GTA Online's Next-Gen Makeover: What One Can Expect?

GTA Online's Next-Gen

Rockstar Games product: Grand Theft Auto 5, despite being a product that made its debut more than a decade ago, has been successful in amassing a huge player base that is spread worldwide. To elaborate, credit for the reason behind this huge success mostly goes to its online iteration: Grand Theft Auto Online. Not to mention, not only has this Grand Theft Auto 5 iteration received a constant flow of updates along with new content, it has more recently given birth to highly popular roleplay servers, making GTA Online one of the most frequently streamed games on Twitch.

The Grand Theft Auto Community Is Finding It Hard To Hold Its Horses!

Moving ahead, very recently it was announced that GTA 5 would be made available for modern-era consoles. And Grand Theft Auto Online being not an exception will also be made available at home consoles, including the Grand Theft Auto iteration getting its very own version for Sony PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, while a lot of detailed information is not available in public domain in this regard regarding what the new changes the Grand Theft Auto community will get to see, still the latter are unable to hold their horses regarding what the new mode will be like in real life, while getting the best out of new era gaming hardware.

GTA Online's Next-Gen Enhancements: What You Need to Know?

1. Grand Theft Auto Online's Next-Generation Graphics

One of the most awaited improvements for GTA Online is a boost both in its visual and technical performance. As the duo: Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S are capable of a 4K resolution, along with a nearly 120 frames per second performance. That is why there are good chances that Grand Theft Auto Online’s visuals will be getting an upgrade and will for sure in the process get closer to the standard that are set by GTA 5’s single player iteration.

Additionally, all this may become the possible reason behind several player characters and vehicles in GTA Online getting a visual boost, as and when the game moves to the new gen gaming hardware, accompanied by more thorough features, along with a better accuracy all across the board. Not to mention, this may more likely lead to the Grand Theft Auto online getting more fine technical improvements. For instance, an increase in the population of NPCs across the arena and enhanced draw distance.

Adding to that, these new-gen consoles will also lead to a decrease in the loading times of GTA Online, all thanks to its better hardware performance. On the other hand, while some in the Grand Theft Auto community may not appreciate this fact in the proper manner, it would for sure become a reason behind players saving a lot of time, and there are good chances that this could even become a reason behind the GTA Online world becoming larger and more smooth.

2. Next-Gen Updates for Grand Theft Auto Online

In the recent past, there was an announcement that both MS-Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 servers for GTA Online will be shut down. While on one hand this news brought unhappiness for some in the Grand Theft Auto community who are still using these consoles, in its entirety this is good for the game. With the very reason being that driving away from the old generation console will enable GTA online’s future updates to be both complex and big in size, in comparison to the past updates.

As a result, all the updates will not have to worry about being optimised for older consoles, and will likely benefit from that opportunity to the greatest extent possible. This could suggest the mode receiving updates with extensive new regions for players to socialise and dig into, similar to Cayo Perico, or even updates that present more complex features like the eagerly-awaited stock exchange or elaborate enterprises to operate.

Furthermore, migrating to the new era console will empower GTA Online to introduce both more detail and depth to Los Santos itself. Not to mention, GTA Online’s future could include upgrading the parts of Los Santos either by completing the in-game construction that is there since launch or adding interiors to the structures that players till date were not able to get inside into. Additionally, this new console migration will also allow GTA Online to add crossplay, in the process allowing players to interconnect, irrespective of the platform that they are using to play GTA Online, adding value to the game in process, which off-course will be highly appreciated by the Grand Theft Auto community.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, despite making its debut more than a decade back, the Grand Theft Auto 5 fanbase is ever expanding and Grand Theft Auto online deserves the credit for that. Furthermore, the latest news that Grand Theft Auto online will be available on modern consoles has left the Grand Theft Auto community patientless. Last but not least, some of the new gen enhancements that you must know about.

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