How To Prepare For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 And Level Up More Quickly? - A Preparation Guide

I’ll discuss the various preparations I’ve made to help you be ready for the upcoming WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2.

How To Prepare For WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 And Level Up More Quickly? - A Preparation Guide

Flight Points

Currently, there are numerous tasks at our disposal. For instance, consider acquiring all the Flight Points, not only those essential up to level 40, but every single one.

Because when we get to the max level, you could also go to higher-level zones to get new profession materials, and here there could be way less competition. So, having all the different Flight Points could definitely be a benefit.

Weapon Skills & Training

Make sure to also learn all the different weapon skills.

And talking about weapon skills, then you also got to make sure that you actually level up these.

The rationale behind this is that when advancing your character in Phase 2, you may come across new weapons. If these happen to be upgrades, you’d want to equip them promptly. Insufficient weapon skill could lead to spending around 30 minutes to an hour reaching a decent level, ensuring you don’t miss your attacks.

So, make sure to fix this now instead of when you have to level, as it’s going to reduce your leveling speed by a high amount.

Get These Consumables

Another thing you can also do when you grab the different Flight Points is to look out for particular vendors where you can purchase potions.

These will be in high demand and also increase your leveling speed, as you won’t die as often. Or, you can use them in PvP situations or if you’re about to die.

So if some of these potions are still cheap on the Auction House, then I would definitely grab these before they become more expensive. Or, you could fish in higher-level zones, but there’s also a high chance that you can get these.

Having a higher amount of health is also going to be important. Therefore, I’ve also purchased some Rumsey Rum Black Labels. These will increase my stamina by 15 for 15 minutes.

WoW SOD Rumsey Rum Black Label

World Buff

Another thing you should also do is to go to either Thunder Bluff as a Horde player or the Darnassus as an Alliance player.

Here you should get the world buff. And once you have got this, it’s also going to be important to purchase an item that allows you to store the buff. The name of this item is Chronoboon Displacers, and this allows you to keep your world buff stored in an item.

And then, you can press on the item the moment you would also like to reactivate your world buff.

Profession Leveling

Make sure to also max out your First Aid so you have the best possible bandages for when you have to level. You could even prepare silk cloth as well so you can continue to level this profession right away.

Talking about professions, then you should also max out your main professions, whether it’s gathering professions or crafting professions.

The primary motivation for prioritizing this is primarily due to the uncertainty of the introduction of new Epic items in Phase 2, similar to what occurred in Phase 1. If such implementations are made, it’s advisable not to commence leveling your profession from the beginning.

Also, remember many of the things you can craft will be useful as you’re leveling, especially the Epic items at level 25. Those will easily last all the way up to level 40 or could even be useful at level 40.

Profession Preparation

I’ve also prepared profession materials so I can speed level my leatherworking, for example, Medium Leather, Heavy Leather, and even Thick Leather.

Collect All 12 Runes

Another important thing to do is to collect all 12 runes.

You have the flexibility to switch between these as you progress, whether you find yourself leveling or, for instance, participating in a dungeon where you may need to take on the roles of tanking, healing, or possibly DPS.

Besides this, then the runes also allow you to have up to 3 additional spells or abilities, and these will definitely increase your leveling speed.

In order to collect each individual rune, I use an addon called RestedXP that will tell me where and also how to collect them. And in Phase 2, this addon will then be updated with all the new runes so you know where to collect these as you're leveling up.

20 Completed Quests

Another thing I've also done to level up quickly is to stack up on 20 completed quests.

Instead of handing them in right now to get SOD Gold, then I will wait until I also get experience. That way, I'll get to level 26 in a matter of seconds.

To prepare as much experience as possible, then make sure to also stack up elite quests and dungeon quests as these reward a lot more experience compared to a normal quest.

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Rank Up Now

Also, focus on getting to rank 3. Not because of the rewards you can currently purchase, but mainly because you will be able to purchase new rewards in Phase 2.

The higher rank you can get now, the easier it will also be to get to an even higher rank in the next phase.

Cheaper Mount

There's also another big benefit of getting to rank 3.

Essentially, your mount will be more affordable. I am aware that the mount price has been lowered in the Season of Discovery, but having a greater discount is advantageous. This saved gold can be utilized for other purposes.

To reduce your price even further, then you should also focus on your faction-specific reputation. So, make sure to get this to at least Honored. If you can get it to Revered, it's going to be an even bigger discount.

Quick Ranking

The quickest way to get to rank 3 is just to do Warsong Gulch.

This battleground rewards a lot of honor and also reputation that you will need. Make sure to get a pre-made group so you also increase your win rate.

WoW SOD Warsong Gulch

Quick Reputation

Also, make sure to do the Ashenvale World PvP event.

Receiving reputation with the same faction as Warsong Gulch is significant. The reason for its importance lies in the ability to acquire items that aid in a swift leveling process, including those you can instantly utilize upon reaching, for instance, level 38.

Phase 2 Item Preparation

Achieving Revered with this faction allows you to acquire level 25 weapons. There's a possibility that in the future, there might even be a level 40 version. In the original classic, there was indeed a level 38 version.

It’s going to be easy to get this faction to Friendly. And I would highly recommend you to do this as you will be able to purchase a mount you can only use in Ashenvale. So if you plan to quest in Ashenvale in Phase 2, then this mount will also help you level up even quicker.

However, you should make sure you get this faction to at least Honored.

Phase 2 Green Items

Another thing I’ve done in order to prepare higher level green items for Phase 2 is to make sure I fish in higher-level zones.

All of these green items I’ve collected from my Rogue, and most of them I will either use when I’m leveling up or when I get to max level.

And when you’re fishing, you have a chance to get Mithril Bound Trunks and Iron Bound Trunks. And in these, you can then get these green items. Sometimes they will either be above or below level 40, or you could even be lucky enough for them to also be exactly level 40.

WoW SOD Mithril Bound Trunks

Supply Officers

You should also focus on the new faction where you hand in Supply Crates and get reputation with this new faction.

Getting to Revered allows you to purchase a 10-bag, and getting it to Honored allows you to get a 12-bag. It’s quite useful when you’re leveling up so you have more backspace.

You can also unlock a new room for your class. So if you’re planning to get all the runes before Season of Discovery Phase 2, then make sure to focus on the faction. And who knows, maybe in the future, it will even be mandatory to focus on the faction.

The easiest and quickest way to get reputation is simply to find chests in the open world. Here, there’s a high chance that you will also get the Supply Crates.

Focus On BIS gear

To level up even quicker between level 25 to 40, you also got to make sure that your character has amazing gear.

So, do the Blackfathom Deeps raid every single reset. And of course, also work on your professions so you can craft the Epic item.

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