WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

Do you have a plan for immediately what to do the minute Phase 3 Call of the Crusade launches? If you want to maximize the first days of the brand new Trial of the Crusader phase, I've got you covered. I'll explain the five things I'm going to do in the patches from cutting up at gyms to run a heroics and maximizing the new Ulduar Skip Runs.

Phase 3 Release Time

But before we talk about the five things, I'm going to talk about the release time. The Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia's Lair Raid are coming out at 6 PM EDT for the global release on June 22nd. However, the rest of the new content from the Isles of Conquest battleground to the new Epic Gems to the Argent tournament dailies will come out on June 20th.

Since the non-raid portions of the patch aren't on a global release, we should be on the lookout for the patch directly after your server's maintenance. On North America maintenance will be from 10 AM to 1 PM EST Meanwhile, on Europe maintenance will be from 3 AM to 11AM CEST. Phase 2 did originally release at 1:35 PM on Tuesday in North America. So, don't be surprised if things take a few extra minutes.

WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

1. Phase 3 Epic Gems

The first thing I'm going to do immediately when the patch answers, I'm going to talk to Timothy Jones and buy the 10 most important gem recipes.

Here is my list of recipes:

  • Rigid King's Amber
  • Purified Dreadstone
  • Brilliant King’s Amber
  • Fractured Cardinal Ruby
  • Quick King's Amber
  • Solid Majestic Zircon
  • Reckless Ametrine
  • Mystic King's Amber
  • Bold Cardinal Ruby
  • Runed Cardinal Ruby

Of course, there are way more relevant recipes you should buy if you have the Jewelcrafting Tokens available. Primarily, I'm going to get one recipe of every gem color to cover all my bases. Also, you shouldn't neglect colors like blue. I mean tanks need stamina gems just as much as casters need spell power gems.

With my recipes in hand, I'll be heading to my factions Emblem of Heroism vendor to stockpile at the gems. I've already converted all my batches to heroism in advance using a macro. But once the patch drops, you can just shift click like any other item.

I plan to primarily buy red gems at first. But since everybody has that idea, you should diversify into other major colors as well. I'll also be heading to the PVP vendor and Orgrimmar to liquidate all my Honor into even more Epic Gems. I've got so many random characters with battleground marks that I converted using a macro. So, I'll be getting at least 100 Epic Gems across all my alts just from past PVP.

Since I do have 450 Jewelcrafting, once I've got all my Epic Gems, I'll be cutting them and selling them on the Auction House. I'm not expecting insane prices since most people will be at work on the patch drafts and the rate doesn't come out until Thursday. Though hopefully at first, they sell for a few hundred WOTLK Classic Gold each.

Also, I plan to wait to gem out my own gear since the prices should drop by raid day. After I clear out my first batch of gems, I'm going to sit down and prospect the 8,000 Titanium Ore I've saved up.

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2. Start Prospecting

I already pre-cleared my inventory as much as possible. So, I'll be able to prospect without taking extra trips. I also pre-saved a Titanium Prospecting macro and I have Speedy AutoLoot turned on to make the process three times faster.

Once I finish prospecting, I'll be cutting the Epic Gems and selling the Titanium Powder on the Auction House. The Titanium Powder should have a very good value since like if they turn into dollar and Jewelcrafting Tokens. You'll also be left with tons of rare and common gems and I think it's worth cutting the rare gems before you put them on the Auction House.

Save Your Kings Amber!

Though there are two gems I’m not going to be cutting, which are the two King’s Amber I’m saving for the next step. The two King’s Amber will be for crafting the Jeeves remote banking robot.

WOTLK Classic Jeeves

I’ve already pre-farmed all the materials for Jeeves:

  • King’s Amber x2
  • Titansteel Bar x8
  • Field Repair Bot 74A x2
  • Field Repair Bot 110G x10
  • Handful of Cobalt Bolts x30
  • Scrapbot Construction Kit x 20

With Jeeves in hand, I’ll be able to do all sorts of wild and crazy exploits, like making my character insanely big during raids. It’s also just way more convenient for during my 8 million gear sets on my Druid.

3. Argent Tournament

The third thing I plan Argent Tournament to do in the patches is to head to the Argent Tournament to pick up my Argent Pony Bridle and my Argent Crusader’s Tabard.

Those will be picked up from Dame Evniki Kapsalis in the western tent. The Pony Bridle makes my Argent Squire into a second remote bank and he doesn’t require any skills like Engineering.

With my new child in tow, I’ll be finishing off the Black Knight’s quest chain for three Champion Seals. At the same time, I’m hopefully going to knock out the brand new Sunreavers and Crusader Dailies. These are even faster and easier dailies than ever before.

Also, if I get the drop of the Kvaldir Attack Plans, I’ll just knock that quest out real quick for a bonus 21 gold.

4. Daily Heroic Quest

The fourth thing I plan to do is to run the daily heroic quest for five Emblems of Triumph. Although I won’t be able to afford any new Triumph gear in time for ToC on Thursday, my alts will be able to afford one Crusader Orb each if they hit the daily until Thursday.

The price of that Crusader Orbs on the first few days should be at least 2,000 gold since there aren’t any raids for generating them yet. I’ll also be running a few world tours on my Paladin and generate some last-minute purple Sidereal Essence.

Sidereal Essence is a currency that drops one at a time from the last boss in each Heroic Plus dungeon. That takes us back to Crusader Orbs again. You can actually buy a Crusader Orb for three Sidereal Essence that makes just running Heroic Plus, an insanely good gold maker for alts.

5. Ulduar Skip Runs

The fifth thing I plan to do in the patches is Ulduar Skip Runs on every character.

WOTLK Classic Algalon the Observer

These runs will be perfect for catching on my alts and for getting those last minute 252 weapons and trinkets. In Phase 3, you can teleport directly past Flame Leviathan and XT-002 to get directly to Algalon the Observer. Not only that, but the one hour timer’s been removed and Algalon now drops a guaranteed two Fragments of Val’anyr.

There’s also another skip directly after Kologarn since the Vezax store will immediately open up. This means you can go from Avalon to Vezax to Yogg and complete the raid in under 20 minutes.

Yogg even gives three fragments guaranteed if you do zero light and two fragments guaranteed if you do one light. That’s such a good deal.

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