Who Is Your Best Mark 2 Copa America 2024 Player In EA Sports FC 24?

It is worth mentioning that Make Your Mark Team 2 has updated Rodrygo, Jonathan David, and Yunus Musah.

Julio Cascante and Gabriel Suazo are the defensive and full-back candidates. Johan Vasquez and Deiver Machado have strong defensive capabilities and strong physical fitness. Yunus Musah and Jonathan David are excellent in attack.

EA has proclaimed the improvement direction of Team 2 of Make Your Mark, and many excellent players may be significantly improved. Their improvement may be in goals, assists, zero seals, etc. Paying attention to their changes can better save your FC 24 Coins.

Who Is Your Best Mark 2 Copa America 2024 Player In EA Sports FC 24?

1. Julio Cascante

An image Of Julio Cascante in EA Sport FC 24

Julio Cascante is from Costa Rica and is mainly a CB on the team. The overall score is 93.

It is normal that Julio Cascante has made it to Costa Rica’s national team because of his defensive ability. If he can join your team, he will improve your defensive ability in EA FC 24.

His card in Make Your Mark 2 has a defensive attribute of 93 and a physical attribute of 95. It is worth mentioning that his short and long pass ratings are both 99, so he can help distribute the ball forward. If you have Julio Cascante and an excellent left-footed centre back, the surprise they bring is huge.

2. Gabriel Suazo

FC 24 Gabriel Suazo

Gabriel Suazo is from Chile. He is an LB in the team and has an overall rating of 93.

For those who need to update their team in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team, if possible, it is a good choice to find a way to get Gabriel Suazo’s card in Copa America Make Your Mark. Gabriel Suazo has always been a regular player in Toulouse as a central left defender. His performance in the club is very eye-catching, so it is natural for him to enter the national team.

Gabriel Suazo’s speed and dribbling are 93 and 92 respectively, which can be very good at attacking on the left side of the court, and he can also play as a left wingback and midfielder. In addition to his excellent offense, Gabriel Suazo’s defense is also worthy of praise.

3. Johan Vasquez

FC 24 player Johan Vásquez

Johan Vasquez is a football player from Mexico. He is also a CB in the team, with a score of 94.

Johan Vasquez made his first appearance in Copa America. Before that, he had been to Genoa in Serie A. He once participated in FIFA World Cup 2022, but unfortunately he did not get a chance to play. Therefore, he hopes to use this opportunity to show himself, and he hopes that he can also enter the national team.

In EA Sports FC 24, Johan Vasquez’s Make Your Mark 2 card has a defense score and physical fitness of 94 and 97 respectively, which helps you fight against attackers. And his reaction speed is very fast, so when the opponent counterattacks you, you can react quickly.

4. Deiver Machado

FC 24 Deiver Machado

Deiver Machado is from Colombia, plays in LWB position, and has a score of 94.

He is a significant player for Ligue 1 club Lens, but he has never been in Colombia’s starting lineup, which is very regrettable. But now he can finally participate in Copa America in 2024.

Some people will use a five-back lineup in EA Sports FC 24, then it has to be said that the left wing back is the most suitable lineup for you. His crossing ability can provide a lot of possibilities for your striker to get the ball. And his defensive data is 88, which means that we can also maintain a stable defense when returning the ball.

5. Yunus Musah

Yunus Musah is an American football player, CM in the team, and has a score of 95.

If you ask who are the best football players in world football at present? Yunus Musah’s name will definitely be mentioned, and he may be the best football player in US national football team. AC Milan will sign him in the Summer 2023 Transfer Window, which is enough to show that his skills are very top-notch.

His performance during World Cup 2022 was very eye-catching. He is currently playing in Copa America tournament and is very likely to get a place in the competition, although this is his first appearance in Copa America tournament. Yunus Musah’s card in Make Your Mark 2 has a very balanced state, with 95 speed, 95 dribbling, 91 defense, 91 physical fitness, etc.

6. Jonathan David

Jonathan David was born in Canada. He is ST in the team and has an overall rating of 96.

Jonathan David can be said to be one of the most popular strikers in the world. Although many teams want to sign him, he spent a long time in Lille in Ligue 1, and I hope he can keep the same form in the next game.

I think he is the most valuable player released by EA in Make Your Mark 2 of EA Sports FC 24, because he has a high speed of 99 and a shooting of 95, which will at least be a big help to score goals in the game. At the same time, a five-star weak foot can help you score goals with both feet.

7. Rodrygo

Rodrygo is from Brazil, plays RW, and has a rating of 96.

Among cards in this game, Rodrygo is the top card. EA provides him with very high values. He not only has the highest level of Skill Moves but also has 99 speed and 97 dribbling ability. These make him one of the most popular players in the game market.

Rodrygo’s passing data is high and stable, which can create a lot of scoring opportunities for your striker. In addition, you can use your excellent strength to help you play wonderful operations.

Mark 2 Copa America 2024 In EA Sports FC 24

The above is our inventory of some outstanding players in Make Your Mark 2 Copa America 2024 today. I wonder if your favorite player has appeared. Everyone has different standards in their hearts, so it depends on your own feelings.

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