Mastering These 6 Combat Tips Will Make It Easy To Beat Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree!

As we get closer to the release of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, we want to be ready to enter a new area at any time. Here, I want to share 6 key combat tips that can help beginners master the basics of combat and make them more familiar with combat in Lands Between.

The combat tutorial at the beginning of the game is notoriously unhelpful and very basic. So hopefully this gives you an idea of some simple combat strategies that will allow you to learn more about them than the game’s tutorials allow you to do.

Mastering These 6 Combat Tips Will Make It Easy To Beat Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree!

Choose More Suitable Weapons

First, the trick I want to talk about is making Elden Ring more fun by choosing the right weapons. Combat is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding things to do in Elden Ring, and with the right ability or weapon, it can feel great.

Most of the time, players will build their stats for a specific ability or weapon, including Ashes of War, Sorceries, Incantations for the weapon, and sometimes they will even build stats for a specific moveset on the weapon.

Because some weapons of the same type may have very different movesets, or some weapon movesets may be better suited to a specific play style. You can try different weapons at the beginning of the game until you find a move you like. Then start upgrading your weapons with Smithing Stones or Somber Smithing Stones.

There are a limited number of these materials at the start of the game, so you should generally focus on one weapon or a pair of weapons. This prevents people from trying different weapons and not having enough Smithing Stones to upgrade their weapons.

Later, however, after finding specific items in the form of Bell Bearings, you can spend Elden Ring Runes to purchase an unlimited number of various Smithing or Somber Smithing Stones, except for the rarest ones.

That being said, at the beginning and within the first few hours of the game, it’s perfectly fine not to upgrade your weapons if you want to reserve your Smithing Stones for things you really enjoy.

Elden Ring: Choose More Suitable Weapons

Melee Or Ranged

The second thing you need to decide is whether you want to do Melee or Ranged combat. Choosing whether to fight in close quarters may be your first challenge.

Personally, I usually build around a weapon and spell combo, so I have both, or I’ll use a weapon with Ranged Ash of War.

But for the most part, ranged-based characters have it easier than melee-based characters. So in most cases it helps to have Melee, Ranged, and AOE options so you can meet the needs of each situation. That is, dungeons can be cleared using only melee combat, or bosses can be defeated using only ranged attacks.

In Melee, you have Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Charged Heavy Attacks, Rolling Attacks, Crouching Attacks, Jump Attacks, Critical Attacks, Lunge Attack, Running Attack, and Ashes of War. In Ranged combat, you have Shooting Arrows in slot one, Shooting Arrows in slot two, Rolling Attack, Jumping Attack, and Ash of War.

Sorceries and Incantations are used by pressing Light Attack button, or by equipping a Staff or Seal with a spell.

Note that some Sorceries and Incantations can be charged and then released for greater damage, and some can be cast continuously by holding down Light Attack.

Now, some of you might consider a bow build, but I would strongly advise against it, especially for new players. Because bows can be difficult to use, and their attribute scaling isn’t that great.

Although the bow can beat the game, in most cases you’re better off using ranged sorcery or incantation, or simply using the bow to enhance your melee abilities rather than making it the focus of your build. Because this is much more difficult than a normal build.


For those who want to build with tanks, the next tip I want to talk about is about shields.

Using shield and blocking is a great way to mitigate a lot of damage and prevent premature death. If you decide to use a shield in Elden Ring, there are some key stats you should pay attention to when choosing a shield.

Shields Are Absolutely Crazy In Elden Ring

Shield With High Guard Boost

Our first goal is to find a shield with a high guard boost. Blocking requires stamina, like almost every other ability in combat. Guard boost is a statistic that reduces stamina cost of blocking.

If you try to block and run out of stamina, it will fail. You’ll be stunned for a second or two, and you’ll be vulnerable to critical attacks. Therefore, the higher this stat is, the lower the stamina required for block hits.

Shield Size

There are 3 different sized shield types in Elden Ring, namely Small Shields, Medium Shields, and Greatshields. Shields of different sizes allow you to protect against different types of attacks.

For example, when using Greatshields, most attacks will bounce off your shield, even slightly staggering most enemies when they occur.

Note Damage Mitigation Numbers On A Shield

Shields have a numerical value that indicates how much protection the shield can protect you from any given type of damage. The numbers are based on percentages, so if you see a shield with 100 points of physical damage mitigation, that means it blocks 100% of the physical damage from most attacks as long as you have stamina.

Note that some weapons deal physical damage that passes through your shield, such as Scythe or Bloodhound Claws. So if you’re taking damage while blocking, the most likely scenario is that either the attack isn’t pure physical damage, or they’re using a weapon with a shield-ignoring mechanic.

A great starting shield is Brass Shield, which can be obtained from Soldier enemies in Gatefront Ruins shortly after starting the game. It requires 6 strength, 7 weights and has 100 physical mitigation.

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Block Counters

Additionally, Block counters are a very helpful mechanism. When you block counter, the follow-up attack you make can knock the enemy out of the fight and provide you with a chance to heal during the fight, or deal massive damage in a fatal attack that often turns the tide of the battle.

Block counters are so good that there are some builds that play the entire game using just this mechanic. Note that if you choose a block counter build, I recommend choosing Greatshields, as they have the highest guard boost in the game. But they weigh a lot more than Small and Medium Shields, so that’s something to keep in mind.

How to guard counter in Elden Ring?


No matter what kind of character you build, whether melee or ranged, it is very important for you to understand and master the stance.

Stance is a mechanic unique to enemies in Elden Ring. Think of it as an extra hidden health bar that will break the enemy’s stance once you’ve done enough damage.

Once an enemy’s stance is broken, most of them will do a kneeling or falling animation with a glowing dot on them, indicating that they can take a critical hit. When this happens, get close to the glowing point, or for enemies that don’t have a glowing point and their stance is broken, get close to their front and press Light Attack. This will perform a fatal attack, causing massive damage.

Elden Ring: How Stance Break Works?

Please note that the invisible stance bar resets approximately 6 seconds after not being hit. In other words, if you don’t attack an enemy for 6 seconds, Stance damage they take will reset. So if you think the enemy is about to be broken, it’s best to keep attacking.

Each attack you make deals stance damage. Different attacks have different values, and some attacks deal more stance damage than others. Each weapon type also deals with varying amounts of stance damage. In addition, Ashes of War, Sorceries, Incantations for the weapon will also cause stance damage to varying degrees, so this is something to consider.

Like block counters, stance damage is another way to build your character. Stance break builds tend to be more on the offensive side, while block counter builds tend to be more on the defensive side.


The last thing I want to talk about is whether to try Parrying. When used correctly, Elden Ring’s Parrying ability is powerful.

It’s a mechanic that’s easy to try but difficult to master. You need to equip a weapon or shield with Ash of War Parry and then press your Ash of War at the right time.

There are many who say you press it when the enemy’s hand starts to move and attack you, and others who say it’s when the weapon starts moving. But I have to tell you, it definitely takes practice to get good at it.

Elden Ring: How to parry and riposte enemies?

Anyway, that concludes this Elden Ring battle guide. Hopefully, these tips will help you on your journey to Shadow of the Erdtree. Good luck!

The Best Tank Build To Clear Tier 17 Maps In POE 3.24 Necropolis! - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Greetings Exiles! In this guide, I’ll be bringing you my best build in POE 3.24 league, Toxic Rain Pathfinder.

Not only does it have insane damage and clear speed, it’s completely viable even in Tier 17 Maps. What’s more, this build is very affordable and perfect for players with a lower POE Currency budget. So, let’s jump right in!

Toxic Rain

Let's start with the basic skill, Toxic Rain. It causes Spore Pods to spawn where projectiles land. This will start dealing Chaos damage in an area over time, and they can overlap with each other.

The Best Tank Build To Clear Tier 17 Maps In POE 3.24 Necropolis! - Toxic Rain Pathfinder

New Area Threshold

Compared to the last league build, we have made a very important update to this version, which is the new area threshold.

Due to area of effect breakpoints, you can achieve optimal single target damage by increasing area of effect by at least 37% but no more than 43%. So this is going to be our new area threshold.

We hit that goal with 20% from Bow Mastery, and another 8% to 10% from Gloves craft. Also, I personally recommend purchasing Medium Cluster Jewel with Towering Threat for the rest. With this, you can save your Helmet Implicit for more useful stuff, like mana cost reduction or curse effectiveness.

Right now I’m using mana cost reduction because I’m running maps with lower recovery, so that’s why you see this mod on my helmet.

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Perandus Pact

Through Necropolis League, we got a very cool new unique jewel, and it’s Perandus Pact. It can provide you with very useful statistics, such as passive skills within the radius giving +2 to all attributes.

Luckily I bought this for 100 Chaos Orbs before they raised the price and I’ve been using it ever since. This gem increases our Chaos damage by 126%. I know it’s quite expensive now, but it’s worth the price.

But now Path of Building does not support gem modifiers, which is why you will often see it in custom modifiers of Path of Building.

POE 3.24 Perandus Pact

Secondary Source Of Damage

Our biggest and best multiplier comes from secondary sources using Ballistas. We can have 5 of these and they will help stack Wither on the boss, which will increase Chaos damage by 90% by default.

In addition, we also get an Ascendancy node, which will increase Wither effect and give us the opportunity to inflict Wither on the enemy. In short, our damage increases faster.

