Seas

  • +17 bonus to the Dead Waters

  • -3 penalty to the Siren Seas

  • +10 bonus to the Sandstorm Seas

  • -3 immunity to the Tempest Seas

4. Pupuring (Epic)

Lost Ark Pupuring (Epic)

Players using Pupuring (Epic) can increase the speed of their ships by 0.7 knots. Pupuring (Epic) improves the defense of the player's ship against the Tempest Seas and the Dead Waters.

Price: 2004 Gienah pieces in the Luterra Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship

Pupuring (Epic) Attributes:

  • -8 in the Kelp Beds

  • -5 in the Cold Snap Seas

  • +6 in the Sandstorm Seas

  • +11 to the Dead Waters

  • -5 to the Siren Seas

  • +6 to the Tempest Seas

5. Tasha (Rare)

Lost Ark Tasha (Rare)

Tasha (Rare) has a very tragic fate, but she has always maintained an optimistic and positive attitude. Although Tasha (Rare) can only increase the speed of the ship by 0.1 knots, she is also known as one of the most protective Estoque Crew Members due to her ability to increase resistance to various harmful waters.

Price: 6,000 Slime Coins in Atropos Laura or the Slime Island trader Yulia

Tasha (Rare) Attributes:

  • +5 resistance to the kelp beds

  • +5 resistance to the siren seas

  • +5 resistance to the Dead Waters

  • +5 is added to the area around the Sandstorm Seas

  • +5 to the Cold Snap Seas

  • +5 to the Tempest Seas

It's a pity that you can't directly spend Lost Ark Gold to get these Estoque Crew Members, but gold can be used as a cost to buy equipment suitable for their use. Players who are interested in this, please click here, there will be a surprise!

Which House Should You Join In Upcoming Hogwarts Legacy?

Once upon a time, there were four people Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin - the founders of Hogwarts. All had different values and so after the school was founded they divided their students into different houses based on their values and the same will happen to you once you start Hogwarts Legacy, which is why today we are going to look at which house you should join in Hogwarts Legacy.

First of all, I want to say it doesn't matter which house you actually choose. The main story of Hogwarts Legacy will not change. So, you will have exactly the same story in Gryffindor as in Hufflepuff or in Ravenclaw. But, which house suits you the best? Therefore, we have to check all the different houses.

Gryffindor is for the brave students of Hogwarts and the line symbol basically represents that braveness. In the Hogwarts symbol, the colors are red and yellow and the common room is in Gryffindor Tower.

Hufflepuff, on the other hand, is for the hard-working and the loyal students. So, Hufflepuffs don't care about hard work. They enjoy doing it. They are loyal to their fellow students. The badger is the mascot of the Hufflepuff house and the colors are yellow and black and the common room is next to the kitchens. And the common room here is designed very very nature, oriented you have plants. You have basically earthy colors, like dark green, a brown, a beige, a yellow, which is just super beautiful. And Hufflepuff is actually my second favorite common room in this game.

Ravenclaw is for the smartest students. The eagle basically represents that a little bit. And the blue colors just complement the Ravenclaws perfectly. The Ravenclaw common room is found in Ravenclaw Tower and is designed completely different to the other common rooms. It's basically designed in its colors, blue light, blue sky. Blue is very beautiful. But, the main difference here is that there are many tables and many desks, where the Ravenclaws study for their next exams or are just educating themselves. Because that's what they are best at and what they are enjoy doing.

Which house should you join in Hogwarts Legacy

The Slytherins are the most different from them. All they are very ambitious and very pride of their lineage. That's what we also see in the books or in the movies where the Slytherins basically pride themselves of their pure blood nature and actually put other students down that are not. In the eyes of the Slytherins are blessed with that pure blood and the serpent basically represents Salazar Slytherin because he was a parse of mouth. He could talk to snakes, which is why the serpent or the snake basically is the mascot of the Slytherins. And the green colors also represent the house and the common room is by the dungeons under the Black Sea. And that might also be very important for the game because maybe we can actually see some creatures like mermaids or the giant squid in the Black Sea from our common room window, which I think would be very very cool. And there are also different companions in each house, which you might find very interesting.

For your decision, it is not known if these are only available for each house or in general I think they are available in general because in the dark arts trailer where we basically play the companion quest of Sebastian Sallow, which is the companion for Slytherin there.

