Everything We Currently Know About Diablo 4 Season 4! - Anticipated Changes & Additions

For those following the developments in Diablo 4, it's clear that Season 4 holds significant importance for the game's future. The upcoming complete overhaul of itemization, set to debut in Season 4, stands out as a major change. Alongside this, there are numerous other updates and additions teased for Diablo 4 that many players may not be aware of.

Here, we'll delve into all the available information regarding Diablo 4 Season 4, exploring potential additions and changes. Season 4 is anticipated to be the largest one yet, with significant adjustments expected. Despite these substantial changes, traditional seasonal content will still be present, including new mechanics and progression systems. Additionally, Season 4 marks the introduction of a PTR for future seasons or content, allowing players to test features before release. This season promises to be not only substantial but also likely to have a smooth launch in terms of bug fixes and balancing.

Everything We Currently Know About Diablo 4 Season 4! - Anticipated Changes & Additions

Revamping Itemization: The Key Focus Of Season 4 In Diablo 4

The most anticipated aspect of Season 4 is undoubtedly the itemization overhaul. Itemization has emerged as a widely criticized aspect of Diablo 4, with several contributing factors.

One issue is the abundance of affixes, many of which are deemed ineffective. Consequently, finding well-rolled Diablo 4 Items becomes a daunting task. Moreover, comparing newly acquired items with those currently equipped is cumbersome due to the plethora of redundant and conditional stats.

Developers have acknowledged this challenge, referring to it as the "damage on Tuesday" phenomenon, where certain conditions must be met for additional damage, leading to inconsistent performance. Given the developer discussions on this matter, it's likely that many conditional affixes will be either replaced or removed altogether in an effort to streamline the list of affixes.

Seneschal Companions Overhaul

One aspect that hasn't received much attention but I believe could be a possibility is the potential connection between effects from the Seneschal Companion in Season 3 and the itemization reworks.

In game development, new features often share underlying systems and coding, making it easier to implement similar functionalities across different aspects of the game. This principle is evident in games like World of Warcraft, where systems developed for expansions are repurposed for future updates.

It's conceivable that some of the support stones introduced with the Seneschal Companion could complement the itemization overhaul. For instance, abilities like Arcing Support, which causes the supported skill to hit additional enemies; Multishot Support, enabling projectile skills to launch extra projectiles; and Piercing Support, allowing projectile skills to pierce multiple enemies, could potentially become affixes in the itemization overhaul.

Such additions could introduce more diverse and engaging affixes to the game. With the inclusion of affixes like Multishot, for example, numerous projectile-based builds could significantly benefit, potentially enhancing their effectiveness and versatility.

Revamping Itemization: The Key Focus Of Season 4 In Diablo 4

Streamlining Aspect Management

Additionally, there have been significant hints indicating that alongside the itemization overhaul, there will also be substantial changes to Aspects.

This announcement was essentially made during BlizzCon. The development team for Diablo 4 has been devising a system to eliminate Aspects as separate items within the game. Currently, players often find themselves dedicating multiple stash tabs to store Aspects, particularly when progressing to level 100 and experimenting with various builds. This results in considerable inventory clutter.

The proposed solution involves integrating all Aspects into a unified system called the Codex of Power. While the exact mechanics remain unclear, it is anticipated that Aspects obtained from items will be seamlessly transferred to the Codex. Players will have access to a comprehensive list of their acquired Aspects, allowing them to easily select and apply them to items directly from an NPC interface.

This streamlining of the system is expected to greatly reduce inventory space requirements while facilitating more efficient management of gear in player stashes.

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Unveiling The Future Of Itemization In Diablo 4 Season 4

Developers have provided significant hints about the upcoming itemization overhaul.

One key revelation is that the overhaul will be so extensive that they opted against implementing a loot filter beforehand. This decision underscores the magnitude of the changes, indicating that the overhaul will affect more than just the basic affixes on items. It suggests a comprehensive revamp touching various aspects of the game beyond affix modifications, including the addition of new affixes and the removal of unpopular ones.