The other big damage increase is skill effect duration, as Spore Pods will stay in combat longer and deal damage for a longer duration.

Sadly, when you want to do hard content, you need to retool your chest or get a secondary one because you won’t be using Ballista.

How To Improve Clear Speed?

In order to increase the clear speed as much as possible, we use Caustic Arrow. When you fire your bow, this ability creates Caustic Ground where the projectile lands, dealing Chaos damage over time.

But because this skill alone is not suitable for clearing, we added Awakened Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clear speed will be much faster.

So when you’re mapping, just socket Caustic Arrow and Arrow Nova Support in your bow instead of Toxic Rain and Mirage Archer and you’re ready.

PoE 3.24 Arrow Nova Support

Toxic Rain’s clear speed is super fast, and it’s satisfying to see when everything disappears in a split second. You will get almost full screen coverage.

Please note that I only upgrade when doing Legion. I think this is a good indicator because with this clear setup the build is fast. Honestly, if I were to pick a build that I needed to compete in other games in the league, this would be my choice. Because you can use it to farm any side content without any problem.

But since I didn’t have enough time to Min-max this build, I actually lost about 60% of the damage here. This means you actually have a lot of room for improvement.

How To Achieve Perfect Defense?

On the defensive side, we have new defensive options for this build.

We can use Automation Support and link it to Immortal Call. Since gems often activate on their own, you can level up to Immortal Call’s highest level and get nifty extra defensive boots.

Don’t forget to get quality on Automation Support as quality is cooldown recovery rate. So it will be active more often.

POE Automation Support

Currently, we’ve converted 95% of physical damage to elemental damage. Including 50% from Lightning Coil. and 14% from helmets.

Additionally, I’m using Purity of Lightning in the build so I can use a Watcher’s Eye that converts 10% of physical damage to lightning damage. Since we have very high flask effectiveness, we also use Taste of Hate to increase elemental damage by 21%.

Since we treat 66% of physical damage as lightning, my use of Purity of Lightning will further reduce this damage. We also use all Elemental Flasks, including Topaz Flask, so our maximum lightning resistance is 90%.

If you want to push to ubers, you need to swap Grace Aura for Petrified Blood, or you recolor your gloves every time. This is definitely more annoying.

Gear Setup

Next, let’s take a look at some of the important items you’ll need in this build.

  • Weapon: Quill Rain
  • Helmet: Hubris Circlet
  • Quiver: Broadhead Arrow Quiver
  • Body Armor: Full Dragonscale
  • Amulet: Agate Amulet
  • Ring: Amethyst Ring
  • Gauntlets: Dragonscale Gauntlets
  • Belt: Heavy Belt
  • Boots: Dragonscale Boots


For flasks, we use Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Quicksilver and Divine Life Flask. Note that all flasks require a mod: increased effect and reduced duration.

Be careful when you roll your flask, as there are many mods that combine these two, but the duration will be reduced even more, so your flask won’t have 100% uptime.

Additionally, Quicksilver Flask can provide regenerate life, which you will use for mapping. But when you get into a boss fight, don’t forget to change your Quicksilver to a Silver Flask with attack speed.

Follow The Steps To Plan Your POE 3.24 Necropolis League Atlas Tree

Passive Tree

Finally, as always, I’d like to highlight some things you need to build on a passive tree. For this build, we used Pathfinder as Ascendancy.

In the first lab, we took Nature’s Reprisal and leveled it with Toxic Rain, so this node was a game changer early on.

The second lab uses Nature’s Adrenaline to produce Flask Charges.

The third lab is Nature’s Boon. It reduces elemental damage taken by the player and provides 3 charges per flask every three seconds.

The last lab uses Master Surgeon. When you use a flask, it restores life and gives Flask Charges when you land a critical hit.

In short, Toxic Rain Pathfinder still did not disappoint me in Necropolis League. It’s still powerful and can handle anything the game has to offer, including Tier 17 Maps! So, hurry up and give it a try!

Essential Addons For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

What are the essential addons for Season of Discovery Phase 3? Today, I’ll provide my recommendations on which addons I believe are crucial to have.

Essential Addons For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Nova World Buffs

The initial addon is called Nova World Buffs.

Its function is to monitor the current layer you’re on, which is then displayed at the top right corner of the minimap. Why is this feature crucial? It addresses the scenario where you might find yourself on a layer crowded with too many players, leading to excessive competition during quests or open-world farming.

To mitigate this issue, I employ a secondary account to invite me to a different layer. As observed, the player density significantly reduces upon switching to Layer 3. It’s advisable to seek assistance from someone in your guild or through world chat to invite you to another layer. However, it’s imperative that they also possess this addon for them to ascertain their current layer.


The following addon is AtlasLootClassic.

It’s crucial that it includes “Classic” in its name. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on viewing all the new loot introduced in Season of Discovery. This includes items updated in SoD Phase 3 and the newly added raids.

The primary reason I advocate for AtlasLoot is its capability to aid in mapping out your leveling path to level 50. Additionally, it assists in identifying the dungeons essential to focus on at maximum level to obtain specific items necessary for raiding readiness.


When leveling up, whether it’s your main character or any other character, acquiring Questie is highly recommended.

WoW SoD Questie

This addon serves various functions, including tracking quests, indicating locations to both obtain and turn in quests, as well as identifying flight points, mailboxes, repair vendors, and other useful points of interest. Not only does Questie facilitate faster leveling, but it also proves invaluable when new quests are introduced in Phase 3, potentially including those related to new profession items. These new quests will be conveniently displayed within the addon, greatly aiding your progress.

Moreover, Questie features a useful indicator within Nameplates and target portraits: a small bag. This bag serves to highlight whether an NPC needs to be defeated or if there’s an action required to fulfill a specific quest.

Additionally, it will display on your map, directing you to the precise location needed to complete the task at hand. Thus, installing Questie is highly recommended for smoother and more efficient leveling.

Better Vendor Price

Better Vendor Price provides information on the monetary value of a specific item in terms of copper, silver, and WoW SoD Gold if you opt to sell it directly from your inventory window, bypassing the need to visit the Auction House.

This feature proves beneficial in scenarios where my inventory is full, and I must discard items to make space for quest items. Additionally, it assists in selecting the most valuable reward from a quest.


I typically pair this with another addon called Auctionator.

When you search for specific items at the Auction House, Auctionator records their prices. This makes it easier for you to decide whether to sell the item to a vendor or list it on the Auction House for potentially higher profits.

Another reason I recommend this addon is its user-friendly buying and selling process. To sell an item from your bags, simply navigate to the selling interface and select the item. The addon will then scan for the lowest price and list your item slightly cheaper, ensuring you don’t significantly undercut others and maximizing your profit potential.

When making purchases, simply input the desired item, and the addon will streamline the browsing process. The cheapest available option will be displayed at the top, preventing you from overpaying for materials or items.

WoW SoD Auctionator


Would you prefer a cleaner user interface? Consider installing Bartender4. This addon enables you to personalize your action bars and hide elements you don’t wish to see.

Setting up Bartender4 is straightforward. Simply type “/bt” and press Enter. You can then lock or unlock your action bars and adjust various settings, such as size, scale, and padding. Navigate to the specific action bar you wish to modify, such as action bar one.

You have the option to disable individual bars or add more if needed for spells or macros. Additionally, you can customize elements like your reputation or experience bar, adjusting their size and enabling or disabling them as desired. For instance, I’ve chosen to hide my Blizzard Art Bar to declutter the UI, including elements like the Griffins.

With Bartender4, you can also resize your micro and back bars, offering extensive customization options to streamline your user interface.


Once you've addressed the previous issue, you might also consider installing DarkMode.

This addon alters the visual display, rendering everything significantly darker. This includes your target portrait, character portrait, action bars, spell book, and more.

And don't forget, you can adjust the positioning of your target portraits by right-clicking on them and dragging them to a more comfortable location.

Importantly, no additional addon is required for this adjustment. Simply right-click on the target portrait to make changes.

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As you prepare for your initial raid, it's advisable to acquire Details.

This addon serves as an invaluable tool for monitoring not only your own performance but also that of your fellow raiders. It provides insights into metrics such as individual damage or healing output, as well as identifying issues like players standing in hazardous areas.

Utilizing Details enhances your ability to optimize raid performance by tracking various aspects critical to success.

Threat Plates

Some of you have suggested that I try out Threat Plates, and I'm genuinely pleased that I did.

I find it quite appealing. Firstly, the Nameplate feature significantly enlarges, with adjustable sizing options. Additionally, it now presents essential information such as remaining health and the duration of damage over time and crowd control effects.

I'm satisfied with my decision to explore Threat Plates, as I anticipate its continued use in the future.


I suggested that you use the damage font Nice Damage, which we had previously discussed. I am aware, though, that some people might have trouble getting it to work correctly. I looked into it and came up with a solution in response.

The CustomFontLoader addon, which offers detailed instructions, can be installed. Additionally, you can customize how your damage or healing is displayed by installing new typefaces. I think this functionality is quite amazing.


Among the plethora of bag organization options available, my preference lies with AdiBags.

WoW SoD AdiBags

When acquiring a new item, it appears distinctively highlighted, similar to gray items but with additional hues of blue and green. Epic items, too, are showcased in vibrant colors. AdiBags facilitates easy categorization of items into armor, jewelry, and other classifications.