Here, we are a Hufflepuff student. So, I'm under the impression that this means we can actually choose the companion not based on the house, but based on sympathy basically. Gryffindor has not say Onai as a companion, but Hufflepuff has Poppy Sweeting as a companion. And as I said Sebastian Sallow is the companion for Slytherin. Ravenclaw is not known, yet I think on the next showcase, we might see something like that. And it is also very likely that there will be many many more each with their own story. If they're all very detailed like Sebastian Sallow's Quest, then the game is going to be just huge just based on the companion quests.

And also each house has its own ghost that is probably involved in the story a little bit. Because in the state of Play Trailer, we can actually see a little scene where the almost Headless Nick, ghost of Gryffindor floats next to the Gryffindor student and which is basically our character. So, the house ghost is maybe somehow involved in it and the Hufflepuff house ghost is the Fat Friar. And the Ravenclaw goes the Grey Lady and the Slytherin goes to the Bloody Baron. So, based on that, you might have it easier with your decisions - which house you should join in Hogwart's Legacy?

But, if you are still unsure in general, you can also answer a few questions on wizarding world.com and you'll be assigned to a house. So, the decision is basically made for you. If you now connect your Warner Brothers Games account and your platform, for example the PlayStation Network, you will also get some cool rewards like ropes or masks based on your house. And you can also take your house and your wand from the Wizarding World over to Hogwarts Legacy.

Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Playable In July 2023 At Exilecon

When it comes to Path of Exile, some RPG players who love the dark style will be familiar with it. This is the crystallization of the Diablo game inherited by the fanatic Diablo fan "Chris Wilson" after ten years of research. In addition to the various dungeons, weapon matching and other gameplay of traditional Diablo games, the game has also added a huge skill tree system. Adding points in the game can even make the talents and skills of each character point different from other players!

It is worth mentioning that, as a sequel to Path of Exile 1, Path of Exile 2 retains almost all gameplay, and even realizes dual-terminal intercommunication. The characters and items in the first generation will be transferred to the second generation. In terms of plot, Path Of Exile 2 tells the story that happened 20 years after Kitava's death. Naturally, this land is still full of monsters, which require players to explore and decrypt.

Path of Exile 2 is coming in July 2023

Developer Grinding Gear Games has confirmed that the long-awaited Path Of Exile 2 will be fully unveiled in 2023. The debut will be at Exilecon 2023. Until July, the game will also go to Gamescom for European players to enjoy. In fact, Path Of Exile 2 was originally slated for a 2022 release date, but it now looks like the sequel may be released in time for the series' tenth anniversary. As for the public beta time, it is still uncertain. But what is certain is that the exact time for the public beta will be announced when Path Of Exile2 is officially showcased at Exilecon.

Seeing that Blizzard's Diablo 4 is intensifying, here Grinding Gear Games also released a real machine demonstration of Path Of Exile 2 in April last year. Judging from the video, the game screen is as delicate as Diablo 4. Characters and enemies move in subtly different ways depending on the situation. Battles also leave physical scars on the environment, especially after intense battles, leaving piles of charred bodies and bones.

It is understood that Grinding Gear Games has invested a lot of effort into Path Of Exile 2, and it is expected to provide many new features, including 19 occupations, a new Skill Gems system, updated functions, and new weapons and armor. In addition, the sequel will delete 70% of the existing content. This is undoubtedly good news for new players, because they will no longer be confused by too much content!

Since the equipment no longer needs 6-Link, the first thing to delete is naturally Orb of Fusing. In addition, Portal Scroll, Sextant, Perandus Coin, Orb of Binding, Engineer's Orb, and all quality currencies will be removed. These currencies have always been less useful things when they were added.

Path of Exile 2 will come in July 2023

Most of the existing old season content will also be deleted, such as Manors, decryption, Heist Filters, etc. These contents will become an affix on the map, appear in the form of monster groups, and will also drop season unique items and Orb of Alchemy.

At the same time, the map will also delete the reflection modifiers, and Vaal Orbs will make the map modifiers * 2, up to 16 modifiers. Presumably, it will take a long time to farm a picture in the future, and it will no longer be possible to complete it in a few minutes or even tens of seconds like now. Orb of Alchemy needs to be combined with POE Currency to use it, and an Orb of Alchemy crafting table is added at the same time.

Overall, Path Of Exile 2 is basically a brand new game, and it no longer needs to be dragged down by various season content. The benefits of this are also obvious, at least newcomers don't have to re-study the old seasons one by one. With the injection of fresh blood, Path Of Exile 2 must be able to shine again.

Hades II Is Coming In 2023

Hades is a high-degree-of-freedom action game developed by Supergiant Games. It won the "Best Independent Game" and "Best Action Game" awards at TGA (The Game Awards) 2020.

