Why Is Terraria So Popular On Steam?

Compared to Minecraft, Terraria may not be so familiar. But it is also a sandbox legend, which is completely different from the game charm brought by Minecraft. Terraria focuses on exploration, focusing on collection and growth, with the ultimate goal of saving the world. But it is food for thought, is the player's activity really beneficial to the world of Terraria? In this issue, let us enter the world of Terraria to find the answer to this question!
Terraria is worth playing

Terraria is a high-degree-of-freedom sandbox game developed by Re-Logic. It was released on PC on May 16, 2011, and entered the switch platform on December 19, 2019. Of course, this game is also available on mobile phones. And Terraria also received rave reviews on Steam, with 22w evaluations and a 97% favorable rate.

Ingenious Cthulhu Style

The advancement of Terraria's plot depends entirely on the guide's prompts. The guide often only speaks a few words, and never urges the player to do something. It is more like explaining and telling you the conditions for summoning each npc. I never say much about the plot of the game, only occasionally mentioning how to make boss summons. The plot itself is also driven by players exploring and killing bosses, so the game itself has very little plot. For players who really love this game, this kind of fragmented plot may often make them think hard, hoping to combine such fragmented information into a complete story. And when its idea can really justify itself, the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is irreplaceable.

Of course, most of the bosses in this game are designed in Cthulhu style, from the eyeball of the first boss Cthulhu, or the guardian of the dungeon, Skeleton King, Roshan, and even the Moon Lord, you can see clearly Cthulhu style. There are not only more than 30 bosses but also special events. Do you think that after your house is built, you can sit back and relax after the npc lives in it? It's not that simple. Various special events are waiting for you to experience.

Picture Quality

Terraria is sandbox games as you see. But it is worth mentioning that its novel 2D design surprised me. It not only has the ordinary block setting of 2D plane, but also the setting of background curtain wall. You can also use a hammer to knock the block into the shape you want. All aspects perfectly meet your architectural needs. Of course, some npcs in the game also have very high requirements for buildings. You need to build a room that meets his requirements for him to live in, such as a room with decorative flags or furniture, or there are also requirements for the size of the room.

As a game that mainly promotes the collection of adventure monsters, let's not talk about the number of weapons themselves. The ranks of weapons and equipment in this game are as many as 11, and the enchanting attributes of equipment prefixes are as many as 112. Of course, through equipment configuration, it can basically be said to have all regular occupations in RPG. However, since there is no talent tree in this work, various armor set attributes are added to separate the occupations of players. Of course, this work also includes a fashion system. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the armor, you can completely make up for it through fashion. In addition to armor, weapons, fashion, accessories and potions that are often found in rpg games are also essential. In this game, accessories mainly provide various special functions such as immunity to all buffs, flying, or increasing attack power.

Why Terraria Is Worth Playing

Although the 2D sandbox style is indeed sometimes unacceptable, it is still very good to get used to it. What I have to complain about is that the overly simple attack action of this work is a bit disappointing. In addition, for new players, if you don't check the strategy and don't like to watch the narration of the game, playing this game alone may dissuade you. Although it is fun to dig, explore, and find treasure chests all the time, but after a long time, the main plot has not changed at all, and the unchanging daily life and world may really make you feel bored. For veteran players, it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait for each update to continue exploring Terraria. But this does not affect that this is a good game and a masterpiece.

what you can do in Terraria

As far as I concerned, Terraria is still very fun, especially when you play online with your friends. One person cuts trees to build a home, one person hunts monsters and explores, and others can mine and develop technology. Sometimes in order to collect special dropped items to brush monsters together, complain about the European origin of the playmates. Or discuss the history of the Terraria world together. The charm of this kind of game has deeply attracted me. Of course, I hope that the game positioning of this work will not be too high. This is a casual game that can even be played on mobile phones. For players who like 2D horizontal version of the game, this game is definitely not to be missed.

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