How To Marry Your Favorite NPC In Stardew Valley?

As a very good pixel game, Stardew Valley has a lot of new players because of its excellent plot and various ways of playing, and the old players have been unable to let it go. I am a big fan of this game.

If you are new to this game, you must not know that you can marry NPCs in it, right? Today, I will introduce to you in detail how to marry your favorite NPC in Stardew Valley.

how to marry in Stardew Valley

When the favorability between the player and the villagers reaches the level of best friends (10 hearts), they can get married. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, the marriageable object has a "single" status in the social key. To fall in love, the player must purchase a special bouquet from Pierre's General Store, which will only be sold after the player's friendship with any marriageable NPC reaches eight hearts.

After the favorability reaches eight hearts, the player must send a bouquet to unlock the 10-heart limit, so that the favorability can continue to rise. And then you can send gifts normally to increase the favorability. In the old version, multiple bouquets can be sent to the same NPC in one day. And the bouquets are not counted in the number of gifts, and each gift can increase 25 points of favorability (1/10 heart).

After a recent update, the same NPC can only be gifted a bouquet once during a relationship. You can send bouquets to multiple NPCs at one time, and the favorability of each NPC will not be affected unless the player is married. After sending a bouquet to an NPC, an icon of the bouquet will appear next to the avatar of the corresponding NPC in the Favorability List, and indicate "Boyfriend" or "Girlfriend". After sending the NPC bouquet, if you don't send the NPC gift for a period of time, the favorability will drop.

You can buy a Mermaid Pendant from Old Mariner

If you want to get engaged, you must send a Mermaid Pendant. It is a token of love, you can get married immediately after giving it to a specific person. Players can buy the Mermaid Pendant at the Old Mariner on the beach for 5,000 gold.

To find him, you must meet the following requirements. First, you need to repair the wooden bridge with 300 lumber. The second is that you have to upgrade the farmhouse at least once. Under normal circumstances, the Old Mariner only appears in rainy days (spring, summer and autumn). If you want to get married in winter, you can use the totem to pray for rain and make the Old Mariner appear.

The wedding was held early in the morning three days after the proposal. After the ceremony, the player and spouse will return to the hallway of the farmhouse at 6:00 am. If an event like festival or farm house completion occurs, the wedding will be skipped.

With the continuous update of Stardew Valley, the game has added many new elements in the link of marriage.The developer confirmed that in version 1.1, Shane and Emily will be added to the marriageable objects. In version 1.3, online players can be married, and can buy the formula for wedding rings in the travel cart. And the wedding ceremony can be held in the morning after giving the ring and three days after the engagement.

Is New World Worth Playing In 2023?

New World is an MMORPG launching on September 28, 2021. The background of the game is set on the fictional supernatural world of Aeternum Island in the 17th century. Players will explore and fight, build their own characters, and create another self among three factions that are constantly vying for towns and territories.

The environment and picture creation of New World are expressed in an open 3D form. The vision is exquisite and can even be used as a wallpaper. And the character modeling is also very good. The game tells why players want to go to Aeternum Island at the beginning. A person whose body has changed found the captain and told the story about Aeternum Island, so the captain went to that mysterious place. But when he arrived, the captain's fleet encountered the situation that the person told. Afterwards, the player encounters the corrupted captain.

Following the quest process, players can gradually understand and experience the world. And the main line and branch lines basically follow the consistent process of massively multiplayer online games. Specifically, it is collecting items, killing monsters, and talking with NPCs. In addition, there are various tasks related to city construction and faction reputation, etc. Through these, players can find suitable weapons and complete the tasks they want and trade with other players.

New World has three factions

Players can join three different factions, the Syndicate, Covenant, and Marauders. These three factions are constantly fighting for control of towns and territories. And as players, we also belong to different camps after choosing our own faction, and jointly complete the construction of towns and produce goods. Players can also buy houses and settle in their own faction.


The novice tutorial of the game is more detailed. Players can use different weapons to attack, and each weapon has its own proficiency. After using the weapon frequently, you can gain skills and upgrade them. It can be said that the game does not have a specific profession, and it can also be said that the weapon used is the profession. Of course, weapons and tools have a certain endurance, and they will be damaged after the endurance is consumed.

Depending on the weapon you use, you can also change your professions. The profession is divided into two types: long-range and melee. Such as long-range Fire Magic, Life Magic, Ice Magic, Bow, Musket, and melee Sword and Shield, Greatsword, Hatchet, Spear, Great Axe, and War Hammer.

