WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Normal & Heroic Council Of Dreams Amirdrassil Boss Guide

This is a guide to the Council of Dreams fight in WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 Amirdrassil raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

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WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Normal & Heroic Council Of Dreams Amirdrassil Boss Guide


As protectors of the realm, the Council of Dreams each have their own way of fighting. Pip uses his deadly illusions to bewilder his foes, while Urctos unleashes his raw power to crush them. Aerwynn employs her intelligence and skill to control the situation and lead her fellow council members.

To put it simply, the Council of Dreams is a classic council fight, three bosses at once. You will fight Pip (the trickster faerie dragon) , Aerwynn (the naturalist dryad) and Urctos (the fearsome werebear) together. And they must all die together. Urctos, our bear, is the only one that can be tanked so feel free to drag him towards the other two as best you can.

Each boss has their own set of moves, complete with an ultimate ability that they do at full energy. Their energy does starts staggered so you only get one ultimate in a time.

What we need to do is direct these bosses against each other to counter those ultimates. I’m going to run through the basic moves first, then look at the ultimates, and how to cancel them.


Let’s start with Urctos!

He’s big. He’s a bear, and he uses Agonizing Claws on his tank. Mitigate that and swap on one or maybe two stacks, whatever’s comfy.

Urctos will aim a Barreling Charge towards his tank. You can see the direction it’s heading from the big arrow.

You actually want lots of people to stand in front of this to reduce the big raid AOE he does at the end, so stack up in front of the charge.


Aerwynn spawns flowers around the room, steer clear of those for now.

She also chucks out nasty poisons that need to be dispelled, so spec into a poison cleanse if your class can and help out.


Pip does a big Wind Pushback ability, watches out behind you, and doesn’t get shoved into a flower.

He also polymorphs people into ducks, which is a whole thing.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Urctos, Aerwynn & Pip

What To Do If You’re A Duck!

  1. Use your Quack to get a sprint and be a fast duck!
  2. Run over three of those flowers on the ground to clear them!
  3. After you’ve eaten three flowers, you can now use Preen to stop being a duck.

You could also wait twelve seconds for the duck form to expire, but that sucks because we want to clean up the floor and twelve seconds is forever. You’re busy.

The Ultimates Of Different Bosses & How To Stop Them?

Next, let’s look at the ultimates and how to stop them.

Urctos does Blind Rage at 100 energy, channeling ramping raid damage. To stop this, somebody in duck form needs to exit duck mode while on top of him. Doing this turns the bear into a duck and calms him down considerably.

Aerwynn’s Ultimate is Constricting Thicket, which is also stacking raid damage. To stop her, you need to hit her with Urctos’s Barreling Charge. Urctos’s tank points the charge arrow at Aerwynn. He crashes into her and problem solved.

Pip’s Ultimate is Song of the Dragon, a big damage absorb that goes onto everyone in the raid. If you still have that absorb after 12 seconds, you’ll be stunned with a huge DoT. So, you actually want to take damage on purpose to clear off your absorb. Stand in a flower until your dancing lady debuff is gone and you’ll be fine.

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On Normal, that’s it!

On Heroic, we have a couple of upgrades.

Urctos’ Agonizing Claws becomes a frontal cone, so watch where’s he’s pointing and don’t be in front unless you’re the tank. That’s tough because of how much we’re moving in this fight, so keep an eye out.

Standing in the Barreling Charge on Heroic now debuffs you for 30 seconds. Do not soak back-to-back charges. And, when you exit duck form on Heroic, anybody in this ring around you is going to become a duck. It’s contagious.

Run out of the raid before you Preen to avoid ducking people and give some space around Urctos during his ultimate, so you can drop the duck bomb on him without clipping anyone.

You could also pass duck form around on purpose with for the sake of clearing more floor or timing it perfectly with the Blind Rage.

I don’t know if you’re gonna need to do that, but it’s an option if you’re stuck. And that’s the Council of Dreams! Hopefully, by mastering these mechanics, you can defeat these endgame bosses more easily.

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