Hades II is coming in 2023

At this year's TGA 2022 awards ceremony, that is, on December 9th, Supergiant Games officially announced Hades' sequel, Hades II. The studio attached two character designs and released the first trailer. It can be seen from the trailer that this new work is still the RougeLike gameplay familiar to players. Due to the huge success of the previous game, it's hard not to let players look forward to it.

What Is Hades II?

Hades II is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. In the game, you will use dark sorcery in the Underworld of Greek myth against the evil Titan of Time. Hades II is arguably Supergiant Games' first ever sequel. This new work will be developed on the basis of the original Hades, and will bring players a new, action-packed, infinitely replayable experience. However, the story line of the new work is still rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connection with the dawn of witchcraft.

In Hades II, you will explore a larger and deeper mythical world from the perspective of the Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. You too will defeat the power of the Titan of Time with the full support of Olympus behind you. With every setback and achievement you make, you'll be drawn deeper and deeper into an all-encompassing story. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve deeper into the ever-changing Underworld time and time again.

Who Is The Protagonist Of Hades II?

In Hades II, you play as the Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. She's an immortal witch and sorcerer with powerful magical abilities and deadly feats of shadowy weapons, and she has an old score to settle.

Melinoe Is The Protagonist Of Hades II

Like her older brother Zagreus in the first game, Melinoë is not an original Supergiant Games character, but is based on an ancient Underworld deity believed to be related to Hades. As a result, players' perspective on the Underworld expands as they explore her story and connection to her family.

Will Hades II Launch As An Early Access Game Initially?

Yes! Like its predecessor, Hades, Hades II will be in early access mode for a while until its official V1.0 release. Expect more information on Hades II early access sometime in 2023.

Early access means you'll be able to buy and play a beta version of Hades II, with the option to provide feedback and gameplay data. This will be invaluable to Supergiant Games as they work to perfect the game's potential. Feedbacks from the player community are fundamental to the design during development and was critical to the quality of the original game, so Supergiant Games plans to replicate that process in Hades II.

On Which Platforms Will Hades II Launch?

For this issue, Supergiant Games did not make a clear statement, they just expressed the hope that Hades II will eventually be released on PC and console platforms. Therefore, the platform on which Hades II will be released will not be revealed until the game is completed.

According to Supergiant Games' early plans, what we can know is that they will have an early access period for Hades II on PC, and it will be on Steam and the Epic Games Store at the same time.

Recently, Hades also took advantage of the popularity of Hades II to promote it on the Steam platform. Not only is it half price, but it's only $15.73. It can be seen that Hades has currently received a 98% favorable rate. Instead of waiting, you might as well experience Hades first, which may be helpful for you to experience new works later.

How To Get And Use Golden Parry Ash Of War In Elden Ring?

Ash Of War is actually a special item in Elden Ring. It can make parrying more cool and deadly and enables you to replace Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment with new ones or even one at all.

Since Ashes of War can be applied to most weapons and shields, you can tailor each type of weapon to your own builds and playstyle. Specifically, with Ashes of War, you can switch out the unique abilities of your weapons and use different abilities. This way the weapons you use can better match and optimize the builds you make. Of course, Ash of War is not a panacea. Some weapons have their own unique skills, which cannot be replaced by any Ash of War.

Elden Ring Ashes of War adds abilities to your weapons, changes their proportions, adds new attacks and more. Used correctly, these are powerful damage modifiers, and can open up any combat options you can apply them to. It's a powerful tool in Elden Ring, allowing you to get the best out of your weapons, and even adapting them to builds they didn't originally fit.

There are even some Ashes of War that can be used to further build a technique or a skill that existed in previous Souls games, like parrying. Actually parrying is done with smaller or medium shields. And this ability can cause massive counterattacks on unsuspecting enemies. If you use the Golden Parry Ash of War, parrying can also become more cool and deadly. So, where exactly can we find Golden Parry Ash of War?

Where Can We Find Golden Parry Ash Of War?

First, you'll have to find a way to get to the capital's outskirts, because later in the game you'll find the Golden Parry Ash Of War. To get there, you'll have to keep going until you find the Outwall Phantom Tree site of grace. From here, you'll need to keep heading north of you. Wait until a giant staircase appears in front of you and keep going up. Next, you are free to choose your way forward. Either fight the enemies you encounter, or ride torrent past the enemies. Whichever you choose, you'll have to find a way to find a little golden tree with a Golden Seed at the bottom.

where to find Golden Parry Ash of War

After you collect the Golden Seed on the small golden tree, please go to your right, and there will be another huge staircase in front of you. Go straight up in the direction of the stairs, and you'll come across a few small groups of puny soldiers. They can be dispatched quickly or ridden with ease. After you've dealt with them, go straight ahead along the left side of the stairs, and you'll find a scarab at the top of the stairs. Keep going up until you are able to jump to the platform area where the scarab is. In this area, you'll also encounter a group of soldiers. But fear not, you can skip fighting them directly by jumping over the railing on the left. All you need to do is walk right up to where the scarab is and try to kill it. That way, you can collect the Golden Parry Ash Of War that drops from it.

