How To Take Part In Community Feasts In WoW Dragonflight?

In the new expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, we can clearly find that many new world events have been added, including the interesting Iskaara Community Feasts.

This kind of world event is a fun optional goal. However, if you want to boost your Renown in Iskaara Tuskarr, one of the new factions in the Dragon Isles, you can't miss the Iskaara Community Feasts.

Every three hours and 30 minutes, this world event will automatically start. If you don't want to miss this event, you have to keep an eye on your chat box. You will automatically receive a reminder notification in your chat box 15 minutes before the event starts. And your main task in this event is to help Chef Iskaara prepare a sumptuous feast for the Iskaara Tuskarr Tribe.

How To Take Part In Community Feasts In WoW Dragonflight

In fact, the Community Feast in Azure Span is very similar to the Grand Hunts event and both are a great way to boost Iskaara Tuskarr Renown and can be done quickly as well. However, although this event is very simple, if you want to use this method to achieve the goal of improving Renown, you must know some relevant details in advance. Next, I break down everything you need to know about Community Feasts, including how to unlock it, how to start and complete it, and all the rewards.

How To Unlock Community Feasts

If you want to unlock Community Feast in Dragonflight, you'll first need to head to Azure Span and complete its main campaign. That way, you can unlock the Iskaara Tuskarr Renown first.

Next, you'll need to complete the remaining main campaign, world, and side quests in Azure Span and figure out how to upgrade your Renown to level three. Here you need to pay attention to one thing. That is once you have a character unlocked Community Feasts, then all your remaining characters automatically unlock Community Feasts.

How To Start Community Feasts

As I mentioned before, Community Feast is a world event. The event starts every three hours and 30 minutes. Whenever this event is about to start, you will automatically receive a notification in the chat box. This notification is to tell you that Community Feast will start in 15 minutes.

If you look closely, you'll notice a trumpet-like icon above Iskaara when Community Feast starts. This icon is actually similar to the icon at the start of the Grand Hunts event.

However, if you want to officially start Community Feast, you need to rush to Azure Span to Iskaara when the system reminds you and have a brief chat with Chef Big Kinook there.

How To Complete Community Feasts

Once you reach Iskaara and talk to Chef Big Kinook, you'll be given various quests from him. The ultimate goal of these tasks is to improve the quality of the soup he cooks.

How To Complete Community Feasts In WoW Dragonflight

Generally speaking, you need to complete as many tasks as possible given to you by Big Kinook within 15 minutes. After you complete the quest, you can drink the soup and get the Spirit of Sharing buff for an hour. These bonuses also grant you Versatility and HP regeneration.

Rewards In All Community Feats

For each quest you complete during your participation in the Community Feast, you will earn 25 reputation with the Iskarra Tuskarr Tribe.

When you complete the weekly Community Feast quest, you'll also gain 500 reputation with the tribe and the Supply-Laden Soup Pot.

In the Supply-Laden Soup Pot, you can also get the following rewards:

  • One to three Dragon Isles Artifacts and Sacred Tuskarr Totems

  • A piece of gear scaling with your item level

  • One to three Primal Chaos

  • One Passin Renascence

  • One cooking reagents

  • Recipe: Gral's Reverence

If you want to upgrade your Renown faster, or want to complete the quests in Community Feats faster, then preparing enough WoW 10.0 Gold in advance is a good choice.

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