Honkai Star Rail: What Impact Will Silver Wolf Have On The Meta?

Silver Wolf quite literally has made a huge impact on the meta. So, here, I am going to talk about her place in the meta, things that you need to know about her, whether you already have her or not, as well as cover some important questions like how game-changing her first Eidolons are. Most importantly, I will showcase the most insane teams you can build with her.

New Teams

Let’s first talk about the new amazing teams you can build with Silver Wolf and how different they are from what we’re used to.

I won’t be delving too deep into Silver Wolf’s kit, since there’ are already a lot of guides about that. Instead, I want to show you something different.

The biggest thing about Silver Wolf is her ability to implant a weakness type to an enemy that doesn’t have it. This one mechanic alone allows you to build more than 5 new teams and all of them are interesting in their own way.

*So, the first team is Mono Fire, which is made up of Asta, Himeko and Fire Trailblazer. The survivability here goes out the window without the healer. But, because of the upcoming changes to Memory of Chaos, this team is going places already. So what’s so great about it?

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf

First of all, Silver Wolf can easily implant Fire Weakness on enemies who don’t have it, even though there is a 50/50 chance. It could be also Quantum, if the enemy doesn’t have it. It is a bit of a bummer. You have to flip a coin and hope this works out, since it doesn’t matter how many team mates you have from the same element in the team. The game’s programming basically just weighs the two elements and considers one of the two before implanting the enemy. Of course, if the enemy has Quantum Weakness but doesn’t have Fire, then it’s a 100% guarantee that Silver Wolf will just be able to keep applying this weakness.

Now, Fire Weakness matters a lot to Asta. Her whole schtick is to boost the team’s ATK when she damages an enemy. But, if the enemy has Fire Weakness, she gains an additional stack. This allows you to rapidly build those stacks, boost everyone’s ATK and in addition, she also provides 18% Fire Damage increase for the whole team from one of her major traces. I cannot tell you how good this is when Silver Wolf can literally implant Fire Weakness on any boss who doesn’t have it. And this makes the team super consistent with Asta’s buffing.

Also, breaking enemies’ weakness is Himeko’s bread and butter. The more you break, the more she unleashes her strong follow-up attack. And you will have an easy time doing this, thanks to Silver Wolf’s Fire Weakness Implant. But with that being said, I would say this is the weakest team out of the all I am going to show you. But, it couldn’t exist right now without the Wolf.

*The next team I am really excited to talk about is Mono Ice, which is made up of Gepard, Pela and Yan Qing. Probably the most amazing thing here is the absolutely disgusting amount of DEF shred you can achieve with both Pela and Silver Wolf.

All of their DEF shredding stacks together. For example, you can see Pela’s burst DEF reduction. She’s also equipped with the Pearls of Sweat Light Cone, which shreds DEF. Then, we have Silver Wolf’s Ultimate and Bug Implant, both reducing defense. All of this totaling up to 96% of reduced DEF. That’s almost attacking an enemy without any DEF at all.

And my Pela’s traces aren’t even leveled. So you can imagine what a field day Yan Qing gets to have when he delivers insane single target damage. And what’s also great is that Gepard can actually keep the team alive pretty well. So, this is legit an amazing team you can go for if you wanna build a Mono Ice team comp.

*Moving over, there’s also Mono Lightning with Jing Yuan, Tingyun and Bailu. I am sure you saw this team already, so not much needs to be said here. Thanks to Silver Wolf’s Bug Implant and the ability to reduce the enemies’ Elemental Resistance, Jing Yuan’s damage actually gets boosted by quite a lot. I don’t even have to tell you how much stronger Lightning Lord strikes become.

*Now one other great team is Mono Physical with Clara, Natasha and Sushang. Thanks to Clara’s pseudo tanking and Natasha’s healing, I can actually use this team really well in Memory of Chaos. And Sushang actually shreds the weakness bar by a lot. So, once the enemy gets Physical Weakness implant, the team’s performance skyrockets.

