What Rewards Do You Get On Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard?

Fallout 76 Season 17 has just begun, bringing not only a lot of new gameplay to players but also a whole new set of exciting and generous rewards. With new Skyline Valley update and Season 17 both live, players will level up faster than usual, as there are a lot of fun quests and activities that will give players a lot of XP.

This season gives players an element of choice. Before the season starts, each player will have a scoreboard, and players need to level up in order and get the corresponding rewards. This means that players can be more logical in leveling up, and they won’t be blind.

What Rewards Do You Get On Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard?

This guide will introduce the 10 rewards you will get in Season 17 in order of level, giving you an overview of the entire season rewards.

Lobster Traps

  • Once you reach rank 5, Standard Lobster Trap will be available for 20 Tickets.
  • Blue Lobster Trap will be available for 30 Tickets once you reach rank 26.

Lobster traps in Fallout 76 are not used to catch lobsters, but they are just a kind of headwear. Although this sounds strange, it is very common in Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC. This practice makes some avid fans of the entire Fallout series very fond of it, thinking that it is a tribute to Fallout 4.

Like other wearable clothing accessories in Fallout 76, you can not only wear lobster traps to dress up your character but also show them to others in player CAMPS!

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Ammo Stacks

  • Once you reach rank 13, Stack Of Ammo (Ballistic) will be available for free.
  • Stack Of Ammo (Energy) will be available for free once you reach rank 39.

For the first time in Season 17, players can place ammo stacks in their CAMP, and there are two different types: Ballistic Stacks and Energy Stacks.

Ammo stacks are popular among players who love to build, because it not only creates a sense of in-person but also allows you to build legendary CAMPs to impress other players.

For the past few months, developer Bethesda Game Studios has been lurking in the player community, paying attention to those who want small Fallout 76 Items. It has been tracking the most direct feelings of players and is committed to creating a vibrant base for them.

Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair

  • Once you reach rank 55, you can get Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair for 45 Tickets.

Players have many seats, chairs, and couches to choose from when building their CAMPS. However, Pioneer Scouts Inner Tube Chair is special.

This chair is not only attractive in appearance but also has a comic animation about the player character jumping out of the chair. These two special features make it a popular feature in many CAMPS, and many players are proud to own it at this stage.

This chair is not only good for the above advantages but also can be paired with various Wavy Willard CAMP items.

Pemmican Collector

  • After reaching level 72, you can get Pemmican Collector for 40 Tickets.

In Season 17, there are many CAMP appliances that can automatically produce various food items for players to eat. If your character is a carnivore, Pemmican is a great way to increase your endurance and HP.

While it’s not the best CAMP resource in Fallout 76, it’s sure to be a hit with some players. Plus, it has a wasteland feel that makes you feel instantly like you’re there.

Quiver Backpacks

  • Pipe Quiver Backpack is available for 130 Tickets once you reach rank 100.
  • Leather Quiver Backpack is available for 30 Tickets once you reach rank 13.

There are a lot of decorative backpack skins in Fallout 76, and while they don’t really do anything, players can apply their favorite backpack skins to keep themselves happy while exploring the ruins of post-war Appalachia in Skyline Valley.

As the name suggests, Quiver Backpacks are designed to look like a quiver. Unlike many of the backpack skins mentioned above, Quiver Backpacks have a wasteland look, looking like they were made from materials found while exploring Appalachia.

Antler Flair Display

  • Once you reach rank 72, you can get Antler Flair Display for 30 Tickets.

Flairs have been around in Fallout 76 for a long time, and players can unlock new flairs by completing activities, many limited-time challenges, and through scoreboards. While they have many benefits, players can only carry two on their backpacks.

This season, you can set up your own flair displays, and you can also display them to all players. However, it is not reasonable to leave the Antler Flair Display in a corner to collect dust, and you should place it in a clearly visible area.

Head Hunter Scythe

  • Once you reach rank 32, you can get Head Hunter Scythe for 50 Tickets.

While it is a simple weapon, that will not replace other two-handed weapons, it still does not prevent it from being a fun weapon and can be displayed in player CAMPS. It also has a unique appearance, which looks like a long stick with a knife sticking out of a human skull at the end. It is very exciting, right?

Although it doesn’t have any particularly beneficial effects, only has a minor effect on Assassin’s, Melee Speed ​​and Lightweight, and it is not a re-rollable weapon, it is still an interesting collectible.

Stove Oven

  • Once you reach rank 100, you can get Antler Flair Display for 200 Tickets.

There are a lot of cooking appliances for players to choose from and build in Fallout 76. But these are not like the traditional stone oven, they are a bit like a traditional pizza oven, because it can emit smoke from the chimney!

For players who want to go the nostalgic way and build an old-fashioned CAMP, this will be the perfect CAMP cooking appliance. In addition, players who get Stove Oven will show off this large, hard-to-ignore appliance everywhere to show that they have reached level 100.

Light Blue Vintage Camper

  • Once you reach rank 85, you can get Antler Flair Display for 50 Tickets.

This tattered-looking camper trailer is a must-have for players who like to dress up their CAMP in an apocalyptic theme. This rusty machine is wonderful, whether it is part of a larger structure or as a standalone item.

Compared to the other available CAMP structures, this little camper has a lot of room for its own goodies. Light Blue Vintage Camper can be used to build your CAMPS, but it can also be used in Vaults and pairs well with the new Summer Camp Shelter.

Vintage CAMP Survival Tent

  • Once you reach rank 95, you can get Antler Flair Display for 80 Tickets.

In Fallout 76, every survival tent comes with a regular stashbox and a workbench. However, Vintage CAMP Survival Tent is the only survival tent that comes with a Punch Card Machine.

It also comes with all the necessary survival tent items, such as a bed, scrap boxes, and a workbench. However, Punch Card Machine makes this survival tent better than most other tents.

Players tend to have multiple equipment in the game, but there is always primary equipment for killing enemies. However, many high-level players will save extra equipment for scrapping and crafting. This new survival tent will make it easier for these high-level players to switch equipment.

After reading this guide, do you have a better understanding of these rewards? I believe you will have more confidence to welcome the new Season 17! I wish you a happy exploration in Appalachia, and see you in the game.

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