How To Use Golden Parry Ash Of War?

It's worth noting that each Ash of War can only be equipped on one weapon at a time. If you want to use the same Ash of War on a different weapon, you can simply unequip the Ash and switch it directly to the next weapon. It's also worth keeping in mind that Ashes of War in Elden Ring are limited to certain weapon and gear types. For example, the Ash of War: Thunderbolt can only be applied to melee weapons, not any other equipment. Similarly, the Ash of War: Parry skill only works on shields and certain small armaments.

how to use Golden Parry Ash of War

Since the arching golden light of Golden Parry Ash of War can expand the range of your parry ability, it is very powerful. Although it also has shortcomings, for example, its range is not moderate, and when the enemy attacks you, it can successfully distance you from the enemy. This parry has the same effect when you stun as well as distances you from the enemy, which is to make it take heavy hits in long-range and close-range connections. If you want to properly use Golden Parry Ash of War, you still need to calculate the parring time as usual. But the added distance in the process also gives you more room for error.

If you want to defeat the scarab and get the Golden Parry Ash of War more easily, it is especially important to use Elden Ring Runes to improve your strength!

Team Fortress 2 - A Game That Will Keep You Entertained Even If It's Free!

This free game developed and published by Valve was officially released on October 10, 2007. The game supports 26 languages including Chinese. Although this game did not become a free game before, but with time over time, this game has been opened for free to play, and has received a favorable rate of close to 95% in all game reviews.

What kind of game can make players so popular? Today I will introduce a wave of Team Fortress 2 to you! Although this game has been around for more than ten years, the most important thing is that it has not stopped updating. This game is one of the most popular online action games over the years. It updates free upgrade patches again and again, and adds more maps, modes, as well as equipment. This is one of the few in all games.

Team Fortress 2 is worth playing

Team Fortress 2 is well balanced. Although this game is not very accessible, it is definitely a good game for some players who want to try it. You don't need to spend money to buy items, because all you need is your own skills. There will be a large number of game modes for you to choose from in the game, and you can play according to your preferences. The most important point is that even if you don't know how to play, you can still be a support silently, attracting the firepower of others and you're done.

Game Screen

Although I don't know what the picture was like more than ten years ago, what is certain is that the current picture definitely has a picture quality experience comparable to that of third-person shooting games called Fortnite. These two games have similar cartoon character models, similar map structures, and weapon hitting effects, etc. And both of them have kept pace with the times, and will not affect the player's game experience at all because of the image quality.

Team Fortress 2 is free to play


Team Fortress 2 is a first-person perspective game. Although it is a multiplayer competitive game, it will not bring players the same frustration or poor experience as competitive games, nor will it make you lose your temper. Instead, its joyful game atmosphere can bring you a feeling of happiness. The game has nine modes: Payload, King of the hill, Control point, Capture the flag, Payload race, Attack defend, Special delivery, Random games and Mann versus Machine. No matter which mode you choose, you can spend your game time very happily. Of course, it would be even better if you bring your own friends.

Game Content

In addition to the above-mentioned game modes, the second is the equipment of the game and the costumes of the characters. Nine different types of arms have different combinations of combat capabilities and personalities, and also have different battlefield positioning. Players can play the game according to their preferences. Secondly, hundreds of weapon hats in the game allow players to collect, synthesize, purchase and trade by themselves. Of course, you can also use Metal directly to get these things.

In short, this game is very worthy of players to play, and the Metacritic evaluation of 92 points is enough to support the excellence of this game.

How Fun Is The Ultra-popular Hot Style Goose Goose Duck?

The popularity of Among Us and Fall Guys has made Party Game a force that cannot be ignored in the game market in recent years. However, as previously reported by GameLook, for party games developed by small teams on Steam, due to the lack of publicity resources, whether they can become popular often requires some luck in addition to the hard power of the product itself.