Each weapon can be equipped with three skills, such as Fire Magic's Fire's Reach, Sword and Shield's Reverse Stab, etc. The three skills are released during the battle and the specific three skills are selected by the player. Have different cooldowns. At the same time, after the character is upgraded, the attribute points also affect the player's use of weapons. Each weapon has two branches of combat skills, the main skill and the passive skill. The rich skill tree system makes the weapon skills of this game a feature, and it is also a point that impresses me deeply.


In fact, many construction games have a survival mode, and this game integrates it. In the game, players can carry out mining, hunting, skinning, logging, harvesting and fishing that survival games have. And these form different life skills. Players can choose what they like to improve their proficiency. As the level increases, more collectible items and resources that can be detected will be unlocked. At the same time, we can collect resources in the wild to make bonfires to make medicines and rest to restore health. In addition to using potions, your HP can also be recovered by hunting, making food and drinking water, which is quite like Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are different crafting stations in the city. After collecting enough materials, we can use these to craft and upgrade the level. Raising the level will unlock higher resources. In layman's terms, it is life skills. Some players like to make armor weapons, some like to cook, some like to make furniture and handmade jewelry, etc. These all take time to improve proficiency and level. Players can choose one or two to upgrade, or slowly accumulate with the game time and slow to master all. Pretty good.

New World has different survival skills

Fast teleportation is also designed in the game, but fast teleportation needs to consume a currency called Azoth. If this currency is not enough, then you cannot quickly move between big cities. After death, you can choose to be reborn at the nearest found teleportation point and bonfire in the set initial city. But there are different cooling rates and limits.

Sense Of Experience

Both the sense of strike and the sound effect make the feeling of blocking and attacking very good, and the flat slash also uses the form of three combos. Different weapon combinations can form different teams. For example, Fire Magic can summon fireballs in a certain range. Of course, blocking and dodging with Great Axe will consume stamina. In terms of movements, climbing cannot climb rocks, you can stand on fences, climb over fences, etc. The overall feeling is very smooth.

There will be random monster attacks on the map, and all bosses are basically above level 25. When your main line reaches level 20, you can form a team to play dungeons and fight bosses to obtain high-level equipment. The follow-up battles between players between factions, and even siege games are even more exciting.

Here I want to talk about farming maps of this game. Except for fast teleportation, it can only rely on legs, and there is no automatic running. You only have automatic pathfinding based on the route, and there is no mount system, so it will consume a certain amount of time on the road.

In addition to various materials collected in the wild, there are also fantasy plants that we have never seen. At the same time, there are treasure chests and documents where some monsters are located, which can be collected and read. There will also be some fragmented information about the world in the city. We can learn a lot by collecting these.

New World integrates survival production into open world MMORPG, creating a unique legendary story under the background of the 17th century. Different weapons and rich weapon skill trees allow players to choose more freely in team combination and weapon specialization .The diverse elements such as survival, collection, production and exploration are the characteristics of this game. The choice of different factions, the battle between PVE and PVP all make this game more challenging and sustainable. Therefore, New World is a game well worth the time to play.

Five Coolest Player Nicknames In NBA 2K23

In the NBA, many players have their own unique nicknames. When it comes to these nicknames, fans can quickly think of the corresponding players. However, when asked where these nicknames come from, fans are often left speechless.

In fact, some of these epithets were awarded to players by the NBA community, and some players used their original nicknames directly after entering the league because they had a befitting moniker themselves.

If someone asks what the coolest nickname in league history is, "Magic" is the first thing that pops into my mind. However, because the name has spread so widely in the basketball world, many people don't know what the Hall of Famer's real name is.

Without further ado, let's reveal the answer directly. This player is the famous Earvin Johnson. Earvin Johnson has been known to cause a stir no matter what level of game he plays. Especially when he was 15 years old in one game, he scored an incredible 30 points alone, including 20 rebounds and 19 assists. He also became famous and was given the pseudonym "Magic" by a sports reporter.

In recent years, due to the continuous emergence of outstanding players, more and more cool nicknames have appeared in the NBA. Next, I will focus on the top five coolest current NBA player nicknames.

Top 5 Kyle Anderson - Slo-Mo

Kyle Anderson's most accurate nickname is "Slo-Mo" since "Slo-Mo" is the primary style of play for the forward on Kyle Anderson's team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Kyle Anderson

Anderson's approach to combat is very cautious. So, you often see an interesting phenomenon in him. That is, even if the shooting time is about to end, he will not shoot easily. This results in his release rate being the lowest in the league.

For most of Anderson's career, he was basically a role player and often came off the bench. As a result, he averaged 7.2 points per game in his first season with the Timberwolves while shooting 40.9 percent from the field.

Top 4 Kawhi Leonard - The Claw

Kawhi Leonard earned the nickname "The Claw" because of his unusually large hands. Visually speaking, the way Leonard takes the ball every time is as easy as an eagle grasping its prey from above with its talons.

