5 Invaluable Tips That Help You To Be The Best In New World!

Here, I want to introduce you what pros in New World do - five tips that will help you to be the best. I will go over how to best earn gold and level up your skill at the same time, what is the best time to buy legendary tools, tips for buying houses and trophies and why do you need a legendary bag.

5 Invaluable Tips That Help You To Be The Best In New World!

Tip 1: Gather, Refine & Sell

When you’re wandering around the lands doing quests or just exploring the world of Aeternum, you can come across different materials such as Iron Veins, different mote flowers, fibers, or rarer variants of wood.

I always recommend that you pick them up and store them for later in one of the many storages you have available. You might be tempted to sell them as soon as you gather them.

However, I would recommend that you refine them first and then sell them. This will net you fewer New World Coins, but it will give you a valuable refining experience that you could not gain if you had sold them.

So, in a nutshell shell, I recommend that you gather everything you see, then either refine them now and sell them or restock them up, refine them later, and sell them in a bulk. In the long run, you will end up with a lot of skills, experience, and gold.

Tip 2: Legendary Tools - A Worthy Investment

When you reach your max level or unlock the ability to equip the best gathering tools, the rarest form of this equipment is legendary represented by its orange color.

They give you a fifth perk that gives you a chance to get a mote when you gather something. You have two options: cheaper Orichalcum or more expensive Mythril tools. Now, your argument against it might be that both are too expensive.

New World Legendary Tools - A Worthy Investment

However, they are 100% worth it. Let me elaborate on why. From a pure gold return investment, they are worth it.

Let’s say that you buy a logging axe for 3K gold, it has an Earth mote perk. You go on your logging session and you get 100 motes from it. Now, 100 motes are a bit less than 100 gold. However, you can store these motes and later turn them into higher tier versions and you again get just pure added gold from it or arcane experience.

There is also another example of why they can be useful. Let’s say you are good at weaponsmithing and you can make tier five Honing Stones. They are used by many in-game players. You can make them from Death & Fire Quintessence.

So, while you are gathering to make something else, you can in the meantime farm motes as well to make these stones at the same time. You can do this for other trade skills as well. So, in this sense, you can now think about what trade skill you are going for and then from that you should know what items you can make and look for tools that have motes that can help you in making such items that you can sell or use for yourself.

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Tip 3: Choosing The Right House

You have been nicely collecting gold, get your trade skills up, and you have your eyes set on one of many professions, like armoring, jewel crafting, engineering, and so on. You know you will need to get a house and later on trophies as well, but you might feel a bit lost about what to buy is because there are a lot of options.

New World Choosing The Right House

In a nutshell, houses come in four tiers. The fourth is the most expensive at 20K gold and the first is the cheapest at 5K gold. They’ll give you a place you can teleport to, just like an inn.

Tier 4 has a 2-hour cooldown and Tier 1 is 5 hours.

Next is the space for storage chests. When placed in your house, they give you bigger settlement storage. Tier 1 house has 1 slot and Tier 4 has 4 slots. The best chest is a Golden Steel Storage Chest with 1,000 space. So, a Tier 4 house with four chests gives you 4K more space. That is quite a lot of space, if you ask me.

All house tiers do have five slots of trophies and here comes an argument: if it’s worth buying the best house? Tier 4 or the cheapest at Tier 1?

For a long time, I have been debating what advice to give. When it comes to buying houses, it all comes down to your preference and play style, how much New World Gold you have, and so on. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Buy one of the Tier 4 houses in your settlement of choice.
  2. Fill them with the best storage chests so you get this 4K space. This will be your main crafting hub. You will be able to refine, craft, and sell your goods.
  3. Then, buy 2 Tier 1 houses as you just need them for trophies that will be needed.
  4. The rest of the storage space can be separated from all the other settlements as the transfer of materials between them is free.
  5. In the end, you end up with a simple one main town and plenty of space for the beginning of your journey.
  6. If you think you need more storage space and you have too much gold, then you can always sell it and buy the biggest mansions in Aeternum.

Tip 4: Trophies - Enhancing Your Abilities

Trophies give you a global buff depending on what trophy you pick.

In general, you have gathering trophies that give you Gathering Luck, crafting trophies that give you a bonus to gear score to crafted items, combat trophies give you more damage to certain types of enemies, and the loot luck trophies.

New World Trophies - Enhancing Your Abilities

So, what trophy to pick is totally up to you and what you are doing. In general, each trophy stacks up to three times and you can have five of them at the same time in your house.

As a note, at the endgame, you can combine your trophies into one ultimate trophy so you can have all combat, crafting, and gathering trophies at your home. The components can be bought from your faction vendor and you can craft them with your furnishing skill.

The main question I ask myself is if minor or basic trophies are worth it? I would say that minor, so the lowest tier is better or more worthwhile than basic or medium tier ones.

My reason is that they are very cheap compared to others and they give a significant amount of a buff that they are worth your money even in the short or long term. Then, when I would have all of them, I would slowly upgrade them to the best tier.

Little steps make all the difference.

Tip 5: Legendary Bags - Lasting Benefits

One of the questions you might have asked yourself is: Are Legendary Bags worthy?

Let’s take a look. They give a fifth perk called Lasting Consumption that makes your consumables last longer, such as your food buff, Honing Stones, Proficiency Boosters and so on.

When you play at the game at in-game level and when you want to maximize your damage output or just make your gathering run more efficient, you want to have this perk on your bags.

In the long run, they will pay off by you not needing to buy more consumables. Therefore, you spend less money and that alone is the reason why I have been using them for quite some time and I have to tell you they are 100% worth it.

Getting all of these elements of the game all at once might be a daunting task and too much. But remember New World is an MMO and MMO is not a sprint but a marathon. So, take your time and enjoy the game. With time, you will get enough gold to buy all these items. It’s part of the journey of your adventurer.

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