Recently, a party game that has been online for more than a year has become the latest lucky guy on this track. According to data from SteamDB, this game named Goose Goose Duck has suddenly exploded after a year of innocence. Moreover, the number of online users of this game on Steam is temporarily ranked Top 17, becoming a masterpiece comparable to many FPS and MMO ultra-popular hot styles.

So, the question also arises, how fun is Goose Goose Duck?

An Upgraded Version Of Among Us?

Goose Goose Duck has a rather nonsensical setting: a group of geese made a spaceship ready to go to space, but mixed ducks and other birds into it. According to different camps, players need to work together with their allies to complete a series of tasks in order to win the victory for their camp.

Does this setting sound familiar? That's right, in various senses, Goose Goose Duck has many similarities with Among Us, the big hit among space werewolves. For example, similar space settings, similar character styles, and of course similar gameplay. However, if Goose Goose Duck is just a skinned version of Among Us, it is obviously impossible to be so popular. Simply put, Goose Goose Duck is more like an upgraded version of Among Us.

Goose Goose Duck is worth playing

In the past, The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow products were often divided into two camps, good guys and bad guys. In the good guys camp, the largest number are generally ordinary villagers without special abilities. This can balance the difficulty caused by the different numbers of the two camps. However, for ordinary villagers, the game experience is often quite bad, and they are often killed by werewolves without any achievements.

In contrast, Goose Goose Duck has an astonishing 30 kinds of professions, although it also includes the most common goose, but obviously there are far more players with occupations than other products, which also ensures that the game experience of players is not too short boring. Of course, this also leads to a problem: if all members are ruthless, wouldn't it be difficult for the camp of bad guys who do not have the upper hand to win?

In order to solve this problem, Goose Goose Duck also changed the design of the camp. In addition to the "good and bad" camp in the traditional sense, there are also some third-party camps. For example, for the role of Dumbbird, its combat goal is to be voted out by the big geese as a bad duck to win. Therefore, the big geese need to beware of these players who deliberately show their "duck" feet, and the ducks can also use the self-explosive flow. The way of playing is pretending to be a dumb bird, disturbing the cognition of the big geese.

The addition of third-party camps not only significantly improves the balance between camps, but also makes the experience of the game itself extremely brain-burning. Since each game can have up to 16 players joining at the same time, the game process is often full of unexpected emergencies, and it is not difficult for players to be so superior. Some players even left a message on Steam saying, "Before playing the game, I felt quite normal, but after I finished playing, I was mentally retarded."

Free To Download And Experience

The success of Goose Goose Duck is also inseparable from its business model. Today, Among Us is still a buyout game on Steam, but Goose Goose Duck has chosen the same free and in-app purchase model as Fall Guys today. The business model that everyone can experience for free will undoubtedly attract more players to test the water.

Goose Goose Duck is free to download

In terms of internal purchases, the current main payment point for this product is the sale of skins and decorations. These payment elements will not affect the player's game experience. In addition, although there are some elements involving item charges, such as special pets that provide game currency bonuses, the impact on the value is also very weak.

It is worth mentioning that Goose Goose Duck is also a cross-platform product. In addition to PC (Steam) and Mac, this game also supports Android and iOS smartphones. Sensor Tower data shows that the mobile game version of this product has been downloaded millions of times on both platforms, but the revenue is relatively bleak. Players' willingness to pay for this type of product is still a problem that party games need to continue to explore .

Therefore, how long the Goose Goose Duck, which became popular overnight, will remain popular is still a topic worthy of continuous attention. But it is foreseeable that Goose Goose Duck will not be the last popular party game. This simple and joyful multiplayer social game category will still have a steady stream of new surprises in the future.

Why Is Terraria So Popular On Steam?

Compared to Minecraft, Terraria may not be so familiar. But it is also a sandbox legend, which is completely different from the game charm brought by Minecraft. Terraria focuses on exploration, focusing on collection and growth, with the ultimate goal of saving the world. But it is food for thought, is the player's activity really beneficial to the world of Terraria? In this issue, let us enter the world of Terraria to find the answer to this question!
Terraria is worth playing

Terraria is a high-degree-of-freedom sandbox game developed by Re-Logic. It was released on PC on May 16, 2011, and entered the switch platform on December 19, 2019. Of course, this game is also available on mobile phones. And Terraria also received rave reviews on Steam, with 22w evaluations and a 97% favorable rate.

Ingenious Cthulhu Style

The advancement of Terraria's plot depends entirely on the guide's prompts. The guide often only speaks a few words, and never urges the player to do something. It is more like explaining and telling you the conditions for summoning each npc. I never say much about the plot of the game, only occasionally mentioning how to make boss summons. The plot itself is also driven by players exploring and killing bosses, so the game itself has very little plot. For players who really love this game, this kind of fragmented plot may often make them think hard, hoping to combine such fragmented information into a complete story. And when its idea can really justify itself, the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is irreplaceable.