Kawhi Leonard

Although it is said that almost all NBA players will have the skill of controlling the ball with their hands, Leonard's ball-handling ability is one of the best among all players. It is also because of Leonard's superior ball-handling ability that helped him win the NBA Finals MVP awards twice.

Top 3 Nikola Jokic - Joker

In general, you rarely see a second-round pick turn into one of the most incredible talents in the league. But Nikola Jokic has done it, and proved that no matter where he is selected in the draft, he will play at a superior level.

Nikola Jokic

Jokic's "Joker" nickname was given to him by his coach Mike Miller in 2017. Jokic used to be called "Big Honey", but he prefers to be called "Joker". He was given this nickname purely because of his amazing ability, especially his passing ability.

Jokic has been the reigning league MVP for two seasons as a big man for the Denver Nuggets. At the same time, he's also the only second-rounder to win the MVP award.

Top 2 Steph Curry - Baby-Faced Assassin

If you only observe Steph Curry from the outside, you will find that he has an innocent face and is personable. But on the court, you will find that this guard from the Golden State Warriors perfectly interprets "appearances are deceiving."

Steph Curry

Curry's ball-handling is outstanding, and his three-point shooting rate is extremely high. Specifically, he is the historical three-pointer leader and holds the record for the most three-pointers made in a single season. That's why Curry was nicknamed "Baby-Faced Assassin".

Top 1 Kevin Durant - Slim Reaper

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest scorers in league history. Because of his nearly seven-foot height and superb guard ability, basically no player can guard him.

Kevin Durant

It is precisely because Kevin Durant's offensive ability is very strong, he is currently one of the most dangerous offensive players in the league. The nickname "Slim Reaper" is apt given how he scares opposing defenders.

All of the above are digressions from NBA games. If you want to improve the player's strength faster and win the game in NBA 2K23, then preparing lots of NBA 2K23 MT in advance is a good choice.

Why Everyone Cheering for the Sequel of Roguelike Game Hades in TGA

The Game Awards happened a few days ago, but we're not here to talk about every details. What we're here to discuss, is Supergiant Games surprising every rouguelike players by breaking its “no-sequel” tradition in announcing Hades II releasing.

202Why Everyone Cheering for the Sequel of Roguelike Game Hades in TGApg

You may ask what is Hades? Back to 2020, action-roguelike Hades saw Zagreus battling his way up from Hades (the place) to meet his estranged bio-mom, Persephone. Hades was my game of the year 2020. I don't mean to say that Hades is objectively the best, because that's an impossible metric (and also Baldur's Gate 3 isn't out yet). Rather, developer Supergiant's Greek mythology-flavored action roguelike was, improbably, the game that best characterizes the year 2020.

20Why Everyone Cheering for the Sequel of Roguelike Game Hades in TGAvvvg

Hades, which entered early access in 2018 and launched offical version in PC and Switch platforms, after almost two years of additional development. More than that, it is a game whose structure and story are both rooted in repeated, inescapable failure. As Zagreus, the son of Hades, you try to slash, shield bash, spear, bow, punch, and gun your way out of hell, but no matter how many demonic shades fall after (ode to a Grecian) earning your ire, you end up back where you started.

Outstanding Narrative and Character:

This review discusses Hades' story in depth and includes both minor and major spoilers. If you haven't finished the game, and I mean really finished it, and wish to avoid spoilers, probably skip those sections.

Supergiant describes Hades as a roguelike, but only because there's not really a good genre descriptor that sums up what it really is. In between action-based runs through the ever-shifting halls of Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and the Temple of Styx, you spend ample time talking to various gods, goddesses, shades (ghosts, basically), and Dusa, who defies categorization. Also Cerberus, who is both bigger than all other dogs and has three heads, thus making him quantifiably the best boy. You can give these characters gifts to strengthen your bonds, but just conversing with them over the course of countless runs is enough to peel back many of their layers.

You get to know these characters as 10 hours give way to 20, 30, 60, and onward. When I first encountered Achilles while playing Hades, I thought he was a dreary shadow perpetually posed against the same dull wall. Now, months later, he's like a father, brother, and maybe more to me, a font of generosity in spite of his own past failures. These slow-build interactions, which sometimes move at a speed akin to that of real-life relationships, are just as central to Hades as making a mess of Hell on your way to the surface.

Characters, in turn, react to your progress and deeds, some of which come to directly involve them. Given the number of possible permutations of your progress both through the game and with various characters, it is a mind-bogglingly complex narrative system that somehow manages to feel coherent at almost all times.