Furthermore, it offers automated sorting capabilities. A convenient feature is located at the top right corner, represented by a 'V' symbol, allowing users to toggle item visibility. For instance, if you wish to exclude quest items from display, you can easily do so by disabling them.

By entering '/adibags' in your command prompt, you can access the configuration menu. Here, you can adjust various settings, including the scale of your backpack, to tailor your bag organization experience to your liking.

What's Training

For increased efficiency, consider installing What's Training.

Within your spell book, you'll notice a new feature: a question mark icon located at the bottom right corner. Clicking on this icon reveals the abilities available for acquisition at every other level. This functionality prevents unnecessary visits to your class trainer in search of useful abilities.

This tool proves particularly useful while leveling in the open world, providing clarity on whether to continue progressing or return to your main city for training.

OmniCC & Bigdebuff

The following recommendation is intended for individuals interested in PvP or those playing classes with crowd control abilities. Consider installing OmniCC along with another addon called Bigdebuff.

Utilizing these two addons in tandem enhances functionality, allowing you to monitor crowd control effects and their remaining duration.

Additionally, this information is conveniently displayed on your action bars, providing clear visibility of cooldown times.


During raiding sessions, it's advisable to install Deadly Boss Mode.

This addon provides on-screen alerts for critical raid mechanics, ensuring you're promptly informed of important events requiring attention.

It also facilitates marking targets for focused action, such as designating enemies with a skull symbol, as demonstrated with this totem.

A Comprehensive Guide To Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion: League Mechanics & Core Changes

This guide covers everything you need to know to be ready for the league start of Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis. This will go over the league mechanic and the core changes to the game.

A Comprehensive Guide To Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion: League Mechanics & Core Changes

Necropolis League Overview

The league appears relatively straightforward, although it’s essential to note that it cannot be disregarded or skipped.

In each zone, there are special haunted monsters. Undertaker Arimor, the league NPC, provides us with the Lantern of Arimor, which displays an icon at the entrance to new zones. Clicking on this icon reveals the affected monsters along with various modifiers. Hovering over these modifiers provides additional details such as density, pack size, abilities, and damage types. Arrow symbols indicate deviations from the normal pack distribution for quick reference.

Additionally, there are modifiers on the right column that can be adjusted to increase the difficulty of different monsters. These haunted mods have tiers that escalate with the zone level. Clearing these affected monsters in a zone enhances the likelihood of encountering devoted monsters in the next zone.

Path of Exile 3.24 Lantern of Arimor

Devoted Spirits

Instead of making the monsters more difficult, certain modifiers grant various rewards, such as increased XP or the appearance of the Nameless Seer.

It’s crucial to understand that this process is unique to the campaign. In maps, devoted monsters spawn randomly based on pack size, typically around 3 per rare map.

Also, note that entering or resetting a zone via waypoint does not grant access to the lantern. Instead, it randomly selects modifiers for you.

Embers Of The Allflame

At some point, you’ll come across Embers of the Allflame, which can be stored in the designated space when you open the lantern.

These embers alter your monsters by exchanging them with a different mob possessing a specialized loot pool.

However, be mindful that the new mob will have the same pack size as the one it replaces. Since there is a monster level associated with these embers, hoarding them may not be advisable. Summoners also have the option to spectre slain Ember monsters.

Path of Exile 3.24 Embers Of The Allflame

Unresolved Anguish

When certain monsters are defeated, they may exhibit Unresolved Anguish. This triggers an interaction to summon the Undertaker, who will transport the body back to the Necropolis. In group play, the owner of the instance always receives the corpse, while each party member has a 50% chance to also receive it.

The Necropolis serves as the repository for all slain monster corpses, with a maximum capacity of 64. Upon reaching this limit, you must either click the Cremade icon or purchase an Empty Coffin for 1 Chaos Orb. This facilitates itemization and allows you to trade the corpses if crafting is not your preference. Each corpse carries a modifier to assist in targeting item modifications, though some amplify the effects of adjacent corpses.

Adjacent to the morgue are numerous open graves where corpses are interred to initiate the crafting process. You can utilize individual corpses or fill the cemetery, as all adjacent touching corpses are consumed upon activation. This process resembles fossil crafting, with multiple fossils in a large resonator. Before activating these bodies, you’ll be presented with a menu to specify the type of item you wish to craft.

Upon selection, the Undertaker initiates an unescapable dialogue, though it is abbreviated if fewer corpses are utilized. Alternatively, if crafting isn’t your forte, you can trade these corpses. Special named corpses of historical figures, when buried and activated together, yield some of the league’s unique items. Notably, The Perandus Pact Parismatic Jewel is particularly influenced by surrounding corpses.

In the endgame, once the lantern is opened for a map, it becomes untradeable. Additionally, 4 dispersed clusters have been introduced to modify the league mechanic on the Atlas Tree, providing a change of pace.

Changes To Atlas

The crafting aspect appears to be the main focus of complexity, but there are also significant core changes to note.

Path of Exile 3.24 Changes To Atlas

To streamline, here’s what you need to know: Affliction is not part of the core. All uniques, except the removed one, are now core drops. The Atlas has undergone significant changes, including the ability to unlock up to 3 labeled Atlas Trees.

Additionally, Seventh Gate is no longer accessible as map crafts, replaced by options unlocked through Atlas Bonus completion.

Wandering Path, Grand Design, and Growing Hordes have also been removed because nodes on the tree have been adjusted to grant you close to if not 100% chance to get the content you want. Sextant, Compasses and Master Missions have also been removed, the exception being Kirac.

Scarabs & Stacked Deck

Instead, their modifiers have been transferred to Scarabs.

These Scarabs now grant your Master Missions and various content modifiers based on their rarity rather than a tier. Each Scarab is limited, allowing some to affect a map up to 4 times.

Furthermore, strongboxes now feature a mini-map icon and can roll modifiers that grant Scarabs. Your fragment tab has been adjusted to accommodate the 109 Scarabs. When not stored in the fragment tab, they stack up to 20 along with Exalted Orbs, Divine Orbs, Instilling Orbs, Regal Orbs, and Stack Decks.

Regarding Stack Decks, drop rates have been reduced, while higher tier unique drop rates have been increased by up to 2.5 times. This adjustment is a result of Stack Decks and Divination or Strongboxes no longer granting boss drop uniques.

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Uber Changes & T17 Maps

This leads to the topic of Ubers.

They are no longer accessible based on Atlas nodes. Instead, you must collect 5 fragments to access their fight. These fragments are obtained from a new set of 5 Tier 17 maps with more challenging modifiers, some of which are shared among all those maps, excluding the voided content.

It's important to note that not only are the modifiers challenging, but some of the mob types can also be uniques from the campaign, such as Brutus. The Tier 17 maps feature unique Uber fights from bosses encountered in the past, like the Citadel Map containing Uhtred, who can summon other Expedition bosses for assistance.

Uber fragments can drop from any Tier 17 map boss, but certain fragments are more likely to drop from specific map bosses. Additionally, many old uniques have been reworked and added to these drop pools. Upon completing one of these Tier 17 maps, your five-slot map device will unlock.

To obtain these Tier 17 maps, you'll need to grind out Tier 16s, with each socketed Voidstone increasing your chances per Voidstone. It's crucial to note that Tier 17 maps cannot drop Tier 17 maps, and certain maps can only drop specific Tier 17s. While affected by your Atlas Tree, these maps cannot be corrupted as they are unmodifiable.

New Gems

Additionally, they've introduced more transfigured skill gems.

Path of Exile 3.24 Automation

3 new support gems have been included:

  • Automation Support automatically triggers instant skills once they are off cooldown, albeit with an increased or added cooldown in the Mana multiplier.
  • Call the Arm Support automatically activates your Warcry. However, it only supports one Warcry. Consequently, with these 2 automated features, instant skills cannot be bound to the left click anymore.
  • Summon Sacred Wisps introduces a trigger-bot style effect that grants a chance to replicate wand attacks when they are executed, with the likelihood increasing when in proximity to rare and unique enemies.

Player & Ascendancy

The Soul Eater mechanic has undergone revisions for both players and monsters, now limited to 45 souls, each providing a 5% boost to cast and attack speed. Players lose one soul every half-second if they haven't gained a soul recently, typically occurring every 4 seconds. Additionally, monsters now receive 2% less damage per soul.

Unholy Might has been modified to offer 100% physical damage to chaos conversion and a 25% chance to apply on-hit.

Necromancers utilizing Instant Soft Left Mouse Button will find Bone Barrier granting minions a percentage of increased max life as extra energy shield, along with a portion of their damage leeched to the player's life. Mindless Aggression now provides more max life and increased damage.

Guardians will notice a reduction in the Sentinel's fire damage radius.

For other players, the Call to Arms has been replaced with Warlord's Call, which now grants warcries instead of exerting attacks. Warcries also extend their buffs to nearby allies.

Miners affected by the Left Mouse Button alteration receive compensation with a new Mastery allowing mines to detonate while in motion, although the Mastery providing 5% increased area of effect per mine has been removed.

Old Content Balance

Here are the miscellaneous changes:

Tormented Spirits now possess increased life to challenge Ghostbusters.

Cycling Damage Reduction has been replaced by Adaptive Resistances, causing monsters to develop resistance to their most frequently encountered damage type.

