The New Arcanist Class Is Coming To Elder Scrolls Online In 2023!

I am glad you're here because we just got one of the biggest new chapter reveals ever in the history of ESO. So much to talk about here from the reveal of Hermaeus Mora as the next Daedric Prince to the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha as new playable zones. There is also a powerful new class called the Arcanist, new companions, new systems and much more coming to the Elder Scrolls Online this year. So much for us to break down and discuss. But right now in this article, I want to show you my favorite new feature and that is the new Arcanist.

In his class and everything we know so far, we learned today that the new Arcanist in this class for ESO is going to have some major similarities with other classes in the game as you might expect but also with some new gameplay mechanics thrown in for starters. We know the three class Skill Lines will be similar to other new classes like the Warden and Necromancer, which included dedicated lines for Damage, Tanking, Survival and Healing. We also found out the actual class skill line names or Skill Trees, which are going to be Herald of the Tome, Apocryphal Soldier and Curative Runeforms.

I'm guessing that may be DPS tank and healing in that order. Now, you might already get the sense that this class is heavily based in theme and abilities around Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha with references to tomes and runes and Apocrypha itself. Now, we don't know the full backstory of the Arcanist class quite yet other than the fact that it's closely associated with the Telvani Peninsula region and especially with the Daedric prince as we met mentioned from asamora. It seems like arcanus and ESO are devout seekers of knowledge so much so that they have an intimate connection to the Daedric realm of Apocrypha, which we can see expressed with these references to tomes and runes within the active abilities that we saw in the ESO.

Design team themselves actually confirmed that the Arcanist's entire persona. It's actually based on the Black Books of Hermaeus Mora, which inspired how the Arcanist skills look and feel. And while players will not be wielding the infamous Black Books themselves, Arcanists do have their own unique tomes in which they've scribed their own powerful magic.

Now I think this class looks absolutely amazing in terms of visual. I love the vibrant green particle effects. Here especially and the appearance of runes all over whether it's damaging enemies or buffing yourself or allies. Now we did get a few glimpses of the Arcanist skills in action. For example, here we see the Arcanist is summoning a book in their left hand while throwing two projectiles with their right hand. And here we see what appears to be a defensive Rune Shield.

ESO Arcanist

One confirmed skill is Apocrypha's Gate, which opens a pair of temporary portals between your location and wherever you're aiming that you can jump between for some extra mobility during combat or even for exploration outside of combat. Then we saw Abyssal Impact, which was a melee damage skill that infuses your arm with unstable magic transforming it into a tentacle that thrusts for damaging enemies and likely applying some nasty status effects. Now just scratched the surface.

So far it was also confirmed during the ESO Global reveal that the Arcanist in this class makes use of a unique combo point system, something that differentiates it from every other class in the game. In this system, some abilities build points while other abilities spend points giving the Arcanists some extra bonuses and augments during combat while this does sound complex the team emphasized that the combo point system would be simple enough for all players to easily pick up and take advantage of right away to me. This does sound similar to the way the Necromancer class empowers its abilities if you're familiar with that class.

The Necromancer basically can use corpses or additional effects and to make its skills even stronger. So, it'll be interesting to see how this affects the Arcanist gameplay. If it's similar to the Necromancer and how impactful it really is on the game.

Other than that we did find out that there's two new companions coming in the chapter this year. One is going to be an Argonian Warden and the second is going to be a red guard Arcanist so that new class theme is definitely going strong.

ESO Scribes of the Fate

This year should get a lot more of the Hermaeus Mora lore and storytelling. If you choose to get that companion as well, we also saw a little bit about the quarter one DLC, which is going to be a two dungeon DLC pack as it usually is every year now from some of the gameplay and the art this is called Scribes of the Fate.

By the way, it looks like we may see some of these Arcanist abilities in the actual enemies that we face in these two new dungeons so that should be interesting to see as well. Of course, the new chapter is what we're all focused on and it has been confirmed to drop on June 5th.

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