In fact everyone, including main antagonist Hades and the universally reviled Theseus, has this caring softness to them that enhances their blinding attractiveness to cosmic levels. Zagreus, full of concern for his friend Dusa, asks her if she's okay with him killing other gorgons. Asterius, slain by Theseus in life, becomes bound to him by camaraderie and respect in death. Even Megaera, after being slain by Zagreus countless times, develops a fondness for him, and warns him to be careful whenever he ventures out to escape. Everyone loves everyone else and that is just so awesome to see, especially in 2022 when even human compassion is in rare supply.

In a mythos wherein the gods are usually portrayed as hateful, backstabbing, narcissists, Supergiant made these gods beautiful—inside and out.

Amazing Game Play:

It didn't take very long for me to fall in love with Hades, Supergiant's take on the roguelike genre. It's not just that the core gameplay loop was enticing, but seemingly every aspect of the game seemed to ooze quality and egged me on to play some more. There is something fascinating about how this game feels so complete and incredible.

I used the genre of roguelike to refer to this game, but truth be told, depending on who you ask, this classification has vastly different meanings. For the purpose of this article, here's what I used the term to identify key elements of the gameplay loop: floor-based progression, random power-ups throughout the progression and start-over on death. This classification puts Hades there along with games like FTL, Slay the Spire, The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and many more; games that have vastly different mechanics but whose core appeals remain similar.

This basic loop is very popular nowadays and for good reason: it's incredibly compelling. The floor-based structure makes progression towards success very easy to quantify and encourages the player to push forward. Random power-ups ensure each attempt is different and presents an opportunity for synergies, making the player looking forward to those "god-runs". And the start-over on death wraps it all together. Hades supplements this with a very satisfying combat system which ensures the compelling aspects of the loop are backed up by a fun overall experience. And this is the core loop that every other element of Hades feeds into.

One of the main ways that this loop is reinforced is through the use of multiple global progression axes. More classical roguelikes only have the player expertise getting better through multiple runs. Hades gives the player ways to make each attempt easier through multiple ways. The mirror makes the player stronger, by giving them more health, starting gold, or luck for example. The weapons offer different play styles and can be further customized and upgraded. Even the rooms can be upgraded with chest and pots that grant rewards or be fit with healing fountains.

Each axis of progression requires resources that can be acquired during the runs. This method of multiple axes of progression has very strong effects on the main loop.

First, it creates two different paradigms for each run: getting as far as possible or amassing resources. This in turns reduces the amount of "bad runs" since weaker runs can be used to gather resources instead, the player still feels like they're accomplishing something. That completely discourages the player from abandoning a run, a mechanic too often seen in other games of the genre (looking at you, Spelunky).

The second effect is that with multiple axes of global progression, each player can more easily reach a state of flow. Since how far you go is based both on skill and the character's power, the player doesn't get exposed to more information than their current skill level can handle.

All in all, It's no surprise that this game is a masterpiece since it's built on every other game Supergiant has made before. It is built upon their strengths and vision and their amazing capacity for creativity and humanity. Even though the game depicts an endless fight against established power, it somehow provides much needed fun in these troubled times.

Impressive Soundtrack

For a game that imaginatively reinvented Greek mythology to craft a difficult but immensely rewarding experience, Hades required an engrossing soundtrack. Redditor Rectacrab thinks it delivers more than just that, calling the score "so so good" and highlighting pieces like "Rage of the Myrmidons" that made the Elysium sequence unforgettable.

Darren Korb may be best known as the voice of Zagreus in the game, but he has also composed the music for every Supergiant Games title, including Hades. What makes the soundtrack great is that every single floor has its own distinctive feel, often incorporating unusual instruments and different cultural influences, yet it manages to feel like a cohesive soundtrack.

A New Feature Called Trading Post Is Coming To World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

Just a few days ago, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launched a new cosmetic collection feature that has similarities to a Battle Pass. This new World of Warcraft feature is called Trading Post. The purpose of this feature is to make it easier for players to obtain rare and exclusive cosmetics while playing the game.

Trading Post

If you have experienced World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, chances are you know that there are a total of four Major Factions in Dragon Isles, namely the Dragonscale Expedition, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur, and Valdrakken Accord. A new Trading Post has been added in the capital of each faction.

a new Trading Post feature is coming to WoW Dragonflight

This is a special market where players can get unique weapon and armor transmogs, pets, and mounts. Inventory in each Trading Post is also refreshed every month. If you are more interested in a certain item, you can also choose to freeze this item to save it for the next month. The Trading Posts themselves undergo some noticeable changes each month, with new and novel inventories displayed on the armor racks each time, and brand new mounts placed in the stables.