*And then, of course, we have Quantum. Currently, I see a lot of people running double Lightning/Quantum with Tingyun/Bailu and Seele or QQ. Honestly, this is my new team for farming Simulated Universe and thanks to Silver Wolf’s debuffing, I almost doubled Seele’s damage output going from 90k to 170k with her ultimate.

*Finally, one last bonus team to showcase. You could also go for Seele, Silver Wolf and QQ together with either Natasha or Bailu. Just so you can keep those Quantum maniacs alive while they are busy decimating the bosses. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what potential teams you can build with Silver Wolf. And her ability to enable so many different Mono teams is actually quite staggering.

It’s not something we’re used to and even though you do have to play the coin flip game if the enemy is missing both of the weaknesses. It’s a gamble that you can live with, especially if you strategically build teams against enemies who have the Quantum weakness if it’s not a Mono Quantum team. If that is the case, Silver Wolf will never implant her own weakness.

Meta Analysis

What about Silver Wolf’s place in the meta?

*First of all, we have to look at the upcoming Memory Turbulance changes, since they warp the team building in a significant way. The first one that’s coming in June 12th will reduce enemies’ damage by 4% up to 5 times when they get debuffed.

Basically with Silver Wolf, you will be able to maintain at least on one target all 5 stacks, which is 20% reduced damage and if it’s 2 bosses or elite enemies. The other one will probably have around 3-5 stacks as well. This is a huge change for teams like Mono Fire or Mono Ice where you don’t have a healer and want to sustain the damage with shielding.

*Now the next Turbulence after this, will shred the enemy’s DEF by 6% for each debuff up to 5 times for a total of 30% reduction. For teams without Pela, this is straight up an amazing damage boost for damage dealers when you combine this with Silver Wolf’s DEF shred from her bug and ultimate.

Honkai Star Rail Memory of Chaos

*And finally, the last turbulence is not really important because it mostly has to do with Luocha. From June 12th to July 10th Nihility but mainly Silver Wolf is going to be dominating the Memory of Chaos in an almost unfair way.

Now even if we take out these Memory Turbulence changes out of the equation, the other major buff Nihility or for the most part any debuffer has received has is that every enemies’ Resistance to Effects have been nerfed. This change alone has easily made it possible to build Silver Wolf as a sub-dps instead of just pure support, which I’ll talk about in the next segment.

But the most important thing here to understand is that you no longer need to aim for 120% Effect Hit Resistance with her. And instead, roughly 96% is enough to achieve a guarantee you will land her skill debuff, while the Talent which allows her to implant bugs will have around 85 to 99% success rate depending if the enemy has 40 or 30% Effect Resistance and not many have 40% thanks to these changes, like Cocolia or Svarog.

Honestly, to me this last-minute change HoYoverse did to enemies feels eerily similar back when Kazuha first got released. Back in 1.6, Transformative Reactions received a massive damage boost right when Kazuha’s banner became available. So, I guess it’s pretty clear HoYoverse saw that Silver Wolf needed this in order to allow players to have more freedom with her builds.

All in all, with these additions in mind, Silver Wolf lands herself easily in a top tier spot in tier lists. Because she simply brings so much value from enabling new meta teams or remixing older ones, to providing an insane amount of debuffs her team can work with and utilize.

Right now, if you care about her pull value and Memory of Chaos, she is absolutely worth getting for the simple fact alone. She can manipulate the weakness type, even if it can be random at times, which I’ll admit. This can feel punishing if you put her into the 2nd side of Memory of Chaos. Because you might have to waste time and restart the run if she doesn’t apply the weakness you need, especially since finishing in a limited amount of cycles is really crucial right now to get all 3 stars.

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Build Considerations

Now, one more thing I want to talk about are her build considerations. I won’t delve deep here. And instead, maybe you saw how much Effect Hit Rate she needs and became discouraged for pulling for her or you’re in the process of gearing her up. Either way, here’s what you need to think about.

