A Brief Overview Of Upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update - Five New Features

After the recent livestream, Hoyoverse has finally revealed 5 new exciting features that are coming to the latest Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update.

A Brief Overview Of Upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update - Five New Features

1. New Stories

When it comes to new content, we are getting 4 new Story Quests. We will learn more about Silver Wolf, Yanqing, Bailu and Luocha. Nothing has been revealed in this stream about the main story, so maybe we’ll learn more about this when the game goes live, otherwise, these 4 new quests will be featured in 1.1.

2. New Events

As for the events, there’s lots of them with amazing rewards. The main event featuring Silver Wolf is going to have an interesting activity where you go around and look for grafittis, take photos of them and then use special currency to redeem rewards, including a free 4-Star Nihility Light Cone, which is pretty awesome.

Another event based on the Belobog Museum will have an activity where you manage it and work with artifacts, not the artifacts as in from Genshin but like museum specimens. And the biggest thing about this event is that we will be able to get Self-Modelling Resin for free as a reward. This is a super rare resource and you can use to create a relic with any kind of main stat you want.

Also, a quick look at some other rewards reveals where gonna get a ton of Credits, which I am really looking forward to. I am constantly running out of them. Then, there’s going to be a special combat event, which is similar to the Forgotten Hall. Except here, you can also use trial characters and there will be some special combat bonuses and rules you’ll need to work around. And as you can see from the rewards, we will get materials to craft relics, which are always nice.

Next, similar to Genshin, there will be double Calyx drop rewards and I believe it will be Golden and Crimson Calyx that will have an improved drop rate. There’s also an event focusing around Herta’s Space Station, where we will need to go and help out with various problems that have arisen there and it seems like a new recipe among few other things will be rewarded to you for doing this.

3. New Characters

The next one I’m going to cover is probably the most exciting part of the update. We’re getting 3 new characters in 1.1.

*Let’s start with Silver Wolf. She’s a 5-Star Quantum Nihility character that we got to play for a few moments during a tutorial. We now got an official look at her kit and it seems like she’s going to be a debuffer for the team.

So, her skill deals single target damage and then it applies 1 Weakness of an on-field allies type to an enemy. Not only that, but she will also reduce the Elemental Resistance of that element.

As an example, if you have a Fire ally in your team and no enemies have Fire Weakness, Silver Wolf will make it so that these enemies are weak to Fire element, which sounds amazing.

Now, the ultimate deals with single target damage and then reduce’s enemies DEF, which again, helps everyone deal more damage to that enemy. But what’s really interesting is her talent. Each time Silver Wolf attacks, she will implant one of three bugs, which will either reduce ATK, DEF, or SPD.

Basically, Silver Wolf is going to be an insane debuffer, but of course, until we can actually see her performance on the field, we don’t know how strong she is going to be.

Honkai Star Rail New Characters

*Another 5-Star that’s coming in 1.1 is Luocha. He is a 5-Star Imaginary Abundance healer and his skill will restore health to an ally which seems pretty boring, but this skill is also like a reactive ability, so when anyone in the team drops down below 50% health, he will immediately heal them.

Now, his ultimate deals damage to everyone and removes 1 buff from each enemy, which is pretty amazing because only Pela was able to do that before, so now we’ve got another buff remover.

Finally, his Talent will deploy a field when he reaches 2 stacks of Abyss Flower. This field heals allies when they attack enemies and you can obtain 1 Abyss Flower by using his skill and ultimate.

Honestly, while Luocha doesn’t seem to have an AoE Heal, the fact that he can keep healing in several ways is pretty interesting and also, since he can remove buffs, I think he will be a strong healer in the game.

*Finally, there’s also a new 4-Star Imaginary Harmony character. Yukong seems pretty similar to Tingyun and not just because they both have a tail.

So, her skill boosts everyone’s ATK while her ultimate increases everyone’s Critical Rate and Damage, which seems pretty insane. Not only that, but the ultimate also deals damage to a single enemy, so there’s a great way to reduce some toughness as well.

In fact, her talent improves her Basic ATKs damage and Toughness-Reducing. So, she’s going to be excellent against enemies with Imaginary Weakness.

Finally, her Technique is pretty noteworthy since it boosts movement speed when used in exploration and when you enter combat, she will immediately boost ATK of everyone.

By the way, if you want to get the two 5-Star characters mentioned above directly, then buying Honkai Star Rail Accounts directly will be a good choice!

Now is the most important part of this feature, the banners.

In the first phase, Silver Wolf, along with Asta, Dan Heng and Serval, will be on a featured banner while in the 2nd phase, Luocha, along with Pela Qingque and Yukong will be available to summon. Also, Luocha and Silver Wolf will be getting their own signature Light Cones that you can pull for.

First of all, I am really surprised they revealed all the 4-Stars here. That’s not something we see when we play Genshin, so it’s good to know we can plan around this. I think both of these banners have their pros and cons.

One thing I also want to mention is that during the Chinese livestream, I am not sure if I understood this correctly but Yukong will be given away for free in 1.2 update, not 1.1 but please make sure to double check this once the global livestream goes live. Either way, that sounds pretty good if it’s correct.

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4. New QoL

There’s a couple of great Quality of Life changes coming in this new update.

First of all, the materials that drop from roaming enemies in the world required us to run around the map and locate them but with this new change, you can immediately teleport to the enemy by just clicking on the material in the menu, which is really nice.

Obviously, there’s still a daily limit of enemies for before the server reset but this makes farming this stuff a lot more convenient.

Now this next one, I am not super sure if I got this correctly, but we will be able to encounter Warp Trotters on the map. I don’t think they are the same kind as the ones you would find when trying to complete the whole map, as in, they would drop 60 jades when defeated. I believe these ones will spawn randomly and drop more materials than the usual roaming enemy, which seems nice.

Finally, we’re also getting chat function in the game, so anyone who is on your friend list, you can now send messages to each other.

5. Free X10 Summons

The fifth feature is probably the most awesome thing. That’s coming with 1.1 and requires the least effort. A 7-day login reward will be available for everyone by just logging in and claiming the summons.

I am honestly amazed this is happening so soon after the global launch. But to quickly summarize, we’re getting 4 new story quests in 1.1 update featuring these characters.

As for the events, there’s a lot of them, but the main rewards to look out for would be a free 4-Star Nihility Light Cone, Self-Modelling Resin and tons of credits from the museum event. The main event featuring Silver Wolf will explore her story and introduce us to some new things about her.

And as for the banners, in the 1st phase Silver Wolf along with Asta, Dan Heng and Serval will be on a featured banner while in the 2nd phase, Luocha along with Pela Qingque and Yukong will be available to summon. Also, Luocha and Silver Wolf will be getting their own signature Light Cones that you can pull for.

Finally, we’re getting a couple of great quality of life changes, including an instant teleportation to roaming enemies on the map by clicking on the material you want to farm for, as well as a chat function you can use with your friends.

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