Of course, most of the bosses in this game are designed in Cthulhu style, from the eyeball of the first boss Cthulhu, or the guardian of the dungeon, Skeleton King, Roshan, and even the Moon Lord, you can see clearly Cthulhu style. There are not only more than 30 bosses but also special events. Do you think that after your house is built, you can sit back and relax after the npc lives in it? It's not that simple. Various special events are waiting for you to experience.

Picture Quality

Terraria is sandbox games as you see. But it is worth mentioning that its novel 2D design surprised me. It not only has the ordinary block setting of 2D plane, but also the setting of background curtain wall. You can also use a hammer to knock the block into the shape you want. All aspects perfectly meet your architectural needs. Of course, some npcs in the game also have very high requirements for buildings. You need to build a room that meets his requirements for him to live in, such as a room with decorative flags or furniture, or there are also requirements for the size of the room.

As a game that mainly promotes the collection of adventure monsters, let's not talk about the number of weapons themselves. The ranks of weapons and equipment in this game are as many as 11, and the enchanting attributes of equipment prefixes are as many as 112. Of course, through equipment configuration, it can basically be said to have all regular occupations in RPG. However, since there is no talent tree in this work, various armor set attributes are added to separate the occupations of players. Of course, this work also includes a fashion system. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the armor, you can completely make up for it through fashion. In addition to armor, weapons, fashion, accessories and potions that are often found in rpg games are also essential. In this game, accessories mainly provide various special functions such as immunity to all buffs, flying, or increasing attack power.

Why Terraria Is Worth Playing

Although the 2D sandbox style is indeed sometimes unacceptable, it is still very good to get used to it. What I have to complain about is that the overly simple attack action of this work is a bit disappointing. In addition, for new players, if you don't check the strategy and don't like to watch the narration of the game, playing this game alone may dissuade you. Although it is fun to dig, explore, and find treasure chests all the time, but after a long time, the main plot has not changed at all, and the unchanging daily life and world may really make you feel bored. For veteran players, it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait for each update to continue exploring Terraria. But this does not affect that this is a good game and a masterpiece.

what you can do in Terraria

As far as I concerned, Terraria is still very fun, especially when you play online with your friends. One person cuts trees to build a home, one person hunts monsters and explores, and others can mine and develop technology. Sometimes in order to collect special dropped items to brush monsters together, complain about the European origin of the playmates. Or discuss the history of the Terraria world together. The charm of this kind of game has deeply attracted me. Of course, I hope that the game positioning of this work will not be too high. This is a casual game that can even be played on mobile phones. For players who like 2D horizontal version of the game, this game is definitely not to be missed.

Significant Note You Have to Know in 2023 New World Roadmap

Amazon Games' New World has made big changes in its first year online with major updates on a regular basis that have addressed many of the issues players had at launch. Nearly every month since its release, New World's updates have introduced new content, weapons, events, system reworks, and quality-of-life changes that have significantly improved the game in many areas. As a result, leveling has become quicker, crafting is easier, combat is more fluid, the early game is more streamlined, and there's plenty of content for endgame players. While the game's population may not be what it was in its early days, current New World players seem to be growing more satisfied with the experience.

2Significant Note You Have to Know in 2023 New World Roadmappng

A roadmap revealing many of the biggest changes coming to New World has been revealed during the New World Dev Update for December, including some features that have long been requested by players. New World will soon be getting transmog, gear set storage, 20-player groups, changes to crafting tiers, territory wars, and some challenging new PVE content.

20221222152Significant Note You Have to Know in 2023 New World Roadmapg

Let's get into it and see what they have in store for us over the next few months. First I would like to just say I really like this dev blog a ton more than usual, this one was a lot more relaxed showing out takes cracking jokes, and the best part it wasn't two hours long, it was just a nice short chat about what's coming.

Winter Convergence

So the first thing they talked about was The Winter Convergence of 2022. We can expect this to hit live in the next couple of weeks, if you guys didn't play last year, at this time let me just start by saying. This was the best event in my opinion that new world has ever had. it had different things you could do quests collecting the meteors, killing the yetis, it was just an all-around fun event, and the decorations around the settlements really gave the game a nice feeling during the holidays. This year they're adding a few new things, there will be a new world boss, a new quest associated with the winter warrior. This guy will be big, and dangerous, much like the real Halloween event boss. I'm excited to see if they will continue with last year theme and give us a bunch of new home decor and skins. One thing a bit silly with this year's event is they chose the same style of settlement Decor on Brimstone, a desert it's burning hot, but in town you're in a snow globe sort of situation. But anyway not a huge deal, it's just for fun.