Stygian Spires are now immune to additional projectile modifiers on maps.

Archnemesis rewards no longer include options such as scarab or gem conversion, white sockets, duplicates, player XP boosts, or gem XP boosts.

For Essence harvesters, the highest tier for white maps is now Screaming, while for yellow and red maps, it’s Shrieking. Synthesised Maps are now only obtainable from T14 or higher map bosses, and Cortex maps are exclusively dropped by Synthesised map bosses or Maven’s Invitation: The Forgotten.

Invitations no longer drop after witnessing the corresponding monsters. Kirac offers a dialogue option to craft and open invitations. Betrayal bench crafts for quality exceeding 20% have been removed, and now Flasks can be evolved for a chance to gain plus or minus 10% quality.

Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire Flasks no longer reduce damage taken. Instead, they provide maximum resistance and increased resistance. The Aisling Crafting Bench has been replaced by the Veiled Orb, obtainable only from Catarina, and the Vorici White Socket bench has been removed. Omens are reintroduced in Rituals, potentially replacing blanching. With these changes, Betrayal rewards are revamped to include specific Scarab rewards.

Path of Exile 3.24 Catarina

Following a map no longer causes it to become unidentified. Instead, more implicits can now be rolled.

Quality Of Life Changes

Here are the quality of life changes for Path of Exile 3.24:

  • Identification is now possible for corrupted and mirrored items.
  • Breach Hands automatically open when approached.
  • The visual and auditory cues for Monsters Detonate Dead have been improved for better telegraphing.
  • Uber Elder fragments can now be swapped between Shaper and Elder via Hotcrafting.
  • Pressing the alt key on a map reveals the monster level.
  • Holding control and left mouse button while using crafting currency repeats the effect until reaching maximum or exhausting the POE Currency.
  • Control shift left-click transfers all stackable items from one trade window to another.
  • Portals can now be opened with a keybind if a Portal Scroll is in the inventory.
  • Upgraded Pantheon powers on one character are automatically unlocked for alternate characters in the same league, provided they have defeated the core god.
  • Using a Divine Vessel in the corresponding map disables the Pantheon power for that character.
  • Alternate characters may encounter old mechanics like the Locus of Corruption during the campaign as surprises.

How To Master Crafting In Last Epoch? - A Comprehensive Guide To Enhancing Your Gear

Crafting plays a pivotal role in advancing through the more challenging segments of Last Epoch. In this guide, we'll be examining a comprehensive crafting guide for this game. Let's begin without delay.

How To Master Crafting In Last Epoch? - A Comprehensive Guide To Enhancing Your Gear

Crafting Basic

Let's begin with the fundamentals.

Pressing the 'F' key will bring up your crafting menu. You can select any piece of gear and bring it to the crafting menu or the forge.

Within the crafting menu, you'll find the tiers of affixes on your gear. Pressing the 'Alt' button reveals the tiers of your affixes. Each tier ranges up to five for normal items, with Exalted items being purple and rolling up to t6s and t7s. As you progress further into the endgame, prioritize seeking out purple gear, as they can roll higher affixes than normal gear.

During the campaign, keep an eye out for resistances, which play a crucial role in mitigating incoming damage. If you encounter a boss or situation requiring specific resistances and your gear lacks them, swiftly craft the needed resistances.

For instance, if you possess an amulet with only 7% lightning resistance, consider enhancing it on the fly to counter a lightning-intensive boss encounter.

Now, let's delve into crafting basics.

Each item has forging potential, dictating the extent of crafting you can perform. When leveling up an affix, the game informs you of the forging potential cost, typically ranging from 1 to 10. Once the potential reaches zero, crafting on the item ceases, though you can still shatter it.

Utilize Glyphs of Hope to enhance crafting outcomes. These glyphs grant a 25% chance of no forging potential cost, maximizing your crafting efficiency.

Last Epoch Glyphs of Hope

Suppose you have an amulet with desirable attributes like minion health and damage over time, but undesirable lightning resistance. This is where Glyphs of Chaos come into play, allowing you to reroll affixes.

As you progress, identify crucial affixes for your build. For example, if you specialize in fire damage, prioritize acquiring fire-related affixes. Rolling unnecessary affixes is costly and often not worthwhile. Of course, if you have enough Last Epoch Gold, you can ignore this point. Focus on refining your gear to suit your build's needs effectively.

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How To Hunt Specific Affixes?

Now, let's discuss the pursuit of specific and high-value affixes in Last Epoch.

Certain affixes hold greater value and importance, and it's crucial to keep an eye out for them. One significant example is the "percent increase to health" affix.

This affix provides a substantial boost to health, as demonstrated by its 6% increase. Upon further leveling of the gear, even greater health bonuses can be attained. However, I've currently exhausted my supply of shards for this increased health affix, necessitating the acquisition of more shards to enhance this chest piece further, potentially up to Tier 5.

Identifying essential affixes and incorporating them into your loot filter is imperative for efficient item acquisition. Let's illustrate this with an example: suppose we aim to improve a particular item by breaking it down.

If we stumble upon such an item, regardless of its rarity, we could employ either a Rune of Removal or a Rune of Shattering, depending on our priorities. The Rune of Removal is ideal for preserving affix tiers, returning a corresponding number of shards. For instance, if targeting health bonuses, utilizing this rune on a Tier 5 affix would yield five health shards, facilitating significant enhancements.

However, using the Rune of Removal involves a degree of randomness. In our demonstration, although we targeted health, we ended up depleting the forging potential without achieving our goal, emphasizing the need for careful consideration.

Last Epoch Rune of Shattering

Conversely, the Rune of Shattering presents a more unpredictable outcome. It destroys the item, generating a random number of affix shards. While this method may yield desired results, it also carries a risk of obtaining fewer or even no shards, as seen in our attempt to improve the affix.

Ultimately, your approach depends on your immediate needs and the level of risk you're willing to accept. Utilizing Runes of Removal to secure specific shard quantities before resorting to Runes of Shattering can optimize your crafting endeavors. However, always exercise caution, particularly in the early stages of the game, where resources are limited and strategic decision-making is crucial.

How To Make A Loot Filter?

To prioritize these high-value affixes, it's beneficial to create a loot filter.

By pressing Shift + F, you can access the loot filter screen. Alternatively, navigate to your gameplay settings and manage the loot filter. Let's establish a new filter, naming it the xxx filter. Choose a symbol and designate it red for identification. Then, add a rule to designate certain affixes as high-priority.

To illustrate, let's prioritize health-related affixes, focusing on increased health and hybrid health over added health. Additionally, include movement speed and cooldown recovery speed, as they are universally beneficial for all builds.

With these conditions set, any item containing these affixes will be highlighted in red, making it easier to identify priority items amidst the clutter. For instance, we can now easily spot a belt with a 3% increase in health, indicating it's likely a tier one affix.

If such an item is encountered, and considering its low tier, using a shattering method to break it down may suffice, even if it doesn't yield the desired shards. For higher-tier affixes, such as tier three or above, employing a Rune of Removal may be necessary to acquire the desired quantity of shards.

That covers the fundamentals of crafting in Last Epoch. While there are numerous runes and glyphs to discuss, we'll touch on an advanced glyph known as the Rune of Ascendance.

The Rune of Ascendance transforms an item into a unique or set item of the same type. For example, applying it to a silver ring could yield any unique ring, regardless of its original type. This presents a fortunate opportunity to acquire desired legendaries for your build. Simply use the rune on a suitable item, such as a two-handed sword, to potentially obtain the legendary weapon you seek.

In summary, the Rune of Ascendance offers a strategic method to secure essential items for your build, albeit with an element of luck involved.

5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Path of Exile 3.24, which introduces the Necropolis League, will include a new set of five Tier 17 maps. These maps are effectively Uber Maps, with a higher level of difficulty than standard endgame maps. They include bespoke mod pools and Uber versions of old bosses, giving players fresh challenges and encounters. However, there are five new (or rather, reworked) unique item awards that may only be obtained against these bosses.

The five new Tier 17 Uber maps are Ziggurat, Sanctuary, Fortress, Abomination, and Citadel. Each has a unique boss encounter and related item drop. Additionally, the Tier 17 maps are the primary source for collecting Uber Fight Keys, which are required to unlock high-level endgame content.

As the main emphasis of the guide centers around unique items, I will provide a concise overview of each of the recently revamped unique items. Following this, I will examine the potential locations and bosses from which they may drop.

5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Wraithlord Bone Circlet

The adjusted Wraithlord unique helmet now features four Abyssal sockets and offers a bonus of "+1 to the maximum number of spectres per socketed Ghastly Eye Jewel".

Additionally, it provides +(1-2) levels to all Minion Skill Gems, encompassing utility skills bearing the minion tag.

This enhancement significantly bolsters Pure Spectre summon builds, particularly during the initial weeks of a new league when acquiring top-tier minion helmets proves challenging.

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Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

Now, let's discuss the revamped Manastorm unique shield. It boasts updated and enhanced stats, along with a broader range of potential attributes, making high-quality rolls significantly more valuable.

The shield now provides (1-100)% increased Mana Recovery from flasks, grants 1 to 100 mana per enemy kill, increases maximum mana by (1-100), and boosts Mana Regeneration rate by (1-100)%.