Furthermore, developers have elaborated on their broader vision for itemization. They emphasize that obtaining an item marks the beginning of its journey towards excellence or potential obsolescence. This approach mirrors that of other ARPGs like Path of Exile (PoE) or Last Epoch, where players can enhance subpar items through diverse crafting systems, aiming to create top-tier or even best-in-slot gear. While the itemization overhaul may not match the complexity of PoE, it's expected to incorporate robust crafting features, simplifying the process compared to PoE while retaining depth akin to Last Epoch.

This direction represents a positive step, as it shifts the focus towards meaningful item progression and crafting. Rather than simply acquiring items and rolling a single stat, players will have the opportunity to enhance items with desired attributes, potentially transforming them into top-tier gear. Consequently, a higher percentage of items will hold value, reducing the prevalence of entirely useless loot and providing players with more opportunities to craft valuable items from their loot pool.

Exciting Teasers For Diablo 4 Season 4

Above summarizes the bulk of the information available concerning the itemization overhaul for Season 4. However, there are additional hints we've received regarding Season 4.


As previously mentioned, there will be a PTR primarily to assess the significant changes to itemization.

Diablo 4 PTR

Endgame Possibilities: Abattoir Of Zir & Beyond In Diablo 4 Season 4

Additionally, the developers have teased various other content, particularly endgame content for Season 4. In a recent Q&A session, they were asked about the possibility of new endgame content. While they couldn't provide details, they strongly suggested keeping an eye on the PTR and Season 4 for those interested in new endgame experiences.

Another question arose regarding the possibility of an Abattoir of Zir-like feature. Interestingly, there was a subtle hint suggesting that those intrigued by such content should explore the PTR and Season 4. This suggests a focus on endgame-oriented content for Season 4, whether it becomes a permanent addition to the game or remains exclusive to the season.

Additionally, indications point towards the implementation of a system akin to the Abattoir of Zir, despite its initial shortcomings. This could be a positive addition to Diablo 4's long-term health. It's plausible that a system resembling Greater Rifts from Diablo 3 might be permanently integrated into the game, building upon the experimental nature of Abattoir of Zir. This could provide players with both curated dungeons and randomized rifts, offering a diverse gameplay experience.

This constitutes much of the solid information available regarding what's to come in Season 4. It won't be long before we have the opportunity to explore the PTR and gather more details. However, there are also additional features that may be included in Season 4, mentioned by developers but without a set release date.

Endgame Possibilities: Abattoir Of Zir & Beyond In Diablo 4 Season 4

The Armory System

One significant aspect is the development of an Armory system, which garnered attention during BlizzCon's Q&A sessions.

The Armory aims to enable players to save entire builds, including gear, talent loadouts, and Paragon Board setups, allowing for seamless switching between different configurations with a single click. This concept draws inspiration from the permanence seen in Diablo II, where respeccing wasn't initially available and was only introduced in later updates, possibly the first expansion.

Developers have recognized a shift in player preferences, leading to efforts in developing tools like the Armory to facilitate easier respeccing, among other features. These changes reflect a move towards empowering players to create and manage multiple builds effortlessly, aligning with evolving player expectations.

Enhancing Social Features

Similarly, in terms of social features, an aspect I consider one of Diablo 4's weaker points, the game is intended to offer a shared-world experience akin to titles like Destiny 2. While not a full-fledged MMO, it incorporates shared-world elements, albeit minimally.

Presently, the game lacks robust social features beyond a basic trade chat, a deficiency that has been acknowledged by the development team. Consequently, there appears to be a concerted effort to address this through a significant overhaul or addition of social features.

Given that raids are slated to arrive with the first expansion, it's reasonable to anticipate substantial enhancements to social aspects either preceding or coinciding with Season 4.

That essentially covers the available information regarding Season 4. I anticipate Season 4 heralding a significant transformation for Diablo 4. For those disappointed with the current state of the game, this impending update holds the potential to vastly improve their experience. Even for existing fans, it promises to deliver considerable enhancements. The itemization overhaul alone, involving the removal or adjustment of numerous conditional affixes, is poised to elevate gameplay. Moreover, the introduction of new content is always a welcome development.

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