Territory Control

The next thing they talked about was Territory Control, they're making three big changes in December in terms of wars and territory influence. The first change will be an introduction of a company leave cooldown, this cooldown will last 72 hours, and during that time you can participate in any activity associated with territory control, so it will become more important for people to really think before leaving a company. The next big change will be to war roster limits, they will be implementing a new mercenary limit, they wanted mercenaries to still be a thing to allow players to still participate and show support for their faction, or potentially show their ability to get recruited. But they wanted to limit it, so what they will be doing is setting the mercenary limit for a territory defense team to be 10, and the attacking teams will be set to 25 mercenary cap. They are also introducing a daily War limit, the limit will be one attack and one defense per day, and this limit will be account wide per world. So if you have multiple characters per server, you will still be locked on both.

I know these changes will piss off some players out there, but I think it is a good step. it will allow more players and more companies to get on the map, and allow people to have access to a system that before was controlled by a very small group of players.

They also emphasize that this is a December change only, not the end. They will be watching Territory Control and all those systems closely, and will continue to make changes moving forward that will improve them.

Crafting Stations

They talked about how they are changing crafting stations, what they are doing is making all procedural recipes, not have a crafting station tier requirement, stuff that has drop down menus. When I heard this a few months ago was exactly what they addressed, so that's pretty awesome, which was why would any company bother to spend going to upgrade anything. There are still huge benefits to upgrading, you will still need High tier stations for high-end specialty stuff, named items and that kind of thing but also the higher tier stations will offer lower reductions in crafting costs, as well as the new territory control.

New cinematics, quality-of-life changes, a hardcore Sandworm Elite Trial for the toughest PVE players, cross-world Outpost Rush, and a free weekend are just a few of the other things to look forward to in the near future. I do believe that more contents will released and waiting for players to explore in the New World future.

The Last of Us Part II: Miracle of the Ninth Art? or Just a Rubbish?

TGA, aka The Game Awards, has been successfully completed a few days ago. With heart beating brand new game trailers, Great battle between Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök, and of course Bill Clinton win the Game of the Year, it is hard to express that TGA 2022 is not good enough.

Currently lot of people put their sight further, predicting 2023 game industry form, and dig into overhaul technology to game immersions. But from my perspective, with a new TV series released, maybe it is the perfect timing to rewind a little bit to a massive controversial games two years age, I bet you guys already feel what I want to discuss, the Game of the Year 2020, The last of Us II.

20The Last of Us Part II: Miracle of the Ninth Art? or Just a Rubbish?ng

Gameplay and Vision Performance

There is much to admire in Naughty Dog's ultra-dark revenge video game The Last Of Us Part II. And there is much to critique. The devs who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the game deserve praise for its technical achievements. The writers who mangled the story deserve the lumps that follow.

Despite its gore and violence, The Last Of Us Part II is a beautiful game, with renditions of post-apocalyptic Seattle and Santa Barbara that are simply staggering in detail and scope. The sights and sounds of this game are lush and lovely, gruesome and harrowing. In terms of presentation, The Last Of Us Part II is easily one of the best of the current generation.

The first game didn't have much going for it in the gameplay department, neither game is particularly strong as an action/shooter, and each forces players to spend far too much time tediously picking up odds and ends in order to craft bombs and med, kits, and ammo for your routinely empty firearms. (There's a setting that makes this somewhat less tedious in the sequel). But I do love the process of gun transformation in The Last Of Us Part II, absolutely vivid and attractive, hint how much developers paid on in-game details. So when it comes to gameplay, both games are fine.

20The Last of Us Part II: Miracle of the Ninth Art? or Just a Rubbish?gaw

Comparing the previous version, The Last Of Us Part II did an amazing update, open world, more characters, more weapons and fight systems. But we both know the result - most controversial game among the play community, two groups of players totally stand the opposite sides, no one can convince each others, even after two year those controversies still exist. What led to this situation?

Disastrous Narrative

There is only one correct answer to the question "How many lives would you sacrifice to save humanity?"

For the Last Of Us Part I, lackluster gameplay was more than made up for by a compelling story filled with complex characters in a gritty, intriguing post-apocalyptic world. It didn't hurt that it also had one of the best endings in video games, period.