Additionally, upon casting a spell, it consumes all available mana to gain supplementary maximum lightning damage equal to 50% of the sacrificed mana for a duration of 4 seconds. This bonus damage is applied universally and can even impact secondary damage types, such as Herald of the Thunder and explosion effects from various skills and POE Items.

The design concept behind Manastorm revolves around amassing substantial amounts of mana, which is then expended to obtain a significant damage boost for a brief period of 4 seconds. This shield exhibits exceptional synergy when paired with spell totems, traps, mines, or trigger effects like Cast on Crit, Cast with Damage Taken, or items such as Mjölner and Cospri's Malice, among others.

Notably, these actions do not trigger the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic. Utilizing Manastorm in this manner entails sporadic self-casting of spells, such as curses or debuffs, or perhaps instant spells like Molten Shell, particularly when confronting formidable adversaries or bosses, to activate the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic and thereby gain the associated damage enhancement.

Path of Exile Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

The following item to discuss is the revamped Dark Seer, which has undergone significant improvements.

It now bestows +2 levels to all Spell Skill Gems and introduces a universal 10% chance to Blind Enemies. Additionally, it provides immunity to Blindness for the wielder, while enemies afflicted with Blindness suffer from Malediction. Malediction, a debuff, causes affected enemies to incur 10% increased damage and deal 10% reduced damage.

The final two enhancements scale with character level: granting +(1-2) maximum mana per level and +(1-2) maximum Energy Shield per level. Given the existence of three different versions of the scepter previously, it's reasonable to assume we might encounter three distinct reworked iterations of this item as boss rewards.

One version might include the enhancements mentioned earlier: +(1-2) Mana per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level. Another variant may offer +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level, while a third version could feature +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Mana per level.

Path of Exile The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

The fourth item to undergo rework is the enhanced Yoke of Suffering amulet, which underwent a subtle alteration. However, this alteration proves to be significant.

Now, it features the effect: "Enemies take (5-10)% increased damage for each type of element you have afflicted on them," essentially doubling this modifier, while retaining all other aspects unchanged. The elements encompass Ignite, Chill, Shock, Freeze, Sap, Brittle, Scorch, Bleed, and Poison.

Increased damage taken stands as one of the most potent damage multipliers in the game, directly amplifying any damage inflicted upon the enemy by its corresponding factor. Even if only a few ailments can be applied, there's a notable increase in damage potential with the right configuration.

Path of Exile Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Finally, we introduce the new Malachai's Mark unique gloves.

They now bestow, sequentially, a 10% chance on hit to acquire Endurance, Frenzy, and Power charges, with each sequence lasting for 6 seconds. This alteration holds significant potential for numerous builds seeking to emphasize different charge types. Players aiming to sustain charges should target a duration of at least 20 seconds, considering it takes 18 seconds for a complete cycle through all three sequences.

This enhancement brings to mind the Charge Mastery, offering an option for 100% increased charge duration. Additionally, the ascendancy notable "Unleashed Potential" provides a staggering 400% increased charge duration along with other benefits.

With the upgraded Malachai's Mark, we may witness the emergence of new discharge builds leveraging these gloves to swiftly accumulate charges.

Path of Exile Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Overview Of Drop Locations

Now, let's delve into drop locations and provide an overview of potential boss encounters. While some of the following details remain speculative and unconfirmed, others have been verified.

Citadel Map

The Manastorm unique shield may drop from Uber Uhtred, the ultimate adversary in the recently introduced Tier 17 Uber map, Citadel.

Uhtred, known as the Covetous Traitor, serves as the standard version of this boss encounter in Expedition Logbooks.

Ziggurat Map

The Wraithlord helmet is obtainable from Uber Catarina, the enhanced form of Catarina, Master of the Undead, originating from Betrayal.

It is highly probable that Uber Catarina serves as the final boss in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Ziggurat.

Path of Exile Uber Catarina

Sanctuary Map

The Dark Seer, a distinctive Shadow Scepter, embodies a Beyond-themed item.

In the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis content reveal video, we witness Lycia, Herald of the Scourge, summoning the Beyond Demon Lord, "Beidat, Archangel of Death," to her side. This strongly suggests that this is among the new boss encounters we will confront.

From a lore perspective, Lycia's pact with Beidat for immortality aligns with this encounter.

With the current information, it is reasonable to speculate that this encounter occurs in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Sanctuary.

Fortress Map

Moving on, we encounter the Uber Unbreakable in the recently introduced Fortress map.

This boss represents an enhanced iteration of the highest boss, the Unbreakable. Speculating on the potential boss-exclusive drop, it would seem fitting thematically for this boss to yield the Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet. Considering this engineered construct's origins with the Templar, who possesses an affinity for lightning, this conjecture holds weight.

Additionally, the item's flavor text, "Let the unrepentant be dragged ever downwards by the weight of their sins," resonates strongly with sentiments often associated with the Templar.

Abomination Map

Lastly, we are left with only one unique map and one unique item: the reworked and charge-themed unique gloves, Malachi's Mark.

These gloves are likely to be found in the new Abomination map, aligning well with the theme, particularly in light of the significance of Malachi in Act 4. While hints regarding the Uber boss or bosses for this map are scarce, potential contenders include Malachi himself or one of his disciples.

Another possibility is Piety, as seen in Piety, the Abomination, or even the Abomination monster type commonly encountered in the Belly of the Beast.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Ready For Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Welcome to the DLC Preparation Checklist! This guide outlines essential steps to take before the DLC release for Elden Ring, as well as prerequisites set by the game before accessing Shadow of the Erdtree. Let's delve into it.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Ready For Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Bosses You Should Beat

The game indicates that there are specific bosses you must defeat to gain access to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

The primary requirement, considered the most crucial, is defeating Radahn. While the lore significance remains unclear, this task is emphasized.

Subsequently, you'll need to confront Mohg, Lord of Blood, as step 2. This may relate to Radahn's influence on accessing the Land of Shadow. Defeating Radahn grants access to Mohg, Lord of Blood, enabling progression.

2 Ways To Access The DLC

To reach Mohgwyn Sacred Palace, you have two options.

Option One involves following Varre's questline to expedite your arrival, though I wouldn't recommend it. Option two is accessing the portal in the Consecrated Snowfields, leading directly to Mohgwyn Sacred Palace. Opting for the latter is advisable, as you'll naturally reach this destination later in the game.

From what we've gathered about Shadow of the Erdtree, the DLC's difficulty is expected to rival that of challenging in-game areas like Haligtree and Farum Azula. Historically, FromSoft's DLCs have been notably challenging, aligning with the formidable foes encountered in these regions.

Defeating Mohg serves as an excellent test for your build's readiness for DLC content. If you can defeat Mohg with ease, your build is likely well-equipped for the challenges ahead.

Why is defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, necessary? Our observations suggest that accessing the Shadow of the Erdtree requires touching Miquella's hand, which emerges from the Cocoon within Mohg's Boss Arena. Thus, defeating him grants full access to obtain the hand and proceed into the DLC.

Elden Ring Mohg, Lord of Blood

Earlier, I mentioned reasons to reconsider Varre's questline for accessing the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Let me elaborate on my rationale. If Varre's questline only leads you to Liurnia Of The Lakes, you're barely halfway through the game. If you're starting with a new character, you'll lack certain unlocked items, access to weapon levels, and talisman slots compared to using the portal in the Consecrated Snowfields.

However, if you're on New Game or New Game Plus, these concerns are less relevant, as you already possess resources from prior gameplay.

Which Build Is Best For You?

There is another crucial aspect I want to address before discussing the preparations for Shadow of the Erdtree.

While testing your build against Mohg is indeed valuable to assess readiness, it's essential to note the introduction of a new leveling system within Shadow of the Erdtree. The impact of this system on existing builds remains uncertain. While entering the DLC with a potent build capable of dealing significant damage is advisable, it's possible that dynamics may shift upon entering Shadow of the Erdtree, potentially resetting progress to a base level.

Consequently, I still advise ensuring your build is robust.

Strategies To Get Ready For The Upcoming DLC

What steps am I taking to prepare for the upcoming DLC? How am I implementing the strategies I recommend for navigating the Lands Between and acquiring necessary resources?

Smithing Stones

Primarily, I'm focusing on accumulating a substantial supply of Smithing Stones.

Through diligent rune farming and investing Elden Ring Runes in Smithing Stones at Roundtable Hold, I aim to amass a sufficient quantity. My rationale is rooted in the presumption that Shadow of the Erdtree won't introduce a new weapon leveling system, making Smithing Stones essential for upgrading weapons. This anticipation motivates my extensive gathering efforts.

The impending arrival of eight new weapon types in Shadow of the Erdtree necessitates a diverse array of weapons to be leveled, tested, and experimented with. Hence, my intensive collection of Smithing Stones is geared towards accommodating this forthcoming demand.

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For players embarking on their initial playthrough and seeking access to Shadow of the Erdtree, utilizing the Consecrated Snowfields portal to reach Mohgwyn Sacred Palace is advisable. This route grants access to numerous Bell Bearings scattered throughout the game world, facilitating maximum weapon enhancement potential.

Elden Ring Smithing Stones


When it comes to collecting resources in the Lands Between, it's important to ensure you have acquired all the Cookbooks. These will enable you to craft various items essential for your journey in Shadow of the Erdtree.

It's better to be overly prepared than to realize you lack necessary resources, so be sure to gather all the Cookbooks and Flask of Wondrous Physick Crystal Tears, which are distributed throughout the Lands Between.