Because of the Effect Resistance nerf that was made to enemies, the golden sweet spot for Silver Wolf, assuming her traces are maxed out, is 96% or about 105% if you have level 7 skill.

For ultimate and talent the numbers will differ, you will need a lot less for the ultimate and a lot more for the talent because of its low base chance. However, what matters the most is the skill.

Now, getting 96% can basically be achieved with Effect Hit Rate body, the new F2P event light cone and then 18% you get from her traces.

But here’s the thing. Effect Hit Rate body massively reduces Silver Wolf’s potential as a sub-damage dealer and instead she kind of acts like a support with some damage.

So, what’s really going to happen with her and what I am also working towards right now, is to actually use Critical Rate body and to obtain the remainder of 38% Effect Hit Rate from the subtats and if needed, the Pan-Galactic planar ornament set.

With the planar set, you only need 28% Effect Hit Rate or if you just go with the substats, you will need to roll on average 9 times on Effect Hit Rate substat to achieve this 96% threshold. This might sound like a lot. But think of it like you would normally chase Critical Rate or Critical Damage substats. It’s definitely achievable in the long run and it is something I highly recommend working towards, instead of just relying on the Effect Hit Rate Body, which is a massive DPS loss for Silver Wolf. That can otherwise be achievable with the Critical Rate Body instead.

Of course, I understand you could be using a light cone that’s not from the current event, which means you’ll need more of Effect Hit Rate it, unless you max out the 5-star options shown here. But for the most part, building her as a hybrid sub-damage dealer and debuffer is going to be your long-term goal.

Broken Eidolons

The 1st one allows her to essentially regain 35 energy after using her Ultimate, which is fine and dandy. Because now you can get rid of the need to have Energy Regeneration Rope and this allows you to increase her damage by even more with ATK or Break Effect rope instead.

However, where things get absolutely bonkers is her second eidolon. You might look at this and think “wow, that’s such a boring upgrade. All enemies have their Effect RES reduced by 20%. It is a big deal”.

Yes, it is actually a big deal. To the point that I think, this eidolon even surpasses Raiden’s 2nd constellation, which is well known in Genshin community as the most powerful upgrade in the game you can get for a character.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf 2

And here’s the thing. With this upgrade, you now only need 47% Effect Hit Rate for Silver Wolf to have a guarantee she can apply her skill debuff on all enemies in the game. And it’s going to be 85% chance to apply her bugs. Not only that, all enemies have their Effect Resistance reduced. That means anyone who can apply in the team with Silver Wolf debuffs benefits from this. For example, Gepard’s skill to Freeze becomes easily guaranteed with some Effect Hit Rate built up and so are others will massively benefit from this.

I am honestly shocked how good this Eidolon is and compared to her signature weapon, I would basically just save up my Warps until her Rerun if you want to have her absolutely cracked. Because this 2nd Eidolon is just a gamechanger overall.

And what’s even crazier is her E4 and her E6, which basically turns her into a mini-Seele. There’s already footage showing her E6 potential, and it’s crazy how strong she becomes of a damage dealer.

Initial Thoughts

All in all, its pretty clear Silver Wolf absolutely changes the meta, and she’s easily one of the strongest characters in the game right now. from manipulating the elemental weaknesses to unleashing tons of debuffs, including a massive DEF shred she can apply. She’s just too good right now. But obviously, this only applies if you care about the meta.

Otherwise, she’s a strong and fun character to use in Simulated Universe, I know I’ve had my own fair share of fun by using her in a few of the runs already. And I can only imagine she’s going to be even deadlier and versatile once those Turbulence buffs arrive.

Still, it is a bit of a greedy move by HoYoverse with the way they tempt you with that sexy 2nd eidolon. But I can assure you, she’s busted even at E0. So, don’t go spending your money unless you’re financially secure.

Since Silver Wolf is a new character, it won’t be easy for you to get her. However, if you directly purchase a Honkai Star Rail Account that includes Silver Wolf, you can easily experience her.

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