7 New Changes To Expect In WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Call Of The Crusade

Phase 3 of Wrath Classic – The Call of the Crusade is finally upon us. This penultimate patch will see a brand new raid tier, updates to dungeons, new items for collectors, a fresh PVP season and much more.

Today, I’ll be taking you through what to expect from the Call of the Crusade Patch, talking over what’s new, and how things may be a little different this time around compared to the original release.

1. Trial Of The Crusader

Let’s start off with the big one, the upcoming raid, Trial of the Crusader.

This is the first raid ever in WoW’s history to adapt the “heroic or normal” format, where players can choose to modify the level of challenge they want before engaging in the content.

This raid has such a legacy for many reasons. Jaraxxus, who is, of course, everyone’s favourite Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion. It’s the only raid ever, with no trash at all. It’s a “PVP in PVE’’ encounter in the faction champions.

7 New Changes To Expect In WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Call Of The Crusade

This encounter definitely shows you who has their defensives to hand, and who doesn’t, and a surprise entrance from a certain Lich King to introduce us to the final boss deep below the tournament grounds. It’s very much expected to be a fairly short, but sweet addition to Wrath Classic’s raiding content.

And to that end, several changes have been made to how the content will work. Each difficulty will now share a lockout. So, originally you could run ToC 4 times per week, now it’s only 2. So if you did 10 player heroic, you cannot do 10 player normal that week, and vice versa. Same goes for 25 player.

Also, some of the previously stackable items are now uniquely equipped. Think of the big trinkets, such as Death’s Verdict. So, you don’t feel the need to run normal to try for this 1 item, as it would also cost you your heroic lockout for the week.

Finally, to offset there being less overall lockouts to do, bosses on both difficulties will drop additional Emblems of Triumph. And on 25-player raid, bosses will drop an additional Trophy of the Crusade. This should all add up to making ToGC (Trial of the Grand Crusader) as a raid feel a good source of upgrades, without feeling as though you are missing out due to there being fewer lockouts to do as a whole.

2. Onyxia’s Lair Returns

But that’s not all the raiding content as Onyxia will be making a return in Dustwallow Marsh.

Originally, this was for WoW’s 5 year anniversary event, but it will be available alongside Call of the Crusade this time. A new feature to this is an NPC outside of her lair named Zidormi. She will allow you to toggle between the old level 60 version and the new level 80 version of this encounter.

This time around, no attunement needed, like Vanilla. So, don’t worry about that. The fight itself is just like it was in Vanilla: apply dots, more dots, handle many whelps and see who can dodge a deep breath.

WOTLK Classic Reigns of the Onyxian Drake

Onyxia will drop items very reminiscent of her Vanilla drop table, but with updated itemization for Wrath Classic. If you are particularly lucky, you might even see the Reigns of the Onyxian Drake. This super rare mount has the same model as Onyxia herself and boasts a premium 310% flight speed.

Finally, raid wise, the VoA (Vault of Archavon) gets a new addition, Koralon the Flame watcher. He will drop Tier 8 equivalent tier gear and Season 7 PVP gear.

3. Dungeon Updates

Dungeon content will also be seeing updates in Call of the Crusade.

The new difficulty, called Titan Rune Beta, is an amped up version of the previously available Titan Rune Alpha dungeons. Enemies will have additional health and damage, but players will also get new tricks to deal with this challenge. This will vary from dungeon to dungeon.

But for example, in the Nexus dungeons or VH (Violet Hold), defeating a mirror image will give the player a stacking haste buff. And in the CoS (Culling of Stratholme), players can now find holy hand grenades to deal with powerful undead minions.

The reward from TRB (Titan Rune Beta) dungeons is a brand new currency called “Sidereal Essence”. This can be spent at the living constellations where your factions, emblem vendors, are found in Dalaran.

Rewards on offer are 10 player Ulduar hard mode items, including those from Algalon. These dungeons should be both a great option for players looking to gear up an alt or a fresh character, and for mains who have been getting unlucky on getting a certain item from Ulduar 10 hard mode so far.

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4. Trial Of The Champion

Alongside Trial of the Crusader, will also be a new dungeon, the Trial of the Champion as a 5-player counterpart to the raid.

This features some good old-fashioned horseback jousting, a variety of bosses and, of course, a showdown for the Black Knight right at the end.

This dungeon will also be available on TRB difficulty, where the crowd gets quite a bit more involved than normal by throwing both buffs and debuffs into the arena to help or hamper players.

The remainder of the content surrounding the Argent Tournament Grounds will also release with the update. This includes several new reputation vendors, such as the Sunreavers or Silver Covenant, depending on your faction, as well as the Crusader quartermaster in the western pavilion. These will offer new companion pets, mounts, toys, heirlooms and more.

You can also earn more Champion’s Seals as all remaining tournament daily quests have been added into the game. So, you can work towards the various rewards that little faster.

5. Epic Gems

Another new feature to expect in the patch will the inclusion of Epic Gems.

These provide more stats than the rare quality gems, and should be something that you look to place in your new gear where possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to get your hands on these new gems. So, if you like to play the game, you should pick them up.

At 450 Alchemy skill you can transmute a rare gem and an Eternal into an Epic Gem once every 20 hours.

There will also be a quest at the Alchemy shop in Dalaran called Cardinal Ruby, where, after doing 5 of any other Epic Gem transmute, you will learn how to transmute cardinal rubies. These are the red gems and will be the most in demand by far.

At 450 Jewelcrafting, you can prospect Titanium Ore. This will give uncommon and rare quality gems, Titanium Powder, which can be turned in at the Jewelcrafting shop for Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and a chance at epic quality gems.

Epic gems can be exchanged for 10,000 Honor if you are more into PvPing for upgrading your gear. Or, you can exchange Emblems of Heroism for Epic Gems. The single color gems cost 20 each, the dual color 10. You can downgrade your emblems at this NPC in Dalaran Sewer if you wish to spend them in this way. But beware, once you downgrade, it’s permanent.

Finally, all new gem designs can be exchanged for Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens at the shop in Dalaran. They cost 4 each.

6. Season 7 PVP

A new PVP season will, of course, start, that being season 7, which will see the Relentless Gladiator’s gear become available for purchase by using your WOTLK Classic Gold. The best players will also be able to work towards titles and a mount, namely the Relentless Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm.

WOTLK Classic Relentless Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm

7. Isle Of Conquest

Finally, the Isle of Conquest will become available for play.

This 40 vs 40 battlegrounds pits Alliance vs Horde in a battle for resources against one another. It has you capture strategic points on the map, as well as build various vehicles to aid you in gatecrashing the enemies’ base. Or you know, maybe everyone will just run into each other in the middle of the map and fight for the first five minutes instead.

Either way, similar to AV (Alterac Valley), the first team to reduce the other side’s resources to 0, or defeat their general, will be declared victorious.

And that’s what to expect from Phase 3 of Wrath Classic – the call of the crusade. So, whether it’s raiding, collection or PVP, there is something for everyone here.

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