How Fun Is The Ultra-popular Hot Style Goose Goose Duck?

The popularity of Among Us and Fall Guys has made Party Game a force that cannot be ignored in the game market in recent years. However, as previously reported by GameLook, for party games developed by small teams on Steam, due to the lack of publicity resources, whether they can become popular often requires some luck in addition to the hard power of the product itself.

Recently, a party game that has been online for more than a year has become the latest lucky guy on this track. According to data from SteamDB, this game named Goose Goose Duck has suddenly exploded after a year of innocence. Moreover, the number of online users of this game on Steam is temporarily ranked Top 17, becoming a masterpiece comparable to many FPS and MMO ultra-popular hot styles.

So, the question also arises, how fun is Goose Goose Duck?

An Upgraded Version Of Among Us?

Goose Goose Duck has a rather nonsensical setting: a group of geese made a spaceship ready to go to space, but mixed ducks and other birds into it. According to different camps, players need to work together with their allies to complete a series of tasks in order to win the victory for their camp.

Does this setting sound familiar? That's right, in various senses, Goose Goose Duck has many similarities with Among Us, the big hit among space werewolves. For example, similar space settings, similar character styles, and of course similar gameplay. However, if Goose Goose Duck is just a skinned version of Among Us, it is obviously impossible to be so popular. Simply put, Goose Goose Duck is more like an upgraded version of Among Us.

Goose Goose Duck is worth playing

In the past, The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow products were often divided into two camps, good guys and bad guys. In the good guys camp, the largest number are generally ordinary villagers without special abilities. This can balance the difficulty caused by the different numbers of the two camps. However, for ordinary villagers, the game experience is often quite bad, and they are often killed by werewolves without any achievements.

In contrast, Goose Goose Duck has an astonishing 30 kinds of professions, although it also includes the most common goose, but obviously there are far more players with occupations than other products, which also ensures that the game experience of players is not too short boring. Of course, this also leads to a problem: if all members are ruthless, wouldn't it be difficult for the camp of bad guys who do not have the upper hand to win?

In order to solve this problem, Goose Goose Duck also changed the design of the camp. In addition to the "good and bad" camp in the traditional sense, there are also some third-party camps. For example, for the role of Dumbbird, its combat goal is to be voted out by the big geese as a bad duck to win. Therefore, the big geese need to beware of these players who deliberately show their "duck" feet, and the ducks can also use the self-explosive flow. The way of playing is pretending to be a dumb bird, disturbing the cognition of the big geese.

The addition of third-party camps not only significantly improves the balance between camps, but also makes the experience of the game itself extremely brain-burning. Since each game can have up to 16 players joining at the same time, the game process is often full of unexpected emergencies, and it is not difficult for players to be so superior. Some players even left a message on Steam saying, "Before playing the game, I felt quite normal, but after I finished playing, I was mentally retarded."

Free To Download And Experience

The success of Goose Goose Duck is also inseparable from its business model. Today, Among Us is still a buyout game on Steam, but Goose Goose Duck has chosen the same free and in-app purchase model as Fall Guys today. The business model that everyone can experience for free will undoubtedly attract more players to test the water.

Goose Goose Duck is free to download

In terms of internal purchases, the current main payment point for this product is the sale of skins and decorations. These payment elements will not affect the player's game experience. In addition, although there are some elements involving item charges, such as special pets that provide game currency bonuses, the impact on the value is also very weak.

It is worth mentioning that Goose Goose Duck is also a cross-platform product. In addition to PC (Steam) and Mac, this game also supports Android and iOS smartphones. Sensor Tower data shows that the mobile game version of this product has been downloaded millions of times on both platforms, but the revenue is relatively bleak. Players' willingness to pay for this type of product is still a problem that party games need to continue to explore .

Therefore, how long the Goose Goose Duck, which became popular overnight, will remain popular is still a topic worthy of continuous attention. But it is foreseeable that Goose Goose Duck will not be the last popular party game. This simple and joyful multiplayer social game category will still have a steady stream of new surprises in the future.

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