Another essential item you'll need is the Whetblade. These tools enable you to imbue different affinities and Ashes of War onto your weapon, making them indispensable.

  • The Whetstone Knife can be found at the Gatefront Ruins.
  • The Iron Whetblade can be found in Stormveil Castle.
  • The Glintstone Whetblade can be found in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • The Red-Hot Whetblade can be found in Redmane Castle.
  • The Sanctified Whetblade can be found in the Fortified Manor Leyndell.
  • The Black Whetblade can be found in Nokron, Eternal City.

Gathering all these Whetblades will allow you to imbue every conceivable affinity onto your weapon, providing you with a significant advantage as you enter the DLC.

Elden Ring Whetblade

Stonesword Keys

There are two additional items I recommend stockpiling, starting with Stonesword Keys.

While I'm not entirely certain if they will be utilized in the DLC, given their significant role in accessing dungeons and areas in the base game, it's plausible they'll have relevance in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Therefore, ensure you visit merchants, explore the Lands Between, and acquire as many Stonesword Keys as possible to gain access to areas potentially locked behind them in the DLC.

Larval Tears

The last item worth stocking up on is Larval Tears. These are essential for respeccing at Rennala within Raya Lucaria.

With the introduction of numerous new weapons and weapon types in Shadow of the Erdtree, many players will likely want to experiment with different builds. However, using a deck-bleed weapon with only strength won't yield optimal results.

Hence, having the ability to respec for trying out various weapons and builds in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is highly recommended.

Organizing Your Inventory

The final task I'll be undertaking, and one I recommend for you as well, is organizing your inventory. I understand many of us have a tendency to hoard every item, weapon, and piece of armor in Elden Ring, treating them as invaluable treasures.

However, it's unnecessary to have multiple versions of the same weapon or numerous duplicates of armor pieces from the same set. Take the time to thoroughly sort through your inventory, streamlining it for efficiency. This will ensure that when new items are introduced in Shadow of the Erdtree, you'll be able to locate them promptly.

It's a small adjustment that can greatly enhance your preparation for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Everything We Currently Know About Diablo 4 Season 4! - Anticipated Changes & Additions

For those following the developments in Diablo 4, it's clear that Season 4 holds significant importance for the game's future. The upcoming complete overhaul of itemization, set to debut in Season 4, stands out as a major change. Alongside this, there are numerous other updates and additions teased for Diablo 4 that many players may not be aware of.

Here, we'll delve into all the available information regarding Diablo 4 Season 4, exploring potential additions and changes. Season 4 is anticipated to be the largest one yet, with significant adjustments expected. Despite these substantial changes, traditional seasonal content will still be present, including new mechanics and progression systems. Additionally, Season 4 marks the introduction of a PTR for future seasons or content, allowing players to test features before release. This season promises to be not only substantial but also likely to have a smooth launch in terms of bug fixes and balancing.

Everything We Currently Know About Diablo 4 Season 4! - Anticipated Changes & Additions

Revamping Itemization: The Key Focus Of Season 4 In Diablo 4

The most anticipated aspect of Season 4 is undoubtedly the itemization overhaul. Itemization has emerged as a widely criticized aspect of Diablo 4, with several contributing factors.

One issue is the abundance of affixes, many of which are deemed ineffective. Consequently, finding well-rolled Diablo 4 Items becomes a daunting task. Moreover, comparing newly acquired items with those currently equipped is cumbersome due to the plethora of redundant and conditional stats.

Developers have acknowledged this challenge, referring to it as the "damage on Tuesday" phenomenon, where certain conditions must be met for additional damage, leading to inconsistent performance. Given the developer discussions on this matter, it's likely that many conditional affixes will be either replaced or removed altogether in an effort to streamline the list of affixes.

Seneschal Companions Overhaul

One aspect that hasn't received much attention but I believe could be a possibility is the potential connection between effects from the Seneschal Companion in Season 3 and the itemization reworks.

In game development, new features often share underlying systems and coding, making it easier to implement similar functionalities across different aspects of the game. This principle is evident in games like World of Warcraft, where systems developed for expansions are repurposed for future updates.

It's conceivable that some of the support stones introduced with the Seneschal Companion could complement the itemization overhaul. For instance, abilities like Arcing Support, which causes the supported skill to hit additional enemies; Multishot Support, enabling projectile skills to launch extra projectiles; and Piercing Support, allowing projectile skills to pierce multiple enemies, could potentially become affixes in the itemization overhaul.

Such additions could introduce more diverse and engaging affixes to the game. With the inclusion of affixes like Multishot, for example, numerous projectile-based builds could significantly benefit, potentially enhancing their effectiveness and versatility.

Revamping Itemization: The Key Focus Of Season 4 In Diablo 4

Streamlining Aspect Management

Additionally, there have been significant hints indicating that alongside the itemization overhaul, there will also be substantial changes to Aspects.

This announcement was essentially made during BlizzCon. The development team for Diablo 4 has been devising a system to eliminate Aspects as separate items within the game. Currently, players often find themselves dedicating multiple stash tabs to store Aspects, particularly when progressing to level 100 and experimenting with various builds. This results in considerable inventory clutter.

The proposed solution involves integrating all Aspects into a unified system called the Codex of Power. While the exact mechanics remain unclear, it is anticipated that Aspects obtained from items will be seamlessly transferred to the Codex. Players will have access to a comprehensive list of their acquired Aspects, allowing them to easily select and apply them to items directly from an NPC interface.

This streamlining of the system is expected to greatly reduce inventory space requirements while facilitating more efficient management of gear in player stashes.

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Unveiling The Future Of Itemization In Diablo 4 Season 4

Developers have provided significant hints about the upcoming itemization overhaul.

One key revelation is that the overhaul will be so extensive that they opted against implementing a loot filter beforehand. This decision underscores the magnitude of the changes, indicating that the overhaul will affect more than just the basic affixes on items. It suggests a comprehensive revamp touching various aspects of the game beyond affix modifications, including the addition of new affixes and the removal of unpopular ones.

Furthermore, developers have elaborated on their broader vision for itemization. They emphasize that obtaining an item marks the beginning of its journey towards excellence or potential obsolescence. This approach mirrors that of other ARPGs like Path of Exile (PoE) or Last Epoch, where players can enhance subpar items through diverse crafting systems, aiming to create top-tier or even best-in-slot gear. While the itemization overhaul may not match the complexity of PoE, it's expected to incorporate robust crafting features, simplifying the process compared to PoE while retaining depth akin to Last Epoch.

This direction represents a positive step, as it shifts the focus towards meaningful item progression and crafting. Rather than simply acquiring items and rolling a single stat, players will have the opportunity to enhance items with desired attributes, potentially transforming them into top-tier gear. Consequently, a higher percentage of items will hold value, reducing the prevalence of entirely useless loot and providing players with more opportunities to craft valuable items from their loot pool.

Exciting Teasers For Diablo 4 Season 4

Above summarizes the bulk of the information available concerning the itemization overhaul for Season 4. However, there are additional hints we've received regarding Season 4.


As previously mentioned, there will be a PTR primarily to assess the significant changes to itemization.

Diablo 4 PTR

Endgame Possibilities: Abattoir Of Zir & Beyond In Diablo 4 Season 4

Additionally, the developers have teased various other content, particularly endgame content for Season 4. In a recent Q&A session, they were asked about the possibility of new endgame content. While they couldn't provide details, they strongly suggested keeping an eye on the PTR and Season 4 for those interested in new endgame experiences.

Another question arose regarding the possibility of an Abattoir of Zir-like feature. Interestingly, there was a subtle hint suggesting that those intrigued by such content should explore the PTR and Season 4. This suggests a focus on endgame-oriented content for Season 4, whether it becomes a permanent addition to the game or remains exclusive to the season.

Additionally, indications point towards the implementation of a system akin to the Abattoir of Zir, despite its initial shortcomings. This could be a positive addition to Diablo 4's long-term health. It's plausible that a system resembling Greater Rifts from Diablo 3 might be permanently integrated into the game, building upon the experimental nature of Abattoir of Zir. This could provide players with both curated dungeons and randomized rifts, offering a diverse gameplay experience.

This constitutes much of the solid information available regarding what's to come in Season 4. It won't be long before we have the opportunity to explore the PTR and gather more details. However, there are also additional features that may be included in Season 4, mentioned by developers but without a set release date.

Endgame Possibilities: Abattoir Of Zir & Beyond In Diablo 4 Season 4

The Armory System

One significant aspect is the development of an Armory system, which garnered attention during BlizzCon's Q&A sessions.

The Armory aims to enable players to save entire builds, including gear, talent loadouts, and Paragon Board setups, allowing for seamless switching between different configurations with a single click. This concept draws inspiration from the permanence seen in Diablo II, where respeccing wasn't initially available and was only introduced in later updates, possibly the first expansion.

Developers have recognized a shift in player preferences, leading to efforts in developing tools like the Armory to facilitate easier respeccing, among other features. These changes reflect a move towards empowering players to create and manage multiple builds effortlessly, aligning with evolving player expectations.

Enhancing Social Features

Similarly, in terms of social features, an aspect I consider one of Diablo 4's weaker points, the game is intended to offer a shared-world experience akin to titles like Destiny 2. While not a full-fledged MMO, it incorporates shared-world elements, albeit minimally.