Trader's Tender

What you need to pay special attention to is that no matter which Trading Post you are in, you will need to use a new currency called "Trader's Tender" to trade. So, what channel should you use to get Trader's Tender?
players can complete different challenges in Travelers Log

First off, you can easily earn 500 Trader's Tender just by having an active subscription and accessing the Trading Post. Second, you'll need to complete special monthly challenges in the Traveler's Log. The content of these challenges changes every month, sometimes you need to complete progression activities such as World of Warcraft raids and Mythic+ dungeons, and other times you need to participate in some interesting activities such as resurrecting players or using emotes on specific NPCs.

In short, no matter what kind of challenge it is, it generally fits the holidays and themes in the game. And after you complete these challenges, you can earn another 500 Trader's Tender.

Players' Reactions To The New Feature

Once the Trading Post feature goes live, players from the Alliance will only need to head outside the Mage District in Stormwind to find the Tawny and Wilder Trading Post. And players from Horde can simply go to the Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to find the Zen'shiri Trading Post.

If you are careful, you may have found that World of Warcraft has added stables to the two locations mentioned above in Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5, which seems to imply the emergence of new content. Players can expect to see the Trading Post in the Public Test Realm in the upcoming Dragonflight patch 10.0.5.

The general reaction from players to the Trading Post launch has been largely positive. The first reason is that most World of Warcraft players are more interested in collecting decorations. Secondly, players can also find various challenges that suit their play style in the Traveler's Log. Best of all, in the Trading Post, each month they can pick up interesting and unique items. These alone are enough to keep players logged in, even during the slow period of World of Warcraft's patch cycle.

If you want to complete the various challenges in the Traveler's Log faster, it would be a good choice to prepare some WoW 10.0 Gold in advance.

What? Characters In Elden Ring Can Now Be Designed As Sailor Moon!

Elden Ring has been very popular with players since its release. To cement its place as one of the best role-playing games of all time, Elden Ring is constantly being updated to surprise players with new content and a variety of new ways to play. That effort has finally paid off recently. That is, Elden Ring recently won the Game of The Year award.

In a few months, Elden Ring will celebrate its one-year anniversary. To celebrate the award and one-year anniversary, the game's developer FromSoftware decided to continue bringing more fun to all its fans.

In FromSoftware's recent 1.08 patch for Elden Ring, we can clearly find some fresh elements. Specifically, in addition to seeing a series of bug fixes and balance adjustments, you can also experience a new PvP mode called Colosseums. These Colosseums are located in Limgrave, Leyndell and Caelid. Interestingly, these Colosseums were originally only used for viewing in the Elden Ring. Now players can play against each other in these Colosseums.

Read More: A Complete Guide For Three Colosseums In Elden Ring

In addition to the new content mentioned above, Elden Ring 1.08 also provides players with many new hairstyles and similar cosmetics. Players can customize the design of their favorite characters according to their own preferences.

Recently, an Elden Ring player with the username heavy_tempest uploaded a picture on his Reddit. This is actually a photo collage. One is the protagonist Sailor Moon in the comic of the same name in the 1990s. There are also two showing an Elden Ring character he himself modified from different angles. This character is exactly what he borrowed from Sailor Moon and created himself using the character creator.

From this picture, we can see the focus of his reference. As we all know, the most striking thing about Sailor Moon is its golden twin tails. It is this feature that heavy_tempest cleverly replicates. Due to the high resemblance, this image was appreciated by most Elden Ring players once it was released.

Elden Ring Fan Makes Sailor Moon In The Game<br><br>

In fact, the new ponytail hairstyle in Elden Ring's latest patch has gained a lot of favor from Elden Ring fans once it was announced. In addition to the heavy_tempest we mentioned today, there is another player who made Harley Quinn in Elden Ring with the above hairstyle not long ago. In the latest update, Elden Ring has added a lot of new hairstyles, including the anime-style hairstyle of Dante's hair in the Devil May Cry series. Heavy_tempest's creation joins the club of numerous Elden Ring player characters that are inspired by iconic anime figures.

Elden Ring adds new hairstyles in the latest update

You are not familiar with Sailor Moon? Then I will briefly introduce this manga character to you at the end. Sailor Moon is actually a heroine from a very popular manga of the same name in the 90s. She was originally a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino. So, by chance, she accidentally obtained magical powers and transformed into Sailor Moon, a guardian soldier who must save the Earth from dangerous evils. Later, she also formed a team called the Sailor Guardians, who fought villains to protect the Earth and the Solar System.

If you use the Elden Ring characters with Sailor Moon traits, it should be a lot of fun to tackle the game's many challenges! Come and try it for yourself!

How To Take Part In Community Feasts In WoW Dragonflight?