It was an ending that deserved to be just that, the end of Joel and Ellie's story, unresolved and bittersweet. Brittle and precarious and powerful all at once. A happy ending in many ways, but an unsettling one, too.

Joel's was a lie told out of love, but it was still a lie. He kept that secret for the same reason he rescued Ellie from the Fireflies. Because he couldn't stand to lose his daughter. Not again.

That same lie kicks off the events in The Last Of Us Part II, but it quickly runs roughshod over everything we loved about the first game, trampling even our high opinions of the protagonists in the process. What follows is a too-pretentious-by-half story of nonsensical revenge and relentless violence. It masquerades at depth and meaning but fails to deliver either.

For Naughty Dog, the Sony-owned studio behind the series, the safe thing to do from a financial standpoint would have been to continue the first game's story in a predictable way that kept fans happy, as the makers of Marvel and Star Wars movies have done so profitably. But The Last of Us Part II does nothing of the sort. Instead, the punishingly bleak sequel kills off the original's main character and turns the secondary hero into a villain. It takes violence to a level that is uncomfortable even by the standards of video games, and seemingly does everything in its power to make gamers feel bad about the act of playing it.

Arrogant Screenwriter

Enough Budget, amazing technology, outstanding characters, charming views, tons of fans, why The Last of Us Part II step into the black hole? Just one single fool, selfish writer is enough, Neil Druckmann.

20221216154128The Last of Us Part II: Miracle of the Ninth Art? or Just a Rubbish?ng

Revenge can be fun. John Wick does "fun revenge" very well. I remember watching Braveheart for the first time and William Wallace's revenge was thrilling. But the moral of the story in serious works of fiction is that revenge is bitter (not bittersweet) and never quite plays out the way you'd hoped. It creates a cycle of violence that hurts everyone caught up in its wake. Hamlet is consumed by his desire for revenge - prompted by the ghost of his father - but in the end it just means that everyone dies, including innocents like Polonius and Ophelia and, though she's perhaps a little less innocent, Hamlet's mother as well. Revenge, like that green-eyed monster, jealousy, is dangerous. Something to be avoided if at all possible. Even justifiable revenge, kill can lead to all sorts of problems.

What this game needed in the end was grace. The kind of strange, unsettling thing that comes over someone when they suddenly realize something profound and choose to take a different path. When Ellie sees her emaciated enemy hanging from a poll and, instead of feeling gleeful satisfaction, feels only horror and pity, she acted with grace and mercy and, in that moment, became the person we hoped she would become. It was never about killing Abby. It was about Ellie finding her own redemption.

And then they throw it all away.

Two angry, beat up, half-dead murderesses slicing each other over and over again in the shallows, blood and saltwater spraying everywhere, until suddenly Ellie gives up and let's Abby go. Again. I'm not one to usually criticize games for their violence, but this felt exploitative to me. And redundant. All that potential for mercy and grace lost.

The ending could have worked with mercy or revenge as the outcome, but apparently the writers had trouble making up their minds about which direction they wanted to go, and decided to try and have their cake and eat it, too. The result feels sloppy, repetitive and frustrating.

Overall Review

The Last of Us Part II is one of the toughest gaming experiences I've ever endured, and writing about that experience is equally difficult. I loved the original Last of Us despite the story far outshining the gameplay, but thought it didn't need a sequel. The ambiguity of Ellie's final word, "Okay," before the credits rolled earned The Last of Us a top spot for best video game endings of all time.

Furthermore, the sort of hate that is being leveled at the game itself is primarily homophobic, misogynistic, and transphobic in nature - attitudes beneath contempt. Unfortunately, that disturbing and abusive behavior has been conflated by Naughty Dog - and Neil Druckmann in particular - with respectful criticism of the game itself, notably the writing and pacing issues that I personally found grating. Moments in this game are exceptional, thus the devil deserves to be given its due before exorcising it.

202The Last of Us Part II: Miracle of the Ninth Art? or Just a Rubbish?png

Undoubtedly, The Last of Us Part II will be fondly remembered as the Playstation 4's swan song in the way that the original Last of Us game was for the Playstation 3. Purely in terms of technical achievement, Part II is a must-play for owners of the current generation consoles, and our own Andy Webb reviewed this game as "groundbreaking."

But in terms of narrative, I almost wish that Part II was never made, that the original game would forever live on as lightning in a bottle, the one zombie game that rose to the cream of the crop in an overly saturated genre. And though the sequel has moments of greatness that occasionally top the original, Part II leaving me cold at the idea of any future Last of Us games.

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