Path Of Exile: The Clearance Tutorial Of The Maven's Questline

The criterion that will determine if you are a hardcore Path of Exile player is if you can complete The Maven's Questline. Throughout the questline, you'll fight several high-level bosses. After defeating those enemies, you can collect a lot of loot, such as Divine Orbs, weapons, armor, etc., and then reach Maven. However, for POE beginners, completing The Maven's Questline is not a simple task. The following is the most convenient detailed tutorial for players to pass the level:

POE The Maven

1. Before you play The Maven's Questline, you need to find an NPC named The Envoy on Yellow Maps (T6+). When you find it, according to The Envoy's request, kill the current map bosses that are easy to beat for solo classes, and The Maven's Beacon will drop. In Permanent Leagues, The Envoy will give you The Maven's Beacon only if you don't kill the boss.

Only after using The Maven's Beacon can you upgrade your Map Device that can be got after completing The Chamber of Sins in Act 7. You will find a button on your map device that can summon Maven to appear, and then let her see you defeat the three bosses of different levels.

2. When you kill a certain number of bosses on Tier maps, you can summon Maven through The Maven's Beacon. Then, Maven will send you The Maven's Invitation: The Atlas, and it will teleport you to Maven's Crucible.

Inside Maven's Crucible, if you want to reach the next step of The Maven's questline, you need to kill multiple bosses and you have to repeat these steps continuously to reach Maven that is more difficult each time. For this, we recommend that you use a more powerful build. You can get more powerful gear with POE Currency, or build with Slayer Super Cyclone or Assassin Freezing Pulse.

Note: we can only perform these tasks when The Maven is present. So, make sure you summon Maven first, then defeat any of Map Bosses.

3. Before you fight The Maven, you need to craft The Maven's Writ, which may be dropped from The Crucible Area Level 83, but it has a slight chance of dropping. And The Maven's Writ comprises 10 Crescent Splinters. So, you need to farm this Crucible Area multiple times to collect the Crescent Splinters dropped by The Crucible Area Level 83.

Although The Maven is tough to beat, a good Scion Class can beat her. After you defeat The Maven, the task is almost complete. If you want to fight her one more time, you can challenge her again as long as you have The Maven's Writ.

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