In the new expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, we can clearly find that many new world events have been added, including the interesting Iskaara Community Feasts.

This kind of world event is a fun optional goal. However, if you want to boost your Renown in Iskaara Tuskarr, one of the new factions in the Dragon Isles, you can't miss the Iskaara Community Feasts.

Every three hours and 30 minutes, this world event will automatically start. If you don't want to miss this event, you have to keep an eye on your chat box. You will automatically receive a reminder notification in your chat box 15 minutes before the event starts. And your main task in this event is to help Chef Iskaara prepare a sumptuous feast for the Iskaara Tuskarr Tribe.

how to take part in Iskaara Community Feasts

In fact, the Community Feast in Azure Span is very similar to the Grand Hunts event and both are a great way to boost Iskaara Tuskarr Renown and can be done quickly as well. However, although this event is very simple, if you want to use this method to achieve the goal of improving Renown, you must know some relevant details in advance. Next, I break down everything you need to know about Community Feasts, including how to unlock it, how to start and complete it, and all the rewards.

How To Unlock Community Feasts

If you want to unlock Community Feast in Dragonflight, you'll first need to head to Azure Span and complete its main campaign. That way, you can unlock the Iskaara Tuskarr Renown first.

Next, you'll need to complete the remaining main campaign, world, and side quests in Azure Span and figure out how to upgrade your Renown to level three. Here you need to pay attention to one thing. That is once you have a character unlocked Community Feasts, then all your remaining characters automatically unlock Community Feasts.

How To Start Community Feasts

As I mentioned before, Community Feast is a world event. The event starts every three hours and 30 minutes. Whenever this event is about to start, you will automatically receive a notification in the chat box. This notification is to tell you that Community Feast will start in 15 minutes.

If you look closely, you'll notice a trumpet-like icon above Iskaara when Community Feast starts. This icon is actually similar to the icon at the start of the Grand Hunts event.

However, if you want to officially start Community Feast, you need to rush to Azure Span to Iskaara when the system reminds you and have a brief chat with Chef Big Kinook there.

How To Complete Community Feasts

Once you reach Iskaara and talk to Chef Big Kinook, you'll be given various quests from him. The ultimate goal of these tasks is to improve the quality of the soup he cooks.

complete the quests from Chef Big Kinook

Generally speaking, you need to complete as many tasks as possible given to you by Big Kinook within 15 minutes. After you complete the quest, you can drink the soup and get the Spirit of Sharing buff for an hour. These bonuses also grant you Versatility and HP regeneration.

Rewards In All Community Feats

For each quest you complete during your participation in the Community Feast, you will earn 25 reputation with the Iskarra Tuskarr Tribe.

When you complete the weekly Community Feast quest, you'll also gain 500 reputation with the tribe and the Supply-Laden Soup Pot.

In the Supply-Laden Soup Pot, you can also get the following rewards:

  • One to three Dragon Isles Artifacts and Sacred Tuskarr Totems

  • A piece of gear scaling with your item level

  • One to three Primal Chaos

  • One Passin Renascence

  • One cooking reagents

  • Recipe: Gral's Reverence

If you want to upgrade your Renown faster, or want to complete the quests in Community Feats faster, then preparing enough WoW 10.0 Gold in advance is a good choice.

How To Find And Fight With Morgott In Elden Ring?

Morgott, also known as the Omen King, is the Demigod Boss in Elden Ring. The reason I'm specifically mentioning him today is because the Tarnished pilgrims will inevitably have to fight to get into the Mountaintops of the Giants region in the Lands Between.

Specifically, the Omen King is actually the final boss of the Royal Capital of Leyndell. Therefore, if you want to successfully defeat him, you must be at least level 75-80 first. So, where exactly do you have to find it?

how to find and fight with Morgott

First, you head south of the West Capital Rampart and keep going until you reach the giant branch of the Erdtree. Continue along this branch and you will reach the Erdtree Sanctuary. There, you must face the challenge of Godfrey's Golden Shade and defeat it. Once you've successfully defeated it, you'll need to step out of the balcony and go east and then walk up the sloping branch. Follow the path until you reach the Queen's Bedchamber. From there, you need to find the stairwell to the southeast and head to the Elden Throne. This place is exactly where Morgott is.

Preparations For The Fight With Morgott

Before you actually look for Morgott, you'd better figure out how to get Margit's Shackle first. Patches sells this tool at Murkwater Cave. But you need to pay them 5,000 Elden Ring Runes.

Margit's Shackle can make Morgott vulnerable for a short time. You can also use Margit's Shackle before Morgott launches a devastating attack, which will stun Morgott for a short time. If you choose to take on this tricky boss with your summoned allies, then you should definitely summon Melina. She will provide you with additional support.