Presently, the game lacks robust social features beyond a basic trade chat, a deficiency that has been acknowledged by the development team. Consequently, there appears to be a concerted effort to address this through a significant overhaul or addition of social features.

Given that raids are slated to arrive with the first expansion, it's reasonable to anticipate substantial enhancements to social aspects either preceding or coinciding with Season 4.

That essentially covers the available information regarding Season 4. I anticipate Season 4 heralding a significant transformation for Diablo 4. For those disappointed with the current state of the game, this impending update holds the potential to vastly improve their experience. Even for existing fans, it promises to deliver considerable enhancements. The itemization overhaul alone, involving the removal or adjustment of numerous conditional affixes, is poised to elevate gameplay. Moreover, the introduction of new content is always a welcome development.

Which Build Is A Versatile Choice For All Scenarios In POE 3.23? - Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Here is the Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder build for POE 3.23.

This build presents a departure from the conventional approach of focusing on gem level stacking to maximize the level of Caustic Arrow or Toxic Rain. Instead, it leverages items such as Widowhail and The Adorned to amplify the modifiers present on other POE Items utilized within the build. It boasts a substantial life pool exceeding 7,000, offering the necessary damage output, clearing speed, and resilience required for safe progression up to level 100.

Throughout this guide, I will provide an overview of the endgame configuration as well as present several medium budget and early game setups. Let us commence with the discussion.

Which Build Is A Versatile Choice For All Scenarios In POE 3.23? - Widowhail Toxic Rain Pathfinder

The Mechanics Of The Build

The mechanics of this build revolve around utilizing a Toxic Rain setup. This skill fires projectiles upward, which descend upon enemies, inflicting chaos damage and leaving behind spore pods that persist for a specified duration.

While these spore pods remain on the ground, they continuously deal chaos damage over time to nearby foes, with the potential for this damage effect to accumulate. By saturating the area with spore pods, the build capitalizes on Toxic Rain's stacking damage over time effect, which forms the foundation of its single-target damage output.

To effectively clear expansive areas teeming with monsters, Caustic Arrow comes into play, providing broad coverage across the screen. When linked with Arrow Nova Support, the skill disperses projectiles in all directions, blanketing the entire screen with caustic ground.

A notable aspect of this particular build is its synergy with The Adorned unique Jewel, enabling significant life stacking within the life pool. This substantial life reservoir greatly contributes to a player's longevity and progression potential, facilitating advancement towards level 100.

Different Gem Setups

In the primary skill setup, Toxic Rain should be linked with Efficacy, Empower, Awakened Vicious Projectiles, Awakened Void Manipulation, and Mirage Archer.

A medium-budget alternative to this setup would utilize regular support gems instead of Awakened ones, with Cruelty Support replacing Empower.

On a low-budget 4-link configuration, I recommend linking Toxic Rain to Vicious Projectiles, Efficacy, and Mirage Archer. Prioritizing Mirage Archer increases the total number of pods spawned around enemies, thereby enhancing single-target damage.

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For the Caustic Arrow setup, link Caustic Arrow with Awakened Arrow Nova, Empower, Awakened Void Manipulation, Awakened Vicious Projectiles, and Awakened Swift Affliction.

In a medium-budget version of this setup, substitute regular support gems for the Awakened ones, and also use Cruelty Support instead of Empower.

Note that while Cruelty Support may not be the most effective support, it serves as a convenient placeholder in a red socket before transitioning to Empower.

For a low-budget four-link setup, link Caustic Arrow with Vicious Projectiles, Swift Affliction, and Arrow Nova.

In the aura gem setup, this build reserves Grace and Malevolence on its Mana pool. Grace provides significant evasion, while Malevolence enhances damage by scaling both damage over time multiplier and skill effect duration, prolonging the duration of Toxic Rain pods and Caustic Arrow's caustic ground. Additionally, Haste Aura is linked to Divine Blessing and Inspiration Support. If Mana is insufficient for casting Haste Aura, running a level one Divine Blessing reduces Mana cost, and acquiring Mana efficiency nodes on the passive tree increases available Mana.

For Utility Gems, Toxic Rain of Withering is linked to Mana, Forge Arrows, and Culling Strike to maintain wither stacks on resilient enemies and dispatch bosses with less than 10% health. Despair further reduces the chaos resistance of cursed enemies, while a level 3 Immortal Call linked to Cast When Damage Taken provides an additional layer of defense.

Grab These Masteries

The masteries that this build will want to grab in its endgame setup will include:

  • 20% Increased AoE while wielding a bow
  • Recover 4% life when you use a flask
  • Prevent an additional 3% of suppressed spell damage
  • + 50 to maximum life

For earlier progressions of this build, useful masteries to have early on will include:

  • +12% Mana Reservation Efficiency
  • 8% Increased damage per Aura/Herald affecting you
  • Auras have a 10% increased effect on you
  • +15% spell suppression while your helmet, body armor, gloves, and boots have evasion rating

Ascendancy Passives

The ascendancy passives for this build will be acquired in the following sequence: Nature's Reprisal, Nature's Adrenaline, Master Surgeon, and finally Nature's Boon.

Once the build attains a sufficient level of resilience, there is an option to forego Master Surgeon and reallocate a point to a smaller ascendancy node for increased flask effectiveness.


For the bow, you'll first want a bow to start with a four-link bow with high attack speed and any damage over time modifiers.

Subsequently, aim to acquire a low-cost corrupted six-link bow, preferably with damage over time modifiers.

In the mid-range budget category, consider crafting or procuring a Thicket Bow with a +3 modifier, coupled with attack speed and a damage over time multiplier.

Lastly, as the final upgrade, invest in a well-rolled Widowhail once you have obtained the endgame quiver. The Widowhail offers significant multipliers to the modifiers present on your quiver.

Path of Exile Widowhail


For the quiver, you'll ideally want to start with a broad head quiver for some attack speed and use this item slot to fulfill any stat attribute requirements or elemental resistances early on.

You'll eventually want to upgrade this item to something that has at least 2 damage modifiers on it, such as damage over time multiplier or increased damage with bow skills.

Finally, a hunter influence quiver (Drgon Arrow) with high life, multi-movement speed, and attack speed will serve as the basis for the endgame setup with Widowhail. With a 246 Widowhail, a quiver like this will provide a total of 276 max life, 76% attack speed, 27% movement speed, and 152% damage over time multiplier.

So, there's incredible upside potential for running with a Widowhail setup.


For the helmet, you'll likely start with one that fulfills life stat attributes and elemental resistances.

You want to upgrade this to a helmet with similar stats but on a better item base and with eldritch implicits that provide 6% physical damage shift and 20% reduced mana cost of attacks.

Once you're able to fix your resistances with 100% uptime from flasks, you'll want a helmet with high life, high resistance modifiers, fire spell suppression, more physical damage shift, and +2 to socketed area of effect. This will both increase the overlapping of pods shot by Toxic Rain as well as the gem level of skills like Despair, which will be socketed in the helmet.

Body Armor

For the body armor, early gearing options will include items like a Tabula Rasa, a six-link corrupted body armor, or anything with high life and elemental resistances.

Once resistances are fixed by your flask setup, you'll want to opt for a Lightning Coil, which greatly improves the build's physical max hit. An endgame version will incorporate vaal implicits like +1 to socketed gems.

Path of Exile Tabula Rasa


For the gloves, you want to start with a pair that has high life and elemental resistances.

You'll eventually want to upgrade this to a better item base and also roll eldritch implicits that provide chaos damage over time multiplier and spell suppression.

Once you've capped your spell suppression, you can instead opt for Pierce on the implicits for more clear speed. The endgame version of this will look very similar to the helmet with high life and resistances, high suppression, +2 to area of effect, and increased damage during flask effect.


For the boots, the main modifiers you'll want to prioritize early are movement speed and elemental resistances.

An easy upgrade for this socket will be a pair of boots with high life, high movement speed, high resistances, and Eldritch Implicits that provide action speed and Elemental Ailment Avoidance.

The final version of the boots will have a high chance to avoid shock, high spell suppression, high life, movement speed, and onslaught on kill.


Initially, the belt slot serves to meet stat attribute and elemental resistance needs with a sturdy belt.

Over time, the aim is to transition to a Stygian Vise equipped with life and resistance, allowing for the addition of an Abyss Jewel with life and phasing on kill.

The ultimate belt configuration entails a Hunter influence Stygian Vise boasting high life percentage, increased flask effect, and a 20% reduction in flask charges used. This reduction in flask charges is essential for maintaining 100% flask uptime, a critical aspect of the build’s functionality.

Regarding the rings, they primarily serve to address stat attribute and resistance requirements while other gear pieces are upgraded.

It’s advisable to prioritize high stats or resistances in these slots to maintain flexibility elsewhere in the build. Once all other gear pieces are upgraded and finalized, the ideal modifiers for these rings include high life, damage over time multiplier, increased chaos damage, and reduced mana cost for non-channeling skills.

Path of Exile Stygian Vise


The amulet is also another socket that remains fairly flexible in terms of modifiers you can roll.

Useful modifiers early on will include things like life, resistances, stat attributes, and damage over time modifiers.

