How To Invade Other Players And Perform PVP In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring DLC, like most games from FromSoftware, provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with some players to defeat enemies and bosses. If you find this traditional collaboration too boring, then the next step is a guide to invade other players! Does this sound very interesting? Then let’s continue reading!

How To Invade Other Players And Perform PVP In Elden Ring?

Preparation Work

The first thing to know is that if you want any player in the Invade game, you need to go to the following two places to have Festering Bloody Finger.

The first one is the simplest method. On the southern edge of Mistwood area, there is a merchant who will be at your position before you reach the castle occupied by Demi Humans. This merchant will get you 5 Festering Bloody Fingers for 5,000 Elden Ring Runes.

Additionally, you can also obtain Festering Bloody Fingers by completing tasks at Rose Church.

Rose Church is only a short distance from Stormveil Castle. In the game, when you receive your first Great Rune, please pass through Liunia of Lakes and head to Raya Lucaria Academy. Or you can take a detour from the west of the swamp. You will eventually reach Rose Church.

At the entrance of Rose Church, you will see a man calling you Maidenless. Get close to him and talk to him. When he asks you about your impression of Two Fingers, you should choose the option “feeling something is not right” in order for him to give you two Festering Blood Fingers.

It should be noted that if you encounter a dangerous dragon while it means you are going too far north. Although you can kill it to get a Dragon Heart, you still need to return to the right path.

How To Invade?

As I just mentioned, Festering Bloody Fingers is the key to being able to invide other players into another world. If you already have one to three Festering Blood Fingers, you can consider invading them.

Because you have ensured that it is launched in online mode, simply enter your Inventory or Multiplayer tab and use Festering Blood Fingers.

If it works, you will receive a message indicating that you are invading another player. Festering Bloody Fingers will automatically ignore passwords for multiplayer games, but if you have previously set a password, you will not only match with your friends.

It should be noted that Festering Blood Fingers are disposable Elden Ring Items. This indicates that once you successfully invade, Festering Bloody Fingers will be used and cannot be reused. You can only invide those who are within your basic level range. This is a design that helps maintain the randomness of the in-game system, ensuring that you do not have overwhelming victories or failures in battles. Please remember, you can only directly invade players in the current area who have not yet defeated the boss.

Remember to search for a hotbed, and if one is unsuccessful, you can try changing places. Or to put it more cruelly, many people actually find it difficult to have bosses in their own areas, such as Margit Fell omen or Godrick Graded in ancient game .

After entering the world of another player, please take action quickly. If you kill this player, you win. Conversely, if they kill you or escape to the boss fight area, you lose. Players who are invided by you will receive a warning, and they will also have a few seconds to think about how to respond.

How To Be Summoned In PVP?

In the classic PVP mode, all the random invasions mentioned above are not the only way to combat Host of Fingers. If you want a more sporty feel, you can also unlock Duelist’s Furled Finger to have other players summon you for battle. Unlike Festering Bloody Fingers, it is not just an infinitely usable Elden Ring Item, but its retrieval method is also very simple.

First, head to Warmaster’s Shack near Southeastern Stormveil Castle and continue north from there. On the way, you will pass through some enemy camps, and you can choose to run directly or kill them. Continuing north, you will encounter some vast ruins. Duelist’s Furled Finger will be on those corpses in front of the door.

It is important to remember that because of the nature of someone voluntarily summoning others to fight. These players will be much more dangerous than those you randomly invade. Make sure you are equipped with the best equipment and magic, otherwise you may be defeated.

The key is here, because this summoning is voluntary in nature. Players who engage in these confrontations are much more dangerous than those who randomly invade themselves, so you must ensure that you have the best equipment and magic to ensure your own safety.

Alternatively, you can also participate in the competition through the latest released Coliseums. This place will provide players with a new way of fighting that relies solely on speed compared to other players. Maybe it will be released in the new Elden Ring on June 21.


Some players may feel a bit unfair, but of course, we respect every player. But since Demon’s Souls, this has been a part of the FromSoftware mode, and there’s nothing unfair about it. I hope every player can have a better gaming experience in the game!

Let's look forward to the new expansion Shadow of the Erdtree DLC of Elden Ring on June 21st.

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