Elden Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree With New Level Mechanics And Content May Be Released As The Final Story

In fact, in the past two years, there have been constant rumors that there will be new DLC. But it's all uncertain. As a result, news like this constantly piques players' interest and then disappoints them. I believe many players have quit Elden Ring because of this, but this time it is really coming. I believe there will be players who will return to Elden Ring after seeing the release date of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.Elden Ring’s new expansion Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be ushered in on June 21st. Currently, Miyazaki claims that this is the only DLC for Elden Ring. So the story of Elden Ring is coming to an end after Shadow of the Erdtree. Shadow of the Erdtree will be the last journey for players in Elden Ring. There will be many changes in Shadow of the Erdtree, a lot of new content will be added, and the difficulty will increase.

Elen Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree With New Level Mechanics And Content May Be Released As The Final Story

1. New Leveling Mechanic

Miyazaki mentioned a separate leveling mechanic in the interview. Since two years have passed since the release of Elden Ring, most players have fully leveled characters. FromSoft is also aware of this problem, so in order to ensure the future game experience, a separate leveling mechanic was proposed. It is outside of “the Lands Between” and players will have their own “level element”. This is more like a balancing mechanism that exists to maintain a fair environment. If such adjustments are not made when Shadow of the Erdtree is about to launch, the subsequent game experience will become confusing. Therefore, Miyazaki emphasized that if you do not put a protective lock on the game balance, it is better to start from scratch. This is also unfair to veteran players, so in order to ensure the interests of most players, a separate leveling mechanic was born.

2. New Game Content

Shadow of the Erdtree has a huge amount of content, including eight new weapon types, as well as many brand new casts, such as the legendary St. Trina. This will be a highlight and very much anticipated. She echoes past video content and is associated with some Legendary, Materials, Special Weapons and recipes. This also means that the entire Elden Ring will form a closed loop, and many things have been reasonably explained.

The protagonist of Shadow of the Erdtree is Miquella, who has an unusual relationship with Trina. I believe everyone knows the similarities between Miquella’s Lily and Trina’s Lily. I was so impressed that he took off his hat to show respect when Miyazaki said this.

Elden Ring St. Trina

And a new boss is coming soon: Messmer the Impaler. From the official PV, we can see that he has iconic red hair and his skills are very cool. Messmer the Impaler inserts a spear into the ground, and the lava boils, and then many spikes suddenly appear around it. If you fail to get out of the range in time, you may be knocked away by it or even get hung up on it.

Elden Ring Messmer the Impaler

This is exactly the same as the historical Dracula who liked to hang people on thorns. He’s almost a demigod. His life experience is also worthy of everyone’s exploration and guessing. This Boss is very difficult and requires top operation. I think this boss is so handsome. Whether it’s the appearance design, skill special effects, or his connection with the story itself, it’s worthy of careful exploration by us players.

Elden Ring Dracula like Impalement

In addition, taking into account the situation in the world of Elden Ring, many well-known NPCs will not appear in Shadow of the Erdtree. In this way, everyone can understand that this is not an eternal world, and the life and death of NPCs are irreversible. Everything lost will only become regrets and remain in memory. Creating a utopia is not Miyazaki’s goal.

Some people may be reluctant to ask if this is the end? Is the ending of Shadow of the Erdtree the ending of Elden Ring?

I think you are thinking too simply. Shadow of the Erdtree will have different options and endings, which players need to explore by themselves. As for which one is the standard ending, Miyazaki didn’t say much. The reason for having multiple possibilities is also to make it easier for players to replay the game. It feels as if Miyazaki left the ending blank and left it to the players to fill it in. Some people speculate that although he has emphasized that it will be the last DLC of Elden Ring. They do not rule out the form in which FromSoft will publish the sequel to Elden Ring again, including books, comics, videos, etc.

After all, this is a DLC released two years after Elden Ring was released in 2022. Veteran players have been idle in the original world for a long time. Seeing that the challenge is coming, it is time for us to move our bodies and welcome Shadow of the Erdtree. Nothing is easy in Elden Ring. Let’s take up arms and prepare for new battle.

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