However, to make this build truly invincible against small attacks, a Defiance of Destiny will eventually be used. This item allows you to regain missing life before every hit is calculated. Starting with a low roll of Defiance of Destiny and gradually upgrading to higher rolls would be my recommended path of progression for this item slot.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels play a crucial role in maximizing the build’s efficiency in clearing speed, damage output, and access to jewel sockets, particularly significant upon obtaining The Adorned jewel.

Incorporating 3 medium cluster jewels called Luminous Shrine, this build highlights Wicked Pall, Touch of Cruelty, and Unspeakable Gifts. Notably, Touch of Cruelty remains unallocated within the build, relying solely on Wicked Pall and Unspeakable Gifts. These notable modifiers greatly enhance the build's chaos damage output and facilitate enemy explosions, causing a quarter of their life to be dealt as chaos damage. It's the explosions triggered by Unspeakable Gifts that drive this build's exceptional clearing speed during mapping endeavors.

As for the medium cluster jewels, there are 3 Dragon Curio featuring Shrieking Bolts and Repeater for heightened projectile damage, alongside one Pandemonium Scar cluster jewel housing Peak Vigour and Spiked Concoction. Peak Vigour enhances maximum life by 8%, while Spiked Concoction provides both attack speed and Alchemist’s Genius upon flask usage. The Alchemist’s Genius buff increases flask charges gained by 20% and flask effect by 10% during its duration, crucial for maintaining maximum flask uptime.


For the jewels, common placeholders for jewel sockets will feature useful modifiers like percent max life or damage over time multiplier.

However, once an Adorned jewel is obtained, you’ll want to roll eight corrupted magic jewels each with 7% increased max life and 8% chaos damage over time multiplier. With a 129% Adorned jewel, this will grant a total of 128% increased max life and 146% chaos multi from the magic jewels alone.

Path of Exile The Adorned

In the final jewel socket near the Herbalism passive, a Lethal Pride will be used to gain some much-needed strength as well as another 10% physical damage from hits taken as fire damage.


For the flasks, it is important to run a Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire flask, which all have long durations that allow the build to sustain them permanently.

By keeping 100% uptime on these flasks, the build is able to take advantage of the resistances granted by the flask and will have an easier time upgrading gear pieces.

An important thing to note is that every magic flask will need the Flagellant’s prefix modifier. This modifier allows the flask to gain 3 charges when hit by enemies, which fills the flask quickly when being hit by multiple mobs.

A reduced Mana cost suffix will also need to be crafted on one of these magic flasks in order to lower Mana cost and allow the build to eventually drop Mana Reservation Efficiency nodes from the passive tree.

To finish things off, a Flagellant’s Quicksilver Flask Of The Cheetah and Progenesis will be the final flask in the build setup. Before upgrading to Progenesis, however, the build could run a bleed immunity life flask while it still has Master Surgeon allocated.

Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

A highly dependable sports simulation game makes a strong comeback with promising new features. MLB The Show continues its impressive storytelling elements from last year, now delving into the immersive world of the Negro Leagues, offering players an educational journey through a significant chapter in baseball history.

Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

When Will MLB The Show 24 Be Released?

Let’s start with the obvious: MLB The Show 24 is set to release globally on March 19th.

Fans of baseball and console gaming can celebrate as San Diego Studios’ newest baseball simulation will be accessible on previous and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, MLB The Show 24 will also be playable on the Nintendo Switch, offering options for both home and on-the-go gaming.

Unfortunately, if you’re a PC user, you’re currently out of luck as there’s no announcement regarding a Windows version at this time.

All Editions Of MLB The Show 24

This year, fans have the option to pre-order 3 special editions of MLB The Show, in addition to the standard version of the game.

The first tier available is the MVP Edition, which offers various bonus items such as a Legend Diamond Choice Pack, 10 The Show Packs, 10,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs and more.

Moving up, there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes all the content from the MVP Edition along with additional extras.

At the highest tier is the Negro Leagues Edition, serving as this year’s collector’s pack. It encompasses everything from the lower two tiers and adds exclusive items like a limited edition physical Steelbook and New Era cap.

However, it’s worth noting an unusual aspect: the PS5 version of the Collector’s Edition doesn’t come with a physical disc despite including the Steelbook. To obtain a disc with the Negro Leagues Edition, one must order an Xbox Series X/S version.

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Early Access

An important detail to highlight for those eager to gain Early Access to this year’s release is that it necessitates pre-ordering one of the three special editions.

Simply pre-ordering the standard game won’t grant you early access, which is scheduled to commence on March 15th, 2024, this year. Pre-orders are currently open, so act promptly if you’re keen on diving into this year’s edition ahead of the crowd.

Who Is The Cover Athlete For MLB The Show 24?

One of the most eagerly awaited elements of any sports simulation game release is the selection of the cover star by the developer.

This year, the honor goes to none other than Toronto Blue Jays’ player Vladimir Guerrero Jr., son of a Hall of Famer. Guerrero Jr. serves as the Blue Jays’ designated hitter and is a rising star in the baseball world. Notably, he was the youngest ever MVP voted onto the AL All-Star roster in 2021.

MLB The Show 24 Cover Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Negro Leagues

Appearing for the first time last year, MLB The Show 24 will continue its partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum with the return of players from the Negro Leagues.

In this year’s edition, players will encounter 10 Negro League Legends, each with their own unique storyline to explore. This game mode offers players the opportunity to step into the shoes of significant Baseball Legends and relive the memorable moments of some of the most crucial games in their careers.

What Features MLB The Show 24?

Diamond Dynasty, allowing players to construct fantasy teams featuring baseball Legends, past and present stars, makes a comeback in 24.

The career mode, Road to the Show, where players advance from minor league to MLB, along with tournaments, will naturally be part of the package.

Additionally, Storyline Mode and Franchise Mode complete the lineup of anticipated features making a return in this year’s edition.

MLB The Show 24 Road to the Show

Franchise Mode

Securing victory in the World Series stands as the paramount objective for every baseball team, and in MLB The Show 24, players will once more have the opportunity to guide their preferred franchise to triumph.

By providing coaching, nurturing the team, and assuming the role of franchise manager, players will once again wield authority over both the on-field and off-field operations of their chosen team, aiming to elevate them to the summit of the rankings.

Storyline Mode

In MLB The Show’s Storyline Mode, players are afforded the opportunity to delve into, relive, and honor the heritage of baseball icons.

In this installment, the spotlight falls on the esteemed New York Yankees legend and cover star of MLB The Show 23, Derek Jeter. Serving as an exceptional highlight, this year’s storyline presents players with the chance to recreate Jeter’s most pivotal and memorable moments through an immersive career retrospective.

Unveiling New Legends In The Negro League Narratives

In addition to Derek Jeter’s distinctive storyline, MLB The Show 24 will introduce a multitude of new legends within the Negro League narratives.

Included among them are luminaries such as Buck Leonard, Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson—often referred to as “the Black Babe Ruth”—and Toni Stone, who notably became the first woman to play professional baseball at the highest level.

MLB The Show 24 Toni Stone

As we approach the release date of MLB The Show 24, it’s anticipated that more legends will be unveiled. The four legends mentioned will be accessible upon launch, with a total of 10 legends expected to be available.

Fresh And Reintroduced Stadiums

Derek Jeter’s playable storyline kicks off with his debut at Seattle’s Kingdom, meticulously reconstructed by San Diego Studio to feature in this year’s edition after a hiatus of a few years.

It’s anticipated that at least one additional new stadium will be introduced, though more may also be in the works. Among these anticipated additions is Greenlee Field in Pittsburgh, serving as the backdrop for one of the storylines spotlighting the Pittsburgh Crawfords.

Revamped Menu System

Frequently disregarded in video games, well-designed in-game menus offer players a smooth and effortless experience. MLB The Show 24’s revamped menu system appears to achieve just that.

It’s more than just adding a touch of color to enhance the atmosphere of storylines. It’s also sleek, contemporary, and easier to navigate.

There Is No Tech Test In MLB The Show 24

Unlike its predecessors, MLB The Show 22 and 23, this year’s edition will not provide players with access to a tech test prior to the game’s release.

Typically functioning as an open beta, allowing players to sample the upcoming iteration and its gameplay adjustments, the absence of a tech test this year may suggest that there’s minimal differentiation in gameplay between last year’s version and this one.

We’ll have to wait until the release of MLB The Show 24 to ascertain this. However, the lack of a tech test could also indicate confidence in the gameplay, with San Diego Studio deeming it unnecessary.

The compressed schedule from announcement to release date may have also played a role in this decision.

Crossplay And Cross-Progression Features

Crossplay returns for MLB The Show this year, offering gamers the opportunity to play with their friends on different platforms.

Additionally, cross-progression will be available, allowing players to start the game on one platform and continue their progress on another. It’s important to mention, however, that year-to-year saves won’t be supported once again.

Stadium Creator Returns In MLB The Show 24 (Limited To Current-Gen Consoles)

Indeed, the beloved Stadium Creator feature makes its comeback in this year’s iteration of MLB The Show, but it’s exclusive to current-generation consoles.

MLB The Show 24 Stadium Creator

Feature Premieres

Each week leading up to the release of MLB The Show 24, San Diego Studio will release an informative video, serving to showcase new features and unveil fresh content.

As of now, several feature premieres have already occurred, with four more slated. However, San Diego Studio hasn’t divulged much about the content of each presentation. Mark your calendars for the developer tournament on March 13th and the final feature premiere on March 14th.

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