Top 3 Adjustments In Diablo 4 Season 4: Crafting System, Boss And Class

Diablo 4 Season 4, scheduled to be released at 10 am PST on May 14, 2024, has been deeply adjusted based on players’ evaluation of the PTR. Devs had adjusted in several aspects including Affixes, Tempering, Masterworking, The Pit, Helltide, Class Changes, and Boss Ladder. As you can see, these are mainly done from the aspects of crafting system, Boss and class. All that is being prepared to show players shows that Blizzard hopes to use this season to revive Diablo 4, regain those who have left the game, and also seems to have paved the way for future expansions or other endgame content. Without further ado, the main content begins!

Top 3 Adjustments In Diablo 4 Season 4: Crafting System, Boss And Class

Adujustments To Crafting System

The most important thing for a warrior is his weapon. Those of you who are going through all kinds of obstacles must hope that your gears can give full play to its greatest advantages on the battlefield instead of becoming your weakness. The strength of a gear depends largely on its Affixes. I believe everyone knows the Affixes called “Damage on Tuesdays”. Now it’s gone, replaced by some better and more effective Affixes. These are for normal equipment. For Ancentral Legendary and Unique items, Greater Affixes have been added. The item power of these powerful Affixes is 925. This is incomparable to ordinary Affixes. Some gears have some strong Affixes, but they have shortcomings. At this time, you can choose to temper the weapon. You can temper based on the Affixes contained in Tempering Manuals obtained from seasonal events. But the Affixes you get only give you a range. Which one you get is completely random. I really hope you are a lucky person and can get what you want. Because Tempering and Enchanting are different, you cannot reset them. In my opinion, although the devs have limited the range of Affixes that can be added to Tempering Manuals based on PTR feedback, its randomness and inability to reset make it still very difficult for everyone to get the Affixes they want. So, if you want to get good Affixes, you must prepare enough Tempering Manuals and try again and again. However, Tempering Manuals must be obtained from Season 4 related activities.

Adujustments To Crafting System In Diablo 4 Season 4

When you have good Affixes on your gears, you have to realize that your gears are not achieving the best results. Masterworking is the key to improving strength in the new season. Its main function is to increase the value of each Affix on the equipment, which will be greatly improved every 4 levels. And devs virtually eliminate the possibility of failure. I think this makes the Masterworking process simple.

In summary, it can be seen that the devs’ changes to the Crafting system are based on everyone’s feedback, and they actively realize the shortcomings in gear enhancement. They start from Affix and add Affixes to the gears through Tempering and strengthen Affixes through Masterworking. This complete system has been completed. It also simplifies some unnecessary processes.

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Adujustments To Boss

The first is the adjustment of the Shadow Boss in The Pit, and it is also an adjustment to The Pit itself. The drops of materials will be distributed according to the tier breakpoints and the number of participants, which makes The Pit more playable and a guaranteed profitable business.

Adujustments To Boss In Diablo 4 Season 4

I believe that many people have experienced the situation of being hit and killed by Shadow Boss’s residual attack after completing the task. After adjustment, it makes you immune to the residual attackso that it will not happen again. Such a surprise, everyone can safely check their hard-earned rewards.

The return of Helltide also brings some adjustments. We will accumulate Threat Level by killing monsters. After reaching the full level, Hellborne will come. By killing him, we will get one Banefule Hearts. By having three Banefule Hearts, we can activate the Accursed Ritual to summon Blood Maiden. If you are teaming up with your partners, whoever consumes Banefule Heart will get richer rewards for killing Blood Maiden.

Aberrant Cinders’ drop rates have also been increased throughout Helltide. At the same time, there is also a panacea called Profane Mindcage that can improve the level of monsters in Helltide. After the upgrade, monsters will drop richer rewards.

In addition, Andariel joined the Boss Ladder in Season 4. We are still in the same place as the original summons, but using three times the summon resources in exchange for five times the loot rewards. Besides getting Resplendent Spark, Uber Uniques' drop rate is the same as other bosses' loot drop rate.

Adujustments To Class

Some adjustments have been made to Class. The Armor System has ushered in a big change. If your Armor value reaches 9230, you only need to take up to 15% of the opponent's damage, no matter what the total damage is. Supported by the confidence that this positive effect gives you, no matter how powerful the boss combination is waiting for you, there is no need to be afraid. The fact before you is that you must have an armor value of at least 13K before you can defeat the strongest boss, who is not the ordinary monster you encountered in the previous levels.

Adujustments To Class About Diablo 4 Season 4 Armor

In general, Season 4 has greatly improved players’ gears from 3 aspects. The increase in the loot drop rate provides necessary materials for everyone to upgrade their gears. In this way, the strength of all players will be greatly improved during Season 4, and the playing experience will be optimized. Let us look forward to the arrival of the new season together.

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