Pre-Farm Justice Points Will Be Your Wisest Choice To Prepare For WOW Cataclysm Classic!

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to earn Justice Points in WOW Cataclysm Classic. Once the expansion is released, they will be the key to unlocking Pre-BiS gear. In this guide, we’ll cover why you need these Justice Points and how to farm them. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Justice Points Explained

Now let’s talk about Justice Points, the ultimate key to being prepared in Cataclysm Classic. Justice Points are a new currency currently available and will be available when Cataclysm launches on May 20th.

For Alliance players, they are mainly used to purchase Item Level 346 rare gear, which can be purchased from Faldren Tillsdale in Old Town. For Horde players, you can use it at Jamus’Vaz, located in Grommash Hold.

Pre-Farm Justice Points Will Be Your Wisest Choice To Prepare For WOW Cataclysm Classic!

Note that in Cataclysm Classic, all gear you can buy with Justice Points requires you to be at least level 85 before you can equip it, meaning you won’t be able to obtain them until the expansion is fully launched.

Because when Cataclysm transitions from pre-patch phase to full-blown expansion, the level cap in Classic WoW will increase from level 80 to level 85.

In fact, you can bank up up to 4,000 Justice Points, which is enough to purchase between one and three pieces of rare gear, depending on what you selected in the pre-patch.

You can generate Justice Points by queuing for Heroic RDF, and each boss you kill in these Heroic will also generate corresponding points. And most importantly, you can also receive daily quests from NPC, Archmage Lan’dalock, which include Daily Heroic and Gamma quests, and you can complete both quests at the same time.

As for raids, you’ll get a ton of Justice Points from Weekly Raid Quests, and you’ll also get points from every boss kill, meaning ICC will most likely be back on the menu. Additionally, Random Dungeon Finder will also grant additional Justice Points as we actually begin our adventure in Cataclysm Classic.

All Justice Points vendors in WoW Cataclysm Classic

3 Reasons To Pre Farm Justice Points

So, you may ask why pre-farm Justice Points are so important. Now there are really three main reasons.

Buy Rare Items In Advance

The first reason is that if you look at your Cataclysm Pre-BiS list, you will see that it will contain various Reputation and Profession items. Obtaining these Reputation items in the first week will be very difficult for most players, as you will spend a lot of time following the storyline and leveling up.

So if you’re planning on clearing a raid like Blackwing Descent in week one, Justice Points are truly your best friend. If you pre-farm Justice Points, you will be able to use them to instantly purchase 1 to 3 rare items available at level 85.

In the meantime, many items on your Pre-BiS list may require WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold, while Justice Points are completely free at launch. Therefore, you can definitely pre-farm points and wait a week or two for the price to drop.

Get Into Heroic Dungeons Faster

The second reason Justice Points are so important is that you simply need to reach an average Item Level of 333 to queue up for Heroic Dungeons using RDF. I mean, you could go in with four people with low item levels and crappy gear, but that would probably be a wasted effort.

And buying and equipping Item Level 346 gear will really help a lot to enter the dungeon rather than wipe in it.

More Time To Get Pre-BiS Gear

Now the third reason pre-farming Justice Points are so important is that you may not necessarily get as many during launch week. If you level up through the initial mission, you will not receive any Justice Points. But these missions make a lot of sense, especially since you want to start working towards gaining reputation with the faction and owning your Pre-BiS gear.

So if you pre-farm them, by the time you hit level 85, at least compared to players who are still sniping for a few Justice Points, you’ll be in better gear. So that’s why it makes the most sense to get as many points as possible on all alts.

Best Farming Tips

Next, let’s talk about the best strategies for farming Justice Points.

The best farming strategy right now is to utilize both daily and weekly tasks and all alts in pre-patch. You can generate 23 Justice Points by queuing Heroic RDF each day. These can be combined with daily quests at Archmage Lan’dalock.

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Justice Points Farming Tips

We previously talked about him offering Daily Heroic quests that generate 23 Justice Points and Gamma quests that generate 34 points. This means that in about 20 minutes, you can earn 80 Justice Points, which is well over and above the 16 points you get per boss kill. After that you can spam as much as you like.

Well, besides Daily Heroic, you should definitely prioritize the weekly raid missions, which provide us with 138 Justice Points and only take about 20 minutes. Unless you have some kind of nightmare group, usually people prefer to do these events in 10-man groups.

Another key way to earn Justice Points is to do raids like Cata Icecrown Citadel, where you gain 288 points from each run. Considering that a run might only take about 2 to 3 hours, this is definitely a very efficient way to farm in the early stages.

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Reforging Gear Is Very Critical

We’ve already discussed why you should get Cataclysm Justice Points gear, but we should also discuss how Reforging can play a key role in making that gear even better.

One reason we prioritized Item Level 346 gear is that you can reforge it instantly. Reforging means taking the stats of your gear and then replacing it with 40% of the stats of your choice. For example, you could replace 40% of Expertise with Crits. This is because Crits are more valuable to Warriors.

And what’s really cool about Justice Points gear is that when you go to reforge it, it’s at such a high item level that it gives you more stats than 320 item level gear.


All in all, farming Justice Points is definitely the best thing you can do right now, so that you can start your Cataclysm Classic journey smoothly at level 85.

And while everyone else is giving in to Cataclysm Greens, you’ll have a bunch of Item Level 346 rare gear that will easily get you into raids like Blackwing Descent or Heroic RDF.

I'm curious what you guys are doing. Focus on farming Justice Points or Archeology or something else entirely? Feel free to share how you prepared to start your Cataclysm. See you next time!

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