What You Need To Do During The Fight With Morgotta

Morgott's mechanism is actually similar to Margit's. This boss likes to hit his targets with heavily delayed attacks. Especially in the first stage, basically all of Morgott's attacks will have a delay. This will lead to you not knowing when to avoid damage at all. What's more troublesome is that if you haven't confronted him before, you can't figure out his attack pattern all at once.

If you want to mitigate the damage Morgott does to you, you can equip your primary or side armament with Bloodhound's Step. It's kind of an Ash of War, which gives a generous window of I-frames compared to default roll-dodging.

In dealing with Morgott you must be patient. Especially after the boss's combo is done and you find the right time to counter it. I recommend you use Bleeding builds for this battle. Because this way you only need to hit Morgott a few times to cause Blood Loss to him.

use Bloodhounds Step to fight with Morgott

When you fight Morgott for the second turn, you step back to avoid his large AoE explosion. In the process, he'll also apply bleed to his sword and unleash a random attack on you. Either a quick lunge or a regular slash. Since these two forms of attack are predictable in advance, you can pick the right moment to counter them.

If you can't stand the combos Morgott throws at you, you can choose to use Bloodhound's Step Ash of War to distance yourself from it and heal it. If you want to fight side by side with other players, you'd better use long-range attacks or magic attacks, so that you can quickly make reasonable countermeasures according to the combat situation.

Overall, fighting Morgott is well worth it. As long as you can defeat him, you can get 90,000 Elden Ring Runes, Morgott's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Omen King.

How to Become Master of Lucian in League of Legends? Guides You Should Read First

Lucian has always been a popular champion in League of Legends, both in normal as well as in competitive play. His "hit-and-run" kit makes it rewarding to play when well-executed, and his mobility is a unique characteristic that other marksmen do not have.

details you have to know about the gameplay of Lucian after updates

Throughout the years, though, Lucian has lost a lot of value, especially in terms of total damage output, compared to the newly released champions. This brought Riot Games to make a substantial change to his kit in patch when a new portion of his passive called "Vigilance" was added to his kit. Vigilance grants additional bonus damage on Lucian's next two auto attacks when he is buffed or healed by an allied champion. The buff immediately brought Lucian back into the meta, with enchanter supports as his preferred duo partners.

Since then, the gunslinger has been a stable presence across all elos, having particular success at the top of the ladder, with a 51.78 percent win rate in Master and above, according to U.GG.

That being said, mastering Lucian is not an easy feat. He requires great mechanics and a strong understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. If you're looking to play him to climb the solo queue ladder, we have got you covered.


There are two main rune combinations for Lucian, each having their own pros and cons:

First Strike Lucian


First Strike: this keystone rune is easy to proc with Lucian and it's crucial to get ahead in gold of your enemies to be stronger during the mid game. Compared to most other ADCs, Lucian doesn't scale as well in the late stages of the game so First Strike's extra gold makes up for it. If used correctly, you will be having a great economy from the 10-minute mark since you can utilize your burst damage to gain more gold. You might lack some damage in the early game, but it will guarantee better items as the game prolongs.

Magical Footwear: this is the standard rune that most ADCs run. The 300 gold saved can be used to rush the Mythic item sooner and the extra ten movement speed is a valuable stat for a mobile champion like Lucian.

Biscuit Delivery: the gunslinger tends to burn a lot of mana in the early game to make trades and push the wave. The biscuits help him quickly regenerate mana and they can also be used in clutch situations to gain some extra health that might save him from dying.

Cosmic Insight: there aren't other runes that are nearly as effective as Cosmic Insight in this row of the Precision tree. Having the summoner spells' cooldowns lowered is always great for marksmen, especially for Lucian who can also use it offensively to quickly chase down a target.


Presence of Mind: just like for Biscuit Delivery, this rune grants additional mana to Lucian since he doesn't get any from his current build. The mana restored upon takedowns allows him to keep using his abilities and maintain his damage output constant in a skirmish or teamfight.

Legend: Bloodline: Lucian's build doesn't have lifesteal included, so Legend: Bloodline grants him some extra sustain that might become handy in the later stages of the game.

Press the Attack Lucian


Press the Attack: compared to First Strike, Press the Attack gives Lucian more skirmishing potential in the early game. The rune synergizes well with the ADC's passive Lightslinger and it works best in extended trades.

Presence of Mind: see above.

Legend: Bloodline: see above.

Coup de Grace: the extra eight percent damage to targets below 40 percent health is helpful for Lucian to quickly burst down a target. Go for this against rune if there are a lot of squishy targets on the enemy team.


Magical Footwear: see above.

