5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Path of Exile 3.24, which introduces the Necropolis League, will include a new set of five Tier 17 maps. These maps are effectively Uber Maps, with a higher level of difficulty than standard endgame maps. They include bespoke mod pools and Uber versions of old bosses, giving players fresh challenges and encounters. However, there are five new (or rather, reworked) unique item awards that may only be obtained against these bosses.

The five new Tier 17 Uber maps are Ziggurat, Sanctuary, Fortress, Abomination, and Citadel. Each has a unique boss encounter and related item drop. Additionally, the Tier 17 maps are the primary source for collecting Uber Fight Keys, which are required to unlock high-level endgame content.

As the main emphasis of the guide centers around unique items, I will provide a concise overview of each of the recently revamped unique items. Following this, I will examine the potential locations and bosses from which they may drop.

5 New Tier 17 Maps In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League - Unique Boss Encounters & Exclusive Loot

Wraithlord Bone Circlet

The adjusted Wraithlord unique helmet now features four Abyssal sockets and offers a bonus of "+1 to the maximum number of spectres per socketed Ghastly Eye Jewel".

Additionally, it provides +(1-2) levels to all Minion Skill Gems, encompassing utility skills bearing the minion tag.

This enhancement significantly bolsters Pure Spectre summon builds, particularly during the initial weeks of a new league when acquiring top-tier minion helmets proves challenging.

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Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

Now, let's discuss the revamped Manastorm unique shield. It boasts updated and enhanced stats, along with a broader range of potential attributes, making high-quality rolls significantly more valuable.

The shield now provides (1-100)% increased Mana Recovery from flasks, grants 1 to 100 mana per enemy kill, increases maximum mana by (1-100), and boosts Mana Regeneration rate by (1-100)%.

Additionally, upon casting a spell, it consumes all available mana to gain supplementary maximum lightning damage equal to 50% of the sacrificed mana for a duration of 4 seconds. This bonus damage is applied universally and can even impact secondary damage types, such as Herald of the Thunder and explosion effects from various skills and POE Items.

The design concept behind Manastorm revolves around amassing substantial amounts of mana, which is then expended to obtain a significant damage boost for a brief period of 4 seconds. This shield exhibits exceptional synergy when paired with spell totems, traps, mines, or trigger effects like Cast on Crit, Cast with Damage Taken, or items such as Mjölner and Cospri's Malice, among others.

Notably, these actions do not trigger the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic. Utilizing Manastorm in this manner entails sporadic self-casting of spells, such as curses or debuffs, or perhaps instant spells like Molten Shell, particularly when confronting formidable adversaries or bosses, to activate the shield's mana sacrifice mechanic and thereby gain the associated damage enhancement.

Path of Exile Manastorm Fossilised Spirit Shield

The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

The following item to discuss is the revamped Dark Seer, which has undergone significant improvements.

It now bestows +2 levels to all Spell Skill Gems and introduces a universal 10% chance to Blind Enemies. Additionally, it provides immunity to Blindness for the wielder, while enemies afflicted with Blindness suffer from Malediction. Malediction, a debuff, causes affected enemies to incur 10% increased damage and deal 10% reduced damage.

The final two enhancements scale with character level: granting +(1-2) maximum mana per level and +(1-2) maximum Energy Shield per level. Given the existence of three different versions of the scepter previously, it's reasonable to assume we might encounter three distinct reworked iterations of this item as boss rewards.

One version might include the enhancements mentioned earlier: +(1-2) Mana per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level. Another variant may offer +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Energy Shield per level, while a third version could feature +(1-2) Life per level and +(1-2) Mana per level.

Path of Exile The Dark Seer Shadow Sceptre

Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

The fourth item to undergo rework is the enhanced Yoke of Suffering amulet, which underwent a subtle alteration. However, this alteration proves to be significant.

Now, it features the effect: "Enemies take (5-10)% increased damage for each type of element you have afflicted on them," essentially doubling this modifier, while retaining all other aspects unchanged. The elements encompass Ignite, Chill, Shock, Freeze, Sap, Brittle, Scorch, Bleed, and Poison.

Increased damage taken stands as one of the most potent damage multipliers in the game, directly amplifying any damage inflicted upon the enemy by its corresponding factor. Even if only a few ailments can be applied, there's a notable increase in damage potential with the right configuration.

Path of Exile Yoke Of Suffering Onyx Amulet

Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Finally, we introduce the new Malachai's Mark unique gloves.

They now bestow, sequentially, a 10% chance on hit to acquire Endurance, Frenzy, and Power charges, with each sequence lasting for 6 seconds. This alteration holds significant potential for numerous builds seeking to emphasize different charge types. Players aiming to sustain charges should target a duration of at least 20 seconds, considering it takes 18 seconds for a complete cycle through all three sequences.

This enhancement brings to mind the Charge Mastery, offering an option for 100% increased charge duration. Additionally, the ascendancy notable "Unleashed Potential" provides a staggering 400% increased charge duration along with other benefits.

With the upgraded Malachai's Mark, we may witness the emergence of new discharge builds leveraging these gloves to swiftly accumulate charges.

Path of Exile Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts

Overview Of Drop Locations

Now, let's delve into drop locations and provide an overview of potential boss encounters. While some of the following details remain speculative and unconfirmed, others have been verified.

Citadel Map

The Manastorm unique shield may drop from Uber Uhtred, the ultimate adversary in the recently introduced Tier 17 Uber map, Citadel.

Uhtred, known as the Covetous Traitor, serves as the standard version of this boss encounter in Expedition Logbooks.

Ziggurat Map

The Wraithlord helmet is obtainable from Uber Catarina, the enhanced form of Catarina, Master of the Undead, originating from Betrayal.

It is highly probable that Uber Catarina serves as the final boss in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Ziggurat.

Path of Exile Uber Catarina

Sanctuary Map

The Dark Seer, a distinctive Shadow Scepter, embodies a Beyond-themed item.

In the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis content reveal video, we witness Lycia, Herald of the Scourge, summoning the Beyond Demon Lord, "Beidat, Archangel of Death," to her side. This strongly suggests that this is among the new boss encounters we will confront.

From a lore perspective, Lycia's pact with Beidat for immortality aligns with this encounter.

With the current information, it is reasonable to speculate that this encounter occurs in the new Tier 17 Uber map, Sanctuary.

Fortress Map

Moving on, we encounter the Uber Unbreakable in the recently introduced Fortress map.

This boss represents an enhanced iteration of the highest boss, the Unbreakable. Speculating on the potential boss-exclusive drop, it would seem fitting thematically for this boss to yield the Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet. Considering this engineered construct's origins with the Templar, who possesses an affinity for lightning, this conjecture holds weight.

Additionally, the item's flavor text, "Let the unrepentant be dragged ever downwards by the weight of their sins," resonates strongly with sentiments often associated with the Templar.

Abomination Map

Lastly, we are left with only one unique map and one unique item: the reworked and charge-themed unique gloves, Malachi's Mark.

These gloves are likely to be found in the new Abomination map, aligning well with the theme, particularly in light of the significance of Malachi in Act 4. While hints regarding the Uber boss or bosses for this map are scarce, potential contenders include Malachi himself or one of his disciples.

Another possibility is Piety, as seen in Piety, the Abomination, or even the Abomination monster type commonly encountered in the Belly of the Beast.

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