Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

A highly dependable sports simulation game makes a strong comeback with promising new features. MLB The Show continues its impressive storytelling elements from last year, now delving into the immersive world of the Negro Leagues, offering players an educational journey through a significant chapter in baseball history.

Comprehensive Overview And Feature Highlights Of MLB The Show 24

When Will MLB The Show 24 Be Released?

Let’s start with the obvious: MLB The Show 24 is set to release globally on March 19th.

Fans of baseball and console gaming can celebrate as San Diego Studios’ newest baseball simulation will be accessible on previous and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, MLB The Show 24 will also be playable on the Nintendo Switch, offering options for both home and on-the-go gaming.

Unfortunately, if you’re a PC user, you’re currently out of luck as there’s no announcement regarding a Windows version at this time.

All Editions Of MLB The Show 24

This year, fans have the option to pre-order 3 special editions of MLB The Show, in addition to the standard version of the game.

The first tier available is the MVP Edition, which offers various bonus items such as a Legend Diamond Choice Pack, 10 The Show Packs, 10,000 MLB The Show 24 Stubs and more.

Moving up, there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes all the content from the MVP Edition along with additional extras.

At the highest tier is the Negro Leagues Edition, serving as this year’s collector’s pack. It encompasses everything from the lower two tiers and adds exclusive items like a limited edition physical Steelbook and New Era cap.

However, it’s worth noting an unusual aspect: the PS5 version of the Collector’s Edition doesn’t come with a physical disc despite including the Steelbook. To obtain a disc with the Negro Leagues Edition, one must order an Xbox Series X/S version.

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Early Access

An important detail to highlight for those eager to gain Early Access to this year’s release is that it necessitates pre-ordering one of the three special editions.

Simply pre-ordering the standard game won’t grant you early access, which is scheduled to commence on March 15th, 2024, this year. Pre-orders are currently open, so act promptly if you’re keen on diving into this year’s edition ahead of the crowd.

Who Is The Cover Athlete For MLB The Show 24?

One of the most eagerly awaited elements of any sports simulation game release is the selection of the cover star by the developer.

This year, the honor goes to none other than Toronto Blue Jays’ player Vladimir Guerrero Jr., son of a Hall of Famer. Guerrero Jr. serves as the Blue Jays’ designated hitter and is a rising star in the baseball world. Notably, he was the youngest ever MVP voted onto the AL All-Star roster in 2021.

MLB The Show 24 Cover Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Negro Leagues

Appearing for the first time last year, MLB The Show 24 will continue its partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum with the return of players from the Negro Leagues.

In this year’s edition, players will encounter 10 Negro League Legends, each with their own unique storyline to explore. This game mode offers players the opportunity to step into the shoes of significant Baseball Legends and relive the memorable moments of some of the most crucial games in their careers.

What Features MLB The Show 24?

Diamond Dynasty, allowing players to construct fantasy teams featuring baseball Legends, past and present stars, makes a comeback in 24.

The career mode, Road to the Show, where players advance from minor league to MLB, along with tournaments, will naturally be part of the package.

Additionally, Storyline Mode and Franchise Mode complete the lineup of anticipated features making a return in this year’s edition.

MLB The Show 24 Road to the Show

Franchise Mode

Securing victory in the World Series stands as the paramount objective for every baseball team, and in MLB The Show 24, players will once more have the opportunity to guide their preferred franchise to triumph.

By providing coaching, nurturing the team, and assuming the role of franchise manager, players will once again wield authority over both the on-field and off-field operations of their chosen team, aiming to elevate them to the summit of the rankings.

Storyline Mode

In MLB The Show’s Storyline Mode, players are afforded the opportunity to delve into, relive, and honor the heritage of baseball icons.

In this installment, the spotlight falls on the esteemed New York Yankees legend and cover star of MLB The Show 23, Derek Jeter. Serving as an exceptional highlight, this year’s storyline presents players with the chance to recreate Jeter’s most pivotal and memorable moments through an immersive career retrospective.

Unveiling New Legends In The Negro League Narratives

In addition to Derek Jeter’s distinctive storyline, MLB The Show 24 will introduce a multitude of new legends within the Negro League narratives.

Included among them are luminaries such as Buck Leonard, Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson—often referred to as “the Black Babe Ruth”—and Toni Stone, who notably became the first woman to play professional baseball at the highest level.

MLB The Show 24 Toni Stone

As we approach the release date of MLB The Show 24, it’s anticipated that more legends will be unveiled. The four legends mentioned will be accessible upon launch, with a total of 10 legends expected to be available.

Fresh And Reintroduced Stadiums

Derek Jeter’s playable storyline kicks off with his debut at Seattle’s Kingdom, meticulously reconstructed by San Diego Studio to feature in this year’s edition after a hiatus of a few years.

It’s anticipated that at least one additional new stadium will be introduced, though more may also be in the works. Among these anticipated additions is Greenlee Field in Pittsburgh, serving as the backdrop for one of the storylines spotlighting the Pittsburgh Crawfords.

Revamped Menu System

Frequently disregarded in video games, well-designed in-game menus offer players a smooth and effortless experience. MLB The Show 24’s revamped menu system appears to achieve just that.

It’s more than just adding a touch of color to enhance the atmosphere of storylines. It’s also sleek, contemporary, and easier to navigate.

There Is No Tech Test In MLB The Show 24

Unlike its predecessors, MLB The Show 22 and 23, this year’s edition will not provide players with access to a tech test prior to the game’s release.

Typically functioning as an open beta, allowing players to sample the upcoming iteration and its gameplay adjustments, the absence of a tech test this year may suggest that there’s minimal differentiation in gameplay between last year’s version and this one.

We’ll have to wait until the release of MLB The Show 24 to ascertain this. However, the lack of a tech test could also indicate confidence in the gameplay, with San Diego Studio deeming it unnecessary.

The compressed schedule from announcement to release date may have also played a role in this decision.

Crossplay And Cross-Progression Features

Crossplay returns for MLB The Show this year, offering gamers the opportunity to play with their friends on different platforms.

Additionally, cross-progression will be available, allowing players to start the game on one platform and continue their progress on another. It’s important to mention, however, that year-to-year saves won’t be supported once again.

Stadium Creator Returns In MLB The Show 24 (Limited To Current-Gen Consoles)

Indeed, the beloved Stadium Creator feature makes its comeback in this year’s iteration of MLB The Show, but it’s exclusive to current-generation consoles.

MLB The Show 24 Stadium Creator

Feature Premieres

Each week leading up to the release of MLB The Show 24, San Diego Studio will release an informative video, serving to showcase new features and unveil fresh content.

As of now, several feature premieres have already occurred, with four more slated. However, San Diego Studio hasn’t divulged much about the content of each presentation. Mark your calendars for the developer tournament on March 13th and the final feature premiere on March 14th.

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