Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

There are many factors that influence the game's success, and this is also true in FC 24. Player evolution is one of the most important factors. EA Sports FC 24 has released a group of evolved players with new and improved statistics in the game in Team Of The Season Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, which are free.

EA FC 24's evolution system is a groundbreaking addition. EA FC 24 Evolution feature allows players to enhance their favorite cards with major upgrades. It allows users to continuously improve their favorite players, which can keep old Ultimate Team cards competitive in the ever-changing game environment. It is very important to hone these Upgrade Series Evolution cards in Ultimate Team, which can help enhance the player attributes and Playstyles that are crucial in Ultimate Team.

In order to be able to upgrade these player cards, they must pass the requirements (goals and SBCs) to be eligible for card evolution. In addition to new promotions, the developers also regularly add new evolutions, including evolutions in the ongoing Team Of The Season promotion.

On that note, here are the players we recommend for you to evolve in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, work on getting these free evolution cards to have the best players in your squad.

Which Player Evolutions Can Help Win The Game In EA Sports FC 24? - TOTS Upgrade Series 1

7. Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa

FC 24 Ollie Watkins

Oliver George Arthur Watkins is the seventh player in Upgrade Series 1 Evolution, and his overall rating has increased from 83 to 94. Oliver’s upgraded Playstyles includes Power Shot, Trivela, Relentless, Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Rapid, First Touch, Acrobatic, and Quick Step.

The Englishman is an excellent Dribbler with a keen eye for goal, and with his ability, he can play as a Striker or Left Winger. He has played 37 games this season and scored 19 goals, helping Aston Villa to fourth place in Premier League.

6. Ben White, Arsenal

Ben White has performed well as a Right Back in Arsenal’s title-winning campaign this season, and he has started 107 games with a tackle success rate of 54%. And with his upgraded attributes, he will become one of the best Right Back in the game.

He doesn’t have the top-tier pace or attacking ability required of a Full Back, but has both defensive and attacking attributes, which makes him a good option to consider as a Right Back or Center Back with a Premier League background.

Ben’s upgrades for the Right Back position include Slide Tackle, Long Throw, Bruiser, and Jockey. If you’re not ready to work on his Upgrade Series card, FC 24 Players can help you.

5. Katie McCabe, Arsenal

A female player from Arsenal, Katie can play as a Left Back, Left Midfielder, or Left Winger, and can be said to be a well-rounded player on the pitch. Her evolution card improves her overall rating to 92.

Influenced by her Playstyles, she plays any position including Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Relentless, Whipped Pass, Jockey, Block, Intercept, Slide Tackle, Bruiser, and Long Throw.

4. Jarrod Bowen, West Ham

Jarrod Bowen has an excellent Upgrade Series 1 Evolution card with good shooting, Pace, passing, and dribbling. Another upgrade on his card is his Playstyles, which includes Technical, Whipped Pass, Trivela, Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Pinged Pass, First Touch, Trickster, Quick Step, and Relentless.

Despite being 27 years old, Jarrod Bowen is fast, agile, good on the ball, and has an excellent finishing ability. He has been a goal machine for the club, scoring 43 goals in 159 games.

3. Douglas Luiz, Aston Villa

EA Sports FC 24 Douglas Luiz

Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo has a well-rounded card that can be used as a Center or Defensive Midfielder. His Upgrade Series card increases his rating from 82 to 92, and his attributes are also improved. Playstyles in this card include Pinged Pass, Long Shot, Finesse Shot, and Bruiser.

Douglas plays for Aston Villa in 2023-2024 Premier League, scoring 9 goals in 35 games.

2. Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool

Liverpool player Alexis Mac Allister's card stats include four-star skill move, four-star weak foot, and Playstyles such as Power Shot, Pinged Pass, Tiki Taka, and Incisive Pass.

The Argentine-born player left Brighton and Hove Albion to join Liverpool in 2023. Since Allister joined, he has scored 5 goals and 5 assists in 33 games.

1. Julián Álvarez, Manchester City

EA Sports FC 24 Julián Álvarez

Julián Álvarez's Upgrade Series Evolution card improves his attributes, raising his overall rating from 83 to 93. His Playstyles shown on the card are Chop Shot, Power Shot, First Touch, Finesse Shot, Incisive pass, Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, Rapid, Flair, and Press Proven.

24-year-old Manchester City player Julián Álvarez is fast, has great vision, is a great teammate, has a great passing ability, and has a keen eye for goal. These are all reasons why it is worth choosing his Upgrade Series Evolution card.

These are the players recommended for evolution in this guide. These Upgrade Series 1 Evolution choices offer a range of options to enhance your Ultimate Team. Whether you are looking for offensive strength, defensive stability, or midfield creativity, these players can significantly affect your gameplay and lead your team to victory in ​​EA Sports FC 24.

So, with this player information and the new changes that the Upgrade Series Evolution card brings to the players, I believe you have been able to select the best players to form an excellent team and win the game.

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