How To Get The Most Of Your Play Time In The Elder Scrolls Online? - Daily Routine Guide

This guide will show you eight tasks in The Elder Scrolls Online that you can complete every day. This is what your daily routine in ESO should look like.

How To Get The Most Of Your Play Time In The Elder Scrolls Online? - Daily Routine Guide

1. Collect Your Daily Rewards

Every day that you log into The Elder Scrolls Online, you get a free reward. This can be anything from collectibles, potions and poisons, XP Scrolls, ESO Gold, and other forms of currency.

Claiming your login reward should be your very first action every day.

2. Upgrade Your Mount

You should upgrade your mount skills as early and as often as possible.

There is a stable master in every major town marked with the horse head icon. Talk to them to upgrade your mount’s Speed, Stamina, and Carry Capacity. You can only apply one point every day at the cost of 250 gold.

Note: Mount upgrades are not shared between your characters. So, if you have multiple, make sure to buy an upgrade daily on each of them.

3. Complete Daily Crafting Writs

Crafting Writs are special daily quests for the seven crafting disciplines that offer extra XP and gold for fairly low effort.

Any character at or above level 6 can do the Writs as long as they are certified for the specific crafting profession.

Talk to Millenith or Danel Telleno to complete the certification process. They can be found in all major cities. You can complete your Writs from the local writ board every day.

If you’re on PC, you can use add-ons to speed up the process. But for those on consoles, the best way to improve time spent is by setting your tables to the quest only option.

Your maxed out professions with full skill points allotted to the top passive in the tree have a chance to earn a Master Writ in addition to gold, XP, crafting materials, and Survey Reports that you can use for even more crafting materials.

This will take a few minutes. But the selling prices for materials and Master Writs are a great way to make gold fast.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Writs

4. Researching Crafting Traits

While you are completing your Writs, start researching traits. This is especially important for using Transmutation to change your Traits on your gear later or if you are just interested in crafting.

You should always have research active, at least with your dedicated crafter character.

Research takes real time to complete. The more Traits on an item that you have completed, the longer it takes to complete the next one.

Research can take only a few hours or up to a whole month, depending on how many you have left. So, the sooner you start, the better.

There are also skills in the crafting tree to improve research time and the number of items that you can research at one time. This will speed up the process of researching all Traits, considerably.

5. Complete Daily Endeavors

You can find available Endeavor quests in the Activity Finder under the Endeavors tab.

Endeavors include both weekly and daily quests, with a limit of three dailies per day and one weekly per week.

Endeavors reward with gold and the Seals of Endeavor currency, with which you can purchase Crown Crate items that are available with the active crates.

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6. Random Daily Dungeon

Completing the daily random dungeon for the first time per day will give you a huge chunk of XP, 10 Transmutes, and other items.

It is best to do this once per day every day to get the most out of the rewards. You can do this on Normal or Veteran to get the same rewards and can complete it every day on each character that you have if you are needing the Transmutes.

7. Random Daily Battleground

Just like the dungeon daily, completing the random Battleground daily will give you a huge chunk of XP, gold, more transmutes, and other items.

This is a PVP game mode. But you get the rewards whether you win or lose.

8. Daily Pledges

When you reach level 45, you can start accepting Pledges by reading the Undaunted Enclave Invitation that you receive in your level up rewards.

Pledges our special daily dungeon quests that ask you to complete specific dungeons. You can pick up the Pledges from the NPCs found in the Undaunted Enclave. The Undaunted Enclave is located in the capital city of every Alliance, way rested in Stormhaven, Mournhold, Deshaan and Elden Root in Grahtwood.

By completing Pledges, you’ll receive keys to open monster shoulder chests in addition to some Transmutes, gold, and XP. Make sure to save any Undaunted Keys until you hit the gear cap of a 160 CP.

Pledges can also help you to level the Undaunted Skill Line in which are some very useful passive skill that can be unlocked.

Elder Scrolls Online Daily Pledges

Benefits Of Doing These Tasks & Additional Dailies

These tasks can help you to level up faster, make gold faster, and increase your overall in-game efficiency.

Most of them will only take a few minutes, but will help you to progress and build your character.

These are just some of the dailies available. There are tons of other daily quests gathered throughout Tamriel, including the Mages Guild daily, the Fighters Guild daily, Zone dailies, Tales of Tribute dailies, Arena dailies, and Trial dailies that you can include in your daily routine. So, get out there and explore!

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