Have You Found New Weapons In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC? - Types & Usage

In this Shadow of The Erdtree DLC, Elden Ring introduces a lot of extra elements to players, including a new map, new bosses, and most importantly, 8 new weapon types, providing players with a variety of ways to participate in the battle.

These new weapons can only be found in Land of Shadow, but players can bring them back to Lands Between to complete the journey. For each weapon type, players have a few options to choose from, but not as many as the base game weapons.

Have You Found New Weapons In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC? - Types & Usage

While niche builds can make almost any weapon powerful, some of the new DLC weapon types in Elden Ring are arguably more powerful than others. Some players firmly believe that the right build can make combat easier, but the new weapons in DLC may subvert your perception.

If you combine these new weapons with the right build, it will greatly increase your efficiency in defeating bosses, and your efficiency in obtaining Elden Ring Runes will also increase accordingly.

Hand-To-Hand Arts


  • Dryleaf Arts
  • Dane’s Footwork

While Hand-To-Hand Arts are not suitable for new players in the base game of Elden Ring, they provide a fun way for experienced players to play. They function similarly to fist weapons, allowing you to launch a series of attacks when you are in close contact with the enemy.

However, there are differences between the two weapons. When the player equips Dryleaf Arts or Dane’s Footwork, you can attack with both hands and feet, while fist weapons can only be used with hands. The similarities are also obvious: both have palm strike functions, and after charging, they can make enemies fall to their deaths.

Throwing Blade


  • Smithscript Dagger

There is currently only one Throwing Blade in Elden Ring - Smithscript Dagger. Although it is not the highest damage, it still does not prevent it from being very interesting. This weapon is perfect for those who like the consumables of Throwing Dagger and want a more durable weapon.

This is mainly because of its nature. When it is thrown, it will automatically return to Tarnished’s hand, and then it can be thrown again, and so on. In addition, it can also allow you to perform normal melee attacks.

So it is a multi-purpose weapon, but you still need to be reminded that its damage is not high, and you need to equip additional weapons to increase the damage you deal.

Perfume Bottles


  • Firespark Perfume Bottle
  • Chilling Perfume Bottle
  • Frenzyflame Perfume Bottle
  • Lightning Perfume Bottle
  • Deadly Poison Perfume Bottle

Perfume has always been an essential Elden Ring Item. You can mix empty Perfume Bottles with other ingredients to create consumable Perfumes that can provide you with various benefits.

However, in Shadow of The Erdtree, it has made a big change - it has become permanent and has five types. You can use one hand to wield it and the other hand to use other weapons.

Elden Ring Perfume Bottles

These Perfume Bottles essentially provide you with a way to deal extra damage in combat, such as Firespark Perfume Bottle will cause Fire damage. Because you may not do everything in front of different bosses, it is very necessary to prepare some Perfume Bottles.

Beast Claws


  • Beast Claw (Weapon)
  • Red Bear’s Claw

If you’re looking for a new way to play while exploring Land of Shadow, then Beast Claws are definitely worth a try. Although they look the same as regular Claws, Beast Claws has a much more animalistic attack than animation.

Both types of Beast Claws are very good and deal a lot of damage, so it’s wise to choose whichever you choose. In addition, you may also like their abilities - Savage Claws and Red Bear Hunt, which both deal unpredictable damage to enemies.

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Thrusting Shields


  • Dueling Shield
  • Carian Thrusting Shield

While the new Thrusting Shields themselves are not that good and may not block much damage, if you want to deal more damage while swinging a shield, they will be your best choice. Because they can be used in one or two hands, and can provide you with both blocking and piercing.

The only downside is that there are only two Thrusting Shields available, and they are located in Shadow Keep, a legacy dungeon in Shadow of The Erdtree.

Backhand Blades


  • Backhand Blade
  • Smithscript Cirque
  • Curseblade’s Cirque

Besides Throwing Blade mentioned above, which is a very interesting weapon in the game, Backhand Blades are also very interesting, especially in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. They’re perfect for players who want to dual-wield and hit enemies multiple times in a row at lightning speed.

Elden Ring Backhand Blades

Because of its unique grip, they are also quite good at blocking attacks on you. If you want to experience Backhand Blades as soon as possible, you can start in DLC. You can get this weapon by knocking down Curseblade enemy at the top of the archway when you reach the first site of grace.

It should be noted that this weapon is a random drop, so you may need to try to knock down this enemy multiple times.

Great Katanas


  • Great Katana
  • Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana
  • Rakshasa’s Great Katana

Katanas have always been praised by players in Elden Ring. If you want to find a weapon that gives you more damage out of these three types, Great Katana is your best choice.

But be aware that this type of weapon will increase your damage and range, but the attack speed will be reduced, so you will need to increase the attribute points or choose the right build to make up for this shortcoming.

Light Greatswords


  • Milady
  • Leda’s Sword
  • Rellana’s Twinblade

While Light Greatswords may sound unoriginal and even feel the same as Greatswords, it is very important to make up for the lack of attack speed in Greatswords.

Elden Ring Light Greatswords

And the two swords of this weapon - Milady and Rellana’s Twinblade are easily the best weapons in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. Rellana’s Twinblade has one of the best skills in the total game, Moon-and-Fire Stance, which can make the entire area around you set on fire, so you can attack enemies from a safe range.

After reading this, go find these weapons to enhance yourself! I hope you have fun playing Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC and exploring your own path in Land of Shadow.

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