Cosmic Insight: see above.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

The starting items for Lucian are fairly straightforward: Doran's Blade is the most common start and it grants attack damage, health, and a little bit of sustain. In other words, you get everything you would need in one item.

If you're looking to go for an aggressive start, you can also consider buying a Long Sword and Refillable Potion. This is a higher-risk, higher-reward strategy since it allows you to get your first core item earlier, but it gives you less trading ability in the first few minutes of the lane. Losing the extra health and the sustain makes you also more vulnerable so it's crucial to not mess up during the laning phase.

On your first recall, look to get the Noonquiver since it greatly increases your trading ability, as well as the ability to push waves thanks to the item's passive. Try to always recall once you have the gold, otherwise, your recalls will not be as efficient and it might delay your Mythic Item purchase.

There's only one possible Mythic Item for Lucian and that's Galeforce. The item's passive can be used both offensively and defensively, further enhancing Lucian's innate mobility.

The item can also be used in combo with his own dash on his E to quickly reposition twice within a matter of tenths of seconds. After buying Galeforce, close your tier two boots with Berserkers' Greaves, and proceed to rush your second core item, The Collector.

While it's not used a lot by other ADCs, it's the best second item for Lucian as it matches with his own spike in the mid game we mentioned earlier. The lethality allows him to quickly pierce through the squishy targets and the execute passive is just the icing on the cake.

For your fourth and fifth items, you have two possible choices and the order of purchase will depend on the game state. If you're well ahead and are snowballing hard, get the Infinity Edge to maximize your damage output since you will already have the 60 percent critical strike chance. If you're struggling to walk into auto-attack range since enemies can take you down, buy Rapidfire Cannon since it costs 900 gold less and it allows you to poke from a safer position.

To round off the build, there are four possible items that can be bought, two damage-oriented choices and two defensive items. Lord Dominik's Regard and Serylda's Grudge amplify your total damage thanks to the armor penetration that both come with. LDR is better against tanks while Serylda is overall better if you need the passive's slow to kite your opponents.

If you're getting burst down and need some defensive stats, Guardian Angel is the go-to item thanks to its revive passive. Against a lot of magic damage, however, Maw of Malmortius will be more effective.

intorductions on different iteams in the game and why you have to choose them

Last things I have to mention that no matter you want to choose Lucian as top laner or AD carry, the mechanism actually did not change too much through the years. So watch professional players' rank show is also important, here are two different videos I would like to recommend to you, hope you can enjoy them and get better. See you guys next time.

WoW: Dragonflight Has Final Fantasy 14 Easter Egg

World of Warcraft fans discovered a clever Easter egg from Final Fantasy 14 in Dragonflight. The clever reference in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight called upon one of Final Fantasy 14’s most infamous memes.

WoW: Dragonflight Has Final Fantasy 14 Easter Egg

The Final Fantasy 14 Easter egg is found within an Engineering toy added in Dragonflight. Cleverly named the Wyrmhole Generator, this toy allows players to teleport to a random place on the Dragon Isles on a two-hour cooldown. However, players who spend 30 points in the Novelties sub-specialization of Engineering can reduce the cooldown to one hour, and gain the ability to choose a zone to teleport to instead.

From then on, when players use the Wyrmhole Generator, they are given a special dialogue box that allows them to choose one of the four zones of Dragonflight, or choose a random location. Though the text on all the options is entertaining, players were especially charmed by the final choice: “Pray return to the Waking Shores.”

Even WoW Knows the pain

For the uninitiated, Final Fantasy 14 has players work with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in their secret, out-of-the-way base called the Waking Sands in the early portions of the Main Scenario. Minfilia Warde, a prominent NPC and quest-giver during this part of the game, frequently contacts players to summon them back to the base using the same line, much to the annoyance of many players. “Pray return to the Waking Sands” became a meme because of this, and Minfilia’s association with it made her into a contentious character.

Nevertheless, players who enjoy both World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 got a kick out of the Easter egg in Dragonflight. Soon after it was discovered, the reference quickly spread across the official subreddits for both games. Players were quick to joke about having war flashbacks from A Realm Reborn, and wondered what Minfilia or her secretary Tataru could get up to alongside the Dragonscale Expedition in Dragonflight. World of Warcraft content creators like Asmongold even posted their own reactions to discovering the Easter egg.

As two of the biggest MMOs on the market right now, both Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft contain plenty of funny references to one another. Dragonflight itself contains tons of other funny Easter eggs, including multiple from Yu-Gi-Oh! Part of the joy of any new MMO expansion is discovering clever pop culture references hidden throughout the game world. With World of Warcraft: Dragonflight now in full swing, players can scour every corner of the new expansion and share their favorite references as they find them.

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