Strategies For Maximizing Earnings In Whitestrake's Mayhem For ESO PvE Players

Whitestrake's Mayhem stands out as one of ESO's biannual PvP-focused in-game events, occurring across all three of the game's PvP zones: Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, and Imperial City.

While this event generates significant excitement among PvP enthusiasts, the same level of enthusiasm may not always be shared by PvE mains. In this guide, we'll provide several tips and tricks from a PvEer's viewpoint on how to thrive and optimize your experience during the event.

Strategies For Maximizing Earnings In Whitestrake's Mayhem For ESO PvE Players


For some players, Battlegrounds may offer a less stressful PvP experience compared to other options, as event tickets and loot can be obtained simply by participating, without the need to excel in PvP skills.

Event tickets are earned through Battlegrounds by completing daily quests. If PvP is not your preferred activity and you receive the "To the Victor" daily quest, you can abandon it and acquire another. "To the Victor" necessitates winning three Battleground matches, which can pose a challenge for those less skilled in PvP.

The other 2 quests are relatively easier.

  1. The "Test of Mettle" quest requires earning 1,000 medal points in Battleground matches. Achieving medals, even for less proficient players, isn't overly difficult, as long as the objective is pursued diligently.
  2. The simplest quest, "Let the Games Begin" only mandates participation in five Battleground matches, regardless of victory or defeat. Simply showing up suffices to complete this task.

Elder Scrolls Online Battlegrounds


As someone who is new to PvP, I find Cyrodiil to be my preferred PvP setting. I'm not fond of the intense close-quarters combat that PvP often entails.

During the event, my strategy is to accumulate a substantial amount of Alliance Points (AP) by repairing walls and doors. Repair kits are available for purchase with AP or ESO Gold from the Siege Merchants at main bases, keep outposts, or owned resources.

Frequently, I move from one keep to another, repairing neglected walls and doors following intense battles. This activity doesn't require direct PvP engagement but can still yield significant AP gains, albeit without earning event tickets.

For those aiming to obtain event tickets by completing daily quests without diving into intense PvP encounters, there are alternative methods. One approach is to defend keeps from a safe distance, utilizing siege weapons to attack incoming enemies. This tactic allows for passive AP accumulation for defending the keep. Additionally, killing enemies with siege weapons progresses bounty missions, which entail killing specific enemy players.

Joining a group can greatly aid in completing these quests, particularly for players like myself who may not excel in direct combat. In group engagements, contributing to combat in any capacity earns credit for player kills, even if not delivering the final blow. Larger groups can expedite the completion of kill quests.

For those comfortable operating in large groups closer to the front lines, tasks such as capturing resources, keeps, and scrolls become more manageable. Utilizing the group finder or joining open groups in zone chat can facilitate these objectives, although they may still pose challenges even within a group setting.

Scouting missions offer a viable option for those seeking to avoid direct confrontation. These quests involve scouting specific keeps or resources, reporting on their defenses, and then returning to base to complete the task and earn tickets.

Alternatively, PvE-focused quests, such as town dailies or delve clearing, provide opportunities for ticket acquisition. However, these locations are often frequented by griefers, necessitating caution.

One advantage of Cyrodiil is the absence of penalties for dying, allowing players to enter with the intent of perishing without consequence. Additionally, completing Cyrodiil daily quests can yield Arena Gladiator's Proofs, which are obtained from Gladiator's Rucksacks received by completing conquest dailies. To maximize proof acquisition, it's advisable to open these coffers once per day, even if turning in multiple quests.

Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodiil

Imperial City

Imperial City stands out as the most challenging PvP zone, particularly for those less proficient in PvP scenarios.

For those prioritizing other activities over Imperial City PvP, I recommend completing quests beforehand to streamline your experience. Imperial City tends to be quieter during off-peak hours, providing a conducive environment for quest completion.

Prior to exiting the Sewer safe zone, ensure you deposit your Tel Var Stones in the bank to safeguard them. Tel Var is the sole in-game currency susceptible to loss upon death, with half being forfeited. Utilize the bank to mitigate this risk.

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While carrying Tel Var in your inventory offers potential for increased earnings, it also entails greater risk. If you're prone to frequent deaths, it's advisable to deposit your Tel Var to minimize losses.

In PvP, there's strength in numbers, especially for less skilled players. Don't hesitate to join or follow larger groups, as this can enhance your survival chances and earnings.

Returning to your faction's base in Imperial City entails traversing the Sewers. If you require swift transportation, queue for any Cyrodiil campaign via the Alliance War menu to be ported to your faction's main base. You can then re-queue for Imperial City to resume your activities.

When navigating the Sewers, be mindful of the closest entrances to your faction's home base to expedite your journey. However, exercise caution as these areas are often targeted by griefers.

For those pursuing event achievements and encountering patrolling horrors, precise locations are as follows:

  • Arboretum - Lady Malygda and Ysenda Resplendent
  • Arena District - Glorgoloch the Destroyer and King Kurog
  • Elven Gardens District - The Screeching Matron and Zoal the Ever-Wakeful
  • Memorial District - Nunatak and Valgus
  • Nobles District - Amoncrul and Baron Thirst
  • Temple District - Immolator Charr and Mazaluhad

Lastly, for optimal rewards, open Siege of Cyrodiil merits coffers once daily, even if completing multiple quests. These strategies apply not only to Imperial City but also to other PvP zones, offering a comprehensive approach to PvP gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City

For those seeking lucrative opportunities during this event, here are some top-selling items worth considering:

Runeboxes contain costumes and pets, fetching high prices a few months after the event when the market stabilizes. These Runeboxes are available in both Cyrodiil and Imperial City.

Hakeijo runes, found in Imperial City, offer a profitable venture. However, it's advisable to wait a couple of months until the market becomes less saturated with PvP goods. Hakeijo runes are in demand for their association with Tri-Stat enchantments crucial for endgame content, making them valuable commodities.

Powerful Assault gear, particularly the Powerful Assault Ice Staff, is indispensable for PvE tanks. Obtaining these items involves gambling with Powerful Assault Runeboxes sold by merchants in Imperial City. As the contents are randomized and not curated, securing an Ice Staff can yield substantial profits.

Deadly Strike weapons present another lucrative opportunity. These weapons are available in Bruma, Cyrodiil, though ownership of the town by your faction is necessary to access the merchants. Acquiring Deadly Strike weapons, especially daggers, can lead to quick earnings. If switching characters, ensure your Alliance Points are deposited in the bank to facilitate purchases on the appropriate faction.

These strategies aim to optimize earnings during Whitestrake's Mayhem for PvE enthusiasts.

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