How To Get And Use Golden Parry Ash Of War In Elden Ring?

Ash Of War is actually a special item in Elden Ring. It can make parrying more cool and deadly and enables you to replace Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment with new ones or even one at all.

Since Ashes of War can be applied to most weapons and shields, you can tailor each type of weapon to your own builds and playstyle. Specifically, with Ashes of War, you can switch out the unique abilities of your weapons and use different abilities. This way the weapons you use can better match and optimize the builds you make. Of course, Ash of War is not a panacea. Some weapons have their own unique skills, which cannot be replaced by any Ash of War.

Elden Ring Ashes of War adds abilities to your weapons, changes their proportions, adds new attacks and more. Used correctly, these are powerful damage modifiers, and can open up any combat options you can apply them to. It's a powerful tool in Elden Ring, allowing you to get the best out of your weapons, and even adapting them to builds they didn't originally fit.

There are even some Ashes of War that can be used to further build a technique or a skill that existed in previous Souls games, like parrying. Actually parrying is done with smaller or medium shields. And this ability can cause massive counterattacks on unsuspecting enemies. If you use the Golden Parry Ash of War, parrying can also become more cool and deadly. So, where exactly can we find Golden Parry Ash of War?

Where Can We Find Golden Parry Ash Of War?

First, you'll have to find a way to get to the capital's outskirts, because later in the game you'll find the Golden Parry Ash Of War. To get there, you'll have to keep going until you find the Outwall Phantom Tree site of grace. From here, you'll need to keep heading north of you. Wait until a giant staircase appears in front of you and keep going up. Next, you are free to choose your way forward. Either fight the enemies you encounter, or ride torrent past the enemies. Whichever you choose, you'll have to find a way to find a little golden tree with a Golden Seed at the bottom.

where to find Golden Parry Ash of War

After you collect the Golden Seed on the small golden tree, please go to your right, and there will be another huge staircase in front of you. Go straight up in the direction of the stairs, and you'll come across a few small groups of puny soldiers. They can be dispatched quickly or ridden with ease. After you've dealt with them, go straight ahead along the left side of the stairs, and you'll find a scarab at the top of the stairs. Keep going up until you are able to jump to the platform area where the scarab is. In this area, you'll also encounter a group of soldiers. But fear not, you can skip fighting them directly by jumping over the railing on the left. All you need to do is walk right up to where the scarab is and try to kill it. That way, you can collect the Golden Parry Ash Of War that drops from it.

How To Use Golden Parry Ash Of War?

It's worth noting that each Ash of War can only be equipped on one weapon at a time. If you want to use the same Ash of War on a different weapon, you can simply unequip the Ash and switch it directly to the next weapon. It's also worth keeping in mind that Ashes of War in Elden Ring are limited to certain weapon and gear types. For example, the Ash of War: Thunderbolt can only be applied to melee weapons, not any other equipment. Similarly, the Ash of War: Parry skill only works on shields and certain small armaments.

how to use Golden Parry Ash of War

Since the arching golden light of Golden Parry Ash of War can expand the range of your parry ability, it is very powerful. Although it also has shortcomings, for example, its range is not moderate, and when the enemy attacks you, it can successfully distance you from the enemy. This parry has the same effect when you stun as well as distances you from the enemy, which is to make it take heavy hits in long-range and close-range connections. If you want to properly use Golden Parry Ash of War, you still need to calculate the parring time as usual. But the added distance in the process also gives you more room for error.

If you want to defeat the scarab and get the Golden Parry Ash of War more easily, it is especially important to use Elden Ring Runes to improve your strength!

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